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Surname: Ratkovcic aka Mathew
Christian Names: Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Heathridge, Perth
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Completion of service: 2014
Case Notes:


Defence Force Commissioned officers are proud of their reputation of being honourable persons. Every now and then a "Rat" invades their realm, and sullies their reputation and integrity. Such a "Rat" is Robert Ratkovcic aka Mathew.


Below is a media report, from The West Australian newspaper, that puts the finishing touches to his disgusting dishonesty.


The former executive officer of Legacy WA who siphoned more than $8000 from the charity set up to help war widows and their children has avoided a prison term.

Robert Mathew, formerly known as Robert Ratkovcic, pleaded guilty to 19 fraud and stealing offences, most of which involved buying personal goods with Legacy WA funds

The court heard Mathew used charity money to pay for more than $3600 worth of items from retailers like JB Hi-Fi and Woolworths, including headphones, grocery items and a $1925 sofa, and also paid for visits to The Camfield and Balmoral pubs with money that was not his.

When investigations were made into money missing from a fundraiser held by the charity, $3877 was found to have been taken from the safe kept in Mathew's office.

All money stolen from Legacy WA had since been repaid by Mathew who was said to suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression following 21 years in the Royal Australian Navy.

Counsel for Mathew said his client was extremely remorseful and "devastated he's let everyone down".

The former submariner was handed a one-year prison term, suspended for one year, and was fined $2000.

"Your behaviour over an extended period of time is, quite frankly, disgusting," the magistrate said. "You should be ashamed of yourself."

Outside court Mathew apologised to Legacy WA.

Of course the "Rat" pulled the PTSD card on the Magistrate, which may have got some leniency. His dishonesty, lack of integrity and behaviour, is incomprehensible, and a term behind bars would have been welcomed by all involved and the Veteran and ex Service communities.

In addition, the court did not address the fact, that the "Rat" falsely claimed to have served on highly classified Submarine operations, for which, he has awarded himself an Army Service Medal.


Robert Ratkovcic, served in the RAN as a Commissioned Officer however he has now changed his name to Robert Mathew. Since resigning from the RAN, he worked as a paid Executive Officer (XO), of Legacy Western Australia.


Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. They currently care for around 52,000 beneficiaries, with 82% (over 76 years of age) of them being elderly widow, widowers throughout Australia.
We hold Statutory Declarations detailing that Ratkovcic aka Mathew had medals on display in his office, that included an Australian Service Medal with Clasp "Special Ops" He explained to other Legacy executives that the medal and clasp was for "service aboard a Submarine on special operations". That is a lie, he failed his Officer Submarine training course and was never a crew, member of a Submarine during special operations.

Here is the Australian service medal and the "Special Ops" clasp that is affixed to the medal:


But that's not all. Legacy Australia has a superb history of caring for families of ex Defence members. It is a Charitable organization that depends on the honesty and integrity of those who manage and administer it. In the position of XO, Ratkovcic, who falsely claimed to have been awarded an Australian Service Medal with clasp (Special Ops), stole money and goods designated for the benefit of widows, widowers, children, orphans and disabled beneficiaries.

He was charged with thirty offences. Six were stealing and a further twenty-four were fraud offences. In all cases, the ultimate victims were beneficiaries of Legacy WA.

For example:

He purchased a couch using the trust fund of a disabled legacy beneficiary. Ratkovcic aka Mathew then had it delivered to his own residence, and the disabled beneficiary received nothing except an account deficient of approximately $1900.

He used 5 Legacy gift cards (used for widows and wards) to buy a dress for a newly bereaved widow to wear to her husbands funeral. It was in fact used to buy his daughter a dress.

Below are details of the fraud and stealing charges laid against Ratkovcic, aka Matthew by WA Police.

Stealing as servant 1 charge
Fraud 24 charges
Stealing 5 charges.


Ratkovcic aka Mathew at the Perth Court


Initially he pleaded not guilty to all charges and that prolonged court action for many months. Finally, on 19 May 2020, he pleaded guilty to nineteen of the thirty charges. Prosecutors agreed to the withdrawal of 11 of the 30 charges if Ratcovcic was to enter a plea of guilty for the remaining 19. A factor was the age and health of a number of witnesses.

He is on bail, and to be sentenced on 21 July 2020, we will update this matter then.

Corruption, fraud and theft by an ex RAN Commissioned Officer is as dishonourable as it gets. An ex commissioned Officer who steals from a Defence related charity is simply beyond any pity.

We include him in our compliment of wannabes and cheats for falsely claiming to have participated in "Special Operations" aboard RAN Submarines, however, because of his deplorable dishonesty, even having him on our website, is an insult to all the other villains, malefactors and scoundrels that are listed.

Surname: Ravelje
Christian Names: Peter
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:


Peter Ravelje wears five medals, he is entitled to four, he is a medals cheat.



Ravelje is a member of the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle Club (VVMCC) and wears all the “buttons and bows” associated with that affiliation.  Here he is in full splendor.



The last ribband on the right hand side of his ribbands is the ribband of the medal for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM), issued by the Government of the Republic of South Vietnam

Ravelje’s offence is on the lower end of the wannabe scale but he is wearing the VCM which he is not entitled to wear, and we will prove that in this site entry.  To be eligible to wear the VCM a member of the Defence Force had to serve in Vietnam for a period of more than 180 days. Any person wounded as a direct result of enemy action, or the families of any person killed in action before the expiration of the 180 day period were eligible.  The 180 days could be cumulative, taking into account numerous visits, as was the case of some Defence personnel.

If you did not complete a total of 180 days you were not issued a medal, and to illegally wear one, it would have to be a purchased fake medal.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll shows Ravelje as serving as follows:


The dates on the Nominal Roll show less than 170 days service in Vietnam.

Ravelje’s Service File confirms the 170 day period.

Reading from the bottom up Ravelje arrived Saigon 17 December 1969 and returned to Sydney on 4 June 1970.

The VCM is an important medal and only those who served the stipulated time can wear it.

Recently another member of the VVMCC, Ian Keith Fruend was exposed as a VCM cheat also an ex RAAF, Vietnam Veterans Association executive Carl William Boye has been exposed for the same deceit. 

If you are wearing a VCM, and have not earned it, you are running the risk of being named and shamed on this web site.

We say - Go ahead make our day!


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Ravell aka Michael W
Christian Names: Malcolm
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




Malcolm Ravell is a consummate conman, liar, wannabe and general nasty piece of work.

Ravell falsely claims to be a Vietnam Veteran and marches on ANZAC Days. He also falsely claims to be a former New South Wales Police Officer and a Solicitor. He recently said this about his Vietnam Service:

"NO I AM NOT PROUD OF MY SERVICE IN VIETNAM BUT I RESPECT THOSE WHO SERVED AND THEIR VIEWS.......I am crippled up in constant pain and sleep poorly....I have been diagnosed with chemical destruction of the fluid that generates bone joint lubrication and tissue...,AGENT ORANGE and they fight highly qualified specialists who claim this and call for compensation....Compensation means nothing IT WON'T FIX THE DAMAGE THE U.S. CAST UPON ME AND SO MANY...."

Ravell says he served in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot Officer. To some people and his family he claims to have served as Sub Lieutenant M J Ward of the RAN Detachment, No. 9 (Helicopter) Squadron RAAF. To others he claims to have been a Secret Agent Pilot.

We received information from more than one source about Ravell's irrational raving and he must have heard of our interest, because he sent us the less than erudite, but very entertaining letter shown below. Please note that for brevity, numerous complete paragraphs have been removed. In addition, if you are sensitive to profane language, read no further.



My name is Malcolm Ravell born at Unanderra NSW / Michael John Ward to Stanley William Ward and Esme Ravell.

My father died on the Sandakan Railway at the hands of arseholes like you.

Intrigue me ARE YOU KIWIS ?

I was raised by my Mother’s Brother and his Wife without knowing who the fuck I was until I wanted a driver’s licence and to join the NSW Police.

I then Joined the NSW Police and after two postings in Sydney’s Aboriginal Territory “Broadway” I was stationed at Jindabyne NSW on request.

I learned to fly UTAH CONSTRUCTIONS helicopter and flew Colonel Ray Green of UTAH around the scheme and did deliveries for Utah when the regular pilot was drunk, “most of the time”.

I was offered a job with UTAH on a permanent basis but saw the Navy Ads for Helicopter Pilots Training and Vietnam service. INFLUENCE WAS USED.

I left the Police in August 1965 and in conjunction with The Navy and Australian Security I completed my Helicopter Certification in six weeks and became a pilot for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration under Australian Security on request of Malcolm Fraser

I became a Government Intelligence Agent and was transferred in a position as pilot for Malcolm Fraser in Vietnam. I flew to Vietnam and delivered a H1 Bell from the deck of the Sydney in Vung Tau Harbour to the American workshops tactical repair facility

I was, with a regular Australian Air Force Pilot, chosen for a special flight on 14TH / 15TH November 1965 to take two contingents of five Special Operations Commandos of a platoon of Ray Curtis’ to the Cambodian Border and wait two days for their return.

To verify this take the chance and give this information to Department of Defence and create an International Incident that can not be released for another six years, if ever. I will then be in breach of National Security that will please fuckwits like you.

I was shot in the left hip on 19 September 1966 and returned to the Military Hospital PRINCE OF WALES Randwick and REPAIRED “Surgically” by an Orthopod Doctor, Warwick Stenning.
I later joined Ray Green at Vung Tau where not only was he the CEO of Utah Constructions but a highly decorated and known Commanding Officer “United States Military”.

On return to Sydney I took up a position with Australian Intelligence and remained there to escalate to a Senior Officer working with the National Security and Crime Department of the Australian Security and Intelligence.

NOW I fucking march in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day. I march also with some of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of associating with on Bribie Island at the Drop in Centre, not Burpengary where people like you attend.

I qualified as a solicitor and am at this time doing a refresher course at Bond University at the age of seventy to finally be admitted and to be admitted to the bar.

I assist and give PROBONO advice to Vietnam Veterans and appear in court where necessary.

I have three medals but unfortunately they are affixed to my sons grave in Mollymook Cemetery South of Nowra.

Now you have more than anyone else in history other than my friends in the Drop in Centre on Bribie.

My records were deliberately wiped out “EXPUNGED” for reasons that would be beyond you.

I believe you are the people that did Ron Workman from Currumbin RSL the damage after he spent thousands of hours assisting veterans.

Now take your little investigation and go fuck your boot because there is one in it.

Malcolm Ravell / Michael Ward, Warren Molloy, Ray Stevens, John Searle

Ravell did not serve in Vietnam and was not shot in the hip. He obviously has no knowledge of what an Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK47) Rifle does to a human hip, if he did he would not have placed himself back in Vung Tau on duty after the "wounding". In addition he has never served in the New South Wales or any other Police Force and he is not a Solicitor.

He is a lying con man who has the evil ability to charm or intimidate just about any one. We are pleased to say that although he claims affinity with the Veterans Drop in Centre at Bribie Island, Queensland he has been kept very much at arms length and is not registered as a member.

The fool says he marches in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam "Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day". "Bobby" of West Ryde was not the first conscript to die in Vietnam. It was a 21 year old Private from Adelaide, South Australia who was killed by friendly fire on 24 May 1966, 2 klm East of Nui Dat.

Ravell is a standover man who tries to intimidate all those around him. His bullying tactics have not worked and as a result, have been reported to us by persons fed up with hearing all his lies of clandestine operations.

Ravell is typical of many other imposters who grace this site. He claims that his records have been "expunged" and his war stories cannot be released for another six years because he will breach national security.

Well Malcolm Ravell, or Ward, or Molloy, or Stevens or Searle, whatever name you are using today, your secrecy and cover has now been officially well and truly blown. We all hope that this does not create an "International Incident " as you have predicted. We would hate to be responsible for that!!!!!

Welcome to the website.

Surname: Redfern
Christian Names: Brett Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Cairns
Service: Army
Branch: Storeman/Medic
Case Notes:


Brett Francis Redfern

The siege didn’t last long and he was arrested and charged. Because of the serious nature of the charges he was arraigned before the Cairns District Court on 7 Dec 2004,presided over by Judge Peter White.

Redfern pleaded guilty. In sentencing submissions, his Defence Council alluded to the fact that Redfern suffers from PTSD as a result of his employment with the Defence Force however because of the nature of the employment it could not be spoken of.

 His Defence Council said – “Yes. And this particular man, your Honour, has seen operational conduct in a variety of countries. He’s bound – he’s not allowed to talk about it, and he had fought for his country and it is quite apparent, your Honour that he has had to do some horrific things. But your Honour he comes before this court who has suffered the scars of that”..  

 A Psychology report was tendered to the court as evidence, the Psychological report was not read to the court.

 Having heard the defence barrister and read the Psychologists report the Judge said:

“Normally offences of this nature involve a gaol term, however I am not going to send you to gaol because of the unique circumstances. I accept the background information that has been provided by Mr Goldenberg (The Psychologist) concerning you”.

 Judge White continued: “The rest of us owe gratitude to people like you as we owe to police officers who work for our protection. I suspect that police officers feel they are not wholly appreciated and probably soldiers feel the same way, but I can tell you as far as I am concerned the work you do and the work police officers do is appreciated. But that experience in the service of your country has led you to suffer severe and ongoing emotional disturbances, which you understand you have, and which before this incident you had taken steps to alleviate.

You must realise of course, that given your military training and experience the potential for you to inflict lethal harm on others was great”.

 Judge White ordered that no conviction be recorded and Redfern be put on a two year good behavior bond of $1,000.

A court reporter, for the Cairns Post was present at the trial, this was Simone Knox. After sentencing, the reporter phoned the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to confirm some information about the case. She was informed by the Crown Prosecutor's clerk that Redfern had been in the SAS. Cairns Post editors created the heading "Ordeal of SAS soldier."

“Ordeal of SAS Soldier”

“Hero’s breakdown blamed on Post-traumatic stress”
The full article is shown below


Redfern said about his day in court that he had never mentioned any “Special Service” activity to anybody and the reporter was at fault for sensationalising and further traumatizing a sick soldier of good character. Redfern thought he was safe about his lies because they were contained in a confidential Psychologists report that was privileged information and only read by his legal team and the Judge. For a short time Redfern successfully shifted the blame for his dilemma on to the reporter.

Experienced veterans could see through the innuendo of exceptional service given as an excuse for his crime. Investigations then revealed he never served outside of Australia and had experiencedan ordinary career as a soldier.

It took little effort to convince the Crown Prosecutor to appeal the sentence and request a review on the basis that the Judges sentence was based on incorrect evidence given to him. The Crown Prosecutor lodged a subpoena and acquired Redfern’s real Military record.

On the 9th March 2005 Redfern again fronted the Cairns District Court to answer for the lies about his military career he put forward as mitigating circumstance at his first trial.

The Judge read details of Redfern’s real Military Record to the Court saying that he was initially a Storeman and then a Medic (Nurse) and had never set foot outside of Australia.The Judge then read excerpts from the Psychologists report submitted to him as evidence at the first trial;

The Judge said Mr Goldenberg reported about Redfern as follows:

Report by Sheldon Goldenberg, Psychologist

“He enrolled in the Australian Army in 1983 and remained in the service until he was retrenched 14 years later. Mr Redfern reported that although he does not like to talk about his achievements, he was a decorated sergeant and corporal in the military and at times was responsible for hundreds of soldiers during conflicts overseas.

He was trained in special forces and was involved in intelligence and reconnaissance activities.  He achieved high ranks and promotions on a steady basis and was a highly skilled and trained special service soldier, which Mr Redfern explains taught him to react instantly and effectively in certain circumstances including sieges.

Mr Redfern provided numerous examples of his accomplishments and achievements in the military, but was aware that he was also exposed to extreme levels of violence and terror during his career, though at the time he was unable to manage the memories, visions, flashbacks and feelings that would flood into his mind as he attempted to continue his career.

He left the military and attempted to reintegrate into a civilian lifestyle but found this extremely difficult and frustrating as he continued to be plagued with his demons from the military experiences.

Mr Redfern was trained to commence a lethal response to danger and this is what he was programmed to achieve on a daily basis without exception in the most extreme and nightmarish conditions”

The Judge further stated that Redfern’s Barrister said at the first trial:

“And this particular man, your Honour, has – he has seen operational conduct in a variety of countries.  He’s bound, he’s not allowed to talk about it, and he had fought for his country and it is quite apparent, your Honour, that he has had to do some horrific things.”

Redfern’s Barrister told the Judge “Your honour no one likes being duped.  I don’t, nor does your honour obviously” In reference to the Psychologists report Redfern’s Barrister further said  “Your Honour what was put in front of you was done in good faith”

Judge White further commented as follows;

“The prisoner did all the right things following the commission of the offence but one.  He was very remorseful when spoken to by police. He pleaded guilty at an early stage. His expression of remorse were repeated on the sentence hearing.  It is accepted that he had been suffering from significant emotional disturbance.  He sought counselling for his problems.  The one thing he did wrong was to fabricate a military history to Mr Goldenberg, the psychologist who prepared a report for the sentencing proceeding. He similarly fabricated a military history to Mr McCreanor, his counsel, who spoke of that military history to me in good faith, and I believed it”.

The Judge set aside the previous penalty and re-sentenced Redfern to 120 hours community service and ordered that a conviction be recorded.

Redfern lied to his Barrister,to his Psychologist to the Judge to his friends and he almost succeeded in blaming a reporter for his situation.  After exposure of all the facts it is obvious that Redfern is a devious fraud and a liar.

Redfern was caught out by the fact that a Cairns reporter – Simone Knox was in court when his case was heard. Although she was incorrectly informed Redfern was in the SAS, the substance to her story was accurate.Had she not reported the story it would have slipped by as Redfern had planned.

Below is the follow-up news report from the Cairns Weekend Post of 12 March 2005.

Redfern would most likely have received reasonable treatment from the court had he disclosed his real military record, as it shows he was an exemplary soldier. He chose to go way over the top and claim international heroic deeds of a clandestine nature. He had no idea that he would be caught out.  The question is, if he is prepared to lie to a District Court Judge about his military career how many times and where else has he lied about it?

Below is a similar case from the US.  The difference between this case and Redferns???  Well look at the last paragraph below and see just how well genuine Veterans are supported in the US. We cant get our government or law enforcers to even arrest our frauds let alone fine or gaol them.  Just what is wrong with our judicial system when it comes to protecting the Honour and Service of Australian Veterans.  There are literally hundreds of bogus veterans across Australia, our fines have been slightly increased but obviously the maximum amount they can be fined still isn't enough to cover the morning tea for the magistrate and lawyers and while the DPP continues to consider that charging these people "Is not in the public interest" we are never going to see these people charged and removed from our ranks.

Americanman charged for lying about service record

Rockport resident Andrew Isbell has been arrested and charged with aggravated perjury in connection with the presentation of testimony during his drug possession trial in August.

Isbell was found not guilty of those charges after a two-day trial during which an Aransas County deputy testified on his behalf.

 Assistant District Attorney Michael Hess explained during that trial, someone in the courtroom contacted an army recruiter about Isbell and the Army uniform he was wearing in the courtroom.  Army recruiters attended the trial and the information was brought to the attention of prosecutors who then checked into Isbell's record.

Hess explained anyone who presents false testimony under oath is charged with perjury. Aggravated perjury is when anyone who is testifying in an official proceeding provides false information which is material to that proceeding. Under oath in his trial, Isbell reportedly testified regarding his military record and about his duties on patrol in Baghdad. He also said he earned two Bronze Stars, as well as a Purple Heart when he sustained a gunshot wound in the shoulder. He claimed to be on leave from the service because of the injury.

 A check into his military records, however, revealed Isbell worked in the food service department as a cook and never served in combat. There is no record of awards or medals or verification he was injured.

According to information from the Aransas County Sheriff's Office, Isbell reportedly made a statement to Texas Ranger Oscar Rivera admitting his false testimony.

An arrest warrant for Isbell on the charge of aggravated perjury was subsequently issued Oct. 15 and he was arrested last week.  He posted a $50,000 bondand was released from the Aransas County Jail.  Aggravated perjury charge penalties include a prison sentence of two to 10 years and up to a $10,000 fine.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Reed
Christian Names: Edward Segundo
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8097093
Service: RAN
Branch: Boatswains Mate Grade 2
Commencement of service: 01 Aug 94
Completion of service: 27 Sep 04
Case Notes:




Edward Segundo REED is a legend, a war hero and a member of the elite Clearance Diver fraternity. Well, that is what he would like us to believe. As is the case with all wannabee’s, the truth about REED is much less dramatic and so much more mundane than the image he portrays.

Edward REED tells an interesting story over a few beers. Examples of his ‘daring do’ have rebounded around the pubs of Sydney for a while now, some of his claims include:

• He had been deployed and came back early from the mission shot in the groin.
• He is / was a Chief Warrant Officer and is a Clearance Diver.
• He advised that the Navy is treating him for bowel cancer at St
Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney (Naval Wing) and he’s getting
psychologist help from them as well.
• He has been promoted and is now in charge of the dive school.
• He was either in the same team or trained the young man who was bitten by sharks in Sydney Harbour on a training event.
• He has a house in Mosman that he rents out through the Navy.
• He can’t have his photo taken because of his job
• Was a Clearance Diver (CD) in the 1st Gulf War
• Is a Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
• Ex SAS Clearance Diver
• Has 20 years’ service in the Navy

To add credence to his tales, REED has adorned himself with an impressive rack of medals, none of which he has an entitlement to. REED has been seen strutting his stuff on ANZAC Day wearing;

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) (Clasp East Timor) – No Entitlement
Australian Service Medal (ASM) (Clasp GULF) – No Entitlement
INTERFET Medal – No Entitlement
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) – Entitled
UN Medal (believed to be UN East Timor) – No Entitlement

The truth about Edward REED is far less flattering but nonetheless, it is the truth. REED enlisted in the RAN on the 1st of August 1994, well after the 1st Gulf War so bang goes that story. His trade during his Navy service was as a Boatswains Mate. At some point in his career, REED applied to undertake the Clearance Diver Acceptance Test but withdrew. Similarly, he withdrew from the Scuba Air Diver course twice.

Well, why not? It is much easier to make up stories about being a Clearance Diver than it is to put the bloody hard yards into actually making the grade!

REED discharged from the Navy on the 30th January 1999. He did re-enlist but not until 2nd of September 2002, bang goes the East Timor story. His second stint in the Navy did not go to plan, he spent from 5th December until the 24th December 2003 in military imprisonment before being discharged on 27th July 2004 ‘Retention Not in the Service Interests’ with the rank of Able Seaman. Bang goes the CPO/Warrant Officer story and the Officer in Charge of the Dive School story.

Edward REED is yet another in a growing number of younger ‘wannabes’ who just can’t accept the fact that glory passed them by. He served at sea on board HMAS Melbourne from January 1995 until May 1996. He did not see active service as reflected in the dates relative to HMAS Melbourne’s Battle Honours which include:

East Timor – 2000
Persian Gulf – 2002

The majority of his service during both stints in the Navy was at shore establishments including HMAS Cerberus, Penguin and Maritime Headquarters. Bang goes the wounded in action story.

So, if we look again at REED's claims, just about all of them have been well and truly shot down in flames:

• He had been deployed and came back early from the mission shot in the groin.
FALSE - he has never deployed or been on Active Service
• He is / was a Chief Warrant Officer and is a Clearance Diver.
FALSE - He reached the rank of Able Seaman
• He advised that the Navy is treating him for bowel cancer at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney (Naval Wing) and he is getting psychologist help from them as well.
FALSE - If he is ill, it is not related to his service
• He has been promoted and is now in charge of the Dive School.
FALSE - AB Boatswain's Mate cannot be in charge of the Dive School
• He was either in the same team or trained the young man who was bitten by sharks in Sydney Harbour on a training event.
FALSE - He was not a Clearance Diver and withdrew from the CD Acceptance Test
• He has a house in Mosman that he rents out through the Navy.
FALSE - he has not been in the Navy since 2004
• He can’t have his photo taken because of his job.
FALSE - See above
• Was a Clearance Diver (CD) in the First Gulf War.
FALSE - He wasn't even in the Navy at the time of the First Gulf War
• Is a Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
FALSE - He was an Able Seaman
• Ex SAS Clearance Diver
FALSE - See above
• Has 20 years’ service in the Navy
FALSE - he served two stints totalling 10 years.

If you have the misfortune to run across Edward REED at a reunion, or an ANZAC Day gathering, don’t be taken in by his lies. Clearance Divers in the Navy are an elite group, who like their SASR counterparts have endured significant hardship and gruelling training to perform their role. Wannabee’s like Edward REED, who withdrew from the CD acceptance course will try and bluff their way through. However, the truth will always win out. Welcome to our website Edward Segundo REED.

Surname: Reeman
Christian Names: Graham John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Circular Head
Service #: 6708703
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1966
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



WUReeman 1

The above photograph was taken at the Circular Head Vietnam Veterans Service in August 2016. It was actually part of a group photo taken on that day, one of the others in that photo is Michael FRENCH, who also appears on this site.

Reeman enlisted in the Australian Army as part of the first call-up of National Servicemen in 1966. He served a total of 322 days in Vietnam from 10 Jun 1967 to 26 Apr 1968, as part of 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, and 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.


WUReeman 2


 In the above photograph, Reeman is wearing the following medals:

1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945 – 1975, (AASM 45-75) clasp Vietnam. Entitled.
2. Vietnam Medal. (VM) Entitled.
3. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) Entitled.
4. Vietnam Campaign Medal. (VCM) Entitled.
5. Regular Force Service Medal. Tin junk medal, purchased.
6. Army Service Medal. Tin junk medal, purchased.

As a result of his service, he was appropriately awarded the above AASM 45-75 clasp Vietnam, VM, ADM and VCM. The same as everyone else who served for six months or more in Vietnam.

 WUReeman 3

WUReeman 4

The last two medals are tin worthless trinkets that should not be worn on the left side with genuine awarded medals. They are purchased adornments that have no standing whatsoever for military service in the Australian Defence Force.

They are -;

1. Regular Force Service Medal. Purchase price. $70.00. (RSM Awards)
2. Army Service Medal. Purchase Price $140.00 (English Tie and Medal Company)

These Medal Manufacturers make a lot of money plying their trade and selling tin medals to gullible and vain Australians who like to increase their rack for no other reason than to impress people.

Non ex-service individuals would have no idea that Reeman wears two tin purchased medals on his impressive rack.

There is one thing that the untrained eye may not notice in Reeman’s photo – that he is actually wearing miniatures of the above medals, exactly the same combination as the full size ones worn by French. Could we assume that on this particular day a photo opportunity arose and Reeman did not have his medals, and so borrowed French’s instead.

We say to Mr. Reeman, you have been amply rewarded for your respected military service. Your decision to wear those medals on that day, whatever the reason, is disrespectful and earned you a place on the ANZMI site along with your mate.

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