Date of Entry: 05/02/2016
Surname: Marcon
Christian Names: Nigel Dean Raymond
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: Canterbury
City or Town: Ashburton
NZ -Which Island:
  • South Island
Service: Royal New Zealand Army
Branch: Artillery
Commencement of service: June 1988
Completion of service: June 1990
Case Notes:




Dean Marcon served as a soldier in the NZ Army for two years, between June 1988 and June 1990. He never left NZ shores during his service life.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for this soldier, who chose to add even more glory to his story, claiming to have risked his life on active duty as a fulltime member of the NZSAS (Special Air Service) including overseas action in theatres of war, on numerous missions. The fact is Marcon never served in the NZSAS.

But that is not what he has been telling his mates, staff, his shooting club, his local RSA, and anybody willing to listen to his stories of daring escapades as a valiant NZSAS soldier.

He talks of lying in high grasses, and forests, so well-hidden that enemy soldiers walked over him unseen, and even urinated on him. That has to stink! But the smell emanating from Marcon isn’t from an enemy soldiers relief, but the lies he has been claiming for the last 18 years.

When confronted with his diabolical lies and deceit, Marcon quickly confessed that for years he has been stealing the honour, respect and valour of real soldiers who risked life and limb. Many of those he has offended include soldiers he served alongside in the New Zealand Artillery, before they deployed out to active service, unlike Marcon, who remained safe and sound having never left New Zealand whilst in service.

This is the letter Marcon provided once he had been caught out as the cheat and valour thief that he is.



For his deceit and sheer audacious claims, Marcon will live on this site in perpetuity.   

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