Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Pidgeon
Christian Names: Stuart
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Lakes Entrance
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Stuart Pidgeon is an employee of the Lakes Entrance RSL located in country Victoria. His application to join the RSL shows service in the Royal Australian Navy from 17 Oct 78 to 13 Oct 86


On ANZAC Day 2006 at the Lakes Entrance R & SL PIDGEON was seen wearing the submariners badge of the diving dolphins and two non-issue medals (see photo). To the uneducated civilian, he appeared to belong to that elite hand-picked special breed of the submarine service, these personnel are on a par with Army Special Forces because of the nature of their duties.  Sure PIDGEON served with the Australian Navy, but not as a "FishHead" - he was just your everyday sailor who should be satisfied with his eight years service.

ANZMI holds documents from Navy Records in Canberra and a Statutory Declaration giving evidence PIDGEON stated he was  undergoing submarine training in England which was cut short when the "Falklands issue" arose.  Other records indicate he was posted to HMAS Platypus for a short period but never undertook any submarine training.

Throughout this entire website there is mention of offences against the "Defence Act" and the increased penalties introduced to combat the fraudulent wearing of medals and service issued accoutrements - here we see a paid employee of the RSL blatantly thumbing his nose at the most senior ex-services establishment.  When will this organization act in the appropriate manner to exhibit authority?  It is worth mentioning that this matter was reported to ANZAC House in Melbourne some time ago - their inaction has put the flames under our fervour to "out" this flagrant wannabe, and expose the mandarins in power as the toothless tigers they really are.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Hale
Christian Names: Robin Hale
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:

Robin Alan Hale, born St Albans Hertfordshire United Kingdom 2 February 1946

It's not often we have such a powerful photo to comprehensively exhibit a wannabe. Here is Robin Alan Hale of Melbourne, aka Count Robin Graf Von Halle in all his glory.  An ex member of The Legion of Frontiersmen.  Hale is a true wannabe,  he never went anywhere and never experienced operational service., however, if you look at this geek with all of his paraphernalia in place you would think he was a "hot shot" General who has done it all.



Considering his  list of occupations,  we decided to keep it simple and provide irrefutable evidence that he wears defence medals that he is not entitled to. We have no concern about what the Legion of Frontiersmen wear to their meetings as long as they do not fraudulently wear Australian or other nation's defence medals. We know  the current executive of The Legion of Frontiersmen Australian Division require that their members comply with Honours and Awards protocol.  Some anecdotes relating to his Frontiersman's activities have been included along with irrefutable facts.

What Robin says -  Policeman in Sarawak - 1960s

 At age 19 years Robin was a "policeman" in the British Sarawak Police Force, where he was Mentioned in Despatches MID for his police work during Confrontation with Indonesia. If you look really hard, you can see his General Service Medal complete with Oak Leaf (second medal from the left) for this campaign, alongside that medal, on the right, he wears another for his service in Sarawak, we believe this is the Pingat Khidmet Berbakti  (PKB) that was issued to British Commonwealth personnel who were seconded to Malaysian forces. 



What is the truth - Police Service in British Sarawak 1960s 

Hale's claim of serving as a nineteen year old policeman in Sarawak during the years of Confrontation with Indonesia, and his award of the  imperial General Service Medal (GSM) with a Mentioned in Dispatches Oak Leaf ( MID), in addition to the Pingat Khidmet Berbakti is just plain fraud.  Hale is an imposter, a fraud and a liar, he was not in Malaysia or anywhere else overseas in the mid 1960s.   Hale has been accepted as a member of the Victorian Branch of the Malaya Borneo Veterans Association Australia, (MBVAA) another instance of an Ex Services Organisation bereft of due diligence when vetting applications for membership.    Hale was able to use his membership to this association as further false evidence that he is a "genuine veteran".   On the 3rd march 1964  aged eighteen years and one month Hale enlisted in the Australian Citizens Military Forces, at 33 Company,  Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC) in Melbourne.  At the time of enlistment he wrote on a Personal Data Sheet that he was in the third year of a four year hairdressers apprenticeship, therefore, we know what he  was doing from 1961 to his enlistment date.  Following his enlistment in  March 1964, all of his time is accounted for well beyond the time frame when he could have been awarded  a GSM  for service in Sarawak.   He was never there.  Below is a crop from his Personal Data Sheet completed in 1964, and a sheet from his record of service that accounts for his time from 1964 until 1968.


What Robin Hale says -  Served in South  Vietnam

Hale claims to have served in South Vietnam as an Army Reserve Officer selected for a short term tour in South Vietnam.

What is the truth about Hale's Service in South Vietnam

Army Reserve Officers involved in short term trips to South Vietnam subsequently became eligible for the Vietnam Logistics and Support Medal (VLSM), but (completely out of character) Hale claimed he did not apply for the medal because he had too many bad memories about his time in South Vietnam . In addition the cad claims to have fathered a daughter whilst in country, but had lost contact with her since the communists took control.  In relating this story Hale has been seen shedding tears of sorrow.  What a lot of codswallop, this blokes deceit has no boundaries.  He never set foot in South Vietnam during that war, any conception that took place would have been truly immaculate.

What Robin says -  Freedom fighter in Afghanistan - 1979

In 1979 Robin Hale "slipped" off to Afghanistan on a covert mission to work with the  Mujahideen  freedom fighters and joined in their war against the Soviet Union.  Hale parachuted  into the province of Badakhshan on a clandestine intelligence gathering mission and earned the title of Sadar of Badakhshan. (Sadar is a Hindu word that  means Chief, therefore we have "Chief of Badakhshan") For this service Hale was given an honorary commission in the Afghanistan Army and awarded an important Afghanistan  medal supposedly called  "The Crown of Ammanullah".  The medal is the one with the dark ribbon, (it is actually a deep emerald colour)  first in line on his left hand side next to the Malaysian GSM.  Hale and some of his friends have a photograph of himself and a co-conspirator, bearded, wearing rugged knee boots,  heavy sweaters and beanies, Hale claims it was taken during his "mission" into Afghanistan.

What is the truth about his military service with the Mujahideen  in Afghanistan in the 1979

The citation and the commission were coordinated by a UK Frontiersman known as (don't ask why) the late  "His Serene Highness Prince Jamie Craik of Assington" who at the time was secretary to His Royal Highness the King of Jordan whilst  HRH was in the UK.  HRH the King of Jordan is the nephew of the old King of Afghanistan - Zahir Shah.   The "covert raid" is no more than a despicable conspiracy hatched up and facilitated by the late  "His Serene Highness Prince Jamie Craik of Assington" , Hale and others to raise themselves  to hero status and to be able to fraudulently wear another medal.  The old King of Afghanistan - Zahir Shah  was living in Browns Hotel in London at the time.  Craik was working for the old kings nephew, HRH the King of Jordan and was able to get his hands on all kinds of blank documents  The fake commission is known to have been signed with the name "Hussein", but people who have seen it believe it is a forgery signed by Hale himself  - don't  know what they do to people in Jordan who forge the Kings signature - you probably would lose an appendage or two.     Hale, a medal dealer, designed, commissioned and borrowed the money to manufacture  the "The Crown of Ammanullah" for himself and others. Some other Australians who also received "The Crown of Ammanullah"  for make believe service in Afghanistan, chose not to wear it.

Hale was never in Afghanistan during 1979 the photo of himself and another supposedly taken in Afghanistan whilst on the "mission" was taken in a co-conspirators back yard in the leafy suburb of Eltham in  Melbourne.  

 We have an interesting explanation of how genuine Afghanistan awards were made during this time from an international expert on Afghanistan affairs.

It is known that the exiled Zahir Shah instituted and widely awarded a couple of decorations while he was enjoying his exile in London and Rome during the republic and socialist period. These were -- as this example suggests -- not "normal" Afghan awards and were entirely newly invented "dynasty-in-exile" awards (and he may still be awarding them even after his return to Afghanistan). While they were usually awarded for financial contributions that were nominally in support of the résistance, it has never been proved that the funds ever reached them  How one views these unofficial "dynastic" awards that one could earn simply if their cheque didn't bounce may raise touchy issues with some.

It seems that whilst the old king was selling his medals, so was his nephew's secretary the late "His Serene Highness Jamie Craik of Assington".

What Robin says - Awarded a Reserve Forces Decoration (RFD)

Robin wears a Reserve Forces Decoration, awarded to him for fifteen years of efficient service as an officer in the part time ranks of the Australian Army Reserve. This medal allows the use of the post nominal, "RFD".

What is the truth about the Reserve Forces Decoration (RFD) and Sword of Honour

Hale joined the CMF in March 1964. He attended an officer qualifying course from 4 February 1969 until Dec 1970, when he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.  To be eligible for the Reserve Forces Decoration he would have to serve efficiently, until at least the 4 February  1990. We believe Hale resigned his commission well before February 1990 and has no entitlement to the RFD.   In relation to the officer qualifying course attended by Hale in 1969/1970, he claims to have won the Sword of Honour for achieving first place on the course. Dream on Robin.

What Robin says - Queen Elizabeth 2nd Coronation Medal

In 1953, Robin, a seven year old Cub Scout was selected as a car door opener for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during her coronation ceremonies. For this service Hale was awarded a coronation medal which he has proudly worn on his Army Reserve Officers uniform.

What is the truth about the Coronation Medal

In March 1980 Hale is reported as wearing the Coronation Medal together with his only legitimate medal, the Australian National Medal  and the fake Afghanistan medal.(He may also have a  claim to the  recently issued Australian  Defence Medal (ADM)). At this point in time we will leave you to decide whether HRH really gave Robin Hale this medal or is it just another example of Hale's deceit.  In due course we will receive official word from the UK National Archives, and then update this entry.

What Robin says -  A Count, a General, a Knight

Robin Hale  wears  the military rank of General. When in his regalia he also wears lots of  medals, badges and baubles to show that he is a Knight Templar.  For Robin Hale playing a Knight and General is chicken feed, because he  hails  from German aristocratic stock, on occasion he becomes Robin Von Graf Halle (which means Robin Prince Count Halle).  People have suggested that he is well described when called a Count, and we agree.  Despite his claimed  aristocratic German lineage he was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on the 2 Feb 1946. We bet his family were not broadcasting their so called German lineage in the United Kingdom at that time in History.

Another of Hale's Mates - "Bonny Prince Michael"

Mick Lafosse born in Belgium and living in Scotland decided he was heir to the Royal Stuart family of Scotland and became "HRH Prince Michael of Albany" he was also a good mate of Robin Hale. Lafosse created  lots of royal baubles like Lorraine and Templar crosses and Knights things - for sale of course -  and we are reliably advised that Hale got some of his badges and dangling things from the "Bonny  Prince".  Where is the prince now?  He was thoroughly discredited as a fraud, the last we heard was that in 2004 he was running as an independent in an election in the Czech Republic - and still claiming to be a royal prince.



There are none lower than Robin Alan Hale.  He was an Australian Army Commissioned Officer, a position that commands respect from Australian soldiers and the community in general. By wearing fake medals Hale has brought disgrace upon himself and lowers the traditional high standards practised by Australian Army Reserve Officers.

Hale is a worthless bag of wind, so full of lies and deceit that he probably believes his own rhetoric.  He steals the honour of genuine veterans whilst flouncing around in a clown suit wearing high rank, covered in baubles, badges, and medals to which he is not entitled . We are also reliably advised that this cretin even wears counterfeit Legion of Frontiersmen medals.    We are confident that the Australian Division of Frontiersmen will be equally disgusted at the disclosure of the antics of this ex Frontiersman, they, like us,  do not tolerate members fraudulently  pretending to be Australian veterans with honourable operational service.

Hale steals the honour of genuine veterans.

Hale has  committed serious offences against the Defence Act 1903, namely section 80A, Falsely representing to be a returned servicemen and section 80B, Improper Use of Service Decorations.  Each one of these offences carries a penalty of a fine of $3300.00 and/or 6 months imprisonment.

This legislation is a toothless tiger that was set up by politicians to influence the veteran vote.  Politicians, the Department of Public Prosecutions, the Federal Police and State Police will not pursue offenders under this legislation - Veterans are disgusted with this inaction  and demand prosecution of offenders without fear or favour.

This failed Army Reserve officer has offended veterans everywhere.  He is a disgrace to his peers, he should be marked as being not welcome in every ex service establishment in the British Commonwealth. We are reliably advised  the Victorian Branch of the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association Australia  (NMBVAA) have sent Hale on his way. 

    Ex service organisations who through lack of care allow wannabes into their organisations legitimise imposters by giving credence to their lies.   It has been shown over and over again that when wannabes get into ex service organisation  they bring in their mates and jeopardise the integrity of the veteran community.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Stupar
Christian Names: Frank John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Phillip Island
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Frank John STUPAR was born at Trieste, Italy, on 4 April 1940. 
He enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy on 28 April 1958, was given service number R54305, and trained at HMAS Cerberus.  His service included postings on several Destroyers, a Frigate and a Mine Sweeper  He carried out active service in Malaya/Borneo on two occasions but never in Vietnam or it's waters.


He was discharged from the service at HMAS Harman, Canberra, on 27 April 1967 after nine years service.  At the time of his discharge, Stupar held the rank of Able Seaman and from his service, was eligible for the following medals: 

Naval General Service Medal 1915 - 1962;    Eligibility not clearly established.
General Service Medal 1962;  and, in 1997 became eligible for the Australian Active Service Medal (1945-75) for his Malayan Peninsular/Borneo service and the Australian Defence Medal, in 2006.

On the eve of Anzac Day 2006, Stupar attended a semi formal dinner with a number of RAN Veterans and introduced himself as an "ex-RAN Vietnam Veteran".  No medals were worn at the dinner by any of the attendees.

During the course of the evening, Stupar regaled those present with a number of stories that were so outrageous, they were unbelievable.  Stupar must be a real dill to think he could pull the wool over the eyes of some of these crusty old salts whose service entitled most of them to be classified as 'lifers'.

He stated that he was on a patrol boat that sailed up the Mekong Delta and emphasised that it was a secret mission that had never been disclosed.  ("Top Secret" is a common wannabe phrase that is used to circumvent any questions about their fantasy stories.) 

He also stated that he was a survivor of the HMAS VOYAGER tragedy, when the Voyager was cut in half and sunk by the HMAS Melbourne off Jervis Bay during exercises on 10 February 1964, with the tragic loss of 82 lives.  Sure Frank - nobody would think to check.  Especially when, by spouting his big-noting fantasies this wannabe steals the honour of those who perished and denigrates the many survivors who have battled since 1964 to come to terms with the tragedy.  The survivors suffered the trauma of the accident, their rescue at night and the further trauma of having to endure two Royal Commissions which failed to make any findings that would enable them to get on with their lives and careers.   

Stupar's stories were so far fetched that after the dinner, several of the group checked the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll and the Ships Crew list of HMAS VOYAGER at the time of the collision in 1964.  Stupar did not appear on either list.

On Anzac Day at Yarrawonga, which is situated west of Albury on the Murray River, there are two marches.  The first is at Mulwala on the north bank of the river, the second is at Yarrawonga on the south bank of the river.

Stupar marched in the first march at Mulwala and was photographed by a reporter from the local paper, the Yarrawonga Chronicle.  He is second from the left in the photograph, wearing a substantial rack of medals, sticking out his chest with pride, or is it arroganceafter having told the reporter that he was a Petty Officer. He was discharged an Able Seaman.


Stupar is shown wearing the following medals:

General Service Medal 1962......................qualified by 2nd tour of duty Borneo/Malay Peninsular

 Australian Service Medal qualification - Stupar served 29 days during his 1st trip to Malaysian waters.  This medal requires 30 days service.

Naval General Service Medal.....................No qualification - requires 180 days service, not 29

Australian Active Service Medal................ qualified - awarded GSM 1962.

Vietnam qualification

Vietnam Campaign qualification

 Luckily for him, Stupar had shot through before his dinner companions marched in the second march at Yarrawonga.  After his lies of the previous evening, and the associated lack of respect shown to the victims and survivors of the crew of the HMAS Voyager by his stories of being one of them, he would have had to face a 'jury of his peers', who now have no respect for him. 
They would have had more anger and even less respect for him if they had seen him marching at the Anzac Day march wearing medals from the Vietnam War that he has no entitlement to wear.   

How low can you go Frank?  Wearing medals that were not awarded, falsely claiming war service, and publicly posing amongst genuine Veterans on the most sacred of days in any proud Veterans calendar.  You are a pathetic little man. 
When the RAN Veterans returned to their various homes after the reunion and march at Yarrawonga, ANZMI was contacted and advised of Stupar's stupidity and an investigation was carried out by our researchers. 
Our research is supported by statutory declarations, copies of official documents obtained from the National Archives of Australia, and cross referenced against numerous government and ex-service organisation web sites, the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll, HMAS Voyager Crew Lists, books about the Voyager disaster and transcripts of the two Royal Commissions into the sinking of HMAS Voyager.

As is our standard operating procedure prior to publishing the results of our research, Frank Stupar was contacted by ANZMI and asked to provide evidence to support his claims of 'top secret' missions during the Vietnam War.
As is common when we ask questions of wannabes, that seemingly have no answers, we have received no contact whatsoever from Stupar.  He has failed to face up to his shortcomings.   

We at ANZMI sincerely hope he will be sufficiently embarrassed by this exposure of his bogus medal displays and 'Hollywood' style yarns and  will refrain from repeating his Anzac Day 2006 performance.  We urge him to be satisfied with his achievements, the service he has given to his country, and wear with pride the medals he has been awarded for that service. 

 Phillip Island RSL (sub-branch) might wish to check on exactly what Naval service Stupar noted on his application form.

 Information on the HMAS VOYAGER tragedy can easily be found on the internet.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: DiTullio
Christian Names: Alfonso
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Cockburn
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:

Alfonso DiTullio

A man who served  with the Army Reserve and claimed to have served in Namibia and Rwanda with the Royal Australian Regiment, Infantry. He also claimed to be the only member alive from his squad/platoon as the rest had committed suicide. Another disgraced RSL executive officer. How many more are out there?  There are quite a few, another RSL President poseur will appear on this page soon. As we wrote some time ago, the RSL is a breeding ground for wannabes and here's further proof.


This is one of the rare "good news, bad news" stories we get to present now and again.  The good news is that members of an RSL actually had the courage to front one of their number before a committee and charge him with impersonation of a Soldier who had seen Active Service and also medals fraud before ANZMI got involved.We applaud these members.



Alfonso DiTullio was the President of the Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch and the bad news is about the hurt and damage he has perpetrated on those who regarded him as a friend.  He has been dismissed from the RSL, his name removed from the honour board, and a formal report on proceedings sent to the Western Australia RSL State HQ.

On 4 January this year we received a report about DiTullio, outlining suspicions that he had never served overseas with UN missions as he had claimed for around 10 years in Cockburn.

This report and a follow up are presented verbatim below, ANZMI comments and notes in blue.  Only the person's name and that of DiTullio's brothers and their units were removed.

4 January 2007

I have another possible candidate who may cause me personal embarrassment if my suspicions are proved right. I refer to the current President of the City of Cockburn RSL - Alf Di Tullio, who claims service in Namibia and Rwanda as an RAR member.Without saying what set off my suspicions, I will lay out what I know.

I first met Alf in the mid 1990's when he joined the Sub Branch.  (DiTullio was the sub-branch president from February 2006 without having served on the committee in other positions prior to this)

He told of being in the Army but had retired a couple of years ago. He did tell what I thought were tall stories then, but I wrote them off as ANZAC Day tales.

At that time he did say he had been a Sergant, but had been busted back to corporal for what was an assault on a fellow soldier who he had caught sleeping with his wife.

His mother (who he still lives with) tells other members that he has never been married, also she has told a different member that he was only a reservist and never in the full time Army.

About two years ago, by which time we were good friends, he found out that I was going on a business trip to Sydney. Prior to me going he asked if I would go to Christies in Sydney and pick up an AASM and ASM for him, as his were in a bank vault and difficult to get out.   (Australian Active Service Medal & Australian Service Medal)

He had never worn medals before! Anyway, I agreed and asked him what bar he needed. He stated "Namibia" for both as he had been there for the UNTAG (United Nations Transition Assistance Group) deployment.

Looking at the Australian Peacekeepers web site and other related web sites they only mention that Australian Army Engineers went to Namibia, no mention of RAR  (Infantry) soldiers that I can find. Further, the original medal awarded was the ASM, but I recall reading somewhere that this was replaced with the AASM, providing you returned your initially issued ASM. I guess that this would also apply to the change in Rwanda's status?  They were also issued the UNTAG medal, which he doesn't have. I also note that the Rwanda vets were issued the UNMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda) medal, also something he doesn't have!

As my suspicions were aroused by last weekend, I casually mentioned that there was another medal for Rwanda. The reply I got was "oh yeah which one?" When I mentioned that it was a UN medal he launched into a tirade that he didn't want it, that he had written to the UN about their performance in Bosnia etc,etc,etc. He then added that he had refused his Namibia one also.

Call me dumb and I am happy to stand corrected, but how do you refuse a medal that Honours and Awards either posts to your home address, or your personnel section for presentation by your CO? If you don't want to wear a particular medal, you simply don't wear it! Understanding that the medal entitlements to both deployments have changed, he still is not wearing the correct Bars or in view of the Rwanda change the correct medal. The lack of knowledge regarding UN medals disturbs me also. It's something that guys who do something worthy of note are generally particular about.

About a year or so ago he started talking about the PTSD caused by his Rwanda service. He has discussed this subject in depth with a couple of Vietnam Vets who have taken him at his word and no doubt shared their experiences. I did discuss the subject of DVA with him a while ago, but he said that he had applied and been refused 11 times. When I suggested that he use the Sub Branch welfare officer (one of the two VV"s  (Vietnam Vets) he had discussed the issue with) he said that he would give this person in Victoria one more chance.

Surprisingly he was suddenly in receipt of a DVA benefit. My wife who is also very friendly with him asked him how much he was getting, lo and behold it was the same amout exactly that I receive from DVA (60%), information that I had shared with him sometime before as I had received an increase in % of my disability. On the weekend another member tells me that he told them he only receives $11- a fortnight from DVA.

When pressed to relate why he suffers from PTSD the answer you get (after a few beers) is that it has something to do with him witnessing a child being shot in Rwanda and him then attacking the shooter. Recently one of our VV sufferers let slip to me that his PTSD was caused by something to do with a child being shot! He didn't give me the full story nor would I ever wish press him on the subject!

He (DiTullo) also states that he is the only member of his platoon/squad left alive, as the rest have committed suicide. When pressed about his supposed wife and child, they are somewhere in America. Sounds all very convienent!

This ANZAC day when I quipped to him something about him only being a sargent he responded with the correction "staff sargent". He has suddenly promoted himself again. Neither my wife or any one else has heard him use this rank before.

On Sunday when we were discussing UN missions and medals he let slip that he was envious of his older brother XXXXX, who is a currently serving WO1 posted to  XXXXXX . (I checked the defence telephone book! (brother) is listed as the WSM of the  XXXXX.)  (brother) according to Alf has served in the de-mining operation in XXXXXX and was promoted rapidly to SSM of what he called XXXXXX. He has also stated that he had another brother in the Army, but I cannot find a listing, so can only assume that he has retired. This made me think as he told one of the VV's that he had only left the Army in 1999 (wonder if it's his brother who left?), when he told me that he was already out of the Army in the mid 1990's.

Anyway I can go on for hours relating stories he has told of working with USMC personnel at Paris Island, Fort this or that, etc,etc,etc………….. As well as loads of "adventures" here in Australia. But basically it's appearing that his inconsistant stories are catching up with him as the members of the Sub Branch are all starting to talk amongst themselves.

I would request that you guys have a look at him, and if he is genuine I can head off any embarrassment by being able to assure the members that he is the genuine article. However if he isn't, he needs to get what's coming!

To the best of my knowledge his service No is 514026, however please remember that he has two other brothers who appear to be the real deal, his correct name is Alfonso Di Tullio

Thanks for you time in all this and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future……


19 January 2007

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago regarding our President - Alf DiTullio - claims to Active service on UN missions. Since then I have dug further and we were able to front this impostor up to the committee where he has admitted his guilt. He has summarily been dismissed from the RSL with formal correspondence going to State Headquarters seeking official action against him. (What State HQ has to say on this matter will be interesting)

His (DiTullio's) only service was as a member of 13 FD supply company Karrakatta ARES 1989-1993. His correct service No is 5104410. I uncovered this information on "" where he has his own entry under NorthLake Senior High School class of 1985. In other words he shopped himself.

Many of the veterans of our Sub Branch feel much more should be done to him, at the least his actions should be publically ridiculed. I have attached two photo's showing him wearing the AASM and ASM, medals he is not entitled to. (He's the Italian looking person) (see photos below)

When he appeared before the RSL committee he was asked " have you ever had overseas service on behalf of Australia or any other military force?". He answered no.

This guy has pedalled his bullshit on us for 8 years and I have watched him fake a PTSD attack in order to gain sympathy and attention from genuine veterans. We have removed his name from the Sub Branch Honour board as we feel he was fraudulently elected - on the grounds that our mainly WW2 membership believed him to be a genuine veteran. God knows how long the hurt and anger will take to settle. I have also communicated with the APPV Assn and their national President and secretary are aware of this fraud.

Thanks for your time in this sorry business, here's hoping you can give him his just "fame" on your web site. If you require any further info please don't hesitate to call.


We communicated with this gentleman and some of what we learnt is included in our comments above, some other distressing things we learnt about his behaviour cannot be included.

It's understood that DiTullio will have to attend a State RSL tribunal on the 21st February 2007 to explain himself and we'll publish any results when known. If the matter is swept under the carpet, we'll publish any findings on this as well.


Remembrance Day 2006.  DiTullio in the centre with microphone.

The medals are not easily identified in the photo. We have a duly witnessed statement as to the wearer being DiTullio and the medals being the Australian Active Service Medal 1915-75 and Australian SService Medal 1945-75, both with clasps Namibia.

The third medal on his left would be the new Australian Defence Medal issued by the Government to recognise Service in the Defence Forces.

We also thank the National President and Secretary of the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association. Their invaluable information on how UN medals are issued enabled an RSL member to trip him up much faster.

Alfonso DiTULLIO by your own admission of pretending to be a serviceman who has been on Active Service and wearing of medals that you are not entitled to, you have disgraced yourself and brought embarrassment on your family, close friends, the members of the Cockburn RSL. 

You have also committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 which is a matter for the Australian Federal Police to investigate should they have the resources to do so, as that is the excuse they use for not defending the honour of genuine Australian serving and ex-servicemen and women.

23 Aug 2007  

One time Cockburn RSL Sub Branch President, Alf DiTullio, was exposed as a fake "war veteran" by members of his Sub Branch in February 2007.   He appeared on the front page of the Community Newspaper "Cockburn Gazette" and the ANZMI website shortly afterwards.

Following his exposure, both the WA State and National Executives of the R&SL have confirmed that DiTullio is now permanently banned from membership of any R&SL branch in Australia.    DiTullio did not appeal the decision.

A further article about DiTullio's banning has been published in the "Cockburn Gazette" by reporter Mark McCrory.

Read the front page article below

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Waugh
Christian Names: Peter Ross
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Taree
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Peter "Muddy" Waugh

Below are the documents that got Peter "Muddy" Waugh into "hot water" with just about everybody in the veteran community, especially the 8th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association and the Royal Australian Engineer's, "Tunnel Rats" Association. 


Muddy claims in his "story" that, he;

Spent lots of time in choppers.

Spent lots of time in the bush

Remembers too many contacts

Was 300 metres down a tunnel when his light went out

Still trembles when the lights go out.

Set off a trip wire and was wounded in action with a "gut full of scrap"

We are reliably advised that at a recent Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder course Waugh related to others on the course that:

He served Fourteen months in South Vietnam.

Was an M60 Machine Gunner for Six months

Was a Forward Scout.

Was a "Tunnel Rat"

Stepped on a 500lb bomb booby trap and lived to tell the tale.

Another veteran told us that Waugh had told him:

"He'd been down tunnels and was blind in one eye from shrapnel, he also stated that he had served in D Company of the 8th Battalion"

Another good one is; 

"He said he was awarded a Military Medal whilst serving with 8RAR, when asked for details about this he said, sorry I don't like to talk about it"

Waugh recently went on a "return to Vietnam" tour with the Taree VVA. In a hotel in Saigon in June 2007 he again claimed to a group of veterans that  "He had gone down tunnels".

There are too many lies listed to refute one by one, so let's just be kind and say that most of Waugh's utterings are "fantasy". Waugh said in his Taree VVA article. "Brief recollections of most which according to my Psych (sic) I have buried somewhere in my head"  These recollections are not buried, they are just not there - never having happened. We hope that Waugh hasn't told his "Psych" all of these stories in his bid to gain the benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, that he currently enjoys, because that would be fraud.

We have acquired Waugh's service file from the National Australia Archives through Freedom of Information Legislation. His service was typical of many thousands of National Servicemen from the Vietnam era.         

He was enlisted into the Army as a National Serviceman on the  1 Oct 1969.   After recruit and further training he was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and posted to the 1st Army Reinforcement Unit (1ARU) in Vietnam on the 15th Jul 1970, where he stayed until 13th August 1970. He was then posted to 8th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (8 RAR) on the 14th August 1970, where he remained until the 4th October 1970 - a total of fifty two days with the Battalion.  He then returned to 1 ARU where he spent half of his time on Field Punishment and in Detention. On 14th January 1971 he was posted to 1st Australian Logistic Support Group (1ALSG) until his return to Australia on 8 July 1971.

What were his duties at each unit?

1st Australian Reinforcement Unit (1 ARU) at Nui Dat. Infantry reinforcements from Australia were posted to 1 ARU.  Waugh spent about a month doing assimilation and training in preparation for posting to 8th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

8th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.  He was with 8th Battalion for only fifty two days. During this time, he worked with both C Company and Administration Company. We are reliably advised that most of his time with the Battalion was spent running the Company Bar and he also painted the bar with the Ettamogah Pub motif (as shown in the Taree booklet). 

1ARU.  Ordinarily  he would have been reallocated to the incoming Battalion, however, 8RAR was not replaced so he spent one hundred days at 1 ARU of which Forty Nine were spent under punishment.

HQ 1ALSG. He did not return to a Battalion but was posted to HQ 1ALSG Located at Vung Tau, it was the Logistic Support Headquarters for Australian Forces in Vietnam.

Apart from his forty nine days of field punishment and detention, Waugh served honourably and usefully in Vietnam and should be enjoying the honest company of his good friends, however he has been deserted because those who served with him know that he has lied about his service.

Following the story in The Manning River Times, numerous protests were lodged to the newspaper, resulting in a meeting between the Editor, aggrieved veterans and members of the Taree VVA

The meeting resolved nothing, Taree VVA executives strongly defending Waugh.

The President of the Taree VVA, Mr Richard A Albert , who is a genuine Vietnam veteran, claims to have been unable to detect that Waugh was lying  and followed up the meeting by placing the following rebuttal in the local newspaper, we suggest he had help from their well known legal adviser.

An Infantry veteran sent a letter to the Editor of The Manning River Times in response to Richard Albert's rebuttal, below is what he said.

The 8 RAR Association were not amused about Waugh's version of his service history with 8 RAR in Vietnam and wrote him the letter shown below:

Waugh had no need to exaggerate his war service and it seems that until he joined the nefarious Taree VVA he was never in trouble.  We don't know why Muddy developed the need to lie about his Vietnam service, there could be many reasons, among which is the creation of "stories" to convince his "Psych" and The Department of Veterans Affairs that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Who knows?

Waugh may not have been brought to account for his damn lies, had he ceased telling them and apologised at an early stage and got on with life, however, he insists that everything he has said are "true blue" war stories.

Although Waugh is a genuine veteran who spent a year in Vietnam his recollection of his personal history in Vietnam, which he freely published, are just damn lies. Veterans who did the hard yards with 8RAR and other combat units, especially those who served as Tunnel Rats will not allow veteran wannabes like Waugh to get away with deceitful self aggrandisement.


Did not spend lots of time in choppers.

Did not spend lots of time in the bush .

Cannot remember too many contacts, because he was not involved.

Was never 300 metres down a tunnel when his light went out.

Is lying when he says he trembles when the lights go out (In relation to going down tunnels.)

Did not set off a trip wire and was wounded in action with a "gut full of scrap".

Never served fourteen months in South Vietnam.

Was not an M60 Machine Gunner for Six months

Was not a Forward Scout.

Was not a "Tunnel Rat".

Never stepped on a 500lb bomb booby trap and lived to tell the tale.

Was not blinded in one eye from shrapnel.

Was never awarded a Military Medal whilst serving with 8RAR.

Waugh published and has stated false recollections for the purpose of self adulation and perhaps to support claims for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

 At ANZMI it is part of our charter to make sure that personal histories are honest and respectful of their fellow veterans and the units they served in.

Footnotes - Warning 1: Veterans who have told lies to gain the Special Rate of compensation (TPI) and DVA investigate them, could finish up in court, just as other wannabes have.  The maximum penalty for this criminal act includes gaol.  Even if it is a lessor penalty, the veteran will be convicted of a crime and that means a permanent criminal record.  Who wants one of these?  This should ring alarm bells for those who have already obtained DVA benefits via  false reports and sound a warning to those who are contemplating such actions.  Who could face their families after being convicted in court on criminal charges that would reveal the lies the families heard and believed over the years? Imagine the shame.

Warning 2.   Again the Taree Vietnam Veterans Association has come under scrutiny because of dishonesty by a member. There are people involved with that organisation who are proven frauds and liars. We would suggest to honest veterans that in the interest of retaining their integrity they avoid involvement in the Taree VVA.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Stocks
Christian Names: Sydney Nelson
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Burnett
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:


Stocks is well known in the South Burnett region of Queensland as a heroic World War 2 bomber pilot but being exposed as a wannabe on more than one occasion has not stopped him continuing the charade

He is a 90-year-old author  who is well in command of his faculties, so the fiction that he has been spreading for decades about his WW2 exploits cannot be blamed on his age.


In a Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper report in 1992  by Jason Gagliardi, there is a photo of Sydney Stocks and a woman whom he had "rescued from a  Japanese POW camp in IndonesiaJuly 1945".

The article reports that in July 1945 Stocks landed his Beaufort bomber next to a Japanese prison camp in Banjuwangi Indonesia and amid chaos and bullets rescued Nicoline Van Den Hurk,  he snatched  her up, together with maps  documents and photographsand took her to Darwin.  The lady was sent back to Holland and the documents he gathered were found to be important to the war effort. For this escapade he was demoted and charged by the RAAF but subsequently awarded the Dutch War Commemorative Cross of Honour by Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands.

As a lead up to ANZAC Day, on 24 April 2004 Sydney Stocks gave an interview to Glenis Green of the Brisbane Courier Mail . It is a long interview that disclosed many more facets of Syd's "heroic" RAAF service. We have been unable to locate a copy of the actual newspaper report however we present a transcript of the report below.   

Flight to freedom

The exploits of Sydney Nelson Stocks , a distinguished bomber pilot and one of the few to escape from Changi, are a stirring story of courage and grit. Glenis Green reports

WHEN South Burnett war veteran  went into hospital for major intestinal surgery last month, the last thing his doctors expected to see on his X-rays was a bullet lodged near his spine.

Even as astounded medical staff at Kingaroy's community hospital looked at the amazing discovery on film, Stocks was being his usual chipper self.

After carrying the 307 snub-nosed bullet around for more than 60 years, the World War II Digger had almost forgotten about it -- except when it made his lower back ache if he ``mucked about'' too much.
Nestled next to his spine, the bullet had never been removed for fear of putting the 88-year-old in a wheelchair.

So Stocks learned to live with what he described as ``the wearying pains'' if he stood up for too long or did too much physical work.

Such silent stoicism is typical of Stocks, who was up and about just days after his surgery, living independently again in the Yarraman home he shares with Tommy the cat.
Watching Stocks as he bustles about in his old-fashioned kitchen making coffee and shuffling through scrapbooks decorated with his own artistic water colours, it is hard to reconcile the slightly built, softly spoken man with his rugged war hero reputation.

This, after all, is a man who not only risked his life a hundred times over to fly behind enemy lines performing daring rescues and bombing raids, but was also one of the few POWs to escape from Singapore's notorious Changi Prison.

He has so many medals it's hard to lift the jacket he wears to Anzac Day marches. They include his US Inter-national Cross of Honour, the Dutch Commemorative Medal of Honour, a Star of David presented by the Jewish community, an Order of Australia medal and a recent honour as an Honorary Knight of Malta.
But back to the bullet. For Stocks it's the lasting reminder of one of his regular 1942 sorties piloting a two-engine Wellington to bomb the Krupps Ammunition Factory at Hamburg.

``We blasted it night after night and their fighters were always chasing us,'' he says.``Well, this night we were coming back, outside Belgium, when the tail gunner said, `There's a bandit following', and we copped a blast.''

Stocks tried to out-manoeuvre the fighter, doing a quick inside turn (``the blokes were yelling a bit'') and the fighter made a pass and overshot before turning to close the distance between the two aircraft, approaching head-on.

``He was keeping his guns going -- he was within 400 yards -- and he peeled off.
``The last shot went through the fuselage, underneath Mitch (Gordon Symes, the front gunner), missed the centre post and hit me in the lower right torso.

``I told `Flaps' Crawford (the second pilot) `I've been hit, I think'. He took it (the plane) from me and I lay on the fuselage, all cramped up and half out of it until we got to the base at Silsden.''
When Stocks recovered from his wound, he realised the bullet was still in there when he felt a bump beneath his skin on his lower back.

While living with a bullet is just one of Stocks' amazing stories of survival, he's a reluctant hero, saying he's no different to any else who fought.

Stocks' story began when he joined up on January 6, 1940 aged 25 -- so old for a new recruit that he quickly earned the nickname ``Uncle''.

A FRENCH polisher by trade, he'd been a foreman in a furniture factory which was ordered into military production when the war began.
When first he went to enlist, he was knocked back, because his job was deemed a protected industry.
``So I waited for a few days, changed my name (calling himself Syd Nelson -- Nelson being his middle name) and enlisted in the RAAF.''

He was put straight on the SS Manundra sailing to England, ending up at Silsden, a medium bomber base near Leicestershire, where he was trained as a pilot and wireless air gunner. ``They (pilots) were always getting shot so they always needed more pilots,'' he says.

It was two years years later when Stocks was a member of four bombing squadrons sent to Siam (now Thailand) to head off the Japanese forces joining the war that the die was cast for his incarceration in Changi.

They had fought from Siam back to the causeway joining Malaya with Singapore when they were ambushed after the Japanese broke through an Indian battalion.

``The first thing they (the Japanese) did was go straight to the hospital and shoot every patient and medical orderly because they didn't want to look after injured people,'' Stocks says.
``Then they drove up and down and disabled the aircraft. I remember I was sitting with my CO on a kerb in Singapore in a monsoon with our feet in a drain, eating our last meat pie.
``He said, `What are you gonna do Stocksy?' and I said, `What can we do?'
``He said, `I appreciate what you've done, hopefully you'll get through this. It's every man for himself'.''
Stocks says there was nothing to do but wait to be picked up by Japanese troops and be thrown on a truck.

``Any sign of resistance and you were gone,'' he says.
Stocks and the rest of the captured Allied troops were taken to Seleta.
``We had to stand for 72 hours upright on a parade ground -- in the rain and the heat. The Japs made us stand in our faeces and urine -- blokes were collapsing everywhere. We lost 304 men. They were dropping at our feet.''

Those who survived were taken to Changi. There Stocks was put in charge of a small working team of army and air force men.

At one point he was interrogated and when he feigned ignorance was struck on the head with wooden bats, which permanently damaged his hearing.

That was in February, 1942. On April 11, the next year, he escaped.
His plan for freedom was hatched when a big stir went through the camp about the imminent arrival of Japanese General Shimperi, the overall head of prisoner of war camps at the time.
Prisoners were told they must be at a special parade for the general, and that they had better behave themselves.

Instead Stocks put himself on penalty duties for the big day, wearing his baggiest pair of shorts, worn-out sandshoes and no shirt and carrying two old potato bags which he used to put rubbish in as he traversed the perimeter of the prison.

Enduring the taunts, insults and kicks from guards, he eventually got to the main gates where a rubbish truck with an armed Japanese driver was waiting.

Because his captors refused to touch rubbish, Stocks was ordered into the truck so he could unload it at the dump. As the truck headed for the causeway, Stocks overpowered and ``dispatched'' the driver.
``I won't tell you what I did . . . I dug a hole and buried him just inside the entrance to the Kranji Cemetery, then I took the truck across the causeway to a small court outside the Temple of Johore where I knew the Sultan -- he had been a member of our Lodge.''

Stocks had become friends with a local magistrate, who put him in prison and told the Japanese who had come to take him away that he would have to remain in jail in Malaya for driving without a licence and stealing a vehicle.

HE WAS held in the Johore prison until he could be picked up by a fishing boat and taken out to sea.
``They covered me in coconut oil and dye and gave me an old straw hat so I looked like a fisherman,'' he says.

Eventually Stocks made it to Ambon and then Darwin.

As well as leaving behind so many mates in Changi (to whom he did not even reveal his escape plan in case they paid the price for their knowledge), one of Stocks' biggest regrets was saying goodbye to a loyal four-footed friend, ``Butch'', the fox terrier.

Wearing his own little parachute, Butch had been on every flying mission with Stocks, once even using that parachute to glide to safety when their aircraft was shot down. Despite the experience he lined up the next day for his usual seat on the plane -- never missing a beat.
So when Stocks was dragged off to Changi, Butch went too. But, sadly, he didn't see freedom again like his master.
Stocks finally found out during a 1992 reunion of POWS on the Gold Coast what had happened to his little dog.

Furious at Stocks' escape, one of the nastier Japanese sergeants killed the little dog, then cooked him and fed him to the unwitting prisoners.

Stocks still chuckles at the memory of the brave little dog, which incurred the CO's wrath after seizing the opportunity to mate with the CO's wife's pampered shi-tzu -- a tryst which produced a fine litter of pups, all looking just like Butch.

``He (Butch) was confined to barracks for a week for that,'' he said.
Stocks has a thousand more war stories -- and as a keen writer he has told some of them himself in many stories and books. He has written several novels, including Plenty Makes Me Poor, a story centred on his former home town of nearby Blackbutt, which is tipped to be made into a movie.
He's such a wealth of knowledge that archivists are gathering his recollections for an official history for the War Memorial in Canberra.

Living alone since his wife Val died in 1991 after 58 years of marriage, (they met when she was a concert pianist for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and he played the violin), Stocks holds on fiercely to his independence.

Even while he was still doubled over from the aftermath of his recent surgery he managed to add a fresh shine to the French polished war memorial in the main street of Yarraman. And that's where he'll be marching again on Anzac Day this year -- exactly three weeks before his 89th birthday.  As an RSL life member, he'll again be the toast of a town which is more than proud to call him one of their own.

What was Sydney Stocks really doing during WW2


We have the complete service record of Sydney Nelson Stocks – 174 pages -  and we know exactly where he was from 1942 when he first joined the 1st Battalion of the Volunteer Defence Corps  (Queensland) VDC (Q) until 1960 when he left the RAAF. We also know where he was not.   


He was....

Not in the RAAF in January1940.

Not ever in the Pilot's seat of a Bomber aircraft or any other aircraft  flying operational missions

Not rescuing Dutch Damsels from Japanese Prison Camps in July 1945

Never in Europe during the war, bombing the Krupps Ammunition Factory

Never wounded by a snub-nosed 307 bullet now lodged near his spine.

Never a prisoner of war nor incarcerated in Changi gaol in Singapore. 

Never stood for 72 hours in Changi and never lost 304 of his comrades

Never escaped from any POW camp.
Never killed a Japanese guard .

Never had a dog with parachuting skills.

Never knew a Sultan in Malaya who gave him refuge.

Never escaped from Malaya in a local fishing boat, to end up in Darwin.



Following the 24 April 2004 story Glenis Green ,  journalist with the Brisbane Courier mail, "cottoned" on to Stock's embarrassing lies and in a follow up story  on the 24 May 2004 shot down this "Bomber Pilot" in flames. She said about Stocks in the Courier Mail ; inter alia


"Not quite so blatant was Yarraman old-timer Syd Stocks, whose story about his brush with a bullet as a fighter pilot, his parachuting fox terrier "Butch" and escape from the notorious Changi prison also made it into print.


The 88-year-old remains convinced his stories are true, backed by scrapbooks of clippings; letters, X-rays of his bullet injury, faded photographs and medals.

Stocks had been fooling almost everyone in the Blackbutt and Yarraman area for decades with his tales of derring-do. Sadly it appears that his only gong was the OBE he was awarded last year for his services to the community.


Author, investigative writer and historical consultant Lynette Silver says fabricating stories about his service is insulting to all who did participate in the armed services.   After consulting a senior historian at RAAF Historical Section, Silver says Stocks could not have served with an RAAF bomber squadron in the UK in 1940, as our only squadron there at the time was 10 Squadron (Sunderland flying boats).


Silver also confirmed that, despite Stock's assertions, there were no RAF or RAAF bomber squadrons stationed in Thailand and there was no S Nelson or S Stocks listed among the 229 RAAF personnel from the RAAF's Far East Squadrons taken prisoner in 1942. And no POW ever escaped successfully from Changi, although some tried.

Silver points to a string of other inconsistencies in Stocks' account and notes that records do show a Sydney Nelson Stocks, born in Toowoomba on May 14, 1915, who, after being discharged from the militia, enlisted in the RAAF at Windsor in Brisbane on Jan 6 1944."

On 31 March 2006 Sydney Nelson Stocks flew back into the ANZMI radar with a story in the South Burnett Times


Note in the article that Stocks says, "I was a bomber pilot and this fellow was a fighter pilot and I got to know him well and I wanted to write his story". Note also that on the cover of the book that Stocks is pointing to, there is a photo of him as a young man together with his parachuting canine.


One would think that after the "drubbing" Stocks got from Glenis Green and Lynette Silver in their article of the 24 May 2004 that Syd would come down to earth, pack up his "pilot wings" and retire to a camouflaged hanger instead of continuing his farcical lies.


Stocks' Real Service Career


Sydney Stocks "heard the bugle" rather late as he enlisted as a part time soldier on the 16 Nov 1942 and served in 1 st Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps, Queensland (VDC (Q)) employed as a Signaller. He elected to be discharged from the VDC (Q) in November 1943 for the purpose of joining the Citizens' Air Force (Full time duty)   



Sydney Stocks has a genuine RAAF service history that would be the envy of many. He was always described by his Commanding Officers as being exemplary and his work outstanding.   During WW2 his rank was initially aircraftsman, then on the 1 December 1944 he was promoted to leading aircraftsman  (LAC) (The equivalent of a senior private soldier) After the war – 1 Feb 1946 – he was promoted to acting corporal. Between 1946 and 1960 he rose to the rank of warrant officer in the trade of armourer. Sometime after 1952 Stocks applied unsuccessfully, to be selected for an RAAF Commission. Below is one page of the Application.



Notice on the application that Stocks, in his own handwriting, lists his locations from the time he first joined the RAAF until after the end of the war


On the 6 Jan 1944 he was a recruit in Sandgate Qld

10 March 1944 he was a Trainee Tech at Sydney, NSW

5 June 1944 he was a trainee Armourer at Nhill in Vic

27 August 1944 he was an Armourer at Amberley Qld

19 December 1944 he was an Armourer at Sandgate Qld

19 January 1945 he was an Armourer at Townsville Qld

5 March 1945 he was an Armourer in the Pacific with 6 Sqn RAAF.


Stocks did not join 6 SQN until 5 March 1945, this was his first and last participation in overseas WW2 service. When he joined the unit it was located at Dobodura New Guinea, Stocks arrived holding the rank of LAC Armourer. This rank and trade would scarcely qualify him to be flying Beaufort Bombers around Asia and rescuing Dutch damsels from POW camps. It is also very clear by his own handwriting that Stocks was never in Europe and was never a prisoner of war in Changi  Prison, Singapore. When the war ended, 6 Squadron RAAF relocated to Kingaroy in Southern Queensland where the Squadron was disbanded.  


During his WW2 service in New Guinea Stocks earned the following medals:

1939 –45 Star –

Pacific Star –

War Medal 1939/45 –

Australian Service Medal

General Service Medal (Malaysia) for service between 1951 and 1952.

Order of Australia medal presented in 2003 for his service to the community of Blackbutt Qld.


Remember Glenis Green reported on the 24 April 2004 "Syd has so many medals it's hard to lift the jacket he wears to Anzac Day. They include his: US Inter-National Cross of Honour,  Dutch Commemorative Medal of Honour, Star of David, Honorary Knight of Malta"


Stocks is entitled to wear six medals, the wearing of the self-purchased trinkets described above is just another example of his quest for fame through blatant lies and fantasy.   

Stocks is an enigma. He is a man with an excellent service record and he has earned an Order of Australia Medal for his services to his local community. These two things should make Stocks a satisfied man but he seeks further veneration from his community by extolling deeds of great "derring do" and mixing purchased  "trinkets" with his issued medals . He has a penchant for using newspapers to broadcast his lies.

Sydney's problem is that he writes works of fiction and then begins to live the fiction or reads stories of war time feats then fits himself into the action. This strange, long term Wannabe has no excuse for his bizarre behaviour.  He is a returned  serviceman who would have been very much respected for the genuine service he gave.


We hope this exposure will stop Sydney Stocks, spinning his yarns about his imagined heroic deeds. His antics negate his exemplary RAAF service and are an insult to veterans everywhere. If he wants to indulge in works of fiction he should write about his life as a confidence trickster, who has conned the people in the South Burnett region for decades.


One of the newspaper articles said

"As an RSL life member, he'll again be the toast of the town, which is more than proud to call him one of their own"

   27 June 2007

Our original entry about Stocks was dated 31 May 2006, an update was added 8 July 2006. In mid March 2007 we received a newspaper clipping with Stock's smiling countenance showing him to be a current and long term member of the Yarraman Queensland Returned Services League (RSL).  

 Read our original report and you will understand that Stocks is a liar of breathtaking proportions.  To this date he still maintains his claims of being an heroic WWll bomber pilot, Changi escapee and rescuer of damsels in distress.  Stocks has never apologised and shows no remorse for his insults to the intelligence of the veteran community or for the disrespect he shows to the memory of veterans and the families of those real heros who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

Stocks is aided and abetted in his continuing deceit by the Queensland RSL, starting at the very top down through a district president to where the "buck stops" with the Yarraman RSL thumbing its nose at veterans everywhere.  

On the 14 March 2007, we enquired directly to the current president of the Queensland RSL, about the Stocks situation, he advised that he would look into the matter. On the 8 May 2007 we again enquired as to the situation with Stocks.  The Queensland RSL president advised that he had no news and was awaiting for advice from the Moreton district president. How long does it take to establish that Stocks is - or is not - a full member of the Yarraman RSL, or whether he should remain a member in view of his disgraceful conduct

When it comes to wannabes of the calibre of Stocks the veteran community must not tolerate procrastination and stalling from those who lead us. 

If the RSL is determined to welcome disgraceful people like Stocks in their midst - it is indicitive of why so many genuine veterans will not join the RSL and why so many have resigned in disgust.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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