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Surname: Schmidt
Christian Names: Colin William
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Kingaroy
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:


Colin William Schmidt – Kingaroy Queensland

Colin William Schmidt born 24 April 1931 has lived most of his life around Kingaroy, a rural town in Queensland about 210 kilometres North West of Brisbane. He is pictured below resplendent with his Korea Medal and his RSL badge and tie. Colin William Schmidt is a sad Wannabe .





On 22 April 2003 the following Newspaper clipping appeared in the local newspaper.


Claims made by Schmidt in the Newspaper article


Regimental number QX21422.

His regimental number was 121422, not QX21422. His CMF service was so ineffectual that he could not even remember his regimental number. See his Attestation Form that was filled out on his enlistment, his regimental number is very clear.


 Joined Citizens Military Forces in May 1950

He joined the CMF on 11th October 1949 and was allocated to 9th Infantry Battalion (The Moreton Regiment) as a Private Recruit and he was discharged "At his own request" on 12 th September 1950 still a Private Recruit. See entry on his Record of Service:


On enlistment his rank was Private recruit and on discharge his rank was still Private recruit.


Volunteers called from CMF for service in Korea

Schmidt did not volunteer for service in Korea. We have perused records of his entire military career and see nothing but a record of a man who never completed recruit training in the eleven months before he requested a discharge.


Schmidt seconded to D Company, Moreton Regiment 2/9 Battalion (Infantry) AIF. Schmidt served for his entire enlistment of eleven months, with 9th Infantry Battalion, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane Queensland.


Embarked for Korea on Board HMAS Duntroon.

Schmidt never left Australia during his Citizens Military Forces (CMF) Service and the MV Duntroon never carried troops to Korea. Section "P" of his CMF Record of Service detailing " Embarkations, emplanements, Disembarkations, Deplanements and other Major Movements" is blank – no entries whatsoever. See Below


HMAS Duntroon disabled off the Philippines, troops transferred to HMAS Leeuwin returned to Australia

No such incident occurred. According to Senior Naval Historical Officers, Department of Defence, Canberra.    MV Duntroon completed troop-carrying duties in 1949/1950, and then returned to coastal shipping duties. In the book "The Official History of Australian the Korean War 1950 –1953" by Robert O'Neill there is no mention of the MV Duntroon whatsoever.


Discharged at the end of 1950

Schmidt was discharged from the CMF on 12 September 1950. Still a Private recruit.


Schmidt also verbalises a slightly different story about his embarkation and return to Australia.   He tells stories of his attempt to participate in the Korea conflict, it goes like this.


"Embarked for Korea on MV Duntroon, en route the MV Duntroon was shelled by a Russian submarine and sunk.   I survived and boarded the MV Cape Leeuwin. I returned to Brisbane never having reached Korea and discharged from the CMF in November 1950. I was awarded two or three campaign medals, which I lost."


Schmidt shows around a photo of "himself" and a group of soldiers on the wharf at "Pinkenba, Brisbane" on the day of his dreamed up "embarkation" and departure on the MV Duntroon.


We are reliably advised that the person circled, that Schmidt purports to be himself, is in fact a Lieutenant, and the Lieutenant and the soldiers in the photo, are all from 4 Platoon, B Company 3 rd Royal Australian Regiment.  The photo was taken in Korea very soon after the very famous battle of Kapyong on the 23rd and 24th April 1951.


The same photograph hawked around by Schmidt as his embarkation evidence unfortunately (for Schmidt) appeared in the Brisbane Daily Mail on the 24 th April 1994 as a story about the battle of Kapyong and depicts soldiers of 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.


Pillar of the community, RSL President and ex School Principal

Colin Schmidt is a pillar of the Kingaroy community and (until now) a very respected veteran of the Korea conflict, a retired school principal, a former six term president of the Returned Services League (RSL) and still a senior and very active member of the League. We visited Kingaroy and photographed their honour board, that shows Schmidt as serving as President in 1992,1993,1996, 1997,1998 and 1999.   See below.


Schmidt claims RSL membership and veteran status on the basis of embarking for service in Korea in 1950.   As per his newspaper story. – Now that you have seen his service records it can only be concluded that everything he has said about embarking for Korea is a lie. He served his whole term in the CMF at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane from 11 th October 1949 to 12th September 1950.  Schmidt was a Private recruit, who never completed his recruit training in his eleven months service.


It is difficult to understand how a person can cope with the knowledge that they are living a lie, and liable to exposure at any time, exposure, that will destroy their reputation. This is particularly so in medium sized rural towns where prominent people are known by most of the residents.


The Schmidt saga is an open and shut case, of a country town becoming blinded, by a con man seeking self-gratification by claiming to be a veteran of the Korea conflict, when in fact his service consists of eleven months CMF service as a Private recruit. He chose to seek this gratification in the local Returned Services League (RSL), in which he has held the office of president on six occasions.   There are lots of clubs where people could gain notoriety and respect in a country town, like Rotary and Lions, but Schmidt, for some reason needed to be seen as an RSL member and a returned Korea veteran.


We understand an audit of membership bona fides is now under way.   If you have a Wannabe who has held the Presidents position six times, then he could have allowed anyone to become a member. When more than one of these impostors gain entry they multiply exponentially and the integrity of the RSL is very much compromised.


Have no pity for Schmidt. Genuine veterans are ordinary people, however, unlike Schmidt, for a period of their lives they have given extraordinary service to qualify for veteran status.   As a result of their service, many veterans suffer mightily. Schmidt has never given active service and never been anything but a CMF private recruit.   Should he have had the desire in 1950 to serve in Korea he could have done so, but he chose not to do the hard yards. Now, after what he thinks is a time beyond people's ability to expose him as a fraud, he claims veteran status and basks in the kudos of that status.


Schmidt, an ex school principal didn't do the hard yards, but claims the honour, and he is exposed as a conman, a liar and a cheat, a status that is hard to abide in a rural Australian town.


From 1983 the minimum requirement for RSL membership is six months continuous CMF service.   Locals reliably advise us that Schmidt was a member of the RSL for many years before 1983. At that time membership criterion of the RSL was that the member be returned from active service. It can be assumed that Schmidt has been posing as a Korean Veteran for more than 40 years. Schmidt is not a soldier who has returned from active service and never even completed his CMF recruit training, yet he has risen to the high office of president of the Kingaroy RSL on six occasions.


The Newspaper article shown above details Schmidt's regimental number as QX21422.   Soldiers never forget their regimental number, but if you joined the CMF and then never really attended, perhaps you may forget. The regimental number QX21422 belongs to a real WW2 soldier, this could and should have been checked by the Kingaroy RSL, who by their inaction have aided and abetted this man in his disgraceful conduct.


To support his membership of the RSL Schmidt has developed a line of answers to deflect questions from persons suspicious of him. His stories are so silly that his cloak of respectability that comes with being a local school principal must have blinded people.   Just ponder  – this lying fraud of a schoolteacher has presided over the education, and to some extent the moral and ethical standards of many generations of Kingaroy citizens.


As well as being a moral hypocrite, he is also a physical thief as he wears a Korea medal (pictured above) that he is not entitled to. Schmidt says that he was issued with three Korea medals but has lost them. Also he says he was never issued with any discharge papers.


Schmidt wears one medal, after claiming to have lost three others. The one that he wears has a regimental number and name endorsed on it.   We are reliably advised that the name on the medal is not his, but it belonged to a genuine RAAF Korea veteran.  The medal was presented to the Kingaroy RSL and now it is being worn by Schmidt, - do we detect an offence under Federal and Queensland law?


As we do with all ex service people, we sent Schmidt a letter asking him to explain his behaviour. A copy of our letter is shown below.
Mr C W Schmidt

76 Haly Street

Kingaroy  Qld 4610                                                                    27 January 2006

Dear Mr Schmidt

Our organisation protects the honour of veterans; you may wish to see our web site at www.anzmi.net <
http://www.anzmi.net/> . 

It has come to our attention that you claim to be a veteran of the Korea War.

We have been unable to find any evidence that you served in Korea, or embarked from Australia with the intention of serving in Korea.

We note that on occasions you have worn the Korea Medal.

It is requested that you please produce some documentary evidence to support your claim of service in Korea and your eligibility to wear the Korea Medal.

We ask that you respond to this letter by the 5th February 06.   Please address your answer to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Should you choose to ignore this letter we will consider publishing your details on our web site.

If you produce evidence that you are a genuine Korean Veteran, we will not bother you again.

Yours sincerely

Schmidt was quick to answer our letter, and we are sure that members of the Kingaroy RSL will be amazed to read that Schmidt claims no involvement whatsoever in Korea, and he claims to have found the Korea Medal in a garbage bin and was not aware it was an offence for him to wear this medal.



From the letter above.

"I joined the local RSL approx 15 - 18 years ago..."   Not true Mr Schmidt.

He joined over 40 years ago when joining the Returned Services League required the person to be a fully fledged returned serviceman, a war veteran. How did he manage to gain membership while not a returned serviceman? What did he present as proof of his war service? The answers aren't known and probably never will be, due to the relevant RSL documents having been deliberately destroyed.


Note that Schmidt has decided to resign from the RSL and claims poor health.   It is suggested that the resignation is well timed, because, there are a lot of RSL members who will find it hard to believe Schmidt's letter after all of the lies he has told them about his Korean escapade, especially, the bit about embarking from Pinkenbar on the M V Duntroon, and being shelled by a Russian Submarine, climbing up the cargo nets of the rescue ship, and seeing his mates killed during this action. Schmidt lied to his friends and deceived the Kingaroy community and now lies to us in his letter of apology. We judge him as a blatant liar, and expose him as a unrepentant Wannabe who is well worthy of the wrath of the Kingaroy community. 


It was not really very wise to create history by sinking a ship, especially the very famous WW2 Troop Carrier MV Duntroon. Schmidt says it was damaged or sunk in 1950. The MV Duntroon was not damaged in 1950 and did not sink. The Senior Naval Historical Officer, Department of Defence, Canberra says it had no role in the Korean war, it was never sunk and was towed out of Melbourne in 1960 for breaking up.


There is no doubt that Schmidt has fraudulently posed as a Korea veteran for many years in the Kingaroy area of Queensland and he has supported his posing with some very "lame brain" poorly researched "stories".


Schmidt you are a fraud, now it is time to get out of the RSL then apologise to the citizens of Kingaroy who, for your own gratification, you have deceived and conned for many years.


Schmidt has posed as a war veteran and therefore will feature on this site for the rest of his days.   We suggest to Schmidt and to all Wannabes polluting our veteran community that you seek help from a psychologist, for your devious personality defects and disorders.  


Below are the details off the medal Schmidt claims to have found in the trash.  If you are the owner of the medal, or a surviving Next of Kin of this Serviceperson and would like the medal please contact us for information on where the medal is currently being securely held.



Service Record

Name : Lingard, Kenneth
Service : Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number : A12821
Birth Date : 2 October 1925
Birth Place : Sydney, NSW
Rank : Leading Aircraftman
Mustering : Armament Mechanic
Honours : None for display
Days in Service : 323
Prisoner of War : No

Unit History
Start of service End of Service Unit
4 October 1952 25 February 1953 No. 77 (Fighter) Squadron
7 May 1953 22 May 1953 No. 77 (Fighter) Squadron
8 June 1953 18 November 1953 No. 77 (Fighter) Squadron

9 March 2006.  See here the South Burnett Times  front page news.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Veteran community. All information presented is fact and the truth. Information was gleaned from communications between ANZMI and Mr Schmidt  and reports received from private citizens. Statements of fact and statutory declarations support these reports.



Surname: Schulz
Christian Names: Tristan Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Pennington
Service #: 8494139
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: Aug 04
Completion of service: Oct 09
Case Notes:




Age has certainly wearied those wannabes, military frauds and medal cheats who have graced the ANZMI website in the past.  In our early days we had to contend with impersonators from conflicts such as the Second World War, Korean, Malaya and the Vietnam War.  Sadly and to our great disappointment, their mantle has been taken over by younger cheats who pass themselves off as veterans of more recent conflicts and peacekeeping deployments such as East Timor, Somalia, Iraq,  Afghanistan and ongoing anti-terrorist operations.

Tristan Edward Schulz seems to fit comfortably into the category of modern-day military false pretender. And to add to his disgrace, Schulz has actually served overseas with the Australian Army.

Following his enlistment and basic training, Schulz was allocated to the 16th Air Defence Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) at Woodside, South Australia. In 2006 Schulz, along with elements of his regiment, were deployed to Timor Leste (East Timor) with Golf Company (infantry) of the ANZAC Battle Group as part of Operation Astute.

All well and good up until this stage. But we have reliable information that Tristan Schulz only served in Timor Leste a total of 30 days; enough to be eligible for the awarding of the Australian Service Medal (ASM) with Timor Leste clasp for Operation Astute.  We have no idea why he returned to Australia after such a short period.  In any event, Schulz remained in the 16th Air Defence Regiment until his discharge (medically unfit for service) in October 2009.

So there you have it, Schulz served his country well, both here and overseas, for just over 5 years, earning himself the Australian Defence Medal (ADM) and the ASM (Timor Leste clasp).




We also have a copy of another photo of Tristan Schulz, this time wearing the vest 'colours' of the Veterans' Motorcycle Club Adelaide Chapter of which we believe he is a member.  This photo also shows Schulz wearing a 5RAR patch below that of the rising sun. To our knowledge Schulz has never served in 6RAR stralian Regiment (RAR) badge which is traditionally worn by those who have served in an RAR battalion. As we have pointed out Schulz has no right to wear the badge as he served in the RAA.




































We believe that Schulz has been told to remove his International Year of the Volunteer Medal from his left breast and wear it on the right breast where it belongs.  We have also been advised that in recent years he was seen wearing an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).  After being advised of the indiscretion he eventually saw sense and removed it.

We understand that Schulz has told people that he was wounded in action resulting in an injury to his eye. Interestingly, we can find no reports of  military actions in Timor Leste during  his time there in 2006!  A more likely explanation offered up by another ex service member is that Schulz picked up an eye infection.  This might explain his leaving the army in October 2009 as 'medically unfit for service'.

Unfortunately Tristan Schulz's behaviour not only does his reputation a lot of damage but from what we are told, a number of younger veterans with combat experience in Afghanistan, find his peacock-like behaviour appalling. 

We suggest to Tristan Edward Schulz that he accept his military service for what it is and immediately cease his chest-puffing antics.  If he wishes to participate in commemorative services, well and good.  But we strongly advise him to remove the 6RAR patch he is not entitled to wear and place the SA State medal on his right breast where it belongs.

Surname: Scott
Christian Names: Ian
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bodalla
Service: Citizens Military Forces
Case Notes:

Ian Scott the crooked Divisional Commander

In our hall of infamy we already have more than one wannabe from the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and now we have Ian Scott of Bodalla, NSW. Before he was sacked from the position, he was the Divisional Commander of the RVCP base at Narooma , NSW,  who was big noting himself as a Vietnam and Malaya Veteran to his subordinates.

 Despite being exposed as a blatant dishonest wannabe and being stripped of his position of authority the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol  has allowed this dishonest wannabe to remain in its ranks.

Whether the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol promoted him to the position, taking into consideration his false Malayan and Vietnam Service is not known. Wannabes certainly have a penchant to push themselves into positions of prominence in Ex-Service Organisations, Cadet Units and organizations run along military lines like the Volunteer Coastal Patrol, this is especially so where uniforms are worn. Others who feature on our web site - Russell “Chuck” Walters was also a Divisional Commander from the Merimbula NSW area and Russell Lee Jones was from the Taree area of NSW. Jones, to better his position in the Coastal Patrol, was pretending to be an ex Navy officer. (Have a look at these two previously exposed wannabes after reading about Ian Scott)




The medal ribbons Scott is wearing in the photo indicate service in Malaya and Vietnam and by his own very quiet admission he is not a Veteran and his only service was with a Citizens Military Forces Communications unit in Melbourne. When he was cornered by an alert veteran organization  he very quietly confessed to falsely wearing medals. We are reliably advised that he claims to have “found” the medal ribbon bar at a rubbish tip and out of patriotic fervour decided to wear it.  We are also reliably advised that Scott claims to have apologized and handed back the medal ribbon to Vietnam Veterans , however  he did not hand the medals back, and none of the Veterans we have communicated with from his area were aware of an apology,  if  it  happened it must have been whispered up a deserted street at midnight.    


Ian Scott is a simpleton wannabe, falsely claiming Malayan and Vietnam Service.  We all learned in the Army that proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance. With regard to Scott’s charade his preparation and planning was very sparse. His Defence Force service was very limited and is described as follows:


He said he was a Citizens Military Forces Corporal serving in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals in the early 1960s when he was asked if he wanted six weeks holiday in Vietnam. He jokes that he didn’t even know where Vietnam was but agreed to go and ended up serving in Vietnam for over a year working with ‘Training Team three” in the elite and highly decorated Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, and with US Forces in Vietnam and Cambodia. In conversations with real Vietnam Veterans his conversations were always vague, when asked where he served he would say “Ah, all over the place, yeh served at the Dat.” 


Just about any genuine Veteran would cough into his ale if he heard that story and that is precisely why Scott now graces our web site.


In recent times we have had a run of simpleton wannabes, enhancing their life stories by claiming to have been to war with the Australian Defence Force. Making such claims particularly to gain benefit by promotion in an organization or simply to feed an inferiority complex will not be tolerated by the genuine Veteran community.


ANZMI has thousands of eyes and ears all over Australia and in other parts of the world helping us to guarantee the integrity of the Veteran community.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Scott
Christian Names: Steven Wayne
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Humpty Doo
Service #: 855149 (PMKeys)
Service: Army
Branch: 5 RAR
Commencement of service: 23 Feb 09
Completion of service: 07 May 12
Case Notes:




Looking at the above photo of Steven Wayne Scott conjures up images of a latter day ‘Crocodile Dundee’. And when you see Steve’s Facebook entries you get the impression that he is certainly following in the footsteps of Paul Hogan’s tough-as-nails character, Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee.

Top End off-road four wheel driving, wild pig and buffalo hunting, rodeos are all listed among Scott’s interests, supplemented by lots of drinking if his photos are anything to go by. No doubt at the end of a big day spent in the great outdoors Steven also likes to spin a few ‘warries’ about his time as a grunt with 5RAR. And of course if you stretch the truth maybe just a little (or a lot) everyone will just laugh it off as ‘Steve being Steve’.

However, it’s a whole new ball-game if a few tall tales are told about your military service in a court of law. But if you are appearing before the ‘beak’ on a swag of traffic charges, Steven Scott seems to think that all’s fair.

Earlier this year the 23 year old appeared before Darwin Magistrate Greg Cavanagh and pleaded guilty to numerous charges of driving unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured and without number plates on his pride and joy, a battered old Nissan Patrol. Oh and there was also the matter of drink driving! The magistrate rightly said of Scott “He has a complete disregard for traffic laws.” And apparently he has a similar lack of respect for the truth.

Scott’s lawyer, Peter Maley, told the court that his client had served in the Australian Army for 4 years. He went on to say that the ex-digger had seen overseas duty in both Afghanistan and East Timor. To add a little icing to the cake presented to the magistrate, Mr Maley said that Scott had also been injured during his service.

While some of us might have reached for our hankies at this stage, Magistrate Cavanagh’s heart remained apparently untouched when he fined Scott a total of $7,400 and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

From information we have about Steven Wayne Scott’s army service we can confidently say, that apart from possibly some border protection operations, he has never left Australian shores, let alone seen active duty in Afghanistan or East Timor. As our original informant remarked, Scott was a liar when he served in the Australian Army and apparently still is. This may have been one of the reasons Scott and the military parted company with his file apparently marked ‘Retention not in the Service’s interests’.

We have been in touch with staff of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Darwin and advised them of Steven Scott’s disregard for the truth and suggested they might be interested in pursuing an appropriate prosecution against him. We suggested that Scott, through his defence counsel, has tried to obtain sympathy and leniency from the court by claiming to be a returned veteran, injured while on active service.

Some of you may be aware that in recent years, ANZMI has uncovered other cases of individuals using false military service before courts in attempts to elicit better results in criminal cases. One was Peter James Andrews:

The other was Ian Ronald Crowden: www.anzmi.net/index.php/component/sobipr...437:Crowden&Itemid=0

Not only can this be contrary to the law, it is an insult to all who have served their country in military service.

Steven Wayne ‘Crocodile Dummy’ Scott has rightly earned a place alongside fellow valour thieves, wannabes and medal cheats on ANZMI’s web-site.



Surname: Seage
Christian Names: Dennis
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Kiama
Service #: 221382
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 01 Sep 1971
Completion of service: Jan 1973
Case Notes:



Dennis Seage was born about 1954. He enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on the 1 September, 1971 as a 17 year old. Following Initial Entry Training, he was posted to B Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. In January, 1973, Seage took his discharge from the Australian Regular Army at his own request. His entire 16 months service was carried out in Australia without overseas deployment.

Seage is a Medal Cheat and a wannabee.

On Anzac Day, 2015, Dennis Seage, Councillor for Kiama Municipal Council and Secretary of the Kiama Jamberoo Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch was photographed wearing a NSW Police Service Medal (ten years Police service) on his left side with the National Medal. (Fifteen years Police Service) The offending medal has the blue riband.


Not a hanging offence you might think, however, Governor General’s medal protocols stipulate that State Medals should be worn on the right side and not mixed with Australian Military or National awarded medals worn on the left.

The NSW Police Protocols Section also direct recipients of this award that it must be worn on the right side in accordance with the Police Commissioner’s Instructions.

On receipt of this photograph, ANZMI took the view that the breaching of protocol by Dennis Seage in this particular instance was at the lower end of the scale. As a consequence, he was forwarded a communication pointing out correct medal wearing procedures as defined by the Governor General’s Department and NSW Police Instructions.

On the 25 June, 2015 he replied “I take on board your advice to the correct procedures to wearing of medals.”

On the 26 June, 2015, he further responded, “I once again take on board your advice regarding the State Medal.”

He gave an assurance that the medal would not be worn again on the left side. That would have been the end of the matter as far as ANZMI was concerned.

On Anzac Day, 25 April, 2016, Seage was again brought to the notice of ANZMI following an inappropriate Anzac Day address at Kiama, where he is the Kiama Jamberoo RSL Sub Branch Secretary.

The crowd in attendance were there to commemorate and pay homage to our heroic men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in all wars and who died for our country.

Seage took this opportunity on this solemn occasion to politicise the most commemorative day in Australian history for his own selfish interests.

As a Kiama Councillor, he included in this address to the crowd, his anti merger views in respect to the Kiama Council with another Council. This went on for some time.

This is a local issue and point of contention for rate payers and has absolutely nothing to do with our proud Anzac heritage.

What a disgrace.

Seage should be immediately sacked by the Kiama Municipal Council and RSL NSW State Branch from his Secretarial role for his ignorance and his arrogance.

On this 2016 Anzac Day, Seage was again photographed wearing the State awarded NSW Police Service Medal on his left side with the National Police Service Medal and the National Medal. In this photograph, Seage has added the National Police Service Medal.(white, red, blue and yellow)

He has had the three medals "court mounted" which indicates that he has no intention of wearing the State awarded Police Service Medal on the right hand side.




Seage did not serve long enough in the Australian Army to be awarded the Australian Defence Medal. The most basic medal awarded for military service.

Yet on his curriculum vitae for the Kiama Council, he states that -;

As a retired Detective Sergeant in the NSW Police Force I possess a good understanding of law and also have a military background that commenced when I left school.

His military background was 16 months. He decided to leave after that time. He had had enough.

So much for his military background.

Following his disgraceful Anzac Day address, which received overwhelming negative media responses, his Kiama supporters made comment in the local Illawarra Newspaper as follows -;

And, on the “Kiama Remembers” page, Bob Collett said: “He fought for the right to our free speech and sounds like he is still fighting for it.”

But Tim Allan called for calm, saying: “Without that bloke’s efforts there wouldn't be a dawn service, it was an error in judgment but he is passionate man, one who wants the best for his community.”

Likewise, Craig Keller said Kiama residents were “lucky we live in a democracy where people are entitled and enabled to have a choice”. “These rights and privileges are in part available to us because of the sacrifices our forebears have made,” he said.

What a joke.

We remind our readers that Seage had no operational service whatsoever and left the Army because he could not hack the military life. He signed up for six years and resigned after sixteen months. Not a great deal of time spent to fight for our right to free speech. Ho hum.

The Australian Army is a tough life for those not up to it.

His political supporters and followers should be aware of these facts and not be impressed by aggrandisement and the self interests of Seage. Particularly on Anzac Day of all days.

Seage is similar to another grandstanding Councillor who appears on this website.

Alexander Robert Fullarton, a popinjay from the Carnarvon Council, Western Australia, foolishly wore medals he had purchased, in an attempt to “big note” himself in front of his constituents on Anzac Day 2014 at Carnarvon.

See here, ANZMI.net Alexander Robert Fullarton.

Dennis Seage, it is time to call it a day on your less than illustrious Kiama Municipal Council and Kiama Jamberoo RSL Sub Branch positions. It is time to go.

Seage, like Alexander Robert Fullarton, you will remain on this site for evermore for your bellicose behaviour and immoral self interests.

Some people just do not get what Anzac Day is all about.

Surname: Seed
Christian Names: Christopher James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

Servicenumber A120806 LAC Christopher James SEED,  DOB 25/12/1944, originally enlisted into the RAAF  on  23 February 1970 and was discharged "At Own Request" on 26 October 1973 with  the rank of Leading Aircraftsman (LAC). He subsequently re-enlisted into the RAAF on 1 December 1976 and was discharged "Medically Unfit for Further Service" on 16 December 1980 with the rank of LAC. Seed had Nil Operational Service, Nil Overseas Service and Nil Honours and Awards. His total service amounts to some  7 years and 8 months. His musterings' in his service were Engine Fitter and Engine Mechanic.

SEED came to the attention of CPMH after joining a Viet Nam Veterans Ex-Service Organisation masquerading as a Viet Nam Veteran. A number of Viet Nam Veterans' became suspicious of his stories about his so called Viet Nam service and experience. SEED is a typical example of how a wannabee can infiltrate a Veterans' organisation if proper screening of applicants does not take place. 

SEED did serve in the Military, however he has never had any overseas operational service. He is a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) serviceperson but has no qualifying service.  His injury is related to peacetime service only and yet SEED saw fit to steal the honour and valour of Viet Nam Veterans by claiming he had done his time in Viet Nam.

His Record of Service is very basic. However, SEED saw fit to embellish this service by resorting to claims of being a Viet Nam War Veteran.  This is an example of one that has not been satisfied with his own service history but has resorted to the Wannabee Syndrome.  His service information is shown below:

Name : Christopher James SEED
DOB:25th December 1944
Rank: Leading Aircraftsman
Service NO:A120806
Enlisted:23 Feb 1970

1. Aircraftsman Recruit 23-02-1970
2. Aircraftsman 23-08-1970
3. Leading Aircraftsman 17-10-1972
4. Aircraftman Recruit ( Re-Enlisted) 01-12-1976
5. Leading Aircraftsman 03-02-1977


1. Trainee Category 2B 23-02-1970
2. Engine Mechanic 23-08-1970
3. Engine Fitter 22-07-1971
4. Trainee Category 2B 01-12-1976
5. Engine Fitter 03-02-1977

Service History

Leading Aircraftsman SEED started his career with the Royal Australian Air Force on the 23 February 1970 and served at the following units:
1. 1 Recruit Training Unit, Edinburgh
2. RAAF School of Technical Training, Wagga
3. 2 Flight Training School, Pearce
4. 82 Wing, Amberley
5. Base Squadron, Amberley

Leading Aircraftsman SEED dischargedon the 26th of October 1973, Reason "At Own Request"

Leading Aircraftsman SEED re-enlistedin the RAAF on the 1st December 1976 and served at the following units:
1. 3 Aircraft Depot, Richmond
2. 3 RAAF Hospital, Richmond
3. Base Squadron, Richmond

Leading Aircraftsman SEED dischargedon the 16th December 1980 'Medically Unfit for Further Service'

Operational Service: nil

Overseas Service: nil

Honours and Awards:nil

SEED has been caught out early by members of this ESO and therefore there are no photographs of him displaying medals or decorations. However, this does not mean that he has not made claims over preceding years or for that matter, not worn false medals or decorations. Any information relating to these issues can be directed to CPMH from this site.

Some of Seed's claims are as follows:

He claimed service from 1967 to 1980.  The additional three years from 1967 to 1970 happened to be during the Viet Nam War.

He claimed serving with SECRET organisations here in Australia referring to places such as Pine Gap. Refer to his service record and you will see this claim is false.

He claimed to have done SECRET airborne operations and missions in Viet Nam. More bogus claims.

He claimed the unit in Viet Nam was DCA but could not relate what the acronym DCA meant except to say it was a SECRET organisation that did missions in Viet Nam. No such unit served in Viet Nam.

He claimed he knew how a highly decorated Viet Nam Veteran felt when discussion was centred around that Veteran's PTSD problems. SEED's TPI pension is for back injury and not PTSD.

He drives his vehicle displaying a sticker with the Viet Nam ribbons AASM, VN and VCM shown and the words Mandurah Murray  Viet Nam Veterans Group. Vehicle identification shown below


SEED got caught out because he did not talk the talk or walk the walk. He got into deep water by being a wannabee and any respect he may have gained by being an injured peacetime serviceperson has now been lost on those that took him into their trust.

There is no doubt that SEED would have made other false claims if he had not been caught out early by Viet Nam Veterans.  As expressed earlier, ESO's check your membership, check each and every application and in particular check operational service claims. There are plenty of avenues open to check qualifying service. Most Nominal Rolls for the major conflicts are available.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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