Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Campbell
Christian Names: Simone Elaine
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Wollongong
Service #: Unkown
Service: RAAF/RAAF Reserve
Branch: Crew Attendant
Commencement of service: 02 May 95
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




In the above photograph, Simone Campbell is shown, on ANZAC Day, 2015, wearing the Australian Defence Medal, and no campaign medals. She is missing the Defence Long Service Medal, which she was awarded, on 01 May 2010.

Campbell, after RAAF recruit training, went on to train as a clerk administrative. However, after a short time, she transferred to the steward mustering. Following a few years as a steward, she was accepted for crew attendant (flight steward) training. Campbell was then posted to Number 34 Squadron (34SQN), March 1999, as a crew attendant, on DA900 Falcon, VIP aircraft, ferrying members of the Federal Parliament, on their business activities. Subsequent to Campbell’s 34SQN posting, she was posted to 33SQN, as a crew attendant, on Boeing 707 aircraft.

Following several more postings, to ‘ground jobs’, Campbell resigned from the RAAF, on 04 August, 2008 and transferred to the RAAF Active Reserve, where she continues to serve, with the rank of sergeant.

On 11 January, 2016, an article appeared in the newspaper, the ‘Illawarra Mercury’, about Campbell’s exploits. In the article, she made some very unusual and interesting claims, about her RAAF service.

Excerpt from 'Illawarra Mercury':

‘Sergeant Simone Campbell was with the Royal Australian Air Force for 17 years and flew on missions in and out of Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor. And was a member of support teams following the Bali bombings and tsunamis. She has personally endured many challenges. Now the work she does with youth and some of the six million Australians who suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is helping many.’
Further in the article, Simone claims:

‘In September 1999 her aircraft was loaded with Special Forces bound for East Timor. It landed at night between two mountains and with no runway lights. She could see shots being fired. She did that for the next six months and learned to live with fear.
That was followed by support missions after the Bali bombings and tsunamis before being sent to the War on Terror. When she finally returned she found it hard to re-adjust. “I had to find ways to control the memories. I do have night terrors. Living with the horrors of what you have seen…is quite traumatic.”

Analysis of Claims:

Campbell claims that, in September 1999, her aircraft was loaded with Special Forces troops, bound for East Timor;
In fact, in August 1999, Campbell was on conversion course, at 34SQN, Canberra. The DA 900 Falcon aircraft, which she was training for, was not involved in any East Timor tasks. Actually, the Boeing 707 aircraft, of 33SQN, her much later posting, were engaged in ferrying SF troops from Townsville to Darwin only, where the B707 tasks terminated. Those tasks were then taken over, by 36SQN and 37SQN, C130 Hercules aircraft. Further, on 19 October 1999, Campbell had just completed the four week, RAAF Combat Survival course. Something does not add up, with her timing.

Campbell’s claims, of seeing ‘tracer bullets’, and landing between two hills, are pure fantasy, as she was never there.

We hold evidence, from an earlier and unrelated investigation, where a former senior Australian Army member, who was deployed in East Timor between 16 September, 1999 and 21 April, 2000, who has stated:

“I was there from 16 September 1999 to 21 April 2000. If there was any small arms fire (separate to the shot fired at a runaway prisoner), I must have slept through it."

"Timor kicked off on 16 September 1999 and Dili (and the surrounding areas) were secure by 23 September 1999. I can tell you that the entire area, including the airport, was secure.”

Campbell’s other claims of being in Iraq and Afghanistan, are a total fabrication. There is no evidence that she was ever posted to the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO).

The ‘Defence Act 1903, Part 80A’ states:

‘Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.’

The first Bali bombing occurred on 12 October, 2002. One month prior, to the bombing, 10 September, 2002, Campbell was posted to 285SQN, a training squadron at RAAF Base Richmond.

The second Bali bombing, occurred on 1 October 2005 and, at that time, Campbell was posted to Headquarters, Air Command, at Glenbrook, NSW, to be the valet, to the Air Commander Australia. That posting was effective on 10 January, 2005, well before the second Bali bombing. Which Bali bombing are you referring to, Sgt Campbell, as neither fit your timeline?

Another of Campbell’s claims, is her involvement in the ‘Boxing Day Tsunami’, which occurred on 26 December, 2004. On 10 January, 2005, Campbell went on the ‘ground’ posting, mentioned above. At that stage, the 33SQN Boeing 707 aircraft were not yet involved in ‘Operation Sumatra Assist’, subsequent to the tsunami and, when they were involved, such a large aircraft would have been restricted to major, undamaged airfields, nowhere near the devastation.

Campbell’s claims are categorised as valour theft, by ‘gilding the lily’. However, to make such claims is distorting the truth, and manipulating the facts, to suit her personal agenda.

Campbell was asked to provide evidence of her involvement, in what she claims, by sending scans of her ‘Aircrew Flying Log Book’, which would have solved the matter, outright. Unfortunately, she refused to do so. Aircrew log books have no security classification, whatsoever.

The full article, in the ‘Illawarra Mercury’, is at:

Members of the Australian Defence Force, police, fire and ambulance services, put their lives on the line, every day. Do they boast about it? No way – they just get on with the job. The point is that they have plenty to boast about, but choose not to. ANZMI have found, with vast experience, that those who have done the least boast the most.

There must be something in the Wollongong water, as another fitness instructor, Lee Thomas Carr, also appears on ANZMI, for telling tall stories about his ‘nothing’.

Maybe Carr and Campbell should get together and swap war stories.

Simone Elaine Campbell: There is no doubt that you have served your country well, during your RAAF service, and have contributed to your community, with your involvement in assisting people with emotional problems.

Unfortunately, you have made false claims about active service, in East Timor and the MEAO, to enhance your standing in the community, and to influence people to attend your training classes, by inventing non-existent 'heroics'. Because of that deception, you will remain, in these pages, for a very long time.

Surname: Collimore
Christian Names: Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Coogee
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




On The ANZMI Website we have the following:

1. Current serving Defence Force members, who have embellished their service and added non  awarded medals to their rack.

2. Former serving Defence Force members, who have embellished their service and added non awarded medals to their rack.

3. Members of the community, who have had no military service whatsoever, who love to attend Anzac Days and other commemorative occasions, sporting military medals, ribbons and badges that they have not earned or been awarded.

Arthur Collimore from Arden Street, Coogee, is a member of the third group.

The below photograph was taken on Anzac Day, 2016 in Coogee, NSW.

Collimore photo1

In the above photograph, Collimore is wearing the -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal, 1945 -1975.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

He is also wearing the ribbons applicable for those awards. Above the ribbons and medals, he wears a crossed rifles badge, which is a World War 2 Marksman accoutrement. He also wears a beret with an Australian Army Infantry Corps hat badge. He is not entitled to wear any of them.

The below photograph shows a "hatless" Collimore saluting the Australian Flag at the 2016 Anzac Day ceremony at the Coogee Legion Club, Sydney following his laying of a wreath.

His salute is not the official Australian Army salute but something similar to a Royal Australian Navy salute.

As he is not wearing military uniform, he should not be saluting at all. He should stand back at attention and bow his head, and place his right hand over his medals, as has been the long held tradition.

He has no idea.


Our last photograph is the Anzac Day wreath with a self explanatory card. Collimore had convinced the Coogee Legion Club Sub Branch executive that he was a Korea and Vietnam War Veteran. Consequently, the commemoration card, which was composed from information that Collimore had given the executive staff, denotes that he is a Korea and Vietnam veteran. (Served both theatres)


Arthur Collimore is an imposter. He is a proven liar and a medal cheat. There is no record of any defence service for Arthur Collimore. His name also does not appear on the Nominal Roll of Korean Veterans, or the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans.

He has been acting out his charade for many years at official commemorative ceremonies, and until recently, no one has ever questioned his decision or right to wear Korean War or Vietnam War campaign medals.

We know that Collimore does not march with Returned Korean or Vietnam Associations, but prefers to march with Second World War Associations, where his claims to Korean and Vietnam active service will not be questioned.

He attends the Coogee Legion Club in Sydney, where he continues his lies regarding his false military history. He has even claimed to colleagues at another club he frequents, that he was dishonourably discharged from the Australian Army due to him becoming a heroin addict in Vietnam.

On the Sunday prior to Anzac Day, 2016, following the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Club, Collimore was invited to join their struggling Sub Branch. He was informed that he was required to provide evidence of his service in the Australian Military Forces. Of course, none has been forthcoming, and none will be.

Collimore has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 for many years, by wearing purchased replica campaign medals and claiming to be a Korea and Vietnam War veteran.

He is neither. He is a blatant fraud, who will grace the ANZMI website for many years to come.

Surname: Jackson
Christian Names: Anthony George
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Margaret River
Service #: Nil
Service: International Police Commission (IPC)
Branch: Global Command Headquarters, Perth WA
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only
because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Allow us to present the Supreme Commander of the International Police Commission (IPC), General (Four Star) Anthony Jackson, KGK, OAM. If you are prepared to believe their website, our General Jackson commands an international band of crime fighters formed to serve and assist the peoples of the world in the maintenance of peace and achieve prosperity. The IPC aims to play a vital role in preventing and ending crimes against humanity such as drug trafficking, terrorism, murders, and unnecessary killings, abuse of women and children and violation of human rights.

It might also interest you, the reader to know that General Jackson, apart from being the Supreme Commander of the IPC, he is also their official Ambassador to Australia and for good measure, the Territorial Commander. Phew, how lucky are we?

If at this stage, you still don’t believe us, please visit their website at

So, who is Anthony Gordon Jackson, OAM when he is not commanding an international band of crime fighters? He does exist and has an entitlement to wear both the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and the Australian Sports Medal. He was awarded these awards for his service to martial arts and not International crime fighting! Apart from the OAM and Sports Medal, he can also be seen wearing, on his left side, a medal that appears to be the General Service Medal 1962 (GSM62) and lastly, the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).

The latter two medals suggest Jackson has had military service, possibly with UK Forces and also service in the Australian Defence Force. We will worry about the medals on the right side a little bit later. The reader will also note Jackson is wearing a ‘star’ device below his rack as well as a red sash and neck device. This ‘honour’ is apparently the KGK which is obviously some sort of knighthood that many wannabes seem to be able to find and self-award.

Apart from the ‘dodgy’ knighthood, it can be argued that Jackson is wearing his entitled honours and awards correctly. It may be the case in the above photograph but things change significantly when he puts his uniform on.

Here we have a photograph of the Supreme Commander and we guess, members of his global command team. Jackson can be seen wearing at least three rows of ribbons on the left chest, most of which are nothing but ‘tin rubbish’.

The photograph does tell us how little Jackson values the OAM, as it can be seen above the tin on the second row, he has not even bothered to give that prestigious Australian award the dignity it deserves.

In case you are wondering what rank his companions hold, here is their ‘rank structure’ and organisational chart.

Don’t be too alarmed just yet, they even have an ‘official’ ID card and a badge to go with it. The astute reader may note that they employ a good deal of ‘photo shopping’ when creating the ID card (see the first picture in this report).

They even have a ‘tropical’ uniform for those jobs when all black just won’t do.

We have searched long and hard to try and identify what the KGK ‘honour’ is and how it is awarded and by whom. Suffice to say that the total lack of information about the award speaks much about its value than anything else we can add.

Turning now to the medals being worn on the right side, we can count at least eleven medals, crosses and stars, none of which can be identified as an approved State, philanthropic or approved association medal.

Many followers of ANZMI would be aware that we strongly oppose the mixing of State Awards with National Awards worn on the right breast, contrary to clear directions from the Office of the Governor General. This stance is not intended to belittle State Awards, but simply to ensure compliance with current Honours and Awards policy in Australia.

So, with that said we at ANZMI will also expose those who do belittle often hard earned State awards by wearing ‘tin rubbish’ on the left breast simply to make oneself appear to be something one is not. As with the KGK, none of the medals worn on the left side can be identified as genuine State awards, the sheer number of them alone ridicules the State Awards System.

Just who are the International Police Commission (IPC)?

The IPC claim, on one of their websites to be:

‘…a member of the United Nations – Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC), it is a duly registered international non-profit, non-secretarial,(we think they mean Sectarian) peacekeeping and social development paramilitary organization based in the State of California, United States of America with extension commands in member nations of the UN…’

It may surprise many to learn that there is in fact a UN - Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) and they can be found on the web at:

Not surprisingly though, there is no mention of the IPC, despite their exuberance in using the UN symbol on websites and uniforms. Further searches of UN Websites have revealed vague references to IPC as a NGO (Non-Government Organisation) but there is no reference to the IPC playing any sort of peacekeeping or policing role anywhere in the world.

They claim to be a paramilitary organisation, but this is all we could find on their Facebook page:

It is not the role of ANZMI to look into organisations such as the IPC, but we would encourage followers of ANZMI to undertake their own research, as we trust, the Federal and State Police bodies have.

The organisation has been registered in Victoria as an incorporated body. We guess to allow them to fundraise? We leave it to the individual reader to decide if you would part with your money to support groups such as this.

Yes, this could simply be a case of grown men dressing in fancy uniforms and playing policeman but who knows.

Here is a copy of their membership form. Be careful though, by signing the form you are joining the IPC willingly and voluntarily without any reservation! We have shown that uniform plays an important part in Australia’s supreme command of the IPC, this can be clearly seen by the fact your uniform size appears on the application form before educational and employment background. What more is there to be said?

What we do know is that their Supreme Commander in Australia, Anthony George Jackson is another wannabe medal cheat who, despite having been awarded one of Australia’s highest awards chooses to belittle that award by mixing it with tin rubbish and a make believe knighthood of dubious description. Welcome to our website MR Jackson.



Since our initial exposure of ‘Wacko Jacko’, the ‘El Supremo’ of the International Police Commission, crime fighter and medals cheat, information has streamed in concerning this fraudster.   This information has raised serious concerns regarding the circumstances and information which was used to assess his nomination for the Medal of the Order of Australia, and most likely the Australian Sports Medal.

We have also learned that he has claimed false military service, and probably committed copyright offences in an autobiography he penned.

Firstly, his false claims about his military service.

After considerable research, it has been revealed that JACKSON served for a time in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Carpenter.   During his time in the RAAF he was posted to RAAF Base Butterworth in Malaysia.   Now, there is nothing untoward about that, fairly simple and mundane.

But wait, JACKSON is able to turn a routine posting into something much more; and how do we know?   Well, JACKSON is the author of a book about his life of daring do.

In this book, JACKSON makes a series of outlandish claims about his military service and has committed at least one copyright offence against the Australian War Memorial in the process.



The first part of his story regarding his flight to Butterworth in a Canberra Bomber with a group of British Airman he met is simply ridiculous.   Anyone familiar with Defence Force Movements would know that the RAAF would not fly a Carpenter to Butterworth in a Canberra Bomber.   Anyone familiar with the Canberra Bomber would also know that it has no room for passengers.   The Canberra was one of the first jet bombers in RAAF Service, with a crew of two and just enough room to squeeze one other, very uncomfortably into the cockpit space if really necessary.   NO Jacko, this flight of fancy definitely did not happen!


JACKSON is more than a wannabe and medal cheat, he is a ‘Valour Thief’.   The reader will note from the extract of his book (above), he is claiming to be one of the persons photographed on operations in Malaya.   This is a total fabrication, a complete despicable lie.   The photograph can be viewed on the Australian War Memorial’s Website by following the link:

You can see clearly that it is the same photograph as that being used by JACKSON in his book.   The true description of the photograph is:

JACKSON was a Carpenter in the RAAF, and did not see any combat service in Malaya or any other area of conflict.   JACKSON is nothing but a fraud and by his own hand, a Valour Thief.

The reader will note that JACKSON attempts to get around the copyright issue of the photograph by suggesting that:

‘My daughter and son-in-law found this photo in the Canberra war museum.   After thoroughly checking with the museum, they were allowed to take a photo so they can present to me as memories’

We are not sure who proof read his autobiography, but they clearly missed that sentence.   None the less, the statement is false, there is no evidence to support the fact that he used the image with permission, if any part of the statement were true, then the image was intended as a private memento, not for use in a book which was written to increase the bank account of JACKSON.  

Here is clear evidence of a breach of copyright.   JACKSON cannot even get the correct name of the Australian War Memorial, from whom he ‘borrowed’ the image, instead calling it the Canberra war museum.

By claiming to be one of the individuals in the photograph, JACKSON has also clearly committed an offence under the Defence Act, 1903 in that:


Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailoror airman; and

(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Turning now to the circumstances surrounding the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and the Australian Sports Medal.

JACKSON was awarded the OAM (Civil Division) and the Australian Sports Medal for his alleged achievements in the sport of karate.   Achievements, which we have learned that are based on questionable qualifications, dodgy certificates and actions which mark JACKSON as a person not fit to wear the awards bestowed on him.

Clearly, JACKSON is a person who likes to ‘big note’ himself, this can be seen on the front cover of his book where he addresses himself as:

  Hanshi Anthony Jackson – OAM, ASM

First things first.   The use of ASM (in reference to the Australian Sports Medal) is just wrong.   The sports medal has no post nominals, unlike the Medal of the Order of Australia which has the post nominals of OAM.   Many wannabes misuse post nominals as JACKSON has done, simply to make the person appear that little bit more important than everyone else.

In the world of Martial Arts, the tern Hanshi refers to a senior expert considered to be a "teacher of teachers".   This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated "Grand Master".

In reality, JACKSON is considered to be a questionable character in the karate world and has a history of issuing false qualification certificates and falsifying records of the sports Japanese links.   Here is an example of what we mean:

We were supplied with the above certificate from a source within the karate world to show the lengths JACKSON will go to enhance his perceived significance in the sport.   JACKSON has signed the certificate as the examiner but had no authority to do so.   Note the issue date on the certificate – 1984.    That date is significant in relation to the award of the OAM and the Australian Sports Medal.

Note the signature of Shigeki Izuni, now here it is again in a letter to JACKSON reprimanding him for issuing false certificates in 1989, (bearing in mind, he was awarded the OAM for his ‘excellence’ in the sport only twelve months earlier):  

And again in 1991, it is clear his admonishment failed, but what is important is the fact that any authority he held was revoked.   Again, note the signature of Shigeki Izuni, a signature which has been verified and compare that to the signature that appears on the fake certificate and make up your own mind.


There is a clear history of JACKSON falsifying records in the sport going back to at least 1984 and given his involvement in the sport prior to this incident, serious doubt must be raised about the supporting evidence used to nominate him for the award of both the OAM and the Australian Sports Medal.   Given that he was awarded the OAM in 1988 and the sports medal in 2000 there is little doubt that the evidence used was false.   It is most likely to us he has coopted one of his close friends to nominate him the awards.

This is not the first time that a person on our website has been caught out falsifying their history to have an OAM awarded.   Here is a very good example of such a fraud:

Hammal, Roque Charles

In our initial exposure of JACKSON, he seemed to us to be a just a bit of a clown, wearing uniforms and awarding himself medals.   That is still the case, but since that first report we have learned much more about Anthony JACKSON and we are in no doubt that he is a wannabe, a medal cheat and worst of all a valor thief.   He has claimed service he has no entitlement to claim and even attempted to attribute to himself a photograph of true heroes, committing a copyright offence in the process.

JACKSON is a fraud, he has a lengthy history of questionable behavior in the sport of karate where he is viewed as a crook.   The circumstances surrounding the award of the OAM and Australian Sports Medal must be questioned in light of the evidence provided and action taken to remove these honours from him.

Let us all hope that the Australian War Memorial and the Secretariat to the Australian Honours System take notice of this exposure and take appropriate action against JACKSON.








Surname: Bain
Christian Names: David Malcolm
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Sadliers Crossing
Case Notes:

David Malcolm Bain

While we had sufficient information to publish the Wing Commander David Bain story before Grahame Keaton's, it was decided that we should wait until the RAAF and ADF had finished their investigations into his behaviour, howeverlast Sunday, 19 March 06, the Bain story appeared in the Queensland Sunday Mail, seemingly provided by an enthusiastic wannabe hunter who was not, and is not, connected to ANZMI.

That news article is belowwith a better view of his 17 medals and three citations from the Distinguished Service Medal down to the Kuwait Liberation Medal shown enlarged, below the news article



The medals and citations he wore are all United States awards and are:

Distinguished Service Medal,
   Legion of Merit,
   Soldiers Medal,
   Bronze Star,
   Meritorious Service Medal,
   Air Medal,
  Army Commendation Medal,
  Air Force Commendation Medal
  Army Achievement Medal,
  Good Conduct Medal,
National Defence Service Medal
   Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal,
  Southwest Asia Service Medal,
   Armed Forces Reserves Medal,
  UN Medal
   Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi),
   Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)  or Multi Force and Observers medal.
   Army Presidential Unit Citation, Joint Meritorious
   Citation, and the Army Meritorious Unit Citation.

 RAAF Pilot brevet. (Wings)

Now that the cat's out of the bag, we feel we can add to what was shown in the article.

David Bain came to our attention in late January 2006 when we were asked to check on his US Military service. Our friends in the US, Chuck and Mary Schantag of POW Network, did the necessary searches and came up with a nil result.

It was reported that Bain claimed to have been an Australian fighter pilot who was later seconded to the US and flew all sorts of missions there during the past decade or so.

A report of him claiming to have been a 16 year US Army helicopter pilot was also received, with stories of him flying Apaches.


24 October 2005. In a press interview, as advertising for selling air-conditioners from his shop, he was referred to as a former RAAF helicopter pilot, it was further stated that he was already trained and entered the RAAF as a pilot in 1972.

In this interview he was also quoted as saying that he won a flying scholarship in 1971 and entered the RAAF but he contradicts this in a later interview where he said it was 1970. 

In either case it seems he was born 4 November 1954 and a RAAF pilot at age 15 or 16, very good.


The article above is from Strike Publications, Defence News (SE Queensland) Issue 36, dated 24 Oct 2006, page 8, a journal of the RAAF Amberley Base.


Squadron Leader Bain was appointed Office Commanding 2 Wing AAFC and promoted to Wing Commander on 1 January 06 and promptly sacked two of his senior officers. After Bain "resigned for health reasons" Canberra reinstated them.

On 1 February 06, Bain was tossed out of his posting as OC and RAAF Security Police began investigating how he came by his RAAF pilot brevetbadge and all the US Army medals.  The RAAF have indicated that they are proceeding with an investigation on his medals.  Will this finally see one of these bogus people being charged with medals offences?  We think not.  To investigate his medals they should also look at his "service" of providing medal mounting for Servicepersons.  No doubt this will lead to his access and obtaining the medals he illegal wore fraudulently.

At no time was he a RAAF pilot.  We know the RAAF are reading this page.  Will they (eventually) contact us and advise the outcome of their investigations into his bogus medals and the charges they have preferred against him, again we think not. 

The RAAF is as confused as all the people involved with medals in the Australian Government and until such time as the government can locate an expert on medals to fix all the problems and introduce into law
proper usage and severe fines that they will enforcefor fraudulent medal wearers, then the problems like Bain will continue to surface and we will continue to expose them.

A Defence Force Policy statement was issued on 18 February 2004 and this is what both BAIN and KEATON would have signed off on as having read and understood. In the main it's basic leadership common sense so we only present point 12 and one of the commanding officer's responsibilities.


OUR BEHAVIOUR POLICY– a guide for staff and other adults working with Cadets

Cadet staff are responsible for:

12.   presenting themselves as a role model to Cadets by demonstrating these standards and values in their own behaviour in a manner that enhances the reputation of the Cadets



As a commanding officer of the unit, your responsibilities are to:

       take action and respond fairly, promptly, seriously and with sensitivity to complaints of unacceptable behaviour.


Apparently not worth the paper it was written on where 2 Wing AAFC Qld was concerned.

19 May 07

Bain has used deception for his own personal gratification.  The article below says: Bain pleaded guilty to fraud, obtaining financial advantage by deception, falsely representing to be a returned soldier, wearing service decorations not conferred and using or wearing a Defence emblem (Pilot brevet).  This is an admission by his lawyer.  The lawyer also states "he has never been in trouble before"....most murderers are in the same boat and have to start somewhere.  He claims Bain  now worked assisting in air conditioner installation and "having a conviction would impact his economic situation."   So what we say.  He made the choice to impersonate a decorated service member and should now pay the penalty for his deception.  He abused his position of authority within the Defence Cadet structure especially at a time where cadets are thinking of a career within a Defence force that is having troubles with recruiting.   How do these youngsters feel about his deception? 

The magistrate has ordered a pre sentence report on this fool and adjourned the case to July 12.   This can mean a couple of things.   The do gooders now have the chance to plead a case of "he didn't really mean any harm" and because of the delay it is also possibly hoped the media will forget about the case so a lenient sentence can be dished out "so that his economic situation as an air conditioner installer is not harmed".  This is rubbish people.  He did the crime now do the time in accordance with the Defence Act 1903 section 80.  That is a maximum penalty of $3300 and or possible jail time and a recorded conviction.   As stated by the DVA Minister, the Hon Bruce Billson, MP in his press release here  which in part states;

"Under the Defence Act 1903 the penalties for the improper use of Service decorations and for impersonating Service personnel include a fine of up to $3300, six months imprisonment, or both.
Recently two people have been found guilty of offences under Sections 80 A and 80 B of the Defence Act for falsely claiming entitlements to medals. Further cases, resulting from the wearing of medals for which no entitlement exists, are currently subject to legal proceedings."

To those preparing the pre sentence report we say read the above.  Veterans and their service IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.  To ensure these people are stopped from their improper use of the uniform, service decorations and service, the maximum penalty should be used as a deterrent.  It is time that the law enforcers, judges, magistrates, federal police and the like, prosecuted these people to the fullest extent of the law and protect the Service, Honour and medals of the Australian Veterans.   Show your mettle here.  We look forward to the end result on 12 July. 


29 Sep 2007

Bain's adventure into the world of make believe and fraud has ended.  He was found guilty of numerous offences in the Ipswich, Queensland Magistrates Court and fined. The Magistrate described Bain's behaviour as bizarre. Below is a report of the legal proceedings


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Kearney
Christian Names: Benjamin Ian
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Narrabeen
Service #: 8491600
Service: Army
Branch: RAsigs
Commencement of service: 11 May 04
Completion of service: 12 Mar 08
Case Notes:





Like the majority of his peers, Ben Kearney is into social media as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, as well as catching up with people from his past. But as we have seen in media reports in recent years, sometimes people tend to tell a few 'porkies' about themselves, their achievements and what they have been up to. From what we have been told and seen, Benjamin Ian Kearney falls into this category.

Ben's Facebook page would probably impress his friends as he recounts tasty little tit-bits about his military service with the Australian Army. It's all there - in the infantry, unarmed combat training and of course the standard one for military frauds, the para jump course.

But as the old saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words', so we draw your attention to the above photograph of Ben Kearney which appears on his fiancé's Facebook page. Smiling Ben has what we at ANZMI call the full Monty for today's medal cheat. Left of photo to right:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with 2 clasps possibly Afghanistan & Iraq, (NOT ENTITLED)

Afghanistan Campaign Medal, (NOT ENTITLED)

Iraq Campaign Medal, (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Service Medal (ASM) clasp n/k, (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM), (ENTITLED)

NATO Service Medal Afghanistan (NOT ENTITLED)

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal. (NOT ENTITLED)

And the icing on this very impressive cake is the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) sitting above the medals. (NOT ENTITLED)

Unfortunately for Ben Kearney the only award he is entitled to wear on his left breast is the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).

Once Kearney completed his recruit training, he was allocated to Royal Australian Corps of Signals. When he completed his Initial Employment Training, he was employed as a Combat Signaller. In July 2005 Kearney changed from being a Combat Signaller to an Operator Communications. He continued in this role until he discharged medically unfit in March 2008. There's no mention of him ever being trained in unarmed combat or completing a para course.

Now that Ben has had the dubious pleasure of gracing our pages in all his glory, we suspect that his and his fiancé's Facebook pages will come in for some quick editing. And maybe a steady stream of 'unlikes' will begin to appear as well.

Benjamin Ian Kearney, you are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore and to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives and their physical and mental health in the service of Australia. Remove the medals you have been dishonestly wearing along with the ICB and fade into the obscurity you deserve.

Surname: Collison
Christian Names: Ben Adam Rohan
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Umina Beach
Service #: Not Known
Service: RAAF
Branch: Catering
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:



Ben Collison is a rarity in the world of the wannabe. The reason for this is that he is one of the few who have been prosecuted for the offences committed by wearing medals when not entitled to do so. Hooray we here at ANZMI say, finally law enforcement in NSW have taken a leaf from the book of their Victorian and South Australian colleagues and taken the appropriate action by putting this peacock in front of the Courts to answer for his actions. Unfortunately as will be seen in the following paragraphs, it appears Collison failed to learn from the experience and appears to us here at ANZMI to be snubbing his nose at the justice system and the veteran community. Now we at ANZMI cannot claim to have exposed Collison, and the good work of the NSW Police must be acknowledged. However, as we know
when you scratch a sore you find much more to the story.
Here is the peacock in full plumage. The fact is, the only medal he is entitled to wear is the Australian Defence Medal (ADM). That is it, nothing more. It will be noted that in this photograph he is also wearing the Returned form Active Service badge (RASB) and the Army Combat Badge (ACB) for which he has no entitlement either.Collison’s actual service was somewhat less distinguished than he would have us believe. He served for 12 months or so in the Army Reserves before joining the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Cook. His service was average, nothing spectacular and after apparently suffering a knee injury, he was discharged in 2011.
Many in the ex-service community would be aware that Ben Collison was convicted for wearing medals he had not earned.

Not letting the truth stand in the way of a good story, Collison regaled himself with self-awarded medals and picked up a diagnosis of PTSD for good measure. He then ingratiated himself into the veteran community and even secured himself a job in the office of a local politician as some sort of advisor on veteran’s matters, attending functions and representing himself as a decorated returned veteran. Indeed, he even managed to be mentioned in a speech to the Queensland Parliament by his then boss, Michael Pucci, the Member for Logan. A full version of the speech is available on the web, but the relevant parts of that speech bellow:
In his Defence for his actions, Collison continues with the ruse of Defence Force related PTSD with the Court records noting:“He stated when he met the group he felt uncomfortable in telling the group his PSTD was not from overseas combat and did not correct people when asked,” the Facts read.

Is there anything worse than wearing medals you are not entitled to? In the case of Ben Collison, the answer is yes. He has claimed to be suffering from PTSD a condition which many genuine veterans suffer in silence. This conditions impacts on their wellbeing, family life and indeed their lives. It is not a condition to be treated with the contempt that Collison has displayed to genuine incapacitated veterans.He had the audacity to use his so called PTSD as a means to justify his actions to the Court.“The court heard he had joined the Army Reserve in 2005 before joining the air force in August 2007 where he served as a cook. He suffered a knee injury and was eventually discharged in October 2011 for physical and mental health reasons but never served overseas”

Note that Court Records indicate he was discharged for physical and mental health reasons, but it is important not to confuse ‘mental health reasons’ with PTSD. There are many forms of mental illness and to simply play the PTSD card is disgraceful, offensive and a plain and simple lie to the Court.How can we at ANZMI form the view that Collison was lying to the Court? Well with his own words he has hung himself. The following comment was found on his Facebook page, posted well after the Court case had been completed and he was relishing in the mediocre sentence he was awarded:
Now, if that comment wasn’t enough to demonstrate what sort of low life flea we are really dealing with here, we will let him again, in his own words show how contrite he is at wearing medals he is not entitled to and impersonating a genuine veteran:
Finally, his Facebook comment about his conviction and the circumstances surrounding his arrest:
And this final comment which just about sums this scumbag up. Please note his comment about PTSD:
Ben Collison’s mediocre effort at making light of his situation on his Facebook page simply reinforces the fact that mental illness, but not PTSD may well be an issue for him. Despite that, his contemptible behaviour before and after his arrest and conviction tell us a lot about this individual.It is in the best interests of Ex-Service Organisations to keep a close eye out for Ben Collison, he has shown no remorse for his actions and will no doubt re-offend. He is a contemptible nobody who has disgraced himself and simply belittled his genuine service. He has won for himself a permanent place on our website.For those who sometimes wonder why ANZMI does what it does, we suggest you look closely at this case and for those who would disparage our work exposing wannabes such as Ben Collison, ask yourself if you could turn a blind eye to his actions, particularly if you claim to support genuine Veterans and the genuine suffers of PTSD? 
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