Date of Entry: 27/02/2020
Surname: Parmenter
Christian Names: Mathew aka. John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Daisy Hill
Service: (Claims) Royal Australian Air Force
Branch: (Claims) General Duties Pilot (GDPLT)
Case Notes:


Matthew Parmenter provides a lot of verbal and written evidence about his time as an heroic RAAF Jet Fighter Pilot. The problem is it is all bunkum.

Parmenter's only experience with Jet Fighters is with a modellers club in Victoria. He has given endless verbal and written evidence of his daring exploits in the RAAF. We have a Statutory Declarations detailing that Parmenter has said on numerous occasions that he served as an RAAF Jet Fighter Pilot in Vietnam. In addition, below are excerpts from pages he wrote to his mates.

In fact Matthew (John) Parmenter has never served as an officer in the RAAF. He is:

Not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Vietnam Nominal Roll.
Not listed in the official "Stud Book" of RAAF Officers as ever having served anywhere.
Has no Defence file at National Archives Australia (NAA).

Parmenter has provided the following reasons why he is not listed on official Defence documents:

1. He was seconded to the United States Air Force (USAF) as an Australian with the USAF.

2, His service was under another name because he was/is under witness protection.

We are advised by the RAAF that there were pilots who were seconded to the USAF and flew in Vietnam. They are all listed on the DVA Nominal Roll. Parmenter is not?

Parmenter has given a "perfect" excuse for being a "mystery man", and that is, "he changed his name because he was in witness protection". Now why would a person, who is in "witness protection" publish a photograph of himself and give details of his past life?

Notice that Parmenter wears a Cap bearing the name of US Navy ship It is also noted that Parmenter claims to have flown Jet Fighters from Aircraft Carriers.  Royal Australian and United States officers who flew from Aircraft Carriers were not Pilots of the RAAF or United States Air Force (USAF) but specifically from the Royal Australian or United States Navy.

Parmenter is now an octogenarian who has been spreading his lies for many years and has done such a good job, that he has been believed and admired for his "service". We are pleased to dispel his lies and publish the truth, which is, he was never a Jet Fighter Pilot in the RAAF.

The F105 aircraft detailed as "My lil old Southeast Asia Bomb Truck" belonged to USAF 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron. We contacted that unit association and received an in depth response discrediting all that Parmenter has said. Including that he was never an Australian who flew USA F105 aircraft.

Here is a direct excerpt from our communications with 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

"He claims he shot down a MiG on 11 June 1965 while flying from Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in a mission against the Paul Doumer bridge in Hanoi. The Doumer bridge was off limits as a target until it was first attacked on 11 Aug 67 (see the book, To Hanoi and Back, pg 85). He shows two photos he claims were from his gun camera. The photos are widely available on the Internet. The color one showing the F-105 gun sight cursor and flames from the MiG's left wing tank was actually from Maj Ralph L. Kuster's MiG kill on 3 Jun 67. Ralph flew with the 469 TFS out of Korat RTAFB, Thailand. His mission that day was against the Bac Giang bridge. The link below shows the provenance of the photo, which was actually a still from a video camera Ralph had in his cockpit. The video is also on line.

To summarize:

Parmenter was never an RAAF Officer.
He never flew Jet Fighter aircraft for Australian RAAF or the USAF.
He never served with the Australian or USAF Defence Forces in Vietnam or anywhere else.

This false fighter pilot has been shot down after living a lie for many years. It is hard to image how people like Parmenter can lie to those he perceives as friends.

Daisy Hill in Victoria can no longer boast of having a Vietnam fighter pilot war hero in their midst, but they can boast to having a man who was at the very top of his game as a liar and wannabe.

"Wing Commander" Matthew Parmenter RAAF is cleared for landing at Airbase ANZMI where the landings are bumpy and there is a lot of time for reflection.

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