Date of Entry: 12/12/2020
Surname: MOHR
Christian Names: Jono
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Ferndale
Service: Army & Foreign Legion
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Jono Mohr of Fernvale in Queensland, is a handyman who tells of his spectacular military service of days gone by.


According to Jono, as a younger man, he travelled from Australia and enlisted in the elite French Foreign Legion. He said, "going to all manner of places and doing work for which other governments, did not want to be involved in".

On his return to Australia, "he enlisted in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and did numerous overseas deployments". We hold a Statutory Declaration, detailing what Mohr has said about his military service, with both French Foreign Legion and the SASR.

Mohr was spoken to directly by a researcher, and denied ever saying he served with the SASR in the Australian Defence Force. He did however, advise of his French Foreign Legion service, and said he holds documents to prove his service. He promised to forward his documentary evidence, however, as suspected, it has never arrived.

We have:

A Statutory Declaration detailing what Mohr is reported to have said about his military service, with French Foreign Legion and Australian SASR.

Mohr told a researcher that he did serve with the French Foreign Legion, and that he had never served with SASR.

We have no direct evidence that Mohr served with the French Foreign Legion, and will leave the truth of that to our readers.

Below are emails to and from Mohr.

"Sorry to bother you, but you know exactly who I am. Have spoken to Jono twice. I do research on behalf of Australian and New Zealand military veterans . Jono claims to have had active service with the French Foreign Legion, and he has advised me that he will send proof of his service.

Can you please arrange for the evidence before the 10 Nov 20.


Response from Mohr

"No idea who you are.
Stop emailing us".
More to Jono

"Afternoon Jono

We spoke about your military service with the French Foreign Legion, which is quite an achievement.

You advised that you would send proof of your service, however, as yet it has not been received.

Would very much like to finalize this matter and receipt of your Service Document is all that is needed to complete this situation..



Please respond to my email requesting your French Foreign Legion credentials, so can close this file.


As well as being told by Mohr, we have advice from SASR, that he has never served with that unit, or any other unit in the Australian Defence Force, which is contrary to what is detailed in the Statutory Declaration.

We welcome Jono Mohr aboard the ANZMI express, that will carry him on the wannabe loop for ever more.

Jono Mohr is given cargo class passage aboard the ANZMI rattler, for falsely claiming to have served overseas with SASR. If he ever provides evidence of his French Foreign Legion service, he will be upgraded to economy Class, but will remain on board the "rattler" for ever more.

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