Medal Cheats

Medal Cheats

Surname: RUGER
Christian Names: Darren aka "Daz"
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Duffys Forest
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


According to Darren "Daz" Ruger, he spent some time, at the home of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia. In fact it was for two weeks working with a screwdriver, as a contracted civilian technician.

Ruger 1

"Daz" Ruger has extrapolated his false service with the Army, and SASR, way beyond using a screw driver in the barracks. He claims he still goes "on missions" to fight the foe, however, what he tells people about his "missions", are a long way from reality. His "missions" are in fact to five star, overseas holiday destinations, where he enjoys the life of privilege, paid for by the business that he owns.

Ruger was born in either March or April 1973. According to Ruger, he joined the Defence Force, Royal Military College (RMC) aged seventeen years and did an Electronic Satellite Engineer Degree. That training, at RMC, would have taken at least four years, which, would make him twenty one years of age on graduation. He was "then fast tracked to SASR where he served as a "bubble head" ", which, in SASR vernacular, is a specialist operational diver. He would have held the rank of at least Lieutenant, however according to one of the many Statutory Declarations (that we hold) he said "he threw his rank away as he did not believe in rank".

During his years as a civilian, he has maintained that he is an SASR operative, and has been sent on many "missions".

Here is what he has said:

"He went to Africa in the SAS, and killed numerous “black people”
He worked with the CIA, who he provided and held a server of blacklisted people
He went to PNG, to help hunt with a local tribe who would break into a camp and kill and capture “white” people who he then helped kill and eat
He was given a weapon by the leader of the PNG tribe as a thank you for his amazing skills
He was at the 1996 Blackhawk disaster that killed 18 operators.
CIA drafted him to do top secret work.
Sandline approached him direct from the SASR and offered him overseas projects where he served as a mercenary.
He would often take several month long holidays at work and tell people that he had a top secret mission that he wasn’t allowed to talk about, but it involved “killing black people"
He also served with the New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS)
He served in Somalia".

We have been accurately advised, through ex service channels, that Ruger has never served in the Australian Defence Force, and therefore his rambling stories of SASR "missions" are tarradiddles, which, brand Ruger as a silly liar, and wannabe, who has chosen to steal the honour of genuine Australian SASR veterans, who have given incredible service. SASR are not cannibals and have committed none of the bovine excreta actions claimed by Ruger.

We hold numerous Statutory Declarations, detailing what Ruger, has directly said to people about his SASR service.

Ruger was politely contacted and requested to provide details of his military service, however he failed to respond.

There is no doubt, that he is well deserved, of being deployed, to a "mission" on the ANZMI website, which is entirely different from real SASR deployments, and entirely different from five star holiday deployments

He can now swap dastardly lies, with the hundreds of others, of his ilk, on secret missions who are listed on the ANZMI.

Advice to Ruger is: "As you sow so shall you reap"

Surname: HICKEY
Christian Names: Mark William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Chinchilla
Service #: 1203933
Service: Army
Branch: RAAOC
Commencement of service: 1970
Completion of service: 1971
Case Notes:


Mark Hickey of Chinchilla, Queensland likes the limelight. He claims that in 1970, he volunteered to join the Australian Army to fight in the Vietnam War. He states that he completed two tours of Vietnam during the 1970s. He informed a Newspaper Journalist that he was a third generation war veteran of the Hickey family.

Hickey M1

The following article details the alleged Army service that Hickey relayed to the Journalist covering Anzac Day on that occasion. Further reports of Hickey’s claimed Vietnam service have come to light since that date, as he continues to lie about active service in the Australian Army. Australia withdrew its military commitment to South Vietnam in 1972, so Hickey’s claims are false.

Insert Chinchilla News article.

Hickey M2

Hickey M3

Hickey M4

Hickey is a false pretender and a military imposter. His name does not appear on the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll for Vietnam Veterans.

ANZMI have received statements detailing that Hickey, over the past four or five years, informed associates that he attained the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class, whilst a member of the Australian Army Aviation Corps. When questioned though, he could not remember the names of any persons he served with or the name of his Commanding Officer. Hickey was subsequently reported to ANZMI.

Hickey was contacted by a Researcher and asked to provide details of his Army Service Number , Service details, and in particular, details regarding his claimed two Vietnam War deployments.

He stated that he could not remember his Army Service Number “ I have no idea if that’s my old number, Mum had all that stuff and when her and Dad passed I’m not sure what happened to it”

When asked about the Chinchilla News article he responded -;

He (The Journalist) was supposedly going to do a story about Dad and Grandad when he spoke to me that day and I gave him as much information as I could, he also interviewed a large number of others at the time

One of those was Mark (surname not known) a Vietnam Veteran who served with an Artillery unit, story was somehow his story got mixed into the story about Dad and Grandad”

The problems for Hickey though, are the statements received at ANZMI from former serving Australian Defence Force personnel. These statements include his claims that he is a Vietnam Veteran, a former Warrant Officer and Member of the Aviation Corps. He also did nothing to rectify the news article that describes him as a Vietnam Veteran on three occasions.

Also the headline -;

Mark marches for family
Vietnam veteran proudly reflects on war efforts of three generations of the Hickey family

- makes it difficult to believe Hickey’s assertions that it was all the Journalists fault.

Hickey was also observed at an earlier Anzac Day March in Chinchilla wearing Vietnam medals.

Hickey informed a Researcher that he enlisted in the Australian Army in 1970 and following Recruit Training, he was posted to the Ordnance Corps.

Due to family problems, he states that he was discharged in late 1971. He also denied ever claiming that he was a Vietnam Veteran to any other person.

Hickey was further contacted and asked if he was former Private Mark William Hickey Service number 1203933, who was Court Martialed and discharged by the Australian Army on the 25 July, 1972. He agreed that his name is Mark Hickey and after researching his " Army papers" confirmed that his service number was 1203933.

The below document is recorded at the National Australian Archives Canberra.

Insert Hickey NAA Doc.

Hickey M5

We will leave it up to our readers to make up their own minds about Mr. Mark William Hickey.

Surname: BUCKBY
Christian Names: Walter Brian
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Beaudesert
Service #: 1/722202
Service: Army
Branch: 11 NST Battalion
Commencement of service: April 1956
Completion of service: 1958
Case Notes:


Brian Buckby was born on the 15 May, 1937. He is currently a Committee member of the Beaudesert R.S.L. Sub Branch in Queensland. Buckby is a Medal Cheat.

Buckby 1A


Buckby 2


Buckby wears the following medals -;

1. Australian Defence Medal. Entitled.
2. Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972. Entitled.
3. Unofficial tin National Service Association Medal. Not entitled.

Buckby, who prefers to use the first name Brian in place of Walter, commenced 3 months Army National Service Training (NST) at 11 NST Battalion Wacol, Brisbane in April, 1956. Following 3 months full time Basic Training he was required to complete part time Citizens Military Forces (CMF) service for 78 days over a two year period. He was posted to 2/14th Queensland Mounted Infantry Regiment (RAAC) CMF.

Buckby 3


For his service he wears three medals. He is entitled to wear two.

The third medal on Buckby’s rack is an unofficial National Servicemen’s Association Medal that could be purchased from that organisation for about 30 dollars. It is a tin medal and should not be added to or worn with official medals approved by the Governor General of Australia. Medals wearing compliance protocols have been in existence for over 100 years and every person who has served in the Australian Defence Force knows that if you have to purchase a medal, you did not earn it.

If you feel the impulse to wear tin, then it should be worn on the right side, not the left.

The official Anniversary of National Service Medal was proclaimed on the 10 October, 2001, and every National Serviceman with eligibility may apply for and wear that medal.

Buckby has been wearing the tin medal for years. He has been told on numerous occasions that it is not official and should be removed from his rack. He refused to do so on each occasion.

He was subsequently contacted by a Researcher, who inquired about his tin medal.

His response was -;

“I have been wearing the three medals for many years, to NSAA State functions, RSL Functions & even had a one on one conversation with Qld RSL State President (Name deleted by ANZMI) at a function I had organised.

Not once during that time has anyone mentioned that it was incorrect to wear the 3 mounted medals as I do.

As the medals are mounted I will have to get the third medal removed professionally, but will not wear them until this has been done.”

Given the fact that Buckby purchased the medal, had it court mounted with genuine medals, and was told on many occasions to remove it - it defies belief that he can still adopt an attitude that it is OK to wear it. He compounds his ignorance by wearing his two legitimate ribands on his tie beneath his name tag.

Buckby has no credibility and should resign from the Beaudesert RSL Sub Branch as a Committee Member. He sets a bad example for all those Sub Branch members and any prospective younger member intending to join the RSL movement.

Vanity or ignorance. Maybe both. Our readers can decide.

Surname: MOHR
Christian Names: Jono
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Ferndale
Service: Army & Foreign Legion
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Jono Mohr of Fernvale in Queensland, is a handyman who tells of his spectacular military service of days gone by.


According to Jono, as a younger man, he travelled from Australia and enlisted in the elite French Foreign Legion. He said, "going to all manner of places and doing work for which other governments, did not want to be involved in".

On his return to Australia, "he enlisted in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and did numerous overseas deployments". We hold a Statutory Declaration, detailing what Mohr has said about his military service, with both French Foreign Legion and the SASR.

Mohr was spoken to directly by a researcher, and denied ever saying he served with the SASR in the Australian Defence Force. He did however, advise of his French Foreign Legion service, and said he holds documents to prove his service. He promised to forward his documentary evidence, however, as suspected, it has never arrived.

We have:

A Statutory Declaration detailing what Mohr is reported to have said about his military service, with French Foreign Legion and Australian SASR.

Mohr told a researcher that he did serve with the French Foreign Legion, and that he had never served with SASR.

We have no direct evidence that Mohr served with the French Foreign Legion, and will leave the truth of that to our readers.

Below are emails to and from Mohr.

"Sorry to bother you, but you know exactly who I am. Have spoken to Jono twice. I do research on behalf of Australian and New Zealand military veterans . Jono claims to have had active service with the French Foreign Legion, and he has advised me that he will send proof of his service.

Can you please arrange for the evidence before the 10 Nov 20.


Response from Mohr

"No idea who you are.
Stop emailing us".
More to Jono

"Afternoon Jono

We spoke about your military service with the French Foreign Legion, which is quite an achievement.

You advised that you would send proof of your service, however, as yet it has not been received.

Would very much like to finalize this matter and receipt of your Service Document is all that is needed to complete this situation..



Please respond to my email requesting your French Foreign Legion credentials, so can close this file.


As well as being told by Mohr, we have advice from SASR, that he has never served with that unit, or any other unit in the Australian Defence Force, which is contrary to what is detailed in the Statutory Declaration.

We welcome Jono Mohr aboard the ANZMI express, that will carry him on the wannabe loop for ever more.

Jono Mohr is given cargo class passage aboard the ANZMI rattler, for falsely claiming to have served overseas with SASR. If he ever provides evidence of his French Foreign Legion service, he will be upgraded to economy Class, but will remain on board the "rattler" for ever more.

Surname: HARE
Christian Names: Ken
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: .
City or Town: Auckland
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 23941206
Service: New Zealand ArmyUK/
Commencement of service: 1965 (UK)
Completion of service: 1997
Case Notes:


Ken Hare was born in 1947. He enlisted in the British Army All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment (AAJLR) Tonfanau, North Wales in 1962 as a 15 year old. The purpose of this Unit was to train boys between the ages of 15 and 17 to become Non Commissioned Officers in the British Army.

He served for 18 years in the British Army in the Regular Forces and in 1981 joined the UK Territorial Army. In 1988, he enlisted in the New Zealand Army Intelligence Corps. He served in Somalia in 1994 and retired from the NZ Army in 1997. Hare is Medal Cheat.

The below mentioned photo 1.

Hare is wearing the -;
1. New Zealand Operational Service Medal.
2. General Service Medal (1962)
3. United Nations Medal Somalia.
4. New Zealand Defence Service Medal.
5. UK Good Conduct and Long Service Medal.
6. 150th Anniversary of the New Zealand Army Medal. (Tin)



The below mentioned photographs also depict Hare wearing the above medals, with the addition of two extra tin unofficial medals.
1. New Zealand Operational Service Medal.
2. General Service Medal. (1962)
3. United Nations Medal – Somalia.
4. NZ Defence Service Medal.
5. UK Good Conduct and Long Service Medal.
6. New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal. (Tin)
7. British Forces Germany Commemorative Medal. (Tin)
8. Arabian Service Medal. (Tin)




The three last tin medals are shown below -;
1. New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal.



2. British Forces Germany Commemorative Medal.



3. Arabian Service Medal.



Hare had a distinguished military career, but unfortunately for reasons known only to him, he has embellished his service and added three tin unofficial medals to his hard earned rack. Hare is entitled to wear 5 medals for his military service. He wears eight.

Hare graduated from the UK AAJL Regiment, Wales in 1964 with his good mate Stanley Earnest Preece, who also appears on the ANZMI site for embellishing his UK military service and wearing tin medals.


Ken Hare and Stanley Preece are now Graduates of the ANZMI Regiment, where they are eminently qualified to remain for some time.

Surname: FRIIS
Christian Names: Kim Michael Joseph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Merriden
Service: New Zealand Army
Branch: Infantry/Military Police
Commencement of service: February 1977
Completion of service: June 1982
Case Notes:


Kim Michael Friis about 62 old, now resides in Merriden Western Australia. He wears five medals on his left side - he is entitled to wear one. He was formerly a resident of Auckland, New Zealand and spent a few months in the part time NZ Army Territorial Forces, and about 5 years in the NZ Regular Army.

Former serving NZ Army colleagues of Friis contacted ANZMI, stating that they were surprised about the number of un-entitled medals he wears as displayed on his Facebook Page.

The below photograph depicts Friis. This photograph appeared on his Facebook page but was immediately removed following contact by a Researcher.

Friss 1


He is wearing the following court mounted medals -;
1. Order of St John of Jerusalem Merit Medal. Civilian award.
2. Order of St John of Jerusalem Merit Medal. Civilian award.
3. Unknown. Suspected civilian award
4. New Zealand Defence Medal with Territorial and Regular clasps. (Entitled to one clasp- Regular.)
5. New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal. (tin unofficial purchased medal)

The first two medals are both Order of the Knights Hospitaller Merit Medals, also known as St John of Jerusalem. They are civilian awards issued by that particular organization. This Order was raised by four or five persons in Sydney in January, 1982, and followed on from overseas traditions.


These medals are not listed in the New Zealand or Australian Governor General’s approved list of Honours and Awards. They have no official standing and should not be worn on the left hand side and added to or mixed with official Defence Force medals or other medals approved for wear by the Governor Generals. If they are to be worn, then they should be worn on the right hand side. Friis was contacted and informed a researcher -

“The two are for the Sovereign Order of Saint John. One on the left was stuck by HRH Prince Vladimir of Serbia and Yugoslavia, it depicts his Father and himself to commemorate 50 years as Sovereign heads of the Order. The Sovereign Order of Saint John, in order to be recognised must have a Royal Sovereign”.

The third medal worn by Friis is unknown. On request, he failed to identify or provide evidence of his entitlement to this medal.


The fourth medal (above) is the New Zealand Defence Medal with two clasps. First Clasp “Territorial” and second clasp “Regular”. Friis is entitled to wear the New Zealand Service Medal with clasp “Regular”, following five years regular NZ Army service. His former colleagues indicated that he discharged after 5 years as a Lance Corporal with service in the NZ Infantry and Military Police.

He did not complete three years “Territorial” service, (similar to Australian Army Reserve) and is not entitled to wear the “Territorial” Clasp.


The last medal on the rack of Friis is an unofficial tin NZ Army 150th year Anniversary Medal. It can be purchased on eBay or at Medal Dealers outlets for about $40 NZ dollars. He has purchased this tin medal, and had it court mounted to embellish his rack. This medal if worn, should also be worn on the right side and not added to or mixed with GGs authorised medals worn on the left.

The Order of the Knights Hospitaller indicates in their official Medals wearing policy (inter alia)-;


• Only those medals, decorations and honours, which have been created under the prerogative of the Crown, have official status;


The Order of St John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller, has its own badges of rank, insignia of office and merit medals which are appropriately worn at all meetings and functions of the Order. These badges, insignia and medals should always be worn apart from any official awards given by the Nation. They should not be worn with Service Uniform, or at any function or commemorative event where Serving or Uniformed persons are present, or when any Australian Defence Force assets are involved.

• A civilian with military awards – essentially, there are no rules governing how a civilian can wear his various awards, save that the combining of service and unofficial awards may offend other wearers of medals. (END)

Long standing Governor Generals’ medal wearing protocols has been in existence in Australia and New Zealand for over 100 years. Non official medals should be worn on the right hand side. It is offensive to all veterans of all theatres of war in both countries to observe non authorised civilian merit or tin medals worn on the left side by Medal Cheats. In particular, private organisations like St John of Jerusalem, who issue medals of merit to their members. It demeans the value of hard earned military awards by those who have done the hard yards.

Our advice to Friis is to remove his St John Hospitaller “merit” medals from his rack, as well as the Territorial clasp and tin NZ Army 150th Anniversary medal.

He will be then left with one NZ Defence Medal – clasp “Regular” and that will be his true entitlement.

Welcome to ANZMI, Kim Michael Joseph Friis.


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