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Surname: Welbourn
Christian Names: Anthony (Tony) Paul
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Horsham
Service #: 4719397
Service: Army (National Service)
Branch: Royal Australian Engineers
Commencement of service: 1967
Completion of service: 1969
Case Notes:



Tony Welbourn blames ignorance and bad advice for his medals offences. His excuse is "lame" and he is either a liar or the only Vietnam Veteran in history to not know about this simple medals protocol.

 Welbourn 1 2017 04 08

Here is a close up of the medals Welbourn is wearing.


Welbourn 2 2017 04 08

The medals are:

Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp Vietnam

Vietnam Medal

National Emergency Medal

National Medal

Australian Defence Medal

Commemoration of National Service Medal

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) Not entitled.

Vietnam Veterans Medal (VVM) Tin Trinket that has no integrity.


Welbourn earned Four medals for his service in the Defence Force and Two for his civilian Community Service, a total of Six, but added the last Two with the excuse,

that before his discharge from the Army, a couple of Army Officers told him it was OK to wear the RVCM and the VVM medals.


Here is what he said in response to our request to provide information about his entitlement to wear the medals

"VCM (sic)

You are correct I did not serve the 180 days requirement however on departure from Vietnam (November 68) I was clearly advised by the OC of my Unit Major xxxxxxxx that as my original posting was for 12 months (May 68-May 69) and I was being sent home to Australia, for a medical procedure, I was entitled to be awarded this medal.

This same information was passed to me on my completion of N S (June 69) by the Adelaide holding unit O C (Capt xxxxxxxxxx. Basis (sic) this information / advice at the time I have worn same.


Here is the criterion for the RVCM:

Welbourn 3 2017 04 08

Welbourn served only 141 days in Vietnam not the required 181 days and was not returned to Australia for any reason relating to enemy activity

Here is what he said about the VVM

Welbourn 4 2017 04 08

"Vietnam Veterans Medal –

This medal was issued (No.739) in the early 1970’s.

At the time I was advised the wearing of this medal was approved by the Govt of the day as long as same was positioned on the far left of all / any other service medals.

Having seen, over time, other Veterans wearing the same medal I have just assumed all was in order."

Regarding the VVM, despite Welbourn saying "The medal was issued (No739) in the early6 1970s" the VVM was never issued to any person, it is, and always has been a self purchased bit of "Bling" that has no integrity whatsoever.

As soon as we contacted him he agreed to remove the medals. Here is what he said:

"Given the above I hereby declare that at no time was I aware the two medals in question should not have been worn as per medal protocol. The medals have been worn in nothing but good faith. Should you advise / instruct these medals be withdrawn / removed I shall guarantee to immediately make contact with my medal provider and have same removed."

We are pleased that Welbourn has chosen to stop embarrassing himself by wearing false medals, however because he wore them for Forty Eight years and now promises to remove them, we will go easy on him and promise to remove him from this website after Forty Eight years. We have made note on our Calendar for the year Twenty One Seventy Five.

ANZMI has been operating in one form or another for Twenty years and still the message does not penetrate that if you falsify any aspect of your Defence Service you will end up occupying space on this website.

Every town in Australia has Returned Veterans, ex Servicemen and Women and Citizens who will report medals' offenders and Wannabes. Our work will continue until the last cheat is exposed.

Surname: Wells
Christian Names: Brent
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Brent Wells is a true wannabe, liar and conman, he is Twenty Eight years of age having been born on 24 Dec 1986.  Contrary to what he would have people believe  he has never served in any part of the Defence Force . He is a pathological liar who prays on young vulnerable ladies and people he befriends.


Wells has conned a lot of people out of money by seeking sympathy for his war caused suffering.   Wherever he goes he spins yarns about his "hard yards" in the Australian Army. We hold numerous Statutory Declarations that declare he made the following statements.

"Served four years in Afghanistan as a close combat Paratrooper in 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)

Jumped out of helicopters and aeroplanes sneaking and bashing  down doors of houses, raiding them with surprise attack.

He has done hundreds of jumps

Was wounded in the back from an exploding grenade

Has killed fifty two people at war, the youngest being twelve years old.

Still sees the faces in his head and suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Death doesn't bother him now as the military has numbed him.

Suffered nightmares and could not sleep.  Had hallucinations about being able to still smell his dead mate as if he were actually still with him.

Casually smoked cigarettes whilst in fire fights with bullets just missing his face.

Had three military mates shot dead in front of him.

Had been out of the Army for four years and was going back as an Officer.

His old Sergeant asked him to go back to Afghanistan as he was one of his best troops.

His step father used to beat him to toughen him up in preparation for his Army career.

Wells is not a big time conman he is a pathetic penny ante scrounger,  One of our Statutory Declarations details how he has "borrowed" and stolen money from his friends, forged documents  and emotionally "played" many people to gain sympathy for money, jobs and accommodation.

If you are unfortunate enough to meet this man make sure you warn  those around him that he is an immoral, unscrupulous sociopath and pathological liar.

From now on when his name is entered into internet search engines this, exposure may help warn  intended victims he has targeted.

Wells  must be shunned by Veterans, ex Service people and the general public he has a proven record of shameless and dishonest behaviour and  falsely blames Defence Service   he never had.

Brent Wells can look forward to many years on our web site.

Surname: Wentworth
Christian Names: Mark Alexander
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:



Mark Alexander Wentworth claims to have enlisted in the Australian Regular Army at the age of 16, served overseas with the SAS at the age of 18, and been discharged after an enlistment period of 2 years and
seven months. Never mind that the minimum age for general enlistment is 17, and that for service in a war zone is 19 or that the minimum period of enlistment was three years. Wentworth came to attention in early 2000, after a complaint from his private school principal that he had told the boys in his class, in graphic detail, how he had "finished off" two Viet Cong with an axe. His principal initiated enquiries through the ACT Branch of the VVAA, and commenced an investigation of his own into the educational qualifications that Wentworth claimed. The Central Army Records Office (CARO) have no record of anyone of this name serving in the Australian Regular Army (ARA 6 year enlistment), the Regular Army Supplement (RAS 3 year enlistment), the Citizens' Military Forces (CMF) or the Army Reserve (ARES).

His name does not appear in the electronic or printed versions of the Vietnam Nominal Roll. His name does not appear in Dr David Horner's book "SAS: Phantoms of the Jungle - A History of the Special Air Service Regiment". When pressed, Wentworth produced his "evidence" through his solicitor, making it a condition that the investigators not take copies of documents or notes. A letter purporting to come from CARO had certain detail blacked out, but the investigators were able to prove that the signatory had never worked in CARO. A photograph of individuals in greens and webbing was produced, but close examination of details of the clothing, webbing and accoutrements worn indicates that these were either senior school cadets or CMF trainees, certainly not Regular Army of the period.

The final stroke was the "medals" - duplicates of the Vietnam Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal mounted under glass with the SASR badge and wings underneath Wentworth's name. These vanity frames are of course able to be purchased by anyone. The medals were not engraved with the recipient's service number, initials and surname and were clearly duplicates. His solicitor's eyes were opened when these fakes were compared to a real set of medals that happened to be on hand, and the differences described - loudly.

Wentworth had also described the Vietnam Medal to both his principal and solicitor as the "Queen's Medal" because the obverse has the Queen's portrait. This was a mistake that no Vietnam veterans would ever make. As if this wasn't laughable enough, one of the investigators had actually run the Queen's Shoot in Brisbane in the early seventies, and was familiar with the Queen's Medal and was aware of who had won! Despite the accumulated evidence against him, Wentworth was offered an opportunity to apologise to the veteran community for his insult, but declined. We also understand that his claimed  educational qualifications did not stand up under investigation. When this was added to the evidence presented by our investigators, the principal immediately terminated his employment, and Wentworth fled overseas. We understand he doesn't have plans for an early return to Australia. Perhaps he's in Vietnam again?.

Needless to say, Wentworth's claims of military bravado and service were false.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: West
Christian Names: Allan Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:
Major Allan Robert  West (Retired) of Far North Queensland

Allen West looks like an “Old War Horse” because he is an “Old War horse”. As a Warrant Officer he served with the elite Australian Army Training Team in Vietnam and before that, he served in Vietnam with 1 Field Squadron.  It’s unfortunate that this bloke is not blessed with a great deal of grey matter, and he shows no shame in wearing “Tin” with all his other hard earned medals. Notice the last medal on his rack is the frivolous “Front Line Medal”



West was a controversial figure whilst President of the Innisfail Queensland Returned and Services League (RSL) where he copped a five year ban after being found guilty of various “financial type” charges by the Queensland State Branch of the RSL. Much to the chagrin of the Qld RSL State Branch, West appealed to the National President of the RSL, who quashed the charges and re-instated West to the Innisfail RSL.  It should be noted that the National President at the time was also an ex Royal Australian Engineers Officer who new West very well.



West obviously unknowingly portrays himself as being “dopey” for wearing the Tin “Front line Medal”. He may have been an officer, but he falls short of being a gentleman.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Whale
Christian Names: David Edward John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

David Edward John Whale

Whale claims to have been a Captain in the British Army who served with the UK SAS and was involved in operations in North Africa and Operation Nimrod at the Iranian Embassy Siege, London in April 1980.



According to Whale during his Military service he was awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) for "conspicuous bravery in battle" during a stint with the UK SAS in North Africa. As well as mixing with the military elite, Whale claims to have been an airline pilot, a Tuscany chef, a Wimbledon tennis player and a soccer referee.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other services, and formerly also to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for conspicuous bravery in battle on land.

We can't find any evidence that Whale is a DCM recipient, we think that maybe he awarded it to himself – perhaps it's a Distinguished Cooking Medal for cooking pizzas in Tuscany.

Perhaps Whale does have a military background as he hides behind a shield of strategies that he thinks will protect his deceit. Oops, sorry David, perhaps you don't realise that CPMH has friends all over the world and particularly in the UK.  You should know that we colonials have ties with the UK SAS.   CPMH is such a diverse group that some of our members have served at Hereford in the UK. When it comes to the British and Australian SAS it is a small small world.   David you must have been truly a man of mystery, because no one in the SAS family has heard of you or your exploits. Below is the kind of response we got wherever questions were posed regarding Whale:

Contacted the xxxxxxxxxx in London and spoke to the xxxxxxxx reference
David Edward John Whale.  A David Whale does not exist on their register.
Plus the xxxxxxxx was at Hereford at the same time as the 'Embassy Siege'
in the 80's and he said a guy with this name did not exist. 

It appears that D E J Whale is a fraud.

To add some icing to his cake Whale claims to have reached the rank of Captain during his service with SAS. A Captain in SAS is an elite soldier of the highest quality and like we said Whale aims for quality lies and deceit.

Sorry to mention it David Whale, but the guys at Hereford are not too happy about people fraudulently claiming to be a Captain in their tight circle, but I can assure you that hell hath no fury like an SAS veteran who has had his honour stolen by a foppish bore with a penchant for the harmonica.

David Edward John Whale, born in England 18 January 1955 tells his tales of international intrigue at the Hampton Returned Services League Club in Melbourne, but he only talks to the point where he gets a hard question then he invokes the "Sorry old boy, The Official Secrets Act you know"

As he wears UK medals, one would assume that he would be an ordinary member of the Hampton RSL but instead he remains a social member, because, if he changes to ordinary membership he has to reveal his regimental details and my goodness, nations across the world would have to go on red alert if David Whale came in from the cold.

Whale claims to have been one of the heroic UK SAS members who stormed and neutralized terrorists at the Iranian Embassy London where terrorists were holding twenty-four hostages, this happened in April 1980. He has a photo of a soldier dressed in SAS paraphernalia including a gas mask that makes identification impossible, however, he says, the photo is of him on the roof of the Iranian Embassy after having suffered a gun shot wound . Now read the two Reports of Operation Nimrod. The second reference has an interesting video that you can play. Please bookmark us before going to these links as they will take you away from the CPMH site



No soldiers were shot on the roof of the Iranian Embassy, during operation Nimrod ; in fact the terrorists fired no shots whilst the soldiers were on the roof. 

There were no SAS casualties at all during the raid.  All of the soldiers that were located on the roof – two groups of four - all rappelled down, and got on with the job, if Whale did some rappelling, after suffering a gun shot wound, he is truly a man of steel and qualified to boast about it.  

The problem with the photo, is the gas mask, you can see that it is a soldier, but he is totally unrecognisable and it could be Captain Ahab for all it is worth.

In addition to the gunshot wound whilst on the roof Whale also tells of being wounded whilst serving in North Africa.

You would think that someone, twice wounded under operational conditions, would suffer some after effects, a twinge here or an itch there, that would be worthy of compensation or a pension of some kind. The UK Ministry of Defence, War Disablement Department told us:

"Thank you for your email. I have checked our War Disablement Pension records and we have no trace of this gentleman".

We sent Whale a letter requesting that he explain his SAS and other military exploits. Whale chose to ignore our letter.

Mr Whale you are a clever fraud in the way you set yourself a security screen against detection, but you were wrong to think that us colonials are dumb enough to swallow the bilge you utter during your moments of ecstatic reminiscence of fanciful heroic exploits.

Whale you have been harpooned and flensed, stop your nonsense, go to the people you have lied to and apologise, maybe they will forgive you, but we won't.

This exposure is presented in the public interest so the public can be aware that should they cross paths with people spruiking tales of heroic Military exploits and hiding behind the "Official Secrets Act" it is probably the ravings of a Wannabe.

CPMH has friends world wideand particularly in the UK. Every day that passes we get information that increases our knowledge.  Knowledge, and our individual experiences form our strength.   We warn all Wannabes out there, that your days are numbered. If your self-esteem is so low that you have to steal the honour of one of our veterans, seek immediate help from a psychology professional.    If you don't, we will get you, and be assured your self esteem would never be the same.  Suggest you ask Mr Whale about that.


   23 Apr 2009

Warning – Be a wannabe at your own Peril

When David Edward J Whale was “outed” as a wannabe, he loudly protested his innocence and reported our actions to the police. The police “harrumphed” and requested by email that we attend their premises. Whale was following the traits of most wannabes.  When they are caught they yell “blue murder” and threaten legal action. Some retain their arrogance and never admit their guilt, however David Edward J Whale has learnt that stealing the honour of veterans is not good for the soul. After being “lit up” in Oct 2005 it has taken him until now to admit his guilt.

He wrote this email on 26 March 2009.

David Whale <djwhale@hotmail.com>

To  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

dateThu, Mar 26, 2009 at 8:19 AM



hide details Mar 26 (4 days ago) Reply

Dear Sirs,

I write to offer my apologies for my shameful behaviour.

I won't go into details but I have had a mental health problem and this is also now having treatment.

My health has now deteriorated and I can no longer live what is left of my life with the shame and worry.

I therefore apologise unreservedly to anyone whom I might have offended.

It has indeed cost me dearly as I now have no home and live in caravan.

I ask for no sympathy but only a chance to live the rest of my life in peace.

Yours faithfully

David E J Whale

Whilst it is appreciated that after four years Whale has found the courage to unreservedly apologise to veterans, we will not remove him from our web site.  He carefully and deliberately planned and created a false past to have people believe he had served as a UK Special Air Services (SAS) commissioned officer who had been wounded in action and awarded medals for gallantry.

We do thank Whale for his apology, but it is too little and too late.

Wannabes should learn from Whale’s email that the toll for fifteen minutes of false fame can be high. Veterans will not tolerate the theft of their honour, they owe at least that much to those who did not return

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



Surname: Wightley
Christian Names: Ian Russell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

It is significant to place the date of birth of this "veteran" at the beginning of his page of glory as the 3rd of October 1953. Just two and a half months after the 27 July Armistice came into effect in the Korean conflict. A conflict that Ian Russell Wightley claims he was in and proudly wears the [replica] medal for. Ian Wightley states that he was in both 3 and 5 Battalions, the Royal Australian Regiment, in Vietnam.

On ANZAC day 2001 he was spotted wearing the following collection of [replica] medals.

  • The Australian Active Service Medal 45/75 with clasp Vietnam, 

  • The Korean Medal, 

  • The Vietnam Medal, 

  • The Vietnamese Campaign Medal, 

  • The Infantry Combat Badge, and the 

  • US Presidential Unit Citation. 

This brave warrior of two major conflicts, Korea and Vietnam [no mean feat considering one of his major claims to fame was fought before he was born], has his regimental number tattooed on his arm and if this raises your curiosity, then he is quite prepared to relate the following stories to anyone that will listen. 

It would appear that whilst serving in Vietnam he was holding a wounded Vietnamese child in his arms when enemy small arms fire decapitated the said child right there in his grasp. This despicable act by the enemy has played on his mind ever since, causing severe nightmares and flashbacks to his time in battle. 

To lighten this story after he has relayed it to you, he will then proceed to tell you how he adopted another Vietnamese orphaned child while he was in country.... Where is this child now? 

Another of the deeds he will relate is how, whilst in battle, a "bomb" hit a tree causing it to fall on him, injuring his spine. This injury suffered in battle was to see him medically evacuated to Australia..... and his back pain has been a major concern ever since. One could ask the question here as to why he was medevaced back to Australia when an action such as this, caused in the field, would surely have seen him casevaced to Australia if the wound was severe enough. 

It would appear that our would-be hero has not done quite enough research into his bogus battle service as he would have discovered that there is a vast difference between being medevaced and casevaced. 

Smarting and disillusioned by his "treatment" from his wartime experiences, Wightley refuses to enter the R&SL as long as "Bruce Ruxston's ass points to the ground". Here we can see that he has obviously spoken with some disgruntled veterans who have ill feelings about the treatment some veterans received on returning home and has adopted their views as his own. If the truth is known, he is not game to enter a R&SL club for fear of being caught out and completely humiliated in front of his "veteran brothers", a bit like being exposed on the Internet for feats of valour that simply couldn't, and didn't happen.

If you think that the story is good so far; please read on. Here are some truths about our war hero that need to be told.

Wightley's army number is 3178435 , yes that is his real service number and it is tattooed on his body. Ian Russell Wightley enlisted in the ARA in March 1971 for three years . But, due to his personality (and other) problems he was discharged in November 1972, as "Not suitable to be a soldier".

On completion of recruit training he was allocated to the Infantry Corps and posted to the 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. However he saw no active service , and was not awarded any medals, honours, or accoutrements . 

All the medals that Wightley owns and wears are available from a medal shop (they are replicas ) . His military service medal collection includes the Korean medal. The Armistice for Korea was signed at 10:00am 27 July 1953. Ian Russell Wightley was born on 3 October 1953, so he was still in liquid form when the Korean Veterans were in uniform. 

Had he ever appeared in one of the R&SL branches, that he refuses to enter, he would no doubt have been duly questioned about his rack of medals by all within the premises and his "war-caused" PTSD level would have skyrocketed.

Wightley's story would be quite comical if the circumstances were different, but this miscreant has earned himself a most questionable reputation, now on the public record . His appearances in the Victorian Courts are of a most serious nature. 

There is no doubt that there will be a further update on Mr Wightley in the very near future. 

Update ....Since the inclusion of Wightley's story on the site, a group of very disgruntled Viet Nam veterans decided to approach him about his said feats in Viet Nam and his collection of medals. Upon seeing the veterans approaching, Wightley immediately rang the police. 

On their arrival the veterans informed the police of the facts and that they were there simply to take possession of the replica medals worn by Wightley and to discourage him from telling his stories. At this stage he openly admitted to the police and the veterans that the medals "belonged to a mate" and he was simply wearing them as a sign of respect to his mate. The medals were handed to the veterans and they and the police were satisfied with the outcome and departed Mr Wightley's premises.

We expect more developments in this matter.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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