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Surname: Mallaghan
Christian Names: Thomas Gerard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Phillip Island
Service #: R96066
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Junior Recruit
Commencement of service: 02 Apr 1967
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:

Mallaghan 1

Browse through the pages of ANZMI and you may recognise a theme – Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch Presidents who are exposed as medal cheats.

Why these people have to display such disrespect towards the members they are supposed to be representing is beyond belief. Do they feel inadequate because others may have more medals, or is it just to groom their own ego and inflate their self-importance?

If you are unfortunate enough to meet any of these miscreants, you might like to ask them “Why”?

Thomas Gerard Mallaghan is the President of the Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch, and has been since 2015.

The above photograph was taken on ANZAC Day 2015. Here, it can be seen, at the end of his Feddeeral medals, Mallaghan has added the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) Long Service Medal.

Mallaghan 2

Mallaghan has been photographed wearing this medal since 2013 and as recently as 2017 at a community function at Phillip Island.

He has been appropriately recognised for both his State and Federal service, as a member of the Royal Australian Navy and the State Emergency Service of Victoria.

The SES has a good media presence and there are no shortage of SES members marching on ANZAC Day, wearing their Federal medals on the left breast, and State medals on the right, as do their Country Fire Authority compatriots.

That Mallaghan, a man of his position and experience, was unaware of medal protocol, simply would not stand up to the scrutiny of a ‘reasonable person’.

The Victorian RSL State Executive appear to be not at all interested in administering medal protocol, evident by the number of their executives that grace this site!

Service in the Defence Force instills in one a set of values, among them, and across all three Services – Honesty, Honour and Integrity. These values are the cornerstones of the Forces that have given great service to this country since Federation.

Is there a culture among RSL Executive of dumping these values, along with personal pride and respect for the rules and regulations, once they leave that uniform behind? If so, it is certainly time for a new team to take over before the RSL fades into irrelevance and is just a place for old men, shiny trinkets and tall stories.

Surname: Mallan
Christian Names: James Waters
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Gloucester
Service #: Unkown
Service: Unkown
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




James (Jim) Waters Mallan, President, Gloucester RSL Sub-Branch.

Every now and then at an ANZAC or similar service, you will see someone that causes you from the outset to question the row of medals displayed proudly on their chest. When that person also holds an executive position within the RSL, one must also question their integrity and overall fitness to hold that position.

There are many questions that must be asked of James Mallan.

Mallan 1 2


Mallan 2 2

These photographs were taken at the 2015 Gloucester Dawn Service and later ANZAC March in Gloucester, country New South Wales. Mallan can be seen wearing a well mounted rack of medals, namely:

1. NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Director-General’s Unit Citation (State award).

2. National Medal.

3. Australian Defence Medal

4. Centenary Medal

5. Anniversary of National Service Medal

6. NSW SES Long Service Award (State award)

Mallan 3 2 3

Mallan 4 2 3

Established protocols dictate that State awards should be displayed on the right side of the bearers chest  They do not belong, and should never be mixed, with official Federal issued medals.

That now raises further questions in regard to the Federal issued medals. Although the award of Mallan’s Centenary Medal (for service to the SES) is listed on the ‘It’s an Honour’ website, there is no record of his having been issued the National Medal. Although the National Serviceman’s Roll is voluntary, there is no mention of Mallan, nor in general is there any reference to his prior Defence service, which one would expect to find something, somewhere, given his position in the community and on the RSL.

Finally, there is the matter of the order that his medals have been mounted, they should appear, from left to right:

1. Centenary Medal.

2. National Medal.

3. Australian Defence Medal

4. Anniversary of National Service Medal.

James Mallan, President of Gloucester RSL Sub-Branch: You have a number of questions to answer, with regard to your honesty and integrity. However, there is no question that you belong on the ANZMI website.

Surname: Marchant
Christian Names: Duncan Edward Thomas
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Unknown
Service #: 8259650
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 17 Oct 00
Completion of service: 10 Feb 12
Case Notes:




Duncan Marchant is another in the litany of modern day ‘wannabes’ who choose to blame their irresponsible anti-social behaviour on ‘war’ service in ‘The Ghan’, rather than acknowledge that far from suffering PTSD, they simply don’t have a backbone.

Marchant enlisted in the Army in 2000 and completed twelve years of service. During his time in the Army, he was seconded to Operation QLD Flood Assist in 2010. This was his only operational deployment. For his service, he was awarded the following:

National Emergency Medal with Clasp ‘Qld 2010-11’
Australian Defence Medal

What has Duncan Marchant done to earn a place on our website? Well, Marchant has created a persona to help him impress prospective life partners, he is prepared to lie and blame his inability to maintain relationships and his other failings on PTSD. Knowing that Marchant has no overseas service, was a RAEME member and enlisted in 2000, the following segment of an Email written by Marchant will explain why he deserves his place on this website:

‘…I had a serious accident in a high risk exercise involving a helicopter many years ago. In 2002 there were 3 soldiers seriously hurt and three dead. I was one of the serious ones hurt but what u didn’t know was i flat lined twice on a air lift to Brunei hospital. Brunei is near Malaysia. It took me 18 months to learn to walk properly and eat properly again. The lumps all over my body were from that accident and I have always been so conscious about them and still am. I feel like a freak sometimes and when we were together and u said not to its the first time in my life I didn’t worry about them.

When Langers died I was over in the Ghan and I got pulled out of there team to replace a seriously hurt soldier on QRF which is Quick Reaction Force. Which means if any patrols or incidents we were rapidly deployed to the area. Langer’s unit got hit hard by enemy fire in an ambush and we were deployed. On route to the area we found out that there were several soldiers hurt badly and two critical. Our job was to secure the area for medivac and get the injured outa there to base hospital. When we landed a mate grabbed me and told me to get over to a body were 2 patrol medics was working on a soldier that was in desperate trouble. When i got over there it was Langers. Myself the medic and two others worked on him under the guidance of the 2 medics helping them. Langers was still conscious but shot up really bad. He laughed at me and said that he was ok but he and we knew he wasn’t. We got him on the helicopter and i went with him and two medics back to base hospital. But in the flight he had a massive hemorage and died in my arms. I couldn’t help him and felt so bad I had let my mate die and couldn’t do anything to stop it. I blamed myself for years and as u know never really gotten over it…’

Marchant’s tales of daring do are simply that, tales. His claims of involvement in a helicopter crash are complete lies. Marchant did began his Army service as a Rifleman in Infantry before transferring to RAEME. In 2002, he was undergoing training in Australia, quiet a long way from the jungles of South-East Asia.

“So what? No harm done”, some may say. “At least he is not wearing medals” others may comment. Well, for us here at ANZMI it is the second part of his claims which are most disturbing, particularly when we know he did not deploy to Afghanistan or other overseas location at anytime during his service in the Army.

Marchant puts himself as the centre of attention ‘When Langers died over in the Ghan’. It is unsure who he is referring to but it is likely to be the late Sergeant Todd Langley who was killed in action on 4th July 2011. Irrespective of the identity of ‘Langers’, there is nothing more offensive than to claim the valour due to our war dead. Hang your head in shame Duncan Marchant.

We have decided not to publish the entire Email from Marchant out of respect to the young lady he was corresponding with but fortunately she recognised that his stories were less than credible and dumped him.

Duncan Marchant is a liar and wannabe of the most contemptible kind. He falsely claims to suffer from PTSD in order to explain away his inability to maintain a relationship or to excuse some of his behaviour. Duncan Marchant has well and truly earned his place on this website.

Surname: Markovic
Christian Names: Goran
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lalor Park
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:


Markovic UPDATE 21 Apr 17

Go to the bottom of this page to see the latest update


 WARNINGbeware of Goran Markovic, a Serbian born Australian citizen, from Lalor Park  NSW who is now roaming Europe.  He is a relentless con man, liar and wannabe with no conscience.  Saying he has the morals of a pig is insulting pigs.  He targets vulnerable people and like a pig hunting truffles, he is relentlessly.  He applies charm and hard luck stories until he has exhausted his victims money supply.  It is known that he works on multiple "victims" at the same time.

Markovic is an Australian Citizen who does his dirty work in Europe, mainly in France but also in Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and Serbia.  He falsely claims to be:

A Colonel in the Royal Australian Air Force. (RAAF)

A Group Captain in the RAAF

A Pilot in the Australian Flying Doctor Service

An Officer of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)

An Officer of Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)

Interpol Taskforce Commander

Interpol Crime Squad Head Australian Bureau of Interpol.

A Pilot with New South Wales Civil Aviation Authority. (CAA)

Adrian Basile and has a fake passport in that name.

Guy Matthews.

Kelly  xxxxxxxxx

He often uses the rank of Colonel during introductions and conversations. The idiot does not know that the RAAF does not have "Colonels".  He  also fails to understand that the Civil Aviation Authority is a National Organisation and not a NSW State Authority. Below are  examples of his tools of deceit.

Falsely using rank of Colonel, endorsed on the bottom of a fake air ticket he used in one of his scams.

False Australian Driving Licence:

False Australian Civil Aviation Card

From false media reports

Unfortunately his innocent and vulnerable targets are "everyday" honest trusting people who are charmed  by his false claims and demeanour.

Here is an example of his modus operandi from a recent victim, who was an Australian travelling in Europe:

"I was travelling alone in Europe last year and staying at a hostel in Florence, Italy in April when Goran Markovic turned up saying he had all his documents, passport etc stolen. I helped him out by letting his mum send money to my passport and then giving him the money.

He showed me a police report from the Italian police. He then started telling me that he works as an Interpol Investigator.    

He  told me he works on and off for ASIO/ASIS doing regular secret assignments. He also said he worked as a pilot for the NSW Civil Aviation Authority and had been a pilot in the Australian Air force in which he reached the rank of Colonel. He often used the title Colonel when talking with people.

He  said he fought in the Serbian/Bosnian war and had a lot of Australian military experience.

We travelled for about 10 days together as friends as he had convinced me that he was a devoted partner and father, was committed to putting criminals in jail and basically seemed like a decent and good person. At the end of the 10 days when I was going to leave, he showed me papers from NATO in which he had been activated for duty in relation to the Ukrainian conflict

I gave him my car until I could organize something else (it's a UK car). He now has that (stolen as well) in addition to the $120,000 he stole from my family and I."

He  has been using my identity to stay at hotels in Europe (often not paying for the bill). He is using my name on emails to potential victims, see below:

Everywhere he goes he tells similar stories about being in the Australian Air Force etc

We know he is somewhere in France trying to find another victim.

We have a list of four others who have been similarly conned by Markovic.

Markovic is a constant conman forever on the prowl. He has  well set up files and false documents to support  his  stories, and usually starts with a story of how he has had  his Money and documents stolen, then begs for a small amount of money. He then ingratiates himself into the life of his target and gradually relieves them of larger amounts of money. 

If you know anything of this Psychopathic Australian Ambassador of evil please let us know so that we can contribute to his demise.

Markovic defames the integrity of Australian RAAF Officers and we hope his inclusion on our web site helps to bring him to justice.



Markovic UPDATE 21 Apr 17

Markovic slunk back into Australia and went into hiding in South Australia. His criminality had caught up with him in Europe and he made a run for home.

Markovic had fled from Australia Fourteen years ago. Before scuttling off to Europe he had been convicted of more than ninety crimes in Australia and was facing further serious charges.

See this:


The long arm of the law new he was back in Australia and this fake "ASIO" operative aka fake RAAF "Colonel" was soon located by Police and arrested.

 Markovic 1 2017 04 08

Markovic is a despicable human being who has chosen a life of petty crime at which he has not been very successful. Let's hope that the four Warrants relating to his criminality before fleeing from Australia Fourteen years ago give him some time to reflect on his iniquitous life style whilst looking through Prison bars.

Welcome back Markovic you are an immoral, callous fraud and have hurt many innocent and generous people. Claims of being a retired senior RAAF Officer have bought the Australian Veteran Community into disrepute.

Surname: Marr
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Case Notes:

This exposure of one David Marr, who resides in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, has been a harrowing one for many veterans who worked on this case;  especially so for the spouse of one genuine veteran in particular. Marr's military experience is not extensive. Some would say virtually non-existent. His entire military career spanned a short stint as a part-time soldier in a reservist unit totalling just four months service; just enough time to learn how to wear his uniform; some ten days of accrued time on duty.

His civilian employment was again part time. As a part-time travel consultant he was able to promote and chaperone (at no cost to himself it appears) a visit to The Wall in Washington DC, USA (America's national monument to the Vietnam War) in 1995 for a group of Australian Vietnam veterans. These veterans did not know that Marr was an imposter, far from it! They had no idea the military persona he presented was totally fraudulent. The image Marr presented was promoted and supported to the extent where he was totally accepted and involved with Army unit associations during the 1970's; hot on the heels of Australia's closure to the war, when many veterans felt betrayed by their country and the vast majority of returned service personnel kept a low profile. Circumstances which benefited Marr's fraudulent behaviour perfectly. These were nonetheless, simpler times; a was a time when society trusted another's word and wannabes were unheard of. David Marr was a very good con-man, duping many veterans. Especially after he was elected to committees representing the interests of Vietnam veterans. This expanded so much, and Marr's fraud contrived so well, that at the time nobody ever doubted the military background and experiences he presented.

Over the years Marr became more expert at his deception, exhibiting a very confident air and expanded his fantasies and experiences to such a height that duped everyone he met. He was able to convince some battle-hardened veterans that he was with the armoured column that came to their rescue at Long Tan, on the 18th of August 1966. His ultimate con trick was the visit of Vietnam veterans to The Wall in the United States in November of 1995. In his role as a part-time 'travel consultant' he arranged the entire trip, allegedly inflating the individuals' cost to minimise his own as he went along as the tour leader (an accepted practice in travel agencies is that a tour leader travels at no charge, provided a minimum quota of travellers is reached). Marr had been in the USA the previous year and presented his fake military credentials (a Lieutenant Colonel in Australia's Armoured Corps no less) thereby creating a bond, albeit it fraudulent, with the unsuspecting US Veteran establishment. The visit to Washington on Memorial Day, 11 November, was videotaped; look carefully at this video of Marr in the green shirt and plumed hat, remembering that he is a fraud.

This is but one small chapter in David Marr's life as a "wannabe." He has conned and stolen the innocence of many veterans, inflicting trauma and distrust to such an extent that one needed long-term counselling to prevent suicide, although it was attempted unsuccessfully. Marr's actions are despicable and unacceptable in any community, yet there is little the law enforcers are motivated to do. It is not of great public importance (as opposed to in the public interest) because his actions inflicted distress on 'only' a few dozen veterans and their families and not considered criminal

Despite the intent and promulgation of the penalties under the Defence Act 1903 as amended, remedies under the Act are seldom used; perhaps because the penalties are so incredulously light (see left).

Marr in the photo on this page is seen wearing two medals to which he is not entitled, the Australian Vietnam Medal and the Vietnam Campaign Star. In the video here (warning; long download) he is also wearing the Defence Force Service Medal. A medal awarded for 15 years service in the Australian military; not 15 weeks!

So what are the answers to the problems presented by the Marrs of our society? Veterans fought and died for the principles of freedom and equality, never expecting or deserving the distressing experience of meeting and suffering the antics of the David Marrs of this world. The best other veterans can do is to continue to expose these unwanted afflictions of today's society. 

By exposing Marr and others on these pages it brings solace to the victims and helps to make others aware that frauds are in many places in our society, sometimes in high places, and we must remain ever vigilant.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Martin
Christian Names: Lyle Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Coraki
Service #: NX505172 & 21326746
Service: Army & Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1946 ARA. 1948 ARES
Completion of service: 1948 ARA. 1950 ARES.
Case Notes:




Purchasing fake or commemorative medals from Medal Dealers and tacking them on to the end of a genuine set of medals is usually the modus operandi of wannabees who have had no operational service whatsoever during their time in the military.

Alternatively,  our pages are full of other frauds who have never served in the military and just buy and wear whatever medals they like.

Our story below though makes us wonder why genuine veterans would want to cheapen their authorised rack by mounting non authorised medals beside their official awards.

Lyle Trevor Martin was born in August, 1928.  He is a Korean War veteran who served in the Australian Army and Reserves for 15 years.  He had a distinguished career with service in Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

In the above photographs Lyle Martin is wearing the following medals -;

1.         Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Clasps Korea and Malaya.

2.         Korea Medal.

3.         Korea United Nations Medal.

4.         General Service Medal (GSM) 1918 – 1962. Clasp Malaya.

5.         Australian Service Medal (ASM) Clasp (possible PNG)

6.         Australian Defence Medal.

7.         Pinjat Jasa Malaysian Medal.

8.         Occupational Medal Japan. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

9.         Nuclear Test Medal. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

10.       Anniversary of Korea Medal. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

The last three medals on Martin’s rack are tin medals that he has purchased and had court mounted.   Martin has no need to embellish his rack. 

In the first and third photographs, Martin is wearing a Commando badge on his right lapel.  He was never a Commando and this badge should not be worn. 

Above his medal rack he also wears the United States Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation awarded to 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR) for the Battle of Kapyong on the 24th and the 25th April, 1951.   Martin arrived in Korea on the 26 August, 1951 and did not serve in the Kapyong engagement.

The Kapyong Presidential Unit Citation may be worn by members whilst attached to that Unit.  Only those who were at Kapyong are eligible to wear it after leaving that Unit.   Martin arrived in Korea well after the battle of Kapyong.

Martin enlisted in the Australian Army on the 9 December, 1946.  He served for two years regular Army and during this period, he was posted to Japan for a time with the British Commonwealth Occupational Forces. 

He then discharged on the 25 October, 1948  and within a few days enlisted in the Royal Australian Army Reserves.  He then re-enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in July, 1950.

In August, 1951 Martin was posted to Korea as an Infantry soldier with 3 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. 

He was subsequently wounded in Korea on the 7 July, 1952, and was casualty evacuated to Japan and then to Sydney in September, 1952. 

He later served in Singapore in 1957 as a Storeman/Clerk and received the GSM with clasp Malaya.

He was discharged from the Australian Army on the 21 April, 1961.

We do not get satisfaction from exposing former military personnel who have served in areas of conflict.   However,  intentionally wearing three tin purchased medals with genuinely awarded medals is against all military medal protocols set down by the office of the Governor General. 

These protocols were initiated to maintain dignity, integrity and respect to all personnel awarded genuine military medals that are worn on the left side.  This is in keeping with long standing traditions.

Martin’s unofficial purchased tin medals should be worn on the right side with his other commemorative medals and below ancestors or family members medals that are worn on specific occasions.

The NSW Korean War Veterans Association (KVAA)  is awash with members wearing self purchased tin medals.  Their Face Book page displays members from the NSW President , Allen Lewis down to ordinary members,  wearing un-awarded medals on the left side at official commemorative functions.  The National Executive of the KVAA need to address the correct medal wearing procedures by their members to ensure that they conform with existing rules and protocols.

Martin is a former President of the Coraki, New South Wales Returned and Services League (RSL)  Sub Branch.  He has also been a member of the Woodburn – Evans Head RSL and the Casino RSL.

He has been cautioned on numerous occasions by RSL Sub Branch officials and members regarding the wearing of non awarded medals on the left side.  On each occasion he has ignored that advice.

He should know better.

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