Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Bellingham
Christian Names: Andrew Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Salamander Bay
Service #: 8077926
Service: RAN
Branch: Seaman. Chief Petty Officer
Commencement of service: 05 Jan 82
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Well here we go again folks!

Another senior Naval Chief Petty Officer caught out wearing unawarded, purchased military medals. What sort of example do these people set for our younger ratings.

We are amazed at the number of reports that we are currently receiving regarding senior former and current Australian Naval personnel committing offences against the Defence Act 1903. –

Section 80A - Falsely representing to be a returned, soldier, sailor or airman and

Section 80B - Improper use of service decorations.

Penalty. 6 months gaol or $3,300 fine or both.

When members of the community or Junior Royal Australian Navy ratings observe senior long serving Naval personnel in uniform wearing military medals on the left side, they presume that the Naval officer has had a distinguished, recognised and rewarding career. They would not suspect that some of the medals worn have not been officially awarded and have been purchased in a Medal Shop or over the Internet.

That would be totally against all the protocols, principles and proud traditions that our Senior Service stands for.

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Charles Bellingham was a full time serving Royal Australian Naval Officer from the 5 January, 1982 until about 2010. He then transferred to the Royal Australian Naval Reserves where he currently serves.

He is presently attached to the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture Development as a Co-ordinator. Now that could be a problem!

In the photograph above, Bellingham is wearing the following court mounted medals -;

Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp. (AASM.) Clasp unknown.
Australian Service Medal, (ASM) clasp Kuwait.
Australian Defence Force Service Medal with two clasps. (Long Service)
Australian Defence Medal.
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia.) (First Awarded 17/1/1991. Last awarded 28/2/1991.

Bellingham is a medals cheat and an imposter. He is one of a growing number of currently serving or former Royal Australian Navy personnel who have been reported to this site for wearing unawarded medals or embellishing their service.

We have been contacted by a number of people who have provided evidence that Chief Petty Officer Andrew Charles Bellingham has been wearing at least two medals that he has not been awarded.

The two medals are the -;

1. AASM with unknown clasp.

The AASM is awarded for service in a prescribed war like operational area. The below mentioned AASM is an example of this medal with the clasp East Timor.

2. Kuwait Liberation Medal. (Saudi Arabia.)

The Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) was awarded to military personnel who fulfilled the criteria required for the award of this medal. It was only issued for service in Kuwait between the 17/1/1991 and the 28/2/1991. During this time, Bellingham was a crew member of the HMAS Stuart. The HMAS Stuart did not deploy to the Gulf at this time or at any other time. In fact the HMAS Stuart had it’s commission extended in Australia until July, 1991, due to other RAN Destroyer ships commitment to the Gulf.

Below is an example of the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)

Chief Petty Officer Bellingham enlisted in the RAN on the 5 January, 1982.

During his service he did deploy to Kuwait in a peacetime non war like period. For this, he was awarded the Australian Service Medal with clasp Kuwait. The ASM is issued to personnel who serve in this capacity. It does not entitle him to wear the AASM. Also he has never been awarded the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia).

We contacted Chief Petty Officer Bellingham and invited him to explain how he was awarded the AASM and the Kuwait Liberation Medal.

He subsequently replied and stated -;

I'm sorry that I have not replied as I have been overseas. I'm happy to work with you on this issue. I do hold a ASM with claps for Kuwait. ADM and DFSM. I have been inform that I'm able to return the DFSM and have issue a new service medal with the clasp as I have been conducting reserve days. All other medal have been removed from my per sessions.

Chief Petty Officer Bellingham does not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. He states that he is sorry that he has not replied as he has been overseas. That’s about all he is apparently sorry for. We are also extremely grateful that he is “happy to work with us on this issue.” We think he is on another planet.

He then continues “All other medal (sic) have been removed from my per sessions. (sic).

He does not give an explanation as to why he purchased and wore these medals or if he is sorry for wearing them. He just mentions in passing that "the medal (sic) has been removed from my per sessions". (sic)

Following receipt of that communication, a further response was received from him that stated inter alia, "Once again, I should of conducted my own investigation instead of listing (sic) to others".

Unfortunately, that excuse does not hold up. He is now claiming that on advice from "others" he apparently thought it was OK to wear the two medals. That does not make sense. In particular, as he was not awarded the two medals in the first place, he had to purchase them "on line or at a Medal Shop". He then had them court mounted with his officially awarded medals. Here we have a Chief Petty Officer with thirty years service now claiming no knowledge of the criteria required for the issue of the AASM or the Kuwait Liberation Medal, so he goes and buys them! Now that's Leadership for you!

Bellingham is an embarrassment to the Royal Australian Navy He is a Senior Non- Commissioned Officer at the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture, in the position of Co-ordinator. His behaviour is a disgrace and he has been wearing unawarded medals for his own self gratification and ego for quite some time.

He is the perfect example of poor leadership when in a Leadership role. He has no right to continue in this role. He is a bad example for what proud traditions the RAN stands for. He has no credibility and he should be ordered to resign. If not, he should be shown the door.

He should also write an apology to all his Royal Australian Navy colleagues and have this apology printed in the Navy news for all to see.

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Bellingham has earned his place on this site.

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