Surname: Gordon
Christian Names: Kevin Stephen
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Live: 22 Nov 2013

Kevin Stephen Gordon is a medals cheat.

Gordon is wearing a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM) that he did not earn.


Notice in the photograph he is wearing this set of medals:


The medal he has not earned is shown below:


Here is the criterion to wear the VCM.


The Australian Government maintained the basic qualifying criteria specified by the Republic of Vietnam for allied troops. To be eligible for the medal a person must have completed a minimum period of 181 days, either continuous or aggregated, unless:

• killed on active service (KIA);
• wounded in action i.e. classified as a Battle Casualty and
evacuated as a result of those wounds; or
• captured and later released or escaped.

Note that medical evacuation from the area of operations for any reasons other than wounds received in action does not constitute an exemption from meeting the minimum qualifying period.

Gordon served and carried out some hard work in Vietnam, but he served for only 72 days as shown on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Vietnam Nominal Roll.


He was medically evacuated home as a Non Battle Casualty. See below:


All Vietnam Veterans are aware of the VCM criterion, yet we have a constant stream of offenders brought to our attention.

If you are silly enough to flaunt the rules, we will find you, and expose you as a medals cheat, just as we have Kevin Stephen Gordon and many others.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

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