Date of Entry: 01/03/2019
Surname: Wade
Christian Names: Robin Cardwell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Kalgoorlie
Service #: 57998
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Qualfied Clearance Diver from 22 July 1961
Commencement of service: 08.05.1961
Completion of service: 02.11.1964
Case Notes:


"Petty Officer" Robin Cardwell Wade is the Officer in Charge of a Navy Cadet unit in Kalgoorlie WA.


Notice Wade is wearing a "hotch potch" of medals on his left breast, which he purports were issued to him for his Navy service. On his right breast he wears three other medals, that perhaps belonged to a deceased relative. Wearing relatives medals whilst in a Navy uniform is not appropriate.

Australian Service Medal (ASM) - May be entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Entitlement unknown
Australian Service Medal (ASM) worn backwards - Not entitled
Unknown Medal - Not entitled to wear on left breast.

Wade may have earned the ASM for service in Papua New Guinea when he served aboard Survey Ship HMAS Paluma between 4 November 1963 an 6 January 1964. Ship's documents show he was admitted to Port Moresby Hospital for three days between 31 December 1963 and 2 January 1962.

In the Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper, dated 23 October 2018 he gave the following quotes

"He said he was just one example of never seen seawater until he joined the Royal Australian Navy aged 20.

PO Wade said he served in the navy as an able seamen clearance diver, which included time in the Vietnam War combat operations area."

Wade joined the Navy aged 25years not 20 years and lived only 176 kms from the sea in Lancaster, Victoria.

Wade never served in "Vietnam combat operations area". He visited Saigon, Vietnam in January 1962 aboard HMAS Quickmatch on a goodwill visit before the war started, and he was not a Clearance Diver until 22 July 1963.

Wade enlisted into the RAN on 8 May 1961 and spent 3 years and six months as an Able Seaman until he was discharged on 2 November 1964.

Robin Wade is not a fit and proper person to be held as a role model to aspiring Naval Cadets.

For his inappropriate array of medals and his false claims of being a Clearance Diver on combat operations in Vietnam, we welcome him to this website. He has been given a berth as a less than venerable guest aboard HMAS ANZMI.

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