Date of Entry: 30/07/2019
Surname: Schafer
Christian Names: Bradley
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Beach. Sunshine Coast
Service: Royal Australian Navy & Army
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: See Below
Completion of service: See Below
Case Notes:


Bradley Schafer resides at Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He is currently attempting to establish himself as a Lifestyle fitness and weightlifting coach in local gymnasiums, using his limited Australian Defence Force (ADF) service, as a self appointed “Veteran”, to attract genuine Veterans to join his fitness program.

Schafer promotes himself in the local Sunshine Coast print and radio media as a former Australian Army Veteran, who was discharged with “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. (PTSD) He claims that he has lost four close mates to suicide, due to their ADF service.

Schafer further claims that he was a member of the Sydney Invictus Games Team 2018. That statement is a lie.

Schafer, according to witness statements provided, has stated that the reason he was medically discharged from the Australian Army with PTSD was due to the following incidents.

1. Green on green. ((A term used by Army members for witnessing or involvement in horrific or traumatic circumstances. E.g. Victims of friendly fire on deployment.) Schafer has claimed that he was on exercises when he witnessed an accident where one of his friends died during a live fire incident. That statement is a lie.

Also that -;
2. he was threatened with a knife by another soldier. That statement is also a lie.

ANZMI received signed witness statements detailing that Schafer has also stated, "that he cannot talk about his post traumatic stress disorder because it is too painful".

He has indicated that his aim is to introduce a Sunshine Coast Veterans weight lifting fitness program at a gymnasium in the name of a partner, in order that he maintains his Department of Veteran's Affairs disability status. He has informed witnesses of his current DVA benefits and what he expects to claim in the near future. ANZMI has decided not to disclose that information but has referred those witnesses to the Department of Veteran's Affairs for information and possible further action, if required.

The image Schafer is desperately trying to convey to the general public in his local area, is that of a Veteran of the Australian Defence Force, who suffered the stressors of Army life to such a degree, that he had to be medically discharged with PTSD. He has recently volunteered for a trial medicinal cannabis treatment program, seeking further publicity for his cause.

ABC Sunshine Coast By ...............


Schafer enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on the 16 September, 2013. His services were terminated due to unsatisfactory performance during initial training and he departed in June, 2014. (Navy - 9 months service)

He informed witnesses who have provided statements, - “That he spent three years in the RAN and then left voluntarily to join the Army, as it was too difficult to transfer over”.. That statement is also a lie.

Schafer enlisted in the Australian Army in August, 2016. He was medically discharged in February 2017 at 1 Recruit Training Battalion. (1RTB), Kapooka. NSW. He also did not complete Initial Employment Training at 1 RTB. (Army - 6 months service)

Hardly enough time to be promoting himself as an Australian Defence Force Army Veteran.

Schafer has put himself out there as a PTSD spokesman and has given radio interviews and print media interviews whilst attempting to establish himself as a qualified power lifting coach and a PTSD expert. (He has no qualifications in either.)

ANZMI received a statement that in 2016, during his short time at 1 RTB, Kapooka, Schafer witnessed a slight altercation involving two other Army recruits. One of these recruits then threatened Schafer with a red pen, that he should not report the matter. The victim however, reported the matter, and the offending recruit was investigated and his services terminated. Schafer, then sought a medical discharge from the Army and this was granted.

ANZMI is not critical of any person being discharged before their time in the Australian Defence Force. In particular on medical grounds. Some Recruits find it impossible to adjust to the hardships of military life and the rigors of training.

The difficulty arises though, when former Defence Force personnel, with extremely limited service, embellish that service and put themselves out in the public domain as Veterans, and in this case, Spokespersons in areas where they have no expertise. All for undeserved benefits, whether that be monetary, status, public recognition, sympathy, or for their own personal ego and persona.

The general public view Veterans as returned from active service Defence Force personnel, or lengthy military service, not someone with 6 months incomplete recruit Australian Army training.

Schafer applied for and was awarded the Australian Defence Medal due to his brief 6 months Army service. The ADM may be awarded to persons medically discharged, based on individual circumstances at the time.

Schafer is not an Australian Military Veteran – he did not complete Navy Initial Systems Training School and he did not complete Army Recruit Training. – he is not a qualified power lifting coach -; and he is not qualified to be speaking in the public arena about important mental health issues affecting Australian servicemen and servicewomen.

He was never a member of the Australian Invictus Games Team as he has claimed. That is a blatant lie, again to deceive the public and gain favour from Veterans and the local community, who may be enticed to register for his gymnasium program.

Schafer was contacted and asked about his 3 year Navy service - his Army service "green on green" incident - weight lifting courses he conducts - and the fees required to enrol. He was also given an opportunity to respond to his false published claims of 2018 Invictus Games Team selection, and his qualifications for conducting power weight lifting gymnasium classes.

Schafer declined to respond.

For genuine Veterans living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, you should be aware that Schafer is not a qualified weight lifting coach and he has no qualifications to be providing advice or solutions to Veteran’s mental health issues.

Also, he has no right to be claiming that he is an Army Veteran, or an Invictus Games Team member.

Readers can make up their own minds as to what his true motives are.

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