Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Quick
Christian Names: Kevin Lionel
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Kevin Lionel Quick nickname ' Mother ' 

This story has been compiled by a D & E member who served in the unit at the same time as  "Mother" Quick.  The story you are about to read has been verified by other members of the Defence and Employment Platoon  [D & E Pl] and this is their true recollection of events.  All facts have been checked against military records by ANZMI and what you see here, is the real story.

This sorry individual is a person who stayed behind the wire in the comparative safety of the 1st  Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuy Province, SVN, but has since claimed to have been a "Bush Soldier" with  D&E Pl with tales of bravery to relate.

Please be aware that there was another D&E Platoon.   It was attached to 1 ALSG, Vung Tau, Phuoc Tuy Province, SVN and the following story does not involve that unit in any way.

Normally when we do an update on one of our site entries the update is included at the end of the story to allow you to read all about the subject prior to the update.   In this instance we feel that by reading the update below it will give you a feel of those who have been conned at some stage by a fraud.  It is obvious from the comments below that the incident referred to is still painfully embedded in the mind of this person and to read what has been done to him and his fellow Brothers in Arms is unforgivable.  In essence this person went out of his way to assist Kevin "Mother" Quick, thinking he was a genuine Veteran who had a genuine reason to be claiming for DVA repatriation.  Indeed what  Quick has done is unforgivable and in due course we can only hope that the DVA and the Judicial system get it right and award the appropriate punishment to fit the crime. 

After reading this story go back to the cases pages and then read all about Brain, Stevens and Fancourt and look at the amount of money fraudulently obtained by these people.  But wait there are more to come,  we just cant advise you of their names right now.  You will have to wait until they have been brought down and are on the public record as Quick now is, before we can highlight them on these pages and highlight them we will.  

There are some that are saying that by ANZMI exposing these frauds that it is slowing down the compensation and rehabilitation claims for genuine veterans.  This is complete rubbish.  The DVA are as aware as we are of the frauds out there.    The time frame between Vietnam and now and checking of the claims of all veterans need to be verified before payments are made or what you are about to read can and does happen.

If you are a veteran who has a claim in and it is taking a long time to process then you could be caught up in this exhaustive check that the department has to do.  We suggest that you gather all of the information possible and support it with stat decs from others who were there at the time of the incident , war diaries and incident reports, facts from historical books etc before having your advocate lodge your claim.   The more information you can supply the quicker it is for the department to verify your claim.  DONT BLAME THE DEPARTMENT FOR BEING SLOW.  It is people like the one you about to read about that need to be caught out so that they are not stealing what is rightfully your entitlement for rehabilitation for genuine service.   Eliminating them from the equation prior to receiving payments is far easier than the massive amount of work that has to be done to recover monies paid.  Monies that should be directed to the deserving veteran and not the fraud.



I have waited 15 long years for this.

In 1987, I was asked to represent a D&E Platoon veteran in an appeal to the VRB. The grounds for appeal were that his spinal injury occurred as a result of him being blown off XXXX   XXXXX's callsign during Operation MASSEY HARRIS in 1970.

All the medical evidence supported the contention that the veteran’s medical condition was as a result of that mine contact.

I made enquiries with XXXX XXXXX who very kindly provided me with documentary evidence.

XXXX XXXXXX -God rest his soul - supplied a formal Statement of Facts.

We fought the Repat tooth and nail and we won. The VRB held that the veteran’s injuries were war-caused and that the Commonwealth was liable.

The matter was then adjourned for a rehab assessment to be carried out by the Commonwealth Rehab Service to determine the extent of damage in respect of rate of pension.
This took about another 12 months, during which time the veteran and his family were evicted from their rented home due to his inability to make rental payments.

I hit the system with a Ministerial after getting the run-around from the SMO Appeals. We went back to the Board in Aug 1988 and fought our corner again.

We won – the veteran was granted a 100% disability pension and that was the end of that.

In 1991, I again met the veteran and his family when I took my wife and our boys down to the coast for a long weekend.

While there, I saw certain things.
As a consequence of seeing those things, I made an approach to the Registrar of the VRB  in Canberra; himself a D&E Pl veteran 1970-71 who lost some good mates on 84B during “Overlord.”
Legal advice was given by the Registrar to the effect that my conversations with the veteran in question were and are, privileged, and there was nothing that could be done. Essentially what the Registrar said, was that if I did , I would not only be breaching privilege but the Privacy Act provisions (the IPPs) and worst of all , my reputation as  a person whom veteran's could confide in and trust, would be shattered.  That was absolutely not acceptable to me.  I am very familiar with the Privacy Act and the IPPs but to have my reputation hammered - no way.  Therefore I was forced to back off.  This advice was confirmed by my Learned Colleague.

Years went by and this veteran was seen in various places – he was photographed for the Welcome Home Book ISBN 0 7316 3946 4 (p.117 in a wheelchair in the march, carrying the 1 ATF placard)

and the Vietnam Memorial Book "Australian Vietnam Forces Memorial" ISBN 0 646 12442 0 at  page 132, photo No F13-28 standing unaided,  no crutches, with members of D&E Pl;

at page 150 standing unaided with members of D&E Pl; photo No F13-30;

at page 153,  photo No F13-13 standing upright  with members of D&E Pl) .

Then, in 2002 I swapped emails with a good mate who directed me to a particular website.

What I saw there floored me completely and I again approached the VRB this time to seek further legal advice on this matter.
The VRB again confirmed the constraints of the privileged nature of the matter in respect of my conversations with the client and I again found myself hamstrung. Privilege attaches win, lose, or draw and this was reinforced during my Vets Law 1 and 2 courses I did in 2004.

In October 2002, I attended the Vietnam Memorial  10th anniversary Re-dedication service and march in Canberra.  The RAAC contingent went back to the Canberra Club for our luncheon. It was only a matter of weeks since I had seen the shattering revelations. I saw the bloke at the Canberra Club.  He was alone and looking very sad and forlorn - it was obvious to me that he knew he had been outed.  No one went near him and I watched him until he disappeared.  No one spoke to him or went near him the whole time he was in my field of view.  At no time did he, whilst under my observation, resort to the use of crutches or a walking stick.  I felt soiled. I did not consider it appropriate to front him as I was with my wife, and my  mates and their wives. I knew somewhere down the track, it would come back to bite him big time.  And it has.

Late last year I was contacted by DVA's Director of Investigations  regarding this bloke – I can’t even bring myself to call him a vet any more.

I could not discuss the matter due to privilege and the Director Investigations sought furtherlegal advice. As a result of that advice, I was able to provide a statement without compromising privilege.

On Monday 13 Feb 2006, Kevin Lionel Quick appeared in Queanbeyan Court, ACT, charged with defrauding the Commonwealth in the amount of $300,000 dollars (pension payments). Quick did not enter a plea and has been remanded to Burwood Court for 20 March 2006 as he is now purportedly living up there.

Somewhere down the track, he had finally been given a TPI pension –how he got that I have no idea.
My contact with him ceased after that long weekend in 1991.

Here is what I learned after I was directed to that website:

Quick was not on XXXX XXXXX's track the day XXXX and the others were wounded.
He was in country.
He did not go outside the wire for his entire tour.
He was a batman at HQ 1 ATF.
He also told all and sundry he was there the day XXX XXXXXXXX and the others were killed in June 1971. He was NOT. He RTA’d in late May 1971 and wasn’t even in country when that contact occurred.

He deceived me and some very eminent surgeons and neurologists.
I am trained not only to the civil standard of proof, but also the criminal standard and I couldn’t fault his instructions. One thing I do when listening to a client I don't know, is to look for the inconsistency - if I find it I will not continue to represent that person. I have no intention of ruining my reputation or good name.

Thus far, over 30 interviews with various non-RAAC veterans have gone that way. I will not represent people from a particular part of NSW.

This bloke deceived a lot of people including his lovely wife and sons. They knew nothing else - he told the story from the time he first met his wife.

He will lose not only his disability pension but any assets he has, as the Commonwealth intends to seek full restitution.

This particular matter is the one which drove me to within a poofteenth of an inch of giving the Advocacy game away for good – and I am still tempted to do just that.

I was totally shattered and was helpless to say or do anything until thankfully, DVA's Chief Investigator contacted me out of the blue.

I spoke with the DVA Investigator and he said that as the matter is now public, he has no objection to me putting this info up on the site for general consumption.

In conclusion, this matter left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth and the taste still lingers.

This bloke not only betrayed those closest to him, but every other veteran who served, suffered and died, including the WIAs on XXXX’s track in 1970 and the KIAs and their NOK on XXX’s track in 1971.

Hopefully, my telling this will lay to rest the ghosts and bitterness this case has left.

If I appear somewhat reluctant to get involved in things these days, it is because of squeezers like this cove.

XXXXXX, thanks heaps mate for pointing me in the right direction.

Now finally,   justice has been done for all those deceived and for all the WIAs and KIAs.

XXXX, all I can say to you and all the others is I’m very sorry –we were all ripped off but you and your guys on
“The Nympho” and those on 84B and all of the families, were used and abused the most.

God bless you all.

Now having read that we say again.  The Department of Veterans Affairs and ANZMI highlighting these frauds on the internet are not slowing down claims for payment.  It is people such as Quick, plucking actual events and turning them around to include themselves for personal gain of rehabilitation benefits that are to blame.   The Department has to be extremely careful when doing their assessments of your claims in an attempt to stop such events, as you are about to read, from slipping through the cracks.   Remember those assessing your claim are not veterans and ramblings such as Quick can slip through.  You can see how cunningly it has been done to a genuine veteran advocate above, who looked for inconsistencies in stories.   It slipped by him, a genuine veteran who has been there and done that and was on the lookout for this type of thing, so the departments claims assessors, who have not seen service in Vietnam, have to be even more alert to the frauds and official records take time to check.  

We can only stress again that you seek out as much information as you can concerning your claims and back it all up with stat decs from people who were there at the time and documented history before your advocate lodges the claim.   The more you supply for the department to verify your claim the faster it will be approved.  We cannot stress this enough.  as Army people say PPPPPPP.

Now read on and see exactly why Quick is facing up to 300 counts of fraud against the Department of Veterans Affairs amounting to $300,000.

In Sydney, in, or around, August 1992 a group of Veterans were asked to provide written stories of their tours for possible inclusion in Army Magazine.  The majority of the Veterans told the Army reporter to go and write his own stories.  Kevin Quick was the exception and he wrote or narrated a tale entitled, 'One Man's War'.

He has since claimed that the reporter took "journalistic license" with the story.  Maybe so, these things happen, but the basis of this work of fiction is Quick's.

Please read this article first for an understanding of what can be told by someone that has lived a lie since 1971 and has worked hard at giving "truth" to his lies.
Army newspaper Article
 This article was not an attempt to publish a dramatic work of fiction, or some excitement for young Soldiers. It was his attempt to enhance his War Service and give validity to the lies that he has been telling and living since returning home in 1971.

On being challenged via e-mail to deny what he claims are facts, he simply stated, 'Everyone has their faults'.  This was mail from a former D&E Platoon member to him and his reply.  Again on being challenged by former Platoon members at a reunion, about his article and a subsequent poem written by him, he said all the records and contemporary newspaper reports were wrong. (where have we heard that before?)  He said he really was a member of the Platoon and was involved in the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) incident his story 'highlights', although he placed it in the wrong part of Phuoc Tuy Province.

Five e-mails were sent to him asking that he deny his story and apologise to former Platoon members.  All five went unanswered.

The writer personally sent three, CMPH sent two.

CPMH and former Platoon members have looked at this article, "One Man's War", and have torn it apart, separating the facts from the fiction using archived Army records and documents that are now readily available to any member of the general public.

A volunteer serviceman?      NO.  He was conscripted (drafted).

He arrived in SVN in June 1970?   NO.   It was May 1970.

He was posted to 1 ARU, the reinforcement unit?    YES.

A mortar course 'under his belt'?   NO.  This phrase suggests that he passed a course when in fact he failed.

Mortar Course Report
Note the general remarks in the course report.
'He failed to assimilate instruction and is very slow to react.  He tends to wilt when under pressure.'
In essence these remarks say, 'Make him a batman, a storeman, a dishwasher, a barman, but don't take him out on patrol, he'll be a liability.'  An Infantry section in the field relies heavily on each member of the patrol backing each other up in the event of a fire fight.  At a time like this the pressure is extreme and no member of the team can afford to fail his mates.

He told the Sergeant that he wanted to go back to [even though he had never been in one before] a Battalion with his mates and 'get into it - mix it', because he wanted to wear the "Skippy Badge", the hat badge of the Royal Australian Regiment, Infantry.  He already had one, as did every other Infantryman who was posted to a Battalion or overseas.

He wrote about POGOS [Personnel on Garrison Operations], a derogatory term used for base camp personnel.  He was one, as you will discover.

He spent two weeks in hospital due to a minor kidney ailment, June 1970?    NOT QUITE RIGHT.  His records show one week, long enough for diagnosis but not treatment and cure.
Hospital Entry

He was posted to D&E Platoon, HQ Coy, 1 ATF?  HALF TRUE.  He was posted to the Company, not the Platoon.  The Soldiers were assigned their duties on arrival.

He arrived at the Company on 25 June.  Impossible for him to have been an 'Old Hand of five months' on 29 August 1970, the first day of Operation Massey Harris.

He was a machine gunner in D&E Platoon and was actively engaged in patrolling and ambushing ?    NO.  In fact, he spent THREE days on the strength of the Platoon; the mornings of 26, 27 and 28 June for roll call.  In the remarks column of the Platoon attendance roll against his name appears the notation, "TO BATMAN."  The same roll book contains a listing of all HQ Coy Batman, Kevin Quick is shown as commencing as a batman in this section on 29 June 1970.

So on the morning of 29 June, he was officially a BATMAN and on their attendance roll.

A BATMAN assisted officers' by cleaning their tents, making their beds, shining their boots, making their coffee and doing all the mundane chores that a busy officer had no time for.  It was a full time duty.  There were no civilian personnel on the base for this purpose.  Batmen were required, but there was no extreme pressure placed on them.

Maybe someone read his Mortar Course report.

He was later transferred to duties in the Quartermaster's Store as a storeman.

D&E Platoon carried out a variety of tasks, patrolling, ambushing, VIP protection, Task Force ready-reaction, etc.   YES.

After a long period of heavy action he was moved to the Platoons HQ protection section (squad)?  NO.  Firstly there was no such section or unit.  Secondly, he was allocated to the strength to (of) the Platoon for only THREE days.  D&E Platoon was out on operations in the vicinity of Xuyen Moc during this period of time, no patrolling or bush work for Mother Quick!

D&E Platoon Soldiers carried non-standard issue (Jack) weapons and a greater amount of fully automatic weapons than those carried by a Battalion Platoon?   YES.  That's true but who could 'sneak' a weapon out on patrol?

According to "Mother" he was wounded when the APC, call sign 13A, "The Nympho", was moving back to base from Operation "Massey Harris" in the Courtney rubber plantation.  [refer back to the Army Magazine article]  NO.  He was not wounded here or anywhere else whilst in South Viet Nam.

He probably still doesn't know this, but Operation "Massey Harris" took place in the southeast corner of the province.  The armoured vehicles were moving to the AO, not back from the operation near Binh Tuy Province on 29 August 1970.

The De Courtenay, not Courtney, (Quick's spelling is wrong) rubber plantation was in the extreme north of the Province and straddled the border with Long Khanh Province on route 2.

A complete and accurate list of the names of those Australian Soldiers wounded during Operation "Massey Harris" and taken to hospital is in our possession.  No Kevin Lionel Quick and no civilians are on the casualty list.

Twelve (12) were injured, two (2) remained on duty, 10 were dusted off to 1 AFH. [1st Australian Field Hospital]; two (2) of these D&E Soldiers eventually joined the Platoon in the field again whilst the APC Driver was also able to take up his normal duties.  D&E Platoon members have the names of these 10 personnel.

Quick has combined two APC / D&E incidents that incurred loss of life.  The first occasion being August 1970, Operation "Massey Harris" and the second during June 1971, Operation "Overlord" near the De Courtenay rubber plantation.  Forty (40) kilometres as the crow flies and 10 months apart.  It's possible that he concocted this combination to avoid hard questions as to where he was supposedly injured and incurred his loss of hearing, spinal injury, PTSD and hypertension.  He had in fact, returned to Australia in May 1971.  One month before the De Courtenay plantation / D&E incident.
return to Aus Doc
The Bushman (Kit Carson) Scout was killed?   YES.

The scout was indeed killed but his name was Thanh, not Chang.  Quick's poem dedicated to the scout raised some anger when it and the Army Magazine article were displayed at a Company reunion.

A badly wounded Soldier moved by truck over 30 miles of bad to average road to Nui Dat or 45 miles to Vung Tau?  This claim alone is enough to brand this individual as a liar of the first order and the truth of the matter is explained below . This is one of the most outlandish stories ever dished out by a Veteran and an insult to the Australian Army of the time.

ALL wounded were taken to 1st Australian Field Hospital, Vung Tau, on two Dustoffs, [helicopters].
No injured personnel, civilian or military, were moved from the location by any other means.  There have been claims by others to the contrary, but these above are the facts on how the wounded were evacuated. 

Quick was a Veteran's counsellor in Canberra?  YES.  He is well remembered by one Veteran who heard the Nympho story often.

So much for his article in the Army Magazine, some facts regarding the Platoon - yes, but basically the rest is bunkum.

His records show that he was in hospital in November 1970 for a week but no mention of treatment on or around 29 August 1970, the date of the Nympho incident.
hospital record 2
Many records of the time can be wrong but they can't be so consistently wrong as in the case of this individual.

We have a declaration from another Veteran who was told by Quick, that he damaged his back while working at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi, post 1975 and was unable to receive compensation.  The member who has related this information has supplied a statutory declaration to this fact.

He is in receipt of the highest Veterans' pension available in Australia, payable due to his supposed war caused injuries and disabilities.

How was he able to get away with this deception for 30 years, all the while enhancing his War Service and profile in the Veteran community?

Unlike a Battalion posting which would give a fair indication of a Soldier's duties, a posting to HQ Coy 1 ATF did not.  No matter what duties these Soldiers finally carried out, they were all posted as ECN-343, Rifleman.

Infantry Soldiers arrived at the Company and were assigned duties ranging through clerk, storeman, barman, batman, mess steward, dixie basher (dishwasher) or bush Soldier with D&E Platoon.

D&E carried out any duties required by the Brigadier as stated in Quick's article and other duties that he was/is not aware of.  The Platoon was known as 'The Brigadiers Own' also 'Hawke Force'.  He wasn't aware of those names either.

The existence of the Platoon was relatively unknown to others at the Task Force base and it's only in the last 10 years that the operations of the Platoon have come to light.

Also over the last 10 years, quite a few base duty or logistics support soldiers have claimed former membership of D&E Platoon for a variety of reasons.  War Service enhancement for personal gain would be the main one.

Quick had appeared at Veterans reunions in a wheelchair and wearing the Infantry Combat Badge, (ICB).
The wheelchair use could not have been due to war wounds, he was never wounded but he gave that impression.

He is not entitled to wear the ICB

medal entitlement here
 Uninvited, he attended school lectures conducted by other Veterans and after interrupting the lecturers, went on to speak about his own 'fictional' experiences with VC tunnel complexes and his time as a bush soldier.  One D&E member recalls these experiences as he was there at the time and witnessed this on two occasions.

He wasn't asked to be there, but turned up anyway and 'took over' the lectures being given.

Quick had received mail, asking for confirmation or denial of his story, just prior to the Re-dedication of the Viet Nam Memorial at Canberra in 2002.  QuickDID NOT appear at the ceremony.

At other gatherings since 1987 he was seen at the forefront of every group photo and march.  He helped carry the Platoon banner in these marches, walking without the aid of his wheelchair - a miraculous recovery perhaps!!

Carrying the D&E Platoon banner, assisted by his son, during the 1993 Anzac Day march in Sydney would have been difficult for a fit man due to a headwind, let alone "Mother".  There were no pressure release cutouts on the banner but he managed quite well.

He, also, showed no signs of a back injury after carrying the banner during a march at the original dedication of the Viet Nam memorial in Canberra during October, 1992.

He then kept the banner for his own use, whatever that may have been, for nine years, until he was tracked down and requested to hand it over to D&E members. It is now in their safekeeping. Actual Platoon members were naïve at the time and did not realise that he was setting up photographic and video evidence of his acceptance into the ranks of Platoon members.

The final sentences of his article are touching.

His story is not spectacular.  ('I was just a baggy arse' he says.  'There were no awards, no citations.  Just another soldier, one of many who spent some time in D&E Platoon').  The term "Baggy Arse" was used to refer to soldiers with the rank of Private.

What is the final determination of this Veteran's War Service?

HE WAS NOT: a volunteer soldier, a mortar man, an M60 machine gunner, a signalman, a bush soldier, wounded, or an unacclaimed minor hero.

HE WAS a National Service soldier who carried out mundane base duties during his time with HQ Coy, 1 ATF.

Welcome to the site Kevin "Mother" Quick.

Your actions have denigrated the War Service of all your fellow Veterans.  You have defiled the memory of those who gave their lives in Service to our country and those who have passed on since.

If any of our readers know of anyone who has claimed former membership of D&E Platoon, HQ Coy, 1 ATF, Nui Dat and have doubts about the persons stories, especially stories of Operations "Massey Harris" and "Overlord", please contact ANZMI

5 JAN 2008

On the 20th of December 2007 Kevin Quick was sentenced to two years jail, with a  three year good behaviour bond - he is to serve three months in jail and on release should he breach the bond within three years will return to jail to complete the two year sentence

  At long last a custodial sentence has been imposed on a Veteran for misrepresenting his service to gain financial advantage from the Department of Veterans Affairs. ANZMI applauds all those who made this possible especially those members of Defence and Employment Platoon who assisted us in our original exposure of Kevin Quick.

When further details come to hand with regard to the recovery of the monies fraudulently obtained we will post a further update.

Below is a newspaper article that was written just prior to his sentencing.

23rd Sep 2012

Kevin Lionel Quick – The final curtain - Update – 16 Sep 12

Quick fraudulently claimed benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, for that crime he has spent time in prison, has been comprehensively exposed on our web site and suffered considerable disgrace in the National Media. On the up side for Quick, it appears that he got away with a net profit of $135,000 of Tax payers money.

The final chapter to Quick’s wannabe and criminal career was unfolded on the 17 July 2012 when he was arraigned before the Supreme Court in Sydney.  See the report below:



Quick is a criminal, who without conscience defrauded the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and therefore the Taxpayers of Australia. His actions and the subsequent reaction by DVA, has made it that little bit harder for needy Veterans to get their entitlements through the Government system. Much has been reported about Quick, none of that reported shows him in a good light, succinctly put, Quick is a criminal, a liar, a fraud and a wannabe.

If you meet him treat him as such.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.



Surname: Phillips
Christian Names: Paul Stephan
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Wollongong
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Paul Stephan Phillips Service Number 222341 is an ex serviceperson who served his country as an infantry man. For that he should be proud.  Instead of pride however, he followed a path of jealousy and deceit.  He pretended to be a veteran of the Vietnam War and wore ribbons and medals not conferred on him.  These acts, if true, are offences under sections 80A and 80B of the Defence Act 1903 and each can incur penalties of up to $3300.00 and or 6 months imprisonment.  If you want to review the evidence of this persons alleged offences, read here. 

Paul Stephen Phillips, born 9th September 1952 is, we have been advised, an ex student who attended Christian Brothers College in Crown Lane, now known as Edmund Rice College, Wollongong.  Edmund Rice College honours its ex-students who served in WW2 or Vietnam by placing their name on an honour board. Below is a photo of the Colleges honour board for the Vietnam War.



There are people on that board who we know served their country with honour and bravery.  To maintain their privacy we have obliterated their names.  But see, there is the name of our hero, Phillips P.  This has been confirmed by the college as being Paul Phillips and that the reason he is on the board is because he claimed to have been in the Vietnam War

Paul Phillips claims to have commenced six years military service in March 1969.  When he first made this claim it was pointed out to him that he would have only been 17 at the time and so he changed the date of commencement to March 1970.  This, of course is an easy mistake to make when you are remembering dates from all those years ago, but read on.  He claims that he did his corps training at Ingleburn between March and September and was then posted to 7 RAR at Holsworthy until embarkation to Vietnam.  He claims to have travelled to Vietnam by ship, a trip of six weeks, where he disembarked at Cam Ran Bay.  He then travelled by truck to his battalion destination.  Whilst in Vietnam he saw Little Patty entertain the troops from the back of a truck and he took his R&R in Butterworth and Penang.  He finished his tour of Vietnam and returned to Australia in September 1971 and continued at Holsworthy with 7 RAR for five years.  He was known to have completed a parachute course and when asked about this he states that he served with the SAS in Western Australia until his discharge in 1983.  When asked what he had done in the SAS he stated, "Do you want me to kill you? Do you know what the SAS is?"   He stated during this conversation that he had completed his military service at the rank of Corporal.   On other occasions he and his wife have been heard to say that he retired from the Australian Army with the rank of Captain and that the Army had assisted with his further education.

Mr. Phillips regularly attends the ANZAC Day ceremonies in Wollongong.  Here is a photo of the proud veterans marching in Wollongong on ANZAC Day 2006.  The crowd on either side of the road are clapping and cheering them, and so they should.  Little do they know that in the midst of the marchers there is a wannabe falsely pretending to be a returned veteran.


One of those marchers wearing the ribbons of the Vietnam Medal and the Vietnam Campaign Medal and also what appears to be the Infantry Combat Badge and the SAS beret badge, is Paul Stephen Phillips. See the cropped photo below from the march.


What is wrong with this?  He marches in ANZAC Day parades and has his name on the   school honour board as a person who served his country in the Vietnam war.

A brief history of 7 RAR and 5/7 RAR will tell you that:

7 RAR was formed at Puckapunyal, Victoria on 1st September 1965 as part of the Australian Army's build up for the Vietnam War.  The Battalion subsequently served twice in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam.  The first tour was from April 1967 and the second from February 1970.  Both tours lasted approximately 12 months and during this time 7 RAR was deployed on 48 operations.  7 RAR was eventually linked with 5/7 RAR in December 1973.  The colours have been laid up at the Soldiers Chapel at Kapooka, NSW.  Approximately 2,400 men served with the Seventh.  Of these thirty three were killed and 220 were recorded as wounded.

5/7 RAR was formed at Tobruk Lines, Holsworthy on 3rd December 1973.  5 RAR and 7 RAR were linked to form the new Battalion.  The 5 RAR Mascot, Sgt Quintus, and the 7 RAR Pipes and Drums were adopted by 5/7 RAR.

Throughout 1974, 5/7 RAR was involved in individual and company training.  C Company spent the period March to June 1974 in Malaysia supporting the RAAF at Butterworth. 

During 1975 the Battalion was involved in assisting the civilian population after Cyclone Tracy in Darwin.

We know from his Australian Army Record of Service that Private Paul Stephan Phillips 222341 joined the Army and went to 1RTB on 1 August 1972, this was after 7 RAR had returned from Vietnam for the last time.  After his corps training at RA Inf Centre he served with 7 RAR until the battalion became part of 5/7 RAR. 

Private Phillips went with C Company 5/7 RAR to Butterworth on 5th March 1974 returning to Sydney on 4th June 1974.  He was married on 27th June 1974.

He failed a Clerk Admin Course in October 1973 and obtained a C Pass on a basic parachute course on 13th June 1975.




The years that Mr Phillips states that he was serving with the SAS are within the 30 year rule so we have not been able to obtain service records for this period.  We have been reliably informed that he did not serve with the SAS at any time.

Since the matter was reported to ANZMI, photos and Statutory Declarations have been provided and inquiries made to prove or negate these allegations.  During these inquiries contact was made with the VVAA at Illawara.  The president of that sub-branch stated that Phillips was not a member nor had ever been a member.  He did indicate in his email that he was well aware of the claims and counter claims involving this ex-serviceman.

We have been advised that on Tuesday 15th August 2006 Mr Phillips attended a meeting at the VVAA Illawara Sub-branch relating to the 40th Anniversary of Long Tan.  It is alleged that at that meeting he asked if he could be excused from wearing his medals at the dinner for that Anniversary as his medals had been stolen during a break-in at his home and at the time his wife's jewellery was stolen. As a result of this request another member offered to loan Mr Phillips a set of miniatures and it is believed that it was those miniatures that Mr Phillips wore to the dinner for the Anniversary of Long Tan on the 18th August 2006.

The photo below is of Mr Phillips at that dinner wearing those miniatures.  It is very poor quality but as shown above we have evidence contained in  this Statutory Declaration that this is the case.



It is a sad fact that, for a variety of reasons, we have wannabes in our community.  In the case of Mr Phillips we would like to know why an ex servicemen would stoop to such low levels of deceit to steal the honour of those who served and those who gave their health and lives in service during conflict involving Australian troops.

Government has stated that they see these offences as very serious and have increased the penalties considerably.  There should be no need for veterans to be required to expose these wannabe's.  This is the role of law enforcement.  Alas, the truth is that law enforcement claim they do not have the resources to police these offences. We have been let down by the system and it is left to veterans to police this area of the law, albeit without the ability to impose the penalties stipulated in legislation and without the authority to obtain evidence from the various sources that are available to Government agencies and with out protection under the law when doing so.  This is not the way it should be.  The only way this will change is for the veteran community to let their political representatives know that we, the veteran community, are not satisfied with this farce.

 Evidence tending to prove offences committed by Paul Stephan Phillips is contained within this report.  That is as far as ANZMI can go.  It is now up to the regulatory bodies, the police and CDPP to take appropriate action as required by enacted legislation.  It is also a matter for an affected Ex-Service persons Organisation to take what ever action is required under ESO By-Laws.

  22 April 2007

The case of Paul Stephen Phillips has received some attention in the last few days.  First, shortly after the case was posted on the ANZMI web site, an email was received from Mr Phillips apologising for his mistakes.  As you can see below there is nothing in this 'heartfelt apology' to indicate that he disagreed with the the case, in fact quite the contrary.

 -----Original Message-----
From: Phillips email address removed
Sent: Friday, 20 April 2007 11:31 AM
Subject: heart felt appology

Dear Sir / Madam
It is my sincere intention to do the right thing by the veteran community and I have made mistakes in the past and I am paying the penalty with bad health and embarrassment.   I would like to thank My XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and Mr  XXXXXXXXXXX for their concern in bringing this matter to my attention it would have been easier if I was confronted in person.   If you could please let me know what is required of me do not hesitate to contact me please do not change your address as I have been trying to contact you
Kindest Regards
Paul S Phillips

Next we received an article written in the Daly Telegraph by Luke McIlveen which is shown here.

This article entry at the beginning of the story entitled: VIETNAM veterans have been accused of playing vigilante and falsely accusing a former soldier of impersonating a war hero.
It would appear that Luke McIlveen has written this story either without checking facts or because he was just being selective so that he could write a story with the slant he wanted.  He has, it would appear from the article, interviewed Mr Phillips and also Vietnam Veterans' Association Illawarra Sub Branch Secretary, Pam Bowmaker, who he states backs Mr Phillips version of events.  He has put in his article, a photo shown on the Paul Phillips case file, depicting the Anzac Day Parade in Wollongong.  What none of them have done is  explain (and the reporter has shown his selectivity by failing to show in his article)  the crop of that photo showing Mr Phillips wearing the SAS Badge, Infantry Combat Badge and the ribbons for the Vietnam Medal and Vietnam Star.  This is hardly the flimsy evidence that the newspaper article claims.  Another fact that the reporter has failed to check is the Honour Board at Edmund Rice College.  This Honour Board is headed "Vietnam War".  The other Honour Board is headed "WW11".



Below is the full Honour Board we did not show on the initial story above.  Now please correct us if we are wrong Mr Phillips, but does this board NOT say Vietnam War as its title?  We again have blanked out the genuine veterans names but note that one was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.  Are you not dishonouring this mans commendable war service as well as all others from the school who have served?

This evidence is held together with evidence contained in statutory declarations and, it is believed, it hardly appears "to have picked the wrong man".  You will note that Luke has asked for comments to his article in the Daily Telegraph. 

If Ms Bowmaker would like to contact our website and advise us of the wrong people she appears to be claiming ANZMI have targeted, we would be very pleased to investigate and put right any errors, should there be any.

It is strange and a pity that there are different views between various ESO's.  When you compare the comments of Vietnam Veterans' Association Illawarra Sub Branch Secretary, Pam Bowmaker with the comments recorded in the WA Post attributed to RSL WA President, Bill Gaynor.


Philips has attempted to apologise then instigated a newspaper article completely denying our claims and accusing us of vigilantism. We could not consider accepting an apology until a similar story appears in this paper that contains a true version of his behaviour and a public apology to all veterans.   We also hold more information than what appears on our pages specifically for the purpose of refuting the lies put forward by those we expose.  This information in time, as the government finally sees that we are not vigilantes but veterans seeking action against those who steal our Honour and Service, will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for charges to be laid.  This pathway has just been opened somewhat by the press release by The Hon Bruce Billson MP of 18 April 2007.   You can find this article reproduced in full on our cases opening page and in the story of Jeffry Crase, our latest veteran impersonator on the cases pages.

If you are a genuine veteran, have genuine service and medals it is now time to start applying pressure to have these people charged under the Defence Act.   Anzac day is only a couple of days away.   Enjoy the day as you and your mates deserve it.   Be ever vigilant and take your camera.   Read the press release by The Hon Bruce Billson MP on our cases opening page and send us the photos of those you capture, along with their names if possible and we will request  that the appropriate action is taken against those that steal your service.   This is not inciting veteran against veteran.  It is veteran against impostor.  A completely different war we shouldn't have to have on our most sacred of days where we see old friends and remember our fallen.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Nicholson
Christian Names: Michael John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bellevue
Service: Army Reserves
Case Notes:

This photo taken off his fake Army ID card. The card will not be displayed for Defence Security reasons

Michael John Nicholson, aka Michael Cohen, 39 years old of Bellevue Hill, as a highly decorated Australian Army Colonel commanding respect reserved for our loyal servicemen . 

The truth of the matter is that Mike Nicholson is an impostor who served one year with the Army Reserves before he was discharged in 1987. He was never an officer and never saw active service. He was also never awarded medals that he wore when masquerading as a Colonel. 


He was exposed as an impostor in an article published by the Sydney Daily Telegraph on the 22nd March 2006 as "Colonel Con".


When NSW Police searched his home they located an assortment of uniforms, Military ID cards and a number of medals including the Order of Australia and the Conspicuous Service Cross as well as a live military issue smoke grenade. As a result of their investigations he is facing 21 fraud related charges.

He appeared before the Chief Magistrate at the Downing Centre Court and has been remanded to appear in court again in May.

The story states he led the RSL Anzac Day Parade at Bronte in 2005. The group he led was the Bronte Surf Life Saving Club at Bronte Beach.



From this photo above you can see that he is wearing a number of medals but due to the poor quality of the photograph it is difficult to identify all the medals.

They appear to be the"Member of the Order of Australia", "Conspicuous Service Cross", "Australian Active Service Medal", "Defence Force Service Medal", the others are harder to identify, but they are mostly likely the East Timor Medals and the Interfet Medal. He is also wearing the Infantry Combat Badge.

He is also wearing the AIRN Badge ( "Army Individual Readiness Notification") which indicates that he is classified ready for operational service.


He is also wearing the green Commando beret with what appears to be a Staff Officer Badge and on the right arm the SAS parachute wings which also appear in another photograph. 

Again this photograph is of poor quality to properly identify all the medals which are indicated by the ribbons he is wearing.

His dress and bearing leaves a lot to be desired of that expected from an Officer or any serving member of the ADF. His Service Dress looks shabby and his Sam Browne belt could do with a bit of work. His long sleeved polyester shirt is showing which is very untidy.

In this photograph of him wearing his short sleeved shirt, his personal presentation is woeful in that the shirt is not properly pressed with the collars flat and it is ill fitting. Obviously Nicholson has no pride in the way he presents himself as a bogus Colonel.


Nicholson has made a mockery of security at Defence establishments if he could enter and obtain free tailoring of uniforms and name plates using false identity cards. If he can do it so can someone else. In today's climate, it has proved a point that Security must be taken more seriously not just at Defence establishments but at all places that are classified as high risk security targets.

Nicholson for his own reasons has shown disrespect to veterans, various organizations and the Australian Defence Force by carrying out this charade, not to mention shaming himself, his family and friends.

It is now up to the Justice system to show people like Nicholson that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated to tarnish the good reputation built by our proud serving and ex-service men and women of the Australian Defence Forces .

If anyone has any further information on Nicholson and his activities it is your duty to inform the NSW Police prior to his next court appearance.

You can also notify us at

25 May 2007

Nicholson faced the Sydney Central Local Court on the 3rd March 2007 and pleaded guilty to seven charges relating to his 2006 impersonation of an Australian Army Colonel.

Local Court Magistrate, Ms Jaye Carney, was scathing in her description of Nicholson's actions and described how hurtful his actions had been to the veteran community, particularly his disgraceful act of leading an Anzac Day parade in a bogus Army uniform.

Despite her harsh words, it seems the judicial system has once again failed veterans by the imposition of a very lenient sentence on Nicholson, who is one of the more outrageous wannabes featured on these pages.

Not only did Nicholson wear false medals and uniforms, he fraudulently obtained false ID and regularly infiltrated Army bases to obtain uniforms and equipment. We can only hope that that service police have plugged the loopholes exposed by Nicholson's deceptions , and we also wait in hope for some serious sentencing of wannabes in the future.

Sydney Morning Herald article here:

30th Aug 2009

Be aware that Michael John Nicholson is now known as Michael Cohen  and  mickeyacohen. 
Nicholson - Cohen as well as changing his name, our man in Sydney observes that he has “embraced” the Jewish religion claiming that he has returned to his roots. 

His name change is more likely to have something to do with the exposure he got for his criminal offences in relation to impersonating a veteran, and his religion change and its authenticity is questionable. 

Nicholson – Cohen resides in the Bondi area of Sydney NSW and is still up to his old tricks of fraud and subterfuge.
Don’t be fooled by Nicholson aka Cohen as he is a tenacious con man who has been convicted for his fraudulent behaviour.

We are reliably advised that Nicholson - Cohen is currently known to be active in the Sydney area weaving misery into peoples lives.

If you have had problems with Nicholson - Cohen, we would like to know about it at also we seek an up to date photo


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Kirkman
Christian Names: Harry
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Mount Druitt
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Harry Kirkman's war story 

Kirkman came to our attention in 2004 when an interview about his Navy service was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. We have accessed Kirkman's service file and determined that as a 17 year old sailor, Kirkman joined HMAS VENDETTA when it sailed to Singapore/Malaya/Borneo as part of the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) Naval force operating in that area between August 1965 and March 1966.   Here is a report about that service as told to the Melbourne Age by Harry Kirkman.

Harry Kirkman insists that Two Hundred prisoners of war including women, children and aged persons were gruesomely and relentlessly tortured on the deck of HMAS VENDETTA between the 29th November 1965 and 4th December 1965. He also insists that sometime between 20 November 1965 and March 1966 a riot took place near a British naval base in Singapore in which a British serviceman was killed and crew from HMAS Vendetta were injured.  Did these events really happen or has Harry Kirkman concocted  a "story" to  enhance his war experience and gain benefits from The Department of Veterans Affairs for himself and others? 


Harry Kirkman, 65

April 25, 2004


Harry Kirkman's greatest escape during the Indonesian confrontation was fleeing "an angry mob brandishing machetes and screaming death to all white men". He turned the wrong corner on leave in Singapore during 1965 and walked straight into "a fully blown race riot where local natives were running towards us whacking any white fella with big stick", he said, "and it looked like curtains". The mob wounded some of his mates and attacked an English officer "beating him to death with bamboo sticks, so I turned and bolted faster than I've ever run in my life to get the hell out of there".

Joining the navy at 15 because "it seemed the best way to help Australia", he served during the confrontation as gunnery officer on HMAS Vendetta, looking for communist insurgents in the Malacca Straits.

"We were the only ship between the communist enemy and non-communist Malays," he said. He tailed 80 Indonesian communist vessels, "loaded and fired very heavy 4.5-inch shells" at enemy ships and "had a few direct hits". His biggest catch was arresting an inconspicuous enemy vessel travelling towards Malaya with 200 Indonesian communists hiding on board. "We held them on the upper deck chained together for five days, interrogated them and turned them over to the Malayan government. That's how we helped win that war."

After the war he served throughout Asian waters on escort vessels Bandanna and Duchess before "stress got to me. Eventually I got a free discharge because they could not control me".

He is married and lives in Sydney.

(Note:  Kirkman is not 65 years old - he was born 1st August 1948)

Kirkman has completed other written statements relating to the same or similar incidents, here are excerpts from four other statements he has written.

Statement 1. Undated

On the 29th November we sailed for another patrol returning to Singapore on the 4th December. During this patrol an Indonesian boat with 200 odd Indonesian Army personnel on board were arrested and these people were chained to the Quarter Deck where they were interrogated by Malaysian Army personnel for 5 days. The upper deck was washed down morning and night using fire hoses to clean the area and the people the whole time they were on board. I remember one time during our trip to the Far East I was ashore in Singapore sitting near the gates outside the wharves having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing bamboo sticks and attacking any British servicemen they laid eyes upon which also included Australian Sailors. Not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company being injured during these riots.

Statement 2. February 22nd 2004

During this patrol we engaged an Indonesian boat with 200 odd Indonesian Army personnel on board whom we arrested and these people were chained to the Quarter Deck where they were interrogated by Malaysian Army personnel.

These people were on board for 5 days and we were told that the Quarter Deck was out of bounds. Like all 17 year olds, curiosity killed the cat and the temptation was too great and many sailors investigated what was happening on the Quarter Deck.

Various times over those 5 days I witnessed these people being tortured by the Malaysian Army. They tortured women, children and even the old folks relentlessly for the 5 days. It scared my brain for life what I saw it was gruesome.

We sailed for another patrol on December 8th returning on December 29th. On the 10th December we were ordered to sail toward Raffles Light where we met up with over 80 Indonesian War ships sailing up and down the waterway at full speed.

We were the only allied ship in the area for nearly 4 hours and we were at action stations the whole time as we were unsure what the Indonesian's intentions were so we sailed up and down the coast with them.

The first time I saw these ships was when I had completed my watch in the boiler room and when I came to the upper deck and looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards of our starboard I was extremely scared that I would not see home again.

When you are 17 and you are onboard a Destroyer in the Royal Australian Navy nothing gets your adrenalin pumping faster than being on board and traveling at full speed, but when you add the enemy also traveling side by side at full speed, words cannot explain how one felt.

Fortunately 2 of their ships run aground and the British Air force flew over roughly at the same time followed by additional war ships joining us, but those 4 hours I thought it will be the last I would see.

We were part of the Strategic Reserve for another 2 months and we completed another 2 patrols of Borneo before returning home on March 12 th 1966. During this period I remember one time when I was ashore in Singapore sitting near the gates to the wharves leading to the HMAS Vendetta having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing sticks and attacking any British servicemen they laid eyes upon which also included Australian Sailors.

Not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I ran for my life with only a few minor bruises and was picked up by the Shore Patrol and whisked back to HMAS Vendetta. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company who were injured during these riots .

Statement 3. 28 February 2005, includes the following;
Between 29 Nov and 4 Dec 1965 "an Indonesian boat with 200 odd people onboard were arrested and I witnessed these people being chained to the Quarter deck and subjected to beatings by Malaysian Army personnel for 5 days........They tortured women, children and even the old folk relentlessly for the five days"

On 10 December 1965, VENDETTA was ordered " to sail towards Raffles Light where we met up with 80 Indonesian warships sailing up and down at full speed." He came of watch in the boiler room and from the upper deck "looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards off our starboard."

He "was sitting near the gates to the wharves leading to the HMAS VENDETTA having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing sticks and attacking any British servicemen.....not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him...... I remember that leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed due to the number of our ship's company who were injured during these riots." 

Statement 4. 27 June 2007 -  On the 20th June 2007 we wrote to Kirkman telling him that we had received reports questioning his account of  events that occurred on VENDETTA in 1965 1966. He sent us the following email

----- Original Message -----
From: Harry Kirkman
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 4:47 PM
Subject: Harry Kirkman


I received this letter today in a express post envelope which did not display a return address and as you can see this letter was not signed but as a matter of courtesy I have decided to answer the questions raised.

There was a Singapore riot in 1965 and I have no idea how much of Singapore it affected but I was at the gates to HMS Terror at a late hour in the night enjoying my last beer and a bite to eat when these guys came roaring through the little town banding ( sic) bamboo cans and hitting every white man in the joint and may I say I did not hang around long at all. We were asked to sail in the morning as a precaution although I believe the ships log does not confirm this or so I was led to believe when Rightways did an investigation on a fellow sailor who lodged a claim in Queensland.

The torture of prisoners on board Vendetta, let me say that we took on about 70 guys (women & Children included) and we had them on board for 4 days. These guys were chained on the upper deck although Rightways says that they were left on their boat and the Jimmie (2IC) skippered the boat and we left the Indonesians onboard their vessel. When did the Australian Navy ever leave prisoners on their own vessel when it has been arrested? When we had these guys on board where did they use the toilet? Remember this was a destroyer with 336 sailors on board and we had no females on board in the 60's. When did the Navy allow the Jimmie to leave the ship when we were at action stations as we were still on patrol in an operational area.

Firing on Indonesian naval vessels well I guess the crap they used when mounting an invasion of Malaya could be called an "Indonesian navy vessel" as they were manned by Indonesians and in some cases by their Military people and we certainly sank 2 or three of these vessels whilst we were on patrol.

The flotilla of Indonesian Naval war ships occurred when we were on duty and were called to sea. We left many sailors behind on the beach as at the time the lucky few were enjoying a "ban yan" (beach bar-b-q) and we did not have time to pick the guys up. When we got to sea I was on duty in the boiler room and when we reached the Indonesian ships we began going full ahead, stop, full ahead etc and I popped up onto the upper deck to have a look and there were many Indonesian war ships not 1500 Meters from us and we were sailing with them up and down the coast. Rightways says there were 2 Indonesian ships involved but can I say that 2 had ran aground with 1 being re floated the next day and the rusting hull of the other is still there today. 

I joined the Navy in 1964 and I was 15 years young. When I joined the Vendetta I was an ordinary seaman. I have never made a claim to being a gunnery officer. I am extremely proud to say to all and sundry that I was a stoker. I have also added that I did not climb the ladder above that of a stoker because I had a shit attitude. Who ever lays claim that I have ever posed as a gunnery officer is a bloody liar.

You be the judge in this matter but be assured if I can take legal action against you I will not hesitate if you print a defamatory statement concerning me.

Harry Kirkman
Armed Services Assistance Centre
Level 4 Advocate (TIP-DVA)
PO Box 285 Mount Druitt 2770
Phone/Fax #  (02) 9832 4898 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (02) 9832 4898 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Mobile # 0405 358 248 
Email Address
"Providing free assistance in relation to pensions welfare, compensation and entitlements to serving and ex-serving
members of the Australian Defence Force and their families".

Total Commitment for the Veteran Community. 
On receipt of our letter Kirkman broadcast it throughout the veteran community, this resulted in numerous individuals rushing to Kirkmans defence on the basis that he is a friend and an honourable man.  In particular the letter from Mr Ray Brown the President of the Injured Service Persons Association (ISPA) stands out, he, without knowing anything about the case abused us and said we should be chasing people making false Post Traumatic Stress Disorder claims, he then degrades the service of logistics personnel and RAN people involved in the Gulf wars.  See his email Below:
From: Ray Brown [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, 27 June 2007 4:36 PM
Subject: allegations

To the spineless coward who questions others,
Since there is no way of defending one self to people who dont have the intestinal fortitude to put their name to correspondence, I would like o pass on the white feather to you & your cohorts.
Maybe exposing ptsd frauds would gain you more widespread support or is that too close to home? Fraudelant claims is more $ draining & more widespread than a fake veteran.
You liken yourselfs to ordinance & cooks who say they went to war but were kms away from the battle such as navy guys in gulf 1 & 2 who were 100's of kms away from battle.
Mr Brown, we hope after  reading this case you have learned to shut up until you know what you are talking about.  We would also hope that you will apologise to "ordinance" (sic) cooks" and "Navy Guys in gulf 1 & 2" for your disparaging remarks



Now we will study records from HMAS VENDETTA's FESR service to see if Kirkman's version of events gel with the official version. The documents we have are:

Reports of Proceedings (ROPs)

The Captain of HMAS Vendetta sent detailed monthly reports to his Admiral, these reports are known as "Reports of Proceedings" ROPs, they include details of day-by-day occurrences about his ship, including movements, operations, morale, social occasions and any other activities. We have copies of each of these reports for the entire deployment.

Statement from the Captain of HMAS VENDETTA

Vice Admiral D W Leach AC CBE LVO RAN (Rtd) in 1965 held the rank of Commander and was the Captain of VENDETTA, we have a statement from Admiral Leach denying any knowledge of a riot in Singapore during VENDETTA's FESR service.

Statement from the Executive Officer HMAS VENDETTA

Admiral M W Hudson AC RAN (Rtd) (now deceased) was the executive officer of VENDETTA in 1965 holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, we have statements from Admiral Hudson detailing events surrounding Kirkman's statements about the "mistreatment of Two Hundred communist prisoners of war".

Research from Commodore PM Mulcare RAN Rtd

Commodore Mulcare, produced a report in relation to many of the claims made by Kirkman. Commodore Mulcare summarised his report as follows:

"I have not found any evidence to support the claims by Mr xxxxxxx and Mr Kirkman that there was a riot in Sembawang (Singapore) in March 1966, that they witnessed the violent death of a British 'redcap' or a British sailor and that HMAS VENDETTA delayed sailing because a number of sailors from the ship had been injured in the riot."

"I have not found any evidence to support Mr XXXXXXXX's claim that the Sembawang riot occurred in November 1965, resulting in the ship's sailing being delayed because a number of the crew were injured".

"There is no evidence to support the claims by Mr Kirkman and Mr XXXXXX  that Indonesian prisoners were taken onboard HMAS VENDETTA, for a period of five days according to Mr Kirkman, where they were beaten and tortured by Malaysian soldiers."

"I have also examined HMAS VENDETTA's crew list* for the ship's 1965/1966 deployment to the Far East. It was customary for ships patrolling the Singapore Malacca Straits to carry an interpreter, usually a Malaysian junior sailor.  The interpreter from 29 November 1965 was ORO SMN B G Ibrahim. He was the only Malaysian serviceman onboard on 30 November 1965.

*The crew list is held in the Naval Personnel Records Section of the Department of Defence, it lists all the personnel who were onboard when the ship sailed from Sydney and all changes that occurred until the ship returned to Sydney at the end of the deployment  

Commodore Mulcare's report also includes direct evidence of conspiracy by three sailors to commit fraud  -  in this paragraph;

" Mr X X XXXXXXX's Statement

In his statement Mr XXXXXX says he was ashore with Mr xxxxxxx and Mr Kirkman about 20 November 1965 when the alleged Sembawang riot occurred.  He said "we escaped with a few bruises, one RN sailor apparently died that night.  We were rescued by the Military Police and returned to the ship. A number of our crew were injured which delayed our departure from Singapore."  He also claimed that families from the MURIARA (sic) were brought on board VENDETTA and "beaten up by Malay soldiers we carried on board."

Report from the Office of the Navy History Section, Sea Power Centre – Australia Department of Defence, CANBERRA ACT

This organisation summed up VENDETTA's 1965 1966 FESR operations as follows: "For HMAS Vendetta and her ship's company, the periods spent on patrol were generally uneventful."

A Statutory Declaration held by ANZMI declaring that Kirkman conspired with others to produce false declarations for the purpose of claiming benefits from The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Report from a HMS Terror personnel

These people were posted to the land based RN facility HMS Terror in Singapore during 1965 and 1966 when Kirkman and others experienced "a riot where a British officer was murdered.

These people told us: inter alia " I lived in Singapore until 1966 and the only riots I remember were in 1963 but they happened outside of the Naval Base Gates and as far as I am aware not at HMS Terror.  I do not remember anything at all about any problems in 1965. 

A British sailor working at HMAS Terror in 1965 told us: "Wish I could be of some help mate but I don't have any evidence for you.  There were fights quite often with drunk matelots coming off shore at the dockyard gates but as for a riot, I must have missed it.. We did quite a bit of training in Terror for just such events but we never had to use it ."  

Research by ANZMI investigators

Our investigators have researched Kirkman's claims, including searching the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times , where details of all events and riots in Singapore's post WW ll history have been reported.

A sailor from the Vendetta told us:  I cant remember any race riots I think there was a demonstration and we were told to stay away from it but no one from vendetta was injured that I can recall. He further said:  "There was definitely no 200 communist prisoners onboard or tortured".    

Kirkman's Service file was also accessed from National Archives and his record of service scrutinised.


We can now compare Kirkman's statements with evidence we have gathered. Here are the Kirkman claims that we say are lies

Claim 1.

Involved in a race riot in Singapore on or about the 20 November 1965 or March 1966 (The dates differ depending on who is telling the story)  " not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I ran for my life with only a few minor bruises and was picked up by the Shore Patrol and whisked back to HMAS Vendetta. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company who were injured during these riots" .

The Truth

HMAS VENDETTA during this cruise tied up in Singapore on eleven different occasions and visited Hong Kong twice. There was no civil unrest in Singapore during late 1965, early 1966.   We can find no historical evidence where a British Naval person was killed and Australian Sailors injured.    There is no mention in any of the seven, Captain's Monthly Reports of Proceedings (RoPs) of injuries to VENDETTA sailors resulting in a delay of departure from Singapore. There is no doubt that had this event occurred it would have been included in a monthly RoPs.  For instance - The Vendetta report for October 1965 reported that "whilst tied up in Hong Kong on the 10 th October 1965, shore leave was restricted for the crew, because of the possibility of civil unrest during the celebration of the Founding of Communist China ."  On this occasion, a Concert Group entertained the crew on the wharf; this was paid for from the ships welfare fund. Because of the concern by the Captain about civil unrest in Hong Kong it is most unlikely that he would have not mentioned civil unrest in Singapore where his crew were directly involved, some being injured and a British Naval person killed.

We believe the episode is a lie that has very serious implications for Kirkman and others. We are reliably advised that Kirkman and other sailors from the same ship may have conspired to defraud the Department of Veterans Affairs by using this and other imagined events in claims for benefits.

The history of Singapore Riots is  well documented as part of the history of Singapore. There have been no riots involving Singapore and the United Kingdom.  

  1. 23 April 1955 there was a workers union dispute, known as the Hock Lee Bus Depot Riots in which 2 police, one student and a journalist were killed

  2. 21 Jul 1964 on the birthday of the prophet Muhammad a race riot developed between Chinese and Malay groups. There were two distinct elements to this riot as there was a second flare up in September 1964.

  3. 11 Mar 1965 a terror bomb exploded at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Orchard Road, 2 girls were killed.

Singapore's then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew declared on 9 August 1964 that Singapore was a sovereign, democratic and independent State. Singapore had no problem with the United Kingdom when Kirkman first arrived in Singapore in late August 1965. There are no records of racial tension between "Singapore natives and "White fellas" (as described by Kirkman). The Captain of the VENDETTA knew nothing about the "riot", his injured sailors, or the delay in sailing because of their injuries. Any delays in sailing would have been included in the RoPs, for instance in paragraph 30 of his February 1966 report the Captain says:

"VENDETTA, in company with H.M.A.S. DUCHESS, sailed from Singapore Naval Base at 2200 on the evening of the 24 th bound for Darwin, the original time of sailing having been delayed four hours by the successes of sailors from both ships in the Boxing Finals of MILLSPORT.

Below is a copy of a letter written by Vice Admiral Leach on the 7th February 2007 Denying that the riot took place:

Kirkman's statements together with statements from other sailors of their involvement in a race riot in Singapore on or around the 20 th November 1965 or March 1966 are false, we assert that these sailors made these declaration in relation to claiming benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and they know that their declarations are false.

In his statement of the 27 June 2007 Kirkman seems to have forgotten the most important aspect of the riot, that "a British sailor was murdered fifteen feet from where he was sitting"   In addition, there are four variations to where and when the "riot" occurred depending on which statement you read.

1. Turned the wrong corner on leave in Singapore.

2. Sitting near gates to the wharves

3. I was at the gates of HMS Terror.

4. Kirkman infers that the riot occurred during March 1966, others claim it was on or about the 20 November 1965

Claim 2.

Held Two Hundred communist insurgents including women and children chained to the deck of VENDETTA where they were gruesomely tortured.

If this allegation were true the Captain of VENDETTA should be charged with war crimes.

Vice Admiral Leach is one of the finest Naval officers ever to serve Australia and for Kirkman and others to declare by Statutory Declaration that he allowed women and children to be gruesomely tortured on VENDETTA during FESR service in 1965 1966 is scurrilous, un- Australian and inexcusable.

Para 27 of the November 65 RoP, says nothing in relation to the 200 prisoners chained to the quarterdeck.

"After a command Team briefing at Fleet headquarters on Friday 26th, VENDETTA sailed for MALACCA Straights patrol on Monday 29th, expecting to return to Singapore by Saturday 4th December.  The highlight of the patrol to date has been the assistance in the arrest of an Indonesian coaster by K.D SRI PERLIS (a Malaysian Naval vessel) off Cape Rachado on the evening of the 30th November. This was reported in my Restricted Message D.T.G. 020945Z"

Paras 3 and 4 of the December 65 Rops.

 "The first four days of December were spent on Malacca Straits patrol in the Sembilan Islands, Cape Rachado, and Pulau Bengkalis areas. the ship refueled from F.F.A. EDDYROCK on Thursday 2nd"

"At 0800 on Saturday 4th the Bengkalis deterrent patrol was completed and VENDETTA proceeded to Singapore berthing at 1445 on HMAS DUCHESS at number 6 Berth"

Admiral M W Hudson AC RAN (Rtd) – (now deceased) was the Executive Officer aboard VENDETTA during the 65/66 FESR cruise. In June 2004 he made a statement in relation to several claims including one "  that families from the MUTIARA were taken onboard HMAS Vendetta  and tortured. Admiral Hudson said"

It is obvious that this whole episode is a conspiracy hatched by Kirkman and others to gain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. They have committed details of the "gruesome torture of women and children on the deck of VENDETTA in November/December 1965" to Statutory Declarations full well knowing that their Statements are false.

It is also relevant that in his last statement of the 27 June 2007 he reduced the number of "prisoners chained on deck" from Two Hundred to Seventy.

Claim 3.

Served during the confrontation as gunnery officer on HMAS Vendetta.

Kirkman was an Able Seaman Mechanical Engineer or better known as a Stoker.  Stokers don't fix engines or do any mechanical work they are the roust-a-abouts of the engine room. If guns were fired their "Action Station" may be helping to supply ammunition from ships magazine to Guns. A Gunnery Officer is a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Navy, Kirkman was a junior sailor, who would not have been allowed anywhere near a Ships Gun. In fact there were only two Gunnery Officers onboard VENDETTA and they were the Captain and the Executive Officer.  Kirkman says in his statement number 4.  "Whoever lays claim that I posed as a gunnery officer is a bloody liar".   That aspect was very clearly reported in the Melbourne Age and the reporter wrote what he was told by Kirkman.

Claim 4.

Fired 4.5 inch shells at enemy ships and sunk some.

The Office of the Navy History Section, Sea Power Centre – Australia Department of Defence, CANBERRA ACT, said

"HMAS Vendetta did not engage, nor did hostile forces engage her, during Confrontation.  The ship did conduct what was reported as a naval gunfire support firing exercise in Wallace Bay in North Borneo on 12 November 1965.

The RoP said in relation to the fire support exercise. Paragraph 15 to November 1965 RoP – "On completion of patrol on the night of 11/12th VENDETTA anchored in the approaches to WALLACE BAY for a naval gunfire support firing exercise.  This was successfully carried out, spotting being provided by the Royal Artillery Regiment."

Claim 5.

On the 10th December we were ordered to sail toward Raffles Light where we met up with over 80 Indonesian War ships sailing up and down the waterway at full speed We were unsure what the Indonesian's intentions were so we sailed up and down the coast with them…….. .when I came to the upper deck and looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards of our starboard I was extremely scared that I would not see home again.

Well Harry the Indonesian Navy never had 80 ships to sail up and down at full speed. If they did it would have been one of the greatest Naval Armadas since the Spanish Fleet had a go at Britain in the year 1588.  Let's see what the Captain of HMAS VENDETTA said about this "massive international incident"

 para 8 of the RoPs for the month of December 1965

"A day patrol between Tanjong Ayam anbd St. John's Light was carried out on Thursday 9th shifting to the Horsburgh Light area at dusk.  Two Indonesian Warship sightings were made that day, one Riga and one Kronstadt proceeding westwards from the Rhio Strait."

para 11 of the December 1965 Report

"After the night patrol of 11/12th VENDETTA proceeded up the Kuals Johore and at 0800 anchored off Loyan. Banyan Beach parties were landed on Pulau Serangoon at 1030 for a day on the beach, however, as a result of further Indonesian Warship movements VENDETTA was sailed with despatch for the Singapore Straits, getting under way at 1345 after recovering the parties. On arrival in the Straits the Indonesian Warships, two Skories and one Riga class were sighted proceeding south westwards down the Phillip Channel.  It was later discovered that the Riga class destroyer, KAKIALIA had run aground on the Helen Mar reef."

In Kirkman's statement of the 27 June 2007 he says

"The flotilla of Indonesian Naval war ships occurred when we were on duty and were called to sea. We left many sailors behind on the beach as at the time the lucky few were enjoying a "ban yan" (beach bar-b-q) and we did not have time to pick the guys up." 

The RoPs clearly show that the ship recovered all of those at the "ban yan party" and got "under way" at 1345 hrs

At no time did any of the Indonesian vessels make threatening manoeuvres or gestures towards VENDETTA whilst being photographed in the embarrassing situation of having run aground.  Harry's declaration describing a major naval operation of an extremely dangerous nature is false

The Captain reported sighting three different Indonesian vessels - he obviously missed the other seventy seven that Harry "saw" one hundred metres off the starboard, sailing up and down the waterway at full speed.

It is also notable that Kirkman changed the distances of the "enemy" ships from 100 metres in his early reports to 1,500 metres in the report of the 27 June 2007.

This is simply another episode of falsely declaring a "Severe Stressor" type situation for the purpose of claiming a benefit from The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Claim 6.

We were the only ship between the communist enemy and non-communist Malays.

HMAS VENDETTA was part of a fleet of Commonwealth ships operating in the region as Strategic Reserve Service (SRS).   In fact there were twenty six other ships three submarines and one Shackleton Bomber (used for aerial observation) that we were able to count. These were :

RAN               HMAS, Duchess, Ibis, Teal, Snipe, Sydney,

RN                 HMS, Tamar, Euryalas, Ark Royal, Falmouth,

                      Brighton, Lanton, Woolaston,    Blackpool,

                      Albion, Manxman, Nubian, Triumph, Dido

RN Subs        Oberon, Ambush, Anchorite

RFA                Tide Reach, Gold Ranger, Eddyrock, Wave Sovereign,

KD                   Hang Tuah

SOML             3507

HMNZS          Taranaki

MV                  Tivoli            

RAF                Shackleton Bomber


 Harry Kirkman and his co-conspirators seem to subscribe to the theory "the more often something is said the more likely it will be believed", and also "the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed." Three separate sailors from the 1965-1966 HMAS VENDETTA FESR operations have formally declared "Stressor" inducing events occurred whilst they were crew on VENDETTA. It is most likely that they have all knowingly made false declarations to gain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We are reliably advised that in the 1960s era Statutory Declarations were a very common document in the Royal Australian Navy; any minor indiscretion could be rectified by a few slick words on a "Stat Dec". Because of such common usage, perhaps some sailors have forgotten that the law will not be your friend if you are detected knowingly lying on a Statutory Declaration.  

The small print shown on a New South Wales Statutory Declaration says as follows:

"A person who wilfully makes a false statement in a statutory declaration under the Statutory Declarations act 1959 as amended is guilty of an offence against the Act, the punishment for which is a fine not exceeding $200 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both if the offence is prosecuted summarily, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding four years if the offence is prosecuted upon indictment .

But that is just the start, followed by all the criminal offences committed by the perpetrators of these false claims if benefits have been paid to anyone, as a result of the claims, by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It matters not whether the statements on the Declarations were accepted as true or rejected as false by the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), what matters is that Kirkman and others may have knowingly made false declarations for the purpose of gaining benefit from the DVA.

Kirkman not only committed a false history of HMAS VENDETTA's 1965/66 FESR service to Statutory Declarations he also made statements to the Age newspaper to enhance his war service with information that fitted nicely into the lies put forward by Statutory Declaration to claim benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Harry Kirkman, holds responsible leadership positions in the veteran community, if you type his name into an internet search engine he appears in many different Australian veteran support roles. Initiating false Statutory Declarations about his "war" service is hardly a good trait for a leader, especially when his lies bring disrepute to the senior service and brands his Captain as a war criminal, because, according to Kirkman, the Captain allowed the torture of women and children on his quarterdeck between the 29 th November 1965 and 4th December 1965.  

We have received numerous reports about Kirkman similar to the one shown below:

"Harry Kirkman, whilst the sub-branch President of St Mary's, openly bragged to all and sundry that he was made a TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) was involved in a riot whilst serving on HMAS Vendetta during which a British MP was killed. He and a number of sailors were posted to Vendetta before being escorted back onto Vendetta".

It is common knowledge that Harry Kirkman and another sailor  made Statutory Declarations in support of a veteran claiming a severe stressor for the "riot incident".   These Statements are known to be false.  The riot did not happen, nor were Two Hundred communists including women and children tortured on the deck of HMAS VENDETTA,

We have on our web site another sailor who produced "Severe Stressor" evidence "to order", for DVA claims, this is the infamous "China" Hammal, who will remain on our site for the rest of his life as will Kirkman and when we get around to it the other Kirkman conspirators.

There is no place in the veteran community for dishonest leaders. Kirkman has pushed himself to a position of leadership and then taken advantage of his influence and position to gain benefits from DVA for himself and others.


The weight of evidence is very much against Kirkman.  Evidence from:

1.Three high ranking Naval Officers.

2. The  Office of the Naval History Section, Sea Power Centre


3. History of riots in Singapore and the Straits Times newspaper

4. Reports from HMS Terror where the "riot" was supposed to

   have occurred

5. Reports of Proceedings from HMAS VENDETTA.

6. Statutory Declarations from individuals.

7. ANZMI Investigators.

The above evidence shows that Kirkman is a liar and fraudster and that he has conspired with others in his fraudulent behaviour.

Kirkman by his false statements has brought dishonour on the Officers and crew of VENDETTA and on the Navy generally.

Another side effect of this unhappy saga is that by his fraudulent actions as a pensions advocate, Kirkman may have brought the Department of Veterans' Affairs Training & Information Program ( TIP) into disrepute.  There are a large number of very dedicated men and women TIP trained Pension Officers and Advocates who have voluntarily taken on this onerous task of assisting ex and serving members of the Australian Defence Force  who are in great need of representation .  It is  very important that the scurrilous few who defraud the system are brought to light by the veteran's community themselves and the Federal Government guarantees that offenders are prosecuted to preserve the integrity of the Veterans Pensions system.

Fraudulent claims clog up the system and inhibit the ability of veterans in genuine need to gain access to that which they are entitled. Kirkman has thumbed his nose at the veteran system, now it is the turn of the system to exhibit its reaction to lies and fraudulent claims by taking all the necessary action to bring Kirkman and his accomplices to justice.

Remember Newtons third law: 

- For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - 

Let's hope that in this instance the "equal and opposite reaction" comes from - The veteran community - Department of Veterans Affairs - The State and Federal Police and that retribution is swift and meaningful.

   07Jul 2009

Harry Kirkman – Unrepentant liar.

Harry Kirkman is an unrepentant liar, cheat and wannabe.  In two emails dated 29 June 2009 he “dons” the mantle of a sagacious adviser about matters relating to the Veterans Review Board (VRB).

He was originally listed on this web site as a liar and a wannabe in regard to his lies and gross exaggeration of his FESR service on HMAS Vendetta. His lies attack the fabric of the integrity of HMAS Vendetta Crew during FESR service. If his assertions were true the Captain and many of the crew would be guilty of war crimes. Our original listing is also about how he signed and submitted false Statutory Declarations on behalf of another sailor to the VRB

After you have read the initial ANZMI report it is hard to believe how Kirkman would have the gall and lack of integrity to avow that all he had said about his FESR service was true. On the 2nd June 2008 he said in an email

From: Harry Kirkman

Sent: Monday, 2 June 2008 9:17 PM

Subject: The vicious lies of xxxx xxxxxx

Against my better judgement I had a look at the xxxxxxxxweb site tonight and I find my name is still plastered all over it with crap like "HARRY KIRKMAN NO LONGER A DIRECTOR AT ROOTY HILL RSL CLUB".

The fact is my name has been listed on the wannabee site ANZMI. This site is suppose to deal with frauds in the Veteran Community. I.e. Guys wearing medals they are not entitled to or claims from guys that they went to Vietnam when in fact they never left their mother's tit.

I wear 6 medals all supplied by the Australian Government so I guess I have not been named and shamed by xxxxxxxx because I am wearing medals I am not entitled. I was on HMAS Vendetta when it was on duty in the Far East during the Malay Emergency and I went to Vietnam during the same trip to the FESR. I turned 17 1 month before our first patrol in Borneo.

Why was I listed on the ANZMI Site, simply put because I submitted a statutory Declaration for a Veteran who had joined and served with me on the Vendetta for his VRB hearing.

The point is VRB hearing documentation is not public domain information. How did xxxxxxx get his hands on this document? I did not give him a copy and nor did the Veteran so either he received the document from the VRB or from the Advocate.

Let us look at the document and I will swear on a stack of bibles that I have not lied. My statement may not be 100% correct either and that I will not make an excuse for because what I have stated is what I remember as a 17 year old boy who was serving on the front line of defence for my country and those memories are embedded in my mind.

xxxxxxx is a hypocrite, he took the time and made the effort to dissect the memory of a 17 year old which happened well over 40 years ago and make out that I was lying to make monetary gain. This was not my VRB we are talking about, this is my account of the events which I signed a statutory declaration which has ramifications if found to be false. I stand by this document.

(Note: Irrelevent paragraphs have been deleted)

Kirkman has not denied that his Statutory Declarations were false (criminally so). He says like a spoilt child - “It’s not fair you weren’t supposed to read what I said”

We don’t know whether Kirkman includes in his “I Stand By this document” statement all of the crap about relentlessly torturing women and children aboard HMAS Vendetta for five days.  Or his lies about witnessing the murder of a British serviceman during a “riot” (that never happened) in Singapore.

In an email of 29 June 2009 Kirkman becomes the great adviser on matters VRB, and in one paragraph says

Personally, I would not lodge a claim for a Veteran if he/she did not suffer from the condition however when doing the claim the Veteran may say he is suffering from an illness but when it is investigated further by DVA sometimes the condition may not be present or as severe as the Veteran makes out as to the information DVA have raised however at the VRB I have the opportunity to supply fresh material including up-to-date medical reports and I present the facts to the VRB as I see them and they can ask the Veteran any questions that they believe will enhance his claim. DVA do not get that opportunity mate, DVA can only go off what has been written.

Kirkman, although being of proven dubious character has found solace in communicating with a group who call themselves the Mad Galahs, many of the Mad Galahs like Kirkman are proven liars who lack credibility.

No person of sound mind could ever read our report about Kirkman and view him in any other way than being an unrepentant liar, wannabe and a scoundrel.

We will relentlessly pursue Kirkman until he has owned up to his lies and apologized to the Captain and crew of HMAS Vendetta and the Veteran community

As a Veteran’s Advocate all that Kirkman puts before DVA, VRB or AAT should be viewed with great suspicion.

Kirkman says he would swear on a stack of bibles that he has not lied.  We all know that he has.

Kirkman is a liar.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Bees
Christian Names: Anthony George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Case Notes:

Anthony George Bees - The case of the hustling Hussar .

From our experience dealing with wannabes of all kinds, we find  they share many behavioural traits. We created a profile that is indicative that a person may be a wannabe. Tony Bees fits many aspects of our wannabe profile because he claims the following

1.  Rank that he never attained.
2.  Bravery awards that he was never awarded.
3.  Service with Special Forces on secret operations.
4.  He is not allowed to discuss his service because of the UK Secrecy provisions
5.  He wears many trinkets when "done up" for ceremonial occasions
6.  He forges and alters documents as required to "prove" his credentials
7.  He is the President of an Ex Service Organisation (this gives credence to his claims)
8.  Exaggerates his civilian occupation
The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars was first raised as Henry Conyngham's Regiment of Dragoons in Ireland in 1693. It saw service for three centuries, including service in Korea in 1950 - 1951. The warriors from this ancient, fierce unit are displeased with  Anthony George Bees who has brought discredit to their illustrious history. The United Kingdom Korean Veterans Association, the Australian Korean Veterans Association and veterans generally are disgusted at the contemptuous behaviour of this ex British soldier who says he served in Korea with The 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars then was a Special Forces hero who was awarded an MM and Bar for his part in quelling the savage Mau Mau uprising in Kenya during the 1950s



Most Australian veterans would look twice or even thrice at Tony Bees rack of medals as worn when the Bribie Island Naval Association Sub Section and the Returned Services League Sub Branch combined to commemorate Korean Forces Day at Bribie Island on Queenslands Sunshine Coast on the 27 July 2006. However nothing seems to have been said, or done.  We stumbled on to Tony Bees photograph whilst working on another matter, subsequently we learnt that a Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch has been wrestling with the Tony Bees issue for more than ten years. See the photo Below:


Bees is wearing on the top row a Military Medal and Bar (MM) (Imperial bravery medals) two British Army Korea medals, a General Service medal and another unrecognised medal. The bottom row consists of United States (US) medals including a Silver Star (bravery medal), Bronze Star, Purple Heart (awarded by US for being wounded in action) and two other medals. A "Bar" worn on a bravery medal means that the medal has been awarded twice. In the Bees photo the "Bar", is the silver horizontal device about a third of the way up the ribbon above the actual medal. It is clearly visible in the photograph and by wearing it Tony  Bees is declaring that he has won the Military Medal for bravery on two occasions.




We urge Ex Service Organisations to take early decisive action against suspected wannabes, those unable to solve a wannabe problem have an open invitation to seek our help - 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Simply send advice to 

We wrote to Tony Bees and requested that he show evidence of having received the various bravery awards. Here is his reply


Original Message -----

From: Tony Bee


Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 9:14 AM

Subject: letter




Mr Bees joined the British regular Army in 1949 and trained as a Assault commando then went into a tank Regiment.


He served in Far East Land Forces in different countries and emergencies also in British Army Of the Rhine.


On the question of Medals in 1999 the then Executive of the Nambour RSL sub branch instigated an investigation on the same subject as you are doing now, and got the same results from the Ministry of defence.


Mr Bees however did get a reply from the war office on this issue,he then gave all the relevant documents to his Arbitrator at that time "RSM Frank Pallet  RAA OAM Retd" (since Deceased) to be passed on at that meeting, The executive were satisfied with this report and placed all the documents relating to this incident into thier (sic) Archives  by the branch Secretary.


Mr Bees does not receive any type of Pension from DVA nor any Benifits (sic) from DVA, that is why he has to do the job he does at his age to survive, He also states as it seems to be a problem for your faceless enquirers,He will never again wear any Medals to any ANZAC parade or reunion .


 Yours sincerely




The email appears to have been written by Anthony Bees himself his email address is The word "sasqual" of course alludes to him being qualified as an Special Air Service (SAS) soldier.


Bees did not know that we had the above photo when he answered our letter and he has failed to address the issue of the Bar to "his" Military Medal  and the United States bravery medals. The only medals mentioned in the RSL meeting referred to in his email  above related to wearing a Military Medal (MM) with no Bar.


We well know that the UK Ministry of Defence will not disclose information about British ex servicemen.  Service Records can be acquired with the consent of the ex soldier but for obvious  reasons  Bees will not give permission.  There are many other avenues to gain information about soldiers from the United Kingdom. This includes Ex Service Associations, and for bravery awards recipients The London Gazette


In his reply, Bees alludes to an investigation at a Queensland RSL where, with the assistance of "RSM Frank Pallett RAA OAM Retd"  (now deceased) he produced "conclusive" evidence to the RSL committee "proving" his credentials as a Special Forces hero who had been awarded a Military Medal.  What was that evidence?


1.  A letter purporting to have been written by Major Lowther, Bart

     "proving" Bees clandestine service in Kenya. (The post nominal

     "Bart" means Baronet).


2.  A Statutory Declaration signed by Bees and witnessed by Frank

     Pallett JP.


At the meeting where the above evidence was presented by Bees the following verbal information was also tendered ;  "Bees informed us that he had been awarded the Military Medal for a brave act in rescuing a farmer's wife and two children hiding under a veranda in Kenya, Africa.  This was during the Mau Mau uprising not Korea as mentioned in this original email." 


The RSL never scrutinised the letter from Major Lowther, Bart, it was only shown to the RSL President, who then wrote a note to the committee.  Here is the Letter written by the then President, and the Statutory Declaration presented to the committee by Bees and Frank Pallett







Here is what Anthony Bees declared on the "scribbly" Statutory Declaration:


"I do hereby declare that I wear the Military Medal Awarded to me by the British Government under circumstances which I am not allowed to disclose with great honour.  My no and rank on discharge 22276149 Tpr Bees.  I am fully aware of the Penalties for making a false statement as I am a Justice of the Peace Queensland"


Our UK Agent advises that there is not now, and never has been a "Major Lowther, Barts" of Special Forces, Thetford, England. The letter seen by the then President is a forgery and Bees is the most logical suspect to be the forger. The Statutory Declaration is false and as Bees has said on the declaration "I am fully aware of the penalties for making a false statement".   Anthony Bees has told lies on a Statutory Declaration to gain benefit and must be prosecuted by the law.



In his reply email, Bees has said:  Mr Bees does not receive any type of Pension from DVA nor any Benifits (sic) from DVA, that is why he has to do the job he does at his age to survive.


We have a short Bees resume, where he describes himself as a "Part time Coroner".

See below



 In this statement he is drawing a very long bow. The Queensland State Coroners office say they have no "Part Time Coroners", in fact Bees works in the morgue of a regional hospital. Claiming to be a "Part Time Coroner" is  akin to a Council Street Sweeper claiming to be "Part time Mayor". In relation to "DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) benefits."  Bees has no entitlement to benefits from DVA, however we believe he is administered by DVA on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, War Disablement Pension organisation and is in receipt of some benefits from that UK office. 

Anthony Bees claims to have been involved in clandestine military operations in Kenya that he is forbidden to speak about because of obligations under the Official Secrets Act of the United Kingdom. As well as the letter from the mysterious " Major Lowther, Barts" other evidence of this "secret work" is shown on his 1993 dated application to join the RSL. On the document signed by Bees on the 12 Oct 1993 - Shown below - Bees says his rank was from "Cpl - Major" and he claims service with the Army and "Other" in Korea, Malaysia and "Other". (Inferring secret service and secret destinations)


In the British Army there is a rank Corporal Major. If Bees was claiming to have been a Corporal Major he would have written "Cpl Major" on the RSL Application and not " Cpl - Major" indicating his rank went from Corporal to Major. A Corporal Major in the British Army is equivalent to a Warrant Officer - a Regimental Corporal Major being equivalent to a Warrant Officer First Class and a Squadron Corporal Major equivalent to a Warrant Officer Second Class. Bees Certificate of Discharge shows him as being a Trooper on discharge after twelve years service, that rank is equivalent to a Private soldier.

The above document shows his discharge date as 21 April 1966. The document he purports is his Certificate of Discharge shows his discharge date as 25 April 1961. The Certificate of Discharge further shows, that although his discharge date was 25 April 1961 it was signed on the 24 March 1961.  There are numerous suspicious  marks on the certificate that indicate it has been altered. See Below:  

We have further documentation from other sources to show Bees was never awarded an MM and Bar.  (For brevity we will not show the complete documents):

The British Commonwealth Ex-Services League, 48 Pall Mall London SWIY 7308 state:

"I have today had confirmation that the MM was not awarded to him for any operation whether covert or otherwise"
"you will wish to know we have checked all London Gazettes for the period from 1952 to 1962 which covers Kenya, Cyprus, Malaya, Suez, Korea, Trucial States, Aden and the Congo and no MM has ever been awarded to anyone called BEES.  These gazette issues include awards to all UK and Commonwealth Forces and locally enlisted forces such as the Aden Levies etc under British Command.  Unless it was awarded prior or after these dates then he is not entitled to wear this decoration" .

Google Search Engine

If you follow the instructions below there you have 90 pages of British Recipients of the Military Medal. Anthony Bees is not among them.
       Google Search    -    Military Medal
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There are numerous British soldiers listed who are shown as having received the award whilst serving with Special Air Service.
The Royal Armoured Corps War Memorial Benevolent Fund C/- Regimental Headquarters, Royal Tank Regiment, Stanley barracks, Bovington UK state:

"I have made enquiries with the Medals Office (Army) and the Military Secretaries branch 16, MOD. Both offices have no record of Mr Bees being awarded the Military Medal (MM)"

UK Ministry of Defence - Army Historical Branch, 3-5 Great Scotland Yard London advise: inter alia

"We have found no records to suggest that Mr Bees was awarded the Military medal"


The London Gazette:

The London Gazette promulgates all honours and awards and officer promotions. Bees is not listed anywhere in the London Gazette as he would have been, if he were awarded an MM or been commissioned as an Officer as shown on his RSL Application.  In addition the mysterious "Maj Lowther, Bart" does not appear anywhere in the London Gazette.

It is well known that persons receiving honours whilst serving with Special Forces, for security reasons may be  listed in the London Gazette under their "home" unit, meaning the unit in which they served before working with Special Forces. This means that even though a medal may have been awarded for work with Special Forces it is still promulgated in the London Gazette against their "home unit".  Bravery Awards for Special Forces personnel are not suppressed for security reasons, especially those supposedly awarded fifty years ago.

We have found no records in the London Gazette to suggest that Mr Bees was awarded the Military Medal in any unit in the United Kingdom.

Bees Korean unit The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars know nothing of his MM and Bar. We received this email through an intermediary.

"I have spoken with the Regimental Secretary of the 8th Kings Irish Hussars.  They have a Bees who served in Korea, as a Corporal with the Recce Troop.  There are no Bees in the list of Honours and awards in connection with Korean Service to anyone of this name.  They have apparently had previous enquiries about him.  This chap obviously needs to be confronted and told that there is no record of him being awarded a Military Medal, and Bar, nor of any American Awards, and asked to produce the evidence.  He seems to be trying to make a name for himself in the Korean Veteran Community, the sooner it is cleared the better for all concerned.



From our United Kingdom ANZMI Agent

"There is no record of Tony Bees being awarded an MM in this campaign.

There was a small involvement by the SAS in Kenya but no MM's awarded.

From info provided Tony Bees is not entitled to wear the MM and definitely did not serve with Special Forces."

The report from the 8th Kings Irish Hussars states that Bees served as a Corporal, yet on his Certificate of Discharge and on his Statutory Declaration he is shown as "Trooper".  Because of the extent of Bees known lies, his reluctance to explain his true service and our inability to view Bees's UK Service file without his permission it is not possible to prove conclusively that Bees is even the same person shown as having served in Korea with the 8th Kings Irish Hussars.

You may also ask why he has shown his rank as Cpl - Major meaning "Corporal to Major" on his RSL Application. If he was a commissioned officer why would he say he was a trooper on his Statutory Declaration.  If he was a soldier of outstanding qualities and abilities who had been awarded two imperial and a US bravery medal and served with Special Forces under very secret conditions, can you imagine him only reaching the rank of "Trooper" after twelve years service. (A Trooper is equal to a Private soldier). Neither his written or verbal tales stands up to scrutiny. 

During this investigation we found no evidence to indicate that Tony Bees earned any of the USA awards that he "sported" on the occasion of the Bribie Island ceremony on the 27 July 2006. They are all fakes. This is the first known occasions that he has worn them, and a Bar to the Military Medal. Tony Bees laid a remembrance wreath at that event on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Korean Veterans Association Inc. On that occasion every genuine veteran attending must have found his rack of medals rather odd, however nothing was done by anybody attending. It is a gross insult to those being remembered to have the wreath laid by a scandalous, unrepentant pretender.

Bees is the President of the Korean Veterans Sunshine Coast Association Incorporated, in Queensland. Was his election to President assisted by his contemptuous acts of medal fraud?  Surely veterans from the Sunshine Coast could have figured out that Bees is a fraud, his array of medals is ludicrous. It has been stated by members of that organization that Bees is known to be a fraud, but "does such a good job as President they let him be" - How could genuine Korean veterans have such notions festering in their brains? Aiding and abetting wannabes and military frauds is equally offensive as the act it self.

Time and technology have caught up with older frauds like Tony Bees, who seem to think that migrating to the Antipodes shields them from scrutiny, however, ANZMI through the miracle of the Internet and their massive cumulative military experience can reach into filing cabinets in most countries of the world.

 Our ANZMI agent resident in the UK has been kept extremely busy these last few years - and looks forward to assisting us in any further investigations.

The act of falsely wearing bravery medals is an offence against the Defence act that carries a fine of $3,300 or imprisonment for six months or both. Despite our continued protestations the Australian Federal Police, State Police and Public Prosecutors continue to insult Australian veterans by ignoring those who offend.  For instance Reginald Bruce Newton (see his entry on our site) is a dishonest unrepentant fraud who continues to mesmerise his sycophants and continues to falsely claim he earned a Military Cross and Bar through acts of Cold War military bravery.  Newton was "outed" in March 2006 and has since been ignored by law enforcement agencies.

We iterate this is an insult to Australian veterans and their mates who paid the supreme sacrifice. We strongly urge action against Bees, Newton and all other offenders who are being deliberately ignored by our law enforcement agencies.
It is notable that many ex service organisations, both British and Australian involved with Bees were quick to assist in exposing Bees as a wannabe. We would hope that all ex service organisations expel Bees for his disgraceful behaviour, because, if  Ex Service Organisations don't take appropriate action, how can we expect the law enforcement agencies to become serious. It behoves Ex Service Organizations to lodge official complaints about wannabes to law enforcement authorities. We can't deport Bees back to the UK but we can at least send him to Coventry.
Tony Bees is a fraud who was confident enough to believe he could fool us Colonials into believing he is a British Korean war, and Kenyan Special Forces hero.  Well Tony Bees as long as we Colonials have breath in our bodies we will pursue and "out" fools like you. We have world wide contacts and we do our work diligently and honourably and will continue to do so until the last wannabe is comprehensively rounded up, roped and branded - as Bees has been. 
We recently received a photograph of Mr Bees miniature medals, a very impressive rack don't you think!

1)    Military Medal & Bar

2)    Korea Medal

3)    Korea United Nations Medal

4)   Africa General Service Medal with Kenya clasp (bronze issued 1952-1956 Mau Mau Rebellion)

5)   General Service Medal with Malaya Bar (UK)

6)   Silver Star (USA Gallantry in Action)

7)   Legion of Merit (USA Exceptionally meritorious conduct)

8)   Purple Heart (USA)

9)   Croix de Guerre (French)

10) Commemorative Medal (trip Australia to Korea -by Korean Government)

11) Korean Service Medal  (USA 1950-1954) Bought one

12) Korean Commemorative Medal 50th Anniversary Medal

13  British National Service Commemorative Medal 1939-1960 (bought one)

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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