Date of Entry: 28/02/2019
Surname: Hodge
Christian Names: Damien Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 8288664
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry (Royal Australian Regiment)
Commencement of service: 21.07.1997
Completion of service: 08.10.1998
Case Notes:


Damien Richard Hodge, born 7/7/1973, is a valour thief and a fraud. He enlisted in the Australian Regular Army and stayed for 15 months, before it all became too much for him, or perhaps, too much for the Army. He did not deploy overseas.

Not everyone is suited to the rigours of military life and ANZMI understand that some people just cannot adapt. That is how it has always been and how it will always be. However, when they blatantly embellish their basic service and claim medals and awards that they are not entitled to, ANZMI will feature them on this website.

Hodge, now 45 years of age enlisted in the ARA in July, 1997. His service terminated in October, 1998.




In the above photograph, Hodge is wearing the following ribands on the left side of his motor cycle jacket.

The riband bar is upside down.

  1. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) No entitlement
  2. International Force East Timor Medal. (INTERFET) No entitlement.
  3. Australian Active Service Medal. (AASM) No entitlement.

Above the ribands, he wears the Australian Army Rising Sun badge.

On the right side of his jacket he wears the following badges,

  1. Royal Australian Regiment Infantry cloth badge.
  2. A cloth badge denoting the chevrons of an Army Corporal or Lance Corporal. No entitlement.
  3. The 3 RAR parachute badge. No entitlement.

Hodge, not being the recipient of any medals or awards, would have no idea that he was wearing the riband bar upside down. The ribands should be in reverse order if genuine.




The above photograph depicts the ribands and medals that Hodge falsely claims, in the correct order.

Hodge joined a veterans motor cycle club in Queensland where he told false stories of his military service.   Things just did not add up. He was reported to ANZMI by genuine veteran club members, who provide a brotherhood environment for current and former serving Australian Defence Force members.

Welcome to the website, Damien Richard Hodge.

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