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Surname: Johnson
Christian Names: Jack
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Gulargambone
Service #: Nil (Possibly Cadets)
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




Well, here we go again. Jack Johnson, yet another example of a ‘wannabe’ claiming to be something he is not. Johnson’s impressive array of medals suggests some extensive time overseas in a number of the World’s hot spots. The only problem is Jack Johnson is a fraud. He has no operational service, in fact he has no military service at all under the name Jack Johnson, yet he has the audacity to turn up to ANZAC Day 2014 at the NSW country town of Gulargambone wearing a chest full of medals he has no entitlement to wear. He has also the impertinence to claim to be ‘a disabled veteran’, an example of how low this individual will go to deceive the community.

If his objective was to have more medals than everyone else at the service, well he won that competition hands down but the trouble is, Johnson (if that is indeed his real name) is the worst kind of contemptible ‘wannabe’ because he didn’t even bother to research the medals he was wearing. If he did, he might have discovered that this ‘rack’ makes no sense whatsoever.

Yes, Jack Johnson certainly cuts a fine figure as the decorated veteran as he struts his stuff along the street, leading the fair dinkum Veterans of Gulargambone in the ANZAC Day March.

As you can see he wears an impressive array of Australian and United Nations awards, as well as the coveted Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).

What could possibly be wrong we hear you ask? Well, even a cursory glance at his ‘rack’ should have the alarm bells ringing.

He is wearing:

ICB (Infantry Combat badge) (No Entitlement)

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with five or six clasps (No Entitlement)
INTERFET Medal (No Entitlement)
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) (No Entitlement)

What appear to be an array United Nations Medals, suggesting service with the UN in the following UN Missions, all of which he has no entitlement to:

UN ‘Sudan’
UN ‘Cambodia’
UN ‘Rwanda’
UN ‘Timor Leste’ (UNMIT)
UN ‘Special Service Medal’

The last medal he is wearing is the:

MFO Medal (Multi National Force and Observers (Sinai) (No Entitlement)

Irrespective of the order the medals appear, Jack Johnson has no entitlement to any of the medals he is wearing.

Now, if Jack had done even half of the things that his medal rack suggests, he would have had to be a member of the Army for quite a few years.

Note that his medal ‘rack’ is devoid of any Long Service Medals? Perhaps his subterfuge would be more believable if he displayed the Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM), Australian Defence Medal (ADM) or maybe even a National Medal? The quality of Court Mounting of the medals he wears also leaves a lot to be desired.

While we cannot find any evidence which supports Jack Johnson’s eligibility to wear any of the medals he claims, fortunately he has a mate named ‘mouse’ who was prepared to support him when Jack’s status as a veteran was challenged a while back on another website:

‘Mouse’ is a very hard person to track down, in fact we do not think he exists. In the context of the post concerning Johnson, it is clear that ‘Mouse’ is in fact yet another alias used by Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson is a charlatan, a contemptible wannabe with no entitlement to wear either the ICB or medals he claims. Not only is he a medals cheat, he also steals the valour of the real ex-servicemen who do travel to Cambodia and clear mines. Jack Johnson is not, or has never been a member of the Vietnam Veterans Mine Clearing Team – Cambodia Inc. The exceptional work this group has done can be found on their website.

‘Bombers Story’ as ‘Mouse’ would like us to believe focused on Jack Johnson when in fact, the ABC’s Australian Story report was about Tony "Bomber" Bower-Miles, a true hero and genuine veteran. There was no mention of ‘Jack Johnson’ in that story. In fact, the group have never heard of him. Jack Johnson is a valour thief of the lowest type, stealing the honour due to the real heroes, the genuine members of the Vietnam Veterans Mine Clearing Team – Cambodia Inc.

The dilemma facing most wannabes is once the lie starts, how do you keep your story on track. That is the reason the movie industry engage continuity specialists.

Alas, Jack Johnson has lost track of his story, so much so that it just makes no sense at all.

How can Johnson expect anyone to take him seriously when he wears medals suggesting Defence Force service from the mid 1980’s onward, when he also tries to claim service around the time of the Vietnam conflict.

Here is a photograph of young Jack Johnson as posted by him on his Facebook page.

Here is Jack’s comment about the picture.

Note, (in his words) he says:

‘Not quiet eh, had to be 18 to vote last of the boy soldiers I joined at 16 and 9 months 3 months basic at trade school (infantry training centre Singleton) selected due to skills (I grew up in the bush and could track and hunt) and then got to play with the boys, 3-4 weeks before my 18th birthday here showing two rounds left and the follower just visible been at it all day, my first day in combat, on the chook going back to base, we done ok eh..took no casualties that day, a good to be a troop..40 years later..not so young eh.’

Now to try and explain Jack’s dilemma, particularly for those readers who may not be as familiar with the Defence Forces as an ex-serviceman would be.

The image depicts young Jack Johnson wearing a uniform that was worn by Australian soldiers in Vietnam, known as ‘jungle greens’ or just ‘greens’ they were phased out of the Army in 1986 when the current Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform – DPCU was introduced. Johnson is clearly claiming to have been in combat so he can only be claiming service in Vietnam (his reference to 40 years later). By his own admission, he was born in 1957 and as we know to be fact, the last Australian combat troops came home from Vietnam in December 1972 and Australia's participation in the war was formally declared at an end when the Governor-General issued a proclamation on 11 January 1973. That would have made Jack Johnson 15 years old so clearly he is lying about having experienced combat, and could not have possibly served in Vietnam.

If the image he claims to be him, it is most likely taken as a member of a Cadet Unit, maybe even during his early years in the Army (assuming he served – but not as Jack Johnson) but it is definitely not a ‘combat’ shot as he clearly and unequivocally claims on his Facebook site.

Again, Jack Johnson of Gulargambone is a nothing more than a lying wannabe who has not only disgraced himself by pretending to be something he is not, a genuine veteran but he has also committed offences against the Commonwealth of Australia. By his actions, he has committed the following offences for which he should be prosecuted:

Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Let us hope that the local police take an interest in this shameful wannabe and take the appropriate action to put him before the Court.

There is a bit more to the Jack Johnson Story, if indeed Jack Johnson is his real name.

The people of Gulargambone know ‘Jack’ as Jack Johnson, owner of the Gulargambone Axe and Knife Company. Indeed, Jack has established quiet a name for himself with this endeavour but there is also another side to Jack.

In a previous ‘life’ Jack was known as Jack Zedee. Resident of the Sydney suburb of Lakemba.

In the guise of Jack Zedee, our Jack Johnson was quiet an advocate for the anti-Muslim campaigners and member of the far-right Australian Protectionist Party (APP). Unfortunately it appears Jack’s views were too extreme for the APP and it is reported that he was ejected from that organisation.

The purpose here is not to comment on Jack Johnson’s (aka Zedee) political leanings. However a simple Google search of the name Jack Zedee will bring up a series of reports about his activities in Lakemba dating back to 2010. These reports simply serve to put more and more holes into Jack Johnson’s military service timeline.

Here is another interesting piece from his Facebook page. You will note that he is heavily involved in defending his particular political views, but the interesting post for us is the last one in which he claims service in East Timor.

We note that he wears the Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) on his rack of medals, incorrectly mounted as third from the front when in fact it should be the last medal, but that is a minor point. The TLSM recognises service in Timor Leste from 1 May 2006 and is awarded with the Australian Service Medal (ASM). It is clear that Johnson is not wearing an ASM and his entitlement to the TLSM, let alone the ASM with clasp ‘Timor Leste’ is very doubtful. Further shooting holes on Jack’s timeline is his Facebook Page where he tells us he left the Army in 2005.

Jack Johnson of Gulargambone (aka Jack Zedee of Lakemba) is a very elusive person indeed. We made contact with Mr Johnson and in fairness to him, asked him to explain the medals he was photographed wearing on ANZAC Day.

We thought the question was simple enough, we asked him to provide us with any piece of information that might support his story of being a decorated veteran. We received nothing. After making contact with Mr Johnson and giving him the opportunity to explain his actual service, he decided to reply via no less than six emails, which were abusive, threatening and at best were full of complete rubbish. At no time, was Johnson prepared to provide any evidence which would support is outrageous claims of operational service. Here is an example of the eloquent replies we received from Johnson to our very simple question:

Jack Johnson (aka Jack Zedee) is a complete fraud and nothing more than a stupid wannabe. By his own admission, and substantiated by evidence we have found, Jack Johnson is not averse to changing his name when things get tough so it is very possible that Johnson may been in the Army under another name, he refuses to confirm this however we are in no doubt that if he did serve in the Defence Force, that service was significantly less impressive than the medals he wears suggests.

If the medals worn by Johnson were to be believed he would be among the most highly decorated soldiers in Australia and suggest he has served in every major mission or operation involving the Australian Defence Forces in the past thirty years. If this were true, you would think someone would know him, but alas like most wannabe’s, he is only a legend in his own mind.

UPDATE - JOHNSON 12 June 2014

It is not often we are wrong with an exposure, but when we are ANZMI is more than happy to correct the error.

In our recent exposure of ‘Jack’ Johnson (aka Jack Zedee), we referred to him as a ‘stupid wannabe’ but Jack Johnson is not stupid, he is a cunning, deceitful deserter who couldn’t cut it in the Army and whose lies know no bounds.

In our initial exposure we were unable to locate any form of service record for Jack Johnson, nor was he willing to offer any information to confirm he was a former soldier when we contacted him.

While the array of medals he was photographed wearing suggested he was some sort of ‘medal groupie’, we have since learnt the sinister side to the Jack Johnson story.

Jack Johnson is actually John Johnson, who served with 3RAR (4 Platoon, Number 2 Rifleman) in the 1980’s. While serving with 3RAR, Johnson was given the nickname, ‘TOTS’ (Teller of Tall Stories).

As suggested in our original exposure, Johnson’s service was less than distinguished. In fact, he didn’t stick around to finish his service in the Army and was reported Absent Without Leave (AWOL). After three months AWOL he was automatically discharged in absentia as an illegal absentee.

Johnson’s fraud committed on ANZAC Day 2014 at Gulargambone was not the first time he donned the medals he had no entitlement to, below is an image taken of Johnson participating in an earlier ANZAC Day March at Dapto, NSW.

Not only is he wearing his rack of fake medals, but has also worn the regimental tie for good measure.

We have evidence that clearly shows Johnson is nothing more than a contemptible wannabe. During his less than distinguished service, Johnson made a number of farfetched claims which included claiming to have gone to PNG during his BRL, (Annual Leave), to train West Papuan OPM rebels, and after he trained them he would supposedly lead them on ambushes of Indonesian forces. Obviously a complete lie.

Those who knew him in 3RAR describe him as an average soldier, but considered pathetic by most of the soldiers in the Battalion.

Now after all that, you would think that a deserter like Johnson would have kept a low profile. We have already explained how in the guise of Jack Zedee, our man took on the Muslim community but guess what, there is more.

Our John Johnson is the same person responsible for the release of a series of alleged nude photographs of Pauline Hanson in 2009. The actions of this idiot caused significant distress to Ms Hanson at the time and impacted upon her bid for election. The story was reported in the Daily Telegraph and many other publications and media outlets at the time:

The report also looked at Johnson’s supposed service in the Army, and as we know, every story he utters is a lie:

The full version of the story can be found at:


Thank you to the numerous readers of this website who contacted us about this charlatan, and to those who provided information about the medals being illegally worn by Johnson. We inadvertently identified the third medal as the Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) and although the ribbon appears to be that of the TLSM, the medal definitely is not. Notwithstanding the identity of the medals, we know he has no entitlement to any of them.

We were contacted by John Johnson who offered to send us his fake medals, telling us that he will never wear them again. He was told, in no uncertain terms that we did not want his fake rack of replicas, but an apology was needed to be given to the entire Veteran community. Begrudgingly, the following email was received.

This is the story of Jack Johnson, aka John Johnson, aka Jack Zedee, a genuine medals cheat.

Surname: Johnson
Christian Names: Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Vic
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: Unknown
Service: Claims NS
Branch: RAF
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




Charles Johnson claims compulsory United Kingdom National Service in the Royal Air Force.

He was photographed at the 2014 Melbourne Anzac Day March wearing three medals.  His photograph was then used in an advertisement for the 2015 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli by a Tourist organisation called  "Public Holidays Australia" Melbourne.  Photo below.

Johnson wears his beret with the RAF hat badge.  He also wears the following medals -;

1.  The United Kingdom General Service Cross. Tin commemorative medal purchased.

2. The United Kingdom Conscripted Service Medal. Tin commemorative medal. Purchased.

3. The Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal 2002. Tin commemorative medal. Purchased.

The General Service Cross

The General Service Cross is a tin commemorative medal that is intended to signify those men and women who have given service to Britain and the British Commonwealth during hostilities and in Peacetime and whose service has gone unrecognised. The Medal Dealer site states "By not serving in a war zone and not serving long enough for a Long Service medal many serving members go unrecognised".

This medal can be purchased for 65 pounds sterling.

The UK Conscripted Service Medal

The National Service Medal is an unofficial commemorative medal sold by Award Productions Ltd. and co-sponsored by the Royal British Legion. The medal is intended to recognize those who served as National Service conscripts for the United Kingdom between 1939 and 1960. Some of the proceeds from sale of the medals goes to the poppy appeal. As it is not an official medal it should not be worn. (Wikipedia)

The Queen Elizabeth Jubilee medal 2002 below is a tin commemorative medal to signify any person who has served their country in any role during the reign of 50 years of Queen Elizabeth 11.  It can be purchased for 42 pounds sterling.

Johnson obviously has not been awarded any official medals.  Otherwise he would be wearing them on such an important day as Anzac Day 2014.   

We did not confirm his claimed RAF service.  His medals tell a story on their own.  They are all commemorative purchased tin that should not be worn on the left side.

It is unfortunate that the Melbourne Tourist organisation "Public Holidays Australia",  chose to photograph and publish a UK medal cheat to advertise the centenary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Forces at Gallipoli.

They could have chosen a genuine World War 2 veteran or a child wearing his/her grandparents/great grandparents medals at the same march. 

We have had a lot of reports regarding this particular photo of Charles Johnson wearing unofficial medals at an Anzac Day march.   Genuine veterans can pick  a medals cheat out easily.  They stand out in a crowd.  Our advice to "Public Holidays Australia" is to get the photo of this imposter off your brochures and replace him with a genuine veteran or a child with ancestor's medals.

You have treated this most significant event with apathy and disrespect.  You should take more interest and care when dealing with important issues of this magnitude.

Surname: Johnstone
Christian Names: Andrew Philip
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lismore
Case Notes:

Updated 6 Oct 2013

Major Andrew Philip Alexander Johnstone the “Golden Boy” of Lismore, New South Wales, is Chairman of the New South Wales Far North Coast, Young Veterans outreach group and Secretary of the Lismore RSL Sub Branch. He is also a liar, cheat and con man.


Johnstone featured in numerous regional newspaper articles and was photographed wearing ten medals. Two of these medals are self-purchased fakes. The articles also said that he was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, which he is not.

The first Award, the ochre-red ribbon with the silver insignia on the bottom, is a Commendation for Distinguished Service, awarded for distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations.

He was never awarded this decoration. It is reported that he has a forged Certificate that adorns his wall at home to “authenticate” the award.




This decoration is similar to the Commendation for Gallantry which has a plain orange ribbon with a gold insignia at the bottom and awarded for acts of gallantry in action which are considered worthy of recognition as seen below.



By purchasing it, and wearing it, Johnstone is falsely claiming he has carried out his duties in a Distinguished manner and insulting all those who have earned this award the hard way.

The fourth medal from the left is the Iraq medal. He was never awarded this medal.


Iraq Medal

The Iraq Medal recognises service with the Australian Defence Force in specified operations in the Iraq region from 18 March 2003. Johnstone was never deployed to Iraq and has no entitlement to the medal which he has obviously purchased himself.


Although the photograph is blurred, we believe we have identified the following medals that Johnstone wears. They are from left to right.

Commendation for Distinguished Service - PHONEY (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Active Service Medal 1975 clasp East Timor (entitled)

International Forces East Timor Medal (Interfet- entitled)


Australian Service Medal 1975 with clasps (entitled)

Defence Force Service Medal (entitled)

Australian Defence Medal (entitled)

UNAMET/UNTAET East Timor (entitled)

UNTSO (Israel/Lebanon area) (entitled)

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (entitled)

Army Combat Badge (entitled)

Meritorious Unit Citation - 5 Aviation Regiment - East Timor 1999 to 2002 (Entitled)

RASB Returned from Active Service Badge (entitled)

Here are excerpts from newspaper articles where Johnstone is described as both an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.





An Army Officer who attains the rank of Major, with approval, may retain that title after he has resigned his Commission, hence in the community; he is seen as a person of honour and integrity.

Johnstone deserves none of that respect or honour, because he has sullied his reputation and the reputation of all ex Defence Officers by awarding himself, and wearing two false medals. He has a genuine entitlement to eight medals. However having the mind of a fraudulent wannabe he desired a little bit extra with a bit of “Gallantry” to spice it up.

One would think that Johnstone’s career would have been satisfactory to most individuals.

Johnstone’s Military Service

After a thorough investigation we have ascertained that Johnstone was an officer with the Army Aviation Corps, did several deployments to East Timor and one deployment with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation in Israel known as Operation Paladin and resided in Tiberias not far from the UN Headquarters in Jerusalem.

He never carried out deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan.

We approached Johnstone and requested that he simply provide evidence of his claimed service   Instead of doing so, which would have satisfactorily ended our enquiries, he sent the following email.

“Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Thank you for your e-mail.
From my part this is indeed an unusual request.

Please pass on to the enquirer that I would be more than pleased to respond directly to any controversy regarding my honours and awards and military service.
I can be contacted on this e-mail, XXXXXXXXXXX, to arrange a meeting to discuss their enquiry, that way there is complete transparency and would alleviate any misunderstandings or privacy concerns from either party.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards,


In response we sent the following to him:

“Dear Andrew

Thank you for responding.

A face to face meeting is not possible.

As previously stated, asking you directly for the information is the easy way.

The hard way is not so difficult.

We will seek your comment when all information is gathered, which should be within a few days.


He chose not to reply, and another email was sent, again no reply was received.


We have irrefutable proof that you fraudulently wear the Iraq medal and you falsely wear a Commendation for Gallantry.

As you have chosen to not respond to our last email we will now expose you on our web site http://www.anzmi.net/

We are also aware that you display a forged certificate relating to the Commendation for Gallantry”.


Instead of simply sending proof, Johnstone claims to be taking legal action. If that is so, then he is simply putting on the bluff and bluster behaviour that we see with most cornered rats.

The major defence against defamation is that what is said is the truth. If Johnstone desires to pay legal fees for the purpose of bluff, well good luck to him, because during any legal action the truth of his service will prevail. Maybe the truth will be revealed by Law Enforcement?

Johnstone has committed a criminal act by wearing medals that he did not earn. State Police can lay a charge under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII, Section 80B

Improper use of Service Decorations

"Service Decoration" --Means any order, medal, badge, clasp, bar or other insignia that was or may be conferred for valour, distinguished conduct or service, long service, good conduct, devotion to duty, efficiency, participation in a campaign or other warlike operation or for any other reason on a member of the Defence Force or of any armed force of any part of the Queen's dominions or of any Power allied or associated with Australia in any war or warlike operations in which Australia is or has been engaged, and includes the ribbon of any such order, medal, badge, clasp or other decoration and any colourable imitation, representation or miniature of any such order, medal, badge, clasp or other decoration.
We have experienced anger from prominent Veterans from the Lismore area for the audacity of exposing their “Golden Boy”. We assert that any Veteran who protects a wannabe is equally a wannabe.
Johnstone is the author of his own demise and we are simply the messenger. We proceed without fear or favour, and will not kowtow to any ex senior Officers who deign to blindly believe liars and give them support.

This is a wakeup call to Johnstone to cease being a conman and get out of the ex-service community which he is polluting. It is also a wakeup call to ex Service organizations that do not properly check the bona fides of their members and blindly believe frauds and liars , and refuse to believe the truth when it is put under their noses.

Johnstone will remain a resident of our web site for ever more.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Jones
Christian Names: Clinton
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Kallangur
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Clinton Jones of Kallangur, Queensland is featured on an Ex Service Organization (ESO) web site as “Welfare & DVA Claims Officer in Training”

Welfare & DVA Claims Officer's (sic) in training 

Clinton JonesWelfare Officer (Iraq & East Timor veteran)



Welfare & DVA Claims Officer's in trainingClinton JonesWelfare Officer (Iraq & East Timor veteran)Jones served with 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) contingent during the 2007/2008, six months Overwatch Battle Group W4 (OBG W4)deployment to Iraq. The “Young Diggers” ESO knows well that Jones has lied about his Iraq military service, yet they continue to feature him on their web site as a Welfare and DVA Claims Officer.

Clinton Jones came to our attention because of the wrath of those he served with in Iraq who branded him a liar because of what was written in the Australian newspaper and subsequently copied to a “Pet Industry” news publication. The article dated 19 April 2012 in the Australian Newspaper has been removed from their web site, however the Pet Industry news publication, copied from the Australian Newspaper is still available, see below:

Jones claims to be mentally damaged because of his Iraq service. He blames his illness on “Gun battles with insurgents and on seeing his best friend killed by a roadside bomb. Simply put, neither Jones nor his unit were ever involved in gun battles with insurgents, nor was any member of his unit ever killed by a roadside bomb. We hope that Jones has not used these “incidents” in his claims to Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) as they are blatant lies. 
Below are excerpts from emails received from soldiers who served with Jones in Iraq.
"The story is of the actions and service of an individual by the name of Clinton Jones who has been a recipient of an assistance dog via the Young Diggers organization.
The story is going viral via facebook as many members of Mr Jones's battalion (6RAR) who served along side Mr Jones in Iraq are upset that his claims of "Gun Battles" with insurgents and seeing a mate killed by an IED are a fabrication. No soldiers were killed in Iraq by IED's and there were no gun battles with insurgents.
Mr Jones may be receiving benefits he is not entitled to and taking resources which are few from those in real need.”
"To whom it may concern,
My name is ***********  and I served in 6RAR from ***** 2007 and discharged in ***** 2010. I’m writing in reference to a newspaper article some fellow 6 RAR members had posted on facebook regarding an ex-fellow member talking about battles with insurgents, the death of a close friend by an IED and 290 days served (during a 6 month deployment).
 I was on the same deployment as Clinton Jones, from memory he was in Combat Team Heeler (sic) (6 RAR Alpha Coy) at the time. From what I’ve known of Clinton Jones he is a compulsive liar in general conversation, never did I or anyone else expect to read an article detailing battles with insurgents and it doesn’t take a detective to realise that during the entire Australian Troop commitment to Iraq to date with the exception of Private Jacob Kovco was there an Australian KIA.  From my knowledge I am not aware of any “Battles with Insurgents” during my trip.  If you could look into this it would be appreciated as he could very well be receiving entitlements etc. This is of particular concern considering the obvious legitimate scars, injuries and deaths the ADF are currently experiencing."

The need for the “Young Diggers” organization to condone and welcome a liar and blatant “lily gilder” is more proof of the ineffectual and inappropriate way that some ESOs conduct business. Jones is also featured on the Young Diggers web site in a News video of April 2012. Again Jones plays the part of a digger damaged by combat.
We are reliably advised that Jones is unlikely to be invited to any 6RAR Association events because of his abhorrent behaviour.
We are aware that individuals from the Department of Veterans Affairs read our web site and we are confident that Jones’s claims for benefits will be reviewed
Those, Jones served with in Iraq, are incensed by Jones’s lies and were quick to seek our assistance. Because Clinton Jones has chosen to publicly and grossly exaggerate his experience in Iraq, we have chosen to feature him on our web site as a liar and a fraud.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Jones
Christian Names: Russell Lee
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Taree
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Russell Lee Jones born 12 Jan 1946

"Captain" Russell Lee Jones had a less than stellar naval career, during his twelve years service with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) he rose very "steadily" to the rank of leading seaman. After his discharge he "whipped" in a few promotions to improve his social standing.  He simply eliminated the one thing that was holding him back - The Navy.

The real Leading Seaman Russell Lee Jones

Russell Jones served in the RAN from 7th July 1962 until 8th July 1974.  He was allocated to the Fleet Air Arm and finally worked as a leading seaman involved in  Navy Air Safety Equipment.  Most of his time was spent on shore bases, however he managed to get some sea time aboard HMAS Melbourne.  Between July 1962 and January 1970 he spent around 260 days on board HMAS Melbourne.   His sea time included some hours well off shore in Vietnam waters and a trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo.We have no details of his sea time for the period 1970 to 1974. For his service he wears:

The Australian Active Service medal

General Service Medal

Vietnam Logistics support medal

Australian Service medal

On discharge from the RAN in 1974 Jones headed for the UK "to take up a job with the Coast Guard".  We assume the term Coast Guard refers to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency UK.  During his  supposed   service with the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency he claims to have earned a commission in the Royal Navy Reserve and "acquired a skippers ticket". We have the following information from  renowned UK maritime historians. Inter alia

"I am ex-Coastguard, and I can assure you that, strangely enough, the Coastguard does not have any ships of its own (!) Three (maybe four) extremely large deep-sea salvage tugs are chartered from their owners to be positioned at strategic points around the coast to provide casualty towage, fire fighting and rescue duties.  They are merchant ships (the Coastguard is a civilian organisation), fly the Red Ensign, are skippered by Merchant Navy Master Mariners, and are crewed by merchant seamen.

It is a fact that the RN Reserve has had no association with the Maritime Coast Guard Agency since the 1920s.  Our Naval historians tell us. Inter alia

"The Coastguard, although it has a number of former RN personnel serving on its books, has had no connection with the Ministry of Defence (RN) for over 80 years, and the small patrol boats and cruisers (the more commonly used term to describe these vessels) that the Coastguard use probably haven't been commanded by RN officers for over 100 years, the Coastguard had its own "Chief Officers" and "Mates" etc., the ranks don't even correspond to those in the RN.

"Have checked with the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, they have no record of Russell Lee Jones ever having been employed by them, however, he could have been a volunteer of whom they do not keep records" 

There is another "Coastguard" organization, it is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and it operates numerous vessels from five to seventeen metres in length and is employed in "On shore" rescue work in the UK.  We are advised that  "All members of this organization are volunteers"  If Jones worked with this organization as a volunteer he could hardly claim the rank "Captain (MN)" for driving a seventeen metre boat".

Russell Jones returned to Australia in 2000 claiming the rank and title of  "Captain Merchant Navy" (MN).  Using the rank Captain MN is reserved for Master Mariners and is a privilege that comes after many years of dedicated service to the Merchant Navy.

When mixing in veterans'  circles in the Taree area of NSW, Russell Lee Jones insists on being addressed as "Captain Russell Lee Jones" and has signed documents using the rank of Captain (MN). We hold statements and Statutory Declarations in relation to the following statements credited to Jones.

"We first met R L Jones along with XXXXXX and some others who formed part of the Taree group.  when all present introduced themselves Jones said "Captain Russell Lee Jones" and of course XXXXX and others called him Captain".

XXXXXXX saw Jones sign documents going to DVA which bore the rank Captain. xxxx says that Jones in dealing with Taree council to secure premises for Taree Vietnam Veterans that letters and Council papers were signed Captain.  there may also have been correspondence sent to Mayo Private Hospital Taree similarly signed".

"I saw him sign letters to DVA with signature block of Captain.  XXXXXX saw him sign letters to Taree council as "Captain" between early 2004 and Oct 2004".

Below is a document that has been signed by Jones using the rank of  "Capt MN".

Russell Lee Jones is a Justice of the Peace in NSW.  He is listed by the NSW Attorney General's Office as "Captain" Russell Lee Jones as shown here.

We are not sure what the NSW Attorney General's Office may think about Jones fraudulently using the title of  "Captain" but we suggest he will soon find out.

More Statements

Jones told me "He was qualified as a ships master and that he was a master of a vessel which went around the UK doing fisheries inspections, intercepting fishing vessel and checking quotas - I am qualified to master anything up to a tanker.  he regaled me with stories of his exploits and those of his crew'".

 Jones told us he was discharged from the Navy as a chief.  "I was very disappointed that the Captain didn't even bother to say goodbye - I just walked off the ship.  That was when we realised that he wasn't an officer and said so and he said  "Oh I was only a CPO (Chief Petty Officer)  then'".

He said  "He'd teed up joining the RN Coast Guard before departing Australia"

He claimed "To have served for 15 years in the RAN, before joining the RN reserve working in the Coast Guard Service he called himself "Captain"".

He also said  "He had a pilot's license and had gone to England and joined the coast Guard as part of the RN where he had obtained his Captain ticket as a LT on RN Reserve".

During 2004 Jones, returned to England for a visit There was a lot of talk about  "Going to the South of England because he'd organized a re-union of his crew.  They were all very close because that's how he liked to run his ships'.

Below is a summary of claims made by Jones:

Claims the right to use the title of Captain Merchant Navy - Denied.

Claims to have held a commission in the Royal Navy Reserve - Denied. 

Claims to have served for 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy - Denied.

Claims to have been a chief petty officer (CPO) in the Royal Australian Navy - Denied

Claims to have been master of a fisheries inspection vessel and qualified to master anything up to a tanker - Denied.

There is a lot of evidence supporting the facts that Jones uses the rank of "Captain" and claims to have been a Master Mariner - Why does Jones have no entitlement to that rank and title, and why is there no truth in the remainder of his claims? 

Claims the right to the title of Captain Merchant Navy.

According to the Deputy Chief Examiner, of Masters and Mates, Seafarers Standards Training and Certification, at the Seafarers Training and Certification Branch, Maritime Coastguard Agency - Southport UK (The only authority in the UK that examines and qualifies Merchant Navy people) Jones has no entitlement to the rank of Captain Merchant Navy and therefore has no claim to the title of Master Mariner.  The Deputy chief Examiner said  "Unless MR Jones can provide evidence to the contrary he is not entitled to the rank of Captain (MN). Though it is not a crime in itself here in the UK to call oneself a captain, it would be, if used to mislead or cause offence or if used for financial gain". The same applies in Australian law.

When Jones joined a local NSW Coastal Patrol Rescue unit at  Forster, Reserve Road Forster NSW he presented the Licence shown below as his credentials.


The licence was described by Seafarers Training Branch as follows:

"Received confirmation from the Royal yacht Association (RYA) that the certificate is, or was genuine but expired on the 13th February 2002.  As stated in my previous email that particular RYA certificate is for small boats, such as a dinghy or rowing boats and the like.   An RYA certificate is not recognised by any administration towards any qualification on a merchant ship not even towards a qualification for merchant navy rating."

This licence is not required for use in UK waters, it is endorsed. "In the UK a license is not required to operate pleasure craft". Also note that Jones is wearing a uniform in the photograph shown on the licence. Was he wearing the rank of a Master Mariner when he acquired this licence, and was that done to make sure that the rank "Capt MN" was endorsed on it?  

The licence is to drive very small pleasure craft, however, it looks official and was accepted in good faith by the Forster Coast Guard patrol, it was issued by the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) to "Captain RL Jones (MN)" - meaning Merchant Navy.  We are advised by the RYA as follows:

"The endorsement of the Captain (MN) title would have been at Jones request, it is unlikely that we would have checked this."

The document shows that he was examined by the "RNAS - Plymouth" that is an abbreviation for Royal Naval Air Station.  The RYA advise that "RNAS is a mistake and should read RNSA - Royal Naval Sailing Association who test candidates for the Royal Navy." 

It is most unlikely that a person qualified as, and claiming to be a Captain Merchant Navy - a Master Mariner - would use a RYA "Rowing Boat" licence to gain entry to a NSW Coastal Rescue unit, when he should have in his possession appropriate qualifications far beyond that of driving dinghies.  We are also reliably advised that Jones has acquired a coxswains ticket as his current qualification to drive the Forster Coast Guard rescue boat.  Why would a man with a UK Master Mariners qualification licensed to drive ships up to tanker size require a coxswains ticket to drive a twenty foot rescue boat shown here.  



Commission in the Royal Navy Reserve

All occurrences effecting  officers in the Royal Navy Reserve are listed in the London Gazette, this includes, commissions, promotions, resignations, awards and decorations.  Jones is not listed anywhere in the London Gazette.  We have searched and the Social Sciences department of the Birmingham Social Sciences Library reports as follows.

"Dear Sir

Thank you for your enquiry concerning the London Gazette. The Gazette is available online at www.gazettes-online.co.uk   I have searched the website, but am unable to retrieve the name in which you are interested."

Claims to have served for 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy

Jones served for twelve years in the Royal Australian Navy from 7 February 1962 to 8 July 1974.

Claims to have been a chief petty officer in the Royal Australian Navy

Jones's rank on discharge after twelve years Royal Australian Navy service was   Leading Seaman in the muster of Naval Air Safety Equipment - NASE

Claims to have been master of fisheries inspection vessel and qualified to master anything up to a tanker. 

The Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) in the UK told us:

"We do not have any records of this gentleman ever having worked for us.  that said, we do not operate fisheries patrol vessels directly as we utilise the Fisheries Protection Squadron of the Royal Navy

Fishery Officer

MFA Operations


An expert on UK naval matters then advised:

"The captain of a Fisheries Protection vessel (most commonly an Island class OPV) would be a Lieutenant Commander, he certainly would not be a captain by rank at the time of command".  Jones claimed to be a Royal Navy Reserve Lieutenant and master of a vessel involved in fisheries inspection vessel, his rank of Lieutenant was too low to be master of a RN Fisheries Protection Squadron vessel and his claimed rank of Captain MN would not apply to the RN Fisheries Protection Squadron.

Russell Lee Jones is a liar and a wannabe, he has no entitlement to the rank of Captain Merchant Navy or Royal Navy Reserve Lieutenant which he uses to "big note" himself in the Taree veteran community,  he should be aware that if he has used the bogus rank to gain a benefit he has committed an offence.  It seems that wannabes are naturally attracted to each other because he is part of the Doran crew from Taree NSW  (See the story directly below the Jones entry on the Cases page soon) Doran is also a chronic liar and a wannabe.   

Russell Lee Jones' biggest problem is that everyone sees right through him.  He fools some of the people for only a short time, his haughty manner and lack of presence makes it obvious that he is not a captain's bootstrap.  Russell Lee Jones' insistence on being addressed as "Captain" should be treated with the derision it deserves by the good people of the Taree District.  He is no more a "Captain" than Long John Silvers parrot.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Jordan
Christian Names: Antony Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:


Antony "Tony" Francis Jordan.

1: CMF 1960's

2: Current Vice President VVAA Phillip Island (Museum Branch)

3: Convicted bogus Vietnam veteran.

4: Unsuccessful DVA  veteran's Disability Pension applicant

5: AATTV association scourge   

6: Expelled from US Special Operations Association.......

Like to read more on this poor excuse for a soldier?

To simplify this entire saga of fraudulent representation one first needs to read the following two newspaper reports dated 16th and 19th of October 1980





ANZMI was approached by numerous veterans with complaints and protests regarding JORDAN.  Members of the VVAA were at odds as to why a convicted bogus veteran would hold the Executive position of Vice President of the Museum Branch at Phillip Island - accompanying his bogus veteran charges were offences of theft of ammunition and other Quatermaster Store items - for which he was also found guilty - and now he has access to donated memorabilia at the museum ....... this does not sit well with some veterans. 

ANZMI were advised JORDAN has applied for a disability pension for injuries and illnesses he relates to his "war service" - again an involvement which has rankled many genuine veterans.  How could a part time soldier be considered for veteran status when he was never posted (allocated for duty) to Vietnam under the legal military process?  Checks and balances have shown JORDAN made his own way to Vietnam and once discovered by the Australian Army was immediately taken into custody and returned to Australia - the embarrassment and potential for an "international incident" had he been KIA (killed in action) would have been devastating for the government in power at the time. 

With the above information/intelligence at hand ANZMI wrote to JORDAN giving him 17 days to reply. 

As with most bogus veterans, JORDAN opted to ignore replying, and instead we received an email from a Level 4 Advocate.

 -----Original Message-----
From: jme96768@bigpond.net.au [mailto:jme96768@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 16 August 2006 10:44 AM
To: information@anzmi.net
Subject: Your unsigned letter to Mr Tony Jordon

From: John Methven OAM
          Level 4 Advocate
          Member RSL, VVAA and Legacy
          RSO 7 Bn RAR 1967 / 1968

To Whoever,

As Mr Jordon's advocate, I have investigated the circumstances relating to his service and am completely satisfied that he is entitled to pursue a claim to be accepted by DVA as a Vietnam Veteran.

I am aware of his conviction in the Broadmeadows Magistrates court.

I am prepared to provide full information regarding Mr Jordon's background to any legitimate person in your "organisation" who cares to contact me and identifies themselves, by this email address.

John Methven

The policy of ANZMI is not to reply to Advocates/advisers/representatives of ESO's.

By not complying with the request for answering our letter, JORDAN has now been posted to the world wide web for the information of all the genuine veterans of the world. 

There are more reports of JORDAN's questionable behaviour ANZMI has gathered.

In March of 1996 the Special Operations Association of Las Vegas Nevada expelled him from membership due to his "submitting fraudulent information and misrepresenting his credentials for membership"  ANZMI holds copies of said correspondence. 

ANZMI hold further correspondence relating to JORDAN's involvement with the Military Vehicle Association of Victoria - whereby his actions led to his sacking. 

 The AATTV - (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam), the most decorated unit from that conflict who boast four Victoria Crosses have been embarrassed and offended by JORDAN's claims of serving with them during his short unauthorised visit to Vietnam, this austere band of warriors will immediately distance themselves from any suggestion of "comradeship" inferred by the man. 

So there you have it - undoubtedly there will be those who have been taken in by this charlatan following many years of him associating with veterans groups - ANZMI would appreciate any comments from veterans who have been "burnt" over the years.

Of particular interest would be any photographs post 1980 of military functions/ceremonies where JORDAN has worn medals and paraphernalia.  These items can be scanned and emailed to the address on the introduction page to this website.

3 May 07

The best compliment we could offer Jordan is to say he is "rat cunning", however he has been "hoist on his own petard" as the saying goes.   
Following our initial report, Jordan went to the Melbourne Sun Herald newspaper, to stir up a sympathy vote, see the article that appeared on Monday 19th March 2007.
Notice how Mr John Methven, stepped up to the mark and said that we were victimising Jordan and how he and Jordan "put across" the story that Jordan is "just a bit of a larrikin who went on an adventure" and he should be entitled to the benefits available to genuine veterans.
Methven, the misguided president  of the Museum Branch of the Vietnam Veterans  Association Australia (VVAA) is solely to blame for all the angst and energy spent in dealing with this issue.  It is another example of an Ex Service Organization dealing carelessly with the honour of genuine veterans

On 28 April 2007 at the VVAA, Victoria Branch, State Council meeting in Castlemaine, it was announced that Jordan had resigned from the VVAA  (he should never have been a member) and  therefore the issue never became an agenda item. This meant  the main supporter of Jordon, the president of the Museum Branch of the VVAA, was not required to explain his misguided and questionable ethics  in supporting Jordan, a convicted bogus veteran.

 We ask Mr Methven:

1.  Has Jordan told you about his fraudulent enrolment in the prestigious United States Special Operations Association (USSOA)?

2.  Has he revealed to you the lies he told the USSOA?

3.  Has he shown you the letter of his expulsion from the USSOA?

We now invite all veterans to consider evidence not previously released by us.  After studying this evidence most reasonable people will agree that Jordan should be placed among the more virulent of those featured on our web site, for he is a liar, cheat, fraud and a dedicated wannabe.

Jordan does not in anyway qualify to be a member of the USSOA, but submitted an application to join containing  outrageous claims of service with the Australian Army.  Membership of USSOA organisation helped Jordan to "prove" his bona fides as a  Special Forces all round "Rambo".  Jordan in his own hand has fraudulently claimed to be a hero of dangerous and clandestine missions all over Asia. The first document, is his formal, signed application to join the USSOA. The second is a letter written and signed by Jordan detailing his "service".


These are the claims that he has made in his own hand writing:

1.  Served Malaya 1955 - 56.  Lies, he was not there

2.   Served South East Asia 1960.  Lies, he was not there

3.  Served Confrontation Indonesia 1966. Lies, he was not there

4.  Served South Vietnam 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1971.  Lies. He was a civilian in Vietnam from December 1970 until late January early February 1971 a total of seven to eight weeks  when he was arrested and deported by Australian troops.

5.  Was part of covert Phoenix operations in South Vietnam.  Lies, was not part of this operation, in fact he can't even spell it correctly. (see his letter and application)

6.  Was a member of the elite Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). Lies, was never posted to or worked with AATTV.

7.  Served in Biet Dong Quan Special Force Operations. Lies, was never posted as a soldier to  these operations.

8.  Claimed service with the Long Range Reconnaissance United States Ranger unit.  Lies was never a Ranger, nor ever a member of AATTV attached to the Rangers.

9.  Used the names of genuine AATTV members as  references.  More lies. Unfortunately the USSOA did not check the references.

10.  Claimed to be still serving in the Defence Force in 1995.  Lies, was only ever in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) and was discharge on return to Australia after being arrested and escorted back on 12 February 1971.

11. Fraudulently enlisted into the United States Special Operations Association. Used most of the lies shown above to gain entry. 

12. Claimed clandestine service in Israel - Lies he never served there.

Here is a second letter, again full of lies and innuendo to ingratiate himself into the company of real veterans.

ANZMI has long tentacles with many overseas connections. The fraud perpetrated against the USSOA  was not difficult to uncover, because genuine veterans world wide value their status and will not tolerate wannabes. Jordan's lies were discovered by the USSOA around nine months after he had fraudulently joined, he was expelled from the Association on 20 March 1996.

Jordan had a genuine high profile veteran Advocate assisting him with his claim for formal recognition by the Department of Veterans Affairs for his supposed Vietnam service.   It is difficult to understand how a genuine veteran could put his reputation on the line by supporting this known liar and wannabe.

The advocate said "Jordan is not in the same category as men who were never soldiers, or those who said they had qualifying service when they didn't". 

You are correct Mr Methven, Jordan is not in the same league as an ordinary wannabe he is a king size liar, fraud, impostor and wannabe who has ingratiated himself into the company of careless executives of an Ex Services Organisation.  Why you were trying to have him pollute the veteran community is somewhat puzzling.

The veteran community deserve an explanation as to why you protected and supported this pretender. We trust that you and Jordan will go back to the Herald Sun newspaper and share the new evidence we have put forward here.

ANZMI never reveals all evidence we hold against impostors, this fresh batch of evidence has been released to counter the one-sided newspaper article orchestrated by JORDAN and Co.  As most of us know, real veterans always carry a reserve of spare ammunition.  This reserve is held until finally the government takes action against all of the frauds we display on these pages and then the information will be forwarded to them to secure prosecution.


Antony Francis Jordan is not a veteran and will never be accepted as one. 
ANZMI would appreciate a current photograph of Mr Jordan so that all readers can identify with this person.
   13 JUN 07

As requested in our May update, recent photos of Jordan have been supplied. Surprise, surprise the photos are of Tony Jordan once again displaying himself as a hardened Veteran, with twenty years service in the Australian Regular Army, including twelve months in Vietnam.


Jordan again insinuated himself into the limelight by giving a "Veteran's" story to an unsuspecting reporter from the Melbourne "Hume Weekly" newspaper. We warn all journalists that Jordan is an impostor a fraud and a liar.  As a "tip" for journalists it is very easy to tell when Jordan is lying – it is when his lips are moving.   Here is the ANZAC Day eve story of our hero featured in all of his glory.




We apologise to a Mr Anstell who is featured with Jordan in the Hume Weekly report, however we remind him of the old saying' "If you lay down with dogs you  wake up with fleas"

Notice Jordan's deliberate lies where he says,  "When shot in the backside after twelve months service", meaning he served in Vietnam for more than twelve months and was Wounded in Action.  It is true that he was in Vietnam 1970 - 1971, but it was from December 1970 to late January, early February 1971 a period of seven to eight weeks. He was never wounded "by being shot in the backside" he did have a medical problem as detailed in this document:


What the medical report says is this:

 5 Jan '71  Cellulitis of lateral portion of thenar aspect of hand with lymphangitis.  No pus present.  Started Procaine peni 2.4 mill units.  Immobilisation.  Return in 24 hours.

6 Jan '71  Lymphangitis improved.  Area still indurated but no fluctuance.  Continue antibiotics.  Return 2 days.  

This is what the medical report means.

"5 Jan '71 - Rash caused by deep muscle infection of outside portion of thumb aspect of hand with lymph gland infection.  No pus apparent.  Started penicillin 2.4 million units with novocaine (local anaesthetic) as pain relief.  Come back tomorrow."

"6 Jan 71 - Lymph glands not so infected/swollen.  The muscle infection/rash is still infected but no pus is apparent. Continue with the antibiotics and come back in two days 

He never suffered a gunshot wound - he had a rash on his hand.

Jordan says he served with the 287th Battalion, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit -  We don't really know what he did in Vietnam during his 7 weeks sojourn, however the 287th EOD unit did not exist and is just another tick to add to Jordan's "list of lies".

Jordan is a pathetic man desperately wanting to be accepted into the veteran community and is prepared to lie and cheat his way into that status. We demand of Jordan that he cease and desist.  His seven weeks in South Vietnam as a civilian in no way associated with the Australian Defence Force or any other allied defence force do not make him an Australian veteran.   Apart from his self arranged Vietnam service, he has, over the years lied about his service by claiming in writing to be a hardened Australian Regular Army Soldier with twenty years full time service . – Jordan is a seasoned liar, who served only as a part time Army Reserve Soldier and was never posted outside of Australia.

Before he "resigned" as Vice President from the Vietnam Veterans Association Australia (VVAA) Museum Sub-Branch he had convinced the gullible few of his bona fides to the extent, where he held senior appointments in that organisation. This included being part of the VVAA Education Team, speaking to our school children about his "service". Jordan is audacious in his lies and fraud.

We hope that the Hume Weekly can follow up their ANZAC eve story so that school children and teachers lectured to by Jordan can reassess their opinion of him and reject any of the "war stories" he may have passed on.  The veterans' education "Team" must feel somewhat disparaged after knowing one of their number is a proven wannabe, a fraud and a liar - Jordan is a psychopathic liar with no consideration for those he deceives  



Notice another nice photo of Jordan clearly extolling his "Regular Army Service 1955-1975"

We are reliably informed that Jordan is a member of Victoria Headquarters, Returned Services League (RSL) sub branch - ANZAC House, 4 Collins Street, Melbourne.  He is entitled to membership on the basis of his Army Reserve Service, however, we call on ANZAC House to show  leadership and sweep this person from their ranks.  His fraudulent actions bring discredit to the RSL and to the world wide veteran community. 


As long as genuine individual veterans and Ex Service Organisations are prepared to give this fool credence he will continue his charade . We urge veterans and veteran organisations to close ranks and treat this man with the contempt he deserves before he drags you or your organisation into his fantasy world that is  mired by lies and deceit.


Update – 24 Aug 15

Antony Jordon recently said in a media release:

"ANZMI and others were tough on me in the beginning but now they have left me alone" 

Jordon is wrong we have not, and will not leave him alone as long as he continues his quest to be recognised as an Australian War Veteran, which he is not.

Aided and abetted by members of the National Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island, Victoria he has wasted tax payers money by appealing to the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to pervert the truth of his service by rewriting history.  Details of the Tribunal hearing can be found here:


Here is  media report of the Tribunal finding:

Jordon created false documentation and by deception travelled to Vietnam. Whilst in Vietnam he was not serving with the Australian Army, his status would have been that of an Australian Citizen foolishly visiting a very dangerous war zone.

The only standing that Jordon has in the Veteran Community is that he is a fake.



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