Date of Entry: 18/04/2018
Surname: Barlow
Christian Names: Rohan John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Traralgon
City or Town: New South Wales
Service #: 8285760
Service: Army
Branch: Storeman
Commencement of service: 31/01/1995
Completion of service: 28/05/1999
Case Notes:


Rohan John Barlow was born on the 25 May, 1977. Barlow is a military fraud. He has confused being a Fork Lift Driver with a Clearance Diver.

Barlow enlisted in the Australian Army in May, 1995. He was 18 years of age. Following Recruit Training he was posted to the Royal Australian Ordnance Corps, where he qualified as a fork lift driver and storeman.

In January, 1998, he transferred to 2 Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) as a Private Rifleman. After 17 months, he resigned and took his discharge on the 29 May, 1999. His rank on discharge was a private soldier.

During the 4 years Barlow served in the Australian Army, he had no overseas deployments. He served his entire enlistment period in Australia. He has no awards.

Rohan Barlow

Following Barlow’s discharge, he has fabricated his military service on numerous occasions, to impress ladies and others to gain favour and other benefits, including board and lodgings.

ANZMI have received signed statements of fact, indicating the stories that Barlow has told to others, that are just outright lies.

His statements include -;

1. He was a Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver, from 1995 to 1999, and as a Trainee, was best in his class.
2. He then served in the Australian Army Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) for a period of 8 years.
3. He fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and had to kill people.
4. He struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) “due to his SASR service with what he was made to do.”
5. He was not allowed to drink alcohol for 7 days prior to his SASR ops.
6. He faced real action in SASR.
7. He worked in small covert teams in SASR, but did not want to talk about it.
8. He jumped out of planes higher than 15000 feet.
9. He stated that his PTSD is so severe, that he could never dive again, and that he gets anxious just looking at the ocean.

Barlow is an aggressive and arrogant military fraud. When questioned by others about his alleged SASR military service, he claims, like all other SASR imposters who appear on this site, that he cannot talk of his experiences, due to his severe PTSD.

He then ascertains telephone numbers of those who question his service and he leaves grossly indecent and defamatory remarks on answering services and in text messages..

We have advised our informants that the intervention of police action is absolutely necessary to prevent the continuation of this illegal behaviour by Barlow.

Barlow is a liar who, over the years, has duped a lot of people. He will no doubt surface again.

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