Date of Entry: 12/12/2020
Surname: RUGER
Christian Names: Darren aka "Daz"
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Duffys Forest
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Case Notes:



Since publishing details about "Daz" Ruger's fairyland "Black Ops" lifestyle, we have received more confirming details per photographs and his iterations. Darren demonstrates his "Black Ops" prowess by wearing his gear on hunting jaunts.

Although the photograph is of his rear end, we hold a statutory declaration identifying him as the person holding his hunting bow and preparing his canine friend for the hunt.

RugerInsert1 2021 03 04


This next photograph is of "Daz" ready for action and scratching his head with his assassin's knife and next we have "Daz" apparently demonstrating secret "killer" hand signals


RugerInsert2RugerInsert3 2021 03 04

Important words of wisdom, are. "As you sew, so shall people cotton on to your lies". Here is what "Daz" has extolled since our first exposure of him,

"I am an ex special forces operator and contracted mercenary"

"Used a bow to kill people in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and protect a PNG Chief"

"Have worked for United States, Central Intelligence Agency (CiA), United Kingdom (UK) Government, Sandline Mercenary Company, and PNG Warlords"

"That, ANZMI is a fake website built and is operated out of the Philippines and he could get the story removed for $50,000 ".

"All of his overseas work was so top secret, that the Department of Defence is not allowed to record it".

"Because of his highly sensitive work he did in locations overseas, the SASR required him to change his name."

"He is, suing the ANZMI website and anyone who shares the website link for defamation"

"His work was so secretive the Government had to delete all evidence/documentation which included his service number".

"The ANZMI website is, a fraudulent and fake website"

"Anyone from his company who discusses the website and his profile, will be personally sued for defamation".

Between SASR "black Ops" sortees, Ruger has had a very successful civilian career, here is some of it:

"I am extremely rich, I have so much money"

"Has seven academic degrees included, one in ancient Hebrew, an Engineering degree from Royal Military College Duntroon."

"Learnt Python (computer coders language that takes years to master) in 4 days".

"Trained two world champions from the Ultimate Fighting Championship."

"Owned a highly successfully Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gymnasium in Sydney"

"Owned a Michelin Star Restaurant In Sydney"

"Body guard for Kerry Packer in Melbourne, and used to carry Kerry’s gold bars to the casino"

"Was in training to ride in cycling events for Australia in Olympics"

When asked directly, "why he didn’t simply provide his service number to ANZMI", Ruger stated, "why would I provide personal information to a fake and fraudulent website".

All who know "Daz", are aware, that SASR know, Australian and New Zealand veterans know, the Police and the general public know, that Ruger is a liar, a valour thief, and an all round, imbecilic, dingbat, troglodyte, ninnyhammer. It appears that the only person who doesn't know, is "Daz" himself.

The matter will not abate, until he apologises to veterans of Australia and New Zealand, all his friends, loved ones, employees, ex employees, and relatives, for being an abysmal liar and fake.



According to Darren "Daz" Ruger, he spent some time, at the home of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia. In fact it was for two weeks working with a screwdriver, as a contracted civilian technician.

Ruger 1

"Daz" Ruger has extrapolated his false service with the Army, and SASR, way beyond using a screw driver in the barracks. He claims he still goes "on missions" to fight the foe, however, what he tells people about his "missions", are a long way from reality. His "missions" are in fact to five star, overseas holiday destinations, where he enjoys the life of privilege, paid for by the business that he owns.

Ruger was born in either March or April 1973. According to Ruger, he joined the Defence Force, Royal Military College (RMC) aged seventeen years and did an Electronic Satellite Engineer Degree. That training, at RMC, would have taken at least four years, which, would make him twenty one years of age on graduation. He was "then fast tracked to SASR where he served as a "bubble head" ", which, in SASR vernacular, is a specialist operational diver. He would have held the rank of at least Lieutenant, however according to one of the many Statutory Declarations (that we hold) he said "he threw his rank away as he did not believe in rank".

During his years as a civilian, he has maintained that he is an SASR operative, and has been sent on many "missions".

Here is what he has said:

"He went to Africa in the SAS, and killed numerous “black people”
He worked with the CIA, who he provided and held a server of blacklisted people
He went to PNG, to help hunt with a local tribe who would break into a camp and kill and capture “white” people who he then helped kill and eat
He was given a weapon by the leader of the PNG tribe as a thank you for his amazing skills
He was at the 1996 Blackhawk disaster that killed 18 operators.
CIA drafted him to do top secret work.
Sandline approached him direct from the SASR and offered him overseas projects where he served as a mercenary.
He would often take several month long holidays at work and tell people that he had a top secret mission that he wasn’t allowed to talk about, but it involved “killing black people"
He also served with the New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS)
He served in Somalia".

We have been accurately advised, through ex service channels, that Ruger has never served in the Australian Defence Force, and therefore his rambling stories of SASR "missions" are tarradiddles, which, brand Ruger as a silly liar, and wannabe, who has chosen to steal the honour of genuine Australian SASR veterans, who have given incredible service. SASR are not cannibals and have committed none of the bovine excreta actions claimed by Ruger.

We hold numerous Statutory Declarations, detailing what Ruger, has directly said to people about his SASR service.

Ruger was politely contacted and requested to provide details of his military service, however he failed to respond.

There is no doubt, that he is well deserved, of being deployed, to a "mission" on the ANZMI website, which is entirely different from real SASR deployments, and entirely different from five star holiday deployments

He can now swap dastardly lies, with the hundreds of others, of his ilk, on secret missions who are listed on the ANZMI.

Advice to Ruger is: "As you sow so shall you reap"

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