Medal Cheats

Medal Cheats

Surname: Parlett
Christian Names: Raymond
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Newcastle
Service #: 222507
Service: Army
Commencement of service: 03 October 1972
Completion of service: 1 August 1974
Case Notes:


Raymond Parlett was born on 22 November 1954 in NSW. According to the medals he was wearing on ANZAC Day 2020, during his Army service, he served for more than 181 days in the Vietnam War. In fact he was never deployed to Vietnam during his service

Parlett 1

Here are the medals he wears, none of which he has an entitlement:

Parlett 3

Australian Active Service Medal
Vietnam Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Raymond Parlett was contacted, and advised a researcher as follows.

"I was sent to Vietnam with a Company of 5 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) in 1973 to do a clean up, and return equipment to Australia"

Parlett did serve in the Australian Army, but did not make the journey to Vietnam. He joined the Army in October 1972 at the age of 18 years. Before being posted to an operational area, he would have needed at least six months training and be 19 years old. He did not turn 19 years until 22 Nov 1973. Apart from an Embassy guard, two Army Colonels, one Army Captain and numerous RAAF personnel, there were no Defence personnel operating in Vietnam during 1973.

HMAS Sydney's last departure from Vung Tau in Vietnam was on 24 November 1972, after delivering an aid cargo, it then sailed to Hong Kong. HMAS Sydney did not carry cargo to Australia 1973.

No elements of 5RAR returned to Vietnam in 1973. The last 5RAR presence of a 5RAR soldier, was on the twelfth of November 1970 after a prestigious and harrowing second tour.

"At the conclusion of its second tour, the 5th Battalion again handed over to the 7th Battalion. By the time it returned home in February 1970, the Battalion had carried out some 18 operations during its twelve-month operational tour and suffered 25 men killed or died of wounds, and 202 wounded in action.[7] During its two operational tours in South Vietnam, the Battalion received 45 honours and awards, including two Distinguished Service Orders, two Distinguished Conduct Medals, six Military Crosses, one Medal for Gallantry, five Military Medals, and 29 Mentions in Dispatches".

Parlett is a proven liar and wannabe. He was photographed wearing Vietnam medals at his house on 25 April 2020. He then directly told an investigator, that he is a Vietnam Veteran who served in Vietnam in 1973, and that his name is not on the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll.

Parflett has committed two offences that should be prosecuted. The offences, are against the Defence Act 1903, Part VII sections 80A and 80B

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

Both these offences have maximum penalties of a $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both.

Parlett also makes heart rending comments about his "war service" on social media.

Parlett 2

Because Parlett falsely claims to have served with 5RAR in Vietnam in 1973, he can now claim full membership to the Battalion of fakes and wannabes who make up the ranks of ANZMI clients.

Surname: Laing
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Murrary Bridge
Service: Australian Army Reserves
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Case Notes:



David Laing was the President of the Murray Bridge, Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch.

Laing 1

Whilst officiating at the Sub Branch he wore three peacetime Defence medals as shown above. The medals are:

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM)
Australian Cadets Medal (ACM)

Laing is entitled to wear only the ADM and the ACM, he was never involved with National Service, and was wearing the medal illegally.

Despite his initial dishonesty, when he was exposed, he gallantly "fell on his sword" and penned the following email:

Laing 2
Laing 3a
Laing 3

As is the case with Laing, being a medals cheat can very much disrupt your world. Veterans and ex service persons, all over Australia are on watch for offenders, and will submit reports

Simply put, it is not worth it.

Laing resigned as the President of the Murray Bridge RSL Sub Branch. He is now eligible to be President of the Wannabe Sub Branch on this webs site.

Surname: Keaton
Christian Names: Tony C
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Bunbury
Service #: 143682
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


During the Gulf war Tony Keaton served on board HMAS Success.

Keaton 1a

For his service in the RAN he wears six medals, however one of them is not to be worn with defence medals on the left breast. It is the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

Kuwaiti Medal

Despite many being listed for wearing this medal, either blissful ignorance, or deliberate intention to disregard tradition and protocol still lingers. As long as the Governor General's instructions remain, and as long as recalcitrant behaviour prevails, we will continue to report those who wear this medal.

Surname: Cook
Christian Names: Gerard Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Southport
Service: Claims RAAF & RAN Reserve Service
Case Notes:


Gerard Cook is a Flotilla Commander with the Southport branch of the Australian Coast Guard. He has been contacted and requested to prove his medals entitlement. He has not done so.

Cook wears Coast Guard ribands and badges correctly placed on his right breast.

The left breast is reserved for Federal medals that are awarded by the Governor General of Australia. Cook wears on his left breast three medal ribands, they are:

Australian Defence Medal. No official listing of award
Australian Cadet Medal. No official listing of award
United Nations International Year of the Volunteer Medal. Unofficial tin medal.

Here are to two Federal medals worn by Cook on the left breast:

The third medal is the Year of the Volunteer medal which is not on the Governor Generals list, of foreign medals approved to be worn by Australians. See here:

When approached, Cook clearly stated he was awarded the two medals by Defence for his service with Royal Australian Navy Reserves and Royal Australian Air Force, Reserves. He said, he wore the Year of Volunteer medal, as it was officially awarded to him for service with Volunteer Coastguard.

We have conducted time consuming searches to establish his bona fides, however after months with no results it was discovered that no person named Cook GG has a Defence file at National Australia Archives.

Here is the official response from a Commodore at Volunteer Coastguard Australia.

"Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

As this situation is between yourself and Mr Cook the AVCGA will leave it to you to confirm if Mr Cooks (sic) has or has not been awarded medals".

Obviously the Coastguard has a laissez faire attitude towards the very important aspect of wearing medals on their uniforms.

Cook wears three medals on his left breast, we know that one is a none approved medal, and there are no Defence files authorising him to wear the other two. In the meantime he is welcomed to ANZMI, who also have the duty of guarding Australian Volunteer Coastguard against those who wear fake medals

Surname: Brooks
Christian Names: Benjamin Mathew
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Darwin
Service #: *224017
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: 03 Jul 01
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:



In 2017 Benjamin Mathew Brooks was mentioned in ANZMI despatches for wearing four medals and an Army Combat Badge (ACB). Two of the medals and the ACB were fake.

He now wears six medals and three badges. Two of the medals, and one clasp are fake, one badge is not to be worn, except on Army uniform, and one of the badges is fake. Here are two photographs of Brooks, one from 2017, the other from 2020, showing his latest medals and badges display.

His current rack consists of:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM). Not entitled
Iraq Medal. Not entitled
Australian Service Medal (ASM) with two clasps. Entitled to the medal, but to only one clasp.
Operational Service Medal - Border Protection (OSM-BP) Entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) Entitled

Note that he wears two clasps on his Australian Service Medal. One would be for Timor, but he has no service that would result in a second clasp. (Shown on the right hand photograph of him above)

He also wears, the:

Australian Army Individual Readiness Badge (AIRN) which is to be worn only on Army uniform, by those who meet the criterion at a specific time. It was issued to Brooks but is not to be worn on civilian dress.

An Army Combat Badge (ACB) which is a military decoration that is awarded to any member of the Australian Defence Force for service with an Army combat element in warlike operations. Brooks does not meet that criterion. Not entitled

Operational Service Badge - Border Protection, is issued with the Australian Operational Service Medal (AOSM) He would have been awarded this badge in concurrence with the OSM-BP for Operation Relex. Entitled

In summary he now wears:

Six medals of which these two below, are fake.

Two badges, the AIRN Badge, is inappropriate for wear in civilian clothing and the ACB is fake.

Since last reported, his medal rack remains at two fake medals, but he has added AIRN badge and now wears two fake badges.

A reasonable person would note Brooks's medals, and deem him a hardened returned veteran. In reality, he lives a lie, and we assume that other aspects of his life could also be based on lies.

If you see Brooks wearing his medals on a commemorative occasion ask for his autograph as he is a noteworthy recidivist medals cheat, whose offence will be forever inscribed on this website

Beware of this cheat.


Benjamin Mathew  Brooks "tried it on" and has been comprehensively caught.

The photograph shows Brooks on a graduation parade when he became an Corrections Officer in the Northern Territory Correctional services.  We believe he is no longer a Corrections Officer because his general behaviour was less than satisfactory.

In the photograph he is wearing the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal - Not Entitled

IraqMedal -  Not Entitled

Australian Service Medal - Entitled

Australian Defence Medal - Entitled

In addition he wears an Army Combat Badge to which he has no entitlement.

He never served anywhere to meet the criterion for this badge, which  is:

Been force assigned to a combat team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service; or

Been physically deployed in the same geographical location as a Combat Team and have a primary role to directly support that Combat Team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service.

He is wearing four medals and has earned only two.  The first two are prestigious medals for war service in Iraq, he did not earn them, they are self purchased fakes.

The third medal is for non warlike service in Timor and the last medal is for completing four years service in the Army.

People from all walks of life  understand the shame of stealing the honour of Defence Veterans and we are happy to investigate all reports received from the public.

Falsely wearing medals is a risky business, those who do it will be noticed and subsequently allocated space on this website.

Brooks was reported to us by a member of the Public and our investigation ascertained that he is a fraud and a wannabe who is very welcome on this website.


Surname: Dale
Christian Names: Victor Churchill
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Coolgardi
Service #: 5411678
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Victor Churchill Dale wears a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) that he did not earn.




Dale wears three medals they are:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM)  -  Not Entitled


Here is the offending medal:


Dale 2


At ANZMI, we do not take into consideration excuses, or make value judgements. There are no grey areas, only black and white.  Should  any person flout laws and protocols regarding military service or the wearing of medals we will report them without fear or favour.  It is the readers responsibility to consider the extent of the offending.


Victor Dale did the hard yards as an Infantry Soldier in Vietnam with 1st Australian Reinforcement Unit (1ARU) from  7th June 1967 until 17 Jul 1967 and then with 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR) from  18 July 1967 until 6 November 1971.  A total of 153 days.




To be eligible to wear the RCVM he needed to complete 181 days in Vietnam or be evacuated home as a Battle Casualty.  He did not complete the 181 days criterion and he was not a Battle Casualty.  He was medically evacuated after he developed tropical ulcers and cysts. He departed Vietnam on 6 November 1967 and after spending 7 days in a Military Hospital in Butterworth Malaysia, he was moved  on to  Sydney Australia.


Victor Dale is a respected Bush Poet and although we condemn him for wearing a false medal we are happy to advertise his work here:


All serviceman who served in Vietnam know the rules regarding the RVCM however there are many offenders listed on this website.  Our work does not weary them.


Be aware that if you falsely wear the RVCM or any other false medal it is likely that you will be noticed and then exposed on this website as a medals cheat.


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