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Surname: KARSAI
Christian Names: Stephen Stan
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Ettalong
Service #: 314002
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Military Police
Commencement of service: 04/03/1970
Completion of service: 10/03/1990
Case Notes:


In the 25 years that ANZMI has been in existence, numerous reports have been received regarding individuals who claim fraudulent acts of military service and other notable achievements.

No doubt these false pretenders intend to gain an advantage over others and undeserved respect.

If you live a lie, sooner or later you will be found out.

Stephen Karsai has claimed to be a “Doctor” since at least 2008. Alas, he is a fraud. He is also a military medal cheat and a liar. He claims Australian Military service in Kosovo and East Timor that is fraudulent. His credibility is in question.

His past has now caught up with him and he should hang his head in shame for fooling members of the local Central Coast NSW Business Community and veteran colleagues for many years that he has been awarded a genuine Doctorate (PhD) from a genuine University.

Karsai or Doctor Stephen Karsai as he prefers to be addressed, is a genuine Australian Army Veteran of the Vietnam War. He was a regular soldier who enlisted in the Australian Army in 1970. He was posted to Armoured Corps. (RAAC) as a Trooper, equivalent to a Private Soldier.

On the 2 June 1971, he was deployed to South Vietnam in C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment. He served in that Theatre for 121 days and returned to Australia on the 30 September 1971.

His service was unremarkable, and he was not evacuated as a Battle Casualty.

On the 10 July 1972, he was posted to the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police. (RACMP) as a Private soldier. He discharged from the RACMP and the Army in 1990. He had attained the rank of Sergeant.

Karsai1A 2021 08 15


In the above photographs, Karsai wears the following medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (AASM) Clasp Vietnam.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Defence Force Service Medal.
4. Australia Defence Medal (ADM)
5. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM.) Not entitled.

He is not entitled to wear the RVCM. He does not meet the criteria.


Karsai served in the former Republic of South Vietnam for 121 days. To qualify for this medal, members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) were required to spend 181 days minimum in country or be evacuated as a wounded battle casualty before the 181 days.

Every former ADF serviceman/woman who served in the former Republic of South Vietnam knows that the qualifying period for the RVCM is 181 days, or sooner if evacuated after sustaining wounds in battle. Karsai was a Sergeant in the Australian Army until 1990 as a Regular soldier, and beyond in Reserves. He well knows the criteria for the qualifying period for this medal. He has disregarded that criterion for his own ego.

The below photograph of Karsai in Australian Military Police uniform was taken just prior to his discharge in 1990. He is not wearing the offending RVCM in this photograph. He knew he was not entitled to it. On discharge he is photographed wearing the medal on civilian clothing.


He is also not qualified to the distinguished title of Doctor. (PhD) His Facebook page reveals that he was awarded a Doctorate from the Belford University in Security and Disaster Management. He has told others that he has been awarded an Honorary PhD degree in “Letters.”   This is also a fabrication.


Karsai was reported to ANZMI by veterans who are current members of the Vietnam Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association (VVPPA), who have genuine concerns about his entitlements to the RVCM, his claim of PhD (Doctorate) and his claims of service in Kosovo and East Timor.

He is a former President of the VVPPA Ettalong, NSW, and a Pension Officer. Ettalong is a country town situated on the New South Wales Central Coast, north of Sydney.

He was also a Director of the Ettalong RSL Memorial Club and sat as a Board Member and Director of the Central Coast Private Hospital as Doctor Stephen Karsai. JP.

He sat on the Board of “Active Vets Australia” as Doctor Stephen Karsai.


It is here on his curriculum vitae that he claims to be a Doctor and Australian Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor. These claims are lies.

Karsai was contacted and requested to provide the following information –

1. His entitlement to wear the RVCM when he does not meet the 181-day criteria.
2. His entitlement to claim Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor.
3. Evidence that he is qualified to the status of Doctor. (PhD)

In response, he informed a Researcher that he obtained the RVCM and his Vietnam Medal from a “Q” Store in Vietnam. For our nonmilitary readers, that is a Quartermasters Store that issue blankets, utensils, clothing etc. One thing they do not issue is medals. Strangely, the Australian Government has taken an interest in fulfilling that duty.

From Karsai email, (Spelling and text has not been edited.)“

I know I was deployed in April as I spent my 21bday in country and came home in November/December with two medals issued by Q Store in country If it’s proven to be correct I willIMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE RVCM FROM MY RACK I’ll commence inquiries to day I will also for ward what I have been awarded from Belford Uni

Another mistruth is that he spent his 21st birthday in Vietnam. This may seem insignificant, but this birthday was 30 April 1971. His Vietnam deployment was between June and September 1971. Should remember that one!


Every Vietnam Veteran knows when they were deployed and their medal qualifications.

He stated that he has now communicated with the Australian Department of Defence and was shocked after 50 years that he is not entitled to the RVCM. See below -;

"I will immediately take OFF the campaign medal I must say it has been a shock to me after all these years" (Not edited.)

It should not come as too much of "a shock after all these years" for Karsai. He purchased the RVCM at a Medal Dealer shop or on eBay and had it court mounted with his legitimate medals.

Karsai claims his PhD Doctorate (Security and Disaster Management) was from Belford University.

He could not provide any further information about his PhD including his “Doctoral Thesis” reference. He claimed his Doctorate cost him $20.000.00 dollars. (Email not edited) See below -;

But from the information you have given me and the contact details I have for the uni I believe my so called dr is not worth the paper it’s written on it seems that in the lat ninety and 2000s I have been scammed lost the hrs I put in and out of pocket $20k I have taken steps to inform a number of people

The problem for Karsai is that the non-existent Belford University ceased operating the sham “Pay for a PhD degree” in 2012. From his own admission, Karsai has continued to claim his Belford PhD well after that.
See below -;


Karsai made a post on a UFO website in 2008. That indicates he has been using his bogus PhD claims for at least 13 years that we know of.

Dr.Stephen S Karsai
10/1/2008 9:18:15 PM


Dr. Stephen S Karsai

Karsai’s response regarding his claims to Kosovo and East Timor -;

"Stephen Karsai
I have NEVER CLAIMED THAT I served in Kosovo or East Timor I have always said that I was on Operation Safehaven looking after the Kosovo and Timor refugees."


Since Karsai was recently contacted by a Researcher, he has removed the Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal. He has also removed all traces of his bogus Doctorate from his Facebook page.

Karsai has volunteered his time to assist Veterans for some time. He does not need to embellish his achievements with unearned medals, false claims of service and bogus educational qualifications.

He needs to publicly apologise to all the people he has convinced that he is a “Doctor.” and to all the Vietnam Veteran community for wearing the RVCM and claiming Kosovo and East Timor service when he knew it was false.

We will let out readers make up their own minds about the credibility of "former" Doctor Stephen Stan Karsai.

Surname: Kasperski
Christian Names: Andrew Jan
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Andrew Jan Kasperski aka H.S.H. Prince Andrzej Jan Piotr Xavier Kasperski-Łabędź SQT GCEG RCST CStS-JC J.P. Count of the Holy Roman Empire.

Below are two photos of His Serene Highness.  Each photo was taken on different occasions and he wears two different sets of medals.



Let’s dispense with any courtly manners towards Kasperski because his claim to be a Polish Prince is as false as the three Australian Defence medals he wears. He is Andrew Kasperski, Managing Director of Constellation Communications, in Adelaide, South Australia.

The photos show him wearing:

  1. Star of Courage (SC)

  2. The Medal of the Order of Australia. (OAM)

  3. Australian Defence Medal  (ADM)


The Star of Courage is awarded for acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril. It is the second highest Australian Bravery Decoration.


In the Australian honours system appointments to the Medal of the Order of Australia confer recognition for outstanding achievement and service.


The Australian Defence Medal recognises current and former Australian Defence Force personnel who completed an initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever was the lesser.


The other medals he wears will be in relation to his “Royal Status” or his membership of The Polish Order of St Stanislas.  This is one of those “dress up and pretend” organisations attended by wannabe “Blue bloods” who clearly have psychological problems.

Now read the emails between ANZMI and Kasperski on the 14 March 2012

“14 Mar

to andrzej

Dear Mr Andrew Kasperski

Our organisation exposes frauds and "wannabes" in the Veteran community. Please see our web site at www.anzmi.net.au

We receive and investigate reports from concerned members of the general public. Only a small percentage of those reported are proven to be "Wannabes" and we find, that seeking advice from the person concerned is the most efficient method to deal the problem and perhaps save a lot of research work.

Would you please be kind enough to advise if you have:

Ever served in the Australian Navy or,


Worn Defence Force Campaign or other medals or,

Claimed to have served in the Australian Navy.


This matter may be resolved with one email from you.




“Andrzej Kasperski-Labedz andrzej@kasperski-labedz.com
14 Mar (3 days ago)

to me

Dear xxxxx,

Thank you for your email.  In answer to your questions:

I have never served in the Australian Navy.
I have never worn any Defence Force Campaign or other medals I am not entitled to wear.
I did claim to have served in the Australian Navy, which was a spontaneous and stupid error of judgement, for which I publicly apologised to all those involved, clarifying the above.
I do realise the silliness of my action, but I can also assure you that this was a one off occurrence, and at no time have I ever made these claims to others, or worn any uniform or decorations in public ever – nor is it ever my intention to do so.

Bill, should you require any further clarification, please do email me anytime.

Kindest regards,

Andrew Kasperski


Like most of our “Clients” Kasperski is a liar as well as a wannabe and medals cheat, he says:

“I have never worn any Defence Force Campaign or other medals I am not entitled to wear”

“at no time have I ever made these claims to others, or worn any uniform or decorations in public ever

Our response- LIAR.

To summarise:

Kasperski has never served in any part of the Australian Defence Force and has never been awarded a Star of Courage, an Order of Australia Medal or an Australian Defence Medal.

He has worn all or some of those medals in public on at least two occasions

In addition Kasperski must have spoke of his false Navy History on more than one occasions as stated in his email. See extract from a  Statutory Declaration, shown below:



Kasperski has not apologised to the writer of the Statutory Declaration as he claims to have done, which is indicative that the telling of his story of derring do was not “a spontaneous stupid error” and only on one occasion as claimed.

It is not an offence to be a make believe Prince amongst other make believe Princes, Princesses, Lords, Barons and Counts but these pathetic people must not wear Australian Defence Medals or claim to be returned Veterans.  In doing so Kasperski has insulted Veterans and committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B. For either of these offences he is liable to a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both. 

Kasperski is a proven wannabe and liar with delusions of grandeur about being a Serene Highness.  Kasperski be warned, you can fool others of your ilk  into believing you are a Prince but people like you who invent a false military history will never fool genuine Veterans. Welcome to our web site.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Kearney
Christian Names: Benjamin Ian
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Narrabeen
Service #: 8491600
Service: Army
Branch: RAsigs
Commencement of service: 11 May 04
Completion of service: 12 Mar 08
Case Notes:





Like the majority of his peers, Ben Kearney is into social media as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, as well as catching up with people from his past. But as we have seen in media reports in recent years, sometimes people tend to tell a few 'porkies' about themselves, their achievements and what they have been up to. From what we have been told and seen, Benjamin Ian Kearney falls into this category.

Ben's Facebook page would probably impress his friends as he recounts tasty little tit-bits about his military service with the Australian Army. It's all there - in the infantry, unarmed combat training and of course the standard one for military frauds, the para jump course.

But as the old saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words', so we draw your attention to the above photograph of Ben Kearney which appears on his fiancé's Facebook page. Smiling Ben has what we at ANZMI call the full Monty for today's medal cheat. Left of photo to right:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with 2 clasps possibly Afghanistan & Iraq, (NOT ENTITLED)

Afghanistan Campaign Medal, (NOT ENTITLED)

Iraq Campaign Medal, (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Service Medal (ASM) clasp n/k, (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM), (ENTITLED)

NATO Service Medal Afghanistan (NOT ENTITLED)

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal. (NOT ENTITLED)

And the icing on this very impressive cake is the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) sitting above the medals. (NOT ENTITLED)

Unfortunately for Ben Kearney the only award he is entitled to wear on his left breast is the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).

Once Kearney completed his recruit training, he was allocated to Royal Australian Corps of Signals. When he completed his Initial Employment Training, he was employed as a Combat Signaller. In July 2005 Kearney changed from being a Combat Signaller to an Operator Communications. He continued in this role until he discharged medically unfit in March 2008. There's no mention of him ever being trained in unarmed combat or completing a para course.

Now that Ben has had the dubious pleasure of gracing our pages in all his glory, we suspect that his and his fiancé's Facebook pages will come in for some quick editing. And maybe a steady stream of 'unlikes' will begin to appear as well.

Benjamin Ian Kearney, you are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore and to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives and their physical and mental health in the service of Australia. Remove the medals you have been dishonestly wearing along with the ICB and fade into the obscurity you deserve.

Surname: Keaton
Christian Names: Graham Frederick
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: Storeman
Case Notes:

KEATON, Graham (or Grahame) Frederick. ex- 217183. Born 1948.
This man was photographed at a dining in night with an Air Force Cadets unit while wearing the Infantry Combat Badge and the General Service Medal, he is not entitled to either. 
He says he was an Infantry Sergeant in Vietnam with the Third Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, when in fact he was a Temporary Corporal storeman and served his tour in the relative safety of his 25 Supply Platoon store at Vung Tau with the occasional visit to Nui Dat.  January 1968 to January 1969.


Graham(e) Frederick Keaton (217183) served in Vietnam with RAASC (Royal Australian Army Service Corps) as a Technical Storeman.
We appreciate the way he hitched up the left sleeve of his Mess Dress jacket to clearly display his miniature medals and ICB  for the photo but he was not an Infantry Soldier nor is there even a remote chance that he spent time serving outside the wire on warlike operations in an Infantry-like role. Therefore he is not entitled to wear the coveted Infantry Combat Badge.

The second medal on his breast, from your left, is the General Service Medal 1962-66. The problems being that the entitlement for this award ceased on 28 May 1964 for Vietnam service and 11 August 1966 for Borneo and the Malay Peninsular.

Keaton didn't serve in any of these countries and also,  didn't join the Army until 21 November 1966.
The last three medals are self purchased trinkets worn for the purpose of extending the row of a Vietnam Veteran and impressing the uninitiated.  Keaton is a wannabe who impressed the said uninitiated and got away with it for a long time.

This website has been closed downbut the information below was obtained beforehand.


FSGT (AAFC) Keaton joined the Australian Air Force Cadets as an instructor of cadets in 1992. Starting his staff position with the rank of Corporal (AAFC) due to previous service with the military.
Flight Sergeant (AAFC) Keaton served in the Royal Australian Army Infantry from 1966 through to 1972 attaining the rank of Sergeant. In January 1968, SGT Keaton was posted to Vietnam, fighting with 3 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and survived the tour to return a year later.

[We understand that the ambiguous "to return a year later" refers to him returning to Australia, not Vietnam] 

We have copies of Keaton's Army records which were obtained in June 2004 from National Archives by an executive member of the RAASC Association who noted that there were no entries regarding Keaton's claimed service with 3RAR in Vietnam or service in Borneo-Malaya. This search was prompted by a Veteran who was obviously very interested in Keaton's claims but he decided to let the matter rest for a while. 

The fact remains that Keaton was a Lance Corporal/Temporary Corporal, Technical Storeman in Vietnam and served from January 1968 to January 1969 with 25 Supply Platoon, RAASC.
RAASC was the Royal Australian Army Service Corps, the storemen, the drivers, the deliverymen. They were vital logistic support soldiers but not combatants in the true sense of the word.

Keaton wanted to continue on in the Army with Service Corps after his posting to Singapore in November 1970 but this was vetoed in May 1972, he returned to Australia in August 1972.
His Army service was so inglorious that another entry was made in his records.

"NOT TO BE RE-ENLISTED - BY AHQ (Army Headquarters) DIRECTION"   Dated 29 November 1972.

He must have really fouled up during his Singapore posting, he was virtually booted out of the Army still a Temporary Corporal.

Keaton was recently promoted to Wing Warrant Officer. Here are the details as published by the AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE CADETS, February 2006.

WOFF(AAFC) G. Keaton 8021558 HQ2WGAAFC is appointed Wing Warrant Officer
2WGAAFC (WGWOFF 2WGAAFC) WEF 1 Feb 06 until 31 Dec 08 inclusive with an option for a further two year appointment until 31 Dec 10 exercised at the discretion of OC2WGAAFC.

The workload for a man in this position, Wing Warrant Officer,  would be quite hefty, the criteria for promotion to the rank are well documented and we have a copy of the duty statement. He's considered to be unable to work and is in receipt of a DVA pension due to this, we find it odd that he couldn't find a civilian job with even less work pressure...................or did he?

Keaton's posing was brought to the attention of high ranking Air Force Cadets Officers in 2004 but they did nothing in the hope that the problem would "simply go away".........It didn't.

This sort of behaviouris inexplicable and could be viewed by some as aiding and abetting wannabe behaviour, for a senior officer to be aware of such a problem and do nothing borders on disrespect for the veteran community.

21 March 2006

We delayed publishing the following for a few reasons, one of them being that we were waiting for a newspaper report on Keaton and his former boss at 2 Wing AAFC. The article can be viewed below.

"Wing Commander" BAIN will appear in his own story on our Cases page soon.

This is published in the interests of fair play and allowing all War Veterans, particularly Vietnam War Veterans, to accept or reject the apology to the Veteran Community at large

We received three apologies [two almost identical] from Grahame Keaton on Monday 13 March 06, 48 hours after we published information on his activities.   The first is to the Veteran Community, the second must be to Australian Air Force Cadets units and the third to a RAASC Association of which he is a member.

A policy statement from our INFO page.

What if an impersonator repents?

In the case of civilians who wear military honours and awards to which they have no entitlement, they are permanent residents of the site. In the case of genuine vets who embellish their service and wear unentitled honours and awards, their stories are only removed from the site when three criteria are met;

  1. They offer a written apology to the veteran community at large, and

  2. They offer a written apology to their unit/ship/muster

  3. The offended Veterans accept the apology.

Once those conditions are met, the story is removed from the site.

Mr. Keaton has complied with points 1 & 2. Point 3 is now up to you.

All comments received at information@anzmi.netup to 1200hrs 20 April 06 will be taken into account.

From: Grahame Keaton
Sent: Monday, 13 March 2006 5:08 PM
To: information@anzmi.net
Subject: Grahame Keaton


1        Yes I am guilty of wearing  "tin medals" (miniature) at the Dining In Night I was lead to believe that these  could be worn but when I found out at a later date that they could not be worn with the awarded ones they  were gotten rid of.  I am also guilty of weraing non awarded medals as If memory serves me right I was actually doing an assessment of Basic stage cadets  in Service Knowledge as I asked them prior to this night to  watch for things that were wrong with dress etc. In foresight maybe I should not of worn  the wrong ones and only wore the real  ones on the wrong side, as I say I plead guilty to this and on reflection am a  fool

2        Yes I am guilty of the things written in 221 Sqn Web site as I believed that the cadets were actually "hamming it up" doing interviews about  everyone as the cadets were really laying it on thick about each other and as a result I joined the fray and hammed it up as well, unfortunately things must of gotten out of hand and as I have never seen the site they must of written what I had said

3        I appologise to the Veteran Community for these acts of stupidity and am now aware of the rules etc to the wearing of  "purchased medals" after carefully reading  the articles written.

4        I also wish to  appologise to my comerades at 25 Supply  5 Coy RAASC for these acts of stupidity as well.

5         As a result of these actions I have resigned from the AAFC immediately and appologised to the OC  for  my actions


Grahame Keaton

Monday 13 March 06.

Letter of Apology to Unit


I Grahame Keaton ex T/Cpl  RAASC wish to apologise for my inexcusable behaviour  by wearing non issue medals and comments made by me.

I have let my family, the Veteran Community  my comrades and my former RAASC units that I served in and myself down  by doing this.

My stupidity has caused me to resign from the AAFC and stand down as Wing Woff 2 Wing AAFC.

Once again I cannot appologise enough  for the embarresment caused by me to all veterans  and my family.

I am now aware of the rules in wearing foreign, tin and non awarded medals and apologise once again.

Thank you

Grahame Keaton

Monday 13 March 06

Letter of Apology



I Grahame Keaton ex T/Cpl  RAASC wish to apologise for my inexcusable behaviour  by wearing non issue medals and comments made by me.

I have let my family, the Veteran Community  my comrades and myself down  by doing this.

My stupidity has caused me to resign from the AAFC and stand down as Wing Woff 2 Wing AAFC.

Once again I cannot appologise enough  for the embarresment caused by me to all veterans  and my family.

I am now aware of the rules in wearing foreign, tin and non awarded medals and apologise once again.

Thank you

Grahame Keaton


Mr. Keaton has not been totally honest in these apologies .

With reference to why he wore non awarded medals; he makes this appear to be a one-off event , a training exercise, when in fact he hadbeen seen to wear the ribbons of the medals on many occasions while in service dress. He makes no definite mention of the Infantry Combat Badge he wore with the ribbons while impersonating a qualified Infantryman, which he did on every occasion he wore the ribbon bar with ICB , not onlythat one night.

Keaton's activities were reported to the 2 Wing OC in 2004 and while heordered the matter to be dropped, we must imagine that Keaton had to front the OC and explain himself.  We find it hard to believe that he has never seen the web site and his "bio".  As for "hamming it up" with the Cadets (point 2, 1st apology) we have a report of Keaton claiming he had " entered a tunnel and shot some VC".  He stated this at a completely different time, not at the supposed "interview" session.    

Keaton has actually resigned but we'll have to wait and see if the illegal wearing of the General Service Medal  62-66 is swept under the carpet by the AAFC............ again.

It appears that Keaton believes his greatest mistake was wearing what we refer to as Tin Medals, purchased trinkets. We did touch on these briefly in the main story but deemed them to be so unimportant to the overall exposure that we didn't even bother to name them.  We must make one thing abundantly clear, Keaton does not appear on our web site for wearing "purchased medals"

The only hard and fast rule about wearing "Tin" with awarded decorations is the rule of common sense.

Keaton says he is now aware of the "rules" about wearing non awarded decorations butthey are actually Federal laws which could see him charged with the offence , ie wearing the GSM 62-66 while in the uniform of an Australian Defence Force sanctioned and controlled Air Force Cadet unit.

If found guilty he would face maximum penalties of $3,300 and/or six months gaol.

One "rule" he was aware of, and disregarded, was that while in receipt of a pension for disability he shouldn't have been working in a civilian type job as well. We imagine that the Department of Veteran's Affairs will have something to say about this.


It's now up to the Veteran Community and the War Veterans of the AAFC units and relevant associations to accept or reject Mr. Keaton's apologies.


29 Apr 2006

The thirty day deadline for responses to Keaton's apologies has expired and we allowed extra time for late responses.  
Of twelve respondents, 9 have rejected them outright.  [ this number does not include people attached to ANZMI ] 
1 is not sure .
1 accepts but doesn't think they're genuine...??
1 is reluctant to accept.
Accordingly, the Grahame Keaton story will remain on our website for the term of his natural life.
More information on Keaton and his posing will undoubtedly be received and will be published as updates.
If the new penalties for wearing unauthorised service medals are imposed, he should face heavy fines and-or imprisonment.
Should you discover a flagrant wannabe in your midst such as KEATON, ask your State Police to charge him with the offences because the Federal Police will do absolutely nothing, calling on them for action is a futile exercise. 
Contact us for the appropriate Act under which these people may be charged.

28 May 2006

In KEATON'S apologies he stated that he wore the General Service Medal and Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)   only for the reason of training Cadets. We don't know how many people may have believed this story but recently we found some photographs on the 221 Squadron web site dating back to 1994 that completely deny this absurd claim.
This one for example which appears to be the most recent photo of him in uniform.


Above right. His miniature medals from what appears to have been an earlier date.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Kee
Christian Names: John Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

This is the story that Kee tells;  

  • He served in Vietnam as a Captain in the Military Police.    
  • A good friend of his was captured by the Viet Cong and executed.   
  • A VC was captured and found to be carrying a biscuit tin containing the decapitated head of Captain Kee's mate.   
  • The enraged Captain KEE drew his Officers Sword and duly beheaded the VC POW.   



This horrifying incident still haunts the intrepid ex Captain and he suffers from "Flashbacks" on a regular basis.

In the past two years he has been treated for Prostate cancer, which he attributes to constant exposure to Agent Orange and other defoliants he encountered during his tour of duty in "The Nam".  No stranger to fire fights and ambushes this courageous ex officer has impressed his peers and seniors within the motorcar sales industry with his wartime experiences.  

All claims are false.

These are the facts:  

Central Army Records Office indicates Kee enlisted in the CMF (Citizen Military Forces, now the Army Reserve) in May 1964 and was discharged in Oct 1972 - for this entire period he was a member of 106 Construction Squadron RAE (Royal Australian Engineers).

There is no record of recruit training and parade attendance (one night per week) and one two-week exercise/camp per year, was extremely limited.  This part time soldier actually "slipped through the cracks" and avoided National Service (the Draft) by hiding behind the facade of being a part time soldier.    

Of great interest is his period of service; he remained hidden in the CMF for the exact duration of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War (1965 to 1972). The only rank he held was Sapper (Private).

This impostor regaled his sales staff and superiors with tales of heroism and danger for far too long.   He has used bogus "veteran" status to his advantage and has convinced many high profile personnel in the motor industry that because of his military background as an officer he is trustworthy and honourable.

There was no Australian serviceman captured by the enemy for the entire duration of Australia's involvement in Vietnam, obviously no executions of our personnel took place.  

Another ex-car sales manager allied with this impostor is currently under investigation for the same bogus endeavours.   

Kee writes [letter on file];

"Further to our conversation today I write to you to explain my past 15 years or so.
What started as Boy's stories and turned out to be a lie some 15 odd years ago then grew out of proportion to the stage I had to seek help.
My family doctor passed me on to a doctor that had experience in this field and proceeded to treat me.
I started admitting to people that talked to me about my supposed Army service that this was not true but was a lie and have continued ever since, this has gone on for the last 10 years or so and will continue.
[Team member deleted] there is no excuse for this but it happened, I can only apologise to yourself and the Vietnam Veterans and ask for your forgiveness.
Still this does not overcome what happened, but I can assure you now that no lies come from my lips.
[Team member deleted] I hope this explains what I have tried to do, please again accept my apologies.
Yours Faithfully,

John Kee"

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Keeley
Christian Names: Mark David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Pakenham
Service #: 8485882
Service: Army
Branch: Engineers (RAE) & Royal Military College (RMC)
Commencement of service: 04/11/2003
Completion of service: 18/02/2012
Case Notes:


Mark Keeley served as a Sapper (Private Soldier) in the Royal Australian Engineer Corps from 2003 until 2007. He rejoined on 1 January 2011 and was accepted for Officer training at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Canberra where he underwent training until his resignation on 18 February 2012.






The photograph shows Keeley in the uniform of a member of the Pakenham Station of Country Fire Authority (CFA) of Victoria.  He is wearing six medal ribbons and an Army Combat Badge.  He has no entitlement to any medals or badges.

 Although he has acted in a false manner, when approached, he was quick to admit his deception and asked how he could set the matter right.  Unfortunately for wannabes there is no consideration for remorse.  He was an experienced soldier and, because he was selected to attend RMC was of high intellect. 

 He is in direct contravention to the Defence Act 1903 Part VII parts 80A for falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran and 80B Improper use of service decorations.  Both these offences carry maximum fines of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

 The false decorations he wears are the:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM).



Australian Service Medal (ASM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM).


Army Combat Badge

Any reasonable person seeing Keeley in the CFA Uniform would conclude that he is a battle hardened Returned Veteran, which he is not.  Never at any time during his Army service was he deployed overseas. 

Keeley sought fame by posing as a Returned Veteran,  his fame will now come from his association with ANZMI.  He has been signed up for a long term deployment and will remain on this website for many years to come.

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