Medal Cheats

Medal Cheats

Surname: Bauerle
Christian Names: John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Glenroy - North Albury
Service #: .3782491
Service: Army
Branch: RAAC
Commencement of service: 17 May 1958
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




John Bauerle is the President of the Albury - Wodonga Branch of the National Serviceman's Association. (NSA). He has been the President of that organisation for 17 years. He commenced compulsory 3 months National Service training at Puckapunyal Recruit Training Camp in Victoria in May 1958. He was attached to an Armoured Unit there for his remaining service.

In the photograph sent to us below, Bauerle is wearing three medal ribands for his three months service at Puckapunyal.



The first riband from the left is,

An unofficial tin medal riband that denotes National Service. Purchased.

The Second riband from the left is,

The Conscripts Service Medal riband. This is also an unofficial self purchased tin medal riband.

The third from the left is the -;

A Citizens Military Forces/Australian Reserve Forces Medal riband. This is also an unofficial self purchased tin medal riband.

Bauerle has been a President of an Ex Service Organisation for 17 years. He has set a bad example for all the National Service members in his Albury- Wodonga Branch and also the entire Australia National Servicemen's Association.

Since this photograph was taken, he has probably applied for his correct entitlement to the Australian Defence Force Medal and the genuine Anniversary of National Service Medal.

However, by his wearing of unofficial tin purchased ribands, he implied to all those in his organisation that it is acceptable to wear what you like.

Leading by example in regards to medals protocols should be one of his prime responsibilities. He is a medals cheat who lacks respect for the men and women who have genuinely been awarded military medals for their honourable service.

Particularly those who have served in operational areas on active service.

If you were sent to Vietnam for a 12 month deployment, you came home with two ribands. A serviceman/woman would be required to serve six months or more in country or Vietnam waters to be awarded the two medal/ribands. Bauerle had three months at Puckapunyal, Victoria, and in the photograph wears three medal ribands.

If you have the compulsion to wear tin purchased medal ribands, they should be worn on the right.

Bauerle should stand down from his current position for his disrespect and lack of leadership.

The National Servicemen's Association, Head Office, Sydney, recently introduced the position of a Protocols Officer within their organisation to prevent medal cheats and imposters denigrating their Association.

This followed numerous complaints received regarding former National Servicemen glorifying their medals entitlement over many years by adding non awarded medals and ribands to their rack. It was becoming a problem.

From the reports we are receiving at Anzmi, and soon to be published, it appears that it is still a problem, and the Protocol Officer has a long way to go to instill some integrity into the National Servicemen's Association in regards to medals protocols.

We are not at odds with any ex service organisation that contributes to the welfare of its members. We support the great work they do. This includes the Returned and Services League of Australia,(RSL) NSA. VVFA, VVAA, APPVA, Salvation Army, Naval Associations or any other body.

However, we do have problems with individuals within those bodies who bring their organisations into disrepute by not adhering to the Governor General's medals protocols.

Whilst medal cheats and imposters are out there, we will expose them.

There is no else!

Surname: Banville
Christian Names: John Christopher
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Karuah
Service #: R63517
Service: RAN
Commencement of service: 26 Jun 64
Completion of service: 12 Jan 66
Case Notes:




John Christopher Banville was born on the 18 June, 1947. He is now 67 years of age. He enlisted in the RAN on the 26 June, 1964 as a 17 year old for a term on 9 years. After a short period training at HMAS Cerberus, he was posted on board the HMAS Yarra on the 19 September, 1964.

Banville is a medals cheat.

Between the 31 March, 1965 and the 4 May, 1966, the HMAS Yarra had four operational deployments in Malaysia , Singapore waters during the Indonesian confrontation. Banville served on three short term deployments between those dates with an aggregate service of 123 days.

In the photograph below, Banville is wearing the following medals and clasps -;

The Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 clasp Malaysia (Entitled)
General Service Medal 1962 Clasp Malaysia. (Entitled)
Vietnam Logistic Support Medal. (Not entitled)
Australian Service Medal 1945-1975, clasp FESR (Far East Strategic Reserve) (Entitled)
Australian Defence Medal. (Not entitled)
Malaysian Pingat Jasa Medal 90 days qualifying service in Malaysia.(Entitled)

Banville is not entitled to wear the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. He left the HMAS Yarra on the 12 September 1965. He then remained posted to the shore establishment of HMAS Cerberus and took annual leave until he was discharged as "Unsuitable" on the 12 January, 1966, 1 years and 7 months after he enlisted.

The HMAS Yarra was initially accredited with operational service in Vietnam waters for 14 days in April/May 1966. Banville was not a member of the crew during this time. He was at HMAS Cerberus awaiting his discharge.

His Naval record below confirms this fact -;

He has no Vietnam service and his name does not appear on the Vietnam Nominal Roll at the Australian War Memorial website.

As Banville also did not complete his initial enlistment period of 9 years or alternatively, 4 years service, he is also not entitled to wear the the Australian Defence Medal.

Below is the criteria for the Australian Defence Medal from the "Its and Honour" a Government site.

How it is awarded

The Governor-General (or his delegate) awards the Australian Defence Medal on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Force (or his delegate).
The eligibility criteria requires completion of an initial enlistment period or four years service, whichever is the lesser. The criteria also includes those who could not serve the four-year qualifying period or complete an initial enlistment period for one or more of the following reasons:
• the death of a member during service;
• the discharge of the member as medically unfit due to compensable impairment;
• the discharge of the member due to a prevailing discriminatory Defence policy, as determined by the Chief of the Defence Force or his or her delegate.

Banville is a member of the Karuah RSL Club. He is a medals cheat who is trying to impress his colleagues that he is entitled to medals that he has not earned.

We do not discredit Banville for being discharged from the Royal Australian Navy as "unsuitable".

Not everyone is suited to a military career, however to blatantly wear medals that you have purchased and add to your genuine rack shows that he lacks character and is dishonest with his fellow RSL colleagues. He needs to get rid of his unearned medals and apologise to his Karuah RSL Sub Branch members for his lack of respect and his dishonesty.

Surname: Ball
Christian Names: Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Woorinen
Service #: 37480
Service: Army
Branch: Catering Corps
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Here we go again, another in the long, long line of RSL Sub Branch executives who continue to flaunt Medal Protocols set down by Government House, Canberra.   Allow us to introduce Kenneth BALL, Secretary of the Woorinen (Victoria) RSL Sub Branch.

BALL, a genuine Vietnam Veteran who felt the need to embellish his medallic entitlement by adding the tin Vietnam Veterans Medal to his rack.   What is the entitlement to this medal?   Nothing really, just fork over 42 pounds sterling and the medal is yours.

Kenneth BALL served the Nation in Vietnam as a Temporary Corporal in the Catering Corps.   He served with the armoured corps during his tour in Vietnam.

As a Sub Branch Secretary, Kenneth BALL would be well aware of the policies and procedures of the RSL and been privy to correspondence concerning the correct wearing of honours and awards.   He has no excuse for flaunting the rules.  

It amazes us here at ANZMI that RSL members who swear their allegiance to Australia in one breath, can snub their nose at the rules and protocols of the country in another.   Our advice to Kenneth BALL is to remove the TIN immediately, and suggest that if he has the money to purchase such rubbish that in future, he donate that money to Veteran’s Welfare.

Welcome to our website Kenneth BALL.

Surname: Applebee
Christian Names: Raymond George
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Chewton near Castlemaine
Service #: 34813
Service: RAN
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: 12 May 47
Completion of service: 16 Aug 49
Case Notes:




Raymond Applebee was born on the 7 August, 1929. He enlisted in the RAN in 1947. He had two years and three months service and was discharged as an Able Seaman in August, 1949. He had no active service in that period.

Applebee is a medals cheat. He wears medals that he has not earned and tin medals that he has purchased over the internet or at Medals Shops.

He claims to have earned all the medals that he wears.

Below is an article that appeared in the Castlemaine Midland Express following Remembrance Day on the 11 November, 2013.



The above photograph is not very clear, however we have established that Applebee is wearing the following medals.

From right to left,

The Cold War Victory Medal. Tin unofficial medal puchased. No entitlement.

The Australian Defence Medal. Entitled.

RAN Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. no entitlement.

Australian Cadet Forces Medal 1999. (15 years service) no entitlement.

Cadet Forces Medal Imperial (12 years service) entitled.

Victoria Police Long Service medal. entitled.

He has advised us that he is entitled to and also wears the following two medals. As they cannot be identified on his "rack" we can only assume that they are the two medals hidden behind his coat lapel in the photograph above.

National Medal. Probably entitled. Not listed on It's an Honour, Canberra.

NSW Marine Service Rescue Medal. Commemorative medal.

Local veterans and ex servicemen have been concerned for some time that Applebee had not been officially awarded medals that he displays on his left side. They were suspicious that Applebee was not the person he made himself out to be. In the above article, Applebee claimed that he was a Lieutenant Commander RAN (retired) and wore the eight medals on his left side whilst giving an address at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Castlemaine.

Following the publication of the above article, locals notified us that Applebee was never a Lieutenant Commander RAN retired and queried his medals entitlement.

We then made inquiries and ascertained the true history of Applebee's Australian Naval service which is indicated above. He served for two years and was discharged as an Able Seaman. (1947 - 1949)

We then contacted Applebee and invited him to provide us with evidence regarding his claimed rank of Lieutenant Commander RAN (retired) and his medal entitlements as published in the Midland Express.

He then replied inter alia that -;

Rank of LCDR -

Not having read the text content at the time, I was honestly unaware of the wording. However I did briefly see the photograph, and perhaps should have been more attentive to the content at the time of publication.

Applebee claims that he saw his photograph in the Midland Express but stated,
"I did not read the text and should have been more attentive at the time of publication."

Applebee would have been aware of his published rank in the article but did nothing to correct it. The journalist would have no other way of knowing his rank unless told or implied by Applebee.

Following our contact with him in September 2014, requesting information regarding his claimed rank in the article, he then states that he contacted the newspaper and asked them to correct the article. This was almost 12 months later and only after our contact with him. He had carried on with his false persona for that entire period.

Applebee claims he joined the Royal Australian Naval Reserves on the 13 November, 1953 as an Able Seaman and states that he left on the 26 June, 1973, almost twenty years later, still as an Able Seaman. We are unable to locate any records of his Reserve Force Service at the National Australia Archive Records. We have also requested verification from Applebee of this Reserve Force service but to date, he has not responded.

He informed us that he joined the Australian Sea Cadet Corps (ASCC) on the 30 June, 1957 as an adult trainer and resigned on the 5 February, 1981.

During this time he progressed from Petty Officer , Training, to Lieutenant and then to Lieutenant Commander (Cadets).

Applebee also claimed on his RSL application form that he had "Merchant Navy service" as well as "Naval Reserve Force service". He did not have either.

Merchant Navy service, as opposed to Merchant Marine service indicates war like service. We have confirmed that Applebee has had no Merchant Navy operational war like service and this claim is false.

Applebee further claims entitlement to the Cold War Victory medal with two clasps "Freeworld Forces and Reserve Forces". He also informed us that he has a certificate for this medal and that the number on the certificate matches the number on his medal. There is no significance in this statement at all. It all means nothing.

This is a tin medal available from medal dealers in the United Kingdom and France. The medal is advertised for 75 pounds sterling, the two clasps are 25 pounds sterling each, and if you want a worthless certificate to accompany the worthless medal and clasps, then that is advertised for a further 10 pounds sterling. So all up, the entire package would cost 165 pounds sterling to purchase from a website titled Federation Des Combattants Allies en Europe. Below is an example of the last medal on his rack.

Example of Cold War Victory medal with clasps.

He is also not entitled to the Australian Cadet Force Services medal. This medal was created in 1999 and is the successor to the British Cadets Forces Medal (Imperial) that ceased to be issued in Australia in 1974. The Australian Medal was formally established on the 15 December, 1999. The Australian Cadet Forces Service medal recognises 15 years long and distinguished service and was backdated to 1974 when the original Imperial Cadet Medal ceased to be issued.

Applebee resigned from the the Cadets in 1981. Therefore he only had 7 years service from 1974 to 1981 that would qualify him for the later issued Australian Cadet Force Services Medal, and not the 15 years required. He would know that he is not entitled to this award, yet he wears it. (Below)

He is entitled to the Cadet Forces Imperial Medal (12 years service prior to 1974). (Below)

The NSW Marine Rescue Service medal is a State commemorative medal and should be worn on the right hand side. He has added this to his rack to impress others.
Applebee is a committee member of the Castlemaine RSL Sub Branch. He is listed as their Chaplain.

As the Castlemaine RSL Sub Branch Chaplain, he should display more honesty in himself and not wear tin medals that he has no entitlement to, and pretend to be someone that he is not. Also, as his rank is not Lieutenant Commander RAN retired, but a Sea Cadet Officer position, he has no entitlement to use that rank in public life.

During this investigation we contacted the President of the Castlemaine RSL Sub Branch, Mr Ernest Plumridge on three occasions requesting his assistance regarding Applebee's claims respecting his rank of Lieutenant Commander RAN retired and also the questionable medals he wears. As the President , Plumridge should be aware of all military entitlements of his committee members. If he is not, then it behoves him to check. That is his job. If he is apathetic to this key responsibility of his position, then he should stand down. Plumridge declined to answer any of our requests and would probably like the matter to be swept under the carpet.

We were later contacted by the Secretary of the Castlemaine RSL Sub Branch, Bob Miller, who informed us inter alia that -;

"Regarding his medals, again we have viewed original documents and an abundance of supporting evidence relating to Mr. Applebee's claimed service in various organisations regarding his medal entitlements. We have no doubt as to the authenticity of that area.

Although being qualified in entitlement, he has recently become aware that the "Cold War Victory medal" should be classified as "non official", contrary to his former belief, and is therefore now removed from the group"

We then contacted Mr Bob Miller and invited him to provide copies of documentation that he states "left himself and the executive in no doubt as to the legitimacy of Applebee's medal entitlements", including his Reserve Force claims. A simple request.

We were particularly interested in his answer as to how Applebee was awarded the Cold War Victory Medal with two clasps, as this is a purchased tin medal.

Also, as there is no record of Applebee performing 20 years Royal Australian Navy Reserve Service or his being awarded the RANR Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, we are intrigued as to what documents must have been produced and accepted by the Secretary to satisfy the executive and himself of this service. He could not have produced a Certificate of Service, he had none!

Mr Bob Miller on behalf of the executive committee, failed to answer any of the questions we asked.

Raymond George Applebee is a medals cheat and a wannabee who should know better. He should apologise to all his fellow members at the Castlemaine RSL for his misleading and improper behaviour.

We also have on site the following Salvation Army personnel. Nancarrow. Delamores.

The Salvation Army are a marvellous organisation that support our defence personnel. Their administrators need to ensure that their individual representatives fully comply with Australian medals protocols in the same manner that other former and current servicemen/women are required to do.

Surname: Anthony
Christian Names: Trevor John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Upwey-Belgrave
Service #: R64804
Service: RAN & CMF
Branch: Medical
Case Notes:

Like many ‘wannabes’, Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony managed to ingratiate himself into a number of Ex Service Organisations, (ESO’s) and wrangled his way into a number of executive roles, including membership of Victoria’s ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee, and as a Navy ANZAC Day March Marshall.

A genuine Vietnam Veteran who undertook eight trips to Vietnam as a member of the crew of HMAS Sydney between 1966 and 1971, ‘Doc’ Anthony should have been satisfied with his operational service.

However, ‘Doc’ found it necessary to embellish his service, award himself a few more medals than he was entitled to and steal the honour of an elite group of Navy Clearance Divers.


The irony of the photograph depicting ‘Doc’ Anthony holding a trophy from the RAN Recruit School with words "Loyalty and Integrity" cannot be missed by those who view it. It is clear that Anthony has not displayed those qualities to his ship mates, fellow Vietnam veterans and the wider veteran community.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Sick Berth Attendant, reaching the rank of Leading Seaman. He served onboard HMAS Sydney in that capacity undertaking eight trips to Vietnam on that ship.



The wheels started to come off for ‘Doc’ Anthony after he delivered an inspiring keynote address to the members and community of the Upwey-Belgrave RSL on Vietnam Veterans Day 2011. At that time, he was the Vice President of the HMAS Sydney Association. How thrilling it must have been to listen as Anthony described his experiences in Vietnam, not only was he a Sick Berth Attendant on HMAS Sydney, but he also found time to be attached to a US helicopter Unit, spent time with HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’ and somehow became a member of CDT3, (Clearance Diving Team 3).

While other members of HMAS Sydney’s crew went about the mundane duties of off loading troops and stores upon arrival in Vietnam, Anthony found himself on the front line..... or so he would have us believe.

Anthony’s speech is indeed an interesting read and can still be found on the Upwey-Belgrave RSL website. But for those who missed it, relevant sections of the speech are reproduced here:

During this interesting presentation, Anthony claimed to have served with a US Helicopter ‘Dust Off’ Unit, and spent 6 months onboard HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’. Both claims are completely fictitious. ‘Doc’ may have done some time in the green, but we are told, was only as a member of the Citizens Military Forces, (CMF) in the early 1960’s prior to enlisting in the Navy.

Had any of his delusions been true, there would have been a posting record made, and as we can see, this did not occur. Through clever wording in his speech, Anthony tries to make us believe he served on HMAS Hobart during a period in history of the Vietnam conflict that claimed the lives of Australian sailors. His verbosity does him no credit.


He further claimed to have been a Ship’s Diver and even embellished this important role by speaking of a link to his ‘fellow divers in CDT 3’. Linking himself to the Clearance Divers (CD) is the naval equivalent of the ‘wannabe’ soldier claiming service with the SAS. Navy Clearance Divers are a special group of select individuals who like the SAS work hard to gain and retain their qualifications unlike Anthony who just dreamt them.

He claims to have been a ship’s diver, but he was not. Ship’s Divers are not Clearance Divers. Sailors trained as Ships Divers undergo basic training to allow them to perform this role. The role of a Ship’s Diver is a varied one, and not to be scoffed at, but at the same time, ship’s divers will tell you that they are not trained to the same level as a member of a CD Team.

Anthony was never trained as a Ship’s Diver and most definitely did not train as a Navy Clearance Diver.

To complement his stories of extraordinary operational experience, ‘Doc’ Anthony wears a rack of medals befitting his exaggerated service.

We are still trying to identify entitlements to all of the medals being worn by Anthony. We know that he is wearing at least three ‘tin’ medals. Anthony has an entitlement to the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (Vietnam Clasp)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal
Australian Service Medal (presumably with FESR Clasp)
Defence Long Service Medal (replaced the Defence Force Service Medal)
National Medal (Entitlement still to be confirmed)
Australian Defence medal

One of the ‘tin’ medals being worn is the Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Next to this medal is The Far East Strategic Reserve Medal, both commemorative association medals available for purchase on the HMAS Sydney Vietnam Veterans Logistical Support Veterans Association (Victoria) website. The third ‘tin’ medal is believed to be a version of the HMAS Sydney ‘Vung Tau Ferry’ Medal issued in the early 1990’s. (



Oh what a tangled web we weave - when first we practice to deceive –

Trevor "Doc" ANTHONY has been forced to resign from the Outer Eastern VVAA, the HMAS SYDNEY Logistic Support Group, and the Victorian Branch of the Naval Association have requested his resignation. ANZAC House in Melbourne have divorced him as an ANZAC Day March Marshall. No doubt the South Eastern TPI Association will give him the spear as their President, and a few other veterans groups he belongs to will issue divorce papers as well.

It appears however that ‘Doc’ Anthony does not want to go quietly. As each of the numerous bodies he has associated himself with confront him, we are told he refuses to admit any wrong doing and simply resigns.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony had the audacity to stand in front of genuine Vietnam Veterans, RSL Members and the general public and deliver a speech which he knew were lies, he created a persona of daring do, and he led everyone to believe that he served in areas where casualties were common place.

The fact is that the truth was the only casualty in his story and for his unwillingness to apologise to the veteran community he deserves his place on this website.


Well, it finally seems as if this tin wearing peacock has parted company with just about every Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) he managed to attach himself to.

Unfortunately, “Doc” didn’t go down fighting, unlike the heroic persona he created and continued to pretend to be.

To date, Anthony has tendered his resignation from the RAN Association, HMAS Sydney Association, The South Eastern TPI Association and the Outer Eastern VVAA. He was also dismissed as a ANZAC Day March Marshall.

His method of resigning was, to say the least, dramatic. On each occasion, the organisation contacted Anthony and asked that he provide evidence to support his claims of Vietnam service as outlined in our original exposure. On each occasion, Anthony vehemently threatens to fight the allegation and tells the organisation he will appear with his solicitor only to telephone his resignation through before the hearing.

The final coup d' grace was his much anticipated appearance before the Committee at the Ringwood RSL Sub Branch, his home club. Anthony contacted the Sub Branch to inform them he would appear at the appointed date and time, with his Solicitor and a Senior Victoria Police Officer to defend his ridiculous claims. As should have been expected, he contacted the Sub Branch and tendered his resignation over the phone, thereby denying the Sub Branch to opportunity to look him in the eye when dismissing him.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not resist the opportunity to embellish his military service. Rather than be content with his actual distinguished service on HMAS Sydney during the Vietnam War, he chose to create elements of that service which were simply lies. He added unofficial medals to his official entitlement to make himself stand out in the crowd. There is no doubt that “Doc” Anthony did some good while involved in the various ESO’s he was a member of. Notwithstanding, the mark of a man is admit wrong doing, and the ability to apologise to those who have been offended by his actions or lies. Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not do this, rather he took the easy way out by resigning from the various ESO’s without acknowledging his actions were wrong.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony has found a permanent place on our website.

Surname: Andrews
Christian Names: Peter James
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 182270
Service: ARMY
Branch: Failed Recruit Training
Commencement of service: Jul 82
Completion of service: Apr 83
Case Notes:




182270 Peter James Andrews is a liar and a fraud who embellished his military service to help avoid a conviction of rioting and a possible gaol sentence.

On the 19th December, 2013, Andrews appeared before Mr John McGrath, Stipendiary Magistrate at the BrisbaneMagistrates Court in respect to a charge of rioting in the Broadbeach bikie brawl in September, 2013. He was then currently a member of the Bandidos bikie gang at the time of the riot and he pleaded guilty to the charge.

He had been clearly photographed at the riot by CCTV footage wearing a black Bandidos vest with a black shirt with letters 'SYLB" (Support your local Bandidos.)

In answer to the charge that the Magistrate later referred to as "a terrifying incident and chilling to watch the video", Andrews was represented by Solicitor Mr Domenic Keim of Guest Lawyers, Brisbane at the Court Hearing.

According to newspaper reports, Mr Keim, who was acting on instructions from Andrews, informed the Court that Andrews had served in the Australian Army for six years, was a former soldier of the SAS (Special Air Service Regiment), and had been on tours of duty with the Military with a stint in Somalia.

He also informed the Magistrate that Andrews had been part of the Rural Fire Brigade.

There were further submissions by Mr Keim of alleged hardship experienced by Andrews at the proceedings and the fact that he had only been a Bandido member for a few months.

These submissions would no doubt be taken into account when the Magistrate Mr John McGrath determined the appropriate action. In sentencing Andrews, Mr McGrath stated "that it defies logic why a person at Andrews stage in life - with his family responsibilities - would associate with the Bandidos. It is a disgraceful effort for those involved."

Notwithstanding the "terrifying incident", the "chilling" video and the appropriate strongly worded summation by the Magistrate, Andrews was sentenced to only 100 hours community service and no conviction recorded.

Andrews could certainly have counted himself lucky.

However, following the above publicity from the Brisbane Courier-Mail, the Ninemsn release and the Gold Coast Bulletin, we were contacted by a former soldier who knew Andrews when he enlisted and commenced Recruit Training at Kapooka, Wagga Wagga in July, 1982.

It seems that Andrews is not, and never was, the crack SASR Special Forces Somalia Veteran with multiple tours, that the Court was led to believe.

In fact, he did not finish Army Recruit Training.

Andrews is a polished con man. He tells lies whenever it suits him, and he does not mind who he tells them to.

It seems that Peter James Andrews enlisted in the Australian Army in July, 1982. He was discharged nine months later in April, 1983. The reason - He was not suited to be a soldier. He failed Recruit Training and was not suitable for any of the hundreds of jobs that the Army have on offer.

It was a parting of the ways and the Australian Army were the winners.

Andrews actions were aptly described by the Magistrate as a disgrace. In our summation he is more than a disgrace. He is a low life liar and a fraud. To try and take the glory of our elite Special Air Service Regiment and in particular our Somalia veterans is nothing short of treachery. Andrews would not have made lunch time of Day 1, SASR training. He could not even complete Recruit Training.

Members of the SASR would be horrified knowing that this idiot dressing and acting as a Bandido outlaw gang member, used their good name to extricate himself from the seriousness of the charge that he was facing at Court.

Andrews is not on the roll of Somalia veterans, he has never been a member of the Special Air Service Regiment, he was never a trooper and he certainly did not do any tours with the Military.

We wonder if the Magistrate would have been so lenient with Andrews if he knew he was being lied to in the submissions placed before him.

We wonder if Mr Keim, Solicitor , took any action to verify any of the baloney he was fed by Andrews before he made submissions to the Court.

On their website, Mr Keim was praised by Guest Lawyers Brisbane, his employers, as "obtaining an excellent result for his client, a former prospective member of the Bandidos involved in the so called Broadbeach brawl."

We wonder what measures are in place to prevent this type of occurrence continually happening in our Justice system. Andrews is not the first and certainly will not be the last to claim meritorious military service when in fact he had nothing of the sort.

Ian Crowden at is a Commanchero bikie listed on this site for almost identical circumstances of claiming false army service to have his sentence reduced.

We wonder who actually has responsibility for what evidence is placed before the Court in situations like this, to prevent a miscarriage of Justice. Surely Mr John McGrath Stipendiary Magistrate will feel a little let down.

Had Andrews been required to enter the witness box and swear an oath to tell the truth regarding his military service antecedents, he would have committed perjury. His claims had never been verified.

We wondered if this matter would ever be reviewed.

Well it has. We contacted the relevant authorities in Brisbane and expressed our disappointment that a fake SASR soldier convinced his legal representative and the Magistrates Court that his antecedents included false SASR service and voluntary Rural Fire Brigade Service.

We were unable to expose this matter before now, as the case was placed before the court again following Andrews being charged by the Queensland Police with "perverting the course of justice." The matter had become subjudice (before the courts consideration.)

The matter has now been finalised and we are able to publish the facts -;

The below mentioned extract is from the Gold Coast Bulletin dated the 3 September 2014.

The below mentioned article is an extract from the Queensland Central News dated the 3 September, 2014.

Man pays price after lying about SAS duty to magistrate

Adam Davies | 3rd Sep 2014 1:45 PM

A QUEENSLAND man who told a magistrate he was a former special air service soldier and rural firie has been jailed for 15 months after it was revealed nothing was further from the truth.

Peter James Andrews, 51, faced Brisbane Magistrates Court last December after becoming involved in the infamous bikie brawl on the Gold Coast.

Andrews, who was in fact a used car salesman, pleaded guilty to a charge of riot after admitting playing a minor role in the Broadbeach brawl on September 27 which sparked Queensland's bikie crackdown.

The court heard at the time he had been a probationary member of a criminal motorcycle gang for just a few months after the collapse of his marriage.
He has since cut all ties with the club.

It was submitted on his behalf that he was a former SAS solider who had completed tours in Somalia and Bougainville as well as being a member of the Queensland Rural Fire Service where he battled blazes near Tenterfield in Northern NSW.
He was subsequently sentenced to 100 hours community service and no convictions were recorded.

But it was all a ruse.

Andrews pleaded guilty today in the Brisbane District Court to attempting to pervert the course of justice and falsely representing to be a returned soldier.
Crown Prosecutor Michael Connolly told the court Andrews had deliberately misled the sentencing magistrate.

"This was deliberate. It was not an error or a mistake," he said.

"For what reason he did this still remains unknown."

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison said the father-of-three had worked for the past three decades as a truck driver but had changed careers shortly before his arrest.

He said what affect Andrews' claims had on the sentencing magistrate remained unclear.

Judge Kieran Dorney sentenced Andrews to 15 months behind bars saying the offences were serious and struck at the heart of the judicial system.
"Army records show you enlisted but were discharged after being found not suitable to be a soldier," he said.

"You were a member of the rural fire service more than a decade ago."

Judge Dorney ordered the 224 days Andrews had served behind bars as time already served and ordered he be released on immediate parole.

As stated Stipendiary Magistrate John McGrath must feel a little let down after being told lies about Andrew's false antecedents. However, Judge Kieran Dorney has now handed Andrews an appropriate sentence that may deter Andrews from claiming false military service again the next time he is arrested.

Andrews is described as a "Trainee Car Salesman". (Courier-Mail)

Maybe you will get the opportunity to purchase a car from him one day. Make sure you check under the bonnet to verify that it has an engine in it!!

Peter James Andrews has well and truly earned his place on this site.

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