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Surname: Laing
Christian Names: Raymond John
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Smithfield
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Raymond John Laing -  Tatooed Special Air Service Trooper and Special Car Salesman.

Raymond John Laing, without his shirt on, looks like a beaten up old warrior, he has a “Kalashnikov bullet wound” just a little North of his heart; a ”bayonet wound to his fullsome belly” and a ”beaten up” left shoulder as a result of being wounded whilst serving with the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Vietnam in 1969 – 1970.

9th Jan 2013




Laing runs a rundown car yard at Smithfield, Fifteen minutes drive north of Cairns Queensland (Qld). Most citizens have negative thoughts about the honesty of Used Car Salesmen. Laing exhibits nothing to dispel that impression and we assume he lies about his Used Cars as heartily as he does about his “War History”.  Since July 12 Laing has told three separate people that he served in Vietnam with the SASR.

The first person to be suspicious about Laing reported the following:

“This fella has a bad injury on his left shoulder (that he claims he got in Vietnam) and a large wound on his stomach (also a Vietnam wound from a bayonet just before he emptied a clip into him) he also has a fresh looking sas tattoo on his right arm. I am guessing he concocted his stories because of his injuries. But feel free to call him and decide for yourself”.

Laing is always willing talk of his “Service” and flash his wounds and his SAS Tattoo. He even allows people to photograph his Tattoo, see below.

We checked the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Vietnam Nominal Roll and found that Laing is not listed.

Laing claimed to have been in Vietnam in 1969 – 1970, we asked various SASR Veterans who served in Vietnam at that time and he was not known.

We checked the very accurate Vietnam Casualty list - http://www.thecasualtylist.com/ - He was not listed.

We sought a Service Record from National Australia Archives (NAA) through the Freedom of Information (FOI) system and received the following reply:

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding Raymond John Laing

Post World War II Army records are held by the Central Army Records Office (CARO), Department of Defence.

They have advised us that they were unable to locate an army record for this individual.

Kind Regards”,


The second person to visit Laing, provided the following Statutory Declaration. Details of the author the Statutory Declaration have been erased.


The third visitor, during a conversation with Laing at his Car Yard, said to Laing that he had heard that Laing was a Veteran. Laing quickly responded that he served in Vietnam with SASR and was severely wounded. He readily agreed to being photographed and seemed pleased to have the SASR Tattoo on his right arm photographed.

If you are thinking of buying a Used Car in the Cairns Qld area and you find yourself at the company shown below, enter and ask Laing to show you his war wound scars and  SASR Tattoo. We don’t know whether he lies about his used cars but you can tell when he is lying because his lips are moving.


There is no record of Raymond John Laing ever serving with the Australian Defence Force, simply put; he is a disgusting liar, fraud and wannabe of the worst kind. He is not exaggerating his Defence Service, because he has none at all. he is an ultimate wannabe riding on the back of genuine Vietnam Veterans, many of whom still suffer from their service.  

In commerce they say that any publicity is good publicity well let’s hope that Raymond John Laing and South East Auto Loans benefits from this publicity, which will stay on our web site long after Lying Laing and his Used Car Yard have disappeared.

9th Jan 2013

Update Raymond John Laing of Smithfield, Cairns Qld

In our exposure of Laing, we included a business sign attached to the fence of his Used Car Yard. See below.



As well as being a military fraud, liar and wannabe, it appears Laing is not afraid to misrepresent his business name.

We have received an email from a business man demanding we remove his sign from our web site.

“To whom it may concern

I was browsing your website and noticed a reference to my company, South East Auto Loans. We are not based in cairns nor have any other offices except our head office in slacks creek,  someone has copied our company name and 2 references from our website and used their own phone number. I am requesting you to remove my company name, South East Auto Loans from your website and also the photograph which contains our name immediately. 

The fraudulent sign gives further evidence of the depth of Laing’s crooked activities. We have no intention of removing the photograph of the sign.  It has been on the fence, in public view for as long as Laing has been conducting business.  We suggest that the real owner of the business shown on the sign, take legal action against Laing to illustrate to him that fraud and crime is bad for business.

Laing is in every way morally bankrupt.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Lambert
Christian Names: Gordon
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Albury
Service #: U/K
Service: National Service
Branch: RAAOC
Commencement of service: 1953
Completion of service: 1953
Case Notes:




Gordon Lambert was a former National Serviceman serving his 3 months compulsory Army training in the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps. He is a member of the Albury Wodonga National Servicemen's Association.

His President, John Bauerle recently featured on this site for setting a bad example to his members by wearing tin medal ribands. Unfortunately Lambert has worn the same tin medal ribands as his President and continues to wear a purchased tin medal.

The below mentioned photograph is Lambert wearing the same three tin medal ribands as his President John Bauerle on his left side.

They are -;

From left to right -;

1. An unofficial purchased tin medal riband denoting National Service.
2. An unofficial purchased tin Conscripts medal riband.
3. An unofficial (CMF) Citizens Military Forces/Reserve Forces tin medal riband.

These ribands are purchased on the internet or Medal Shops.

In a more recent photo below, Lambert is wearing two genuine issued medals but has still increased his rack by one third in continuing to wear the tin purchased CMF/Reserve Forces medal.

He wears the RAAOC (Ordnance Corps) and RAASC (Service Corps) hat badges on his National Servicemen's beret.

The above court mounted medals are from left to right -;

The ADM, Australian Defence Force Medal. Entitled.
The Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972 Entitled.
The CMF/Reserve Forces Medal. Tin purchased medal. Not entitled.

These misdemeanors may seem minor and it gives us no pleasure in exposing former National Servicemen like Bauerle, Burzacott and Lambert as medal cheats.

The National Servicemens Association of Australia however need to enforce proper medal wearing protocols in all of their Branches to ensure that their reputation is not tarnished by a few. Particularly those holding executive positions.

Why they need to display unofficial purchased tin on official occasions is a mystery.

We get dozens of reports of members of the National Servicemen's Association of Australia increasing their genuinely awarded medals by wearing unofficial purchased medals.

If you have the need to purchase commemorative medals/ribands, they should be worn on the right, below genuine next of kin medals.


Surname: Lamming
Christian Names: Raymond Leslie
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

It’s official, Ray Lamming of South Australia is a “Tosser”. 



As a representative of Vietnam Veterans at a South Australian, Australian Rules football match on ANZAC Day 2012, Ray Lamming was called upon to “toss the coin”. Unfortunately, to do the job, he deigned to wear a self purchased “Tin Vietnam Medal”.

Lamming has five legitimate Defence Medals, but has chosen to claim six, having foolishly added a self purchased “Tin” medal to his rack. 

The offending medal was 'invented' for gullible Veterans who attended a Vietnam Veterans Parade in Launceston, Tasmania, and is affectionately known as "the Battle of Launceston Medal." It is an abomination, and serves only to boost egos by fooling the general public into thinking a person has more medals than they have earned. Here is the offending "Tin" trinket.



South Australia has always been the “Tin” capital of Australia, because a “Shonky” Medals Dealer named “Colonel” Barry Presgrave, who at one time held the position of President of the South Australia National Servicemen’s association, convinced his members to purchase “Tin” medals from him.

Raymond Lamming is a genuine Infantry Combat, Vietnam Veteran who was wounded in action at Grid Reference 435585 in Long Dien, on 8 February 1968 and we applaud his service, however despite his contribution in Vietnam, because he now chooses to wear the self purchased “Tin” medal in celebration of the "Battle of Launceston",  he is eligible to be featured on this web site.

Our promise – Wear “Tin” and we will feature you on our web site

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Larcombe
Christian Names: Ronald Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Minyip
Service #: 4718397
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1966
Completion of service: 1968
Case Notes:




Ronald Barry Larcombe is another Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) cheat.



Larcombe is clearly wearing the RVCM medal. It is this the one on the far right.  Eligibility to wear the RVCM is detailed in  this  official notification on the Australian Government, Department of Honours and Awards website.

Larcombe served for only One Hundred and Sixty Nine days and was not returned to Australia as a Casualty.

In September 2015 Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal released the following thirty page report. 

"Report of the enquiry into feasibility of amending the eligibility criteria for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal"

The full report can be accessed here: 


The enquiry was convened follow many submissions from organisations and individuals desiring that  the One Hundred and Eighty One day criterion be changed.

The report concluded that there will be no change to the requirements:

Pages Fifteen to Eighteen of the Report contain names of organisations and individuals who partitioned the enquiry to amend the criterion.  Mr R B Larcombe's name appears twice as a person who made submissions.

Because of his involvement in the enquiry it is obvious that Larcombe has been fullt aware that he did not earn the RVCM and was knowingly wearing it illegally.

He has committed an offence  against the Defence Act 1903 Section VII part 80B.

Perhaps the Minyip Police may chose to take action against Larcombe.

It is not only individuals who have erred in regard to this medal.  In the early 1970s Central Army Records Office (CARO)  started issuing the RVCM to all Army personal who had the other Vietnam Medal. During the mail out, the mistake was realised and the issue curtailed.  There are many ex Army people wearing the RVCM after incorrectly receiving it from CARO.  These people are knowingly illegally wearing the medal even though they may have received it from CARO.

The Navy made a complete hash of it, they issued thousands of RVCMs to those who served on the Vietnam Gun Line. This involved a rotation of ships serving in Vietnam for around a seven month period.  As the ships were constantly departing Vietnam Waters for repairs and  other contingencies in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, none of the crews served the aggregate of One Hundred and Eighty One days in Vietnam waters. Thousands of Navy Veterans wrongly wear the RVCM,  knowing full well that they are medals cheats, but until the Navy finds the courage to correct the matter the charade will continue.

We don't believe Larcombe was one of those from the  CARO bungle, but even if he was, because of his involvement in the Honours and Awards Tribunal, he  knows that he is a medals cheat, because he did not serve the required One Hundred and Eighty One days.

We suggest to Larcombe that he remove the self purchased fake and be satisfied with the other four medals that he has earned.

Welcome to our first "Minyipian" to our web site,  Ronald Barry Larcombe of Minyip in Victoria.



Surname: Lawrence aka Crocker
Christian Names: Betty Irene
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service #: F431
Service: Army
Branch: RAANC
Commencement of service: 30 Jul 51
Completion of service: 05 Jul 55
Case Notes:




Betty Irene Lawrence is the female version of South Australia's Gerald Harrison who features on this web site:


Like Harrison she is from South Australia, she served in the Korea War and has greatly exaggerated her service.  They have been aiding and abetting each others lies for at least the last fifteen years.  In fact we are reliably advised that they submitted the recommendations for the Order of Australia Medals OAM for each other.  Here is a photograph of both Lawrence and Harrison.

Supporting these two liars is a well known South Australian (SA) professional veteran,  former Veterans SA Director, Bill Denny.  For our work of reporting the truth about Harrison and exposing him as a liar and a fraud Denny said  "ANZMI are Scumbags". He further said"I understand he said he was at certain battles and he was not, there's no doubt Gerry has done something wrong".  We would like to think that a professional veteran like Denny would have a better grasp of reality.  We identified a fraudulent veteran in his area, and he, as a Veteran leader believes that because Harrison is a "good bloke" he can falsify his military history to make himself an heroic figure, instead of the normal soldier that he was.  Denny is not a fit and proper person to be a leader in the veteran community.  Here is a photograph of our antagonist William Thomas Denny.

Lawrence's service, without the exaggeration would have been very satisfactory to most people, but with the help of Harrison, she has for many years put forward a chain of lies to produce a distorted version of her time in Korea.

Her total service in Korea was from 7 January 1953 to 14 February 1953 a total of Thirty Nine days.

She has gained minor celebrity status through false reports to the media.

On 25 April 2008, she told an Adelaide News paper:

"One of her most vivid memories of the war was when she treated soldiers in Japan who had been attacked by Chinese Soldiers in Korea.  It was a freezing night  a Scottish Regiment was out in the field and unbeknownst to them the Chinese had surrounded them.  They just slaughtered them.  I will always remember the face of a poor Scottish boy who I was preparing for surgery. He died on the Theatre Table".

She was not in Korea or Japan when this event took place in April 1951.  She had not joined the Army until three months after the battle of the Imjim River involving the Gloucestershire  Regiment.

From the Southern Argus 2003

"She was the only South Australian Nursing Sister to serve in Korea during the time of fighting."

There were others  and they are all named on the Department of Veterans Affairs Korea Nominal Roll.  .

"As a theatre Sister she served two months of winter in Korea making two trips with the time between spent in the hospital in Japan".

She was in Korea once only for 39 days working in wards only. She could not have been a Theatre Nurse as there were no operating theatres at the Australian Ancillery Unit, Seoul Korea.

"Betty Lawrence has vivid memories of her time in mobile hospitals in Japan and Korea."

She was never in a "Mobile" Hospital. Below are photographs of both hospitals in both locations where she served

"Mrs Lawrence served as a Theatre Sister with British Commonwealth Occupation Force Hospitals in Japan and Korea for three years before returning home after contracting viral disease". 

She did not spend three years overseas.  She was in Japan from the end of March 1952.  She went to Korea from Japan 7 Jan 1953 and returned to Japan 14 February 1953.  She was hospitalised  with an illness and returned to Australia aboard the ship "New Australia" at the end of March 1953.

"This year the Korean veterans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the battle of Kapyong which Betty says was a horrendous battle between UN forces were battling the Chinese backed North Korean Army, along the 38th parallel and many wounded Australian's came to her Seoul hospital just 50 km behind the front.  Part of Betty's job was to head to the front line in a truck under enemy fire, pick up soldiers being treated at outposts. It was the first time Nursing officers had been on the front line".

Nursing Sisters did not go to the front line to pick up the wounded. Soldiers of the Royal Australian Medical Corps did the pickups.

As well as to various newspapers, like Harrison, Lawrence has provided a false verbal history of her service to the South Australian State Library.  The minions at the State Library refuse to remove the interview  and say they will let the public judge who is telling the truth. This was the same lame response to the iniquitous  Harrison interview, which is also lodged in the SA State Library. Type the reference below into Google and her interview will appear

South Australians at War – transcript – OH 644/7

It is disappointing that a Nursing Sister who travelled to Korea and did the work that was expected of her, should resort to gross exaggeration of her service. She has been a leading light in the SA Korea Veterans community and now  along with Harrison is a  proven  liar who has greatly exaggerated her Korea service.

Despite what arrogent self aggrandising  professional veterans like Denny says,  we will continue to identify and expose frauds liars and wannabes in the Australian and New Zealand Veteran communities.

We welcome Betty Irene Lawrence nee Crocker to our web site where her military history has been corrected







Surname: Lawson
Christian Names: Joshua Douglas
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Fremantle
Service: Army
Branch: Medic
Case Notes:

Joshua Douglas Lawson of Rockingham Western Australia

Joshua Douglas Lawson thrilled the crowds at the Fremantle ANZAC Day 2013 March with his heavy rack of “warriors” medals.


 In reality he served his entire military career without leaving the shores of Australia

Lawson served for six years in the Australian Regular Army (ARA) in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.  According to Lawson he was deployed with Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) to Iraq. There is considerable difference between Lawson’s “SASR service” and reality. His only involvement with SASR was to attend a six weeks course. We are reliably advised that he never completed the course and was returned to his unit in Townsville Queensland.

Placing fraudulent photographs on Facebook is not a good strategy. There are many who had served with him, who noticed his ANZAC Day Facebook photograph, and were quick to provide us with the truth or his service.

It is difficult to comprehend how a person can tell blatant lies to his loved ones and friends, but as you can see in the extract below, some of Lawson’s friends and family believe his lies of overseas deployments. One friend must be suspicious because he asks “Why first year with his gongs”


When the evidence was gathered a simple invitation was sent to Lawson requesting he provide information to prove his entitlement to wear six medals. Lawson was requested three times to produce his bona fides but on each occasion he refused to co-operate.

“25 May

to Joshua

Last ANZAC Day you were wearing at least six medals indicative of multiple Defence Deployments. All you need to do is advise us that the medals you wore were issued to you.

We have no leanings one way or the other in this matter and advice from you could well end our enquiries.


“Joshua Lawson

25 May (4 days ago)

to me

As stated before, I don't recognise any official authority that you have. I simply don't talk about my time in the defence force. Especially to strangers that I don't know.

So go ahead with your investigation mate. Please understand that it is not that I am inhibiting you, I just don't know you.

P.S. I do like your website though, it was an entertaining read. I'm unsure how I'd never heard of this before”

Because of the quality of the photograph we are unable to clearly identify the six medals he is wearing, we have a Statutory Declaration declaring that he is wearing an Iraq deployment medal and the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM).  The last medal on the right hand side is identifiable as the Australian Defence Medal (ADM). The other three we are unsure of, except that we know he has no entitlement to wear any medal except for the ADM. The ADM is awarded to all Defence personnel who complete at least four years voluntary service and Lawson meets that criteria.

Lawson is a major “lily gilding” wannabe, he has purchased five extra medals and added them to his ADM. There is a tidal wave of cheats like Lawson who are making themselves infamous by advertising false military histories on the Social Media like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We challenge Lawson to name any veteran who can attest to him having operational service, without doubt he cannot do so, as he never left Australia during his six years of Defence Service.

There is a tidal wave of wannabes who are using the Social Media like Facebook and LinkedIn to purvey false Military Histories; this is a stupid move because genuine Veterans and ex Service Men and Women also subscribe to these programs and the chances of being recognized are very high.

Lawson is a liar, cheat and wannabe who decided to turn his mundane military career into that of a much deployed SASR hero, Lawson has been comprehensively caught, named and shamed, as will all, who claim false military histories.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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