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Surname: McLarnon
Christian Names: Robert Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Hervy Bay
Case Notes:

Robert Richard McLARNON,

born 28 June 1957 at Belfast, County Antrim, of the Hervey Bay area Queensland, a man of adventure, excitement, fought in many areas with different civil and military units all over the world and killed 400 people whilst attached to 22 SAS UK.

We think he has a very good imagination and should be writing books on his factitious world of fantasy.

McLarnon claims to have served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) from 30 June 1975 until 14 June 1982 Northern Ireland during which time he was attached  3rd QRF (Quick Reaction Force), 22 SAS United Kingdom . A total number of 7 years service with the RUC and 22 SAS.

The QRFwas part of the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) is Britain's newest special operations unit. Formed around a core component of members of the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment (1para), with additional troops from the Royal Marines and the RAF regiment, the SFSG provides infantry and specialised support to SAS and SBS special operations.

You will note under Campaign and Service medals, he states he was awarded the Police Service Medal which denotes the award of the George Cross, no other medals are mentioned. More on that medal later under medals entitlements.

Again in these documents he is only claiming service with the RUC and 22 SAS as part of an RUC Police Special Services Unit stationed at “D” Division Head Quarters, North Belfast and no mention of service with the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) a military unit.

A specialist anti-terrorist unit was formed and named the Special Patrol Group as a part of the RUC. It was formed in the early 1970’s and disbanded in 1980. The unit was made up of RUC police officers who received special training in handling side arms (semi-auto pistols) and sub-machine guns. They were used for high risk arrests or searches of houses for weapons and bombs. They may have worked with Special Force (SF) units on occasions but were not part of an SF unit.

He also claims to have been Parachute Regiment trained. This is highly unlikely as he was a Police Officer who is a civilian and not a member of the Defence Force. Only military personnel from all branches of the Defence Forces can do a Basic Static Line Parachute course if it is requirement for them to carry out their duties. Members of the Defence Forces applying for a Special Force unit, if not already qualified, must pass the Selection Course for that unit before going on to qualify as a Basic Static Line Parachutist and further advanced parachute courses.

He has made claims of serving in a number of countries in operations in the UK, Europe, North Africa and Central America whilst a member of the RUC attached to 22 SAS.

The British Army was in Northern Ireland from 1969 through to 1997 when 30,000 troops were withdrawn reducing the force to just 5,000, with the last group 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment vacating the Army complex on 25 June 2007. The RUC was renamed in 2001 as the Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI).

Research on the internet shows RUC officers did serve in Bosnia and Kosovo as peace keepers, which would have only occurred after NATO and United Nations intervened which ended the hostilities between the warring parties. Hostilities took place in Bosnia between April 1992 and December 1995, in Kosovo that occurred between 1998 and 1999. Only a small group of PSNI officers are recorded as serving in Iraq to train police in the town of Basra after the fall of Saddam.

As for his service records McLarnon can apply for a record of his service with the RUC and any military unit he served with through the appropriate channels in the UK to confirm his service and he is aware of this as he has stated that himself.

On looking at this document, it looks nothing like any military documents ANZMI have seen over the years. The title for 22 SAS is not 22nd Special Air Service. If you wish to read up on 22 Special Air Service Regiment, the correct title, click onto the following link.


Close Quarter Combat (CQB), it takes years of training to obtain a Black Belt in Martial Arts. The army runs Unarmed Combat Courses to deal with hand to hand fighting. CQB is part of Counter Terrorist Training which includes firing pistols and sub-machine guns at close quarters and being able to instinctively get a head shot without having to aim in the split seconds you have to react and avoid hitting any hostages. It takes a long time and training to reach that stage.

If you look at the “Required Training-Passed Date”, the year is 1975, the same year he joined the RUC. What would take years to get the qualifications listed, McLarnon appears to have done in a very short period of time. ANZMI does not think anything further needs to be said about that document.

As you can see from his application to join the Tri-Service Retreat Inc, he repeats his claims to have served in the UK, Europe, North Africa, and Central America and only suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Further information received states he was wounded in action against the IRA.

You will also note that he uses the Post Nominals GC after his name. McLarnon has never been awarded a George Cross Medal and therefore is not entitled to place the Post Nominals after his name and he is not entitled to wear the RUC GC medal he is wearing when the RUC was awarded the George Cross Medal as a Unit Citation. Similar to the award made to the island of Malta during World War Two, which is shown on its flag.

He now has added that he served in the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), a military unit as well as the RUC. That would be done to cover him wearing the General Service Medal as it was not issued to the RUC.

We contacted the RUC George Cross Foundation giving them the information we had and received the following reply.


To answer your questions

1 The award of the George Cross was to the organisation and therefore no one is allowed to wear a George Cross or to have the post numerals GC.

2 It would appear that Mr R McLarnon served in the RUC but as a member of the Reserve.

3 He would be entitled to wear the RUC service medal which was issued long before the George Cross.

4 I have no indication that he served in the UDR but the Military General Service medal with the Northern Ireland bar would be appropriate for such services.

5 The service numbers are incorrect.

6 It is unlikely that he was attached to other arms as it is unlikely that he would have served outside Northern Ireland.

I also enclose a copy of another enquiry from Australia and the similarities are startling. Contact XXXXX XXXXXX (mail to: deleted) his enquiry dated 3 May 2008.


We also contacted the Ulster Defence Regiment and after sending out the information to branches, the following information was received.


Reply to one of my contacts from a man who served in SAS for 24 years. Excuse the abbreviated language..


Hi XXXXXX, see from XXX he was 22 SAS for 24 years,

Hi XXXXX Robert McLarnon is not entitled to wear SAS Tie or blazer badge, if he was only attached, you have got to have served with 21 SAS , 22 SAS ,23 SAS ,  Has he got a SAS association, number ? And he is wearing the Queens Jubilee, it was only awarded to all serving personal at the time and you must have 5 years service, it was awarded about 5 or 6 years ago. He would have been too young for Korea, Malaya and Borneo, Aden, if he was in the UDR from the start surly he would have the UDR medal, I would f..k him off ,hope this helps mate XXX ,you can pass this on to XXXX XXXXXX if you wish ,

We appreciate the assistance from the RUC George Cross Foundation and the UDR Association.

McLarnon also stated he was a member of the Campbelltown RSL NSW which he joined in 2002, badge number 15705 when he applied to join the Hervey Bay RSL. The President of Hervey Bay RSL contacted the President of Campbelltown  RSL and on checking their records back to 1998, they have no record of McLarnon being a member of their sub-branch.

We have received assistance from the Hervey Bay RSL and one of the members has supplied a Statutory Declaration in which you can read the exaggerated stories McLarnon has been telling the members.

He has made claims that he used his flak jacket to protect a pregnant woman who later gave birth to a son and called him Rob. He states he was a police officer in the Bronx area of New York in the USA, which is hard to believe considering you have to live in the USA for five years before getting citizenship to get a job with the military or government department. His exploits in South America and South Africa is also stretching the imagination.

His claim that he killed 400 people whilst he was attached to 22 SAS, stretching the fantasy a little bit more.

The biggest fantasy would have to be about the Bali bombings which took place on 12 October 2002 when 202 people were killed , 88 of them Australian and a further 240 injured. Being a secret group of ex SAS the Australian Government recruited them to go to Bali to take out the terrorists, but backed out at the last minute. McLarnon obviously does not know that Australia has its own SAS Regiment.

He wears the SAS beret and Badge most likely UK and has now taken to wearing the Commando beret. At present we do not have photos of him wearing either beret, but we would appreciate it, if someone does have a photograph of McLarnon wearing either beret if they could forward it to us. Next ANZAC Day would be a good time to get one if anyone sees him. He does believe his own lies as he has been telling them long enough to march next ANZAC Day wearing all his medals and either beret.

Robert McLarnon’s medals are a real mixture, most likely bought by McLarnon himself.

The RUC Medal GCissued 4 November 2001 Official, but not entitled to this medal (The RUC George Cross Foundation stated he may have been in the RUC Reserve and his service numbers are incorrect. Had he served in the RUC Reserve he would only be entitled to the original RUC medal issued in 1982)

This is the medal he should be wearing which was instituted on 20 July 1982 and not the one with the blue edges which was instituted 4 November 2001 when the RUC received the Unit Citation for the George Cross.

The RUC Medal, first medal instituted 1982




The RUC Medal showing it was awarded the George Cross as a Unit Citation, second medal.

Within two years of being awarded the George Cross the RUC was replaced by the PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland)

General Service Medal clasp Northern Ireland.Official medal, entitlement doubtful (The UDR Association no longer have access to the records and could not confirm that he served with them bearing in mind the two service numbers stated by Mc Larnon are incorrect and the fact that he claims to have been attached to 22 SAS Regiment serving with them all over the world. Also McLarnon makes no mention or gives any dates as to having served with the UDR in his application to join Hervey Bay RSL). He is not entitled to it by serving with the RUC as they were issued the RUC Service Medal.

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal 2002.Official medal, not entitled as he was here in Australia at the time and not a serving member of the British Military Forces.

The procedure for the issue of the Golden Jubilee Medal 2002 was entirely different. It was not offered to Australia for general issue to Australians. As a consequence, very few Australians are entitled to the Golden Jubilee Medal 2002. The only exception is the small number of people who received the medal as a personal gift from the British Government. For example, Australia’s only two living Victoria Cross recipients did receive the medal. (At the time)


Active Service Medal.Unofficial medal, what we refer to as a purchased tin medal and should not be worn.

Defence Meritorious Service Medal (USA) 3rd Highest Award, official medal, not entitled, only awarded to the US Military

The Defence Meritorious Service Medal

(DMSM) was established by Executive Order 12019 on 3 November 1977 and implemented by DOD 1348.33–M.

The DMSM shall be awarded in the name of the Secretary of Defence only to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after November 3, 1977, distinguished themselves by noncombat meritorious achievement or service.

Only under the most unusual circumstances will the DMSM be awarded as an impact award for outstanding TDY (Temporary Duty, US military abbreviation) achievement. The DMSM is specifically intended to recognize exceptionally meritorious service performance and to honour an individual's accomplishments over a sustained period.

The eagle is symbolic of the United States; the pentagon shape alludes to the Department of Defence, and the laurel wreath represents achievement. The colours, crimson and white, are duplicates of the colours of the Legion of Merit ribbon. Bluebird is the colour associated with the Department of Defence.

Note: Update of information received after ANZMI forward McLarnon’s documents to the RUC George Cross Foundation, Ulster Defence Regiment and the Police Service Northern Ireland.

From the RUC


I am advised that the military numbers are incorrect in that there are not sufficient digits. The number for the RUC GC service is incorrect and in fact we have identified the officer whose number it is.


This is from a soldier who served in the UDR.


I've just read his claims, and while it is unbelievable it also angers me when people claim to be something they quite obviously are not. In saying that I found myself shaking my head and smirking to myself in total disbelief at his claims, the man must be one of the biggest Walters I've ever heard of, and I can only imagine the stories he must have told his wife and family (and God knows who else) !!!

 I know that what I say may not be of any help or change anything, but from what he claims I have noted the following; -

He makes reference to the RUC and quickly states the award of the George Cross,  while he is correct in that the award of the GC was made to the RUC it was a 'collective' award and not to any individual as I think he is trying to imply (now that he's living in Queensland where nobody knows him I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually wearing one).

 The RUC never had a Special Service Unit. They did have SPG (Special Patrol Groups). These groups received more range/weapon training than the ordinary policeman and would have been called in after intelligence was received to carry out searches for weapons, etc. while the ordinary policeman would have manned the cordon, etc , but they certainly didn't have a 'specialised unit' that worked solely with the SAS on a regular basis as he implies.

The RUC would have had dealings with Special Forces, just as they had with all units and Regiments in the province, but this would have been carried out by Special Branch in order to supply information and if an operation was to be carried out then either the area would have been sterilised completely or the RUC/Army/UDR would have been used to patrol the area at a distance. They were never attached to the Special Forces as he again would have you believe. He may have been in the RUC and he may have been on a particular job knowing that something was happening, but he certainly would not have been doing what he implies as an RUC officer.

 As a Soldier I was also of the opinion that to even apply for the SAS (or Special Forces) you first had to have five years Military Service. As a member of the RUC (a policeman) he was a 'civilian',  if I've got this right I gather that he only served in the RUC and that he had no further Service after leaving them in 1982 ???  If that is so then I find it impossible to believe, or even consider, that the SAS would train a 'civilian' in all the things he claims, particularly when his 'certificate' clearly states that HALO is a requirement ??????  And why on earth would a mere policeman need to be Para trained? OK, he may have done a parachute jump (as many of us have) but that doesn't make him 'Parachute Regiment trained' ... and I can't believe that anyone could be deceived by anything he has produced as it's clearly fake, just as he is.

Please keep me informed. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he perhaps served in the RUC, but I think I can safely say that he was never in the Ulster Defence Regiment. Thankfully the good, decent, honourable and brave officers and Soldiers of the RUC and UDR more than make up for the likes of Mr, McLarnon.


As can be seen from the information received by the RUC George Cross Foundation, the UDR Association and the documents in McLarnon’s own hand as well as the lies he has told, McLarnon does live in a world of fantasy. As he is in Australia, he most likely thought he would get away with spinning his false yarns. His time has run out and he has lost a lot of friends he had by telling tall stories.

We do expect more information will be forth coming once this goes to air.

For his actions Robert McLarnon will grace our web site for the world to see as he has stolen the valour of the real police officers of the RUC who died or were injured doing their duty.

 He has tarnished his name and brought shame on himself and family. He has also shown a total disrespect to 22 SAS Regiment, Royal Ulster Constabulary, and Ulster Defence Regiment and to the meaning of medals he falsely wears.

29th May 2011

We have received more information and more photographs of Mclarnon, a couple of him wearing the UK SAS beret. McLarnon was never a member of the UK SAS and is not entitled to wear the beret or any other items which indicate he was a member of the UK SAS, such as the tie, badge on his jacket, lapel badge, let alone the beret

We have also received a copy of a document created by McLarnon as a history of his military service and service to the community. In the document he states he did active service from 1975 to 1982. In his Statutory Declaration already on his case page you will see that service was only with the RUC and allegedly attached to 22 SAS UK. This we know is false. As you will see earlier in the case he supplied incorrect service numbers for the RUC and believe this service to be false.

He claims to have participated in a US exchange program with the New York Police Department serving with the 41st Precinct in the Bronx. It has been confirmed with the RUC that no exchange program with the New York Police was ever in place during that time period.

He also claims to have served with the 1st Battalion Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) in a Recon Platoon. We have been contacted by a member that served in that Battalion at the time. He advised us that no battalion in the UDR had a Recon Platoon and he and others do not recall his McLarnon’s name or that he served in the 1st Battalion UDR. McLarnon fails to state what years he served with the UDR.

As our ex UDR member stated everybody knew who was in their battalion, you may not know everyone in the Regiment which would have consisted of a number of battalions, but most certainly you would know members of your own unit.

The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross was awarded as a unit citation to both the Ulster Defence Regiment and the Home Service Battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment in October 2006. As the United Kingdom does not have unit citation medals or insignias as the Australian forces, members wore a small CGC lapel badge either on their lapel or on the ribbon of their Northern Ireland Campaign Service Medal, the General Service Medal. The RUC have two lapel badges, one indicating the issue of the George Cross. Another lapel badge that has popped up is an SAS/RUC lapel badge. With the recent killing of an Irish police officer by hard line IRA (Irish Republican Army), it is doubtful if anyone would wear a lapel badge that would make them a target for the IRA.

It appears McLarnon is a born liar and fraud who has made up a false CV of what he has done during his lifetime. We already know from a retired New South Wales police Sergeant that McLarnon’s claims of being a private instructor to the NSW Tactical Response Team is false as each State Police Force would have their own instructors that would have been trained by the Australian SAS in Counter Terrorist work.

 As for the rest of the information he has put in the document, it should be treated as very doubtful especially his claim of have a degree in Criminal Law. He does fail to mention with which University and when he received these degrees.

McLarnon is an out right liar and lives in a world of his own making up stories as he goes and expects people to believe him.

You will notice in the Statutory Declaration supplied by our informant that McLarnon is under investigation for discrepancies in funds when he was the Treasurer of the Tri Service Retreat Inc which sends parcels to our troops serving overseas which we highly commend them for. The discrepancies are between his reports and the bank statements, so what else does that make him. A large sum of money has mysteriously appeared in the Tri Service Hervey Bay Inc account. It is not known who placed the money in the account.

Robert McLarnon you have made many enemies within the area you live. Our advice to you is to get rid of false medals and desist from telling any more outlandish lies about your service as we have been informed that three English gentlemen turned up on ANZAC Day looking for you, but you were nowhere to be seen



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: McLean
Christian Names: Wayne N
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Ballarat
Case Notes:

Wayne N McLean  of Delacombe near Ballarat Victoria

According to Wayne McLean at the age of eighteen years he was dodging bullets as a helicopter medic participating in the battle of the siege of Khe Sanh in Vietnam.  To be a successful wannabe you have to know your military history and when it comes to Military History you have to be damn good to beat us. On our side we have thousands of Veterans who have served in every theatre of war from World War 2 until present time. 



Khe Sanh was a vicious battle between USA Marines and North Vietnamese from 21 January 1968 to 8 April 1968.  McLean was born on the 11 July 1951 which means that he was seventeen years and ten months old at the conclusion of the famous battle. Here is a photo of his Victorian  Driver’s Licence clearly showing his birth date.


We know, and any amateur Vietnam historian knows that no Army personnel were deployed to Vietnam until after their nineteenth birthday, so 1951 rules out Wayne as a Combat Medic.

According to McLean he was posted to the Australian 1st Armoured Regiment Squadron as a “Medic” and then detached to a United States Helicopter Air Ambulance “Dustoff” unit.

Of course we won’t find an official service record because he claims to have changed his name. We have checked every person in A, B and C Squadrons of 1st Armoured Regiment who served in Vietnam and there is no person named McLean and no person from the Royal Australian Medical Corps with the first or second name of Wayne.

Wayne spins garbage war stories, here is an example:

“On his first mission as a “Dustoff” helicopter medic, the African American pilot of the aircraft offered him his first marijuana cigarette.

His helicopter was involved in transporting approximately ninety wounded soldiers, on sequential missions, eighty of the casualties died” 

We hold a properly signed and witnessed Statutory Declaration from a person who directly told of his war exploits, we have distorted some of the Statutory Declaration for security reasons:


Here is some information from a genuine dustoff Australian medical Corps soldier:

There was only one African American in 45th a crew chief. There just were not any African American  pilots that I saw and I was all over the place from Tan An in the Mekong Delta to Kartoum in the North and Cambodia in the West, never did I see an African American pilot and very few African American crew members.   The marijuana incident that “happened” in 1968, they probably were flying the UH-1C then, they were harder to fly as they did not have an automatic collective like the later UH-1H and as for the crew smoking pot whilst flying a difficult precision aircraft like the C model, no way.

The Battle of Khe Sanh was in 1968 in I Corps; 1st  Armoured Regiment arrived in Vietnam in February 1968 at Nui Dat in III Corps;  The battle was between the US Marines and the North Vietnamese Army;  The battle was fought between January and April of 1968;  The only Australians who contributed to the battle were the crews of 2 Squadron RAAF in providing air support;   Some Australian medics were seconded to the USA 45th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)  The 45th Medical Company serviced only the III Corps area. The battle of Khe Sahn was in I Corps area.

Wayne N McLean spins a twisted tale of service in Vietnam that to him would appear uncheck able, because he claims to have been attached to a USA unit and claims to have changed his name. It is easy to “pick holes” in his story because:

No one under the age of Nineteen years served with the Australian Army in Vietnam.

No Australian Medical Corps personnel worked with USA units servicing the I Corps area where the battle of Khe Sahn was fought.

Despite what is depicted in Rambo type movies, genuine Veterans know that helicopter pilots did not nonchalantly smoke marijuana whilst on operations.

Wayne N McLean of Delacombe near Ballarat in Victoria is a disgraceful liar and a wannabe.

We would like to hear from any other Veterans or ex Servicemen who have had the displeasure of meeting this fraud.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: McLean
Christian Names: James Ronald Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Wangaratta
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army
Branch: Armoured Corps
Commencement of service: 1984
Completion of service: 2006
Case Notes:




James McLean completed many years of respected Army Service mainly in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps where he was a skilled Crewman on Armoured vehicles. After his discharge he became a Fire Fighter in Victoria and seems to have run off his tracks.

Notice that McLean is wearing on his left breast:

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)        -  Not entitled

General Service Medal (GSM) (Imperial)  -  Not entitled

Australian Active Service Medal    -  Entitled

Defence Long Service Medal        -  Entitled

Australian Defence Medal             -  Entitled

United Nations UNTAC Medal       -  Entitled

Above, and to the right of his rack, he is wearing a newly presented National Emergency Medal. Awarded for service as a Fire Fighter, he is entitled to that medal.

His deception

The ICB is a prestigious badge awarded to  serving members of the Australian Army for service as an Infantryman in warlike operations. McLean has never served in such a roll.

The GSM is an imperial medal that McLean claims was awarded to him for service in Northern Ireland whilst attached to United Kingdom Forces during his Special Air Service Regiment service during the 1980s.  In fact McLean has never served with the SASR attached to UK Forces and never served in Northern Ireland.

We hold Statutory Declarations declaring that McLean has told people  he also spent two weeks in Somalia with SASR.  In addition he claims to have been on a solo exercise "mission"  in Bass Strait Victoria to "Retake" an oil/gas rig, however he misread the tides and drifted past the Rig and had to have his "ship" return and  pick  him up.

McLean does have a history with SASR in that he attended two selection courses, one in 1991 and another in 1992.  He failed to complete the courses and was withdrawn on both occasions.

McLean earned the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations UNTAC medal for Peacekeeping operations in Cambodia.  He earned the Australian Defence Medal and the Defence Long Service Medal  for completing years  of service in the Australian Army.  He earned the  National Emergency Medal for civilian fire fighting duties.

He should have been satisfied with his awards and his service, but for reasons known only to him he awarded himself an extra badge and medal.

McLean is a medals cheat, a liar, a wannabe and a fraud, he wears a prestigious badge he did not earn, a UK medal he did not earn and tells lies about having served on dangerous operations in the elite SASR.

McLean's reputation has now been sullied by his own actions.  Those who choose this path of false fame will, like McLean be exposed on this website.


Surname: McMurtrie
Christian Names: Darcy James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Darcy James McMurtrie


Darcy James McMurtrie almost served in Vietnam as a Guard at the Australian Embassy in Saigon.

 He was posted to the Australian Embassy Guard Platoon on Army Headquarters Posting Order SVN 6/73 dated 10th January 1973.  McMurtrie did not go to Vietnam, as the Posting Order was cancelled on the 2nd March 1973, because the Australian Embassy Guard Platoon was to be recalled to Australia in June 1973.



McMurtrie will tell those who will listen that he served in Vietnam with 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR), and was attached to the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

A genuine, and very well known ex SASR Vietnam Veteran met McMurtrie by chance, and McMurtrie gave him a “rundown” of his Vietnam service and details of a Parachuting accident that occurred whilst attending a Free Fall Parachuting Course, that left him with a prosthetic leg.

Below is a transcript from a Statutory Declaration that we hold: inter alia

“I met a Mr Darcy McMurtrie. During discussions with Mr McMurtrie he claims to have lost a leg during a course (Military Freefall Parachute) at the Army Parachute School. I was quickly able to establish that Mr McMurtrie was not telling the truth about his accident and that he never attended such a course at the Parachute School.

In further discussions with Mr McMurtrie he also told me that he was a Vietnam Veteran and had served with 7RAR (attached to SAS) during his service in Vietnam.  He also has a private car that has a large sticker on the rear window that says “Vietnam Veteran and Proud of it””

Below is further information from the genuine Veteran:

“McMurtrie was very passionate about him having lost his leg on a parachute jump at the parachute school, even after I told him he was talking to the ex xxxxx xxxxx  of training wing, and that he had never been to the parachute school let alone done a course there.. His reply was that he had been there and has a photograph of him in his black jump suit on the course. My reply was .. there’s your answer mate.... only instructors wore black suits and students wore orange suits...”

McMurtries Service Record shows that he did attend a Basic Parachute course at the Air Support Unit Army Component between 23 January and 15 February 1974. His records do not reflect any accidents or injuries associated with that course. A Basic Parachute Course is a long way different from a Military Freefall Parachute Course.


McMurtrie did not serve in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force and has never been attached to the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR). The last Australian Army units departed Vietnam in December 1972. McMurtries Certificate of Discharge shows no Overseas Service during his National Service from 30 September 1970 to 29 March 1972.


After being a civilian for eight months McMurtrie re-enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on the 11 December 1972.

McMurtrie continued with routine service. The last entry accessible on his file is dated mid 1982 when as a Private soldier he participated in Exercise Long Star in West Germany.

We know that McMurtrie has lied about serving in Vietnam with 7RAR attached to SASR, whether McMurtrie attended a Military Freefall Parachute course at some time after 1982 and injured his leg we don’t know, however, we do know that if he has a photograph of “himself” wearing a black jump suit during a descent it will be false.

McMurtrie is a wannabe fool who eventually told his story to the wrong person, and is now comprehensively exposed as a liar and wannabe. Because he lied about his military service his true military history is now available on this web site for all to see. Those who choose to gamble by grossly exaggerating their military history, have very high odds of joining McMurtrie and the hundreds of other liars frauds and wannabes we have exposed. Wannabes, be aware, ANZMI’s network is comprehensive and those who choose to be wannabes will eventually be exposed.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: McPherson
Christian Names: Stephen
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Case Notes:

Live: 22 Nov 2013

553895 Stephen McPherson of Western Australia- Safety Trainer and accomplished liar.

Stephen McPherson operates a Safety Training Company. He would have staff and trainees believe that he is a person of the murky world of secret "Special Forces" work with the Defence Force, Federal Police, Australian and United States of America (USA) Government Departments. He claims USA Homeland Security were to endorse his company during 2013.

He also claims to hold a Federal Police Identification Card, "which is required for some of his work".


According to McPherson he served in the Australian Army for fifteen years as a Medic, and, "did some Army Police and Intelligence work, before spending eight years in Special Air Services Regiment (SASR)".

On another occasion he stated that he served with Military Police, transferred to Intelligence and then went to SASR as a qualified operator. He also tells of how he was picked up by an unmarked aircraft and flown to Afghanistan where he did consultancy work for Special Forces. He claims to have "codes" which he gives to his wife when he goes to "Afghanistan in case they fall into the wrong hands".

McPherson was asked by and ex-Army Veteran, if he was going to the "Gratto" for ANZAC Day. He did not know what the "Gratto" is. Uh oh, alarm bells rang. All ex SASR know of the Army Gratwick Club, (Gratto) located at the SASR Barracks at Swanbourne.

We are reliably advised by a person who knew McPherson at the time of his service, that he spent a total forty nine days in the Army, before being discharged as medically unfit in January 1981. He failed Recruit Training and all of his talk of clandestine operations and being an ex SASR member is total bovine excrement.

The Veteran community will not tolerate fools like McPherson who fabricate forty nine days service in the Defence Force to years of service as an elite soldier. McPherson insults us, and we bestow upon him our zero tolerance policy and expose him as a fraud, liar, cheat and wannabe.

Welcome to our web site Stephen McPherson

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: McTernan
Christian Names: Paul John (aka Leigh Paul)
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Safety Beach
Service #: 324509
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Aug 81
Completion of service: Dec 84
Case Notes:




Paul John McTernan, JP is a very special individual. His Modus Operandi is deception, innuendo, inferences and never admitting to anything. In fact, his favourite saying is “I never said that…!” McTernan likes to think he can outsmart anyone who questions him about his military history. However, we here at ANZMI are far smarter than the average bear and we have proven that McTernan is a liar, a cheat and a wannabe all rolled into one portly little package!

McTernan is a Welfare Officer and a DVA Advocate for those ex-serving members and veterans who wish to make a claim for an injury incurred during their service. This is ANOTHER example of a fraud, a cheat and a liar making his way into a respected position within a Sub Branch. When are Sub Branches going to start doing background checks on ex-serving members and veterans applying for membership with the RSL? This is the only way of avoiding embarrassing situations such as McTernan.

McTernan has made claims to have had prior service as a Trooper with 2 Commando Company in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Claims which he supported in his application to join the Woolgoolga RSL Sub Branch. Here is his application….

It all seemed fairly straight forward until it came to light that McTernan had also claimed to have been an Infantry soldier in 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in the early 1980’s. This is where McTernan came unstuck. Why you ask? Unless McTernan has an identical twin, he could not possibly have served in two places, in two different countries, at the same time.

According to our friends in the Rhodesian Services Association, no one by the name of McTernan ever served with 2 Commando Company in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, or within the Rhodesian Army for that matter. Furthermore, McTernan claimed on his application to join the RSL to have served in the Rhodesian Army from 1 December 1980 to 4 December 1994. McTernan should have studied geography a bit more before completing the application because Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in April 1980, eight months prior to his claims to have enlisted in the (disbanded) Rhodesian Army.

To make matters worse for McTernan, there’s absolutely no way he could have been awarded the three medals he listed on his application. These medals are:

The Rhodesia Medal,
The Rhodesian General Service Medal, and
The Zimbabwe Independence Medal.

The reason is quite simple – McTernan had never served in the Rhodesian or the Zimbabwe Army.

Interestingly, on his application for entry into the Australian Army (dated 18/8/81), McTernan ticked ‘NO’ to question 31: “Have you ever served in any armed force?” Even he admits to have never served in the Rhodesian Army. Furthermore, on the same application McTernan details his employment history. This history also covers the period he claimed to have been in the Rhodesian Army. Here is a copy of McTernan’s application to join the Army. Take note of Question 31 (it’s a little blurred) and his Employment Particulars:

More proof McTernan is a fraud, a liar, a cheat and a wannabe!

A point to note is that no one has ever seen McTernan wear his “Rhodesian” medals. It has been noted however, that when McTernan is seen on ANZAC Day or Rememberance Day and asked why he isn’t wearing his medals, he has responded with “I don’t need to wear my medals to prove my service” (or words to that effect). In fact, McTernan is only authorised to wear the Australian Defence Medal (ADM) for his service with the Australian Army.

McTernan served for just three years as a self-described "baggy-arsed" Infantry soldier with (the then) 2/4 Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment and never deployed on operations overseas. Interestingly, on McTernan’s application to join the RSL, he claimed to have been deployed to Somalia under the UN sanctioned United Task Force (UNITAF). This US led operation was conducted in 1992 – nine years AFTER McTernan discharged from the Australian Army. To make sure it was beyond reasonable doubt a search of the Nominal Roll for all Australian Defence personnel who deployed to Somalia concluded that no one by the name of McTernan was ever deployed to Somalia.

And if you thought the hole McTernan was digging for himself was deep enough, think again…..

Technology, in particular Social Media, is a wonderful thing to keep in touch with family and friends. But, for those who wish to “embellish” their standing within their peer group and within the community, it can be a very effective tool, but one that can easily bite you squarely on the backside. McTernan regularly likes to post photos on his Facebook page depicting “soldiers” going about their everyday routine. Remember though, McTernan is a master of innuendo and inference. He never put his name to a photo that showed members of either the Rhodesian or Australian Special Forces. He never used the words “me”, “I”, “us” or “we”, instead adding comments like “On patrol with 3 CDO…..”. An excellent example is the following photo:

This photo is not the original photo that McTernan had posted on his Facebook page. He has since removed it when questions arose about its authenticity. The caption he had attached to the photo was “on patrol with Rhodesian army 3 commando operation repulse 1979”. He never said it was him in the photo, but he ‘inferred’ it was him. A friend of McTernan’s asked the following question:

XXXX: On patrol with Rhodesian special air service 1979? Photo

Paul McTernan: I was never on patrol with the Rhodesian Special Air Service in 1979. The only thing I posted up was photos of the Rhodesian Army!

XXXX: Ok I accept that, I read it wrong it said on patrol with Rhodesian army 3 commando operation repulse 1979. Some of my close friends asked me as well, not the ones who argued with you.

XXXX: I shall get back to you, but when you did all your recruiting for site you also asked some of my friends who served in SAS, they asked me if I knew you.

XXXX: I did not serve in SAS,I taught them on SAS patrol medic courses. You will also find one of my friends up until recently was high in the RSL retiring as a Colonel. That is why I asked if you had taken it further, with RSL

Paul McTernan: Not a problem XXXX, I was just a baggy arse infantryman in the Australian Regular Army and proud of it. I had nothing to do with the Australian or Rhodesian SAS. Kind regards

This is a perfect example of McTernan’s ability to ‘infer’ he is the person in the photo and was with the Rhodesian Special Forces. But, whenever questions are asked, he simply resorts to his classic and well-rehearsed response of “I never said that”.

Interestingly, the photo of the soldier was part of a photo shoot in 2011 and the weapon being carried by the soldier is an airsoft FN paintball gun. This is another example of McTernan trying to pass himself off as someone he never was. McTernan also made a comment about ANZMI on his Facebook page:

"They are anonymous cowards who make unsubstantiated allegations".

When ANZMI quizzed McTernan about the statement he had made, he asked where that statement had come from. We couldn’t direct McTernan to the location of the quote, because he had deleted it from his Facebook page.

Also on his Facebook page is this photograph:

McTernan was asked by one of his friends…

XXXX “Where was that photo taken mate?”

McTernan “Over in the west mate”

The vehicle in the photograph is a modified Unimog used by the SASR at that time (1980’s – 1990’s). Once again, McTernan is INFERRING he had a relationship with SASR, but never confirms or denies it. He also has another photograph of himself on his Facebook page:

In this photograph McTernan is holding a Heckler and Koch MP5 9mm sub-machine gun. This weapon is primarily used by police and Special Forces personnel world-wide. McTernan is also sporting a blue polo shirt embossed with “Australian Defence Training Academy”. Again, McTernan is inferring he has a relationship with Special Forces or Special Operations of some kind. He is not, and never has been, involved in Special Forces or Special Operations, either military or civilian, whatsoever.

McTernan also likes to vent his frustrations through the media. We already know he’s quite active on his Facebook page, but he also like to put his 10 cents worth through the local newspapers. McTernan has voiced his opinion many times through Letters to the Editor, but this one stands out the most:

In the very first sentence McTernan states:

“As a former soldier who has fought on the battlefield and has also witnessed first-hand the horrors of war…”

Looking at McTernan’s military history, it’s easy to conclude that the closest he has ever come to a battlefield is probably during a game of Skirmish. It must have been truly horrifying to see all those people with paint splattered all over their overalls and screaming in pain from the stinging impact of those little balls of paint!!

AS for McTernan’s post nominals ‘JP’. ANZMI was able to learn that McTernan is not an authorised JP in NSW. McTernan first became a JP in QLD. However, he is currently suspended due to his failure to re-register within the required timeframe. Anyone who has had documents signed by McTernan should seek legal advice to determine whether the documents submitted to the respective authority are still considered to be legally acceptable.

McTernan must have sensed ANZMI was closing in on him. On his Facebook page McTernan began heaping praise on ANZMI for the work we do exposing liars, cheats and wannabe’s. Such praise included:

“I admire the good work that your organisation does in exposing military imposters.”

Too late Mr McTernan, far too late! You are an imposter, a liar, a valour thief and a wannabe of the highest possible calibre. Welcome to the ANZMI website Mr McTernan for all the world to see.


Paul John McTernan

Update 01 SEP 15

To begin, ANZMI would like to make it clear that we have no interest whatsoever in the antics between McTernan, the Woolgoolga RSL Sub Branch or the Save the Woolgoolga WW1 Memorial Group. Our focus is on McTernan’s false claims to have served in the Rhodesian Army and other relevant information connected with this case.

A great deal has occurred since McTernan was exposed by ANZMI. He has been extremely active on social media, particularly on Facebook where he has attempted to explain to all and sundry that “ANZMI got it all wrong“!

“Wrong” is a very appropriate word to use Mr McTernan, but it’s not ANZMI that got it wrong, it’s you!

On the Regiment Family Facebook page McTernan has claimed that the application to join the Woolgoolga RSL Sub Branch that appears on his exposure has been forged (scroll up to review the application on McTernan’s original exposure).

On 11 August 2015 here’s what McTernan had to say:

“Folks with regards to the false and misleading statements made about me, I have currently sent letters to the various organisation’s (sic) requesting copies of certain documents. I an (sic) concerned that on face value particular documents appear to be forged and/or fraudulent, when the certified copies of the originals are sent to me, I will post up for all to see and then, I will then seek legal advice against those responsible for the forged documents and also the false and misleading defamatory remarks made against me.”

And on 12 August 2015 (on the same Facebook page):

“I have never severed (sic) in either the Rhodesian SAS or 2 Commando Company. The document is a fraud. The hand writing is not mine; my date of birth is 17/1/1961 and not 1960 as alleged. I Joined the Australian Army in 1981 and not 1980 as alleged in this bogus document.”

The dates that McTernan’s claims to have served in the Australian Army are only a minor issue. The issue is that McTernan claimed on his application to have served in the Rhodesian Army from 1980 to 1994.

An outright and blatant lie!

What ANZMI didn’t include in his original exposure was the back page of the application that clearly shows McTernan’s signature. His handwriting is unique and indisputable. Here is the back page:

This page shows not only his, but also the Sub Branch Secretary's and a witness’s signature. Below is a Statutory Declaration made by the Sub Branch Secretary who witnessed McTernan complete and sign the application on 14 April 2009:

McTernan claimed on Facebook:

The document that was sent to ANZMI is a fake; i have never seen that document before. It has been fabricatedto NSW Head office.”.

The Sub Branch Secretary did not complete the application on McTernan’s behalf. This is incredibly easy to prove by comparing the handwriting in the Secretary’s Statutory Declaration to the handwriting on McTernan’s allegedly “forged” application. They are NOT the same. The Secretary’s handwriting style is vastly different to McTernan’s.

You’ll also note that McTernan’s signature on page 2 of the RSL application has a distinct slant to the left. It’s distinct and unique because McTernan is right-handed. It’s considered to be quite rare for a right-handed person’s handwriting to slope to the left. Comparing his signature on page 2 of the application (the slant to the left) and the handwriting on the page that ANZMI posted on his exposure, they both slant the same way – to the left. Therefore the application posted by ANZMI was undeniably completed by McTernan. Other idiosyncrasies relating to the way McTernan writes are also easily identifiable. For example; letters R, M, N, S, J, numbers 2, 4 and 7.

McTernan’s handwriting on his application to join the RSL can also be matched with his handwriting on the Enlistment application (see below). Even though the time difference between the two documents is almost 30 years, it is easy to ascertain that both documents were written by McTernan.

ANZMI investigators are not handwriting experts, but it doesn’t take a Degree in Handwriting Analysis to conclude the writing on both documents is the same.

Also, the application that McTernan purports to be the “real” application that he posted on the Regiment Family Facebook page is not the certified true copy that he swore he would produce. This alone indicates that McTernan may have “forged” his own application in an (awkward) attempt to prove his innocence.

The application ANZMI posted is NOT “forged” as McTernan would like you to believe.

With regard to McTernan’s denial of ever saying he served in the Rhodesian Army, apart from the irrefutable evidence that has already been produced, ANZMI was provided with a screenshot of an online conversation McTernan had with a member of the Regiment Family Facebook page. During the conversation McTernan states he was in the Rhodesian Army in 1979 (FYI: The person McTernan is conversing with also has the first name “Paul”). Here is the screenshot:

Once again McTernan claims to have served in the Rhodesian Army and further proof that he’s a pathological liar.

On the Regiment Family Facebook page McTernan wrote:

“As for the media article on ANZMI which stated quote; “as a former Soldier who has fought on the battlefield and has also witnessed the horrors of war”, This is 80% a true statement, However what was not properly conveyed was my back-ground as an overseas security consultant.

My family left the UK in the 1970’s because of the trouble in Northern Ireland and also due to the constantly bullying that my family suffered, due to my father being an Irishman. I saw bombed out buildings in Belfast and Derry, people attacking one another, riots and being constantly attacked at school and in our neighbourhood. I also witnessed war torn horrors in both South America and Africa on and off from 1989 to 1991. However, I was not a soldier I was just a security consultant.

It’s up to you what you want to believe and personally I do not give a F__K!”

80% true statement? Which part of it is 20% a lie?

This is another example of McTernan’s need to lie. One where he clearly admits that all he says is not necessarily the truth.

McTernan’s statement “As a former soldier who has fought on the battlefield…..” This lie alone is more than enough to make every current and former member of every defence force in the world who has done their time on a REAL battlefield seethe with anger at McTernan for telling such an outright and diabolical lie.

He has trivialised the service of so many just to further himself within the local community.

Furthermore, McTernan clearly states his family migrated from Ireland to Australia in the 1970’s (according to his Enlistment Application – previous addresses – it indicates the McTernan family arrived in Australia in 1975). At that time he would have been 14 or 15 years old (at the most), yet McTernan claims to have had an argument with his family and ran away overseas to find adventure, only to find bloodshed and misery. He claims to have returned to Australia in 1980 and joined the Army!

On the Save the Woolgoolga WW1 Memorial Group Facebook page McTernan wrote:

On his application to join the RSL McTernan stated he joined the Army in 1981. This is supported by his Enlistment Application (below) dated 18 August the same year. Yet, in his Facebook entry (above) he states he joined the Army in 1980 and under the name Leigh McTernan! His Enlistment Application clearly shows he joined the Army under the name Paul McTernan.

Does McTernan even know who he is?

Judging by his Enlistment Application, from 1975 to 1981 McTernan was living with his family in Victoria. From 1979 (18 years of age) to 1981 (20 years of age) he was continually employed pumping petrol and wiping windscreens at three different service stations! With this information alone it proves he never ‘ran away overseas..’ He was living with his family in Victoria and working as a grease monkey the whole time.

Here is page 1 and 2 of his Enlistment Application, judge for yourself:

He found bloodshed and misery? It must have been a fairly traumatic experience while working in petrol stations!

Mr McTernan you are an outright liar, a cheat and a despicable person without an ounce of honesty and integrity!

You have been well and truly BUSTED!!

On a final note,

It has also been revealed that, on McTernan’s Facebook page, he claims that between 1994 and 1997 he obtained a Diploma in Social Science Justice from Swinburne University of Technology in Victoria. According to the Admin staff at Swinburne Uni, no one with the surname McTernan has ever studied there, either on campus or by distance education. Another ‘McPorkie’ maybe?

On McTernan’s Facebook page he states that his favourite quote is:

The hall has been rented, the band has been paid, time to see you dance”

Let’s see you tap dance your way out of this one McTernan.



Paul John McTernan Update
20 March 2016

Not a lot of time has passed since ANZMI’s last update on McTernan’s lies and fraudulent claims of service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry and his claims to have been a “former soldier who has fought on the battlefield and witnessed first-hand the horrors of war”. You’d think it would have ended there….


Investigations by ANZMI do not stop once a person has been exposed on our website, we keep an eye open for anything that might catch our attention and provide us with enough evidence to post an update.

It’s now evident that McTernan hasn’t limited spreading his lies about his fictitious service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry to Facebook and local newspapers, he has also spread his vile dribble on other website forums. One such forum is on the nissanpatrol.com.au website, of which he is a member.

In the case of McTernan, ANZMI has discovered information that pre-dates our original exposure. If there ever was a case where the comment “final nail in the coffin” was appropriate, this would be it.

If you refer back to the 15 September 2015 Update, McTernan claimed:

I have never severed (sic) in either the Rhodesian SAS or 2 Commando Company. The document is a fraud. The hand writing is not mine; my date of birth is 17/1/1961 and not 1960 as alleged. I Joined the Australian Army in 1981 and not 1980 as alleged in this bogus document.”

Bogus document? Read on and judge for yourself…..

While it’s not known what the topic of conversation was about, on 17 April 2013 McTernan made this comment on the nissanpatrol.com.au forum:

McTernan1 2 3 4

What an incredible lie!

In the year McTernan claims he was fighting a war in Rhodesia, losing close mates and killing multitudes of enemy, he was actually pumping petrol and wiping windscreens at various service stations in Melbourne. If you need to refresh your memory, see his Enlistment Application included in ANZMI’s original exposure.

On 6 July 2013, McTernan was asked if he served in Vietnam. His response was:

McTernan2 2 3 4

Needless to say, during 1979 and up to the time of his enlistment in the Australian Army (1981), McTernan was working in Melbourne as a service station attendant.

On the 5 August 2013, a member of the Nissan Patrol forum posted this:

McTernan3 2 3 4

To any ex-serving member of the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) it would have been an incredible honour to meet one of the founding members of the RLI. However McTernan, fearing he would be exposed as the cheat and liar that he is, never responded. Perhaps a missed opportunity?

And sometime during 2013 and 2014, McTernan posted this on the forum:

McTernan4 2 3 4

The nickname (or user name) McTernan used on the forum was “RLI” (Rhodesian Light Infantry - which he later changed to PMC – Paul Mc).

On 12 January 2014, McTernan made sure every reader completely understood his claims to have been a member of the Rhodesian Light Infantry and the dates for when he served:

McTernan5 2 3 4

McTernan enlisted in the Australian Army in 1981.

And on 5 June 2014, McTernan reiterated what his user name was:

McTernan6 2 3 4

And if you think it stopped there, think again….

On 20 June 2014 there was this:

McTernan7 2 3 4

McTernan never posted a list of his “last rites weapons”. Considering McTernan was a service station attendant between 1979 and 1981, it is highly unlikely he was able to conduct experiments on the capabilities of the F1 9mm automatic weapon. He certainly wasn’t in any Defence Force. Another McPorkie maybe?

And finally, just to confuse things even more, in late 2012 McTernan posted this on the patrol4x4.com forum (of which he was a member):


If there was ever any doubt surrounding McTernan’s innocence, this update will have cleared up any such reservations a person may have had.

McTernan continues to lie in an attempt to defend his less than honourable character. He has not only offended the Australian and New Zealand veterans and ex-serviceman community, you can now include the veterans of the Rhodesian Light Infantry as well.

You have forever claimed a permanent top spot on the ANZMI website for all the world to see.


Paul John McTernan


05 June 2016


Congratulations Paul John McTernan, your exposure of being a liar, a cheat and a wannabe has gone international with a similar organisation to that of ANZMI having also published your ridiculous antics. McTernan now appears on the Facebook page of the "Rhodesian Wannabes, Bloaters and the Scum that support them”. It won’t take long for other such organisations to follow suit.

Even though McTernan’s claims of having been a former soldier in the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) have been irrefutably exposed as blatant lies, more information is still being forwarded to ANZMI that pre-dates everything else we have published so far.

As unbelievable as it may seem, in 2009 McTernan even tried to convince an ex-RLI servicemen that he was a former member of the RLI during the period 1979 to 1980. Here is what that ex-serviceman had to say:

“Quite a “Once upon a time” history. He actually claimed to have written a book on the experience, which he said he would send to me, but never did. It was going to be published as “Born To Fight” with a possibility of being published by a proper publishing house like Allen & Unwin or Pan Macmillan etc”.

McTernan was writing a book on his “experiences” while serving in the RLI and he was going to call the book “Born To Fight”? If it did get published, it would have been a very interesting read indeed! But remember to go to the section of the library or book store labelled “Fiction”.

It’s clear that McTernan has been delusional for many, many years.

The ex-RLI serviceman also stated:

“McTernan…….. probably wanted to serve in Rhodesia, but lacked the initiative of others around the world who came to join us in the RLI”.

McTernan lacked initiative? No revelations there!

The ex-RLI serviceman clearly had suspicions about McTernan’s claims to have served in the RLI and commented:

“I did a little digging myself in 2009 because words that I had with him eventually did not stack”.

The ex-RLI serviceman quickly realised that McTernan was lying about his supposed service with the RLI. A realisation that most people, who have been unfortunate enough to have had dealings with McTernan over the years, also came to the same conclusion.

It seems that McTernan wasn’t happy with just fabricating his service in the RLI. Unbelievably, he even applied for Rhodesian medals. Below are the applications he submitted (via an organisation called “We Were Rhodesians”) for the issue of such medals:


RLImedals1a 2

RLImedals2a 2

Note his service for each of the awards. The first and second confirm McTernan tried to pass himself off as a Commando. The third is his application for the Rhodesia Medal where his service is listed as “Civ”. We are led to believe McTernan was applying for the Rhodesia Medal as a civilian! We know! Unbelievable, right!

The ex-RLI serviceman said:

“Note the award date of the RGSM (Rhodesia General Service Medal) vs his date of birth and date of attesting. RGSM was awarded to him, apparently, when he was four years of age. He must have applied for these medals. Because my RLI service ended in ’76, I certainly was not in a position to verify facts as claimed, but when I saw that, I chose not to proceed with further assistance around those medals. At that stage I did not know of the existence of ANZMI.”

An RGSM as a four year old? McTernan, if you’re going to fraudulently apply for a medal, at least make your age of attesting a believable one!

This gentleman was able to quickly ascertain that McTernan was a fraud and a liar. Had he have known ANZMI existed, we could have exposed McTernan much earlier and saved a lot of people a whole lot of angst.

In 2009, McTernan was in contact with another ex-Rhodesian serviceman, again trying to fraudulently obtain Rhodesian medals he wasn’t entitled to. Below is an email from McTernan to that person:

From: Paul McTernan [
allison.paul@bigpond.com ]
Sent: 10 June 2009 09:58 AM
Subject: Service number

I served 12 months with the 1st Bn Rhodesian Light Infantry, 3 Commando, from 1979 to 1980.
My service details were 730199 Tpr McTernan PJ.
CO at the time was Bate, I forgot the last CO's name.
RSM was Read
OC's was Price I think?
I have forgot the CSM's name.
I was discharged due to injuries to my right arm and right leg.
Would my med docs be a source of info?
Paul McTernan JP

According to McTernan, his OC (Officer Commanding) was killed during the “Bush War” in 1979 (see previous update). And how could he have possibly enlisted into the Australian Army with such injuries that were serious enough for him to be medically discharged from the RLI?? There’s definitely no mention of these injuries detailed in his application to join the Army. If McTernan wants to prove he suffered such serious injuries, we are more than willing to view the medical documents and be proven wrong.

But wait! Of course there’s no mention of such wounds when he applied to join the Australian Army, because in his application McTernan stated he had never served in another Armed Force.

And in the email, McTernan included the post nominal “JP” (Justice of the Peace). In response to ANZMI’s original exposure, McTernan claimed he “has never used the post nominal “JP” while he has been a resident of NSW”. Since McTernan was a resident of NSW at the time he sent the above email, we think McTernan should retract that statement and admit it was just another one of his lies.

Once again, McTernan has come up with another totally different version of his fake Rhodesian service history, different than any other we have previously encountered.

As for McTernan’s application to be awarded the three medals…

Suffice to say, he didn’t get them.

Finally, the ex-Rhodesian serviceman had this to say….

“Paul did buy some Rhodesian Drinking glasses from CQ Store of Rhodesian Services Association New Zealand Registered Charity CC25203. I cannot help the urge I have to demand that he return them”.

RLIglass 2

The truly sad thing about McTernan’s lies is that, whenever his name is googled, not only will his name appear in the search results, but also his daughter’s (who happens to be a gifted sportswoman).

No one should suffer for the mistakes of others, no matter who they are.


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