Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Anthony
Christian Names: Trevor John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Upwey-Belgrave
Service #: R64804
Service: RAN & CMF
Branch: Medical
Case Notes:

Like many ‘wannabes’, Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony managed to ingratiate himself into a number of Ex Service Organisations, (ESO’s) and wrangled his way into a number of executive roles, including membership of Victoria’s ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee, and as a Navy ANZAC Day March Marshall.

A genuine Vietnam Veteran who undertook eight trips to Vietnam as a member of the crew of HMAS Sydney between 1966 and 1971, ‘Doc’ Anthony should have been satisfied with his operational service.

However, ‘Doc’ found it necessary to embellish his service, award himself a few more medals than he was entitled to and steal the honour of an elite group of Navy Clearance Divers.


The irony of the photograph depicting ‘Doc’ Anthony holding a trophy from the RAN Recruit School with words "Loyalty and Integrity" cannot be missed by those who view it. It is clear that Anthony has not displayed those qualities to his ship mates, fellow Vietnam veterans and the wider veteran community.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Sick Berth Attendant, reaching the rank of Leading Seaman. He served onboard HMAS Sydney in that capacity undertaking eight trips to Vietnam on that ship.



The wheels started to come off for ‘Doc’ Anthony after he delivered an inspiring keynote address to the members and community of the Upwey-Belgrave RSL on Vietnam Veterans Day 2011. At that time, he was the Vice President of the HMAS Sydney Association. How thrilling it must have been to listen as Anthony described his experiences in Vietnam, not only was he a Sick Berth Attendant on HMAS Sydney, but he also found time to be attached to a US helicopter Unit, spent time with HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’ and somehow became a member of CDT3, (Clearance Diving Team 3).

While other members of HMAS Sydney’s crew went about the mundane duties of off loading troops and stores upon arrival in Vietnam, Anthony found himself on the front line..... or so he would have us believe.

Anthony’s speech is indeed an interesting read and can still be found on the Upwey-Belgrave RSL website. But for those who missed it, relevant sections of the speech are reproduced here:

During this interesting presentation, Anthony claimed to have served with a US Helicopter ‘Dust Off’ Unit, and spent 6 months onboard HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’. Both claims are completely fictitious. ‘Doc’ may have done some time in the green, but we are told, was only as a member of the Citizens Military Forces, (CMF) in the early 1960’s prior to enlisting in the Navy.

Had any of his delusions been true, there would have been a posting record made, and as we can see, this did not occur. Through clever wording in his speech, Anthony tries to make us believe he served on HMAS Hobart during a period in history of the Vietnam conflict that claimed the lives of Australian sailors. His verbosity does him no credit.


He further claimed to have been a Ship’s Diver and even embellished this important role by speaking of a link to his ‘fellow divers in CDT 3’. Linking himself to the Clearance Divers (CD) is the naval equivalent of the ‘wannabe’ soldier claiming service with the SAS. Navy Clearance Divers are a special group of select individuals who like the SAS work hard to gain and retain their qualifications unlike Anthony who just dreamt them.

He claims to have been a ship’s diver, but he was not. Ship’s Divers are not Clearance Divers. Sailors trained as Ships Divers undergo basic training to allow them to perform this role. The role of a Ship’s Diver is a varied one, and not to be scoffed at, but at the same time, ship’s divers will tell you that they are not trained to the same level as a member of a CD Team.

Anthony was never trained as a Ship’s Diver and most definitely did not train as a Navy Clearance Diver.

To complement his stories of extraordinary operational experience, ‘Doc’ Anthony wears a rack of medals befitting his exaggerated service.

We are still trying to identify entitlements to all of the medals being worn by Anthony. We know that he is wearing at least three ‘tin’ medals. Anthony has an entitlement to the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (Vietnam Clasp)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal
Australian Service Medal (presumably with FESR Clasp)
Defence Long Service Medal (replaced the Defence Force Service Medal)
National Medal (Entitlement still to be confirmed)
Australian Defence medal

One of the ‘tin’ medals being worn is the Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Next to this medal is The Far East Strategic Reserve Medal, both commemorative association medals available for purchase on the HMAS Sydney Vietnam Veterans Logistical Support Veterans Association (Victoria) website. The third ‘tin’ medal is believed to be a version of the HMAS Sydney ‘Vung Tau Ferry’ Medal issued in the early 1990’s. (



Oh what a tangled web we weave - when first we practice to deceive –

Trevor "Doc" ANTHONY has been forced to resign from the Outer Eastern VVAA, the HMAS SYDNEY Logistic Support Group, and the Victorian Branch of the Naval Association have requested his resignation. ANZAC House in Melbourne have divorced him as an ANZAC Day March Marshall. No doubt the South Eastern TPI Association will give him the spear as their President, and a few other veterans groups he belongs to will issue divorce papers as well.

It appears however that ‘Doc’ Anthony does not want to go quietly. As each of the numerous bodies he has associated himself with confront him, we are told he refuses to admit any wrong doing and simply resigns.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony had the audacity to stand in front of genuine Vietnam Veterans, RSL Members and the general public and deliver a speech which he knew were lies, he created a persona of daring do, and he led everyone to believe that he served in areas where casualties were common place.

The fact is that the truth was the only casualty in his story and for his unwillingness to apologise to the veteran community he deserves his place on this website.


Well, it finally seems as if this tin wearing peacock has parted company with just about every Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) he managed to attach himself to.

Unfortunately, “Doc” didn’t go down fighting, unlike the heroic persona he created and continued to pretend to be.

To date, Anthony has tendered his resignation from the RAN Association, HMAS Sydney Association, The South Eastern TPI Association and the Outer Eastern VVAA. He was also dismissed as a ANZAC Day March Marshall.

His method of resigning was, to say the least, dramatic. On each occasion, the organisation contacted Anthony and asked that he provide evidence to support his claims of Vietnam service as outlined in our original exposure. On each occasion, Anthony vehemently threatens to fight the allegation and tells the organisation he will appear with his solicitor only to telephone his resignation through before the hearing.

The final coup d' grace was his much anticipated appearance before the Committee at the Ringwood RSL Sub Branch, his home club. Anthony contacted the Sub Branch to inform them he would appear at the appointed date and time, with his Solicitor and a Senior Victoria Police Officer to defend his ridiculous claims. As should have been expected, he contacted the Sub Branch and tendered his resignation over the phone, thereby denying the Sub Branch to opportunity to look him in the eye when dismissing him.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not resist the opportunity to embellish his military service. Rather than be content with his actual distinguished service on HMAS Sydney during the Vietnam War, he chose to create elements of that service which were simply lies. He added unofficial medals to his official entitlement to make himself stand out in the crowd. There is no doubt that “Doc” Anthony did some good while involved in the various ESO’s he was a member of. Notwithstanding, the mark of a man is admit wrong doing, and the ability to apologise to those who have been offended by his actions or lies. Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not do this, rather he took the easy way out by resigning from the various ESO’s without acknowledging his actions were wrong.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony has found a permanent place on our website.

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