Date of Entry: 01/07/2019
Surname: Sheean
Christian Names: Grant Benjamin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: Claims R157226
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Combat Systems
Commencement of service: 20/01/1997
Completion of service: 27/03/1998
Case Notes:


Grant Benjamin Sheean was born on the 1 November, 1979. He is a 40 year old stand over man and a hoodlum, who claims extensive military service in the Royal Australian Navy.

He tells tales of performing secret operations that he can’t talk about during his Navy service, and he likes to impress those around him that he is some sort of military hero.

The truth is that Sheean was terminated from the Royal Australian Navy after 15 months as a misfit on the 27 March, 1998.

The reason. Terminated “Not in the Interests of the Service”. He failed Initial Employment Training (IET) and was sacked.



The above photograph purports Sheean in an alleged French Foreign Legion uniform wearing parachute wings.

Sheean is a member of a Brisbane family friendly skirmishing community named “Gel Ball Blasters” and is associated with a group called “Heavy Hitters”. He has also told colleagues within this group that he was also a member of the French Foreign Legion for many years. That statement is false. He was never a member of the French Foreign Legion. One of the pre-requisites for acceptance into the French Foreign Legion is the ability to speak the French language. Unfortunately for Sheean, he does not possess this skill. “C’est la vie”

He further claims that he was a member of two country’s Defence Forces for 15 years. That is also false.



Sheean produced the above “Royal Australian Navy Certificate of Service” to colleagues to convince them that he was a member of the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years. The date of enlistment detailed on the Certificate of Service is inconsistent with the actual date that he joined. The Certificate states that he enlisted on the 20 January, 1996. He in fact enlisted on the 20 January, 1997. He has also crossed out other information including “Rank, Date of Separation, Medals, Decorations and Commendations.”  There could be a reason for that!

Below is a message sent by Sheean to some former colleagues who questioned him about his military service, and other matters.



The message has been edited due to the obscene language used by Sheean in the text.

This message indicates what an objectionable person Sheean is.

He is a wasted space, a liar, a thug and a failed Royal Australian Navy Seaman, who could not cope with the discipline of military life.

He pretends to be a former member of the French Foreign Legion. His entire life is a pretence. And a false one at that.

We know that since Sheean has been informed that ANZMI would like to contact him and confirm his military claims, he has disappeared. He will no doubt resurface somewhere and be reported to ANZMI.

As Sheean would like everyone to know that he is a former Royal Australian Navy hero and a French Foreign Legion hero, we are more than happy to provide additional publicity for him on this site.

Following publication of this article, when Grant Benjamin Sheean, or anyone else for that matter, now Googles his name, his factual Royal Australian Navy service will be revealed.

Welcome to ANZMI, Grant Benjamin Sheean.

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