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Surname: Quaid previously kno
Christian Names: Marc
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: 5800280
Service: Army
Branch: Aviation and Engineers
Commencement of service: 29 Jan 93
Completion of service: 01Sep 06
Case Notes:




There is only one thing more despicable than a dishonourable ex Army Officer and that is being a Drug "King Pin". Marc Quaid is both of these things.

After being convicted in the Perth Court this appeared in the Perth media on the 28 August 2014.

It was with concern that we contacted the Director of Public Prosecutions to point out that Quaid was not a Returned Veteran and if he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it was not war caused. Here is what we wrote:


Dated 22 Sep 13

Our organisation exposes frauds and liars in the Veteran community.
Having read newspaper articles regarding the sentencing of Marc QUAID thought it may be helpful if we sent you information about his military service.

The newspaper article says that he served for 15 years and served overseas. It also says that he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of his service and alluded to that being a factor in his offending.

You have probably sourced his Defence File and know:

He changed his name from Marc IRANI
He did not serve overseas.
He enlisted in 1993 and was transferred to inactive list in 1999 and was discharged in 2006. In fact he had only 6 years effective service.
On discharge he had no Medical issues and no stress related matters.

There is nothing worse than a dishonourable ex Defence Force Commissioned Officer.

Please see our web site at www.anzmi.net


We are unsure if we had any influence for Quaid to drop his plea. Here is what appeared in the media on the 23 October 2014.

In recent times we have had a spate of criminals falsely claiming mental damage from Defence Service for their bad behaviour. Two have been charged with perverting the course of justice and we know of others who will most likely suffer the same fate.

Here is more detail of Quaid's military history:

After basic training he attended Royal Military College as an Officer Cadet graduating in December 1996 as a Lieutenant and was posted to Australian Army Aviation Corps to serve at Air Movements Training and Development Unit (AMTDU). He then attended Australian Defence Force Helicopter School and qualified as a Helicopter Pilot. For reason unknown he transferred to Royal Australian Engineer Corps and served at 1 Topographical Survey Squadron until discharged as a Lieutenant in 1996.

For his service he was awarded the Australian Defence Medal.

Here is the report of his sentencing:

Indications are that Quaid will be absent from society for a long, long time and as he exhibits everything that is evil in our society we applaud the Western Australian justice system for furnishing him with his just deserts.

Quaid belongs in prison and he belongs on this web site. 

Surname: Quick
Christian Names: Kevin Lionel
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Kevin Lionel Quick nickname ' Mother ' 

This story has been compiled by a D & E member who served in the unit at the same time as  "Mother" Quick.  The story you are about to read has been verified by other members of the Defence and Employment Platoon  [D & E Pl] and this is their true recollection of events.  All facts have been checked against military records by ANZMI and what you see here, is the real story.

This sorry individual is a person who stayed behind the wire in the comparative safety of the 1st  Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuy Province, SVN, but has since claimed to have been a "Bush Soldier" with  D&E Pl with tales of bravery to relate.

Please be aware that there was another D&E Platoon.   It was attached to 1 ALSG, Vung Tau, Phuoc Tuy Province, SVN and the following story does not involve that unit in any way.

Normally when we do an update on one of our site entries the update is included at the end of the story to allow you to read all about the subject prior to the update.   In this instance we feel that by reading the update below it will give you a feel of those who have been conned at some stage by a fraud.  It is obvious from the comments below that the incident referred to is still painfully embedded in the mind of this person and to read what has been done to him and his fellow Brothers in Arms is unforgivable.  In essence this person went out of his way to assist Kevin "Mother" Quick, thinking he was a genuine Veteran who had a genuine reason to be claiming for DVA repatriation.  Indeed what  Quick has done is unforgivable and in due course we can only hope that the DVA and the Judicial system get it right and award the appropriate punishment to fit the crime. 

After reading this story go back to the cases pages and then read all about Brain, Stevens and Fancourt and look at the amount of money fraudulently obtained by these people.  But wait there are more to come,  we just cant advise you of their names right now.  You will have to wait until they have been brought down and are on the public record as Quick now is, before we can highlight them on these pages and highlight them we will.  

There are some that are saying that by ANZMI exposing these frauds that it is slowing down the compensation and rehabilitation claims for genuine veterans.  This is complete rubbish.  The DVA are as aware as we are of the frauds out there.    The time frame between Vietnam and now and checking of the claims of all veterans need to be verified before payments are made or what you are about to read can and does happen.

If you are a veteran who has a claim in and it is taking a long time to process then you could be caught up in this exhaustive check that the department has to do.  We suggest that you gather all of the information possible and support it with stat decs from others who were there at the time of the incident , war diaries and incident reports, facts from historical books etc before having your advocate lodge your claim.   The more information you can supply the quicker it is for the department to verify your claim.  DONT BLAME THE DEPARTMENT FOR BEING SLOW.  It is people like the one you about to read about that need to be caught out so that they are not stealing what is rightfully your entitlement for rehabilitation for genuine service.   Eliminating them from the equation prior to receiving payments is far easier than the massive amount of work that has to be done to recover monies paid.  Monies that should be directed to the deserving veteran and not the fraud.



I have waited 15 long years for this.

In 1987, I was asked to represent a D&E Platoon veteran in an appeal to the VRB. The grounds for appeal were that his spinal injury occurred as a result of him being blown off XXXX   XXXXX's callsign during Operation MASSEY HARRIS in 1970.

All the medical evidence supported the contention that the veteran’s medical condition was as a result of that mine contact.

I made enquiries with XXXX XXXXX who very kindly provided me with documentary evidence.

XXXX XXXXXX -God rest his soul - supplied a formal Statement of Facts.

We fought the Repat tooth and nail and we won. The VRB held that the veteran’s injuries were war-caused and that the Commonwealth was liable.

The matter was then adjourned for a rehab assessment to be carried out by the Commonwealth Rehab Service to determine the extent of damage in respect of rate of pension.
This took about another 12 months, during which time the veteran and his family were evicted from their rented home due to his inability to make rental payments.

I hit the system with a Ministerial after getting the run-around from the SMO Appeals. We went back to the Board in Aug 1988 and fought our corner again.

We won – the veteran was granted a 100% disability pension and that was the end of that.

In 1991, I again met the veteran and his family when I took my wife and our boys down to the coast for a long weekend.

While there, I saw certain things.
As a consequence of seeing those things, I made an approach to the Registrar of the VRB  in Canberra; himself a D&E Pl veteran 1970-71 who lost some good mates on 84B during “Overlord.”
Legal advice was given by the Registrar to the effect that my conversations with the veteran in question were and are, privileged, and there was nothing that could be done. Essentially what the Registrar said, was that if I did , I would not only be breaching privilege but the Privacy Act provisions (the IPPs) and worst of all , my reputation as  a person whom veteran's could confide in and trust, would be shattered.  That was absolutely not acceptable to me.  I am very familiar with the Privacy Act and the IPPs but to have my reputation hammered - no way.  Therefore I was forced to back off.  This advice was confirmed by my Learned Colleague.

Years went by and this veteran was seen in various places – he was photographed for the Welcome Home Book ISBN 0 7316 3946 4 (p.117 in a wheelchair in the march, carrying the 1 ATF placard)

and the Vietnam Memorial Book "Australian Vietnam Forces Memorial" ISBN 0 646 12442 0 at  page 132, photo No F13-28 standing unaided,  no crutches, with members of D&E Pl;

at page 150 standing unaided with members of D&E Pl; photo No F13-30;

at page 153,  photo No F13-13 standing upright  with members of D&E Pl) .

Then, in 2002 I swapped emails with a good mate who directed me to a particular website.

What I saw there floored me completely and I again approached the VRB this time to seek further legal advice on this matter.
The VRB again confirmed the constraints of the privileged nature of the matter in respect of my conversations with the client and I again found myself hamstrung. Privilege attaches win, lose, or draw and this was reinforced during my Vets Law 1 and 2 courses I did in 2004.

In October 2002, I attended the Vietnam Memorial  10th anniversary Re-dedication service and march in Canberra.  The RAAC contingent went back to the Canberra Club for our luncheon. It was only a matter of weeks since I had seen the shattering revelations. I saw the bloke at the Canberra Club.  He was alone and looking very sad and forlorn - it was obvious to me that he knew he had been outed.  No one went near him and I watched him until he disappeared.  No one spoke to him or went near him the whole time he was in my field of view.  At no time did he, whilst under my observation, resort to the use of crutches or a walking stick.  I felt soiled. I did not consider it appropriate to front him as I was with my wife, and my  mates and their wives. I knew somewhere down the track, it would come back to bite him big time.  And it has.

Late last year I was contacted by DVA's Director of Investigations  regarding this bloke – I can’t even bring myself to call him a vet any more.

I could not discuss the matter due to privilege and the Director Investigations sought furtherlegal advice. As a result of that advice, I was able to provide a statement without compromising privilege.

On Monday 13 Feb 2006, Kevin Lionel Quick appeared in Queanbeyan Court, ACT, charged with defrauding the Commonwealth in the amount of $300,000 dollars (pension payments). Quick did not enter a plea and has been remanded to Burwood Court for 20 March 2006 as he is now purportedly living up there.

Somewhere down the track, he had finally been given a TPI pension –how he got that I have no idea.
My contact with him ceased after that long weekend in 1991.

Here is what I learned after I was directed to that website:

Quick was not on XXXX XXXXX's track the day XXXX and the others were wounded.
He was in country.
He did not go outside the wire for his entire tour.
He was a batman at HQ 1 ATF.
He also told all and sundry he was there the day XXX XXXXXXXX and the others were killed in June 1971. He was NOT. He RTA’d in late May 1971 and wasn’t even in country when that contact occurred.

He deceived me and some very eminent surgeons and neurologists.
I am trained not only to the civil standard of proof, but also the criminal standard and I couldn’t fault his instructions. One thing I do when listening to a client I don't know, is to look for the inconsistency - if I find it I will not continue to represent that person. I have no intention of ruining my reputation or good name.

Thus far, over 30 interviews with various non-RAAC veterans have gone that way. I will not represent people from a particular part of NSW.

This bloke deceived a lot of people including his lovely wife and sons. They knew nothing else - he told the story from the time he first met his wife.

He will lose not only his disability pension but any assets he has, as the Commonwealth intends to seek full restitution.

This particular matter is the one which drove me to within a poofteenth of an inch of giving the Advocacy game away for good – and I am still tempted to do just that.

I was totally shattered and was helpless to say or do anything until thankfully, DVA's Chief Investigator contacted me out of the blue.

I spoke with the DVA Investigator and he said that as the matter is now public, he has no objection to me putting this info up on the site for general consumption.

In conclusion, this matter left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth and the taste still lingers.

This bloke not only betrayed those closest to him, but every other veteran who served, suffered and died, including the WIAs on XXXX’s track in 1970 and the KIAs and their NOK on XXX’s track in 1971.

Hopefully, my telling this will lay to rest the ghosts and bitterness this case has left.

If I appear somewhat reluctant to get involved in things these days, it is because of squeezers like this cove.

XXXXXX, thanks heaps mate for pointing me in the right direction.

Now finally,   justice has been done for all those deceived and for all the WIAs and KIAs.

XXXX, all I can say to you and all the others is I’m very sorry –we were all ripped off but you and your guys on
“The Nympho” and those on 84B and all of the families, were used and abused the most.

God bless you all.

Now having read that we say again.  The Department of Veterans Affairs and ANZMI highlighting these frauds on the internet are not slowing down claims for payment.  It is people such as Quick, plucking actual events and turning them around to include themselves for personal gain of rehabilitation benefits that are to blame.   The Department has to be extremely careful when doing their assessments of your claims in an attempt to stop such events, as you are about to read, from slipping through the cracks.   Remember those assessing your claim are not veterans and ramblings such as Quick can slip through.  You can see how cunningly it has been done to a genuine veteran advocate above, who looked for inconsistencies in stories.   It slipped by him, a genuine veteran who has been there and done that and was on the lookout for this type of thing, so the departments claims assessors, who have not seen service in Vietnam, have to be even more alert to the frauds and official records take time to check.  

We can only stress again that you seek out as much information as you can concerning your claims and back it all up with stat decs from people who were there at the time and documented history before your advocate lodges the claim.   The more you supply for the department to verify your claim the faster it will be approved.  We cannot stress this enough.  as Army people say PPPPPPP.

Now read on and see exactly why Quick is facing up to 300 counts of fraud against the Department of Veterans Affairs amounting to $300,000.

In Sydney, in, or around, August 1992 a group of Veterans were asked to provide written stories of their tours for possible inclusion in Army Magazine.  The majority of the Veterans told the Army reporter to go and write his own stories.  Kevin Quick was the exception and he wrote or narrated a tale entitled, 'One Man's War'.

He has since claimed that the reporter took "journalistic license" with the story.  Maybe so, these things happen, but the basis of this work of fiction is Quick's.

Please read this article first for an understanding of what can be told by someone that has lived a lie since 1971 and has worked hard at giving "truth" to his lies.
Army newspaper Article
 This article was not an attempt to publish a dramatic work of fiction, or some excitement for young Soldiers. It was his attempt to enhance his War Service and give validity to the lies that he has been telling and living since returning home in 1971.

On being challenged via e-mail to deny what he claims are facts, he simply stated, 'Everyone has their faults'.  This was mail from a former D&E Platoon member to him and his reply.  Again on being challenged by former Platoon members at a reunion, about his article and a subsequent poem written by him, he said all the records and contemporary newspaper reports were wrong. (where have we heard that before?)  He said he really was a member of the Platoon and was involved in the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) incident his story 'highlights', although he placed it in the wrong part of Phuoc Tuy Province.

Five e-mails were sent to him asking that he deny his story and apologise to former Platoon members.  All five went unanswered.

The writer personally sent three, CMPH sent two.

CPMH and former Platoon members have looked at this article, "One Man's War", and have torn it apart, separating the facts from the fiction using archived Army records and documents that are now readily available to any member of the general public.

A volunteer serviceman?      NO.  He was conscripted (drafted).

He arrived in SVN in June 1970?   NO.   It was May 1970.

He was posted to 1 ARU, the reinforcement unit?    YES.

A mortar course 'under his belt'?   NO.  This phrase suggests that he passed a course when in fact he failed.

Mortar Course Report
Note the general remarks in the course report.
'He failed to assimilate instruction and is very slow to react.  He tends to wilt when under pressure.'
In essence these remarks say, 'Make him a batman, a storeman, a dishwasher, a barman, but don't take him out on patrol, he'll be a liability.'  An Infantry section in the field relies heavily on each member of the patrol backing each other up in the event of a fire fight.  At a time like this the pressure is extreme and no member of the team can afford to fail his mates.

He told the Sergeant that he wanted to go back to [even though he had never been in one before] a Battalion with his mates and 'get into it - mix it', because he wanted to wear the "Skippy Badge", the hat badge of the Royal Australian Regiment, Infantry.  He already had one, as did every other Infantryman who was posted to a Battalion or overseas.

He wrote about POGOS [Personnel on Garrison Operations], a derogatory term used for base camp personnel.  He was one, as you will discover.

He spent two weeks in hospital due to a minor kidney ailment, June 1970?    NOT QUITE RIGHT.  His records show one week, long enough for diagnosis but not treatment and cure.
Hospital Entry

He was posted to D&E Platoon, HQ Coy, 1 ATF?  HALF TRUE.  He was posted to the Company, not the Platoon.  The Soldiers were assigned their duties on arrival.

He arrived at the Company on 25 June.  Impossible for him to have been an 'Old Hand of five months' on 29 August 1970, the first day of Operation Massey Harris.

He was a machine gunner in D&E Platoon and was actively engaged in patrolling and ambushing ?    NO.  In fact, he spent THREE days on the strength of the Platoon; the mornings of 26, 27 and 28 June for roll call.  In the remarks column of the Platoon attendance roll against his name appears the notation, "TO BATMAN."  The same roll book contains a listing of all HQ Coy Batman, Kevin Quick is shown as commencing as a batman in this section on 29 June 1970.

So on the morning of 29 June, he was officially a BATMAN and on their attendance roll.

A BATMAN assisted officers' by cleaning their tents, making their beds, shining their boots, making their coffee and doing all the mundane chores that a busy officer had no time for.  It was a full time duty.  There were no civilian personnel on the base for this purpose.  Batmen were required, but there was no extreme pressure placed on them.

Maybe someone read his Mortar Course report.

He was later transferred to duties in the Quartermaster's Store as a storeman.

D&E Platoon carried out a variety of tasks, patrolling, ambushing, VIP protection, Task Force ready-reaction, etc.   YES.

After a long period of heavy action he was moved to the Platoons HQ protection section (squad)?  NO.  Firstly there was no such section or unit.  Secondly, he was allocated to the strength to (of) the Platoon for only THREE days.  D&E Platoon was out on operations in the vicinity of Xuyen Moc during this period of time, no patrolling or bush work for Mother Quick!

D&E Platoon Soldiers carried non-standard issue (Jack) weapons and a greater amount of fully automatic weapons than those carried by a Battalion Platoon?   YES.  That's true but who could 'sneak' a weapon out on patrol?

According to "Mother" he was wounded when the APC, call sign 13A, "The Nympho", was moving back to base from Operation "Massey Harris" in the Courtney rubber plantation.  [refer back to the Army Magazine article]  NO.  He was not wounded here or anywhere else whilst in South Viet Nam.

He probably still doesn't know this, but Operation "Massey Harris" took place in the southeast corner of the province.  The armoured vehicles were moving to the AO, not back from the operation near Binh Tuy Province on 29 August 1970.

The De Courtenay, not Courtney, (Quick's spelling is wrong) rubber plantation was in the extreme north of the Province and straddled the border with Long Khanh Province on route 2.

A complete and accurate list of the names of those Australian Soldiers wounded during Operation "Massey Harris" and taken to hospital is in our possession.  No Kevin Lionel Quick and no civilians are on the casualty list.

Twelve (12) were injured, two (2) remained on duty, 10 were dusted off to 1 AFH. [1st Australian Field Hospital]; two (2) of these D&E Soldiers eventually joined the Platoon in the field again whilst the APC Driver was also able to take up his normal duties.  D&E Platoon members have the names of these 10 personnel.

Quick has combined two APC / D&E incidents that incurred loss of life.  The first occasion being August 1970, Operation "Massey Harris" and the second during June 1971, Operation "Overlord" near the De Courtenay rubber plantation.  Forty (40) kilometres as the crow flies and 10 months apart.  It's possible that he concocted this combination to avoid hard questions as to where he was supposedly injured and incurred his loss of hearing, spinal injury, PTSD and hypertension.  He had in fact, returned to Australia in May 1971.  One month before the De Courtenay plantation / D&E incident.
return to Aus Doc
The Bushman (Kit Carson) Scout was killed?   YES.

The scout was indeed killed but his name was Thanh, not Chang.  Quick's poem dedicated to the scout raised some anger when it and the Army Magazine article were displayed at a Company reunion.

A badly wounded Soldier moved by truck over 30 miles of bad to average road to Nui Dat or 45 miles to Vung Tau?  This claim alone is enough to brand this individual as a liar of the first order and the truth of the matter is explained below . This is one of the most outlandish stories ever dished out by a Veteran and an insult to the Australian Army of the time.

ALL wounded were taken to 1st Australian Field Hospital, Vung Tau, on two Dustoffs, [helicopters].
No injured personnel, civilian or military, were moved from the location by any other means.  There have been claims by others to the contrary, but these above are the facts on how the wounded were evacuated. 

Quick was a Veteran's counsellor in Canberra?  YES.  He is well remembered by one Veteran who heard the Nympho story often.

So much for his article in the Army Magazine, some facts regarding the Platoon - yes, but basically the rest is bunkum.

His records show that he was in hospital in November 1970 for a week but no mention of treatment on or around 29 August 1970, the date of the Nympho incident.
hospital record 2
Many records of the time can be wrong but they can't be so consistently wrong as in the case of this individual.

We have a declaration from another Veteran who was told by Quick, that he damaged his back while working at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi, post 1975 and was unable to receive compensation.  The member who has related this information has supplied a statutory declaration to this fact.

He is in receipt of the highest Veterans' pension available in Australia, payable due to his supposed war caused injuries and disabilities.

How was he able to get away with this deception for 30 years, all the while enhancing his War Service and profile in the Veteran community?

Unlike a Battalion posting which would give a fair indication of a Soldier's duties, a posting to HQ Coy 1 ATF did not.  No matter what duties these Soldiers finally carried out, they were all posted as ECN-343, Rifleman.

Infantry Soldiers arrived at the Company and were assigned duties ranging through clerk, storeman, barman, batman, mess steward, dixie basher (dishwasher) or bush Soldier with D&E Platoon.

D&E carried out any duties required by the Brigadier as stated in Quick's article and other duties that he was/is not aware of.  The Platoon was known as 'The Brigadiers Own' also 'Hawke Force'.  He wasn't aware of those names either.

The existence of the Platoon was relatively unknown to others at the Task Force base and it's only in the last 10 years that the operations of the Platoon have come to light.

Also over the last 10 years, quite a few base duty or logistics support soldiers have claimed former membership of D&E Platoon for a variety of reasons.  War Service enhancement for personal gain would be the main one.

Quick had appeared at Veterans reunions in a wheelchair and wearing the Infantry Combat Badge, (ICB).
The wheelchair use could not have been due to war wounds, he was never wounded but he gave that impression.

He is not entitled to wear the ICB

medal entitlement here
 Uninvited, he attended school lectures conducted by other Veterans and after interrupting the lecturers, went on to speak about his own 'fictional' experiences with VC tunnel complexes and his time as a bush soldier.  One D&E member recalls these experiences as he was there at the time and witnessed this on two occasions.

He wasn't asked to be there, but turned up anyway and 'took over' the lectures being given.

Quick had received mail, asking for confirmation or denial of his story, just prior to the Re-dedication of the Viet Nam Memorial at Canberra in 2002.  QuickDID NOT appear at the ceremony.

At other gatherings since 1987 he was seen at the forefront of every group photo and march.  He helped carry the Platoon banner in these marches, walking without the aid of his wheelchair - a miraculous recovery perhaps!!

Carrying the D&E Platoon banner, assisted by his son, during the 1993 Anzac Day march in Sydney would have been difficult for a fit man due to a headwind, let alone "Mother".  There were no pressure release cutouts on the banner but he managed quite well.

He, also, showed no signs of a back injury after carrying the banner during a march at the original dedication of the Viet Nam memorial in Canberra during October, 1992.

He then kept the banner for his own use, whatever that may have been, for nine years, until he was tracked down and requested to hand it over to D&E members. It is now in their safekeeping. Actual Platoon members were naïve at the time and did not realise that he was setting up photographic and video evidence of his acceptance into the ranks of Platoon members.

The final sentences of his article are touching.

His story is not spectacular.  ('I was just a baggy arse' he says.  'There were no awards, no citations.  Just another soldier, one of many who spent some time in D&E Platoon').  The term "Baggy Arse" was used to refer to soldiers with the rank of Private.

What is the final determination of this Veteran's War Service?

HE WAS NOT: a volunteer soldier, a mortar man, an M60 machine gunner, a signalman, a bush soldier, wounded, or an unacclaimed minor hero.

HE WAS a National Service soldier who carried out mundane base duties during his time with HQ Coy, 1 ATF.

Welcome to the site Kevin "Mother" Quick.

Your actions have denigrated the War Service of all your fellow Veterans.  You have defiled the memory of those who gave their lives in Service to our country and those who have passed on since.

If any of our readers know of anyone who has claimed former membership of D&E Platoon, HQ Coy, 1 ATF, Nui Dat and have doubts about the persons stories, especially stories of Operations "Massey Harris" and "Overlord", please contact ANZMI information@anzmi.net

5 JAN 2008

On the 20th of December 2007 Kevin Quick was sentenced to two years jail, with a  three year good behaviour bond - he is to serve three months in jail and on release should he breach the bond within three years will return to jail to complete the two year sentence

  At long last a custodial sentence has been imposed on a Veteran for misrepresenting his service to gain financial advantage from the Department of Veterans Affairs. ANZMI applauds all those who made this possible especially those members of Defence and Employment Platoon who assisted us in our original exposure of Kevin Quick.

When further details come to hand with regard to the recovery of the monies fraudulently obtained we will post a further update.

Below is a newspaper article that was written just prior to his sentencing.

23rd Sep 2012

Kevin Lionel Quick – The final curtain - Update – 16 Sep 12

Quick fraudulently claimed benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, for that crime he has spent time in prison, has been comprehensively exposed on our web site and suffered considerable disgrace in the National Media. On the up side for Quick, it appears that he got away with a net profit of $135,000 of Tax payers money.

The final chapter to Quick’s wannabe and criminal career was unfolded on the 17 July 2012 when he was arraigned before the Supreme Court in Sydney.  See the report below:



Quick is a criminal, who without conscience defrauded the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and therefore the Taxpayers of Australia. His actions and the subsequent reaction by DVA, has made it that little bit harder for needy Veterans to get their entitlements through the Government system. Much has been reported about Quick, none of that reported shows him in a good light, succinctly put, Quick is a criminal, a liar, a fraud and a wannabe.

If you meet him treat him as such.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.



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