Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Sheean
Christian Names: Grant Benjamin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: Claims R157226
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Combat Systems
Commencement of service: 20/01/1997
Completion of service: 27/03/1998
Case Notes:


Grant Benjamin Sheean was born on the 1 November, 1979. He is a 40 year old stand over man and a hoodlum, who claims extensive military service in the Royal Australian Navy.

He tells tales of performing secret operations that he can’t talk about during his Navy service, and he likes to impress those around him that he is some sort of military hero.

The truth is that Sheean was terminated from the Royal Australian Navy after 15 months as a misfit on the 27 March, 1998.

The reason. Terminated “Not in the Interests of the Service”. He failed Initial Employment Training (IET) and was sacked.



The above photograph purports Sheean in an alleged French Foreign Legion uniform wearing parachute wings.

Sheean is a member of a Brisbane family friendly skirmishing community named “Gel Ball Blasters” and is associated with a group called “Heavy Hitters”. He has also told colleagues within this group that he was also a member of the French Foreign Legion for many years. That statement is false. He was never a member of the French Foreign Legion. One of the pre-requisites for acceptance into the French Foreign Legion is the ability to speak the French language. Unfortunately for Sheean, he does not possess this skill. “C’est la vie”

He further claims that he was a member of two country’s Defence Forces for 15 years. That is also false.



Sheean produced the above “Royal Australian Navy Certificate of Service” to colleagues to convince them that he was a member of the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years. The date of enlistment detailed on the Certificate of Service is inconsistent with the actual date that he joined. The Certificate states that he enlisted on the 20 January, 1996. He in fact enlisted on the 20 January, 1997. He has also crossed out other information including “Rank, Date of Separation, Medals, Decorations and Commendations.”  There could be a reason for that!

Below is a message sent by Sheean to some former colleagues who questioned him about his military service, and other matters.



The message has been edited due to the obscene language used by Sheean in the text.

This message indicates what an objectionable person Sheean is.

He is a wasted space, a liar, a thug and a failed Royal Australian Navy Seaman, who could not cope with the discipline of military life.

He pretends to be a former member of the French Foreign Legion. His entire life is a pretence. And a false one at that.

We know that since Sheean has been informed that ANZMI would like to contact him and confirm his military claims, he has disappeared. He will no doubt resurface somewhere and be reported to ANZMI.

As Sheean would like everyone to know that he is a former Royal Australian Navy hero and a French Foreign Legion hero, we are more than happy to provide additional publicity for him on this site.

Following publication of this article, when Grant Benjamin Sheean, or anyone else for that matter, now Googles his name, his factual Royal Australian Navy service will be revealed.

Welcome to ANZMI, Grant Benjamin Sheean.

Surname: Crosby
Christian Names: Gary F.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Logan
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Update Gary Crosby

Gary Crosby unfortunately put on the wrong medal and wore it to a Motorcycle Club function, where he was photographed and reported to ANZMI. Here is what he said:

"I did accidentally put the wrong medal on that morning and as soon as one of my mate(sic) told me it wasn't the Lib of K which I didn't even look at I took it off, as both those medals sit side by side on my book shelf. This could impact my career as teacher and DVA status etc. in which I've just applied for after 25 years of never claiming, I have never claimed to be anything I am not, I served and I don't like cheats and impostors. Please explain how I reach the requirements to be label as one, for a stuff up in the morning"

regards Gary Crosby"

Crosby will remain on this website site and Veterans will judge the extent of his offence. His association with DVA will not be affected by this matter and we suggest that he get his medals properly mounted to alleviate any further careless acts.


It behoves veterans to be aware of medals protocols, otherwise they will be reported by fellow veterans and shown on this website. Gary F Crosby wears an unauthorized medal instead of the official medal for his service in the Gulf War.

Crosby served on HMAS Westralia in the Persian Gulf in 1990 - 1991 during the Liberation of Kuwait. For that service he is wearing the unathorized Kuwait Liberation Medal

The medal is not on the Australian Governor General's list of foreign medals approved to be worn

Accepting and wearing of Foreign awards by Australians

In August 2012, Her Majesty The Queen approved the replacement of the 1997 ‘Guidelines concerning the acceptance and wearing of Foreign Awards by Australians’. The new Guidelines are substantially similar to the 1997 Guidelines, however, they enable the Governor-General to determine whether Australian Citizens may accept and wear foreign awards on the basis of advice from the Prime Minister in the form of a schedule of approved countries and awards.

For the Schedule of Approved Countries and Awards. See here:

It is also noted that Crosby is wearing the non approved medal with the ribbon upside down.

Crosby is most likely authorized to wear the Saudi Arabian Liberation of Kuwait medal, but chooses not to.

His offence appears to be one of ignorance, rather than fraud, and it is suggested that he contact Honours and Awards and establish his proper entitlement and then meet with a competent medal mounter and become legitimate.

Anthony Fraser is another Sailor on this website from the Gulf War who chose to wear this unauthorized medal.

If you have served on overseas Defence operations you must wear only authorized medals and definitely, do not wear unauthorized medals with the ribbon upside down.

Crosby has achieved the criterion to be listed on this website.


Surname: Preece
Christian Names: Stanley Ernest
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Southside
Service #: 23994584
Service: British Army
Branch: Royal Artillery
Commencement of service: 30 November 1963
Completion of service: 31 January 1968
Case Notes:


Stanley Ernest Preece was born in England on the 7th April, 1947. He claims military service in the Royal Artillery, British Army between 1963 and 1968.

He claims 21 days overseas peace time military service in Germany from May 1965 to June, 1965. He also claims active service in Malaya and Borneo , from September,1965 to 20 September, 1966.

In 2012, Preece completed an application form to join the Gympie Returned and Service League Sub Branch. He stated that he was a Gunner with the 40th Artillery Regiment British Army.

  Preece 1 jpg Anzac Day 2019


In the above photographs, Preece is wearing the following medals on his left side-;

1. The General Service Medal 1962. (GSM) with two clasps. (Malay Peninsula Clasp - Not entitled and Borneo- entitled. )
2. Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. Not entitled.
3. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Service Medal. Entitled.
4. Hors de Combat Medal (Tin purchased medal)
5. British Army of the Rhine Medal. (Tin purchased medal)
6. British Forces Germany Medal.. (Tin purchased medal.)

Members of local RSL clubs have observed Preece wearing the three tin medals listed above that are unofficial, and have obviously been purchased from a United Kingdom Medal Dealer. Preece has awarded the medals to himself and had them court mounted.
When reminded of Commonwealth Governor General's medal wearing protocols and informed that the commemorative medals should be worn on the right side, Preece is reported as saying, "I would like to see who is going to f***ing stop me.

The tin medals are -;

Preece 4 jpg edited Hors de combat

1. HORS de COMBAT MEDAL (Tin) £47.00

Described as -; The striking of the Hors de Combat Commemorative Medal is a befitting way to recognise and pay tribute to the outstanding bravery of British servicemen and women who sustained wounds or injury in the line of duty.



British Army Of The Rhine Medal Commemorative for peace time service in Germany.



British Forces Germany Commemorative Medal for peace time service in Germany.

There is also doubt as to the second medal Preece wears. -;


This medal was struck in Great Britain in 1977 and 30,000 UK servicemen received the medal for services rendered to the Commonwealth.. In 1968, Preece left the British Army as a Gunner, equivalent to a Private soldier. He left prematurely on medical grounds, due to an accident. This followed four and a half years service. When requested, Preece could not provide proof of this award.

He also claims the Hors de Combat Medal, due to his claim of being wounded in action in Borneo. He has related to colleagues that he was wounded in an ambush. That claim is a lie.

We are uncertain of the exact accident details Preece endured, but we ARE certain that it was not due to wounds received in an ambush. We know that whilst in Borneo, he accidently stumbled sustaining an injury when he landed on a rock.

Preece also wears the Borneo and Malay Peninsula clasps on the General Service Medal.

His Discharge Records indicate that he served in Borneo/Brunei for the dates that the Borneo Clasp was awarded. He is entitled to that award.

However, his claim to the Malay Peninsula Clasp is false. It is a lie. His records indicate that he served from 24 September, 1965 to 4 November, 1965 – and later for short periods in March, April and September, 1966.

Preece 7A jpg

The qualifying dates for the Malay Peninsula Clasp is service between 17 August, 1964 to the 12 June, 1965. Preece arrived 3 months after the clasp ceased being awarded.

This might seem insignificant to the general public, but it continues to establish a pattern of fraudulent behaviour exhibited by Preece to embellish his military service, and snub his nose at the Veteran community.

As a further fraudulent Act, Preece submitted the following Wikipedia document to a veterans organisation, claiming it to be an authentic record of his active service.

The first submitted article describes “Operation Claret”, a military operation conducted in the jungles of Borneo in July, 1964 to July, 1966. The highlighted paragraph identifying “Gunner Preece sitting on the gun trail after the action”, has been added by someone following the original publication of this article. Someone, who would stand to gain from the false entry.

Preece 8A jpg

The original entry, below, was, and still is, the accurate and truthful entry regarding Operation Claret. There is no mention of Gunner Preece at all in this original description of Operation Claret.


The Queensland State RSL need to conduct a thorough examination of all the military claims made by Preece, starting from his three tin medals and other claimed entitlements, including the Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. He should also be questioned about the fraudulent document he submitted, identifying a “Gunner Preece” in the article as being present during Operation Claret, Borneo, July 1964.

Preece was contacted by ANZMI, and invited to provide evidence of his military service in the British Army, his official medal entitlements and what he knows about the documentation identifying a “Gunner Preece sitting on the gun trail after the action with 14 empty shell casings in the background”.

Preece surprisingly responded with the following -;

“When I emigrated to Australia, I met up with an old army friend of mine who had completed 36 years in the British, Australian and New Zealand SAS as an intelligence officer. It was he who informed me about commemorative medals and the fact that I should wear then (sic)inline on the left as opposed to under my issued medals as they do in the UK”.

So as a result of that informative advice, Preece then went and had all his tin medals court mounted alongside his two genuine ones.

We will leave that explanation up to the reader to judge on it's merits.

Preece was afforded considerable time to provide an explanation for the differences in the documents regarding Operation Claret. Also proof of his award of the Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. He responded stating -; "that he would not answer any further questions about his military service and medals, as he had been instructed by his Sub Branch to say nothing".

If this is true, then the Gympie RSL Sub Branch where he is a member, need a rocket from the RSL Queensland State Branch for supporting his fraudulent behaviour and wearing a host of tin medals, and another medal that he cannot prove was awarded. If this is not true, then we suspect that Gympie RSL Sub Branch will notify us and we will provide an update ensuring that the truth is published.

Preece has little credibility. He is a false pretender and a glory hunter. He is now featured on this site to rectify his edified version of the Wikipedia Operation Claret publication and his desire to portray himself as a bemedalled war hero.

Preece is entitled to wear two medals, not six.

He is entitled to the General Service Medal 1962 - with Clasp Borneo and the Malaysia Pingat Jasa Medal.

Welcome to the site Stanley Ernest Preece.

Surname: Jokielehto
Christian Names: Moose aka Mooses and Moses And
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Shepparton
Service #: British 386136
Service: British Army
Branch: Infantry/Intelligence Corps
Commencement of service: Claims 1997
Completion of service: Claims 2009
Case Notes:


Who is Major Moose Andrew Jokielehto? According to him, he is a UK Army Officer who works as an Intelligence Operative and claims involvement in the murky world of secret operations. Here is what he said to us:

"Served in the intelligence service under different identities which the UK authority's will never confirm or deny. My bona fides, work name and history are known to those close to me and involved in my work and employment. You asked my boss about China, indeed i did work there for a few years and learnt the language, i have operated and worked in the intelligence world and indeed with multiple Commando regiments and SF teams all over the globe and continue to do so today."

He claims to have earned six medals whilst serving as a UK Army Officer between 1997 and 2009. Here is what he wrote on an Application to join the RSL:

The medals he claims are:
Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
Multinational Force and Observers Medal (MFO)
Four medals for overseas service in:
Northern Ireland
Sierra Leone

Regarding the DSM. That medal was withdrawn from issue in 1993 and as Jokielehto claims to have served between 1997 and 2009 he could not have earned it

He has a South African Passport number 55080133368 dated 1 April 2009 under the name of Jokielehto. The Passport shows that he was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1974. He also has UK Passport number 800782318.


He has a UK Army ID Card with his photograph and the name and regimental details of a different UK Army Major

The regimental number and name (now erased) shown on the ID Card can be found in the London Gazette, but do not refer to an officer named Jokielehto and the person named has been contacted.

Here is what the Major, whose name Jokielehto has been using said:

"I have passed all of this to the appropriate office in the MoD. (UK Ministry of Defence). This is an MoD and possibly Police matter now. As i understand it, it is a criminal offence in Australia to impersonate a military officer. That’s all I can really do for now. I’ll let you know if i hear anything, but i am sure the MoD will be in touch with you".

He has a UK Army Certificate of Service, that cannot be verified by the London Gazette.

According to the London Gazette there is no person with those regimental details or name listed as ever having served as an officer in the UK Army. The London Gazette is available for all to read and lists all occurrences, including awards, appointments and promotions, of all UK Military Officers. Using the details shown on his "Certificated of Service" no person with the name Jokielehto or the regimental number of 386136 is mentioned. In any case as Jokielehto states that he served under a different name, it does not make sense that he would have a Certificate of Service under the name of Jokielehto.

We have other documents showing his use of the name Jokielehto since 2011.

He has resided in Australia since 2012 - 13 under the name of Moose Andrew Jokielehto and has a bank account under that name.

Claims to have attended Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) in 1997 then served in the British Army until 2009. He has made this claim in various areas including a LinkedIn account. Here is an example of this claim

Have been advised by RMAS that he has never attended or graduated from that establishment.

"Dear Mr XXXXX,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We have no record of anyone named Jokielehto having passed through Sandhurst.

I hope this has been of some help.

Yours sincerely

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DPS/ARM | Curator, Sandhurst Collection |

Claims to have been a forward intelligence operative working in small teams in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland and in Africa, China and Russia, North Korea. Claims to have worked in intelligence in Whitehall London, and with Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) and 3rd Military Intelligence Regiment (3MIR).

Here are responses received from various Army Associations and Alumni from the UK.

"We have been in contact with the Intelligence Corps who can find no record of him".

"My initial inquires with the SAS Alumni on LinkedIn has the UK SRR alumni coming back saying they have never heard of either name and don’t have records of either person being involved with the unit. I’m still following up with the UK HQSF and other alumni’s in the UK."

'I have checked our trained database and there are no records for Moose Andrew Jokielehto".

Since 2009, when he claims to have departed the UK Army, he is known to have owned a private security company named Twenty Committee Risk Management, which was based in Helsinki, Finland. He moved the company to Malta and during that time is known to have worked in Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. He departed that Company in 2012 - 13 with accusations of fraudulent dealings.

He moved to Australia in 2012 - 13 where he currently resides in Shepparton, Victoria. He is a member of the Shepparton RSL, has marched on ANZAC Day and extols to his "Aussie" mates his murky "secret" work throughout the world.

He claims to have a UK Army reserve liability until 2029 and says he is returning to the UK next year as a UK Army Major to attend UK Army Staff College, which is an establishment that prepares UK Officers for higher rank.

Jokielehto was been contacted and asked to prove his bona fides as a retired British Army Major. He immediately became defensive and advised the following

"I told you from day one you would not get any where looking for a man called "Moose" for obvious reasons".

" other close ex service friends and loved ones know my work name, history and can vet and have done in under 5 minutes with the London Gazette and via proper channels.".

"I work and have worked in some of the most volatile and dangerous regions on the planet against some very nasty people over the years so forgive me for not wanting to spill my guts and life story to a complete stranger"

"For me, no matter, I'll simply change my handle from Moose to Badger, you can then waste your time and resources looking for him"

Although he purports his life to be that of a James Bond, he has no problem disclosing his secret service to those who will listen. He goes on drinking binges and acts badly, and, of course, blames Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for his bad behaviour.

He carries a Gerber Bear Grylls hidden stiletto blade on his belt, which he enjoys showing, along with his supposed training in hand to hand combat. He loves telling people how to knife an opponent. He is also an avid shooter and has a bolt action rifle at his house in Shepparton.

Jokielehto, to enhance his military background and Rhodesian lineage as shown in his Passport, makes the following claim about his father:

We have an information source from the Rhodesian Army Association (RAA) and in particular the Selous Scouts. Here are responses from Rhodesian Army Association and Military Trust. See here

"Ok my contact who has the full Rhodesian Army nominal roll, says that no one of that name ever served in the Rhodesian Army. The original Selous Scouts Armed Car unit was disbanded in 1963 at the break-up of the Rhodesia and Nyasaland federation. It was a Squadron in strength so it would never have had a Brigadier in charge. And the passport in question puts this fellow at 45 years old now, so his father would now be about 70-80. Even at 80 he would have been about 40 years old when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe – me-thinks a little young for a Brigadier in Selous Scouts. And if he was a Brigadier in the original Armed Car Selous Scouts he would have been 24 years old when the Squadron was disbanded. Say no more!"

"I served in the Rhodesian Army from January ’66 to April ’80, covering the full UDI period and I have never heard of any Officer, especially a Brigadier by the name of JOKIELEHTO"

We believe this man's name is Moose Andrew Jokielehto, who was born in Rhodesia and migrated to the UK in 1981, moved to Helsinki Finland, then to Malta and now resides in Australia, but everything about his UK Army service is false.

He did not attend RMAS in 1997.
He was never a Major in the UK Army.
Was never awarded the UK Distinguished Service Medal or the five other medals he claims.
Was never an Intelligence Officer in the UK Army.
Has never served in the UK SRR, 3MIR, SAS or Commandos.
Has never served with the UK Army in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland and in Africa, China and Russia, North Korea.
Has never served as an Intelligence Officer in Whitehall London.
His father was never a Brigadier in the Rhodesian Army.
He has a false UK Army ID Card, and a false UK Army Certificate of Service.

If his real name is not Moose Andrew Jokielehto then he is in Australia under a false name, has a false passport, and operates a bank account under that false name. We are certain that one way or another Australian authorities will be interested in him.

If his name is really Moose Andrew Jokielehto then many people, and especially veterans in the UK and Australia will be very interested in him, in relation to his false claims of military service

Since we have commenced this investigation we have become aware of numerous people who are aggrieved and hurt at being duped by Jokielehto. Jokielehto is a con man of considerable skill. Wherever he goes he sows seeds of having a secret service life.

In Shepparton he went one bridge to far and was reported to us. We hope those of similar organizations to ours in the UK will read this and provide further information about this ultimate wannabe.

Surname: Goss
Christian Names: Patrick
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmainia
City or Town: Latrobe
Service #: None
Service: None
Case Notes:


Patrick GOSS was born in 1936. According to him, in 1950, at the age of 14 years, he enlisting into the Australian Army as National Serviceman, then served in South and North Korea for two and a half years and to this day holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army.

As a result of his Army service he wears five medals from foreign countries.

When he returned from North Korea he pursued education in Victoria and attained six university degrees.

In 1973, he had a gun held at his head by a "Colonel Joseph PAUL" in Hobart, and was forced to enlist in Australia Secret Intelligence Service, (ASIS). At the age of 83 years he is still on the ASIS payroll and has an officer underneath the Australian War Memorial where he works from time to time.

Because of his many years service with Australia Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) none of his service history is available and will not be available until 50 years after his demise

In 2017 when GOSS moved to his current residence in Tasmania, he wrote a three page letter to all other residents in his street. Here are excerpts from the letter.



Jungles of North Korea?

In addition to his raft of degrees "Dr" Goss is also a practicing Psychiatrist and signed the letter to his neighbours as such. Below are further excerpts from his social media relating to his military rank and government work.

No trace of GOSS can be found on the Department of Veterans Nominal Roll for Korea, that is because he either never served in the "jungles of North Korea" as a fourteen year old boy, or, has been a ASIS operator for forty six years and his records are "sealed".

GOSS was contacted by a researcher and quite happily extolled his life history and details of his "secret service" and his secret office under the Australian War Memorial.

We are happy to state that he is a systematic liar, and we are pleased to include him as such on this website

Surname: Williams
Christian Names: Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service: New Zealand Defence Force
Case Notes:


Trevor WILLIAMS works in NSW Prisons system, which provides him with a uniform to wear eight medals on his left breast. On his right breast he wears a further seven medals of which six would have been awarded to a direct New Zealand relative of Williams. The seventh medal on his right breast has not be identified.

Only three of the fifteen medals he wears are to be worn on the left breast. The remaining twelve belong either on his right breast, or in the garbage bin. Here are details of the eight medals on his left breast.

Here is what they are:

1. The New Zealand Special Service Medal (Erebus) New Zealand - Entitled

2. The New Zealand Defence Service Medal with clasp REGULAR New Zealand - Entitled.

3. The National Medal Australia Official Civilian Honour - Entitled

4. NSW Corrective Services Medal Australia State Award 15yrs service in the NSW Prison
Service. State award to be worn on the right breast.

5. 150th Anniversary of NZ Army Medal. - Unofficial commemorative "Tin" medal must
not be worn on left breast.

6. The International Prison Service Medal. - Unofficial commemorative "Tin"
medal not to be worn on left breast.

7. US Antarctic Service Medal. Williams had no USA Defence service in Antarctica and
has no entitlement to wear

8. The UK Commemorative two year "in uniform" - British service "Tin" Medal not to be
worn on left breast

By wearing fifteen medals Williams would appear to the general public, as a military veteran with lots of hard service, when in fact his three medals reflect only peacetime service in New Zealand and Australia.

One of the three medals, the Erebus medal, is for the tragic Mount Erebus, Air New Zealand disaster in Antarctica , for his service at the Mortuary, Auckland University School of Medicine, Auckland NZ. He was not deployed to Antarctica with the clean up team, and was presented with the medal for his service in NZ for that event.

The medals on his right breast are those of a relative, and may only be worn on commemorative occasions.

Because of the five "Tin" medals that he wears on his left breast, Williams has now been awarded the honour of appearing on this website.


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