Medal Cheats

Medal Cheats

Surname: Hutchinson
Christian Names: Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Albany
Service: Army
Case Notes:


Arthur Hutchinson has served in Australian Defence Force (ADF), and for that, wears two medals for domestic service on his left breast, together with the Federal National medal, and a WA State medal, which is not authorised to be worn on the left breast, with Defence or Federal medals.


The medals he wears are:

Reserve Force Medal
National Medal
Australian Defence Medal
WA State Emergency Service ten year medal with clasp. Must be worn on right breast

Here is the offending medal

Hutchinson2 Hutchinson2a Hutchinson2b 

The WA Returned and Services League (RSL) official policy is show below:


19.The wearing of unofficial medals mixed with Decorations, Campaign Stars/Medals, War and Service Medals is not approved. Over a number of years some ex-service organisations have created and distributed ‘commemorative’ medals to mark particular periods of military service. These medals have no official status. 20.Only those medals, decorations and honours which have been created under the prerogative of the Crown, have official status. Such medals and decorations must be worn in accordance with The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards on the left breast either on an official uniform or civilian dress."

The term "created under the prerogative of the Crown" means, medals must be approved by the Governor General of Australia. These rules were created under the Australian Constitution, at the time of Federation in 1901, and have never been altered. Western Australian bureaucrats, and politicians may award WA State medals, but must not instruct recipients to attach them to Federal racks worn on the left breast.

There is an ever increasing trend to mix non Federal medals with Defence and Federal medals. We have published an instance of a veteran wearing a Boy Scout medal with New Zealand Defence medals. . Veterans, and others interested in this matter, could actively advise those who do not follow the rules, and if necessary we will list those who offend

We welcome Western Australian SES senior member, Arthur Hutchinson aboard ANZMI, where, if he earns any ANZMI decorations they must be worn on the right breast.

Christian Names: Nicola
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gladstone
Service: NONE
Case Notes:


Nicola Calcagnini, born 19 August 1953, is an enigma. He is a practicing Psychologist who blames his bizarre emotional behaviour on his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that was caused by his fifteen years of Special Forces operational service.


Here is Calcagnini "dressed up" on a commemorative day, to remember his good mate Josh. Calcagnini, shed PTSD induced tears of anguish for Josh on this occasion. Read about Josh further down.

Calcagnini2 Calcagnini2a

Calcagnini fervently claims to have served for fifteen years, as a Commissioned Officer in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). In fact, he has never served in the Australian Defence Force.

He has posted various photographs of "himself", and "his fellow combatants" in action: See below:


Here is what he has said about his devastatingly emotional Defence Service.

"He served in the Australian Army for 15 years, then after he was discharged (at the rank of Major) he continued to serve in the NATO Reserve forces.

He completed Officer training at Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC) and went straight to SASR training, where he completed six months of training. Due to his outstanding marksmanship skills he was selected to be an SASR Sniper.

Once he completed SASR training he was deployed immediately to the middle east.

He was on the top of a building watching a target, when he was attacked by two men. There was a long battle involving many punches to the head. He reached back and grabbed his knife, which was kept between his shoulder blades for easy access. He drove the knife into the enemy’s throat and described the sound the blade made, as it severed the spine, as he watched the life leave the man’s eyes.

He and his Australian SASR brother, Josh, were captured and tortured by the Taliban. They were put into the back of a vehicle and there was a severed head of a soldier sitting on a chair. The eyes of the dead soldier were open and he had the bluest eyes.

He explained how hardened the Taliban soldiers were and they stripped him and Josh, and put something under his foreskin that transmitted an electric shock.

The Americans accidentally stumbled across them and rescued them

While traveling through Basra, he and his SASR mates were ambushed and hit by a Rocket propelled grenade (RPG).

He believes that the RPG was meant for him, but because Josh was leaning across to grab his cigarettes Josh took the hit. Josh sustained injuries to his abdomen, arm, his jaw was broken , and his head was partially scalped, due to the helmet rotating on his head. Josh died in his arms

He can’t stand the smell of cooking bacon, because it reminds him of the smell of burning flesh, and he always preferred cold showers as hot showers reminded him, of the feeling of warm blood running over his body. To this day he still has shrapnel lodged in his spine that is unable to be removed..

He killed 260 targets in his role as an Australian SASR Sniper.

He suffers chronic PTSD, and horrific nightmares almost every night.. He said he often dreams of Josh being killed, and being in the desert.

On returning to Australia, they were unloading coffins at the airport, containing fallen soldiers when they were met by protestors.

He now does Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) work as a Psychologist/Psychiatrist.

Each year on the anniversary of Josh’s death he goes to the bush to undergo a ceremony in Josh's honour."

In addition.

He said, "the picture below, is of him and three of his SASR brothers. Josh (who was killed in an ambush). Frank (committed suicide earlier this year), and Kevin, (who does black ops missions in the middle east)"


Calcagini claims this to be him in action jumping through a hole in a wall, with his "mate" Josh who was killed soon after at Bas'ra.


In the extract below he makes heartrending, PTSD invoking, comments that are so false they would only be uttered by a Psychologist who needs the services of a Psychiatrist.


All of the "action" photographs above, have been stolen from other websites and used by Calcagnini to "prove" his Australian Army Service. None of his claims are true, which makes him a dishonest person who has created a false persona as a hardened SASR Commissioned Officer.

Veterans in need, in Central Queensland, beware of this practicing Psychologist.

Some years back, we exposed another practicing Psychologist, his name is Newlyn. See here:

Surname: .
Christian Names: .
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Maitland
Case Notes:


The Maitland Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch, is led by a duo of remiss medals wearers. The Maitland East RSL has one careless medals wearer. Here are the three:

No 1. Eric BELL - The RSL President Maitland.
No2. Henry MESKAUSIAS - The RSL Treasurer Maitland.
No3. Peter BLACKMORE OAM - RSL active member East Maitland.

Here is Eric Bell:

Bell E1

Bell is wearing:

A National Medal - For Police Service
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service
Anniversary of National Service Medal - Army National Service
NSW Police Force ‘Diligent and Ethical Service - State Police medal, not to be worn on left breast.

Here is the offending medal worn by Bell.

Bell E2


Here is Henry Meskausias 

Meskausias 1

Meskausias is wearing

Australian Sports Medal - For service to Sport
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service
Anniversary of National Service - Army National Service
NSW Local Government Outstanding Service. - Local Government medal. Not to be worn on left breast.

Here is Blackmore.


Blackmore is wearing.

Order of Australia Medal - For service to local government, and to the community of Maitland.
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service.
Anniversary of National Service Medal - Army National Service.
NSW Local Government Outstanding Service - Local Government medal. Not to be worn on left breast.

Shown on the right hand side of the rack below is the offending medal, worn by both Meskausias and Blackmore.


Of the twelve medals worn by the three Maitland area RSL members, nine are for domestic service in Australia. Two of the medals worn are Local Government awards. One is a State Government Police award. None of these three medals are approved to be worn on the left breast, by the office of the Governor General of Australia, or the NSW State RSL.

We suggest to members of the two Maitland RSLs, particularly those wearing hard won medals celebrating overseas service, lodge complaints, regarding the current careless disregard of medals protocol by senior RSL members. In addition, RSL NSW has been advised, and we look forward to individual counseling of the offenders, and the transfer of the offending medals, from the left breast across to the right breast.

Surname: GIBSON
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Singleton
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


David Gibson served with the Australian Army Infantry Corps during the time when there were very few overseas deployments, so he has spiced up his service history to show a bit of action with Special Air Service (SASR).

Unfortunately we have no photograph of Gibson, and if anyone can help, it will be appreciated by Australian and New Zealand veterans.

Having retired from the Australian Army after twenty seven years service, Gibson is now a radio enthusiast, and made the mistake of grossly exaggerating his Army service to members of an on line radio social group. Here are some excerpts of what he has said.

Gibson 1
Gibson 1aGibson 1b

David Gibson had no need to exaggerate his service, as he provided twenty seven years of his life to Army service in Australia. His few minutes of false fame extolled to people who trusted him, has caused Gibson considerable damage, and embarrassment.

Gibson will serve with ANZMI as our radio operator.

Christian Names: Roderick Bernard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: R107454
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Marine Engineering
Commencement of service: 1969
Case Notes:


Rod Devenish-Meares resides in Bribie Island, Queensland. He was born in October 1950. He is currently the President of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association Australia, (VVAA), Bribie Island and he has held that position since 2019.

Devenish-Meares is a Medal cheat, who has embellished his authorized medal rack by attaching two tin purchased medals to make himself look more important than what he actually is.

Devenish Meares 1


Devenish Meares 2jpg


In the above photographs, Devenish-Meares is wearing the following Medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal, clasp Vietnam. AASM Entitled.
2. The Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. VLSM. Entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal.ASM. Clasp FESR. Entitled.
4. Defence Force Medal. DFM. Entitled.
5. Australian Defence Medal. ADM. Entitled
6. HMAS Sydney Commemorative Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
7. Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
8. On his lapel he wears the Returned from Active Service Badge for Vietnam. (RASB) Entitled.

Devenish-Meares was a crew member on two voyages to Vung Tau, South Vietnam, on the HMAS Sydney. They were -;
1. HMAS Sydney 21 Oct 1970 to 12 Nov 1970 - 22 Days.
2. HMAS Sydney15 Feb 1971 to 04 Mar 1971 – 17 Days.

These days were counted from the time Sydney left the last Australian port until it returned some time later. In this particular case 22 days for his first voyage and 17 days for his second voyage.

The Sydney was a converted RAN Aircraft Carrier that transported Infantry Battalions, stores and equipment to Vung Tau Harbour, South Vietnam.

Devenish-Meares' first voyage entered the relatively peaceful harbour of Vung Tau on the 31 October, 1970. It weighed anchor and departed later that day for security reasons. It returned to Vung Tau Harbour the following day and embarked 8 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). The ship again weighed anchor later that day and departed. All up about 16 hours.

Devenish-Meares' second voyage arrived in Vung Tau Harbour about 7am on 25 February, 1971, disembarked 3 RAR and weighed anchor 8 hours later at 3pm and departed.

For those accumulative 24 hours anchored in Vung Tau, experiencing the safety of the Sydney, Devenish-Meares wears four medals and the RASB.

They are -; AASM clasp Vietnam - VLSM – and the two tins. More medals than any Australian Soldier, RAAF or RAN personnel with 12 months service in country would be entitled to wear.

Devenish-Meares should have more sense. He is the President of the Vietnam Veterans Association Australia at Bribie Island. An important job. He knows the rules. He knows that he purchased the medals and had them court mounted on his rack at some considerable expense. So do the people in Bribie Island who reported him to ANZMI.

His two voyages to South Vietnam were uneventful. His 24 hours in Vung Tau Harbour were uneventful.

His hat is emblazoned with the words, "VIETNAM VETERAN - LEAVE ME ALONE" You can make up your own mind about that one. We just hope his uneventful stays in Vung Tau Harbour, Vietnam, have not caused him severe PTSD or Depression.

Devenish-Meares has no credibility. He is a medal cheat and a glory hunter. If you have to buy the medals, you did not earn them. Simple as that.

Our advice to Devenish-Meares is remove the tin, resign your Presidency of the VVAA now, and let someone with credibility take the position. You set a bad example for your members and those Australians and New Zealanders, who have earned their Vietnam medals the hard way.

Welcome aboard ANZMI.

Christian Names: Matthew David (Hendo)
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Perth
Service: NONE
Case Notes:


Matthew David Henderson now resides in Perth WA, before that, he lived in Brisbane Queensland. He is the epitome of a lying valour thief. According to "his" stated military history he served as a Combat Engineer with lots of front line action. In reality he has never served with the Australian Defence Force.

Henderson 1

The unentitled badge and medals he wears are:

Australian Army Combat Badge (ACB)
Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Clasps ICAT and East Timor
Afghanistan Medal (AM)
Iraq Medal (IM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
NATO Medal. Clasps possibly ISAF or Iraq

Henderson has put a lot of effort into convincing people that he is a battle hardened veteran of:

East Timor
Solomon Islands

Henderson is not wearing an Australian Service Medal (ASM), which he should be wearing for service in the Solomon Islands. As he has never served, no record of "his service" exists, and like his ACB, he has made a mess of "his medals".

Here is an example of an ASM which he has omitted to include in his fake rack of medals.

Henderson 2

To further assert his derring do false military service, he has had many photographs taken with high profile citizens, whilst wearing false medals and an upside down ACB badge. False veterans like Henderson always make mistakes, and here is an example.

Notice in the main photograph, Henderson is wearing an Army Combat Badge (ACB) which is issued, to non Royal Australian Infantry soldiers, who have been involved in front line combat duties. Below to the left, is an official photograph of an ACB. To the right, is the ACB as worn by Henderson.

Henderson 3
Henderson 4

A careful look will disclose that Henderson is wearing the badge upside down. It is hard to imagine, a genuine retired Combat Engineer making such a stupid mistake.

Liars and wannabes, should not seek publicity, as media reports and photographs, are sure to expose their lies and deception. Media reports are read by veterans all over Australia, and, as is the case with Henderson, his stupid mistakes are easy to discern..

In 2018 Henderson was involved in a civil, real life and death situation, when he was rescued from certain demise during a diving incident. When commenting to The Western Australian Newspaper, he had to add spice to the story by saying.

“I’ve served in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor. “I’ve had a lot of near death situations, but nothing came close to being as scary as this".

See the report here:

Henderson has also spread the word of his service through social media, here are some examples.

Henderson 5Henderson 6


Henderson 7Henderson 8


It is truly pathetic to read Henderson's lament, about the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Australian Government. He also has the temerity to offer genuine veterans advice.

Henderson was contacted on a confirmed mobile phone number, and as soon as a veteran researcher was mentioned, he vehemently denied that the person answering the phone was Matthew Henderson, and within two hours all his social media writings and photographs disappeared from social media publication.

We hold a Statutory Declaration detailing what he has said about his "Army service".

"He served in the Army from 1998 to 2010 and was deployed to iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.
Whilst in Afghanistan it was his job to dig up Land Mines and he got stabbed in the shoulder, because he would not follow orders, and shoot a women. As a result he was stood down for promotion for two years"

Matthew Henderson is a valour thief of the highest order, who has never served in any Defence Force, and knows nothing of the phenomenal bond between those who have served. He will however, now understand the fury of the ex service community, against those who steal their hard earned reputation and dignity.

To appease his desire for fame we have issued a "Scurrilous Valour Thief Medal (SVTM)" to him, and we hope he wears it with the same alacrity he wore the false medals and the upside down badge.

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