Date of Entry: 27/01/2020
Surname: Walker
Christian Names: Maris (Max) John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Pine Mountain
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Commencement of service: 1988
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Maris John Walker was born 11 Jun 1970.

Walker M3

The history he tells of his service, somewhat differs from his actual service.

Here is what he has said:

He has shrapnel throughout his body.

He has very severe PTSD

He tells care givers, he is an ex Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and Commando veteran, to account for his PTSD, but when questioned as to where he served, his response is always that he is unable to speak about it, because he had to sign a secrecy agreement.

He told others that he was a "Frogman" master diver, and had done many parachute drops and whilst on a mission was injured when his parachute did not open.

As a result of the secret nature of his service, he cannot speak of it, because he could be arrested, however he does let some snippets of "horror" out.

His records are sealed for fifty years, after that time, if there is still conflict in the countries he has visited, the records cannot be released.

When the 9/11 attack on New York had been identified as a terrorist attack, his unit was mobilised for immediate action and "shipped" out to a classified destination.

He underwent interrogation training. He was "captured” and tied naked to a chair with a female interrogator trying to get information out of him. He said that he was ‘masturbating, so as to try and mess with females mind, and not be intimidated by her.

He was in charge of an SASR mission when they engaged the enemy. The only hope for survival was to lay down the lives of two of the group, so that the others could escape. He now has devastating nightmares about the incident.

On a classified mission overseas. he saw a man slam a child's head into a car bullbar. In retribution he killed the man.

Came across a village where a man had cut off a woman's breast. Max cut the man's throat and the rest of his men killed all the villagers.

He woke up in a German hospital after being hurt in action. He could not remember how he got there, but soon recovered, and was returned back to operational duties in a foreign country.

He has fought on five different continents.

He was seeing a psychiatrist, who had to have top secret clearance to be able to treat him, because of the disclosures he had to make during the treatment.

He has super high security clearance, the same as the Prime Minister.

We hold Statutory Declarations detailing the lies Walker has told.

Walker has produced a definitive resume where he listed his many skills, that were not commensurate with his Army super special forces missions, here is what he said.

Walker M1
Walker M2
Walker M4

Notice he lists skills as a Hungry Jacks operative. Then lists his Defence service as being a Corporal Storeman, the truth of his service, is much different from the lies he espouses to all and sundry.

Have no doubt. Maris John Walker is an artist of the bovine excreta genre. He is one of the many, we have reported, who falsely claim to be damaged returned veterans, as an excuse for their atrocious behaviour towards their love ones.

Considering that he has been "deployed" to five continents in the quest for world peace, he can now travel aboard the ANZMI website, which is read all around the world. His fame as a "Rambo" is false, but his fame as a lying wannabe is very much the truth.

Welcome aboard Maris (Max) John Walker

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