Date of Entry: 05/02/2019
Surname: Brathwaite
Christian Names: Robbie John
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Victor Harbour
Service #: R105200
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Branch: Tactical Operator
Commencement of service: 1 June 1968
Completion of service: 31 May 1977
Case Notes:


Robbie Braithwaite of Woodcroft, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia served on HMAS Sydney during the Vietnam War. His total time in Vietnam would be around 32 hours. Because of the flawed system used by the RAN at the time, the Department of Veterans affairs indicates he spent 102 days in Vietnam. The RAN calculated time in Vietnam from the date of departure from the last Australian port until the date of return to the first Australian port.




For his Vietnam Service, he was awarded two medals. He was awarded another two medals for his RAN general service, however he chooses to wear five.

The last medal on his rack is a self purchased commemorative HMAS Sydney medal which has no integrity and has no place mixed with government issued medals on commemorative occasions. If worn at all, it must be worn on the right breast




We have been exposing RAN ex servicemen for wearing this medal for many years and to save embarrassment of those wearing it we suggest that RAN Associations give notice to their members.

We welcome Robbie John Braithwaite to our website.

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