Medal Cheats

Medal Cheats

Surname: Pool
Christian Names: Peter James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New south Wales
City or Town: Bundeena
Service #: 2244138
Service: (ARes) Australian Army Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 23 July 1966
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Peter James POOL Update. – June 2018.

Following our recent exposure of Peter James Pool, he resigned his membership of the NSW RSL State Branch and the Bundeena RSL Sub Branch, Sydney, on the 19 February, 2018. He admitted that he was not entitled to wear the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Pool was the Senior Vice President of the Bundeena RSL Sub Branch and was next in line for the position of President of that Branch. A position he was keen to be appointed.

Pool 4 jpg 2018 04 07

Pool states in his letter of resignation to NSW RSL State Branch that -;

"Following recent publications on my non entitlement to wear the Sth Vietnam/Republic medal and ribbon, I accept that this should not have been worn due (to) requirements of days (just falling short) and apologise for the oversight when all medals were mounted".

Pool just does not get it. He continues to lie even when he is caught out. Pool has been accredited with 44 days active service in Vietnam waters. He knows that. The requirement for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) is 181 days. It always has been. Pool knows that as well. Pool is 137 days short of qualifying for this medal.

He also claims "it was an oversight when all the medals were mounted". Pool would have been very aware of the requirements for his entitlement to the RVCM. He was never awarded it. He purchased it on e bay or at a Medal Dealers shop and had it court mounted. That was no "oversight".

Pool is a false pretender and a medal cheat.

Pool puts himself out there in his LInkedin profile as -;

Peter James POOL.

Peter Pool

He lacks credibility and he has no place in the veteran community. Welcome to the website, Peter James Pool.




Peter James Pool was born on the 15 December, 1947. He enlisted in 1 Commando Company in the part time Australian Army Reserves (Ares) on the 23 July, 1966. Records indicate that he was with 1 Commando Company until 23 December, 1968. He later transferred over to full time Reserves, Australia Regular Army. (ARA)


As a Private soldier, Peter James Pool was subsequently posted to the Australian Army ship, the “John Monash”. The John Monash was a 1400 ton Cargo ship. Photograph below -;


Service history

John Monash was built for the Associated Steamships Co. and was completed in 1955. She was purchased by the Australian Army in 1965 to provide a means of transporting cargo which was unsuitable for the Army's four Landing Ship Medium and was assigned to the 32nd Small Ship Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers. She was also used as a training ship and to supply Army units deployed in South Vietnam. In the later role she completed eleven voyages to South Vietnam between 1965 and 1972.The ship was sold in 1975 to a foreign company

Source Wikepedia.

Between the 25 October, 1969 and the 7 December, 1969, John Monash sailed from Australia to South Vietnam with vital cargo for the Australian war effort. According to the Vietnam Nominal Roll, Peter Pool was a member of the crew. The ship returned to Australia on the 7 December, 1969, 44 days later..

In the recent photograph above, Peter James Pool is wearing the following medals.
1. Australian Active Service medal. Entitled.
2. Vietnam Medal. (28 days or more Vietnam waters) Entitled.
3. Australian Defence Medal. Entitled.
4. Anniversary of National Service Medal. Purchased. Not entitled.
5. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. RVCM (181 days in Vietnam) Purchased. Not entitled.

Usually, the ship on arrival in South Vietnam, unloaded stores within a day or two, and then returned directly to Australia. It was called the “Shuttle Run” by those associated with her.

Operational service for all crew members on these voyages is calculated from the time the ship departed the last Australian port, until it returned to the next Australian port.

In the case of Peter Pool, 44 days.

Below is a copy of his Vietnam War Service from the Vietnam Nominal Roll -;

Vietnam War Service

Veteran Details

Name POOL, Peter James
Service Australian Army
Service Number 2244138
Date of Birth 15 Dec 1947
Rank Private
National Service No
Corps Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Honours None for display
Unit History
Unit Name Start Date End Date
32 Small Ship Squadron (AS 3051 John Monash) 25 Oct 1969 07 Dec 1969 44 DAYS

Peter Pool is not entitled to wear the following medals. He has not been officially awarded them. He has purchased them, paid to have them court mounted, and added them to his genuine 3 medals illegally.

1. Anniversary of National Service Medal.



The Anniversary of National Service 1951–1972 Medal is a commemorative medal awarded to Australians for their service in post-war national service schemes. Wikipedia.

Pool was not an Australian National Serviceman.

2. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.


The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal was awarded to Australian military personnel for service in South Vietnam during the period 31 July 1962 to 28 March 1973. The requirements for the award are: at least 181 days service, either continuous or aggregated, unless killed on active service (KIA); or wounded in action (includes psychological injury) and evacuated (medically evacuated other than being wounded does not meet requirement for medal); or captured and later released or escaped. Wikipedia.

Pool did not service in the qualifying area for the required 181 days.

ANZMI sent Peter Pool an email to his current email address, and invited him to respond to the fact that he wears the two un-awarded military medals.

He failed to respond.

Peter James Pool is a Medal cheat and an imposter. He has no right to wear them.

Pool is a Director and owner of Australian Specialised Defence Equipment (ASDE), Sydney. This Company has provided equipment, under contract, to the Australian Defence Force. Pool should have more sense than to wear medals that he has not earned.  

He should remove the un-awarded medals immediately, and apologise to the President, Committee, and all his fellow members at the Bundeena RSL Sub Branch in Sydney, for his lack of respect for the Australian Honours System and Defence Force protocols.



Surname: Joyce
Christian Names: Michael John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Redcliffe
Service #: A118447
Service: Royal Austtralian Air Force
Branch: Catering
Case Notes:


Michael John Joyce served with RAAF Number 1 Operational Support Unit in Vung Tau Vietnam for 91 days from 16 April 1970 until 15 July 1970 as a Cook. Here is a photograph of Joyce:

Michael Joyce

Notice that Joyce is wearing four medals these are:

Australian Active Service Medal
Vietnam Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - NOT ENTITLED

Joyce has made the mistake of being a cheat involved with the media and had his photograph published in a newspaper. As a result of his need for media fame it has been established that Joyce is not entitled to wear the RVCM because he did not meet the criteria of 181 days service in Vietnam and was not evacuated to Australia as a Battle Casualty. He served for 91 days only.


Here is the offending medal


Here is the official criterion for being awarded the medal.


Here is what Joyce said about the matter:

Dear xxx,
Yes i did not spend the required time in Vietnam And as you know there has at times been eligibility question I was Medivaced home. And subsequently was awarded The medal in question, this would be shown in the appropriate Records that are available to the public. I have previously Discussed this with fellow veterans, and the consensus was That if it was officially awarded then that would be that.

Yours Truly
Mick Joyce.

Wearing the medal on the basis of a consensus of fellow veterans was insufficient authority to attach the medal to his rack.

Like Joyce, most of those caught wearing this medal say "It was issued to them" In most cases that is baloney and it has been purchased by the wearer. Joyce wears four medals, he is entitled to three.

Returned Veterans will not tolerate those who cheat with medals. Being a returned veteran is a status hard won and the awards they receive are sacrosanct.

Herbert Alec Mason, President of a Victorian RSL Sub Branch, was another non battle casualty from Vietnam, who falsely claimed that he was issued with the VCM. 

We thank the genuine veterans and the many others throughout Australia, who through their diligence and observation are striving to preserve our medals protocols and heritage.

Joyce is welcomed to the website for being a medal cheat.


Surname: Turner
Christian Names: Robin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service: Australia Regular Army
Case Notes:


There is a popular belief among the Veterans community, and indeed the wider public that medals issued for service belong to the recipient to do with as they will.  

This belief is incorrect.

The statutes of most orders of knighthood and the royal warrants of decorations and medals include provision for the Queen to "cancel and annul" appointments and awards. Cancellation is considered in cases where retention of the appointment or award would bring the honours system into disrepute. There are no set guidelines for cancellations, which are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Honours are sometimes revoked (forfeited), for example if a recipient is subsequently convicted of a serious criminal offence.  From time to time the Honours Secretary and/or The Chief of the Defence Force consider cases where information has been received which indicates an individual is unsuitable to hold an award.  Sometimes the original decision to grant an honour was made on the basis of inaccurate information (including through manipulation of the public nominations system), but normally cases relate to actions that took place after the award was made. Recommendations are made to The Governor General who has delegated authority from Her Majesty the Queen to rescind an honour.


Robbie Turner


This is the case of Robin “Robbie” TURNER, a former soldier with 24 years’ service who, was announced as a recipient of the Commendation for Distinguished Service.   All was not as it seemed.   Unfortunately for Robbie, he found himself dismissed from the Army for grossly offensive behavior.

As a result, a decision was taken to revoke the award which had been published in the Commonwealth Gazette but not yet presented.

Despite the fact that it had never been formally presented, he took it upon himself to purchase a replica of the award and mount it to his rack.



Robin Turner


The award of concern is the Commendation for Distinguished Service (Above).

In an attempt to justify, or perhaps confuse the issue surrounding the presentation of the award, TURNER insists that he had been invited on two occasions to receive it.   Government House denies that any such invitation has been made to TURNER.   Given that Government House maintains meticulous records concerning investiture ceremonies, we at ANZMI are confident in the official advice provided.




ANZMI understands that this matter has already been referred to Police for investigation.   We hope that is correct.  

Robin TURNER is a fraud, he has no entitlement to wear such a prestigious decoration and given the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from the Army, the removal of all awards presented to him would seem appropriate.   The Regulations which cover each medal and award worn by TURNER provide for the removal of the award.   Hopefully, the Department of Defence might consider this action to be an appropriate one regarding this individual.  

ANZMI must whole heartedly acknowledge the outstanding investigative journalism of the Herald Sun’s Peter Mickelburough whose in depth reporting of this matter has led to TURNER being exposed for the fraud he is.   Mr. Mickleburough has been investigating this matter for over four years and his diligence is to be commended.   

ANZMI is pleased to know that main stream media takes as much interest in medal frauds and wannabes as we at ANZMI do.

Robin TURNER is a deserved candidate for our website.

Copied below are three reports by Peter Mickelburough regarding this matter.   These articles provide in depth detail of the investigation and importantly, the timeline involved in this matter.  The work done here proves that TURNER was well aware he was knowingly doing the wrong thing and despite that, and continued to wear an award he was not entitled to.   He has committed offences which should be investigated by police.     


Article 1

 Achievers stripped of their Australian honours after disgrace


January 19, 2014 12:00am 

A GOLD-medal winning world champion Paralympian, a war hero and a former world junior squash champion are the latest high-flyers to lose their ­Australian honours in disgrace.

As Governor-General Quentin Bryce prepares to ­announce more medals to mark Australia Day, the ­Sunday ­Herald Sun can reveal the latest awardees to join the list of 42 political leaders, entrepreneurs, sports stars, ­entertainers, fake war heroes and religious leaders deemed unfit to retain their honours.

Geelong athlete Daniel Bell handed back his gong in June, 10 months after pleading guilty to stalking and burglary ­charges in the Geelong Magistrates' Court.

Bell was awarded an Order of Australia medal for services to sport after winning swimming gold in the 4x100m medley relay at the Athens 2004 ­Paralympic Games.

His citation reads: "He brought great credit to himself, the Australian team and the nation."

Bell, who has Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and "obsessive behaviours", was placed on an 18-month community corrections order and rehabilitation programs to ­prevent reoffending.

His defence lawyer said Bell was "hearing voices and … was no longer in control of himself" at the time of his offending after an adverse reaction to a generic drug.

In November, the Governor-General also cancelled the Commendation for Distinguished Service made to former Major Robin Paul Turner. No reason was given.

The award is for the ­distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations and recognises command and leadership in military action.

The Governor-General's office refused to say why Turner's award was removed, saying that "due to security restrictions", details of some awards to Australian Defence Force personnel are not ­released to the public.

When asked if Turner was one of the so-called "Jedi council", an unidentified Defence spokesperson said: "On 14 November 2013, the Australian Army announced that it had terminated the ­service of six members in ­relation to the allegations of unacceptable behaviour.''

The award revocation was dated a day before the Jedi council ­announcement and ­released a day after.

The so-called "knights of the Jedi council" are alleged to have filmed and shared offensive emails, including sex acts.

The Sunday Herald Sun was unable to contact Turner.

Former junior world squash champion and head of Squash NSW Carin Clonda, 40, was stripped of her 2010 Order of Australia medal in September.

Ms Clonda confirmed the decision was linked to a scathing NSW Supreme Court judgment against her in 2012.

Justice Michael Pembroke found Ms Clonda had acted with "guile and deception" in changing a lease arrangement she had to hire facilities from NSW Squash headquarters in Sydney's northwest in 2008.

But Ms Clonda said she was the victim of a personal vendetta by NSW Squash.


Article 2

Disgraced former soldier Robin ‘Robbie’ Turner still wearing medal stripped after offensive behaviour


May 25, 2018 3:37pm

 A DISGRACED ex-soldier drummed out of the army for grossly offensive behaviour is facing possible jail for continuing to wear a distinguished service honour stripped from him more than four years ago.

Recent pictures of former major Robin “Robbie” Paul Turner, including one taken on Anzac Day this year, show him proudly wearing the Commendation for Distinguished Service decoration.

Another picture shows a beaming Mr Turner wearing the service decoration at a lunch held in the lead-up to Anzac Day to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans, where his company, Axon Property Group, sponsored the keynote speakers, including Victoria Cross winner Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith and Paralympic gold medallist Curtis McGrath.

Ex-soldier Robin “Robbie” Turner (left) with the medal (far left) on Anzac Day 2017.



It is unclear where Mr Turner’s service decoration came from, as the cancellation occurred prior to him receiving any insignias.

The Department of Defence said the insignia could only be legally worn after it had been invested, and it understood this had not occurred in Mr Turner’s case.

The Government House Honours and Awards Secretariat, which manages the ­investiture of honours, said: “This office does not have any record of Mr Turner attending an investiture to receive his award, prior to its cancellation.”

When asked by the Herald Sun about the cancellation, Mr Turner said: “Yep, I remember it well, my friend. How do you know about it?”

He even acknowledged reading a 2014 Herald Sun report to this ­effect.

He acknowledged that he had been wearing a medal, claiming he had never been formally notified the award had been cancelled.

“As far as I was aware, I was entitled to wear it,” he said, adding he fully understood his responsibility and would now check and remove the medal if it had been ­cancelled.

“I fully respect and understand the significance and responsibility that goes with that sort of stuff,” he said.

The award is for the distinguished performance of ­duties in warlike operations and recognises command and leadership in military action.

Axon trades on Mr Turner’s military past to sell itself to defence personnel as an “Australian veteran-owned business” which specialises in helping defence force personnel use their housing entitlements to invest in property.


According to the Gold Coast company’s website, Mr Turner founded it and created its “commando approach to ­investing”.

“Robbie Turner, served our country for almost 24 years in the army and became a self-confessed property investment enthusiast since 2004,” the site boasts.

When Mr Turner’s commendation was cancelled in November 2013, no reason was given.

At the time, the Governor-General’s office cited “security restrictions” which prevent details of some awards to soldiers being made public.

It is a criminal offence for a person to wear a service ­decoration which was not conferred on them or to falsely represent themselves as such, with a maximum penalty of a $6300 fine, six months’ jail, or both.

Mr Turner’s lawyer said his client had been invited to two investitures but declined both and that it was common practice to wear replicas and keep originals safe.

Defence spokeswoman Jessica Skorupa said such matters were dealt with by the ­relevant police force.


Article 3

 Police investigate ‘fake’ medal worn by major drummed out of the army for disgraceful conduct


May 30, 2018 3:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: POLICE have been called in to investigate disgraced former army Major Robin Turner after a Herald Sun investigation revealed him using a “fake” bravery medal to further his business interests.

Drummed out of the army for grossly offensive behaviour, “Robbie” Turner now faces possible jail for wearing the decoration.

After the Herald Sun last week published pictures of Mr Turner proudly wearing the medal on ANZAC Day this year and last year, the Department of Defence said it had referred the matter to police.


Disgraced former soldier Robin "Robbie" Turner wearing a “fake” ochre-coloured Commendation for Distinguished Service Medal at a function to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans in the lead up to ANZAC Day 2018.

“The ADF Investigative Service has referred the matter to civilian police as it is within their jurisdiction,” a Defence spokesman said.

The ochre-coloured Commendation for Distinguished Service insignia Mr Turner is pictured wearing recognises command and leadership in military action.

It is unclear where Mr Turner’s medal came from, with both Defence and Government House

Honours and Awards Secretariat, which manages the investiture of honours, saying there is no record of Mr Turner ever receiving the insignia prior to his award being cancelled four-and-a-half years ago.

A beaming Mr Turner also posed for the camera with his dodgy decoration at a lunch held in the lead-up to Anzac Day to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans, where his company, Axon Property Group, sponsored the keynote speakers, including Victoria Cross winner Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith and Paralympic gold medallist Curtis McGrath.

Axon trades on Mr Turner’s military past to sell itself to defence personnel as an “Australian veteran-owned business” which specialises in helping defence personnel use their housing entitlements to invest in property using Mr Turner’s very own “commando approach to investing”.

When asked by the Herald Sun about the cancellation, Mr Turner said, “Yep, I remember it well, my friend. How do you know about it?” and even acknowledged reading a 2014 Herald Sun report to this effect.

He acknowledged that he had been wearing a medal, claiming he had never been formally notified the award had been cancelled.

Surname: Paynting
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Gulgong
Service: Citizens Military Forces (CMF) Army
Branch: Catering Corps
Case Notes:


Barry Paynting purports to be a chaste man, having served with the Salvation Army for many years. He was also a chased man because he decided to falsely claim to be a Returned Veteran with six months or more service in the former Republic of South Vietnam.

Barry Paynting

Paynting is wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal
Vietnam Medal
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
Australian Defence Medal

All of the above are false. It would have taken planning and expenditure to purchase, mount, and wear the fake medals, therefore it was not "a spur of the moment" event.

Paynting wore the Vietnam medals on ANZAC Day 2018 at the Gulgong Returned and Services League Club (RSL). Although Paynting is a Director of the Gulgong RSL Memorial Club, he is not a member of the Gulgong RSL Sub Branch. One would think that in a small town like Gulgong, Paynting, as a Director of the memorial Club, would be enthusiastic to join and support the Gulgong RSL Sub Branch. Perhaps, he knows that he would have to provide proof of his military service and medallic entitlements. A requirement that he would be unable to comply with.

On his Facebook, he shows that he served as a "Sgnt Cook 3RAR" (Sergeant Cook 3 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment). Any person who has served as a Sergeant in the Army knows well that the abbreviation is "Sgt" and not "Sgnt", and no, it is not a “typo”.

Barry Paynting

Paynting never served in South Vietnam, never served with 3RAR and was never a "Sgnt". When asked about the Facebook entry, this chaste man said blithely that his Facebook had been "hacked". Not so, according to our witnesses, who saw him wearing the medals on Anzac Day 2018.

Paynting has participated in the religious segments of commemorative events at the Gulgong RSL, espousing righteousness and morality to all and sundry.

He has now well and truly "blotted his copy book" and should be drummed out of that establishment.

Chaste Salvation Army men should not tell lies about their military service, otherwise they will be chased by genuine Veterans.

As Paynting is a person of religion he may be forgiven by the powers that be, however the Returned Veteran Community are unforgiving and he will stay on public display as a liar, cheat and wannabe for a very long time.

Surname: Dale
Christian Names: Victor Churchill
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Coolgardi
Service #: 5411678
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Victor Churchill Dale wears a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) that he did not earn.




Dale wears three medals they are:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM)  -  Not Entitled


Here is the offending medal:


Dale 2


At ANZMI, we do not take into consideration excuses, or make value judgements. There are no grey areas, only black and white.  Should  any person flout laws and protocols regarding military service or the wearing of medals we will report them without fear or favour.  It is the readers responsibility to consider the extent of the offending.


Victor Dale did the hard yards as an Infantry Soldier in Vietnam with 1st Australian Reinforcement Unit (1ARU) from  7th June 1967 until 17 Jul 1967 and then with 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR) from  18 July 1967 until 6 November 1971.  A total of 153 days.




To be eligible to wear the RCVM he needed to complete 181 days in Vietnam or be evacuated home as a Battle Casualty.  He did not complete the 181 days criterion and he was not a Battle Casualty.  He was medically evacuated after he developed tropical ulcers and cysts. He departed Vietnam on 6 November 1967 and after spending 7 days in a Military Hospital in Butterworth Malaysia, he was moved  on to  Sydney Australia.


Victor Dale is a respected Bush Poet and although we condemn him for wearing a false medal we are happy to advertise his work here:


All serviceman who served in Vietnam know the rules regarding the RVCM however there are many offenders listed on this website.  Our work does not weary them.


Be aware that if you falsely wear the RVCM or any other false medal it is likely that you will be noticed and then exposed on this website as a medals cheat.


Surname: Sykes
Christian Names: Larry Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Moree
Service #: 220918
Service: Army
Branch: Engineers
Case Notes:


Larry Sykes was sent to Vietnam aged 23 years in 1971.  He served in Vietnam with RAE units from 4 September 1971 until 20 February 1972 which is 165 days.




Larry is wearing the following medals:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) -  Not entitled


He is wearing four medals and he has earned only three.  He did not earn the RVCM  because he did not serve in Vietnam for the required 181 days and was not returned to Australia as a Battle Casualty. 




Here is the fake medal he is wearing:




Notice also he is doing the ridiculous hand over the heart salute. For some reason that American tradition is creeping into Australian commemorative occasions. It is done by Americans when in civilian clothes when their National Anthem is played.


 It is not an Australian tradition and has been misinterpreted from the UK and Australian tradition of placing the right hand over medals.


 As lessened membership criterion in the RSL erodes long existing protocols, current non returned Executives increasingly don't have a clue about ceremonial traditions.  The "Hand over the heart" salute has no place in Australia.   Here is what is supposed to be happening:


Sykes 4




As an Army Engineer Sykes would have done some hard work in Vietnam, however he now wears a medal that he did not earn.  He would know the rules because he would have had to purchase the medal himself and add to his rack.


Larry Sykes is a medals cheat and very welcome to this web site.



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