Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Heinze
Christian Names: Frederick Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

It is difficult to record the story of a 'real life war hero' who has no military experience whatsoever. Many of the infamous fake warriors that are exposed on these pages have some service to embellish and in many cases years of service that is simply embellished to enhance a career, gain access to taxpayers' money, or impress a partner or mates.

 Not so in this case. Frederick Richard Heinze was born on the Twenty-First of September 1946; he is a Virgo-Libra cusp child. That is where he has been every since, a wandering adolescent claiming dubious military service. Of course Fred travelled the predictable path all wannabes follow. He claims to be a member of Australia's Special Forces, the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment, and during his obligatory tour of duty in Vietnam he was a helicopter pilot. As you will read below, he was not an officer flying helicopters in Vietnam as he was commissioned some ten years after the war.

So confident of the Walter Mitty life he built for himself that he included these claims in his résumé. 

It was only when he made application to join a gun club was his military questioned and during an interview he defiantly refused to answer questions saying that his "CV" was correct and he stood by that document authenticity. Of course the "CV" was a fraudulent document, as he has no military service. He had laid his integrity and honest open for verification so the gun club requested specific information from the army records section. The committee has the responsibility to be satisfied of every applicant's character for suitability for membership. 

The army did conduct a full search of its records and they advised the gun club that no Frederick Richard HEIZE, born 21 September 1946, had ever served in the Australian Army.

Fred Heinze resides in Victoria and has been, maybe still is, a member of the Australian Clay Target Association joining that group in 1968. Our gun-toting hero states that his military service was from 1966 to 1974, five years as a SAS soldier (1966-71), then an officer from 1982-87. Of course anyone who has experience in these matters could and would quickly confront him and expose him as a fraud, conman and shyster.

If you are live in the Wonthaggi and Dandenong district of Victoria you may well know Frederick Richard Heinze. If that is the case, next time you meet with him look him in the eye and tell him that you know all about the would-be hero status he boasts about. While doing that you might as well tell him he has made the Internet pages of shamed exposing military wannabes. Tell him to contact CPMH by email; they would appreciate a recent photograph to update his file.

The aim of CPMH, and this web site, is to bring these wannabe misfits, with the Fred Heinze fantasy, to the public's notice.

All Heinze's claims are false.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Walkley
Christian Names: Terrence Ralph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

In the spring edition of the newsletter, 'Over the Top' - Ringwood Victoria, Returned and Service Leagues club, included a colour photograph of a member celebrating ANZAC Day 2002 at their club rooms. Everybody knew "Terry the Pom" - he was a veteran of the British Army due to service in Borneo/Malaya and for this service he was awarded the General Service Medal, Borneo.

He had also advised anybody interested that he also had service with the Australian Army - and done a tour of duty in Viet Nam.   His vehicle bore the mandatory Viet Nam ribbons sticker and Terry had found the comfort and camaraderie particular to the Viet Nam Veteran membership of his RSL.   His active service in South Viet Nam was something that had adversely affected his health and mental well being - those close to him were concerned for his welfare.

Once the newsletter hit the streets some Viet Nam Veterans experienced warning bells.  Here was a picture of one of their own wearing his medals out of sequence.   Concerns were directed to the Executive Committee and a cursory check was completed with ANZAC House and official Military sources.    Apart from his British Army service, this charlatan had NEVER served in the Australian Army, or for that matter any branch of the Australian Defence Forces.


CPMH was contacted and liaised with the RSL.   It is known that the RSL corresponded with Terry and gave him a seven [7] day period of grace to either produce evidence to the contrary or explain his actions.

Walkley did neither.   CPMH contacted him and gave him twenty one [21] days to produce irrefutable documentary evidence of his Service in Viet Nam or apologise in writing to the Viet Nam Veteran community   [included with this correspondence was a copy of the new penalties for offences against the Defence Act 1903].  Terry has not replied to this letter either.


What should leap out to the reader is the stupidity of this individual.   Had he done the correct research he would have been aware of the precedence of wearing Active Service Medals.   The Veteran community then would not have twigged and his bogus activities would still be attracting sympathy and the encouragement of 'The Brotherhood' and his other clan of believers.

It is not known if Terry has attempted any War caused disability claims through the Department of Veterans Affairs.   It is common knowledge that DVA access this site from time to time in the interest of preserving the rights of legitimate veterans and we would encourage them to check their records to see if any such claims may have emanated.

Terry Walkley is a veteran in his own right.  Why he saw the need to embellish his status is unknown.  His obvious inaction in showing the gumption to answer all contact for his deeds has earned him a place on this site.  Had he replied to the RSL or CPMH with the appropriate apology, it would have been accepted, if he pledged to refrain from attempting to be a Viet Nam Veteran again.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Colquhoun
Christian Names: Patricia Iona
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

see update section below

Patricia Iona Colquhoun is not Royalty, nor is she a Veteran.  She is but a common thief.  One of the variety that steals the honour of Veteran's and the title of a living, breathing, Duchess.  Patricia Colquhoun claims to be the Duchess of Argyll on her web page here colquhoun\index.htm  Trying to access all of this site via her links will fail as she has now pulled the site because of her exposure.   However we managed, as usual, to capture the relevant parts of her site before she was able to close it down so we can show you, the people of the world, just another of the type that we are dealing with.

Go here and you will see the personal data that she displayed on her site colquhoun\personaldata.htm  The absolute drivel is there for you all to see.  The facts are that there are two Duchesses of Argyll at present.  Eleanor, the current Duchess and Iona, the Dowager Duchess.  There is no Patricia Iona, Duchess of Argyll, except in the mind of this impostor.  CPMH have informed London Peerage of this impostor who in turn have contacted the real Duke of Argyll, so no doubt there will be a knock on the door of our lovely Patricia in the near future.  Her home town of Canberra, our National Capital incidentally, is also the home town of the Australian Federal Police.  A short trip around the block won't take them long when the formal complaint is lodged.

Our Patricia was very bold with her internet site and also had a chat session set up where she could tell all who cared to contact her just how good and "Royal" she was.  It was unfortunate that several of those who began to chat with her were  genuine Viet Nam Veterans and the plans for a well laid ambush were set.

An archival check of service records show that there was a person of her surname who served in Viet Nam, however that's where the similarity stops.  She is no doubt an avid reader, this  apparently being where she obtained all the information about the Duchess of Argyll and her stories about being a nurse in Viet Nam.  Naturally CPMH checked with the Australian Army Nursing Corps and also with the Australian Civilian Nurses who were in Viet Nam to verify this persons service, but alas, she was never there.

She states that on her arrival in Viet Nam she drove to Vung Tau in the  "pink Citroen we all used".  Members of the Nursing Corps will be familiar with this vehicle, however to drive from Sai Gon, now Ho Chi Minh City, to Vung Tau in this vehicle in December 1969, unescorted, is absolute rubbish.   Patricia also claims that she was a Private nurse, another mistake as all our nurses were of commissioned rank.   Her knowledge of "things Viet Nam" asked of her by the Veterans could not be answered satisfactorily as she had obviously not read the right books and I can assure her that our seriously wounded brothers were not sent to civilian hospitals in-country to be cared for by the Red Cross.  In response to another question posed to her about her service she responded with, "I only did my job and all the credit should go to those who were on the front line and that's why I never want my name in print in publications about Viet Nam."  The fact here is she can't have her name in print as she wasn't there.  This page is about as far as she is ever going to go with her claims of Veteran status and having her name in print.

Anzac Day in Canberra had former service persons searching the ranks for her so that they could go and have a chat.  Surely someone that was as proud of her service, see here, would have been out and in the ranks with all the other proud nurses who marched on this day. 

Not our Patricia, as she had been emailed by CPMH and was much more interested in changing the information on her web site to read as per here.

then hiding, instead of marching in the ranks. Panic was now setting in.  She had been caught out.  We know she read our email to her address here, as we received both a delivery and read receipt......but no reply was forthcoming.

As stated  there is no evidence or service record available under the 30 year act to show any service for Patricia.  Through the "old boy" network that exists within the Australian Veterans and Military community it has been established by CPMH that Patricia did do some Army Reserve Service in the 1980's.  This amount of service would equate to her learning enough to be able to tie up her boots and attend a evening's parade every now and then.  This service was with a medical unit and perhaps this is where she gathered her Viet Nam experiences, standing at the bar at the completion of the nights training, listening intently to the stories of the senior cadre staff members.
  30 JUNE 2003.  It would seem that Patricia just cant help herself with her lies.  She has now changed her site and you will find the new one here.
Just in case Patricia realises we have caught her out again and tries to change her Military history, this is how her military history is, as she claims, on her new site shown above, as at 30 June 2003.

PATRICIA IONA COLQUHOUN, DUCHESS OF ARGYLL, is a fraud on both counts.  If there is one corps that deserves protection by all ex servicepersons it is our Nursing Corps.  The dedication of the men and women of this corps is greatly appreciated by all troops, especially those who were wounded in action.  Some of the front line troops that were CASEVAC'd back to the hospitals with wounds, died in the arms of these outstanding men and women.   These are haunting memories for them to live with for the rest of their lives.  No wonder they were up in arms about the stories put out by this bogus Veteran.  When their representatives were contacted about Patricia, they in their own caring way, simply stated that she must be a very lonely person to concoct stories like this.  Lonely she shall be no more.  She is now a famous Veteran, albeit, bogus, on this her eternal page.  This page is not easily removed from the internet like her own fictitious one. 

To serve this country proudly in war is something only the genuine serviceperson can do.  Those that claim it falsely WILL be exposed in the long term.  We are but a small Defence or ex Defence community and word of mouth can always confirm if you served. 

This entry is one of the growing number that will be forwarded to Federal Authorities for prosecution once the proposed new fines and sentences shown on our opening pages are in place.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Roberts
Christian Names: Ronald Alfred
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Woody Point
Service: Army
Case Notes:

This charlatan was traced and confronted by members of the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam) Queensland Division at a house in Ellen Street, Woody Point, a suburb north of the City of Brisbane. He stated that he borrowed the medals as a joke that turned sour. A "stupid joke" that had got out of hand.

His military experience was in 1959 when compulsory National Service required him to complete three (3) months basic training at 11 National Service Battalion situated at Wacol on the western outskirts of Brisbane.


He conned everyone he associated with claiming that he was employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and working from the Australian Army's base at Enoggera, Brisbane.

His decorations, awards and medals claims include:

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Mentioned In Despatches three times
  • United States Silver Star
  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm
  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.
  • The civilian awards he claims are:
  • The Order of Australia, and  
  • The Star of Courage.
Second appearance.

Ronald Alfred Ashley Charles Clarence Henry Roberts,  what a magnificent collection of names for a man with a magnificent collection of war medals.  He may have been granted all the names but he certainly wasn't granted all his medals.

Here is a man who just doesn't learn.  No only does he have a chest full of medals he hasn't earned, he has been busted by us twice now.   He is the perfect example of why we need government to implement and enforce the proposed new fines and jail sentences proposed on our opening page.

Ron Roberts is a compulsive liar and charlatan. 

Ron is truly a brave man, not through service but through the fact that he has claimed service twice and is still walking the streets a free man.   This brave fellow, a man who is capable of punching young girls, who in his own words claims covert service with, yes you guessed it, the SAS, has got a wealth of war stories that he will fire at you in any RSL of your choosing.

The following is a transcript of Ron, taped by a Veteran who was very suspicious of his stories.

"Is wearing several decorations including the Order of Australia, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Cross, Military Medal, several Vietnam Govt decorations, American decorations, The National Service Anniversary Medal,  South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar, plus several others not known to the writer.

He claims the VC winner, Arthur Sullivan, was his grandfather and that his father won the Military Cross.

He himself went into the army as a National Service conscript in 2nd intake 1956 where his number was 1/729700.  His number later became 9269423.

He transferred to the Regular Army (date not known) and was originally with 21 Construction Squadron and then later transferred to 6 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment [6 RAR].

With 6 Bn he did two stints in Malaya and whilst there was trained by the British in covert operations.
He was sent into Vietnam as one of the first 16 Australians to go there. They were all sergeants and above and were there well before the Australian Army Training Teams were there. What followed was three and a half years living in the jungle on “behind the lines operations”.

As an NCO he won the Military Medal.

He returned to Australia and joined the elite SAS where he gained commissioned rank. He then did another stint in Vietnam, when he won the Military Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. 

He claims that his army number by now was 9269423 When asked to explain the “nine” in front he explains that it was a number given to a very select and secret group by ADIO and DSS.

As well as serving in Malaya twice and Vietnam three times he has also served in Borneo, Sarawak, New Guinea, Rhodesia, Lebanon, the American Expeditionary Forces in Granada and Panama, and was part of an Australian SAS group guarding a CIA listening post on top of the Andes Mountains in Chile as part of the Falklands War. (Their job was to let the British know when Exercet Missile carrying aircraft were leaving Argentine air bases.)

He has two children in the Army, one who is a girl signaller serving in Afghanistan and another is his son, Aaron, who is a Brigadier.

The five generations of the family are or have been military people – the Sullivans, Murphy's and Roberts.
When asked if his name is really “Ron” he replied : “No, Fred”.

During conversations the following was said:
“What really sat hard with me was those boys that had done their time in National Service – and they were only boys - who had done their time in hell, and came back to Australia expecting to be returned servicemen, and the RSL said they were not. Wouldn’t let them join the RSL.   Eventually they realised – and I really respect Bruce Ruxton, who was one of the main one’s who really got stuck into that attitude – that if they didn’t let them in then they weren’t going to have any bloody members.”

My boy Aaron, he’s 41 and he’s a Brigadier.
When asked if anyone had ever done a story on his exploits, he replied “No.  I can’t. I’m a signatory of the Official Secrets Act. I can only tell you basic and –oh – simple information. I only recently got into awful trouble. Joy’s brother is David Sproule who’s the head photographer of the Australian Newspaper in Brisbane, and he rang me in Gippsland on a cell phone because he’d heard that there was more than one Australian mixed up in the Al-Qaida.

The ASDIO is based in Gippsland, of course, and I’d just been to visit some old mates of mine there, and found out a lot of information and didn’t know that it was classified, and didn’t know that at that time the hierarchy didn’t want it known how many Australians were involved and what have you. And like a fool, on the cell phone I said to him – or he said to me -  that he’d heard that there was a second one and that he was from Queensland, and I said ”Yeah, his name’s Dewey, he comes from Mooloolaba.”
The next day I was in big shit. I can tell you – I was really in bad trouble.

But I can talk about the family – the history of the family – no problem. But actual – a lot of combat operations – and things like that in my term in the ADIO and the DSS – the DSS not so much. That was the Diplomatic Security Service. It’s now called Federal Protective Service. It started off as the Embassy Guards and went to the DSS.

Question: But after 30 years, doesn’t the freedom of information come in ?

Ron Roberts: “No. Mine’s lifetime. If you talk to Joy, she gets very upset about it because she reckons that all they want is for us blokes, all of us who were involved in these things, they just want us to die. And– so that we take to the grave all the stuff that we’ve got. An awful lot of them have. Those that haven’t killed themselves have died from other causes. We lost very few in battle. The only guy we lost in Brunei was killed by an elephant – by a rampaging elephant.
So that’s the problem. A lot of that stuff I won’t talk about. The ordinary army stuff – yeah – but there’s plenty of that sort of information on the market.
A lot of the stuff that we did in Central America and South America – there’s a lot of that that can’t be spoken about, only in general sort of terms. General terms I don’t mind

Tape ran out

Well there you have it.  The tales of a true Australian war for the facts as we know them.

Ron, I've got as many names as bravery medals, Roberts was indeed a National Serviceman in the 1950's.  He spent a grand total of three months service in this role.  During this time he would have been issued a uniform and boots.......adequate time to learn how to do up the buttons and tie the bootlaces.........a true Veteran and hero.  He may have even seen a photo of a rifle.

In addition to the current list of medals he wears below, Ron was originally exposed wearing the items at medal list 2.  It would seem that when run out of town [Woody Point, Redcliffe, Queensland] by the AATTV Ron lost his memory and couldn't remember what medals he thought he was entitled to.  Ron's vast knowledge of medals is not good as you can see from his photo on the opening page.  Here he wears bravery medals but nothing to represent the campaign he won them in.  No wonder this bloke came undone [again].

Ron's complete collection of medals he wears today are:

Order of Australia,
Distinguished Conduct Medal,
Military Cross,
Military Medal,
several Vietnam Govt decorations,
American decorations,
The National Service Anniversary Medal, and
South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar

Medal List 2

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal

  • Mentioned In Despatches three times

  • United States Silver Star

  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm

  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.

  • The civilian awards he claims are:

  • The Order of Australia, and  

  • The Star of Courage.

Ron may have children but after they read this story he may not have them claiming him as their father any more, and they certainly aren't in the Army.  There is no record of there ever having been a Brigadier Aaron Roberts, past or present.  As for a daughter serving in Afghanistan, again false.  No servicewomen from Australia have been posted there.  Further to this no Australian service persons served in the Falklands war and he certainly didn't get posted to all other areas he mentions during his hectic three month career.

His knowledge of a soldier on active duty being killed by an elephant is correct, however the location he provided is way off the mark.  Ron should have memorised the book he read a little better.

His vast array of bravery awards and medals mentioned above,.........we will reduce them to one.  The National Service medal, he can retain that for learning to do up his buttons and tie his bootlaces during the hectic three months basic training he did.  He can also retain the right to be a member of the services side of the Returned and Services League and the National Servicemen's Association........that's if any will accept him for what he has claimed in the past.  Hang on here....RON IS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COFFS HARBOUR NATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION!!!!   Now the story takes a little twist as the past president of this association also seems to have been telling a few porkies of his own and he quite rightly deserves a special place on these pages too.  Stay tuned to these pages and you will see his amazing story in the near future.........meanwhile back to Ron;   The medals Ron has claimed for his fictitious service are some of the highest awards for bravery that a serviceperson can be awarded.  To even consider his name in conjunction with those that have been awarded these medals should be considered a crime in itself.

Currently resting in the Australian Parliament is an amendment to the legislation on Servicepersons and their medals.  Please refer to the opening page of this site and read it.  If you agree that these penalties should be imposed then we ask you, as Veterans or Civilian readers of these pages,  to email all federal politicians and voice your outrage of people such as Ron and all the other we have exposed and will expose in the coming months.  We need these new fines in place to ensure that legal action is taken against these bogus veterans and until such time as the fines are of sufficient penalty nothing will be done.  Email addresses for all your political representatives can be found here. email them after you have finished reading these pages and ask them to support the implementation of this legislation during the current sitting of Parliament so that we might be able to rid our ranks of the likes of Ron and his ilk.

To add further embarrassment to our Veteran ranks this make believe hero punched out two young girls for sniffing flowers in his front yard.  He was charged with assault and then claimed Viet Nam Veteran status for leniency in court.  It worked, as the legal system took his word for his service and didn't check to see if this liar was lying.  He was awarded a paltry 200 hours community service for this assault on two young 15 year old teenagers. See Roberts newsclip.

See video footage of Roberts courtesy of Channel 7, Today Tonight Programme.


Video Streaming On This Page Requires Real One Player
Download Here If Required

or  Download and Watch a Windows Media Video(WMV) Copy Here(1.1M)

There is provision within the Military for the appropriate government and legal authorities to verify the bonefides of those claiming Veteran status.  Why was this avenue not pursued???  Now that Ron Has been convicted and fined under a false claim will he be charged with perjury???   Will Ron ever be charged  under the Federal Offence of impersonating a serviceperson and wearing medals for which he has no entitlement???  He has done this not once now but twice that we have caught him out on.   Where else has he told these lies and what reward has he gained from telling them???     With your assistance in writing to a politician about the penalties, CPMH will insist that these charges are laid and we will request the maximum fine and sentence for wearing these bravery awards.............As for the young girls, well on a television interview they said they might sue.  Go for it girls.  This bogus veteran needs people with your intestinal fortitude getting right down his throat.  If any of you readers of this site  have ever encountered him in your local RSL and have stories and or photos of him with his medals on that you would like to share with us please use this link to send them to us.  

Ron currently resides at Tweed Heads.  He moved there after the Australian Army Training Team [AATTV] located him at his address at Woody Point, Redcliffe.  After this he will no doubt be on the move south again if we dont get the new fines in place and have him charged soon.    Keep going right down Ron until your hat floats.  You have a special place in the sights of genuine Veterans.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Broesder
Christian Names: Pieter Eppo
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bayswater
Service: Army
Branch: Medic
Case Notes:

CPMH has possession of two signed statements of ex co-workers from the kitchen renovation plant in Bayswater Victoria, where BROESDER is employed as a production manager.

One of the statements contains evidence to the fact that when asked what he did in Viet Nam, Pieter replied  "I can not tell you, it was a secret.  No one knew about it, not even the Army recognises our service..  We were all stripped of our embellishments". 

CPMH conducted an archival  service check on BROESDER and it was confirmed he served in the Army with the Medical Corps.  On joining the Returned and Services League at Noble Park, Victoria, he registered as serving with 2 Field Ambulance Unit - with his regimental number of 38379 being issued to him.  A check of the DVA Nominal Roll of Viet Nam Veterans failed to find his details.  Something was beginning to smell!!

CPMH corresponded with BROESDER giving him  14 days to respond defending his alleged Viet Nam service.  This introductory letter explains the fate that awaits those who choose to ignore our advice to suspected bogus Veterans.

Within the set time BROESDER replied, and stated that his secret Viet Nam service was never as such.  He makes mention of serving in Malaysia in 1965 with 16 Com Fld Amb (sic) for two weeks reference problem with the border.  He goes on to write he spent 2 years and 197 days overseas in four countries - Not Viet Nam.  His letter then continues re serving in Viet Nam - He states "I used this line to get information for a book I was going to write which now has been destroyed as of the date I received your letter.  So this line will never be used again."

BROESDER then writes that he was to go to Viet Nam but failed the medical for skin problem (sic) received in Thailand.

Had this pretender not been exposed it is fair to assume that by his own admission (writing a book on Viet Nam) he would have stood to profit financially - nobody writes books for charity these days  - so by his own admissions and actions, Pieter Eppo BROESDER now has earned his rightful place in society - lined up with the other deceitful and disgraced people of the bogus Veteran brigade.

Our thanks go to the ex employees who worked with this character, without who's signed  evidence we cannot proceed to this level of exposure.

Pieter was asked to provide a personal photograph to us.  He kindly did so and it is shown on this page. Thank you Pieter.  We always like to show the world exactly who is pretending to be a Veteran.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Stevens
Christian Names: Robert Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Stevens is a very cunning and devious person who in 1996 attended an office of the Department of Veterans Affairs [DVA] in Sydney and provided a false service number and a false name to obtain, by deception, repatriation benefits as a returned Serviceperson.  Stevens obtained and used the identity of a genuine Viet Nam Veteran to obtain a repatriation benefits card entitling him to treatment for medical conditions through DVA.


Note the use of Viet Nam Veteran Association badges on the hat of this convicted fraud and Identity thief

On 21 May 2000 a Viet Nam Veterans counsellor with the Viet Nam Veterans Counselling Service in Paramatta, Sydney rang Stevens to arrange counselling services in Armadale, NSW, close to where Stevens was residing at that stage.  Stevens at this stage was residing in Glen Innes, NSW.   During the course of the conversation the counsellor smelt a rat and on 24 May 2000 this person contacted the DVA and advised them that "in this persons opinion, Stevens was NOT a Viet Nam Veteran and that he needed psychiatric evaluation.   It was this advice that finally saw an investigation into Stevens lengthy fraud of the DVA take place.

As at 23 August 2000 Stevens had Fraudulently obtained DVA benefits and treatment  totalling  AUD $60,204:00.   This amount was therefore removed from use by genuine Veterans in need, by this bogus thief.

On 19 July 2000 at Palm Beach Police Station in Queensland Stevens was interviewed and questioned about his supposed Viet Nam Service and was told that he had falsely advised the DVA that he was a Veteran .  At this very time Stevens was attending an eight week post traumatic stress disorder course funded by the DVA at the Currumbin Hospital, Palm Beach, Queensland......more misuse of the genuine Veterans entitlements.

Stevens was now being backed into a corner.  He then attempted to ring and intimidate and offer death threats to the DVA staff.  Stevens no doubt had picked up a few "tricks" while attending this PTSD course and decided to try the "psycho nutter" Veteran approach in threatening people from the safe distance of his phone.

Stevens is a real hero who, over the phone, will offer threats of violence but when confronted by genuine Veterans cowers and quivers and hides behind his wife's skirt.  He proved this when confronted in the Lismore Court house when Veterans from all across Australian and New Zealand appeared to see this war hero sentenced for stealing their benefits.   This hero did have the intestinal fortitude once to punch a police officer when he was questioned, however, this officer was a policewoman and he punched her in the face and broke her jaw in several places.  A genuine hero who really showed his true colours at this time.  Stevens was charged with this on 20 April 1999 and was sentenced to six months imprisonment, again suspended for a period of 18 months good behaviour.  The law again letting down the public and allowing this heroic bogus war Veteran woman basher to walk free.

On 8 April 2000, less than twelve months into his suspended sentence, he was again charged at Glenn Innes, NSW for malicious destruction of property and assaulting a police officer.  Again Stevens walked free.  This fellow has at this stage had a charmed, protected life.

Stevens at about this time joined an internet chat area for serving and retired soldiers and proceeded to put his fictitious Military life on the net for all to see. [see more on this below] He was quickly picked out as a fraud and was promised some swift Veteran justice by several on the site.  Our hero then decided that it was time to move his location again before he was paid a visit by a real Veteran.  Stevens kept up his masquerade and even attempted to enlist the help of a genuine Veteran to gather information he could use in court to attest to his fictitious service.  What a fatal mistake this was for our hero as the friend he got off the net was a member of CPMH who threw him the bait and he took it hook line and sinker.

To assist in extracting information from this liar another CPMH member started to email Stevens at his email address here pulling apart his claims of service.  He would then reply to his "friend" seeking sympathy.   This information in turn was sent to the other member and the circle of entanglement had Stevens tripping over his own lies and allowed CPMH to always know where he was living and his phone details.  The email address was still active as at the date this page was placed on the internet, 14 November 2003, so please feel free to email him and express your feelings with him.  If he offers violence in his return correspondence  then we would be happy to give you his home location details. 

He will never be able to hide from the Veterans he has stolen so much from and if he didn't have genuine PTSD before we can only hope we can contribute to his getting it now so that he gets to know exactly what it is all about. Read on and you will see why Veterans need to always know where this fellow is.  We must ensure that he never has the ability to infiltrate the DVA or any other form of Government assistance scheme again. 

He is a bludger who is not prepared to work for an honest living and will use any means available to prey on the system for handouts.  We will ensure that he is not capable of doing this in the future by monitoring his every move and ensuring the Veterans in his neighbourhood know where he is and what he is doing no matter where he may attempt to move to.

Stevens was convicted on 23 October 2003, of stealing from the Government [DVA] and is now only required to pay the original sum back plus a slap on the wrist fine of $3,000 for all the trouble he has caused.  The punishments in Australia must be reviewed to stop people such as Stevens walking away with a smirk on his face.........and nothing else.   To our way of thinking this wannabe should have been sentenced to ten years in prison, which is the maximum penalty permitted in such a case, to both punish an unscrupulous thief and to deter other wannabe’s from following the same modus operandi.
After reading this story please respond with your thoughts on this matter to the site through the area.  Your thoughts and comments minus your personal details will be collated and forwarded to the appropriate authorities in the hope that it will open their eyes and show them what a disgrace these people are to our community.

Stevens’ claims of service in Viet Nam as a medic cum computer expert are totally unbelievable to anyone who had ever served in the Australian Army at the time.

On a Military based chat site, he claimed to have been a member of the Citizens Military Force, CMF, and from there, posted directly to the Jungle Training Unit prior to departure to Viet Nam.   He had no service in the Australian Regular Army, ARA, in Australia so therefore there are no records that may be checked so he claimed. One record we did find shows him as having served with the CMF in the Medical Corps, 1966.  He was in this unit just long enough to learn how to tie his boot laces.
While being questioned as to his supposed service in Viet Nam he was very vague as to the positioning of Battalions at Nui Dat, of course he is vague because he’d never been there, and all the while fingered his “Only Memento” of his Viet Nam war service. Unfortunately for this wannabe this memento was an Infantry hat badge, he didn’t even realise that the Medical Corps had a completely different hat badge.

Stevens claims to have been attached to 1 ATFHQ, Nui Dat, as a medic and then attached to 1 RAR and 4 RAR, again as a medic. While with one of these Battalions he claims he was wounded but remained in the field, he dug shrapnel from his hand with a safety pin two months after the event. The man whose identity he stole was wounded around this time. Is this coincidental or has he researched the man who's identity he has stolen?  This is a trait of the bogus Veteran.
The designation, 1 ATFHQ, is not correct and this mistake would not be made by anyone who served in the unit.

Stevens  is a convicted liar and thief but we should look at other units he claims to have served with.

Further claims.
Detached to the US 187th Airborne Brigade. He claimed being someone who could teach the 187th to do other than use uphill bayonet charges. He also claims to have been a computer expert working on Honeywell and IBM machines for the Americans at this time. He made mention of visiting a Fire Base south-east of Hue on the road to Hill 937 aka Dong Ap Bai (sic) He didn’t use the name Hamburger Hill but any student of the Viet Nam War would know that the first two names refer to this hill.
He said he wasn’t involved in the battle but the mere mention of this place conjures up images of valiant service. He used a deprecating method of referring to his service as a non-combatant which was calculated to add credibility to his derring-do stories.
Just one of the problems with his story was that the US 187th Airborne Brigade did not exist. There was however, the 187th Infantry Battalion, Airmobile, attached to 101st Airborne Brigade.

Stevens goes on to claim he was detached to the II ARVN Ranger Group C. This unit did not exist either. There was the 2nd ARVN Rangers, no Group C. His supposed duties in this phantom unit are unclear.

Detached to 3 SOG. Stevens was again a computer expert. This unit did not exist either, maybe this impostor was inferring MACVSOG but was being clever again in not using correct unit designations that can be easily checked.  Or is the truth of the matter here the fact that this bogus Veteran really had no idea what he was talking about?

 Earlier last year he used the codename "Mad Charlie" in messages to an Army related website where he was “searching” for friends he said he served with. In the main these names were fictitious or the names of deceased people.
He stated that his service records post 1967 are “Locked up, can’t be accessed” an old,  familiar tune! What he fails to say here is that he was that brazen that he went to the Central Army Records Office, Melbourne, Victoria, to try to convince them that they had "lost" his Military Records.  Unfortunately for Stevens the Army have very good records and he was told to his face that he was an impostor and to go away and think about what he was doing.
He said he is known as Mad Charlie because he has an I.Q. of 160 and used to sign off email messages with “DING HAO” which he later said is Chinese for good luck. Yes, the words are Chinese but they mean “VERY GOOD” not “Good Luck”……..160 IQ ? Yeah, right.

This case was initially investigated by CPMH after a Veteran reported him to us.  We ensured that Stevens appeared in a local newspaper as a bogus Veteran.   We made sure that our information was brought to the attention of the Today Tonight TV program and the Department of Veterans Affairs pursued the case with the Director of Public Prosecutions, [DPP], carried it further and obtained a court conviction.

Prior to this conviction finally being obtained on 23 October 2003, Stevens was ordered to appear in court on several occasions.  He failed to appear at court each time and this was duly reported in the Tweed Heads Local Newspapers.

Angry Veterans attended the Tweed Heads Magistrates court on several occasions to see this miscreant and to watch him get convicted for stealing the identity and repatriation benefits of a genuine Veteran.  His failure to appear was seen to be upsetting the magistrate immensely and this was detected by the Veterans in the gallery.  Was this also detected by Stevens legal representative and was this why the case was moved to the Lismore court rooms?  I guess the answer to this will never be known.  Stevens was then alerted to the fact that the local Veterans were onto him.  He packed up all his possessions and moved to NSW.  Interestingly he purchased a property at Bega, NSW, for just under the amount of money he had defrauded the government for.

Finally on appearing in the Magistrates court in Lismore NSW in August 2003, Stevens pleaded guilty to impersonating a Veteran and claiming a total AUD $64,200:00 in benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This guilty plea effectively removed all chances of witnesses for the DPP to be put on the stand.   However Stevens lawyer, who is a genuine Viet Nam Veteran, applied to withdraw the guilty plea after it had been lodged and applied for a Psychological assessment of Stevens to be done under the mental health provision of the Crimes Act section 20 BQ.   This section we now refer to as the "Klinger clause" .  It was reported in the Lismore Newspapers as the article below

 This conviction was based on Steven’s confession in court of his guilt, so the witnesses lined up to testify to his lies were not required to provide their evidence. Some of those witnesses had travelled some distance and were in frail health due to their genuine service.  Their evidence would have been damning to the case but the cunning of the defence lawyer avoided them being called.

Stevens subsequently appeared in court on 11th August 2003 for sentencing, but then said that his previous plea of guilty was  obtained "under duress" and went on to claim being of "unsound mind".   The witnesses, who could have presented the damning evidence, were now not in the court to provide the Magistrate with the facts, so he had little option but to postpone the sentencing.  Again angry Veterans appeared in the Lismore Court to eyeball this thief of honour.   The tension could be sensed by all in the court surroundings and on a couple of occasions Veterans had to be restrained from carrying out their own form of justice.  Stevens, the whole time in the waiting room, trembled and perspiration ran down through the fear seen on his face.  Why would a genuine Veteran be scared to be in a room with brothers?   All Veterans present could see through the "Klinger Clause" he had presented.   The majority of the Veterans present had been diagnosed with PTSD and were prone to exploding at the slightest indication.  Stevens had gained this information on his "PTSD course" and would have been fully aware of how quickly any one of these Veterans could have lost their cool and bashed him right there in the relative safety of the courtroom waiting area.   He remained very close to his wife, possibly for her  protection against the Veterans, while waiting to be called into the court. However the instilled discipline these men had obtained while serving was still present and even after the case was adjourned yet again Stevens managed to walk out without damage.  It was noted that he could look at nothing but the carpet as he walked between the ranks of the disgruntled diggers.  He is a true hero.

It is difficult not to come to the conclusion that the “guilty” plea entered was calculated to prevent the witnesses being heard, and then when they were out of the picture, the plea was changed via the “Klinger Clause” to allow a “bleeding heart” defence. Stevens isn’t smart enough to have figured that out (160 IQ or not) and it has the feel of a clever defence from one who knows the DPP and DVA.

At the hearing held  23 October 2003  he was convicted and sentenced under the Crimes Act 20BQ (Psych) , what we refer to as the “Klinger Clause”. The sentence was for a two year custodial sentence, subsequently suspended conditional on Stevens following a reporting regime to local mental health officials and re-paying the stolen sum back to the Commonwealth.  

 During this protracted stage, we refrained from presenting this case on the website to allow judicial processes to proceed unhindered and avoid any possible suggestion of vigilante justice. Stevens has now, with much assistance, beaten the formal system.   This so called "Psych" case then proceeded to email his Veteran friend and brag about beating the system.  Below is that email.   Again the CPMH member who "befriended" him extracted details of his whereabouts and his current location.

----- Original Message -----

> >From: "Robert Stevens" <>

> >Subject: Re: Heading East
> >Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 15:53:35 +1000
> >
> >
> >Great to hear you're fit to travel; it's a long trip, but should be
> >enjoyable in short hops.  As for accommodation; we don't have a great house
> >yet, but plenty of space and power to hook up to, if you'd like to save a
> >little money.  Our shower is a little limited, but I might be able to get
> >the gas connected to our new , better shower in the carport by the 28th. 
> >LPG hot water system, and all plumbing done, but no gas, 'cause no money.
> >Our phone is (02)XXXXXXXX or we're on Optus after 8.00 p.m. free for
> >twenty minutes on 04212XXXX or XXX. Travelling through Bega? 
Then contact us for his phone numbers so you can have a chat

> >Alternatively, the caravan parks.   'Phone number at Kalaru (five minutes
> >from beach) is (02)XXXXXXXX or Merimbula (next to beach) 02 XXXXXXXX
> >Pambula (slightly inland from Merimbula) 02 XXXXXXXX.  These are cooler
> >than Bega.  Bega park no. is 02 XXXXXXXX.
> >Supposed to see the ticker specialist on 19/11, for six month check-up;
> > feel like I'm slowly getting better with less stress from the court jester.
> >
> > Ended up having to put my hand up for incorrect info. on DVA application;
> >then we all walk.  The lady prosecutor was taken off the case after the
> >July hearing fiasco outside the court; and they sent a nice, young male
> >negotiator.  I think he was a bit terrified of the uninformed rent-a-crowd
> >that came down for the hearing.  I wouldn't blame him; and I put my bit in
> >by saying to him that I expected a quiet and civilised court, in my best
> >meaningful voice.
> >
> >I'm supposed to see a shrink down here for the next two years; but the team
> >has already said they don't think I'm loony.  Curses, missed out again!
> >

> >SWMBO says I have to be a very good boy, and keep my nose clean.
> >
> >She has some rocket (lettuce) planted, and salvaged the pot plants and
> >trees, which have been sadly neglected over winter.  We've planted twelve
> >Red Cedars (the real cedars, not that Western rubbish), and are slowly
> >sorting out the yard.
> >
> >One day we'll even get around to building a house.
> >
> >O.K. Give us a ring when you get close, and we'll sort out a meeting point.
> >
> >Have a good trip and relax.
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Merle and Rob.

Fair question. How did this person apply for and obtain D.V.A. benefits just by claiming a name change in 1976 from Ronald Charles Seivers to Robert Charles Stevens using a stolen Discharge Certificate belonging to Ronald Richard Sievers.?

We’ll lay out the names. Would you be fooled by this?

Robert Charles Stevens….Says his name was changed from,
Ronald Charles Seivers…..and then fraudulently used documents belonging to,
Ronald Richard Sievers… gain a  DVA White card and then go on to apply for a TPI.

Look at the surnames alone.   SEIVERS. (fake)….SIEVERS. (genuine)
Could this thief have used a typewriter computer or pen to make an alteration on official documents? Of course he could have.   Its very easy to do and he has shown he has a flair for using the computer on the Military chat site and in emails he has exchanged with others..
Sievers….to …..Stevens. (the “i” becomes a “t” and the “r” becomes an “n”)

We can’t even begin to imagine how the incorrect middle name was not noticed by DVA. Charles and Richard aren’t even close except that they both contain 7 letters.

So how did this impostor pass muster at D.V.A.?
Why wasn’t a cursory search made in the nominal roll? The difference in middle and surnames is apparent to all but it would appear not to DVA at the time.
Why wasn’t change of name documentation asked for?
Why weren’t service records checked?  It is believed that one of the witnesses for the prosecution, had he been called, could have verified that there were no records available for Stevens for Viet Nam.
We will probably never, never, know.

What do you feel about this, you genuine Veterans who are having difficulties in obtaining your rightful compensation? You were made to stand in line while this liar and impostor had his claims attended to. There was a lot of money allocated to his welfare that could have gone to genuine Veterans. Between 1996, when this all began and now, how many of our mates have taken their own lives because they have been shunned by the lengthy process taken by the Department in repatriating genuine Veterans?

Stevens is now a convicted fraud and thief. He was handed down a two year prison sentence which was suspended. He is required to pay $67,000, basically being a refund of the money he stole from genuine Veterans, be of good behaviour for two years while attending a Bega Psychiatrist and must notify the Psych if he leaves the Bega area.

We don’t feel that this is sufficient punishment nor a deterrent to others who would follow the same crooked path. We do not regard him as a former serviceman gone bad, but rather a civilian who wormed his way into the ranks of Veterans talking the talk of the Veteran.
His photo and story will remain on this site for the term of his natural life. His whereabouts will also be constantly monitored and updated on here.  Due to our policy regarding civilians, no apologies to the Veteran Community will be accepted and removal of his details from this site will not be considered.

Stevens wrote in an email, “I grow old and the world grows darker around me, every day new places, every day new places.” (sic)
How prophetic.

Believe us when we say that there are others like him out there, the liars and thieves that are receiving compensation benefits that could have gone to genuine people.  We are well aware of another,  a Citizens Military Forces Officer, later Army Reservist, who has never been in the Regular Army but is in receipt of an 80% Veterans Affairs pension and was issued a set of genuine Viet Nam medals on the orders of a Regular Army Officer.   This person has ripped our system off to the tune of approximately $400,000 dollars to date and possibly may have gotten away with it forever except for the fact that he has now retired and decided it was time to apply for the full TPI benefits. 

A plus here for the DVA assessor who saw through this persons supposed TWO WEEKS service in Viet Nam.   CPMH have been tracking this fellow now for a long period of time and have supplied a lot of information to the Departments fraud squad to have this fellow charged.   Again we will sit in the background until his case is dealt with by the courts and then we will see what the outcome is.  The interesting aside to this case is that the same Lawyer that defended Stevens in now defending this bogus Veteran.   One would have thought that the fact that the lawyer is a Veteran would have indicated a conflict of interests and he would have given the case away.

We have some more tagged and they will be bagged.
Until the Government does something about the willingness of the Federal Police, Director of Public Prosecutions and DVA to take a harder line with these frauds, what is presented on this website and by Today Tonight is just about all you will ever know about them.

This lowlife, Stevens, is now a resident of Bega, on the south coast of New South Wales.  If he choses to move from this location we will be advised by alert Veterans and this page will be updated accordingly.
He has escaped a lengthy prison sentence with the aid of a solicitor who is a Veteran and was a TPI until he was rehabilitated and found that he was able to work again.

Several Viet Nam Veterans attended this hearing on 23/10/03 and voiced their displeasure at the outcome to this solicitor. Stevens was also challenged by an enraged Veteran at his previous court appearance when another large group attended wearing all their decorations and awards. 

As a final note, think of this.
The DVA Officer who originally granted benefits to this impostor thinking that he or she was doing the right thing by a disturbed Veteran is probably no longer a DVA Officer.
Procedures for the processing of claims will probably be tightened up if they haven’t been already and genuine Veterans will find it even harder to gain DVA assistance. You ex-service people who are waiting on decisions will possibly have to wait a lot longer than what would have been the normal time and you’re going to have some tougher questions to answer.
Should you find yourself in this position, you can thank Robert Charles Stevens of Bega for this.  If passing through his area drop in for a beer and thank him personally.  He claims PTSD so it may as well be kept alive.  His address will also be on the electoral roll, or if you have a look in the white pages on line, look for M. Stevens, not R. Stevens. [He is hiding behind his wife's skirt again.]  Bega and you can ring and have a chat.

With regard to Stevens’ supposed diminished responsibility due to his mental state. A CPMH team member offered this piece of sound advice to those who let him off so lightly.

If he can do the crime with this condition, he can do the time with this condition. 

As a finale at the moment to this poor excuse for a human being's story, the email below was just received. Please note the yellow highlighted area below.   Failure of the judicial system to recover this money and the Veteran community will make no mistake about Stevens paying it.  After all it is their money so it is in their interest to see it recovered.  Visits may have to be arranged by Veterans to make house calls each payday to ensure that the money is given back to DVA.   Personally escorted visits to the bank are not out of the question here as genuine TPI Veterans have  time on their hands to ensure that this will happen and would welcome any resistance by Stevens in not complying.

> >From: "Robert Stevens" <>

> >To:

> >Subject: Travellin' East.

> >Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 13:46:05 +1000

> >Hi, XXXXXX,

> >Gotta let you know more detail about the court case.

> >We finally settled on me pleading guilty to mistakes on my

> >application form; and they want a refund of $45k in medical costs..

> >At the last hearing, we were on our knees financially, and Merle blew

> >up and walked out on me in the middle of the fight.

> >So, I settled; and walked away with a big debt hanging over my head;

> >one which DVA will never recover.

> >From my point of view, I'm not happy, but have to accept the unacceptable;

> >and not get too worked up about it. Starting back on cardiac rehab

> >next week, now that the stress level has dropped.

> >The point is, XXXXXX; you would not be the first Digger to turn his

> >back on me over this issue. It was claimed that I used another Vet's

> >gold card and name; which was not the case; and a lot of hostility has come my way

> >over this, and also my solicitor and the Public Prosecutor copped

> >flak as well. So, in the prevailing situation; should you decide not to see us or

> >talk to us, I will understand; and I have no wish to place anyone in a

compromising situation.  It would be nice to see you; but we felt you should know the

> >situation before committing yourself.  Apart from that, have a good trip; and take it easy.

> >Regards,

> >Bob and Merle.

It should be noted here that his "friend" has all his home address details and should he call in on his proposed trip he just might get to meet another of the "Diggers who will show hostility his way" as he put it above.  Heed your own words Mr Stevens.

The lesson to be learned here for all bogus Veterans.   Take off the unearned awards, stay out of our compensation system and Ex Service Organisations because not one Viet Nam Veteran was de programmed after the end of hostilities and we were all trained "to capture and hold ground and seek out and destroy the enemy."  Bogus Veterans are the new age enemy.



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This site page will be constantly updated with any and all facts reported by Veterans that are considered in the interest of all genuine Veterans.


-----Original Message-----
From: Army
   Sent: Monday, 5 January 2004 2:01 AM
Subject: Stevens

As someone who tried to serve his country with honour in Vietnam i  can only voice my disgust at what this person has done and the totally inadequate penalty .Reading his emails i reach the conclusion that he feels no remorse and feels hard done by and will not attempt to repay the money fraudulently received. Matter of fact he seem quite proud of himself. Having had a close family member murdered i am once again astounded by the way the justice system protects the criminal and ignores the rights of the victim and society. I have friends in Bega who will be glad to extract some rough justice from this scumbag if required. Keep up the great work you are doing exposing these scum and let us hope the judiciary will start imposing proper sentences.


ex 2 R A R /N Z  70 / 71

NB:  CPMH does not condone violence towards these people.  Monitoring of his whereabouts and reporting to the authorities is warranted and should be conducted by concerned Veterans and the general public.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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