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Surname: Thompson
Christian Names: Ralph George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Surfers Paradise
Case Notes:

Ralph George THOMPSON 38506 joined the Australian Army and did one tour with 5 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. On the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Vietnam Nominal Roll he is not marked as being a National Servicemen that is because he did National Service in the 1950’s.

The year the photo was taken Thompson was the Vice President of the Surfers Paradise RSL: Sub-Branch. He is now a committee member.

Ralph Thompson is entitled to the Commemorative Anniversary of National Service Medal which he wears with his other official awards. The last medal he should not be wearing is the un-official bought National Service Medal which we refer to as Tin Medals.

This is the official Anniversary National Service Medal

The un-official National service Medal that he should not be wearing.

Like others that appear on this page, Thompson shows a lack of respect to other veterans by wearing an un-official medal. You could get the impression that these ex-servicemen that wear all these un-official medals are trying to make themselves look like heroes by the number of medals they wear.

The younger veterans are awake to the number of older ex-servicemen that are wearing tin medals and are disgusted by it.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Thorburn
Christian Names: Garry Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Caboolture
Service #: R93595
Service: Navy
Branch: Electronic Technical Weapons Systems
Commencement of service: 01 Jan 62
Completion of service: 02 Jan 74
Case Notes:




Garry James Thorburn served for Twelve years in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and since 1969  has been a medals cheat,

On his medals rack Garry wears the Vietnam Medal (VM) and the Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM) he has earned neither.

Here is the criterion for both medals:

Here is his official Vietnam Service:

His total Vietnam service shown is Forty Six days aggregate.  For that service he earned the Vietnam Logistics and Service Medal (VLSM)

Here is the criterion for the VLSM.

Thorburn claims entitlement to the  VM and the VCM on the basis of being aboard HMAS Hobart when it departed Australia on the 23 March 1968 for its second deployment on the Vietnam Gun Line.  The ship sailed via Subic Bay in the Philippines, he was temporarily aboard HMAS Hobart to effect technical repairs.  This web site    http://www.gunplot.net/main/content/crew-list-hmas-hobart-1st-2nd-deployments    lists the personnel aboard HMAS Hobart as being crew for its second deployment.  Under the section of "Electrical Branch"  "Leading Hands"  Thorburn is listed.

When the ship arrived in Subic Bay the repairs had been completed, he transferred to HMAS Perth and immediately returned to Australia.  He never entered Vietnam waters whilst aboard HMAS Hobart.

He departed HMAS Perth on arrival in Australia on the 10 April 1968.  His time on HMAS Hobart was nine days and his time on HMAS Perth was nine days.

Here is his Record of Service reflecting these movements:

We contacted Thorburn and politely requested his reason for wearing the VM and the VCM.  He  took the usual path of frauds and wannabes with aggression and threats of legal action.  Here are excerpts from his various responses:

"How dare you infer that I have purchased these medals. If you insist with this mater (sic) I will place it in the hands of my Solicitors

Please find enclosed a copy of my discharge certificate and on it you will notice that it lists my medals awarded to me. -Note:  We have dealt with the discharge certificate further down.

How dare you insinuate that I could be a fraud, Wannabe or an imposter. I served 12 Years in the RAN from 1962 to 1972 .

You cannot possibly understand how fucking pissed off I am at the moment. I do not give a rats arse about your organisation. If you have any problem with my Vietnam Medals take it up with the Department of the Navy as they were the ones who gave me the medals. Also the RSL and DVA. Note:  He blames the RAN, RSL and DVA for his offence.

I was transferred to HMAS Hobart in 1968, as LEM in charge of Sonar Fleet maintenance on HMAS Stalwart.  HMAS Hobart had filled her SQS 23 Sonar Compartment up with FFO the day prior to sailing for Vietnam (REF SOP HMAS Hobart) I sailed on HMAS Hobart the following morning for Vietnam to assist with repairs to the SQS 23 Generators. I returned to Australia on HMAS Perth some 6 weeks after the repairs were completed. ( Check my service Records)  Note: His service records show nine days after repairs were completed not six weeks. His total time for the repair job was Eighteen days.

In 1969 the Captain of HMAS Yarra presented me with my Vietnam Service Medals. Note: Now he blames the Captain of HMAS Yarra for his offence

Again If you have any problem with the awarding of my Vietnam Service Medals please take it up with the Department of the Navy as they were the ones who gave them to me and also set the rules for presentation of same.

Yours sincerely and very pissed off

Garry Thorburn


R 93594"

Here is the Discharge Certificate referred to by Thorburn:

We don't know whether the Discharge Certificate is genuine, a fake, or just anomalous.  Note  the lower section of the Certificate  shows "War Service Nil.  Periods of Special Service. "Vietnam 20 Days". It then lists the "Vietnamese Medal"and the "Vietnamese Campaign Medal" 

When compared to the official Department of Veterans Affairs Vietnam (DVA) nominal roll and his Service Record the "20 days" makes no sense.

It appears that Thorburn has taken advantage of anomalous RAN administration to dishonestly claim the right to wear the VM  and the VCM instead of his actual entitlement of the VLSM.

During his angry "explanation" Thorburn has blamed:

The "Department of Navy"

The HMAS Hobart crew list.

The Returned and Services League (RSL)

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Captain of HMAS Yarra

A certificate of discharge

After careful analysis it is  clear that Thorburn has been a medals cheat for Forty Six years.  He has taken advantage of anomalous, or perhaps false (in the case of the Discharge Certificate) documentation to wear medals he did not earn. 

In recent times there has been a similar case where Kenneth English of Cronulla New South Wales claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran on the basis of an inaccurate listing as being crew of HMAS Sydney during a Vietnam deployment. 


All veterans are aware of their medals entitlement and as an ex RAN Petty Officer, Thorburn would also have been well aware of his entitlement. He claims that he was presented the medals by the Captain of HMAS Yarra in 1969, so his wearing of false medals included the period whilst still serving until 1974. 

Thorburn has lots of nefarious reasons why he is entitled to wear the VM and the VCM but it is obvious that he has no entitlement, and has exhibited cunning and dishonest behaviour to convince all and sundry that he has earned the medals.

Ex Petty Officer and medals cheat Garry Richard Thorburn welcome to our web site.




Garry Richard Thorburn.

Thorburn has tracked those to blame for  his improper wearing of the Vietnam Medal (VM) and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM).

Let there be no doubt every person who served in Vietnam knew the requirements for the wearing of the VM and the RVCM. 

Qualifying for the Vietnam Medal required being posted to an Australian Land Based Unit or deployment on the RAN Gun Line.  Qualifying for the RVCM required spending at least 181 days on land in Vietnam or 181 days deployment on an RAN Ship in Vietnam waters. The 181 days could be aggregated.

Thorburn is credited by Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) with serving in Vietnam for 46 days, very few of those days would have been in Vietnam Waters.

In 1969 Department of Defence Honours and Awards, incorrectly sent Thorburn the VM and the RVCM.  Instead of returning the medals and having the error corrected, he commenced to wear them and did so for the next 46 years, full well knowing he had not earned them.

At the time he received the medals he was Petty Officer with considerable RAN training and experience. It is not plausable that he believed  he was entitled to wear the medals.

After 46 years and after our exposure, he has now deigned to enquire of the Department of Honours and Awards as to his entitlement to  the medals and they have responded with a letter saying "Sorry" they were in error.  Here is that letter:

Be advised that we have no intention of removing Thorburn from our web site, He is a medals cheat in every sense. 

It is also common knowledge that very few, if any at all, of those who served on  RAN Ships and were issued with the VM and the RVCM are entitled to wear the RVCM.  The granting of that medal for RAN Vietnam deployments was a monumental blunder by the RAN and the Department of Honours and Awards.

To earn the RVCM required an aggregate of 181 days in Vietnam waters.  None of the Ships on the Gun Line served for 181 days in Vietnam waters.

Here is an example:

HMAS Brisbane was deployed on the Gun Line from 1 April 1971 to 11 Oct 1971 which is more than 200 days.  All sailors on board were credited with 210 days Vietnam Service on their Certificates of Service, however, the Ship was not in Vietnam waters for anywhere near 210 days, nor anywhere near the 181 days required for the RVCM.   We know that HMAS Brisbane during its 1971 deployment was in Vietnam waters for around 100 days.  It visited Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines for around 76 days and was in between for around 34 days.  Here is an example of the locations of the ship during June 1971. We have the Ship's locations for the entire period and are therefore certain of our figures.

Thorburn was a Petty Officer and he got it wrong.  Department of Honours and Awards got it wrong.  The Department of Navy got it all terribly wrong. 

The whole matter of RAN Honours and Awards during the Vietnam era is a "Dogs Breakfast" and needs to be sorted out once and for all.  It is no wonder we have uncovered so much RAN malfeasance when it comes to medals and medals protocol.





Surname: Tilley
Christian Names: Dale Ian
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Case Notes:

Dale Ian Tilley

Dale Ian Tilley was born in Tasmania on 12 April 1970  and  currently resides in Canberra.  According to Tilley, he has a distinguished military history included:

Serving as a Sergeant with the Special Air Service Regiment, (SASR).

Being a Sniper in 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR),

Was a Sergeant Drill Instructor at three different major training units.

Served in operational rolls in Iraq and Somalia. 

Was attached to a United States Marines unit for nine months in Iraq on active service.

The photographs below show Tilley as he is today, and as he was during Australian Army Recruit Training.


Tilley like all pathological liars, adds tantalizing detail to his false “stories”, to gain sympathy for the tragic emotional and physical damage done to him by his "service". Among his claims are:

He was with the initial group of rescuers to arrive at the scene of the SASR Blackhawk disaster at Townsville on the 12 June 1996.

He was injured whilst participating in a night parachute jump over Sydney with 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. (3RAR)  

Whilst a Sniper in Somalia he shot and killed a young male who was concealed behind a large drum and thought to be armed.

His “Spotter” assisting him in the above incident later committed suicide.

Has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his service and is under the care of the Vietnam Veterans counseling Service.

Claims he is eligible for a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) pension from Department of Veterans Affairs but refuses to contact them.

Claims he has numerous service medals

Has produced photographs purporting to be of him in camouflage clothing during operations in Somalia  One of these photographs has been  identified as Photograph 1735.372 which is an exhibit at the Australian War Memorial.  Although they cannot be identified in the photograph, all of the soldiers are named.   Tilley’s name is not shown.

Full details of the photograph can be found here:    http://cas.awm.gov.au/item/P01735.372


We hold three full pages of detailed information on Statutory Declarations from people with a lot of Military experience who heard the above claims directly from Tilley.

An investigator from ANZMI contacted Tilley and asked him about his service, he told the investigator that he had served in the Australian Army, but only for a short time during Recruit Training and later at Townsville, Queensland, and had never been deployed overseas.  When questioned about his claims of overseas service, he said he believed he knows where the allegations may come from. 

Tilley's true military history is nothing like the verbal garbage he relates to polite listeners. All of those who listen to him are not gullible, and see him for what he is, and so, with the help of the non gullible Veteran community we are pleased be able to ensure that Tilley's correct military history is known to the world.  We are also pleased to be able to expose this con man early in his career in the hope that he sees the error of his ways and ceases and desists from his obnoxious behaviour.

Silly Dale Ian Tilley, has well earned his place on our web site as a con man, liar, fraud and a wannabe.   He will remain on our web site for ever more

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Tisdell
Christian Names: Gordon
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Case Notes:

GordonTisdell becomes famous every military commemorative day when he dresses up like a veteran and struts his stuff to the media around the Sydney Cenotaph.  His photo has gone around the world and given him more than his fifteen minutes of fame.  On Remembrance Day 11th November 2009, the photo and the caption shown below went around the world



Shown below is the caption to the photograph:

“War veteran Gordon Tisdell poses next to the Cenotaph during the 91st Anniversary Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph Martin Place on November 11, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. One minute of silence is observed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month annually to recognise the 1918 German signing of the Armistice, which formally ended World War I. Today also recognises the sacrifices of all armed forces and civilians in times of war.”

The photograph was taken in good faith by Brendan Thorne of Getty Images and was picked up by Time and Life magazines and sold around the world

On ANZAC Day 2009 Tisdell appeared in another photograph wearing the same get up except he was wearing a different suit.  The ANZAC Day photo and report were created by Australian Associated Press and it can be seen here:   http://www.aapimage.com.au/SearchPreview.aspx?url=20090425000174551678&section=D&gallery=ANZAC+DAY+SYDNEY

The caption under this photo was:

“Vietnam veteran Gordon Tisdell attends Anzac Day commemoration services in Sydney, Saturday, April 25, 2009. Mr Tisdell fought in the 1966 battle at Long Tan, where 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against more than 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation

On the same day, in the Brisbane Courier Mail Newspaper the following report appeared:

“Veteran Gordon Tisdell said he would spend today remembering the mates he fought alongside in Vietnam, some of whom never returned.  The Sydney man served with the 6th Battalion and fought at Long Tan, one of the most iconic battles in Australian military history

The Battle of Long Tan is a very important historic event for Australian Veterans, and those from the 6th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) who participated, will forever be recorded in Australia’s military history. Tisdell is a liar; he was not at the Battle of Long Tan,  never served in the unit that participated in that battle, and never served in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force. Service Record archives were unable to find any service file for Gordon Tisdell.   He is a lying scoundrel falsely basking in the kudos earned by those who made history in a Rubber Plantation at Long Tan in Vietnam.

We contacted a senior member of the 6RAR Association and received the following reply:

“I can tell you that I fought in the Battle of Long Tan and there was no Gordon Tisdell in Delta Coy 6 RAR or in A Coy or B Coy, both of whom had elements involved.

Please send me a photo and any other details you may have of this wannabe.


6 RAR Association”

Gordon Tisdell is not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Vietnam Nominal Roll.

Defence Force Service Records have no record of Gordon Tisdell ever serving in the Australian Military Forces.

We located Gordon Tisdell at his residence in Livingston Road, Petersham, New South Wales and sent him a letter requesting information about his Defence Service, Tisdell failed to respond to our letter

We request that those attending the Cenotaph on the next commemorative day keep a sharp lookout for Tisdell and point him out to law enforcement authorities.  He is in breach of the Defence Act 1903 for wearing medals to which he is not entitled to wear. Tisdell richly deserves to be prosecuted on the basis of the evidence shown in the photographs, however law enforcement put forth the same old excuse of lack of resources to pursue such matters.

Tisdell is a lying, wannabe and scoundrel who is stealing the honour of genuine Australian and New Zealand war veterans. 

Just as his photograph flashed around the world so will our web site entry and he will remain on our web site for the rest of his life.  In addition we would welcome further information about Tisdell should anyone have had the unfortunate experience of meeting him.

30th Aug 2010

Gordon Tisdell  - Update

This cowardly wannabe intruder continues to insult the Veteran community with his claims of Military service and of being involved in the Long Tan Battle. Another photograph and quote from him appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald of the 19th August 2010.


Tisdell has no shame he is a recidivist liar fraud and wannabe.  Tisdell has again blithely committed a criminal offence and we at ANZMI will not rest until he has been placed before a court by Law enforcement authorities. He has committed offences further against the Defence Act 1903 Part Vll  Sections 80A and 89B, which says;

80A.    Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman. 
80B.    Improper use of service decorations.  

Both of these offences carry a maximum penalty of a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

When we have achieved our objective with Tisdell of getting him before a magistrate we will gladly promulgate the results as a further update


15th Sep 2010

Gordon Tisdell – Strutting Rooster one day Feather Duster the next


Tisdell received some more Press on the 7 Sep 2010, when the Sydney Morning Herald finally printed a true story about him.


 The paper report obviously resulted from our previous exposures, although ANZMI failed to get a mention, we are not concerned because the objective was achieved.

The report shows Tisdell telling more lies when he is quoted as saying:

''I've never been a fraud in my life; I was just wearing my relatives' medals,'' he said. ''Defence came here today to see me. They said I'm not allowed to say anything. They brought the photographs out and showed them to me. They said not to say anything otherwise I get six months in jail.''

It was not “Defence” who visited Tisdell but a NSW State Policeman. The Police decided not to prosecute Tisdell but have obviously warned him off.

On more than one occasion Tisdell is quoted in newspapers as claiming to be a veteran of the battle of Long Tan and is falsely wearing medals appropriate to that service. His statement ''I've never been a fraud in my life” is just another example of the lies and deceit this man is capable of.

Sitting in his dressing gown with a hurt look on his face is simply casting for the sympathy card. This behaviour is typically displayed by wannabes who have been caught red handed.

Have no sympathy for this man, his offence is up there with the worst we have seen, he is a scurrilous fraud, liar, cheat and wannabe who deserves to be put before a magistrate.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Toigo
Christian Names: Michelle Catherine Maria
Country: Now resides in USA
State or Province: California
City or Town: California and formerly Queensland
Service #: F1104394
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RACT and RAADC
Commencement of service: 1986
Completion of service: 1994
Case Notes:

Michelle Catherine Maria TOIGO, aka Manu Fox TOIGO joined the Australian Army aged seventeen years after growing up in the far north Queensland sugar cane town of Ingham. There is no doubt that she was an adventurous young lady to have made that career choice at such a young age.

Since her discharge from the Australian Army in 1994, Toigo has had some success in the United States entertainment industry. Here is what Ms Toigo says about her Army Career as part of her "show biz" Biography.

We all know that people can be creative with biographies and resumes and a little poetic licence is acceptable. However Ms. Toigo, in writing her biography, has created more "poetry" than Lord Byron.

"July 1986 - January 1994 (7 years 7 months) Lavarack Barracks, Townsville Australia"

Toigo, before being posted to Townsville spent three months at Recruit Training at Kapooka in New South Wales. She was then posted to the Royal Australian Army Corps of Transport (RACT), Puckapunyal, Victoria for driver training. Toigo was then posted to District Support Group, Puckapunyal as a Private Driver, before being transferred to the Armoured Centre at Puckapunyal, again as a Private Driver. After all of that, Toigo finally arrived at the Townsville Lavarack Barracks Logistics Company, Queensland.

"Served the Australian Army for over 8 years. Trained and worked 4 years in combative Operations Deployment Forces with Infantry as Transport Support and Infantryman."

Toigo was never more than a Private Driver and a Private Dental Assistant. Her only "Combative Operations" would have been protecting bicuspids and molars from dental decay.

In 1991, Toigo transferred from RACT, to the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps, to train as a Dental Assistant. Toigo was posted to 16 Field Dental unit as part of 3rd Brigade Administrative Support Battalion, Townsville, until her discharge in 1994.

"First of 118 women to be selected for combat Operations Deployment Forces in Townsville, Lavarack Barracks working with Infantry, Artillery, Armored (sic) and Engineers."

Toigo may have been selected for Combat Operations Deployment but was only ever employed in non combative roles as a Driver and a Dental Assistant

"First female to have trained S.A.S as prerequisite for and to compete as a Team member for 3rd Brigade Military Skills competition. Personally recognized by the Brigade Commander for my courage and achievement".

Toigo entered a Military Skills competition and was praised for doing well as a female competitor. A Private Dental Assistant training Special Air Service (SAS) Troopers Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

"First assigned as Attache for Armored (sic) Corp director and first female to be posted to Armored (sic) unit."

Her posting to the Armoured Corps was to the Armoured Centre, a Training establishment. This posting involved driving Unit Administrative vehicles.

"Precision and Security Driver for High Ranking Military Officers and Politicians. NATO Security Clearance - Australian Army."

All part of the duties of an RACT driver.

"Awarded "Best Shot" in Basic training - Kapooka, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales."

May have been "Best Shot" in her Platoon during Recruit Training.

"Awarded "Student of Merit" for initial Employment Training course of Corps of Transportation".

True - Came first in class during her initial driver training - Whoopeeee do.

"Employed overseas to Rwanda/Somalia attached to 2/4RAR Infantry Unit and was with Transport Support for supply deployment to local villages or Mogadishu Airbase Security"

Lies - This is the most damning aspect of her claims. She falsely claims to be a Returned Veteran. The above paragraph is all lies. During her service she never left Australia and was employed only as a Private soldier Driver and Dental Assistant.

Her poetic licence is further exhibited in other biographical documents see here.

Ingham is a town in Far North Queensland, Australia, not Italy. She was never deployed to Somalia and seriously injured. During Australian involvement in Somalia 1992 - 1994, Toigo was a Dental Assistant at Townsville.


Toigo again declares her involvement in Somalia and Rwanda, as if she were there and seriously injured.

We contacted Toigo and requested information about her Military History and here (in part) is her response:

"I just got back from visiting a survival school for several days. I apologize.

I first want to say I'm flattered that you think my resume is interesting. Yes, I've had a very interesting life and all those experiences have set the path to many other endeavours that I've pursued.

If you would like to talk to me more about my resume I would be willing to speak to you in person. Is there a number I can contact you? Or, is there a number to contact the publicist that you said wishes to talk to me?

My career with the Army is well over decades ago and don't have much to do with the Military except my few years with the Special Operations Training Group which I haven't worked for 18 months or so. I admire and respect the Military as there are soldier's more deserving of recognition and support."

"There are soldier's more deserving of recognition and support" She certainly got that right !

The "Special Operations Training Group" she refers to is a private enterprise quasi military organization located in Coronado, California, see here.


Toigo again poetically suggests that it is Military establishment where she has worked as recently as 2012.

We sent Toigo a further email in 12 March 14

Dear Ms Manu Toigo

It is desired to advise you that we have found that your Resume` has been grossly exaggerated with regard to the work that you did as a member of the Australian Defence Force.

Whilst some poetic licence can be ignored, the fact that you falsely claim to be a Veteran with involvement in Somalia and Rwanda cannot be overlooked.

Veterans of Australia and New Zealand will not tolerate such behaviour and unless you can provide evidence to support your claims, you will be exposed as an imposter and a wannabe on the Australian New Zealand Military Imposter website.

It is an offence under the Australian Defence Act 1903 to falsely claim to be a returned Veteran. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

We look forward to your response.

We notice that her false biographical detail has been removed from her LinkedIn Account.

Michelle Catherine Maria TOIGO aka Manu Fox Toigo served successfully as a Private, Driver and Dental Assistance in the Australian Army. She has created a false military history and declared the details to the world on the Social media. For her temerity, we take pleasure in publishing to the world her real military history and will ensure that she maintains a position of shame on this web site for ever more.


Update 20 March, 2014.

More information about Toigo has been received. In an email to us Toigo said:

"My career with the Army is well over decades ago and don't have much to do with the Military except my few years with the Special Operations Training Group which I haven't worked for 18 months or so."

We contacted the Special Operations Training Group mentioned in her email. It is a civilian organisation operated by a genuine ex US Marine. Here is the response (inter alia)

"On 18 March 2014 20:12, Xxxdxxx xxxxxx wrote:
Mr. Xxxxxxxx,

When she worked for SOT-G Manu, was part of a team that conducted military type training for corporation. She had a role as a level 1 cadre, (newbie) served as contractor, not an employee. She worked a few event over a 2-3 year period. She worked more in LA with combat casting than she did with us, but she was noticed and she spoke often of her days in the SAS , and her Native New Zealand Maori.

Part of her resume had incorporated her being selected as 1 of 3 women, She had to fight guys on her team everyday , she was a sniper, she fell from a Helo, on a mission and she she is on disability from the service, As a result Etc....

I might have more details when I talked to the crew later today.

But she did present herself SAS"

The world now knows that Toigo was a very ordinary Private soldier who served for less than eight years in the Australian Army. Initially she worked as a Vehicle Driver then worked as a Dental Assistant. She was never deployed overseas, was never an SAS Trooper, was not a Sniper and did not fall out of a Helicopter

For many years Toigo has created the false persona of being a battle hardened Military Veteran and for many years has basked in the kudos from her deceit. Antonyms for kudos are disrespect, dishonour, condemnation and disrepute.

If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past. If you tell a lie it becomes part of your future.

Surname: Tolcher
Christian Names: Anthony Desmond
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Springwood
Service #: Never Served
Service: Never Served
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:



Please go to the bottom of this page to read the latest.........


Anthony Desmond Tolcher was born on the 20 June, 1956. He also uses the name Timothy Diamond. This is the pseudonym he uses as an author.


Tolcher is a shameless military fraud, without moral principles or integrity, and is a blight on the veteran community. He has deliberately told numerous lies, about his false military past, to sell books that he has written, and to profit from the proceeds.

Although he claims that this trilogy of books are “fiction”, he has publically stated that the information regarding the main character is based “loosely on his own life experiences.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

To support his outrageous lies, he had the following plaque manufactured and mounted in his office. We are aware that when he ordered this item, he convinced the gentleman concerned, that he served in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment at the dates nominated.


There are a number of anomalies present in this plaque.

1. The service number provided 0216811 is not an Australian Army number. It is actually Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) series, NSW Enlistment via circa 1955 – 1956. (Tolcher was born in 1956.)
2. He then claims “Service 1969 – 1970 Basic Training (6 weeks) – Continued at Swanbourne.W.A. ” (As Tolcher was born in 1956, he would have been 13 years old. )
3. All of the claimed Army service details displayed on the plaque are fabricated.
4. He also claims that he served with the “Australian Secret Intelligence Agency” from 1981 to 2000. You would think that after an alleged 19 years in the employment of one of our National Security organisations, he would get the name correct. It is either ASIS or ASIO.
5. His claimed medals and citation awards are rubbish. The dates he has nominated for his receipt of the awards are totally inconsistent with the dates that these medals were officially proclaimed and awarded by the Australian Government..
(i) Australian Defence Medal (ADM), Proclaimed. 30 March, 2006. - Not 1970.
(ii)Vietnam Medal (VM) Proclaimed 8 June, 1968. - Not 2005.
(iii) Australian Active Service Medal (AASM). Proclaimed 13 September 1988.. - Not 2005.
(iv) The Vietnam Star Campaign Medal should be the Vietnam Campaign Medal. Approval to award - May, 1966.

'In addition, the United States Purple Heart has never been accepted by the Australian Department of Defence as an award to Australian Defence Force personnel.'

According to Honours and &Awards, -
The Purple Heart is one of only two US military decorations that may not, by law, be awarded to non-US personnel (the
other is the Medal of Honor).
The U.S. Bronze Star has only been approved by the Department of Defence as an acceptable foreign award for issue to a handful of Australian Army personnel, who served in the former Republic of South Vietnam .

We are also aware that the two black and white photographs appearing at the top of the plaque are not photographs of Tony Tolcher, but other Australian Army service personnel who have identified themselves to us.


In respect to Tolcher's medal rack above, he has not been awarded one of them.

They are -;

1.Australian Active Service Medal 1945 - 1975.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Australian Defence Medal.
4. Vietnam Campaign Medal. (Awarded for 181 days or more in Republic of South Vietnam)
5. United States Bronze Star. (Awarded for heroic achievement in a combat zone.)
6. United States Purple Heart. (Awarded to those wounded or killed in action)
7. Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm. (Awarded for heroic conduct while in combat with the enemy.)

Tolcher gave an interview on Youtube detailing his false military claims to enhance the sale of his books. We will not name the books here, as we do not wish to provide this charlatan with any more free publicity.

In this video, he tells the interviewer that, inter alia, - “on returning home from the South Coast, my wife was asking me about my life". He states that he then started telling her what he had done and she said that “You should write a book.” Later when I got home, I put it all down on computer. “It was all there in my head.” He then points to his head and says, “It is all loosely based on my own life, it is here, (pointing to his head again), all I had to do was punch it out.” We have a copy of this video.

As a result of this interview, where he claims SASR service, a number of former members of the Special Air Service Regiment contacted Tolcher and questioned his credentials and claims of military service. Below is his reply -;

Email reply to a former SASR vet- Well Hi xxxxxx (name deleted),

To answer your email, your name means jack shit to me too, and as i am in regular contact with a couple of former regiment bosses that have since risen to prominence, as governor generals. Mike who is one of the two, has advised me to verify your bonafides, and he is going to be doing the same. So i will ask for your former rank and, sabre squadron number.

If, as you claim of being an ex regiment member, you would also know about sealed records, obviously you haven't read any of my published books, that take a swipe at the govt to get them unsealed, which would benefit me greatly with my claim against the dva. As ex SASR you should be aware of the fact that no one is told everything, never make a bold statement that you no nothing about!

Oh, and yes i'm aware of the mentioned website, and other offences, get me your answers and i will be happy to talk to you, once you've been checked out, until then, cheers and up the regiment.

This pompous imposter is nothing but a low life arrogant individual who has stolen the valour of the Special Air Service Regiment for his own financial gain. He has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

We tried to contact Tolcher by email on two occasions and invited him to explain his version of events. He failed to respond on both occasions..

We urge all our followers on this site to spread the word about Tolcher aka Diamond and not purchase any literary articles that he is associated with.

Tolcher needs to go public and apologise to all Vietnam veterans out there, without qualification. He should also apologise to all those people who have purchased his books, and who see him as some sort of “war hero.”

He should then donate all the profits of his sold books to Legacy.

Tolcher claims membership of the Springwood Queensland RSL Sub Branch. When asked by Sub Branch officials, he could not produce necessary proof of military service to that body, due to what he said was the “Official Secrets Act”. You know, "nudge nudge, wink wink." That is also a lie.

Anthony Desmond Tolcher, Military Imposter, from Springwood in Queensland, Australia will remain here for a long time to come.



Since our original exposure of military fraud Anthony Tolcher, aka Tony Diamond, there have been developments that have raised the interest of journalists and television media personalities throughout the country.

From the outset, we remind our readers that in our original exposure, we described Tolcher as a pompous imposter and a low life arrogant individual, who is a blight on the veteran community.

Following our publication, Tolcher was notified of the ANZMI exposure. He failed to express any remorse or contrition regarding his lies of Australian Army service as a decorated Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) soldier with Vietnam deployment. He failed to apologise for his deceit to his local Sub Branch or the Veteran Community. In fact he adopted a defiant attitude and maintained that his claims were factual and that his service records were "sealed."

Since then, his arrogance has manifested and he continues to snub his nose at the veteran community and treat our servicemen and servicewomen with the utmost disrespect and contempt.

On Anzac Day, 25 April, 2017, Tolcher, of Springwood, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, appeared at an official Anzac Day service in Watsonville, North Queensland, 1700 kilometres north of Brisbane. He was photographed wearing his fake purchased medals at this ceremony.


In this photograph Tolcher is wearing the following unearned medals.

1. Australian Active Service medal 1945-1975 Clasp Vietnam.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Defence Force Medal.
4. Vietnam Campaign Medal.
5. United States Bronze Star Medal..
6. United States Purple Heart Medal.
7. Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm..

He also wears a phony Unit Citation for Gallantry above the phony medal rack. On his right lapel he wears a purchased Special Air Service Regiment silver badge.

This photograph of Tolcher appeared on the Facebook site of the Western Progress Association Inc (Watsonville) the following day, 26 April, 2017.

It was captioned - “Decorated War Veterans (name deleted) and Tony Tolcher at the ANZAC Day Ceremony”

Following inquiries from journalists and other interested parties, the photograph suddenly disappeared from the Facebook site.

On Saturday the 29 April, 2017, the following Courier Mail Brisbane Newspaper article appeared.







We are astounded at the arrogance of Tolcher. His insensitive so called “apology” as quoted by the journalist who wrote the above article is incredible. However, it is to be expected from this individual.

Tolcher is one of the worst imposters to ever appear on this site. He makes a lot of money out of his false claims of SASR military service.

He continues to sell his trilogy of books that he has written, which he states are based “loosely” on his life.

Every dollar he has received from the sale of these books, he has received immorally, by falsely pretending to be a decorated Vietnam War Hero and wearing purchased gallantry medals.

The veteran community should spurn this imposter at every opportunity, and treat him with the same contempt that he has displayed towards them.

We have notifed the Queensland State Police who hopefully will charge Tolcher for falsely representing himself at Watsonville, Queensland, on Anzac Day, 2017 with being a returned serviceman under the provisions of the Defence Act 1903, Section 80A., and Section 80B (6 months imprisonment or $3000 fine OR both)

Tolcher will have the honour of appearing on our Home Page shortly, with our other highly ranked Australian and New Zealand military imposters.

And there he shall remain for a long time to come.


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