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Surname: Zoller
Christian Names: Hugo Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: 8218772
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry and RMC
Commencement of service: 27 Apr 99
Completion of service: 01 Dec 02
Case Notes:




In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of "love rats" who mesmerise vulnerable ladies with false war stories, move in, and then proceed to live the high life of being "kept men".  These wannabes all show the traits of being pathological liars, Hugo Charles Zoller is an example of a cunning  deceitful "love rat".

The photograph is of Zoller purporting to be in a Marijuana plantation in Afghanistan. It is a poorly "photo shopped" photograph.  We have enlarged the left hand lens of his sunglasses and it can be seen that the original photograph was taken inside a car.  See this photograph

Here is another photograph of Zoller as a "cool dude" civilian.

Above is an enlargement of his right hand sunglasses lens.  The photograph was also taken inside a car.  It is likely that this is from a series that is the source of the "photo shopped" photograph of Zoller purporting to be in an Afghanistan Marijuana plantation.

Zoller is a person with very bad habits and behaviour. He falsely blames his bad behaviour on the horrors he witnessed as an Australian soldier serving in East Timor and Afghanistan.

Here are some of the things he has "done" and lies he has told:

Four tours to Afghan and three to East Timor

Killing hundreds of people (although he wasn't a "sicko" who counted)

Showing  a knife and saying it was a precious item he stole from an American GI

Wearing a Pearl Jam band shirt under his army attire 'into battle' against enemy forces to send a silent anti-war message.

Throwing grenades into houses and not knowing whether he was killing children

Being a commando

Laying in the desert for ten days on Special Ops missions

Parachuting into enemy territory

Being a military officer for the UK Armed Forces with a dual passport.

Bragging about all of the soldiers smoking heroin whilst on tour in Afghan

Showing  medals which were only ever flashed then put away again

Carries a knife  which he said he used to clean his gun in the war

Flashed around Photo shopped photos of him  as an Aussie soldier in Afghanistan (which was used to lure vulnerable ladies into his web of deceit)

He was shot in the leg and that is why he was discharged he has a scar there.

Shows a  photograph of 'him' shooting a Machine gun and dressed as Father Christmas, which he claims he wore on Christmas Day, and had to go and start shooting the enemy when they attacked and that he was "the first Santa to get a confirmed kill"

Any experienced soldier will discern that the photograph is of a US Marine not an Australian Soldier.  The weapon being used is an M249 Light Machine Gun used by US Marines in Afghanistan and the webbing equipment is standard issue to US Marines.  In fact the photograph was "Snipped" from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grzGKGDcPck

Zoller did serve in the Australian Defence Force but the truth of  his service is entirely different from what he extols.  In the Australian Army he never left Australia.

He enlisted on 27 April 1999 and served as a Private soldier in the Infantry Corps until 27 Jun 2001 when he was selected to attend The Royal Military College Duntroon.  He was declared Medically unfit for service and was discharged on 1 December 2002.

Zoller is an entirely inadequate human being who needs to invent the persona of a damaged war hero to charm ladies.  We have many others of his ilk on this website, "love rats"  have become a specific category of wannabes.

Whether "Love Rats" have mental health issues or whether they are just evil, we will pursue them and expose them on this website.

Zoller is now serving in the Corps of  wannabes and he will not be discharged from his duty for a very, very long time.

Welcome Hugo Charles Zoller.


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