Date of Entry: 26/05/2019
Surname: Goss
Christian Names: Patrick
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmainia
City or Town: Latrobe
Service #: None
Service: None
Case Notes:


Patrick GOSS was born in 1936. According to him, in 1950, at the age of 14 years, he enlisting into the Australian Army as National Serviceman, then served in South and North Korea for two and a half years and to this day holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army.

As a result of his Army service he wears five medals from foreign countries.

When he returned from North Korea he pursued education in Victoria and attained six university degrees.

In 1973, he had a gun held at his head by a "Colonel Joseph PAUL" in Hobart, and was forced to enlist in Australia Secret Intelligence Service, (ASIS). At the age of 83 years he is still on the ASIS payroll and has an officer underneath the Australian War Memorial where he works from time to time.

Because of his many years service with Australia Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) none of his service history is available and will not be available until 50 years after his demise

In 2017 when GOSS moved to his current residence in Tasmania, he wrote a three page letter to all other residents in his street. Here are excerpts from the letter.



Jungles of North Korea?

In addition to his raft of degrees "Dr" Goss is also a practicing Psychiatrist and signed the letter to his neighbours as such. Below are further excerpts from his social media relating to his military rank and government work.

No trace of GOSS can be found on the Department of Veterans Nominal Roll for Korea, that is because he either never served in the "jungles of North Korea" as a fourteen year old boy, or, has been a ASIS operator for forty six years and his records are "sealed".

GOSS was contacted by a researcher and quite happily extolled his life history and details of his "secret service" and his secret office under the Australian War Memorial.

We are happy to state that he is a systematic liar, and we are pleased to include him as such on this website

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