Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Wells
Christian Names: Brent
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Brent Wells is a true wannabe, liar and conman, he is Twenty Eight years of age having been born on 24 Dec 1986.  Contrary to what he would have people believe  he has never served in any part of the Defence Force . He is a pathological liar who prays on young vulnerable ladies and people he befriends.


Wells has conned a lot of people out of money by seeking sympathy for his war caused suffering.   Wherever he goes he spins yarns about his "hard yards" in the Australian Army. We hold numerous Statutory Declarations that declare he made the following statements.

"Served four years in Afghanistan as a close combat Paratrooper in 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)

Jumped out of helicopters and aeroplanes sneaking and bashing  down doors of houses, raiding them with surprise attack.

He has done hundreds of jumps

Was wounded in the back from an exploding grenade

Has killed fifty two people at war, the youngest being twelve years old.

Still sees the faces in his head and suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Death doesn't bother him now as the military has numbed him.

Suffered nightmares and could not sleep.  Had hallucinations about being able to still smell his dead mate as if he were actually still with him.

Casually smoked cigarettes whilst in fire fights with bullets just missing his face.

Had three military mates shot dead in front of him.

Had been out of the Army for four years and was going back as an Officer.

His old Sergeant asked him to go back to Afghanistan as he was one of his best troops.

His step father used to beat him to toughen him up in preparation for his Army career.

Wells is not a big time conman he is a pathetic penny ante scrounger,  One of our Statutory Declarations details how he has "borrowed" and stolen money from his friends, forged documents  and emotionally "played" many people to gain sympathy for money, jobs and accommodation.

If you are unfortunate enough to meet this man make sure you warn  those around him that he is an immoral, unscrupulous sociopath and pathological liar.

From now on when his name is entered into internet search engines this, exposure may help warn  intended victims he has targeted.

Wells  must be shunned by Veterans, ex Service people and the general public he has a proven record of shameless and dishonest behaviour and  falsely blames Defence Service   he never had.

Brent Wells can look forward to many years on our web site.

Surname: Williams C
Christian Names: Chase Owen aka Nick
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: South Island
City or Town: Christchurch
NZ -Which Island:
  • South Island
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Chase Owen Williams is allocated to the most disgraceful form of wannabe . He is a cowardly "Love Rat" who charms, then victimises vulnerable young ladies. He leads them to believe he is  Warrant Officer in the New Zealand (NZ) Army.  In essence he is an impostor  and a liar who has never served in the NZ Defence Force.

Williams runs a Facebook page where he fails to show a photograph of himself. but it is filled with Soldiers in very active training shots, all have the common denominator of having their faces covered.

In this photograph from his Facebook he refers to "Our" military trucks.

Williams has related the following military history:

"Isa current serving Warrant officer in the NZ Army based at Burnham Camp, Christchurch.  He  grew up in Rarotonga and moved to the United States at a young age and joined the US Marines aged Fifteen years, then moved to NZ and Joined the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) and in the last Four years transferred to the NZ Army."

All of the above are the words of a pathological liar, wannabe and cheat. 

We suggest that New Zealanders' keep a watch for this disgusting person and whenever he is recognised he should be reported to the Police.

This "Love Rat" well deserves his position on our web site.


Surname: Watmore
Christian Names: Allan Geoffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Kilburn
Service #: 315518
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry and Transport
Commencement of service: 12 April 1972
Completion of service: 26 July 1974
Case Notes:

Watmore would have you believe that:
He served for six years in the British Army  before migrating to Australia and that included active service in:
Malaysia Northern Ireland Aden Falklands


Here is a photo he exhibits wearing a UK uniform complete with bear skin hat..


He served with the Australian Army in Vietnam and was awarded The Star of Gallantry medal for carrying wounded soldiers to safety even though he was badly wounded himself.

 He served with the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) where he attained the rank of Staff Sergeant  and trained SAS Soldiers.

The truth of his military history is as follows:
When he enlisted into the Australian Army he declared on his Attestation Form that he had never served in the Armed Forces of Australia or any other country


He enlisted into the Australian Army  on the 12 April 1972. Had he been a UK Veteran who had seen service in Malaya, Northern Ireland, Aden and the Falklands his Recruit and Corps training would have been reduced accordingly, however he spent six months at Recruit and Corps training which is the same period as required for any raw recruit.

After Recruit and Corps Training he served with 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)  at Woodside in South Australian, then for a short period with 6th Battalion Royal Austsralian Regiment (6RAR) which was deployed to Singapore until December 1973. He was reposted to 18 Transport Company on 1 Jan 1974 and was Absent Without Leave from 23 March 1974 until 19 June 1974, then Discharged as a Private Soldier for the reason of being "Unsuited to be a Soldier".

Here is his Discharge Certificate


Watmore was never anywhere near Vietnam during the war, yet it 1975 we are reliably advised that he had the audacity to apply for  Vietnam Medals from the Department of Honours and Awards, his request of course was denied.  This action shows that he has desired to be seen as a Vietnam Veteran since at least 1975.

Here is what Watmore put on his Facebook page.


Watmore has earned none of the medals shown on the Blazer, those on the right are false medals from his false UK Service, and those on the left are false medals from his Australian service. He is also falsely wearing the elite Infantry Combat Badge.

The Orange coloured medal above the Australian Medals on his left hand side is the coveted Star of Gallantry which recognises acts of outstanding heroism in action in circumstance of great peril.  The Star of Gallantry was introduced into the Australian honours system on 15 January 1991. 

As Watmore was sacked from the Australian Army in 1974 it is ridiculous for him to claim a medal that was invented in 1991.  Star of Gallantry recipients are shown  here   Watmore is not listed.  Here is more information about the Star of Gallantry

Watmore's claims to have served in the SAS and been a Staff Sergeant are pure lies.

He never rose above the rank of Private and his record indicates that he has not a vestige of the stamina and courage required for what it takes to be an SAS Trooper.

This classic wannabe has been lying and cheating since 1975 about his military service.

He exhibits the characteristics of a pathological liar and therefore he has most likely misrepresented himself in all walks of life.

We suggest to Watmore to crush and  burn the false medals and the blazer, and apologise to all genuine Veterans who have done what Watmore could not do, and that is to serve honourably in the Defence Force.
We call upon all those who know him, to confront him and call him a liar, and to any ex Service organizations he may be a member of,  to cast him out with ignominy.

Watmore, for many years has bathed in the false kudos of being an heroic returned Veteran, now he can fester in the real shame of being an "outed" liar cheat and wannabe.

Surname: Walsh
Christian Names: Leo William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Service #: R49576 & 214436
Service: RAN & ARMY
Branch: RAN, RAInf, 1 SAS SQN
Commencement of service: 1953
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




Every now and then, a case comes to our notice concerning an ex-serviceman who embellishes his medal entitlement, which just leaves us scratching our head and asking, why?

This is the case of Leo William Walsh, OAM an ex-serviceman who served in the Royal Australian Navy, discharged and enlisted into the Australian Army and served with distinction in the Special Air Service Regiment seeing active service in Borneo, the Malaysian Emergency, and two tours of Vietnam with SASR and 6 RAR. He is now the Curator of the Queensland Military Memorial Museum. For his service to the community through the museum, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). During his service in the Navy, he was awarded a Naval Board Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Leo Walsh was one of a select group of SAS to have seen action in Borneo and the Malaysian Emergency.

And in Vietnam during two tours.

WHY then would such a distinguished ex-serviceman embellish is service by wearing medals he has no entitlement to? Leo Walsh wears an impressive array of medals on his rack.

The medals he wears are:

OAM (General Division) - Entitled
Australian Active Service Medal 45-75 - Entitled
Korea Medal - Not Entitled
United Nations Service Medal for Korea - Not Entitled
Naval General Service Medal (1915 - 62) - Entitled
General Service Medal 1962 - Entitled
Vietnam Medal - Entitled
Defence Force Long Service Medal - Entitled
Reserve Force Medal - Entitled
National Medal - Entitled
Australian Defence Medal - Entitled
US Bronze Star - Not Entitled
Vietnam Campaign Medal - Entitled
Pingat Jasda Malaysia - Entitled

He is entitled to clasps to the medals listed above; AASM45-75 (Malaysia, Vietnam), ASM45-75 (FESR, Korea, PNG, Thailand)

Walsh served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1953 until 1959 when as his records show, he was discharged SNLR ‘Services No Longer Required’.

The Korean War broke out in 1950, and a ceasefire agreed to in 1953 effectively ‘ending’ the war. His record of service shows that he served on HMAS Tobruk from 1st September 1955 until 3rd January 1957. During this period, HMAS Tobruk deployed to Korean waters, Walsh along with all other members of the crew became entitled to The Australian Service Medal 1945 – 1975 with Clasp ‘Korea’

It can be clearly seen in the photographs of his medals, Walsh is wearing the Korea Medal and the United Nations Service Medal for Korea.

Personnel who served in Korea during the time of the Korean War are eligible to receive up to three medals; the Korea Medal, the UN Medal for Korea and the Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75.

The medal was instituted in July 1951 and awarded for service in Korea between 1 July 1950 and 27 July 1953.

The United Nations Service Medal (Korea) is awarded to those members who were posted for any period with the United Nations (UN) forces in Korea between 27 June 1950 and 27 July 1954.

The medal is also awarded to personnel who served in adjacent areas like Japan and Okinawa operating under UN command or sent to support UN operations in Korea in the relevant period from 1950 to 1954.

Clearly, Walsh did not serve in Korea and has no entitlement to wear either medal. The only entitlement he has is to the ASM 1945-75 with Clasp Korea.

ANZMI contacted Walsh and gave him numerous opportunities to explain why he wears the two Korea Medals and why his name does not appear on the nominal roll of eligible veterans. His reply, below, leaves a lot to be desired.

Yet again, we are expected to believe that all supporting records have been expunged or ‘lost’. If we accept that he enlisted underage as he claims and went to Korea almost immediately after his recruit and trade training, surely it is not unreasonable that someone who he went to recruit school and trade training would remember him and be able to vouch for his story. If indeed he went to Korea you would think he could advise the job he had there, but no, every request made to him to provide this basic information has met with blank replies, health claims and threats of legal action. The whole scenario of being underage and sent to Korea is just a little hard to believe we think.

The question must be asked as to how the Department of Defence Honours and Awards were able to find records to send him the war medals, yet apparently there are no records of his ‘underage service’. Walsh would have us believe that the Navy expunged his ‘underage service record’ to avoid embarrassment to the Navy. If such a mistake was made it would be in the public interest to know how the Navy could make such a monumental error occur without records being kept. In reality, how could such a ‘secret’ be kept for so long by Walsh and those who knew him, trained with him and served with him? If you believe Leo Walsh, you must also believe that man did not walk on the Moon. The answer is of course an easy one. Leo Walsh has no entitlement to wear those medals.

The third medal in question is the US Bronze Star worn by Walsh.

The Bronze Star Medal is the fourth-highest individual military award and the ninth-highest by order of precedence in the US Military. It may be awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone. When awarded for acts of heroism, the medal is awarded with the "V" device.

The medal is sometimes referred to as the Bronze Star. Foreign soldiers, as well as officers from the other Federal uniformed services are also eligible to receive the decoration when serving with or alongside a service branch of the United States Armed Forces.

A record of awardees of the Bronze Star is kept and readily accessible on the internet and includes awards to Foreign Service personnel, including Australians. As expected, a search for Leo William Walsh reveal no award was made.

A common mistake made by medals cheats who award themselves US awards and Medals is that no records of such awards were kept. The common belief that US Generals distributed medals like confetti is a misnomer. Had the award been made to Walsh in Vietnam, a record would have been made, but again no such record can be found.

Leo William Walsh wears an impressive rack of medals, reflecting distinguished service in the Australian Defence Force but he has no entitlement to three of them and by wearing them, he is committing offences against the Defence Act 1903, where he is in breach of Part VII Sections 80A and 80B, which state there is a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both for:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

Under other circumstances, it could be argued that Walsh is wearing these medals while in ‘period’ Army Dress, costume if you will. However, as can be seen in the photograph below, he wears them on official commemorative occasions as well.

So the question is why? Why, Leo Walsh would you sully your distinguished service in the Armed Forces? Indeed as a member of an elite Regiment such as the SAS, with service in Borneo, Malaya and Vietnam - why do you feel the need to steal the valour due to genuine veterans who saw active service during the Korean War?

We at ANZMI also have information concerning the manner in which the US Bronze Star possibly came into your possession. If this information is correct you should hang your head in shame.

With such a distinguished record of service, it is difficult to label Leo Walsh as a medals cheat, but regrettably, that is what he is. Wearing the Korean Medals is an offence against the Defence Act 1903 and those ex-servicemen and women who served with distinction in Korea. His wearing the US Bronze Star when a genuine entitlement cannot be established belittles his genuine service. His actions cannot be condoned, even by such a distinguished ex-serviceman. Let us hope that the appropriate authorities take action against him. In any event, his actions have undoubtedly tarnished the respect which should be owed to him and he must live with that. Welcome to the ANZMI website Leo Walsh.

Surname: Wagner aka Ragno
Christian Names: Shane or Cosimo
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Eglington
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: Claims 1969 to 1976
Case Notes:




Wagner stood in the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Canberra and gazed at the Long Tan Cross that was on loan for exhibition. He also identified "himself" in a photograph taken in the Long Tan Rubber Plantation in August 1969 that was accompanying the exhibition. Here is Wagner gazing at the Cross at the AWM

 Wagner 1 2017 08 06 2

We hold Statutory Declarations stating that Wagner claims to have fought in the Battle of Long Tan with D Company, 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) on the 18th August 1966.

The Statutory Declarations state that Wagner claims; He was in the Battle of Long Tan in Vietnam and then served with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). He said he was the youngest soldier to serve in Vietnam and became a "Sniper" with a 140 odd "strikes" to his name and he liked to work alone.

 Shane Wagner was born Cosimo Ragno in Italy in October 1951 and came to Australia as an infant. At the tender age of fifteen in 1966 he certainly would have been the youngest person to serve in Vietnam.   All Vietnam nominal rolls and data from 6RAR have been checked and, Wagner aka Ragno did not serve in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force at any time. To join the Army you had to be 17 years old and to be sent to Vietnam you had to be 19 years old. Wagner aka Ragno is a liar and a Wannabe.

We contacted two retired senior members of D Company, 6RAR and they advised that Wagner is not known by the 6RAR fraternity and did not serve with 6RAR in Vietnam or at any other time in any capacity.

An ANZMI investigator phoned Wagner to enquire about his service. Wagner said he was an ex Serviceman and he served in "Nam" with 6RAR during 1967 and 1968. Any Vietnam veteran who uses the Americanism "Nam" is immediately suspected of being a crook, then when you realise that 6RAR was not in Vietnam during 1967 - 1968 it is obvious we have found another one.

Wagner claims to have gazed at the Cross on another occasion in 1966 when it was "originally erected" in the Long Tan Rubber Plantation. Unfortunately for Wagner the cross was not erected until 1969, during 6RARs second tour of duty in Vietnam. A solemn commemorative ceremony at the newly erected Long Tan Cross was conducted in the Long Tan Rubber Plantation in Vietnam on 18th August 1969.  

Wagner 2 2017 08 06 3

This photograph below was taken on 18 August 1969 and was also part of the AWM exhibition, those in the photograph are genuine ANZACs. The photograph was taken on the 18 August 1969. Wagner identifies himself as the third person on the left side of the photograph


Wagner 3 2017 08 06 3 

It is not Wagner, and we are sure that because of the 9 millimetre pistol the person is wearing he is most likely from 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron, whose unit in 1966, after four hours of engagement by the 108 men of the beleaguered D Company 6RAR provided the necessary support and firepower to be able to repel the North Vietnamese and help rescue the 90 heroic survivors of D Company 6RAR.  

 Here is a synopsis of the final stages of the battle.

 AT 1900 hrs during the battle 3 Troop of 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron advanced through 'D' Company's position, carrying out a quick sweep of the area through which the attacking Vietnamese were forming up for another attack, catching the enemy on their flanks and inflicting heavy casualties.  Upon seeing the arrival of the Armoured Personnel Carriers the enemy broke off its attack, the survivors melting away back into the jungle and leaving the Australians in possession of the battlefield.  The Australians suffered 18 men killed and 24 wounded. Of these, one of the men that had been killed was from 3 Troop.

As well as being a lying wannabe he has lied in the Magistrates Court about his non existent military service and in doing so, has perverted the course of justice. Here is what his legal representative told the Magistrate at a hearing at Maroochydore Queensland in 2013.


Wagner 4 2017 08 06 3

Wagner is not, and never has been on any Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) disability benefits. Here is more of the lying palaver he has uttered.


Wagner 5 2017 08 06 3

Wagner has mentioned a very honourable man (name expunged) as being his guide and mentor to get his "Entitlements" from DVA. Wagner does not know, and has never communicated with the person he has mentioned. In essence Wagner is not fit to wipe the mud off the man's boots.

There were 3,629 Australian and New Zealand casualties in the Vietnam War 521 of those died and thousands more have since suffered and died from the effects of the war. People like Wagner are a blight on the Veteran community.

Wagner falsely claims to have served in Vietnam at the famous ANZAC battle of Long Tan.

This entry will serve to advise those he has deceived that he is a liar, a cheat and a fraud.

Wagner richly deserves his years of infamy on this website.

Surname: Van Bommel (aka Van
Christian Names: Zayne
Country: Australia (EX NZ)
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: Q995845
Service: NZDF (Territorial & Regular)
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




This is the story of Zayne Van Bommel (aka Van Day), a Kiwi who now frequents our shores and was last heard of residing in Western Australia.

Van Bommel spins an interesting yarn about his Military Service and it may not surprise the reader to learn that much of it is claimed to be in Special Forces.   Van Bommel served in the New Zealand Defence Forces as a Territorial soldier (Reservist) and for a period in the Regular Army.   His account of his service suggests some spectacular adventures as a member of the SAS, but we know differently.

Like so many wannabes before him, Van Bommel (Van Day) has come unstuck because of his Facebook verbosity.   Here is an example of what we mean. 

The image depicts our hero being treated for a minor training injury.   Van Bommel can’t leave it at a simple training injury and expands the story to suggest he received a wound in the same part of his face from a grenade.

Van Bommel has never been the model soldier, we have evidence from a very reliable source that as a Territorial Soldier, Van Bommel was a disciplinary nightmare.   One report we received pretty well sums up the type of solider Van Bommel really was.   In the words of one of our sources;

“During an exercise in Tekapo, his performance during the exercise was not up to standard and was receiving a bit of flak from one of his NCO's, he decided he'd had enough, and went AWOL, and left on foot in the direction of Burnham Military Camp, from memory it took him a couple of days to arrive back at Burnham.   He was charged and marched into the CO's orderly room, and was sentenced to the Services Correctional Establishment (cells).

Zayne lost his temper in the orderly room when he was sentenced, he began throwing chairs and flipping over tables, he was subdued, and handcuffed by the Regimental Police.”

Other informants have provided statutory declarations in which they recount Van Bommel as claiming to have served with the SAS as well as other fanciful claims which include:

Claims to have served with the Australian Army, 4RAR (Commando) in Iraq.

Claims to have operated in private security in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Claims to have been a sniper while serving in the NZ Army.

Has exaggerated his SAS selection efforts/achievements substantially.

Unfortunately for Zayne Van Bommel, his service record does not support any of his outlandish claims.   His service in New Zealand began in 1993 as part of 6th Battalion (Hauraki), later serving with 1 RNZIR until 1995.   From 1995 until 2000 he was posted to 2/1 RNZIR (Para) and by 2008 he has returned to the 6th Battalion (Hauraki).   Nowhere is there a secondment to the Australian Army, nor training or employment as a sniper.   Despite his service record which is clear, he still tries to convince his Facebook friends that he is a man of action.

During his less than stunning service, he may have commenced the SAS selection course but definitely did not complete it, despite his attempts to suggest otherwise on Facebook.

Zayne Van Bommel (aka Van Day) is a fraud and a wannabe.   He has exaggerated his service in the New Zealand Army and portrays himself as something he most definitely is not, a Special Forces Operator. 

Welcome to our website Zayne Van Bommel (aka Van Day).





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