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Medal Cheats

Surname: Lenihan
Christian Names: Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bauple
Service #: Unknown
Service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Following our original report on Lenihan there have been major ructions at the Maryborough Qld RSL, including numerous front page media headlines.

Lenihan is the Club Manager of the Maryborough RSL. The RSL Club and the Sub Branch is an amalgamated organisation where the "RSL Club section" is managed by the Sub Branch executive. Lenihan was appointed manager of the RSL Club in early 2018.


When appointed he addressed his staff, and told them that he is an East Timor Veteran, who was involved in fighting in the war in East Timor. That was a lie.

Genuine veterans heard his address and could discern inconsistencies in his story. We investigated the matter and found that Lenihan is a liar and a wannabe, and we published our findings on this website in late 2018. Despite our findings, the Maryborough RSL executive chose to believe that Lenihan was a genuine returned veteran, and the RSL Sub Branch President Mr George Mellick strongly supported Lenihan by keeping him in his job and threatening ANZMI with legal action paid for by the RSL.


Lenihan's denials of being a wannabe continued throughout 2019, resulting in Lenihan being charged by Qld State Police, for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran, and wearing medals he had not been awarded.

During the Police investigation, it was discovered that Lenihan had illegal drugs in his possession. As a consequence, Lenihan was also charged with the drug offence.

In late 2019 Lenihan went on fully paid stress leave. Not because of the stress of his job, but because of the wannabe lies he told whilst addressing RSL staff in 2018.

At the RSL Club, throughout 2019, arguments and dissension were rife and was directly linked to Lenihan's lies. Genuine returned veterans could not abide the RSL Club employing a lying wannabe.

These ructions resulted in the Sub Branch President Mr George Mellick being charged with assault for "biffing" an aged Vietnam Veteran.

On 21 Feb 20 in the Maryborough Magistrates Court, Lenihan pleaded guilty to falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran, and to the drug charge. He was fined a total of $1,000 for the two offences.

George Mellick has now been removed from position of President through democratic means, and a new President elected. Mellick appeared in the Magistrates court on 3 Mar 20 and was found guilty of assault with no conviction recorded.

Members of the Sub Branch and the RSL Club have expressed serious concerns that Lenihan, who now has a conviction for illegal drug possession and a conviction under the Defence Act 1903 for falsely pretending to be a returned veteran, can remain fully employed on self inflicted stress leave.

As the current Club Manager, and a convicted drug offender, Lenihan should never be able to hold the Maryborough RSL Club's Liquor License in the future. He should be given the boot immediately and replaced with a credible and honest person.

The final chapter will be written when action is taken regarding Lenihan's employment.



Before you read this update re-read our original report .

In this matter, there has been malfeasance and neglect at all levels of RSL management from Queensland President, District President and Maryborough RSL President. After intensive investigation Lenihan was arrested on 21 Nov 19 by police, and a court date set.

When the matter is settled by the court, we will do a comprehensive report into the management of the Maryborough RSL


Case Notes:

Mr Craig Lenihan is the General Manager at the Maryborough, Queensland, Returned and Services League (RSL) Club.  Prior to Lenihan’s appointment the Sub Branch was in disarray, handling complaints about a previous Sub-Branch President.  Unfortunately, the problems have been exacerbated by the placement of Lenihan who has lied about his military experience, even though being an ex-serviceman was not a criterion for the role of General Manager of the Club.


Before his appointment to Maryborough RSL Craig Lenihan previously managed the Nanango RSL and it was believed among the staff there, that he was a returned veteran (Info from two staff members)

Through direct statements and innuendo Lenihan has claimed to be a Returned Veteran who served in East Timor and "Has been shot at" and "Seen people blown up and his mates killed".  We hold numerous Statutory Declarations detailing how Lenihan has claimed to be a Veteran of Australia’s involvement in the conflict in East Timor.

With the usual guile of a wannabe, Lenihan explains the reason his name cannot be found in any Timor Deployment records is because he "served under another name"

Whilst several members of the Sub-Branch raised concerns about this matter with the Sub-Branch President, it fell on deaf ears. The Sub-Branch President, stated to an ANZMI researcher that ‘he did not wish to get involved  and that the researcher should be very careful because he could’ "fall flat on his face".  The RSL President then hung up the phone.

Researchers have tried to contact Lenihan on numerous occasions, but he will not respond.

It is indeed, a sad affair when an RSL President refuses to become involved in matters where staff members, representing the Sub-Branch are suspected of being Wannabes.  

It is also relevant that the President Mr George Mellick is a hypocrite, as whilst he does not want to become involved in the Lenihan matter he was heavily involved in having his predecessor banned from the RSL for being a Wannabe. After his successful campaign against the previous President, Mellick became the Maryborough RSL President.


The official word from the Wide Bay District Deputy President, Mr Trevor Williamson, is that Lenihan is no longer making such claims, and in any case, although Lenihan is employed by the RSL he is not a member of the Sub Branch and therefore, it is not the business of the Sub Branch to question his claims of Active Service in East Timor.

It is however, the business of ANZMI and Veterans everywhere, and it is the business of the Sub Branch to satisfy its members that a person, representing the organisation at a senior level, making claims to be involved in Armed conflicts with Australian Forces and being a ‘veteran’ are not false, particularly when its members have raised concerns.

ANZMI have numerous Statutory Declarations from people and veterans stating that Lenihan has claimed to have been on active service in East Timor with the Australian Army and had witnessed enemy action.  

On a Statutory Declaration it is stated that Mr Williamson said that he had “Seen Lenihan's medals” and that, “Lenihan had burnt and destroyed his medals”.  Mr Williamson now denies having spoken about Lenihan's medals and claims that the Statutory Declaration is false.

Discord, strife and friction prevails at the Maryborough RSL. Staff and Sub-Branch members have provided a number of Statutory Declarations to the effect that, Lenihan has claimed to be a Veteran of the East Timor conflict.  RSL District executives and the Sub-Branch President claim to have no interest in the matter. Lenihan the wannabe refuses to refute that he is a Returned Veteran, nor comment or provide any evidence of ever serving in the Australian Defence Force during Operations in East Timor.

There is no record of Lenihan ever serving as a member of the Australian Army.  Details of his claimed service in East Timor are flawed by his claims that he served in East Timor in 1991 - 1992.  In fact, Australians were not deployed to East Timor until 1999.

As well as Lenihan refusing to provide any evidence of his service we are happy to declare him a wannabe and provide space for him on this website

Surname: JONES
Christian Names: Peter Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Peppermint Grove
Service: Army Reserve & Cadets
Branch: Officer Commanding
Case Notes:


Australian Army Cadets (AAC) Captain Peter Francis Jones, is the Officer Commanding, and Music Director, of 51 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) Swan Regiment, Based at Karrakatta, WA. (AAC Officers, are not on the lists of Regular, or Reserve officers).

Jones 1
Jones 2

He wears the following medals:

Order of Australia Medal (OAM) (Civil Division) for Music
Arrny Reserve Long Service Medal (ARLSM) (For previous Army Reserve Service)
Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) (For previous Army Reserve Service)
Australian Cadet Forces Medal. (ACFM) (For service with Australian Army Cadets
WA Cadet Forces Medal . (Not authorised by the Governor General)
WA Community Service Medal. (Not authorised by the Governor General)

Jones wears six medals. A civilian observing Jones, may believe he is a hardened veteran of numerous deployments. In reality, four are Federal medals for domestic service, and two are Western Australian Commemorative Medals, that if worn, must be worn on the right breast.

As an Officer Commanding of a Cadet unit, Jones is setting a poor example for our youth. It is cogent, that Jones has a high profile in Perth WA, and it is difficult to understand, why local Veterans, and the Returned and Services League (RSL) have not questioned his medal rack.

Here is the WA Returned and Services League (RSL) official policy:


UNOFFICIAL MEDALS 19.The wearing of unofficial medals mixed with Decorations, Campaign Stars/Medals, War and Service Medals is not approved. Over a number of years some ex-service organisations have created and distributed ‘commemorative’ medals to mark particular periods of military service. These medals have no official status. 20.Only those medals, decorations and honours which have been created under the prerogative of the Crown, have official status. Such medals and decorations must be worn in accordance with The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards on the left breast either on an official uniform or civilian dress."

The term "created under the prerogative of the Crown" means, medals must be approved by the Governor General of Australia. These rules were created under the Australian Constitution, at the time of Federation in 1901, and have never been altered. Western Australian bureaucrats, and politicians may award WA State medals, but must not instruct recipients to attach them to Federal racks worn on the left breast.

Capt (AAC) Jones was contacted by a researcher, and he advised, that, he will continue to wear the WA Government State medals on his left breast, as "everything has been approved by the WA State Government, and he has no intention of making any alterations".

We ask ex service organisations, and individuals, who espy Capt Jones wearing his State Awards on his left breast, to remind him of the error of his ways.

Surname: Jones
Christian Names: Shannon
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Hobart
Service: Claims ARMY
Case Notes:


Shannon Jones of Hobart Tasmania is a "Love rat". A love rat is a person who makes false claims, about military service, to take advantage of vulnerable women.

Jones S1 


Here are excerpts from social media, where he is lying to an unguarded lady.

Jones S2

Shannon Jones has "Gym Junkie" credentials, and like a Bird of Paradise, flashes his plumage, and adds the "spice" of being a battle hardened, Army Veteran, to woo potential mates. In essence, his honesty credentials are sorely lacking. Because of what he has written, it is obvious, he is only interested in deceitfully hurtful liaisons, using false military credentials to support his lies.

Jones S3

Like all idiots of this persuasion, he makes mistakes in the detail. Claims to be owner of Shannons Transport, Company of Glenorchy, that company was de-registered by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in 2013

He has named his Afghanistan deployment as "Desert Storm". Australia was a member of the International Coalition, which contributed military forces to the 1991 Gulf War. The deployment was also known as Operation Desert Storm and took place in 1990 -1991. There was no Australian Army involvement in Afghanistan until 2001, and there was no deployment in Afganistan known as "Desert Storm". Also notice he has trouble with the words "tour" and "desert".

Jones S4

Reckons the Army wants him back as a sniper, to fight in foreign lands. He was born 13 Sep 1969, now aged 51 years, and being asked to rejoin as a sniper, is ludicrous.

All in the Hobart area, beware of Shannon Jones, who steals veterans honour, to hurt women seeking friendship. He is a dishonest "love rat" and conman, his behaviour indicates dishonest behaviour in other aspects of his life.

Jones is not an Australian Army Veteran and is not gentleman's bootlace, so be careful, not to get tied up with him.

Surname: KING
Christian Names: Darron Raymond
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Wooli
Service #: R103436
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Radio Operator
Case Notes:


Darren King of Wooli New South Wales, was award two medals for being at anchor, aboard HMAS Duchess in Vung Tau Harbour, from 0530 hours on 28 November 1969 to 1147 hours hours on 28 November 1969, a total of six hours. Not satisfied with the two medals he was awarded, he purchased and added another.

King 1

The medals he wears are:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) for his six hours service in Vietnam.
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM) for his six hours service in Vietnam.
Australian Service Medal (ASM) for overseas non warlike service. (Not Vietnam)
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM) for fifteen years service with Defence Force.
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) for completing four years with Defence Force
Unofficial Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal, self purchased non approved "Tin" medal.

King 2

The above medal worn by King, is termed as a "Tin" medal, and if worn at all, must be worn on the right breast.

When contacted, King said that all of his medals, including the "Tin" medal were officially approved and presented to him by Australian Department of Honours and Awards. That is not true, he would have purchased the "Tin" medal, (now valued at $20), and had it tacked onto his official medals.

And by the way, only unscrupulous medals mounting businesses, will tack unofficial medals onto legitimate racks.

In fact, King now wears three medals for his six hours "war service" in Vung Tau Harbour. Australian soldiers had to spend 181 days on the ground in Vietnam, to receive two medals.

Here are extracts from the Report of Proceedings, detailing HMAS Duchess escort duty to Vietnam, in November 1969.

King 3a
King 3

Darron Raymond King, is welcome aboard HMAS ANZMI where he will serve forever more.

Surname: MacFarlane
Christian Names: John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Tin Can Bay
Case Notes:


John MacFarlane, is now Commander, of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Flotilla 17, Tin Can Bay. He has had previous Defence Service, as indicated by the Defence Force Long Service Medal with 20 year Rosette.

McFarlane 1

MacFarlane has tacked, a non approved medal on to his official medal rack. The problem, is the International Year of Volunteer Medal, which is not approved for wear by the Governor General of Australia. It can be purchased for $45 and is sometimes issued to individuals, by misguided organizations, in this case either by his own hand, or the Australian Coast Guard.

MacFarlane 2

As a person with 20 years Defence Service, MacFarlane should know better, than to wear this medal with his Defence Medals on his left breast. If it is worn, in may be worn on the right breast.

John MacFarlane is welcomed aboard HMAS ANZMI, where, because of his volunteer work, will know what to do if the vessel springs a leak. On arrival aboard he should remove the "Tin" Volunteer medal, as if the ship founders, and he has to swim, the extra weight of the "tin" medal will reduce his buoyancy.

Surname: BURNS
Christian Names: Luke
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Ballarat
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:



Luke Burns of Ballarat Victoria, is a pathological liar, who can "spruik" false evidence to all and sundry about his fantastic Special Forces Army service.

Burns L1Burns L2

Notice that Luke wears a Commando "T" shirt and a bold rising sun tattoo on his breast, to convince the naive, that he is a hardened veteran of the Special Forces genre

We hold Statutory Declarations, detailing that Burns has made the following statements.

"He was deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) team, that was commanded by an SASR, Victoria Cross (VC) winner". Burns is now roaming free from the Army, as, "his SASR team is under investigation for alleged war crimes."

He also claims, "he did three tours of Afghanistan and got shot twice". One of his favourite stories is: "They were under fire, and he blacked out through anger/adrenalin, didn't feel getting shot in the leg, and managed to get one of his mates to safety before collapsing".

In reality the only military service that Burns has had, is in the Australian Army Reserve, and he has never been deployed overseas.

Luke Burns who also uses the Christian name of "Luc" and has a face book account advertising his fanciful military service, as per below:

Burns L3

Burns, at every opportunity, tells of his being a Special Forces Trooper, who served tours of duty in Afghanistan. In fact, he is liar, with no overseas Defence Service, and the most dangerous military action he has seen, is at an Army Reserve Military Rifle Range in Townsville Australia.

SASR Troopers, who have served in Afghanistan have done the very hard yards. Burns, with his tattoos, T shirts, and lies, has saved himself the trouble of actually being there, and just basks in the admiration from those who believe his lies.

For his past "basking" he is now welcome to the precipitous slopes of Mount ANZMI, where he can "bask" in shame, whilst receiving the ire of Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

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