Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Burnett
Christian Names: Alan George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Burnett with his dazzling display of combat decorations. Remember, this man is now clean-shaven and bald

Alan George Burnett is unique in the annals of CPMH team investigations. He not only rates a mention on these pages but is also listed on the US Phony Veterans site along with another fake American serviceman (St Ives) after a joint investigation on both sides of the Pacific.

Alan George Burnett was born in England and emigrated to Australia with his family as a small child. His family took up residence in Queensland and that basically is where he has spent the majority of his life until now. He is currently on the run and may be in Melbourne. He is, or at least was, a short balding fat man with a beard. Since being exposed he is now clean shaven with a shaved head who now really does have bad dreams about the veterans who haunt him.


 Burnett's major claim to fame is that he was the "lone survivor" of one of America's most famous battles in the Viet Nam war, The battle of Hamburger Hill. 

He can sit in a pub or club and between crying sessions, with you buying his beer, and can tell you the harrowing minute-by-minute the true account of this battle..... but he can't tell you the name of his division or battalion commander. These are the only facts omitted from the story of Hamburger Hill that are produced in an American magazine readily available in any newsagency. 

He will tell you about the nights where he is woken from his dreams of battle to see his whole platoon, killed to the man, standing at his bedside asking him why he survived and they died. He will recite for you a very impressive service record where he saw action in 5 major battle areas in Viet Nam and an even more impressive list of battle honours where he received the following:

  • Three Purple Hearts,

  • The Silver Star, 

  • The Bronze Star, 

  • The Republic of Viet Nam Civil Action medal,

  • The republic of Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry.

  • The US Infantry Combat Badge and 

  • Three Presidential Unit Citations. 

Not a bad list of awards for a man that has never worn the uniform of any country. His ability to lie to ex-service organisations shows that he spent a lot of time and effort creating his story, but was it worth it in the long run? Initially, because he was using US service details and war exploits, his story was believed and he became a founding member of the VVAA (Viet Nam Veterans Association of Australia) in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, Queensland. 

At one time, it was not easy to verify US Service records, unless you contacted a CPMH investigation team or know the exact area to approach in the United States. These days, processes are much faster and simpler. Burnett even rose through the ranks to hold an executive position on the committee, until the colour of his war stories began to turn black on him.

Burnett joined the 173rd Airborne Association in Queensland, an Australian branch of this famous American unit association and his stories of bravery, although unique, appeared genuine to some of the members until they started to question some of his wounds that did not bear scars. He claims to have been wounded in the back from a RPG (Rocket-propelled Grenade). This wound causes him unbearable pain, but miraculously there are no visible scars. This is also the case with his numerous bullet wounds. Suspicions aroused, the 173rd contacted their counterparts in the US and no records could be found for the service number he produced. Challenged, he decided to change it and try again. Not only did he change his service number but he also changed his date and year of birth and where he thought he was born in the USA. Naturally none of this panned out as he was born in England. 

Burnett further compounds his errors by getting married here in Australia. Wife number one decided she had more than enough of the deceit, and leaves. Burnett tries again with wife number two. Failure again. Using his well-crafted skills in fiction, screaming poor and in need of help, he gets a third wife who takes pity on the "veteran" but quickly she becomes suspicious of his war stories and lies and the relationship ends. Further investigation appears to show that he has never sought a divorce from his previous wives before he takes the matrimonial steps again. Burnett now single, resides in a cabin in a Brisbane northern suburbs caravan park where he still continues to tell his fictitious war stories to anyone who will take pity on him and buy him a beer. He  claims PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) through a Psychiatrist. There are alleged tales of a huge payout from an insurance company for this complaint. 

At this time, CPMH is contacted and becomes aware of Burnett's details. A check of his service details through the US confirms he is a fraud. A Current Affair (a Nine Network program which has worked with CPMH before) is contacted and a plan is put into place to visit and expose him at his cabin. Unfortunately, through the investigation period by CPMH, Burnett got wind he was about to be exposed on national TV and very quickly told his close neighbours that he had been advised by the Department of Veterans Affairs that he had to move to a Veterans' Invalid Hospital in Hobart, Tasmania, for specialised treatment on his back injury (remember the RPG wound). ACA and a CPMH team leader went to his cabin and were advised that they had missed him by half a day. He had vanished into thin air. 

A check by CPMH with Veterans Affairs confirmed his story was a lie. A check of the veterans' rehabilitation hospital in Hobart also confirmed he had lied about this location. Alan George Burnett is still on the run. He has been reported as living in the Hervey Bay area of Queensland. The team checked but he could not be found in this location. He contacted a person he thought was still his friend in NSW for help. The friend immediately contacted CPMH and advised that he was heading for the Victorian capital, Melbourne.

CPMH have since been advised that he has applied for a loan through a major credit union in this location. The team is currently looking for his place of residence in the southern city. A Current Affair still want to interview this war hero and we have been asked to advise the Federal Police and the Insurance Company of his whereabouts.

This investigation continues on foot.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Tait
Christian Names: Raymond James
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Case Notes:

Raymond James Tait, a resident of Liverpool, an outer Sydney suburb, is a genuine former soldier. Although in the age bracket that could have seen him enlist and serve in Viet Nam he did not. Raymond Tait enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in 1972, the year the final combat troops left Viet Nam and returned to Australia. The Corps he enlisted into was the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE). Tait remained in the Army until 1978 and remained the rank of Sapper, the Engineer equivalent of a private soldier. He did not serve outside Australia although he wears the following medals and awards and the rank of Corporal as shown in the photograph

  • The 8 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment's, The Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation,

  • The Infantry Combat Badge [ICB], 

  • The AASM and 

  • The Viet Nam medals (both Australian and Vietnamese). 

He also claims he was wounded in action and when he woke up [in a US hospital] a United States issue  Purple Heart was pinned to his chest. He says he felt guilty about accepting this award and handed it back prior to leaving the hospital but, as the story goes, years down the track his "buddies" told him he was entitled to it so he applied for and was sent a new one. This award is proudly displayed in his house and it doesn't take too much prompting for him to tell you the story about how he earned it.

Ray Tait has been telling his lies of being wounded in the field and being a member of 8 RAR (8th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment) and the Australian Army Training Team Viet Nam (AATTV) to anyone who would listen since the early 1970's. 

His stories seemed convincing enough that genuine diggers didn't question him until such time as he began to elaborate on his stories and included the time he was with the AATTV and was required to clear the Viet Cong Tunnels in the Long Hai hills and under SAS Hill in the Australian base camp. His story here states that he was sent to Viet Nam with 1 Field Squadron RAE as a "tunnel rat" where he was a "Number 2 Searcher" and eventually worked his way up to being a "Number One Searcher" who was then posted to Charlie Company, 8 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment and from there to the AATTV.

Who knows what movies he has watched to gain this information but it is obvious that he, like many wannabes, did not research his story fully enough and genuine veterans became suspicious about his stories of Viet Cong tunnels in the Australian base camp area. 

As a bogus veteran he had people convinced for years that he was real, but like most, he wanted to enhance and embellish himself and his esteem within the veteran community so he concocted bigger and better stories about his bogus service. This was his downfall as he failed to further research his material properly and this was soon picked up by those who had "been there and done that".

In one of his stories of being a tunnel rat he states he  "Would go down the hole and just far enough in to be out of sight and stop there and smoke for a while and then come out and report there was nothing there". 

A genuine tunnel rat would never jeopardise the lives of his mates by not penetrating the full extent of a tunnel and making sure that it was secure, irrespective of the danger to his own life. 

Information on his possible bogus status was sent to CPMH by several who doubted his authenticity and an investigation into his military service was conducted.   Although he was enlisted into the regular army which his service number indicates, he has now shown an interest in purchasing the National Service medal to add to his collection. In his mind he believes that he was also a National Serviceman and can produce a set of dog tags to supposedly verify this fact, even though there are not enough numbers on them for national service status. 

His "real" dog tags, or at least the ones he states were his "Viet Nam" dog tags, are red. Colour coded for Viet Nam so he will tell you. In total he has three sets of dog tags he proudly displays beside his Purple Heart and soon, possibly his National Service medal. Perhaps the third set is for Army Reserve service? Who knows. One would also hope that the organisation dispatching the National Service commemorative medals (there is no "official" National Service medal) would also check on his entitlement before sending him this medal.

It is also known that Raymond James Tait is on a 90% disability pension. The question must be asked, as to whether this disability is being paid for war-caused injuries or injuries that were sustained through his legitimate service (remember he says he was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart)?

CPMH have confirmed through Army Records, the 8 RAR association and the AATTV association that Tait
did not serve outside Australia on active service and has never served in either of the above units. He is a fraud contravening a federal law by impersonating a returned serviceperson and wearing medals and awards not lawfully bestowed upon him. 

A check of R&SL records in the state of NSW shows  that in 1996 Tait applied for and became a member of the Liverpool R&SL. On his application to join the R&SL he has given false information in relation to his dates of enlistment, service in Viet Nam, medal entitlement and his actual date of birth. CPMH does not deny him the chance to be a member of the R&SL due to his genuine service in the Australian Regular Army and in fact would encourage to do so, however his membership status as a veteran is not valid.


With all this information Tait was contacted by CPMH investigators and asked to explain his actions and medals. Tait replied confessing that he had been waiting for years to be exposed as a bogus veteran. He forwarded to CPMH a handwritten, signed letter explaining his whole bogus nature, his medals, the 8 RAR citation (fake medals) and his VVAA badge. It should be noted here that he was NOT a member of the VVAA NSW but had applied for and been accepted as a member of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia (Granville) a completely separate body to the VVAA. After receiving his badge he failed to renew his membership the following year. Why? Tait states in his letter that he purchased all of his replica medals from Christies, in Sydney and this can clearly be seen on their reverse. CPMH is of the firm belief that any organisation that sells replica or commemorative medals should confirm the entitlement to those medals of the purchaser or a bona-fide medal collector. 

Raymond James Tait further expressed his sorrow in his letter to CPMH stating that this is causing him deep emotional problems and could affect his family life now that he has been exposed and has asked that the matter now be forgotten. 

Unfortunately many within our ranks have had psychological problems and worse created by our service in Viet Nam and we now live with these disorders in our civilian life and unfortunately they have caused many heartaches within our family structure which has led to divorce and far worse in many cases. Tait, and others like him may consider that they are now some part way to being the veteran they wanted to be, as the problems many say they now have were created in the relative safety of civilian life and will remind them of Viet Nam for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps now they will feel some of the problems that beset many genuine veterans. The pain and suffering of an impostor is by no means comparable to that of the families of over 500 veterans who laid down their lives in Viet Nam, nor the veterans who returned psychologically, mentally and physically ruined for the remainder of their lives. 

We veterans are more than mates who fought together. We are a brotherhood of veterans still fighting and remaining together and to quote the motto of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia; Remember the dead and fight like hell for the living.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Doyle
Christian Names: John Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Case Notes:

Perusing the offenders on this site you will most likely note the number of people that we have cited who  have held an executive position within ESOs (ex-service organisations), or they say they were in the Special Air Service or some fanciful 'special operations' group and their missions were that secret they still cant talk about them, or if they do they "will have to kill you". 

Odd you say?? 

Well not really, as the military imposter or 'wannabe' is the epitome of a coward that didn't have the intestinal fortitude to put on a uniform and do his bit. In his dreams he likes to think that he has the ability to be better than the real thing. You will find that most of these people will say that they served in the SASR, Australia's elite troops, the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Viet Nam) or they will have been a member of a platoon that has been in a famous battle, like the battle of Long Tan. Always pay attention to anyone who claims he was a member of this elite band of soldiers called the SAS or if he says he was the hero of a major battle. 

Ask them questions, and the more you ask the more they will lie to you as they like the attention and they will give you all the information you will need to place them firmly on the pages of this site for life. 

Meet John Henry Doyle, who was a past-president of the Townsville Returned and Services League. 

There is not a lot we can add to the fine job done by this reporter and as is stated in the article mail order medals are the problem here as anyone off the street can write away for and receive through the mail any medal they wish to purchase. There is no offence in doing this, however; if it is the intention of the purchaser to wear this medal and pretend to be a returned serviceman then a federal offence has been committed and they will stand trial when caught. 

It is the aim of CPMH with the assistance of people such as yourself, the media and police to ensure that the bogus person is caught, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (Defence Act 1903). 

Doyle and the major publicity he has attracted gives us a chance to explain a little more about why we are here. Mentioned here with Doyle is another bogus member of the Townsville R&SL who has recently been jailed for fraud. For the full story on Ted Miskiewicz go here, 

Is being caught, getting a small amount of exposure in the press and a small fine a big enough deterrent to the bogus veteran? The maximum fine in accordance with the Defence Act is chicken-feed; less than most speeding tickets, and the 6 months in prison is never carried out no matter how serious the offence may be. 

These penalties appear by no means to be a deterrent to the imposter as he will pay the fine, suffer some embarrassment and then usually moves to another town and starts his deceitful tales all over again as is shown on this site in the case of Rod Bolam. It may mean he might have to purchase 'his' replacement medals and awards again but he will do that because he likes to bask in the glory of what he thought he might have done if he he had the courage to enlist in the first place. 

The majority of imposters listed on the pages of CPMH and our US counterparts wannabe pages are full of cowards who steal the identity or good name of genuine veterans and denigrate the ANZAC tradition by telling their lies to captive audiences of mainly innocent civilians who cannot pick the difference between the truth and the lies they tell. Some are indeed accomplished and clever and have researched the bogus lifestyle in which they fantasise and in some cases they have fooled genuine veterans and their families for long periods and have also fooled the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

This lust for seeking fame as a hero of war gets bigger and bigger as they become more confident with the lies they are spreading, until they become so confident they make one tiny error in their story which ultimately becomes their undoing. There are many on the pages of this site in that category that you will see as you pass through and there are more to follow. 

Shortly you will see the story of the bogus veteran who promoted himself to Lieutenant Colonel in the Armoured Corps and organised and took a contingent of genuine veterans to 'The Wall' in the USA. We have him on film spruiking his lies and on his return from America he awarded himself the Defence Force Service Medal for 15 years of bogus activities he has performed hidden in the veteran community with his lies. We invite you to continue returning to this site as he will appear here on the pages very soon. 

These bogus veterans may be able to endure a little embarrassment of a once-only appearance in their local paper but once placed on the pages of CPMH they have a life sentence as there is no removal from these pages once you have been identified as a bogus veteran. 

As stated in this article on John Henry Doyle the veteran community has a zero tolerance of bogus veterans and if you endorse this view, please email the Minister for Veterans Affairs, and any or all other politicians and voice your disgust at the infinitesimal fines issued to these people. 

You will find a poll [link removed] on this site where you can indicate what you think the fines should be for the federal offence of impersonating a veteran. Please pass your opinion on to the politicians by talking to your local member (there is an election this year, and the veteran vote is significant in today's closely-fought electoral campaigns) and maybe if enough pressure is applied from veterans, concerned civilians and the media we can instigate a change in the fines and jail sentences. 

With significant and punitive fines and genuine custodial options in our legal (as opposed to justice)  system, plus concerted campaigns to shame the imposters in our midst; the potential to rid our  community of military imposters can only be enhanced. Your action, can help put an end to imposters. 

There would be an enormous public outcry from the various state police departments if bogus police, fire and emergency services personnel began turning up in their areas of responsibility. Those that died, those that were wounded and those who suffer physical and psychological consequences of their service in theatres of conflict deserve no less respect. 

Do your bit.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Marr
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Case Notes:

This exposure of one David Marr, who resides in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, has been a harrowing one for many veterans who worked on this case;  especially so for the spouse of one genuine veteran in particular. Marr's military experience is not extensive. Some would say virtually non-existent. His entire military career spanned a short stint as a part-time soldier in a reservist unit totalling just four months service; just enough time to learn how to wear his uniform; some ten days of accrued time on duty.

His civilian employment was again part time. As a part-time travel consultant he was able to promote and chaperone (at no cost to himself it appears) a visit to The Wall in Washington DC, USA (America's national monument to the Vietnam War) in 1995 for a group of Australian Vietnam veterans. These veterans did not know that Marr was an imposter, far from it! They had no idea the military persona he presented was totally fraudulent. The image Marr presented was promoted and supported to the extent where he was totally accepted and involved with Army unit associations during the 1970's; hot on the heels of Australia's closure to the war, when many veterans felt betrayed by their country and the vast majority of returned service personnel kept a low profile. Circumstances which benefited Marr's fraudulent behaviour perfectly. These were nonetheless, simpler times; a was a time when society trusted another's word and wannabes were unheard of. David Marr was a very good con-man, duping many veterans. Especially after he was elected to committees representing the interests of Vietnam veterans. This expanded so much, and Marr's fraud contrived so well, that at the time nobody ever doubted the military background and experiences he presented.

Over the years Marr became more expert at his deception, exhibiting a very confident air and expanded his fantasies and experiences to such a height that duped everyone he met. He was able to convince some battle-hardened veterans that he was with the armoured column that came to their rescue at Long Tan, on the 18th of August 1966. His ultimate con trick was the visit of Vietnam veterans to The Wall in the United States in November of 1995. In his role as a part-time 'travel consultant' he arranged the entire trip, allegedly inflating the individuals' cost to minimise his own as he went along as the tour leader (an accepted practice in travel agencies is that a tour leader travels at no charge, provided a minimum quota of travellers is reached). Marr had been in the USA the previous year and presented his fake military credentials (a Lieutenant Colonel in Australia's Armoured Corps no less) thereby creating a bond, albeit it fraudulent, with the unsuspecting US Veteran establishment. The visit to Washington on Memorial Day, 11 November, was videotaped; look carefully at this video of Marr in the green shirt and plumed hat, remembering that he is a fraud.

This is but one small chapter in David Marr's life as a "wannabe." He has conned and stolen the innocence of many veterans, inflicting trauma and distrust to such an extent that one needed long-term counselling to prevent suicide, although it was attempted unsuccessfully. Marr's actions are despicable and unacceptable in any community, yet there is little the law enforcers are motivated to do. It is not of great public importance (as opposed to in the public interest) because his actions inflicted distress on 'only' a few dozen veterans and their families and not considered criminal

Despite the intent and promulgation of the penalties under the Defence Act 1903 as amended, remedies under the Act are seldom used; perhaps because the penalties are so incredulously light (see left).

Marr in the photo on this page is seen wearing two medals to which he is not entitled, the Australian Vietnam Medal and the Vietnam Campaign Star. In the video here (warning; long download) he is also wearing the Defence Force Service Medal. A medal awarded for 15 years service in the Australian military; not 15 weeks!

So what are the answers to the problems presented by the Marrs of our society? Veterans fought and died for the principles of freedom and equality, never expecting or deserving the distressing experience of meeting and suffering the antics of the David Marrs of this world. The best other veterans can do is to continue to expose these unwanted afflictions of today's society. 

By exposing Marr and others on these pages it brings solace to the victims and helps to make others aware that frauds are in many places in our society, sometimes in high places, and we must remain ever vigilant.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Stinson
Christian Names: Stephen John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

This is what we have been given on this person. He appears to have made the Certificate of Service himself, or had it made from an original issued to him previously. The medals are not in the correct order, wrongly named and list many he has no entitlement to. Stinson himself has published this material on the World Wide Web. Here is the doctored 'Certificate of Service' from Stinson's web site before he removed it;


Here is his official military service, make the comparison. The following information was confirmed on enquiry and is on the public record. Note the variations between the two and the comments made by the research officer to the true service record.:

Stephen John Stinson

Date of Birth:  
10 Oct 1946

Australian Regular Army 4 Jan 1966 to 21 Sep 1979 (nil prior service)
Citizen Military Forces 22 Sep 1979 to 23 Jan 1980
Rank on Discharge:      
Captain (Temporary Major)

Unit Service:   
Officer Cadet School - Jan to Dec 1966
1st Composite Ordnance Depot - Feb to Jun 1967
3RAR - Jun 1967 to Nov 1967
1st Composite Ordinance Depot - Nov 1967 to Feb 1968
5RAR - Feb 1968 to Dec 1970
HQ NT COMD - Dec 1970 to May 1972
2RAR - May 1972 to Aug 1973
2/4RAR - Aug 1973 to Nov 1973
ADAG PNG (seconded to Dept of Ext Affairs - Nov 1973 to Jan 1976
ADOG (AC) PNG Jan 1976 to Nov 1977
3RAR - Nov 1973 to Nov 1979

Overseas Service:       
South Vietnam - Feb 1969 to Feb 1970 (5RAR and MATT Phuóc Tuy Province)
PNG - Nov 1973 to Sep 1977

Medals (Issued by ADF):
Australian Active Service Medal 1945/75 Clasp Vietnam
Vietnam Medal
Australian Service Medal 1945/75 Clasp PNG
PNG Independence Medal
Vietnamese Campaign Medal
The US Meritorious Unit Commendation
Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation
Infantry Combat Badge
Return from Active Service Badge

ADF Honours and Awards Army Medal Section have confirmed the above as being issued by the Australian Defence Force.  They advise that this entitlement was confirmed to Mr. Stinson in August 1999.

Records indicate no connection with Special Forces or service prior to 1966. No mention of any service with the Australian Army in Borneo.

Certificate of Service: 
Appears to be a self made certificate based on a copy of a Certificate of Service issued to him by Defence in Sep 1979. Someone has amended the enlistment date, added various medals to the original, added colour and moved the Army watermark up to the top of the Certificate. A copy of the original issued by the Army in 1979 is above. Interestingly the Australian Active Service Medal 1945/75 Clasp Vietnam and Australian Service Medal 1945/75 Clasp PNG were not available until the mid 1990’s. They were not contemplated in 1979!

How they are able to be entered onto a Certificate of Service issued in 1979 is interesting. Another medal he is claiming is the General Service Medal with Clasp South Vietnam, this was issued for service in Vietnam between 1962 and 1964 only and mainly to members of the AATTV, he did not enlist until 1966?

He is also claiming medals for service in Borneo, on the Malaya Peninsula and in Northern Ireland. Again there are no records of his service in these operational areas. He appears to have had service with the PNG Constabulary after leaving the Army so he may have the PNG 10th Anniversary Medal as claimed.

He has no entitlement to the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal 1977; he was never issued this by Defence. There is no record of his being awarded foreign awards of the US Army Distinguished Service Medal or the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm. He may have been awarded these but has never had these foreign awards approved by the Australian Government's Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, so they cannot be formally recognised.

However, these foreign awards may also be fabricated like the Certificate of Service.

Career (as displayed by Stinson on the Internet):
Claims service in ARA from 1963? He enlisted in 1966, on enlistment claimed “nil previous service”

States service (Military?) in Australia, Malaysia. Borneo, Singapore, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Europe, United States and New Zealand. His military service records do NOT confirm service other than in Australia, Vietnam and PNG? The rest may have been with his civilian employment.

Open, and shut.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Bolam
Christian Names: Rodney
Country: Australia
State or Province: Quensland
City or Town: Goomeri
Case Notes:

Rodney Bolam has never served in the Australian Military or Defence Forces. He even failed the call-up for National Service as he was rejected after attempting to volunteer . Undeterred by this state of affairs, Bolam decided to steal the identity of a genuine veteran and use this for his own purposes. Masquerading as a former SASR soldier and wearing fake medals including a Military Cross identical to the real veteran, he attempted to start a Special Air Service Association in Cairns, Far North Queensland. When confronted about the veracity of his claims and his claimed identity, true to form with imposters, he threatened legal action.

The accompanying newspaper articles tell the rest.

There is no need for expansion on the fine job done by the reporters in the accompanying articles. Read it all and judge this man for yourself. 

Be warned, Rodney Bolam may be residing in your area and still pulling the same caper. If so, CPMH would be interested in knowing his whereabouts so the authorities can be notified.



6th Oct 2012


Update Rodney Allan Bolam aka Rodney Allan McAuley


Rodney Bolam has shown up in Goomeri Queensland, a small town in the Burnett region with a population of just under 500 people and a Returned Services League (RSL) Sub Branch to which Bolam had attached himself.  Here is a recent photograph taken at the Goomeri RSL.


We have now learned that Rodney Bolam has served in the Army, but under a different name.  He served as 2789041 Rodney Allan McAuley. He was enlisted as a National Serviceman on the 7th Feb 1968 and after initial assessment became an Officer Cadet, which is a Commissioned Officer in training. He was unsuccessful as an Officer Candidate and was discharged from the Army on 9th Nov 1968. Here is his Discharge Certificate:



At some stage after his departure from the Military, Bolam changed his name from Rodney Allan McAuley to Rodney Allan Bolam.  He was caught lying about his military service in Cairns, Queensland and charged and convicted in Darwin, Northern Territory by Federal Police. Now he is committing the same offences in Goomeri Queensland.

In Goomeri he was the official flag raiser for the Goomeri RSL. As a member of the RSL he kept quiet about his false military exploits, but was quick to relate stories to any “out of towners” who would listen to him. On the 16 Jul 2012 he met a genuine veteran visiting Goomeri. That Veteran has provided a Statutory Declaration regarding the casual meeting. Here are excerpts from the Statutory Declaration.

“We were introduced to him as Rodney McAuley and he was told that I also was a Vietnam Veteran as was this person.  This chap was very engaging and I invited him to join us and we got to talk about our Vietnam experiences.

He said he volunteered for National Service rather than wait for his number to come up, (he said it actually did come up in anyway) and a couple of days after recruit training started he applied for officer training and he and another recruit were accepted.

He went to Scheyville and graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant and went to Vietnam in C Company 2 RAR. He said he was there during the TET Offensive and also at Fire Support Base CORAL.

He said he retired in 1975 with the rank of Captain.

He also revealed he had only just got his TPI pension. He got caught between two mortars and that they were still digging shrapnel out of his back. He told me of the American hospital he was evacuated to  (not Vung Tau) but I can’t remember the name.

I, normally a strong skeptic, was thoroughly convinced, and produced my iPad with a few pictures including ones on my old unit’s xxxxxx xxxxxxx  web site.  This man knew all the military jargon and upon seeing a photo soon pointed out points of interest around Nui Dat. He also recognized photos of CORAL.  quite a few other fanciful stories told by him emerged.

I told him quite a few of my personal experiences of my service in Vietnam and no doubt if he goes onto another similar adventure in another town they will be added to his personal library of experiences and naturally I feel uncomfortable about this.  After decades of perfecting this technique he may very well surely succeed again”

Bolam did not graduate from training as a commissioned officer, but was discharged from the Army before he completed the Officer Training course.

He never served in Vietnam, never attained the rank of Captain, and was never wounded in action.  He is a liar a fraud and a wannabe and should be treated as such by all who meet him.

Bolam aka McAuley is an enemy of Veterans, do not allow him to continue stealing the honour of  Returned Servicemen and Women.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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