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Christian Names: Neil
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Forrestville
Case Notes:


A report was received detailing that Neil MacAulay aged 65 years had served as a Colonel on Black Operations.



MacAulay was contacted by phone and asked if he had ever served with Australian Defence Force. His answer was no, "but he served for nine years, in the school of hard knocks, overseas, on "Black Operations", under a United Nations banner, rescuing stolen children from militant gangs in Asia". Because of the nature of his work there were no historical records kept.

He said "there was not trace of his service, because he had changed his name, and he was the only survivor of the 163 men he served with".

To do this work, "he went overseas without a passport and received no pay".

When It was suggested to MacAulay, that he was telling lies, he vigorously denied he was lying.

We don't know where he was for the missing nine years "overseas" without pay or a passport. Perhaps he was serving Her Majesty in a different type of government establishment, where no pay was given, and a passport to enter was not required.

The jury in this matter is the Australian and New Zealand veteran communities. Please think about MacAulay's service and decide whether or not he is a liar and honour thief.

Surname: MacKenzie
Christian Names: Bruce Alexander
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: South Island
City or Town: Wyndham
Service: Infantry
Branch: Army
Case Notes:

Bruce Alexander MacKenzie, of Wyndham New Zealand – Liar, cheat and wannabe

 In the south of NZ we have a pathetic man who is not as he pretends to be, nor as sick as he acts, nor as honourable as he claims.

ANZMI received information that achieved a sorrowful admission of guilt from this medal cheat and liar, who has sought sympathy, praise and honour, when he possesses none of these qualities.

According to MacKenzie, he served with the New Zealand Special Air Services (SAS) in Vietnam and on Commemorative occasions he wears medals to prove it.

The photograph shows MacKenzie wearing the following medals:

1.  General Service Medal 1918-62

2.  Republic of South Vietnam Campaign Medal

3   A green and white ribbon (no medal)

4.  Vietnam Medal

5.  SVN Cross of Gallantry

6.  Cambodian National Defence Medal

7   US Air Medal

8.  US Defence Meritorious Medal Service Medal

9.  UNDOF (UN Disengagement Observation Force Medal Israel and Syria)

10. He is also wearing SAS Parachute wings that are worn on formal occasions

He has earned none of them, and any Veteran can see that they are worn in a chaotic fashion.

An ANZMI Investigator phoned MacKenzie and requested confirmation of his Military Service. MacKenzie advised as follows: 

“He never served in any military role, in any country. He claims to have been a cadet at high school which started his interest in military matters.

His father and grandfather both served, but the medals he is seen wearing are not those of his father or grandfather.

He employed an investigator to dig into his family’s service and as a part of this managed to “obtain” copies of “some” medals and badges.

He claims not to have been aware until 2 months ago (making it after ANZAC day 2013) that one may only wear ones father’s and grandfathers’ medals on the right breast.

He is extremely apologetic and constantly reassures that he will never wear these things again.”

We believe that MacKenzie is sorry that he has been caught and not for pretending to be a returned Vietnam Veteran.

We are reliably advised that for many years MacKenzie has made ridiculous claims to his family and friends about his fake service, including;

Serving with NZ SAS in Vietnam

Rescuing Prisoners of War whilst working with United States Soldiers in Vietnam

Served with other foreign military forces

Was a prisoner of war

Has nightmare about his Military Service

MacKenzie is in the category of one who seeks solace from his family for being a damaged war veteran, when in fact he is nothing but a low down cheap chiseling con artist, only a man with no conscience would treat his family in such a way.

MacKenzie is well known in the Wyndham, Invercargill region of the South Island of New Zealand where he has peddled his lies and deceit. Having been a false hero for many years he can now suffer the consequences of his behaviour with his true “Military” history broadcast to the world.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Madrid
Christian Names: Jim or Jimmy
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Inverell
Service #: N/A
Service: N/A
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




According to all his publicity, Jim or Jimmy Madrid from Inverell, N.S.W., has done a bit of everything. Boxer, Boxing Trainer, Artist, Martial Arts Black Belt Champion, Script Writer, Film Actor, Soldier, Vietnam Veteran

Madrid claims in a recent article in the Adelaide Advertiser and the Brisbane Courier Mail in May 2014, that he toured the countryside with Jimmy Sharman's tent show for a number of years and on one occasion had 48 fights in ten days, beating "three Australian Champions" along the way.

In the same articles, he claims to "have joined the Army for a number of years including a tour of Vietnam" and describes himself a "Vietnam Veteran".

Also in another article titled Aust Lit, (Australian Literary Management) below, Madrid also claims that he joined the Army after a decade in the showground circuits and did a tour of Vietnam, following which he moved to Adelaide and played a minor role in the movie Rabbit Proof Fence.

Madrid was born on the 10 April, 1950. His name does not appear on the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans. As a consequence, we contacted Madrid and requested that he provide his service number, Unit service particulars and dates that he toured Vietnam in the Australian Army and also the name he served under. We received no reply. After several more unanswered requests, research was conducted through the National Archives and lo and behold, Jim Madrid does not appear there either. He has no military service.

So Jim Madrid, you might be a lot of things to a lot of people but to us you are just a miliary fraud and imposter. Placing yourself out there as a Vietnam Veteran with "a number of years Army service" is just a lie. You have attempted to take the honour of real Vietnam veterans who did serve and now genuinely suffer in their own ways, to glorify your own existence in an attempt to gain kudos and undeserved public recognition.

Our advice to you Madrid, is go and give yourself a couple of uppercuts and stop claiming to be something that you are not. He mentions on his Face Book page that in his view, "the narrower the mind, the broader the tongue". He has certainly given himself an accurate assessment in regards to that philosophical statement.

There were a lot of great indigenous Australians who were either Regular Soldiers or National Servicemen, who served gallantly in Vietnam and other wars, who would be horrified at reading Madrid's false claims of war service and disrespectfully stealing their honour.

Your Agent might be interested to know that due to your total disrespect, Jim Madrid, we have granted you some more free publicity by featuring you on our website for evermore. 



*** If you are offended by obscene language, please read no further***

Since the write up of Jim Madrid on our website, he has posted on his Facebook page that someone has hacked his Facebook and removed photographs of himself.

We are not sure why anyone would do this. However he blames a military researcher who had asked him some questions about his Vietnam service.

He threatened this researcher that "I will punch your guts out. I can and will do it, get f**ked" See below.

". Yesterday at 5:00pm • Like

Jim Madrid - l worked this out you fuck. your the fuck that hacked my fb. get fucked or l will punch your guts out. l can and will do it. get fucked
Yesterday at 7:56pm• Like • 1"

Madrid had previously reported to the Brisbane Courier Mail, the Adelaide Advertiser and a journal called Auslit , (Australian Literary Management) that he was a former Australian Army indigenous serving soldier who had a tour of duty to Vietnam. This was obviously to increase his standing in the community as a veteran of the Vietnam War.

The researcher then contacted us for assistance as his polite requests to Madrid were met with a tirade of obscenities and abuse.

When Anzmi could not find any trace of a person who had served in the Australian Army by the name of Jim Madrid, he was again contacted and asked why his name did not appear amongst all the people who had ever served in the Australian Army in his particular time period. Particularly in Vietnam.

He then claimed that he served in the Australian Army in another name. He was then asked what name he served under and he replied -;

"• Yesterday at 4:34pm • Like

Jim Madrid - once again l will say please check your messages l sent some weeks ago. the man who wrote the story is "xxxxxxxx" check your messages for his number. yes l was in the Aust army under another name. l will not reveal this to you. check messages"

"Yesterday at 5:00pm • Like

Why won't he tell anyone what name he served under? Top secret perhaps!"

Madrid is trying to shift the blame to the journalist who wrote the original story in our initial write up as obviously misquoting him. A journalist would never report unsubstantiated facts unless he was told by the person being interviewed. Otherwise, where else would he/she get the information. You just can't make it up. In addition, why wouldn't Madrid tell the journalist that he served under another name. What is the big deal? If he was misquoted, why didn't he take action to correct it when he read the article.

Madrid was then asked when he went to Vietnam, what Unit he served in etc. He replied that "he really didn't go, but he was the next to go". He was then asked what was the unit he was in, that was the next to go and when? He then commenced the abuse and refused to answer the request.

Madrid is a military fraud and a bully. He is a liar with no respect for genuine Vietnam veterans. He has no military service, let alone Vietnam service. He claims he served under another name.

We have checked other names he uses, including Jimmy Brown and Jimmy Merino, and he still does not appear with any military service whatsoever.

Madrid likes to physically threaten anyone who discovers his deceit. He thrives on his reputation as a tent boxer and a martial arts exponent.

Whilst he continues to threaten people about his alleged false military service, we will continue to protect those people and keep exposing him for what he is.

And that is a blatant false pretender.


Surname: Magann
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Amberley
Service: RAAF
Branch: Pilot
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Barry “Raven” Magann – “Jet Jockey” of Ashmore, Queensland.

Barry Magann claims to be a Wing Commander in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) he is an idiot, of an idiot’s idiot. He claims to work with the Joint Operations Command, Amberley, Queensland, where he says “I fly as much as I like at my own choosing”

Magann operates a Face book site where he is also known as “Raven”. His web site is to do with designing decals and paint jobs on Military Aircraft Simulators. Here is what he has to say about himself:


Magann claims to have flown over numerous war zones. It’s a pity he can’t spell Baghdad. When you read more of his written work it becomes evident that his literary standards are nowhere near that which would be expected of a senior officer in the Australian Defence Force. It is also obvious that he creates “Contributors” to his web site to falsely corroborate his claims of being an RAAF Fighter Pilot. Here is an example:

Magann has borrowed or created the name “Matt Hall” to “prove” he is the person in the F111 Aircraft. RAAF contacts have confirmed that Magann is not known in the RAAF to have been a Pilot of any kind.  He has no RAAF Service File of any kind  and most likely no Defence Service at all.

Here are further examples of his literary skills taken from his “Raven” web site.  His spelling would be commensurate with a twelve year old child.

“Guys if you know any one that into (sic) flight simulator. Please by all mean (sic) help promote this sight (sic). So if you know of any one that would be interested please by all mean send them over so was (sic) can get there (sic) support.

Cheers Raven 

This is to Promote my own repaints for Microsoft flight simulator and any one elses (sic) textures in developmet (sic). Idea’s(sic) Sugetions (sic) or just looking for information on what to base your own textures off. I can help

lol Beleive (sic) me if you’re a local… it’s a difrent (sic) story..lol


In addition to the lies in the documents shown above, Magann further convinces his gullible forum web site members that he is an RAAF Officer with these posts:


“As you know I fly for 1 Squadron at Amberley and that takes up a lot of time. As much as My family come first. I'd have to say my flying comes first. But that's part of my life. With out work I can't support the family”

“Between Family life and working in the Royal Australian Air Force I find my self pressed for the things I love to do compared to the things that I should be doing”.


We are sure that Federal Authorities will be interested in the false Department of Defence Security Pass that Magann has created and posted a photograph of, onto his web site:


We received the following anonymous report from and interested person:

"Claims to be an aussie fighter pilot veteran of Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan to name a few. Is in the habit of photo-shopping himself in pictures, and posting them on facebook. Has created fake facebook profiles of current serving members to 'validate' his story. He has no service records - serving members were unable to find any record of him ever existing on PMKeys. If this guy wanted to fake being a fighter pilot, not sure why he decided WGCDR and a CO was a good rank/position to try and remain undetected"

A very high percentage of liars and wannabes listed on our site choose heroic roles in the Defence Force. Army is usually Special Air Service Regiment; Navy are Clearance Divers and the Air Force are often Pilots or Helicopter Door Gunners. Any long term Veteran can pick a liar and a fraud, as they lack the qualities inherent in people who served in those dangerous and demanding occupations.

Magann is an idiot of a civilian who claims the prestige of an RAAF Wing Commander who flies Jet Fighters at his choosing. In reality Magann is a frightened whimp completely lacking in the qualities required for that position. He daydreams and plans his lies and deception as all pathological liars do.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to exposure this bumbling idiot on our web site so that those people, he has "gulled", will know the truth of his Defence Force History which is zero.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Magnese
Christian Names: Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: Vic
City or Town: Unkown
Service #: Unknown
Service: Unkown
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




It’s not very often that ANZMI looks into the background of an Australian Army poster boy but that is precisely what we had to do. Another terrific aspect of the work we carry out is that we have additional eyes and ears everywhere, not just those of our own investigators.

And it was one of our supporters who spotted a very interesting Facebook account (since withdrawn) for a bloke named Michael Magnese. The Facebook entry tends to suggest that Magnese is, or was, one of those elite members of the military, a sniper. The photo has a notation suggesting that the weapon ‘Magnese’ is using is an Accuracy International AW50, a .50 calibre, bolt action rifle.

To find out if the Australian military has ever used this rifle, we did what any researcher worth their salt does these days; called on our friend Mr Google! We soon discovered that the weapon is of British manufacture and is on issue to snipers in the Australian Army. But our interest really picked up when the Google hits included a photo on the official Australian Army website. Here is that photograph:

Now a little confusion set in at ANZMI because the official Australian Army photo looks remarkably like the one that ‘sniper’ Michael Magnese posted on his Facebook account and which he claimed to be of himself! But further enquiries suggest that Magnese has not even served in the Australian Army, let alone as a highly-trained sniper. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to this bloke as he continued to reinforce his deadly sniper image on Facebook.


Very little is known about Michael Magnese,if that is in fact his real name. His previous Facebook entry suggests that he may have gone to Footscray City College. Naturally, we would be delighted with any additional information available about ‘sniper’ Michael Magnese.


Frauds and wannabes like Magnese need to remember that the tentacles of the ANZMI are far-reaching. Our work is not just carried out by our band of dedicated volunteer investigators but like snipers, we also have keen-eyed spotters. And with the growing use of social media, we and our supporters are detecting more and more military charlatans massaging their egos by creating fantasy characters. Such behaviour is not only morally despicable but detracts from the honour and high esteem in which we hold our present and past military personnel.


Surname: Maguire
Christian Names: William George
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lithgow
Case Notes:

This is a rather large file of a newspaper clipping, 
the reporter leaves nothing to add to the story.


                          Reproduced with permission from the Daily Telegraph.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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