Date of Entry: 08/07/2019
Surname: Macura
Christian Names: David Branko Pierre
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 259?10
Service: Army (Claimed)
Branch: Signals & Aviation
Case Notes:


David Branko Pierre Macura is a liar who advertises his false Army service to assist with selling vintage military vehicles. He is currently spruiking that he has for sale, a 1962 United States of America (USA) Army Jeep that belonged to USA General William Westmoreland, that was shipped back to Australia on a Military Ship.

Macura tells how very disappointed he is that the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will not accept his claim for illness caused by spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam in 1971 - 1972. Whether he has a genuine illness, we don't know, however we do know that he never sprayed a drop of Agent Orange in Vietnam and did not serve with the Australian Defence Force in Vietnam.

He is not listed in any Defence records as serving in Australia or anywhere overseas. He explains, his missing records by claiming it was secret operations with USA 173rd Airborne Brigade.

As part of his sales pitch he displays memorabilia from his "Vietnam service" on the Jeep bonnet. Here is a photograph of him in uniform as a Vietnam veteran.

His trousers are not Australian issue and his hat badge is of foreign origin. At the bottom of the photograph a note detailing his service is written and certified correct:

Below is another photograph with details shown at the bottom:

Macura also shows evidence of his service by attaching a small webbing pouch to his Jeep. It describes him as a Sig (short of Signalman) with a regimental number of 259410.

Macura may fool civilians, but any Vietnam Veteran will recognize his lies at a glimpse of his photographs, and the ridiculous stories that emanate from his gob.

We assume that Macura was seeking a bit of kudos for his secret Vietnam operations, however, instead, he has achieved derision for being a fool.

When contacted by a researcher Macura detailed his "agent orange spraying" in Vietnam, and when told he was a fraud and a liar he sprayed the researcher with an earful of invective that would embarrass an Infantry Sergeant.

And by the way for those who may be interested here is "General Westmoreland's Jeep" with provenance as phony as Macura

We welcome Macura to our website and trust that for his lies about Vietnam service, this entry will stop him spraying lies that are offensive to returned veterans.

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