Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Zoller
Christian Names: Hugo Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: 8218772
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry and RMC
Commencement of service: 27 Apr 99
Completion of service: 01 Dec 02
Case Notes:




In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of "love rats" who mesmerise vulnerable ladies with false war stories, move in, and then proceed to live the high life of being "kept men".  These wannabes all show the traits of being pathological liars, Hugo Charles Zoller is an example of a cunning  deceitful "love rat".

The photograph is of Zoller purporting to be in a Marijuana plantation in Afghanistan. It is a poorly "photo shopped" photograph.  We have enlarged the left hand lens of his sunglasses and it can be seen that the original photograph was taken inside a car.  See this photograph

Here is another photograph of Zoller as a "cool dude" civilian.

Above is an enlargement of his right hand sunglasses lens.  The photograph was also taken inside a car.  It is likely that this is from a series that is the source of the "photo shopped" photograph of Zoller purporting to be in an Afghanistan Marijuana plantation.

Zoller is a person with very bad habits and behaviour. He falsely blames his bad behaviour on the horrors he witnessed as an Australian soldier serving in East Timor and Afghanistan.

Here are some of the things he has "done" and lies he has told:

Four tours to Afghan and three to East Timor

Killing hundreds of people (although he wasn't a "sicko" who counted)

Showing  a knife and saying it was a precious item he stole from an American GI

Wearing a Pearl Jam band shirt under his army attire 'into battle' against enemy forces to send a silent anti-war message.

Throwing grenades into houses and not knowing whether he was killing children

Being a commando

Laying in the desert for ten days on Special Ops missions

Parachuting into enemy territory

Being a military officer for the UK Armed Forces with a dual passport.

Bragging about all of the soldiers smoking heroin whilst on tour in Afghan

Showing  medals which were only ever flashed then put away again

Carries a knife  which he said he used to clean his gun in the war

Flashed around Photo shopped photos of him  as an Aussie soldier in Afghanistan (which was used to lure vulnerable ladies into his web of deceit)

He was shot in the leg and that is why he was discharged he has a scar there.

Shows a  photograph of 'him' shooting a Machine gun and dressed as Father Christmas, which he claims he wore on Christmas Day, and had to go and start shooting the enemy when they attacked and that he was "the first Santa to get a confirmed kill"

Any experienced soldier will discern that the photograph is of a US Marine not an Australian Soldier.  The weapon being used is an M249 Light Machine Gun used by US Marines in Afghanistan and the webbing equipment is standard issue to US Marines.  In fact the photograph was "Snipped" from here:

Zoller did serve in the Australian Defence Force but the truth of  his service is entirely different from what he extols.  In the Australian Army he never left Australia.

He enlisted on 27 April 1999 and served as a Private soldier in the Infantry Corps until 27 Jun 2001 when he was selected to attend The Royal Military College Duntroon.  He was declared Medically unfit for service and was discharged on 1 December 2002.

Zoller is an entirely inadequate human being who needs to invent the persona of a damaged war hero to charm ladies.  We have many others of his ilk on this website, "love rats"  have become a specific category of wannabes.

Whether "Love Rats" have mental health issues or whether they are just evil, we will pursue them and expose them on this website.

Zoller is now serving in the Corps of  wannabes and he will not be discharged from his duty for a very, very long time.

Welcome Hugo Charles Zoller.


Surname: Baker
Christian Names: Neal
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Sassafras
Service #: Not Known - Doubt if any
Service: Claims Navy
Branch: Chef and Secret Agent
Commencement of service: Claims 1993
Completion of service: Claims 2001
Case Notes:




Neal Baker born 13 September 1973 will tell you he is a trained Pharmacist who joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to become a Chef, who from time to time was attached to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

The movie star Steven Seagal acted in the movie "Under Siege" as the Admiral's personal cook, but he was also a deadly member of the USA Sea Air and Land  team (SEALs) who are elite Special Forces operatives.  Seagal in the movie was a "cool dude" who seems to have an effect on Baker, who in his dreams, emulated Seagal's lifestyle  of being a mild mannered cook who when provoked became a dynamo of heroic action.

We have not been able to locate any evidence that Baker  served in the RAN, but if he did, his service was nothing like he has told people.  We have three separate Statutory Declarations (and could get more) that detail the exploits that "action man" Neal Baker has told to people. Here is what he has said:

Served in the RAN from 1993 until 2001

Was a Pharmacist for three years in civilian life but gave it up to become a RAN Cook.

Also served as "Military Police" in the RAN

Was often attached to ASIO for special missions.

Completed International assassination missions for ASIO

Worked on Special ASIO missions in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Was captured by PNG local Militia and held prisoner for two months

Escaped but was found in a remote village

Shot and killed six militia who were trying to recapture him

Shot and killed an eight year old boy in the crossfire.

Saved the life of his fellow ASIO worker named "Ned" on many occasions

Bashed another Sailor for raping an indigenous girl.

Was stabbed whilst on duty as a Chef in PNG

Every soldier had to do patrols even the Chefs

Has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is the reason for his mood swings.

Among his family and friends the above lies were what was believed, to be Baker's background and the reason for his occasional bad behaviour.

It is betrayal to build relationships and friendships on a foundation of lies and deceit.

His claims are outrageous and are  the ultimate act of dishonour to the Australian and New Zealand Veteran Community.  Most  Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen served roles from the front line on land, sea or air to logistic support as Cooks, Drivers, Mechanics etc.  None of the logistic support servicemen masqueraded as Special Forces ASIO operatives who flitted from the kitchen stove to  secret missions.

Baker is a person with no conscience, who has a track record of telling ridiculous lies about his imaginary RAN service. Any person who has ever served in the RAN will see through his stupid stories of  clandestine action as an ASIO agent who was an RAN cook between missions.

We contacted Baker and asked him about his RAN Service and he refused to divulge any information.

We hope he is not still doing "secret missions" for ASIO because we have now "blown" his cover.  Any person, agent of ISIS, or enemy of our Nation who types his name into "Google" will receive this report.  

Welcome to our website Neal Baker of Sassafras Victoria


Surname: McLean
Christian Names: James Ronald Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Wangaratta
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army
Branch: Armoured Corps
Commencement of service: 1984
Completion of service: 2006
Case Notes:




James McLean completed many years of respected Army Service mainly in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps where he was a skilled Crewman on Armoured vehicles. After his discharge he became a Fire Fighter in Victoria and seems to have run off his tracks.

Notice that McLean is wearing on his left breast:

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)        -  Not entitled

General Service Medal (GSM) (Imperial)  -  Not entitled

Australian Active Service Medal    -  Entitled

Defence Long Service Medal        -  Entitled

Australian Defence Medal             -  Entitled

United Nations UNTAC Medal       -  Entitled

Above, and to the right of his rack, he is wearing a newly presented National Emergency Medal. Awarded for service as a Fire Fighter, he is entitled to that medal.

His deception

The ICB is a prestigious badge awarded to  serving members of the Australian Army for service as an Infantryman in warlike operations. McLean has never served in such a roll.

The GSM is an imperial medal that McLean claims was awarded to him for service in Northern Ireland whilst attached to United Kingdom Forces during his Special Air Service Regiment service during the 1980s.  In fact McLean has never served with the SASR attached to UK Forces and never served in Northern Ireland.

We hold Statutory Declarations declaring that McLean has told people  he also spent two weeks in Somalia with SASR.  In addition he claims to have been on a solo exercise "mission"  in Bass Strait Victoria to "Retake" an oil/gas rig, however he misread the tides and drifted past the Rig and had to have his "ship" return and  pick  him up.

McLean does have a history with SASR in that he attended two selection courses, one in 1991 and another in 1992.  He failed to complete the courses and was withdrawn on both occasions.

McLean earned the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations UNTAC medal for Peacekeeping operations in Cambodia.  He earned the Australian Defence Medal and the Defence Long Service Medal  for completing years  of service in the Australian Army.  He earned the  National Emergency Medal for civilian fire fighting duties.

He should have been satisfied with his awards and his service, but for reasons known only to him he awarded himself an extra badge and medal.

McLean is a medals cheat, a liar, a wannabe and a fraud, he wears a prestigious badge he did not earn, a UK medal he did not earn and tells lies about having served on dangerous operations in the elite SASR.

McLean's reputation has now been sullied by his own actions.  Those who choose this path of false fame will, like McLean be exposed on this website.


Surname: Jenkins
Christian Names: Peter Kevin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland (Formerly SA)
City or Town: Maroochydore (Formerly Mackay)
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




We have on our web site numerous examples of men who make a career of "sponging" off vulnerable women. These pathetic examples of humanity always exhibit the symptoms of being pathological liars. Peter Kevin Jenkins of Maroochydore is such an excuse for a man.

National Australia Archives were unable to locate a Defence Service File for Peter Kevin Jenkins. We hold Statutory Declarations detailing Jenkins version of his military history.

Here is what Jenkins has to say:

He joined the Australian Army aged 18 years

Served in the Special Air Service (SAS)

Was shot four times and will show his scars to prove it

Served in Afghanistan, Timor and Papua New Guinea

Held suspected terrorists in a container terminal tortured them for 12 days then shot them in the back of the head.

Gets a War Pension of $2,800 a fortnight

He refuses to attend ANZAC day commemorations because although he served 18 years the Australian Defence Force did not care about him.

Around ANZAC Day in 2014 he was very depressed because of the things he had to do for his country.

Claims to possess "7 hand guns"

He has four war medals which he will readily exhibit and is booked to receive another at a medals presentation ceremony in Canberra in August 2014.

There are numerous examples of scurrilous dishonest wimps on this web site who seek free board and lodgings whilst claiming to be serving or ex serving Special Forces Servicemen, These mongrels falsely blame their tantrums and bad behaviour on the Psychological injuries received whilst involved in heroic Defence service, which is always of a secret nature, such as described by Jenkins when he "murdered prisoners of war".

We know that Jenkins has previously resided in the Mackay area of Queensland, and South Australia. We would appreciate information from others he has conned before moving to Maroochydore.

Peter Kevin Jenkins is the epitome of the exact opposite of how a genuine SAS Regiment soldier would act. He is without scruples, honour or human decency. From now on, whenever his name is typed into a search engine this truth about him will emerge.

We welcome Jenkins to our web site with the knowledge that this is the retribution wrought upon liars frauds and wannabes who infest the Australian and New Zealand Veteran Communities.


UPDATE Peter Kevin Jenkins aka Peter Kevin Cane

Since publishing our exposure of Jenkins we have received further information, including advice from a person who served with him during his military career. We now know that he did have a military career, although it was less than auspicious, very short, and served under his real name, which is Peter Kevin Cane born 9 March 1978.

5800672 Peter Kevin Cane aka Jenkins, enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on 4 September 1995 and was discharged 21 October 1995. The reason for his discharge was that he was "Not suited to be a soldier" Obviously the Enlistment Officer made an error when he approved Jenkins aka Cane's application to enlist.

There is no real shame in being discharged for the reason of being unsuitable, as not everybody is suited for the rigours of Army service. There is however monumental shame when a person falsely claims to have served heroically with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), when they failed Recruit Training, which is, in part, designed to cull out those who are not suited for military life.

Since our exposure of Jenkins he has written some murderous and lying emails. He fails to understand that he is the author of his current situation because of his lies and deceit. In the email below, he threatens the life of an ANZMI investigator and his family.

"Peter Jenkins 19 Jul 14

Hi xxxx,

I've lost my wife because of you, so i think it's only fitting that you lose something in return.
Now your website is only a vigilante website as i described before, so what is going to happen now i am and will take your life, weather (sic) it be by a slash to the throat or maybe i will take a valued member or your family, it seems to me that you seem it necessary to make assumptions in regards to members of the public with which you have no evidence against their affiliation in one way or another against the military. now i promise i will find you and i will make you pay, the only person i ever loved was my partner an you thought it was up too you to play god or whatever reason you thought that made you better then the rest of us humans.

Your time on this earth is coming to an end, in other words your life expectancy has narrowed.

I lost my wife because of you, so its only fitting you lose the same, Im not worried about the police, call me 0459438603, but your life expextency (sic) is very short"

The reason he "lost" his partner was because he had lied to her during the whole of their relationship. It is a common trait, for lying sponging "love rat" wannabes to live a life of complete fiction, with promises of riches to come, as long as their partners pay for everything.

Only pathological liars can get away with this behaviour and Jenkins aka Cane is a very model of an unrepentant Australian pathological liar.

Here is another example of his lying skills where he claims we have got it wrong:

We hold Statutory Declarations from people outside of his family who have provided evidence about his lies. He also states "If he done his homework he would have found my Service Record" We did our homework and no person with the name Jenkins had completed the Army service described by Jenkins aka Cane. He fails to mention that his Service Record is under a different name.

We have no doubt that Jenkins aka Cane will surface and re-offend in another location, perhaps under another name. We urge all persons concerned for the integrity of the Veterans and ex Service communities to keep watch for this disgusting individual


Update Peter Kevin Jenkins aka Peter Kevin Cane - 23 Oct 14

The rat has resurfaced and is still using his hackneyed modus operandi. He has departed Queensland and his area of operation is now Western Australia (WA). He appears to be working to the same script he used in Queensland. Here are reports from Perth WA about his latest activities.

Victim 1

"I was sucked into his lies about being in the special forces and his gun shot wounds stories. He told me so many lies and I felt totally degraded after I found out that he wasn't who he claimed to be. I met him off a dating site called Oasis and he had been to my house a few times. When we found out the truth he started threatening myself and my daughter. I reported him to the police and was considering a VRO but he backed off and hasn't contacted me in a while. I had him banned from Oasis as I emailed the site to tell them that he is a con man and fraud".

From family member of Victim 2

"He said he served at 3 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment then 2nd Commando Regiment then Special Air Service Regiment. He alleged he served for 17 years in the Army and went to Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), his father was military. His son is allegedly now at ADFA. He claims he did an exchange with US Army in Sacramento, California USA. He showed footage of a Channel Nine documentary he claims he appeared in, of course he could not be identified in the documentary. He mentioned he was shot four times, showed his wounds and he said he lost his mate, I believe the name to be Xxxx xxxxx. I couldn't find any such death. The date alleged was around 22 Sep 2012. His attitude seemed a bit too much bravado for an ex SASR soldier. He mentioned using a HKMP6, to which I couldn't find (hkmp5 and hkmp7 I could find) and claims it was a 9mm weapon. Used the names of places in Afghanistan, Tarin Kowt, Urozgan Province etc. Names of different aircraft used, and military vehicles. Yet some of the names used such as Bushmaster was referred to as Bushranger were a bit off.

Claims he started at ADFA as a lieutenant and reached rank of Captain. Dropped names, claims to know Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith. Offered to take me to the "kill house" in Swanbourne and observe the boys going through. Claims to own weapons and has a firearms licence."

ANZMI Investigators do not use profane language when writing up wannabes like Jenkins, but if we did, we would say that Jenkins is a Mongrel Bastard who has:

Threatened to kill an ANZMI Investigator and his family.
Threatened the family of one of his victims.
Threatened innocent people who have woken up to his lies and deceit.
Falsely claimed to have served as an elite soldier.
Falsely claimed to have been wounded in action.
Falsely claimed to be a Returned Veteran.

Jenkins has clearly committed a raft of offences. In particular against the Defence Act 1903, Part VII section 80A having falsely claimed to be a returned soldier. This offence is punishable by a maximum fine of $3.300 or six months imprisonment or both. The problem is, unlike other States, the WA Police will not even accept reports regarding this offence.'

Jenkins is the lowest of the low, he preys on vulnerable honest people who are genuinely looking for companionship. His swarthy appearance and his ability to lie without compunction make him a very dangerous and evil individual, who lacks the ability to attract a companion relying on his innate assets. He is a pathological liar, who when cornered will threaten violence.

We remind ex SASR members that Jenkins is sullying the impeccable reputation of the Regiment. We ask Veterans and ex Service persons all over Australia, and particularly in Western Australia to keep watch for Jenkins. Together we can keep up with his movements and "hound" him until he ceases his abominable behaviour.

Finally we say to Jenkins - "Go to hell because that is where you belong"

Update: Peter Kevin Jenkins aka Peter Kevin Cane – 22 Apr 15


Jenkins is back on duty in Brisbane.

His "mission" in Brisbane coincided with the latest Defence deployments to Iraq.  Jenkins told a very nice and genuine lady that he was resting before deployment to Iraq with Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

His latest and disgusting heroic stories include being  shot four times in Afghanistan, resulting in the loss of one lung, and having a metal plate inserted into his chest.  His life was saved by the American Base Hospital in Germany where he was  recuperating for six months.

Despite his wounding and loss of body parts he is now  off to Iraq to fight against ISIS.

During his sojourn in Brisbane he stayed at a Brisbane Hotel and made it known that Defence was paying his account - Yeh and pigs can fly.

Jenkins arranges dates from Internet Dating Sites and being a naturally inadequate person has to adopt the persona of a battle hardened Army Veteran to charm a Lady.

In real life he is nothing but a frightened idiot who could not even cope with Army Recruit Training from which he was sacked after a couple of weeks for being "Not Suited to be a Soldier".

Before this latest "mission" he operated in Perth Western Australia and before that in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland.

We will do all we can to have Police action taken against Jenkins for falsely claiming to be a Returned Veteran. 

Those who choose to use Internet Dating Sites should keep a watch for this liar, conman and pathological liar and let us know where he is operating




Here is a new Facebook entry that he has created:

Since our last report he has been operating in the Eastern States.  It is believed he may have travelled  back to Western Australia, but at the moment could be anywhere.

Here is a recent report about him:

"From my understanding this creep pretends to be an ex-SASR soldier as well as a current St John's Ambulance MICA Paramedic so he can pray on young and vulnerable woman and girls. The latest information is that he is going by the name Peter Dobson, is residing in Queensland and is currently unemployed"

We previously detailed his activities in Brisbane and  can now report that prior to his arrival in Brisbane, he was in jail in Tamworth, New South Wales. Below is a Newspaper Report that shows Jenkins as being a small time criminal and a drunk rather than the debonair, swaggering Special Air Service Soldier that he would have people believe.

As detailed in the above newspaper report Jenkins has a criminal history in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. Also in most Australian States he has trawled Dating Sites and told disgusting lies about himself.

Following our last update JENKINS (now known as DOBSON) wrote us another of his disgusting threatening emails:

We suggest that any person who has the displeasure of meeting or communicating with Jenkins aka Dobson report his presence to us and their nearest Police Station. We will continue to pursue him until he stops portraying himself as a returned wounded Veteran.  




He is still "surfing" date websites seeking vulnerable ladies.

Have no doubt Jenkins  is a criminal, conman, liar and a wannabe.  He is back in Western Australia and continues trawling for "marks" on date websites.  Here are some of his latest false claims:

Notice that he says "Hate playing games??!!"  "Hate being told lies??!!"

They are interesting utterances, as Jenkins aka Cane is the king of games and deception and is a pathological liar.

He is not a "professional" does not have a "Bachelors Degree", does not speak Dutch

Beware of Jenkins aka Dobson aka Cane.

As a service to the community let us know if you have been, or currently are, a victim of Jenkins/Dobson/Cane








Surname: Wells
Christian Names: Brent
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Brent Wells is a true wannabe, liar and conman, he is Twenty Eight years of age having been born on 24 Dec 1986.  Contrary to what he would have people believe  he has never served in any part of the Defence Force . He is a pathological liar who prays on young vulnerable ladies and people he befriends.


Wells has conned a lot of people out of money by seeking sympathy for his war caused suffering.   Wherever he goes he spins yarns about his "hard yards" in the Australian Army. We hold numerous Statutory Declarations that declare he made the following statements.

"Served four years in Afghanistan as a close combat Paratrooper in 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)

Jumped out of helicopters and aeroplanes sneaking and bashing  down doors of houses, raiding them with surprise attack.

He has done hundreds of jumps

Was wounded in the back from an exploding grenade

Has killed fifty two people at war, the youngest being twelve years old.

Still sees the faces in his head and suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Death doesn't bother him now as the military has numbed him.

Suffered nightmares and could not sleep.  Had hallucinations about being able to still smell his dead mate as if he were actually still with him.

Casually smoked cigarettes whilst in fire fights with bullets just missing his face.

Had three military mates shot dead in front of him.

Had been out of the Army for four years and was going back as an Officer.

His old Sergeant asked him to go back to Afghanistan as he was one of his best troops.

His step father used to beat him to toughen him up in preparation for his Army career.

Wells is not a big time conman he is a pathetic penny ante scrounger,  One of our Statutory Declarations details how he has "borrowed" and stolen money from his friends, forged documents  and emotionally "played" many people to gain sympathy for money, jobs and accommodation.

If you are unfortunate enough to meet this man make sure you warn  those around him that he is an immoral, unscrupulous sociopath and pathological liar.

From now on when his name is entered into internet search engines this, exposure may help warn  intended victims he has targeted.

Wells  must be shunned by Veterans, ex Service people and the general public he has a proven record of shameless and dishonest behaviour and  falsely blames Defence Service   he never had.

Brent Wells can look forward to many years on our web site.

Surname: Emmery
Christian Names: John Carl
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Albury
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Engineers
Commencement of service: 27 Apr 1991
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




John EMMERY is an enigma.   He is somewhat of a mover and shaker in the world of Local Government in Albury, NSW as a leader in the Albury Ratepayers Association and one time candidate for election to Albury City Council.   He is a Train Guard, working for Transport NSW on the northern line when not back home in Albury dabbling his hand at one community project after another.

In his spare time, John EMMERY has found the time to serve as a member of the Army Reserve and he portrays himself as the real deal, a genuine been there, done that sort of bloke you would like to work with.

The trouble is, like so many wannabes, John Carl EMMERY has neither been there, or done anything that would entitle him to wear the medals he so loves to wear when not parading with his Reserve Unit.

Now, John EMMERY is a Reservist and has been one since 1991, about 24 years or so.   Nothing to be sneezed at, and he should be proud that he has served the Nation for such a long period.   For his service, he has been awarded:

Reserve Force Medal (RFM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

You see, throughout the 24 odd years of his service, John EMMERY has never deployed overseas, but why should that stop John EMMERY adding to his rack a few extra medals to go with the tall stories he has obviously told his current employers at Transport NSW.


The above photograph was taken of John EMMERY just after he received a significant customer service award from Transport NSW.   Here, John EMMERY can be seen wearing his entitled awards, but with a couple of interesting additions.   A source, who has significant knowledge in service medals, and who was present at the ceremony where the photograph was taken has been able to confirm the ‘extra’ medals being worn by EMMERY:

The first medal is:

International Force – East Timor Medal.   This medal was awarded to personnel deployed to East Timor as part of the The International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) which was a multinational non-United Nationspeacekeepingtaskforce, organised and led by Australiain accordance with United Nations resolutions to address the humanitarian and security crisis which took place in East Timorfrom 1999–2000 until the arrival of UN peacekeepers.


The fourth medal being worn is:

The United Nations Advanced Mission in Cambodia (UNAMIC) now, to be honest it took us sometime to identify this medal, simply because it only existed from October 1991 to March 1992 and was awarded for 90 days UN service with UNAMIC supervising the ceasefire and demining operations.   It was replaced with the more commonly known UNTAC medal which was a United Nations peacekeepingoperation in Cambodiain 1992–93.

Suffice to say, John EMMERY has absolutely no entitlement or right to wear either of these medals which are awarded for operation overseas service.

Now, if John Emmery was just a simple wannabe wearing medals he no right to, that would be bad enough, but as we have shown, he is a serving Australian soldier with 24 odd years of service in the Reserves and holds the rank of Corporal.

Perhaps by now, the reader will have identified that not only is John EMMERY wearing the medals incorrectly, he is missing one important (and essential) medal to make his lie somewhat believable.   He is not wearing the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) and the fact is that the medals for East Timor and Cambodia were only ever awarded with the AASM.   Wouldn’t you think a Corporal with 20 odd years’ experience would know that small fact?

Now, in accepting his award from Transport NSW, John EMMERY couldn’t help himself and had to make a speech, and we know he likes doing this.  With his chest emblazoned with fake medals away he went.   His story was recorded in the employee’s newsletter and definitely makes for a great read:


For us here at ANZMI, the comment which causes much concern is: 

…John’s passion stems from 38 years in the Army Reserve where he earned several medals from helping his team mates, bringing them home to safety.   The medals reflect his service to our country….’

What makes people say things like this and do people like John Emmery really expect us to swallow up this sort of garbage?

He has earned two medals and neither of these were awarded for bringing anyone, anywhere, in this fools case, they were awarded for turning up to his Reserve Unit to meet his obligation.  

Perhaps John EMMERY was the designated driver when out on the turps with his mates, perhaps that’s how he brings them home to safety?   One thing he is not is a decorated hero, he is simply a wannabe and a medal cheat.  

By wearing the INTERFET and Cambodia Medals, John EMMERY is committing offences against the Defence Act, namely:

Defence Act 1903

Defence Act 1903, where he is in breach of Part VII Sections 80A and 80B, which state there is a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both for:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

John Carl EMMERY is a classic example of the person these offences were designed to accommodate and we at ANZMI sincerely hope that Police will take an interest in a public figure who should know better but is flaunting the law simply to feather his own sense of importance. 

We hope that the Commanding Officer of 22 ER sees this report and also takes appropriate action against John EMMERY for being a wannabe and a medals cheat.   While at it, perhaps Transport NSW might want to reconsider the award that he was presented when they realise he is a fraud.

Welcome to our website John Carl EMMERY.

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