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Surname: Nally
Christian Names: Christopher John
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Heathridge
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Christopher John NALLY of Heathridge Western Australia who served in the Australian Regular Army and Army Reserve from 1975 to 1991.During his time in the regular army he served with the Royal Australian Armoured Corps and the Australian Special Air Service. He was a fully qualified SAS operator for a number of years up to the time he discharged from the regular army and went back to the army reserve.


In 2007 the Australian SAS celebrated its 50th Anniversary which concluded with the 50th Anniversary Ball which is where Nally made a fatal mistake; he wore medals he was not entitled to.

“Chris Nally turned up at the ball and was wearing a number of medals which included the UK General Service Medal, Australian Active Service Medal (clasp Iraq), Australian Service Medal and other medals. He told me he got the UK GSM whilst serving with the RAAC when he went on Exercise Long Look in 1978 and they went to Northern Ireland and that he had permission to wear it.”

From another source,

“I was speaking to Chris one day and he told me he had been to Angola and Cambodia, but told me he won’t go into detail, he may tell me another time as he couldn’t talk about it at the time because of what he had seen.”

An investigation was carried out and information obtained from a number of sources which include a number of web sites.

From the Clarke Review of Veterans’ Entitlements transcript he states a couple of things:

“I joined the Military in `75, finished at '91, engineers, armoured SAS and Commandoes. “

 “A couple of other things is that being in the unit I was in, you can't tell a lot of what you did and where you did it, so therefore, a little statement that you can make is that thing never happened because you were never there.”

It is true that in Special Forces Units, you do not talk about what operations you carry out, but we all know thanks to the media, magazines and books that have been published where the Australian SAS has been and is on active service.

In a letter he sent to the following web site hereford@shropshirestar.co.uk   Nally has listed the units he served in as SAS Regt, 1 Commando Regt, 1st Armoured Regt and 10 Field Squadron, 7th Field Engineer Regiment.

If you note the dates he served in the army and after receiving information from a reliable source, Nally is entitled to wear only one medal and that is the Australian Defence Medal which he is not wearing in the photograph we received.

For readers of this site who are not familiar with medals we will start from left to right as you look at the photograph. The first five medals are official medals. The sixth medal is what we term a tin medal (an un-official medal produced by some associations and ex service organizations.) Those medals if worn should be on the right breast under the next of kin medals. You can carry out searches for most medals at the web site below.


To search the current Australian Defence Force Medals and the entitlement to them search the following web site:


The medals Nally is wearing are;

General Service Medal 1962 (GSM UK)this medal was last issued by the Australian Government to a few Australian soldiers that served in the early stages of the Vietnam War, before the Vietnam Medal was introduced.

The only other time the GSM can be worn is when a member of the ADF is attached to a unit in the UK on an exchange program and that unit goes into an operational area and it is issued to each member of the unit. First it has to be approved by the Australian Governor General before it is worn. This applies to all foreign awards.

Australian Active Service Medal 1975, issued to members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that have operated in a war like operational area. Nally has the clasp Iraq on his medal. Had Nally served in Iraq, he should be wearing the Iraq Campaign Medal with the AASM. The invasion of Iraq took place in 2003, long after he was finished with the ADF.

Australian Service Medal 1975 approved in 1988, and may be awarded for service in, or in connection with a prescribed non-warlike operation.

Champion Shots Medalonly one medal is issued each year to each service of the ADF. A search of the"Honoursand Awards" site was done and returned a nil result for Nally.

UNTAC Cambodia(United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia 1991-1993. The ASM clasp Cambodia was actually awarded for service to UNTAC 8th October to 14th November 1993. All up 16,000 personnel from 32 countries were involved.

Simpson Medal is an un-official medal bought from an organization which made the medal up and should never be worn with official medals.

Nally stated he received the GSM whilst with the Royal Australian ArmouredCorps on Exercise Long Look in 1978 in the UK when they went to Northern Ireland.

Below is the web site that gives theChronologicalHistory of the 1st Armoured Regiment from January 1946 to 2005. As can be seen there is no mention of them being in the UK in 1978.


4 Nov 1977;

A parade us held as the last Centurion departs.

Late 1977;

B SQN completes the last Leopard conversion course.

19 May 1978;

5 Officers, 1 Warrant Officer, 3 Sergeants and 96 Rank and File form part of the funeral party for the late Sir Robert Menzies KT, AK, CH.

30 Nov 1978;

EX Locust Eater is conducted in South Australia.

13 Nov 1979;

MAO163 TPR Paratus was enlisted into the ARA as the Regimental Mascot.

Why Chris Nally wore those medals to the ball knowing full well that other members he served with would be there, we will never know. One thing we do know is he has lost the respect of members he served with in the SAS Regiment as well as ex members who served before and after him. He has brought disgrace upon himself and his family.

He has shown no respect towards the SAS Regiment especially those that have and are serving on active service. More importantly to those members of the Regiment who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

For this he will grace our web site for the rest of his life.

We have been reliably advised that he has been banned from the home of the SAS Regiment.

Updated 4th Feb 2011

Since the case of Christopher Nally appeared on our web site, we have received a few emails regarding the GSM and Exercise Long Look.

Regarding the GSM, the case deals with a soldier claiming to have been issued the medal in 1978. In 1975 the Australian government stopped using the Imperial medals and manufactured a set of Australian medals.

General Service Medal 1962 (GSM UK)this medal was last issuedby the Australian Government to a few Australian soldiers that served in the early stages of the Vietnam War, before the Vietnam Medal was introduced.

This medal was also issued to Australian servicemen who took part in the Malaya and Borneo confrontations.

Nally stated he received the GSM whilst with the Royal Australian Armoured Corps on Exercise Long Look in 1978 in the UK when they went to Northern Ireland.

This information was checked through a number of very reliable sources and the result was that he was not on the list and had never been issued this medal on Exercise Long Look by the government of the United Kingdom.

Exercise Long Look was an exchange program started in the 1970’s were an individual serviceman would be exchanged with a member of a similar unit in the United Kingdom so that each serviceman could see how their counterparts operated and they could exchange ideas. Of the persons I know of, the exchanges would be of serviceman holding the rank of Senior Non-commissioned Officers (SNCO) Sergeant and Staff Sergeants. Warrant Officer and Officers.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Nancarrow
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:
Major Barry Nancarrow (Retired) – Chief Commissioner Salvation Army Red Shield Defence Services


Dear lord, here we have a Salvo adding a bit of unauthorized weight to his rack. The position of his left hand, may also indicate that Nancarrow is a skilled billiards player.



Nancarrow has added a Salvation Army Long Service Order to his rack. It is the second last medal on the right.  It is not a Australian Defence Medal and therefore must not be worn on the left side with his issued Defence Medals.  Adding to the offence, Nancarrow has been unable to procure the correct ribbon for the medal and has purchased and added a bit of rag he has picked up from somewhere.

Note the colour of the ribbon on Nancarrow’s rack and then note the actual ribbon for this medal





When asked about the medal Nancarrow said “My RSM made me wear it” Of course a man of the cloth would never prevaricate and therefore there must be a misguided Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) on the loose.

We are reliably advised  there are other Red Shield operators wearing this medal as part of their rack. For instance below is a photograph of the medals of Henry May, a Salvation Army Red Shield Welfare Officer serving in South Australia, note the inclusion of the offending medal. It is a sad situation when the unit Henry May is serving with are unable to advise him on medals protocol - but then again, it may be that same renegade RSM who advised Nancarrow to "put it up".

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Neath
Christian Names: Kenneth Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Eden
Service #: R65781
Service: RAN
Branch: Marine Engineering
Commencement of service: Oct 66
Completion of service: May 69
Case Notes:




Just when we thought we had cleaned up the Navy's propensity to wear tin medals, along comes Kenneth Edward Neath a prime example of wearing "Vanity" medals that are nothing more than worthless tin junk.

Neath has been awarded four medals for his service, but wears six.  The last two are self purchased duplications of the second and third medals. 

He was awarded these:

They are:

Australian Active Service Medal(AASM) for service in Vietnam

VietnamLogistic and Support Medal(VLSM), for service as a member or crew of a ship  in the prescribed area of operations of Vietnam in support of Australian forces

Australian Service Medal(ASM) with Clasp FESR for his service with the Far East Special Reserve for service in South East Asia and

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)for completing his enlistment period in the RAN

Here are the worthless duplications of his second and third awarded medals:

These medals are Commemorative self purchased junk created by Navy Associations.  As such if they are to be worn at all, they should be worn on the right breast. These two medals would have cost Neath more that $120 and do nothing more than feed his vanity to be seen as a Veteran  with six medals instead of four.

Neath also wears his Return from Active Service Badge (RASB)  together with his genuine and fake medals.

This is a common fault in the Veteran Community and whilst not a big offence it is not what the badge was meant for. See here:

Despite our efforts to eradicate the wearing of "Tin" Vanity Medals we are sure that soon we will be publishing more offenders

We welcome Kenneth Edward Neath to our ever expanding list of medals cheats.



The appearance of Neath on the ANZMI site in 2014 does not seem to have fazed him at all. On top of that, successive RSL Sub-Branch Executives seem to have turned a blind eye to his continual attendance at commemorative services in Eden and Merimbula, wearing the abomination medals and perpetuating his dishonesty.

Neath pops up at the 2015 Centenary of ANZAC service in Eden, still with all his medals on show.


Neath U1


In 2016, Neath once again pops up, this time at the Vietnam Veterans Day service in Merimbula. Once again he is wearing his dodgy medals. He even gets interviewed for the local media (Merimbula Magnet online), with the following being reported about his Vietnam service:

“Vietnam War veteran Ken Neath from Eden was in the crowd. He worked in the engine room of the HMAS Melbourne in 1967 while it was flying night operations into north Vietnam, then on the MV Jeparit in 1968 – the “most controversial ship in the war”


Neath u2


Neath was posted to HMAS Melbourne for the period February to August 1967.

Every month, the Commanding Officer of HMA Ships will provide a Report of Proceedings (ROP), to the Admiral, summarising the activities of that ship and other noteworthy items. ROPs for vessels involved in all Australian conflicts, up to Vietnam, are a matter of public record and can be viewed on the Australian War Memorial website.

An inspection of HMAS Melbourne’s ROPs for the period of Neath’s posting, shows:

February 1967

Alongside Garden Island undergoing refit.

March 1967

1-17              Alongside Garden Island undergoing refit.

17-31            Sydney/Jervis Bay area performing workups.

April 1967

1-30              Workups and exercises on East Coast.

May 1967

1-9                Passage to Rabaul (commence FESR duties).

10-18            Passage to Subic Bay, Phillipines.

19-25            Passage to Yokohama, Japan.

29-31            Passage to Kure, Japan.

June 1967

1-3                At Kure, Japan.

3-21              Passage to and alongside Hong Kong.

21-30            Passage to and alongside Singapore.

July 1967

1-5                Singapore to Manila, Phillipines.

7-26              Exercise SEADOG with US Navy.

26-31            Passage to and alongside Singapore.

August 1967

1-8                Singapore to Fremantle (cease FESR duties).

8-11              Alongside Fremantle.

11-31            Passage to and alongside Sydney.

As you can see, there were no “flying night operations into north Vietnam” during this deployment. How long Neath has perpetuated this falsehood is anybody’s guess, but they say that if you lie to yourself often enough, you start believing that lie.

One may think that is all, but as they say on the TV, “But wait, there’s more”!

Neath can also be seen wearing the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).


Neath u3


The Australian Defence Medal was established on 20 March 2006 by Letters Patent. It recognises qualifying efficient service of current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) Regular and Reserve personnel, including National Servicemen, who have served since the end of World War II.

As for any medal, there are regulations and criteria for its award, namely:

The eligibility criteria requires completion of an initial enlistment period or four years service, whichever is the lesser. The criteria also includes those who could not serve the four-year qualifying period or complete an initial enlistment period for one or more of the following reasons:

  • he death of a member during service;
  • the discharge of the member as medically unfit due to compensable impairment;
  • the discharge of the member due to a prevailing discriminatory Defence policy, as determined by the Chief of the Defence Force or his or her delegate.

The Service Records for sailors who joined the Royal Australian Navy prior to 1970, are digitised and available to the public on the National Australian Archives (NAA) website.


Neath u4

The above copy of the front page of Neath’s “Ratings Record of Service Card” shows that he enlisted on 22 October 1966 and that enlistment period was for 9 years.


Neath u5


The rear of this document shows quite clearly that Neath received a “Free Discharge” (being one at own request) on 29 May 1969.

Neath did not complete his initial enlistment, nor did he complete at least 4 years service, having discharged just over 2 years and 6 months after enlistment. In no way has Neath qualified for the award of the ADM, another lie he has perpetuated.

Kenneth Edward Neath, you have already been called out once for your behaviour, but you have continued your charade and brought yourself attention once again.

To have been detected on the day of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan Commemorations, makes it even worse in the disrespect you have brought on your fellow veterans.

However, the blame cannot lay entirely with you. The fact that successive executives of various RSL Sub-Branches have knowingly and willingly let you partake in commemorative services is a clear indictment on their own integrity and fitness to hold such responsible office.

Surname: Nelson
Christian Names: Peter Stuart
Country: RAN
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Sandy Bay
Case Notes:

Nelsonisn’t entitled to any Defence Forces awards from this country or any other.

Since his discharge in 1972 he managed to elevate his Navy rank to Lieutenant Commander Ret and attended commemorative occasions such as Anzac Day wearing his impressive array of decorations and awards.

He offered proof of his war service, with a unit he calls Joint Forces Special Operations Command, in the form of citations for bravery under fire. These citations are all dated 6 December 1972 so his heroic actions must have taken place sometime during his RAN service that he began at age 16. Strange, his CV that covers this period of time only mentions him being in the Navy and resigning due to “Pressing family needs”

A Junior Sailor “Resigning” from service? You weren’t tossed out of the Navy, were you Pete?

Returned Servicemen in Tasmania soon found good reason to have Nelson charged with impersonation of a Naval Officer and Returned Serviceman, he appeared in Hobart Magistrates Court.

The Magistrate found him guilty and fined him Aust.$170.    $30 short of the allowable maximum at that time. He has yet to be sentenced on criminal matters.

This article appeared in 2003.

 These citations  were written by someone who is not an American, it was probably Peter himself. He’s been charged with forging and uttering, theft, and computer fraud so it’s very likely.

These above are the citations that Nelson presented as proof of service and awards. He was born in 1954 and accomplished all this as an officer at age 18?

Note the English/Australian way of spelling HONOUR (twice above) Americans spell the word, HONOR.

Also, genuine citations do not contain personal messages.

One more thing is that in the final paragraph JFSOG is mentioned. Note that earlier we had JFSOC, Joint Forces Special Operations Command. It appears that this has changed to Joint Forces Special Operations Group. SOG? The Phoenix Programme?

Sorry Pete, the acronym SOG stands for something else.

Also note the logo at the top of the page, it’s nothing like the US Defense Dept. logo.

Not a bad attempt at forgery but you’ve been caught out again. Your incorrect spelling and the use of an incorrect logo were a couple of bad mistakes. Almost as bad as the mistake you made thinking that Returned Servicemen and Women are fools and would not discover your charade. You made another blunder in some coding when you typed your last citation too, but we won’t tell anyone.

By the way, we just loved your CV's. You certainly played around with them over the years, no two are the same, and haven’t you done a lot of things in your 50 years on this good earth.

You  wrotein one CV that you served in the RAN from January 1970 to June 1972, this was the only mention you made about RAN service in all seven CVs that we have on file.

We also note that you passed the Leaving Certificate (Year 11) at age 14. Surely a person with that kind of intelligence wouldn’t be doing the things you have been doing. Another time you’ve been caught out.

Dr. Peter Stuart Nelson. B.A. (University of South Australia) M.A. and PhD. (Pacific Western University, California) 

Good ol’ Pac Western U is located in Suite 205,  1650 Westwood Boulevard,  Los Angeles.

A degree mill, they churn out degrees over the internet.

We’ve got a better post nominal for Nelson…Prisoner 21154.

Below is what a real U.S. Military citation's wording looks like. The facts, and nothing but the facts.


Rank and organization: Hospital Corpsman Second Class, U.S. Navy, Company M, 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division. Place and date: Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, 16 May 1968. Entered service at: Kansas City, Mo. Born: 5 December 1945, Kansas City, Mo. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life and beyond the call of duty while serving as a HC2c. with Company M, in connection with operations against enemy aggressor forces. During the afternoon hours, Company M was moving to join the remainder of the 3d Battalion in Quang Tri Province. After treating and evacuating 2 heat casualties, HC2c. Ballard was returning to his platoon from the evacuation landing zone when the company was ambushed by a North Vietnamese Army unit employing automatic weapons and mortars, and sustained numerous casualties. Observing a wounded marine, HC2c. Ballard unhesitatingly moved across the fire swept terrain to the injured man and swiftly rendered medical assistance to his comrade. HC2c. Ballard then directed 4 marines to carry the casualty to a position of relative safety. As the 4 men prepared to move the wounded marine, an enemy soldier suddenly left his concealed position and, after hurling a hand grenade which landed near the casualty, commenced firing upon the small group of men. Instantly shouting a warning to the marines, HC2c. Ballard fearlessly threw himself upon the lethal explosive device to protect his comrades from the deadly blast. When the grenade failed to detonate, he calmly arose from his dangerous position and resolutely continued his determined efforts in treating other marine casualties. HC2c. Ballard's heroic actions and selfless concern for the welfare of his companions served to inspire all who observed him and prevented possible injury or death to his fellow marines. His courage, daring initiative, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of extreme personal danger, sustain and enhance the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



Surname: Nemtsas
Christian Names: Stanley Demitrios
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Merbein
Service: CMF/Army Reserves
Case Notes:

Stanley Demetrios Nemtsas, born 18th March, 1938.  1 Third Street , Merbein, Victoria.

Stan Nemtsas is the Senior Vice President of the Mildura RSL which he claims he joined in 1964 and a member of the National Servicemen's Association, Mallee Sub-Branch, Mildura. He was a member of the Board of Management at the Sunraysia Regional Veterans Centre.

Stan is another senior member of an Ex-Servicemen's Organization who claims to have been on Active Service in South Vietnam in this case with the Australian Special Air Service. He has also boasted of being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his service in Vietnam which he could not talk about as it was "hush, hush", secret business.

He has also claimed that he was called up for National Service on the 30th December, 1958.

He was photographed on VP Day 2005 wearing only three medals, Reserve Forces Medal,  National Medal and the National Service Medal.

In actual fact he only served in the CMF/Army Reserve for a period of 29 years, was never a National serviceman and did not serve with the SAS  or serve on active service in South Vietnam or anywhere else for that matter.   For the full story on Nemtsas go


All statements that refute some of the alleged claims that Nemtsas has made come from the following sources:  
personal experience,
very reliable sources from the units that Nemtsas has claimed he trained with government bodies, and
Statutory Declarations from persons that Nemtsas has made these claims to.


 Stan is alleged to have stated on a number of occasions that he served with the SAS on active service in South Vietnam and received a Certificate of Appreciation for his service in South Vietnam.

 One of the Statutory Declarations comes from an ex SAS member who lives in   the area and he stated that he has received reports over a ten year period from various sources that Nemtsas had made claims that he served with the SAS  in Vietnam.

He had spoken to Nemtsas about this in the past and Nemtsas denied making such claims. He recently was contacted by a Vietnam Veteran who advised him that Nemtsas had repeated this claim to another person who's name we have and more recently to some members of the Mildura Pistol Club.

He also states that when he attended a recent RSL funeral service conducted by Nemtsas, Stan used terms when speaking of Veterans as "we, us, etc" in such a manner that anyone, who did not know he was not a Veteran, would believe he was a war veteran.

On his CV for election to the RSL committee, he refers to having trained with the SAS In an apparent endeavour to associate his name with SAS service.

Any soldier who trained in the ADF while the SAS existed could make this claim, but would not, as they would know what such a statement implied.

Another person provided a Statutory Declaration   stating that a few years back Nemtsas had boasted about receiving a Certificate of Appreciation for his service in Vietnam, Nemtsas then went on to tell him that:
 "he couldn't talk too much about what he had done during the war as he had served over there with the SAS and that a lot of what he had done was "hush, hush", secret business."   Nemtsas has made mention of being SAS a number of times since then and I have come to learn that he only served with the CMF and even as someone who never served in the Military, I feel that this is a disgrace and is a blight upon the memory of those who truly did their duty and did their country proud.

Stan Nemtsas even tried to make a claim for a DVA Pension stating that he had done Active Service with the SAS.

A Statutory Declaration from a Pension Officer at the Sunraysia Regional Veteran's Centre states that Nemtsas during the last 3-4 months of 1997 approached the above office requesting assistance with a pension from the Department of Veteran's Affairs.


When questioned about his service, Nemtsas stated that he served in South Vietnam with the SAS . His pension application was handed to another Pension Officer and it was registered at the centre as claim number 0016/97.

We became suspicious of his service and through investigations conducted, we learnt that Nemtsas did not serve in the Regular Army with the SAS, nor did he go to South Vietnam. He only served with the then CMF (ARES) for approximately 30 years.



On another occasion Stan Nemtsas was involved in running a Bingo Raffle on a Saturday night at the Mildura RSL.


There are two Statutory Declarations from this person who stated Nemtsas asked this person to change chairs with him and when this person asked why? Nemtsas stated that he cannot stand people behind him and that he had been to Heidelberg Repat on several occasions for treatment for his war caused injuries.

This person also received a threatening phone call from an unknown male person on the 28 Mar 05 stating "If you sign that affidavit you are f**king dead".

When Nemtsas joined the CMF on the 12th of July, 1965, he filled out two forms. Application for enlistment and Personal Data Sheet and on both forms he indicated "No" to any previous Military Service.  These forms are shown above.

He submitted a resume to the Mildura RSL in January 2005 for re-election in the February Elections at that Branch.  That resume is shown below


 That is the end of the resume, now to cover the claims Nemtsas has made in that resume . Due to the 30 year limit a copy of his Record of Service only covers up to 1974.

Nemtsas was never called up for National Service as is proved by his Record of service and his own admission on his Enlistment Form, but he wears the medal which he is not entitled to. He is a member of the National Servicemen's Association Mallee sub-branch Mildura, which was formed in October 1993.

At the time of this investigation, the Office Bearers were:

President:                 Reg Perry

Vice President:         Peter Whitfield

Secretary:                Jim Petter

Asst Secretary:        Lionel Ling

Treasurer:                Thomas Elliott

In 1951, during the Korean War, National Service was introduced. All Australian males aged 18 years had to register for 176 (later 140) days of training. In 1957 the system was changed to emphasize skill rather than numbers. The system was ended in 1959.

Nowhere in his Record of Service does it indicate that Nemtsas was posted to or did a course with 1 and 2 Commando Companies or the SAS.

There may have been personnel from both Commando Companies and the SAS on a course he was on or he may have participated in an exercise involving soldiers from those units .






Basic Parachute Course, 9th May 69 to 6th June 69 .

Nemtsas did do a Basic Parachute course. They were conducted for 1 and 2 Commando Coy personnel and if there were any vacancies left on these courses, they were made open to other CMF units.  As can be seen below Nemtsas at the time of his parachute course was in RA Inf.  Separate courses were held for Regular Defence Force personnel.


Underwater Demolition Course.  

There is no record of Nemtsas on any of his service documents available to indicate having done such a course.  Before a person can do an Under Water Demolition Course in the Commando Companies or the SAS, they first have to qualify as a Small Craft Handler, then complete a Shallow Water Assault Swimmers Course (Shallow Water Diver).

Trained as a Sniper.

There were no sniper courses done in the Australian Army till around   the late 1970's as the army was still carrying out trials on which sniper rifle they were going to purchase for soldiers trained as snipers.

Prior to purchasing a sniper rifle the army only had the .303 Lee Enfield rifles with 1918 telescopic sights and ammunition made in 1942.

That rifle had long been replaced by the 7.62 mm Self Loading Rifle better known as the SLR when Nemtsas served in the CMF.

Joined the Mildura RSL in 1964

Stanley Demetrious NEMTSAS, State Branch Membership Number 1072252 first joined the RSL 22 Jun 77, Unit of Service shown on his form, 2 Royal Victorian Regiment (2RVR).

One would think that the Mildura RSL would have carried out some proper checks especially after receiving his resume with so much false information. Maybe this will be a wake up call for them to conduct proper checks of its members .



At the time of investigation the Committee members for 2005 were:

President                               Allan Wilson

Snr Vice                                 President Stanley Nemtsas

Jnr Vice President                Les Dean

Treasurer                               Helen Jack

Firearm Safety Training Officer training the Mildura Police and the Department of Justice.

A reliable source from the Victorian Police Force stated that all Police Officers are trained by qualified Police Firearms Instructors of which two are stationed at Mildura Police.

As for the Department of Justice, Nemtsas must mean the Department of Corrections according to the police source and they don't have firearms.

President of Army Association of Victoria Inc.

Enquiries revealed there is an organization by that name registered with the Victorian Consumer Affairs number A0031820U on 8 Aug 95 and the public officer on the registration form is James William Walter PETTER who happens to be the Secretary of the National Servicemen's Association Mallee sub-branch.

There is no mention of Nemtsas on the form.   Nemtsas does get a mention as the contact person for that organization under the Mildura Council web site for the Survivor Mildura Masters in which Nemtsas conducts adventure training in compass and map reading at $10.00 per person.

President of the National Servicemen's Association.

Checks with a past President of the main Branch of the National Servicemen's Association turned up a negative result. They had never heard of him. It appears that the Queensland Branch is the only one that only accepts National Servicemen, the others accept anyone.

Enquiries with the Mallee sub-branch received the following response.

To whom it may concern:

I do not like people telling me not to pass this on to Stan Nemtsas.

As far as the Association is concerned Stan is an ex Nasho and proud of it.

I will support him in any way possible in this matter and furthermore it
will be tabled at our next General Meeting next month for our Sub-Branch to take any action required.

Furthermore this email will be given to Stan Nemtsas at my earliest
convenience, in fact I will email it to him with this reply.

Jim Petter

It would be interesting to know if the Secretary Jim PETTER a friend of Stan Nemtsas actually followed through by tabling the information at that General Meeting and if so. What action was taken. It is also obvious that no proper checks were carried out by this sub-branch.

He was a Youth Training Officer with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and did teach Scouts and other youth groups in the area.

One would wonder what tall stories have been told and it would be interesting to hear from these persons that were taught certain skills by Nemtsas.

I have received information that Nemtsas used to wear Vietnam Medals but stopped once it became obvious that he was not a Vietnam Veteran. It is an offence under Federal Law to wear medals when you are not entitled to them and that includes the National Service Medal.

If anyone has a photograph of Nemtsas wearing the Vietnam Medals you can contact us at information@anzmi.net  and the matter will be followed up with further action.

In conclusion I will say that I have been advised that there are a number of people in the Mildura area that can give further evidence as to the lies Nemtsas has told over the years regarding Active Service with the Australian SAS in South Vietnam and I urge you to do so out of respect for the real Veteran's both living and those that lost their lives.

From the evidence collected it is quite obvious that Nemtsas was never called up for National Service nor had he ever served with the SAS  or been to South Vietnam on Active Service.

Stan Nemtsas you are quite entitled to wear your Reserve Forces Medal and the National Medal but you have no right to wear the National Service Medal or the Vietnam medals.

I now go back to two points in his resume:

Holds a very high value to the Mildura RSL Sub-Branch.

As a past Senior Vice President I can see myself carrying on as to the good of the RSL and its values.

Stanley Nemtsas I have this to say after all the evidence I have in my possession. You have no values and you have misled a large number of people by your lies and deceit for your own personal gain and gratification.

You have trulydishonouredyourself, your family and people who trusted you.

You deserve anything that comes your way when the real Veteran's learn of your shameful lies and deceit.

21 Feb 2006



31st Aug 2010

Update Stanley Demetrious Nemtsas – Mildura, Victoria

It is with pleasure that we announce that Nemtsas has been expelled from the Victoria Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia for falsely claiming to have served as a National Serviceman.  This positive action by an Ex Servicemen’s Association (ESO) is applauded and indicative of the growing awareness within ESOs of the necessity to maintain integrity by not allowing scurrilous wannabes  infesting and distorting organisations.

Well done Victoria Branch. We are always prepared to apply our expertise to assist ESOs. 


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Newbold
Christian Names: Alexanda
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: None
Case Notes:

Alexanda Newbold of Adelaide South Australia (SA) claims to have been a Commissioned Officer in the Australian Army. He is involved with the SA Scouting Movement and proudly shows "his" campaign medals to impressionable fellow scouts.


Notice that Newbold wears an array of Campaign Medals as well as an Infantry Combat Badge to "prove" his claims to be a returned Army Veteran.

Australian Active Service Medal
Afghanistan Medal
Australian Service Medal
Australian Defence Medal
The Afghanistan NATO Medal
When Newbold married, he wore the medals with the full ceremonial dress of a 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) Commissioned Officer, together with a coveted Sherwood Green Commando Beret and a Sword. Unfortunately we have no photographs of this event, however as is the usual case one may turn up after publication.

In fact, other than a Boy Scout's sneaker, Newbold has never pulled on a Defence boot of any kind. He is an unscrupulous liar, cheat and wannabe. There should be no place for him in Scouting Movement as it includes keen young Australians who would naively give misdirected homage to Newbold for his false Military achievements.

During the early stages of this investigation, we contacted the Scouting Movement of South Australia and advised them of Newbold's dishonesty. Since then Newbold has turned himself into South Australian State Police, confessed his criminal activities in relation to the Defence Act 1903, where he is in breach of Part VII Sections 80A and 80B, which state there is a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both for:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

We hope the South Australian Police do their duty and put him before a Magistrate.

Wearing campaign medals and combat badges is easy, earning them is another thing. Many Australians have died earning the medals that Newbold is wearing, and untold thousands of others suffer from the experience of earning medals whilst serving their country in war. Wearing medals without earning them is unacceptable, hurtful and offensive behaviour.

As sung by the musical icon Slim Dusty, this is the "Land of no Second Chance". We do not pick and choose whether a person is exposed based on extenuating circumstances. Be assured if you falsely claim to be a returned veteran your infamy will be recorded here.

For his dishonesty and his yearning to be seen as a decorated returned veteran, Newbold has well earned his place on this web site.

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