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Surname: Lewsam
Christian Names: Geoffrey Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Canley Heights
Service #: R53310
Service: Navy
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Commencement of service: 1957
Completion of service: 1963
Case Notes:


Geoffrey Charles Lewsam served as a Leading Seaman in the RAN.  During his service, he had active service with the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) with a trip to Malaysian waters. 


Lewsam wears:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Australian Service Medal  (ASM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa for service in Malaysian waters

Purchased "Tin" FESR medal   -  Not Authorised

Purchased "Tin" Commemorative Logistics medal for Vietnam - Not Authorised.

Lewsam is wearing four genuine medals and has added two "Tin" self purchased medals, here are the details of the two offending medals..

FESR Commemorative medal, self purchased for $65:


Vietnam Logistic Support Medal Commemorative medal self purchased for $60. It was a trinket to be worn on the right breast by RAN servicemen who had served in Vietnam waters. The whole thing was scrapped when an official Logistic Support medal was issued by the Government. Lewsam never served in Vietnam waters.


Lewsam is the Vice President of the Canley Heights Returned and Services League (RSL).  In the lead up to ANZAC Days he visits local schools in his official capacity to talk about Australia's involvement in wars.  He is blatantly falsifying his service and portraying himself in a false manner. Wearing these two fake medals can only be for the purpose of massaging his ego.

His mate, Mr Richard Pritchard, the President of the Canley Vale RSL has failed to correct Lewsam's behaviour.  The President is a genuine Vietnam Veteran and is well aware of Lewsam's deceit, but  does nothing.

Although the behaviour of most ex service persons is unquestionable, ANZMI will continue to detect and report those who, for their own vanity choose to erode protocols and traditions.

We welcome Geoff Lewsam to the good ship ANZMI where he is welcomed as a crew member with a long time to serve.

Surname: Liddelow
Christian Names: Dennis Raymond
Country: Australia
State or Province: West Australia
City or Town: Balga
Service #: 5717037
Service: Army
Branch: Rifleman/Steward
Commencement of service: 1st October 1969
Completion of service: 30th September 1971
Case Notes:



Surname: Limebeer
Christian Names: Peter
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Servicenumber 216579  Pte Peter Limebeer,  DOB 18/5/1943, originally enlisted into the CMF on  24 November1962 and was assigned to 33 Port Squadron  in NSW.   He was subsequently transferred into the [CMF] Royal New South Wales Regiment [RNSWR] Army Commando Reserve Unit, as a Privateand was discharged on 8/5/1968.

On 4 April 1964 he qualified for his Green Beret.   This was to distinguish him as having qualified his recruit training only. On 5 May 1964 he was upgraded from Recruit to Private. On 3 November 1965 he was transferred into the RNSWR a CMF [Army Reserve] unit.

On 24 November 1965 Pte Limebeer re-enlistedwith the RNSWR.

 It was on the 9 March 1966 where Private Limebeer first came to light as a Military Impostor.    Whilst at Crows Nest on 23 February 1966 he was found to be wearing a Parachutist's badge for which he had never qualified to wear.   He was charged, found GUILTY and  FINED.

Subsequent investigations reveal that Limebeer has in fact never qualifiedfor any significant skill except a basic Demolitions Courseon which he passed 14th out of a class of 16.

On 8 May 1968 Private Limebeer was discharged from the RNSWR under Australian Military Regulation 176 for being AWOL. [Absent Without Leave]

CPMH has had Limebeer complaints arriving for several years from a variety of  areas. It appears that he enjoys the tales he tells and the infamy he receives. The Wannabee Syndrome has many indications however Limebeer has been telling his tales for so long he now firmly believes them himself.

His complete military record is only but a few pages. However to enhance his paltry Military service achievements he has resorted to the Wannabee Syndrome in that he has invented some great Rambo type stories and has related these to all and sundry, who would believe them. His posting information is shown here.

Limebeer a declared drug addict and alcoholic has recently been undertaking an Addict Recovery Course at Albion St, Surry Hills NSW with the Salvation Army and has been residing there for a number of months. 

Some of Limebeer's claims are as follows:

He was a Major in the Commandos.
He is a Personal mate of General Peter Cosgrove.
He is/was the highest ranking officer in the Commandos.
Served as a RAAF Pilot in South Vietnam.
He was the most decorated Pilot in South Vietnam.
He served in Malaysia and Borneo as a Commando Reservist with the SAS.
He was decorated by the US for his part in saving a Submarine in Malaysia/Borneo.
He was a Pilot flying for Qantas.
He was a covert operator for ASIO operating in and out of South East Asia.

This is an amazing array of claims to fame by just one single Army Private with not quite six years service and in particular no operational or overseas service.

Limebeer applied to join the Balgowlah RSL in 1989.  His application to join the RSL, showed no overseas service, no decorations, no Medals and no awards.

The only Limebeer recorded as receiving a commission as an Officer in the Australian Army was in WW2, there is not and has never been, another Limebeer in the Australian Army.

There are no records in the Governor General's Department of any Limebeer as being an Officer in the Australian Armed forces during the years 1960-80.

There is no Limebeer listed on the Australian Vietnam Nominal Roll.

There is no record of a Peter Limebeer with RAAF service in South Vietnam.

 There is no record of a Peter Limebeer with RAN service in South Vietnam, Borneo or Malaysia.

There is no record of a Peter Limebeer having received any foreign decorations or any awards from the United States.

There is no record of a Peter Limebeer applying to the Prime Minister's and Governor General’s office, for permission to wear any foreign decorations or awards.

There is no record of any US Submarine being ‘saved’ or having been in ‘trouble’ in Malaysia or Borneo waters 1960-1970.

Dept of Veteran Affairs has no record of a Peter Limebeer.

The Australian War Memorial gives a different name as the ‘Most Highly Decorated Australian Pilot’ in South Vietnam.

Limebeer has resorted to blatant lies and misrepresentation by preying upon the Honour of those who did serve their country.  He is a parasite who has conned his friends and associates.   He has cheated them of the truth.  He has endeavoured to enhance the lies that he has told so often that he now believes them himself having told them so often.

We will never know exactly how many doors have been opened to this parasitic liar but from the many informants reports it is substantial.  It seems that this lying con artist who has been addicted to hard drugs and alcohol, has left the Surry Hills Hostel and is now living elsewhere.

No doubt he will again surface and most likely we will hear about him from someone who has been conned or lied to by Limebeer.  We will bring new updates about him as they come to hand.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



Surname: Littlefield
Christian Names: Colin
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Ballina
Service #: None Known
Service: None Known
Branch: None Known
Commencement of service: None Known
Completion of service: None Known
Case Notes:




Colin Littlefield is a genuine fake Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Officer.

This photograph was taken prior to September 2015 at the Ballina, Cherry Street, Sports Club.

Can you imagine what an Admiral's exclamation would be if he sighted Littlefield loitering anywhere near his Fleet.  Believe there would be an "Ahoy there who the what the  hell are you".  This next photograph was taken on Remembrance Day 2015 in Ballina.

We were unable to find any sign of a retired Navy Officer named Littlefield and therefore decided to enquire direct to Littlefield:


We received the following rambling responses:

We don't know whether the writer was Littlefield or Mrs Hicks.  Littlefield was quite "chipper" on Remembrance Day 2015. In light of our long experience with such matters it appears that Littlefield has suddenly developed a cache of chronic diseases to play the sympathy card.  This report relates to what we know he has done up to November 2015. Any health issues he may have developed since that time are not cogent to the situation.

Littlefield has:

Falsely claimed to have served as a Commissioned Royal Australian Navy Officer.

Falsely represented to be a returned Navy Officer

Improperly used service decoration

Brought contempt on the RAN uniform

He deserves to be charged for each of those offences. 

Australian and New Zealand Veterans  are unlucky, and Littlefield is lucky as he resides in New South Wales which is the only Eastern State that is too lazy to charge those who offend against the Defence Act.  Should he reside in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania he would be quickly dealt with by State Police.

We will make sure that the people of Ballina New South Wales are well aware of Littlefield's outrageous, criminal behaviour and treat him with the lack of respect that he deserves.

Welcome aboard Littlefield


Surname: Littlewood
Christian Names: Jason
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Formerly of Geelong current whereabouts unknown
Service: None
Case Notes:

Jason Littlewood - A Facebook Phantom of the Jungle.


Facebook is a medium where a person can make themself into a legend. There are many such false legends on this web site, they are people who have created a sham military history for themselves and plastered it on Facebook for all to see. Jason Littlewood is such a person. See details of his facebook page here:


Littlewood says he works at "SASR australian special forces" (sic) Meaning Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) located at Swanbourne, Western Australia. He also tells of his studies at Harvard University. There are not many Harvard trained SASR Troopers wandering around, (sorry, meant marching around) Swanbourne.

The SASR Association are concerned that Littlewood is not a member, and invite him to produce his credentials and be embraced by a very elite group who welcome fellow travellers.

We believe that the SASR Association will be disappointed to find that Littlewood is just another lying wannabe trying to enhance his persona by claiming to be a member of the very famous SAS Regiment.

There is no trace of Jason Littlewood ever serving anywhere in the Australian Defence Force.

We know that Littlewood, grew up in, and resided in Geelong Victoria, but is no longer there. We are advised that he may now be somewhere in the Sunshine Coast area in Southern Queensland.

We believe that Littlewood has no Military experience at all, and his only legendary activity will be getting his name on our web site as a liar and a wannabe.

Surname: Lloyd
Christian Names: David Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Imbil
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

213923 David Kenneth Lloyd served in the Australian Regular Army for a period of 6 years from 1961 to 1967. During this time he served in the third battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), and saw service in Malaya between 1963 and 1965.   He was a private soldier.

This just cannot be the DK Lloyd we are exposing here, as those that know him, and this includes members of the New South Wales and Northern Territory Police Force in which he served for a number of years, could tell you a very different story, as he has indicated to them that he was a former member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) and served with them in VietNam. He even wore the medal ribands of this conflict on his police uniform.

D.K. Lloyd served as a police officer in both New South Wales and then in the Northern Territory before moving to Imbil in Queensland around 1995/96.  As a member of the NT Police he related his stories of SAS service in VietNam and would readily produce "his" Army Battle Dress uniform complete with Sergeant Chevrons, SAS accoutrements, and medals.     

He was very active in the Returned and Services League (R&SL), Alice Springs, and this almost saw him lead the ANZAC day parade as the parade commander in 1995.  Unfortunately he had been relating his so-called service exploits to fellow police officers who became suspicious and checked out his service.  It is extremely unfortunate for Mr Lloyd that a very large number of the Territory's police officers are former veterans.  He was confronted by some of them and from there it appears he not only didn't march at the head of the column, he didn't march at all.

In fact he promptly sold up and moved to Imbil, across the border in Queensland, possibly thinking that in this quiet town he would be able to get away with his charade.   Again he was wrong as the members of the R&SL in Imbil are vigilant and very thorough in checking the bona-fides of all who wish to join their club.   Imbil is a small community.  The welcome sign to the town shows the population as 434.  Two of whom at this stage have been identified as  bogus war veterans.

The irony here is that D.K. Lloyd, no doubt thinking he was doing his civil duty, or maybe in an attempt to gain some credibility with the veterans, was one of the people that pointed out that Geoffrey James Watson, who also resides here on the pages of CPMH,  was not who he appeared to be.   It would seem that within the bogus veteran community it is a dog-eat-dog situation as they will expose each other in an attempt to gain credibility within the genuine veterans area.   

Nonetheless Lloyd was confronted about his service to which he replied that he had a discharge certificate to verify his service.   This is true, if he is relating to his service in Malaya in 1963-65 as a private soldier, but it will not show any promotion ot the rank of Sergeant, service for VietNam and will not show that he has earned the general service medal pre-1962, nor the 2 VietNam medals, and possibly the National medal that he wears.  We know. We have a copy on file. The truth is that the only medal/s depicted in the photograph you see here that he is entitled to is the general service medal post 1962 and possibly, the National medal as this could have been earned with an accumulation of military and police service.    

D.K. Lloyd was a police officer in one state and a territory of Australia and as such should have been a well respected pillar of each of the communities, however, further information alleges  that even in his role as a police officer there may have been certain problems whilst he was in charge of a lost property section of the department in the Northern Territory. Add to this the suspicions about who allegedly owns the VietNam medals that he proudly wears. To this effect it is believed that there are certain police officers that would like to interview him if he should ever stray back into their jurisdiction.  

Currently he is a member of the Nambour (Queensland) R&SL and it is possible that he may march with them on ANZAC or VietNam Veterans Day (August 18).   We know for a fact that there is a certain veteran in Alice Springs that would appreciate a fellow service-person or R&SL official  checking the name on the rim of the medals that he will be wearing and he can be contacted through the Alice Springs Returned and Services League, telephone: 08 8952 2868 or email: rslalicesprings@octa4.net.au   

The face of D.K. Lloyd is changing fast as the years take their toll.  See the recent photograph (below) taken during his days in Imbil.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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