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Surname: Hoskin
Christian Names: John William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

John William Hoskin

The article in question (edition 13 November 2007) concerned a local identity "veteran" ex Colonel John HOSKIN who was quoted as "serving in the army reserve for 40 years and spent six weeks fighting in Vietnam as an officer (Colonel) leading 130 men, bullets missing him by centimetres.....

The Vietnam Veterans who made contact with ANZMI were outraged at the statements made by HOSKIN and two in particular were adamant that HOSKIN was blowing smoke about his time in South Vietnam.  A cursory check of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll shows HOSKIN went to Vietnam on a 11 day CMF (reservist) Officers Visit from10 December 1967 to 20 December 1967 - a total of 11 days in-country!!

It is common knowledge among Vietnam veterans that CMF Officer visits were a basic nuisance and their presence was a hindrance to normal unit operations, to a man, no ANZMI members can recall a visitor of this category being exposed to any enemy action - the truth be known most visitors were kept in the rear and allotted basic tasks (if any) and all concerned were glad to see them return to Australia.

 HOSKIN was contacted by ANZMI by mail on 1 December 2007 giving him until 21 December to disprove allegations of making up war stories or prove them correct - at the same time he was advised to reply to ANZMI with his intentions and given the opportunity to provide an apology to all Vietnam Veterans - he did neither.  Our investigations show he made communications with the newspaper and attempted retractions over two matters - he wanted the time in-country amended to read two weeks, and his rank to read Major - from information the newspaper provided he made no requests to alter the "combat action" details of his story.  There was no apology/retraction made by the Journal as time and printing space disallowed such action.

During the "waiting period" more evidence came to hand in the form of HOSKIN at one stage supposedly being a commentator on ABC television for ANZAC Day marches, his constant refusal to become a member of any Returned and Services League because of bad history of treatment of Vietnam veterans, and his voluntary role in addressing local schools on his operational service in Vietnam.  In 2004 a local school gave its students a task of interviewing HOSKIN and reporting on his service in the school magazine - the reader can view two of these interviews below.........

Schools and parents should be cautious of 'veterans' offering to speak to children about wartime experiences.  Please check the veterans' bona fides carefully because there are numerous wannabes listed in our Cases pages who have sought situations that give them the opportunity to regale children with lies and inappropriate tales of killing people, purely for their own self aggrandisement

There can be no doubt that HOSKIN has walked the path of Walter MITTY here, he is a veteran in his own right, albeit a "short timer" - but has seen the need to gild the lily for self aggrandisement.

 ANZMI holds more information on this pretender and will present such information should the need arise.

 John HOSKIN is a disgrace to the Officer Corps, and can accompany others of this ilk on our website.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Hunter
Christian Names: John "Jock"
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bald Hills
Service #: Unknown UK
Service: RAF?
Branch: UnKnown
Commencement of service: UnKnown
Completion of service: UnKnown
Case Notes:




"Jock" Hunter is originally from the United Kingdom (UK) and is now a resident of Australia and member of the Sandgate Returned and Services League (RSL), Queensland Australia. Before ANZAC Day 2014, he visited the UK. On ANZAC 2014 Day at Sandgate it was noticed that he had sprouted lots of colourful medals on his Jacket.

We assume that Hunter, who served in the Royal Air Force decided to buy a heap of junk medals whilst in the UK, so that he could appear to be a person with considerable Military experience.

The medals he is wearing are:

1. General Service Medal (GSM)
2. Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal
3. Cold War Victory Medal - Unofficial Medal
4. British Forces Germany Medal - Unofficial Medal
5. Could be the Cadet Forces First Aid Medal - Unofficial Medal

Because of privacy legislation in the UK we are unable to establish whether Hunter has earned the GSM or is eligible to wear the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal. We do however know that the other three medals he is wearing, are self purchased junk that must not be worn with genuine medals on the left side, either in the UK or in Australia.

We asked Hunter to explain the reason he was wearing the unofficial Medals and also requested that he confirm his entitlement to wear the GSM and Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal however he deigned to ignore us.

It was obviously Hunter's intention to be seen as a be-meddled UK war veteran at the Sandgate RSL. We have the pleasure of expanding Hunter's audience to include the whole world, and hope he enjoys the experience.

Surname: Hutchinson
Christian Names: Ian Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service: Army
Branch: Medical
Case Notes:

Ian Trevor Hutchinson

The Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) is an elite unit in the Australian Defence Force.  Wannabes in droves claim affiliation with this famous unit, most of them have never been anywhere near the home of SASR at Campbell Barracks Swanbourne in Western Australia. 

Recently a very cunning wannabe was exposed having talked his way through the checks and balances to became a fully fledged member of the SAS Association and to some extent participated in unit “activities”.   We can only conclude that if a smooth talking conman and wannabe can talk his way into the heart of the SASR, a professional seeking ‘who knows what kind of information, could also do it very easily. Ian Hutchinson looked like an ex SAS Trooper, dressed like an ex SAS Trooper and almost talked like an ex SAS Trooper.




In addition to medals, Hutchinson is wearing the SAS Sandy Beret with SAS Badge together with an SAS Tie, Lapel badge and an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).  Hutchinson is entitled to wear the medals but has not entitlement to the SAS accoutrements or the ICB

Hutchinson served in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps and in Vietnam spent most of his time as a Private soldier in 1st Australian Field Hospital. Here are details of his Vietnam service as shown on the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll.



Hutchinson started his deceit in the mid 1990s, when he made himself known to other younger SAS Troopers and ingratiated himself by doing favours for them and with slick talk convinced them that he served as an SAS Patrol Commander in Vietnam:

In 1997, some serving soldiers from SAS went fishing and caught a few crayfish. They called in to the local pub and asked if they could cook the crayfish on the hotel BBQ. Initially they were told 'No', but one of the blokes noticed the hotel manager had a chain with the SAS winged dagger on it. XXXXXX introduced himself as being a serving member of SAS and the manager introduced himself as Ian Hutchinson G Troop, 2 Sqn SAS Vietnam. They got their crays cooked and had a few beers with who they thought was an ex SAS Vietnam Patrol Commander. No one suspected anything until Sept 2009 when he was uncovered as a fraud. It is believed he has even lied to his wife.  She often attended and enjoyed SAS related functions with him.

Hutchinson had some knowledge about SAS because in 1971 as a member of the Medical Corps  he attended and failed the SAS selection course.

During the years he was pretending to be an ex SAS Trooper he usually marched with the SAS Regiment on ANZAC Day and illegally wore the coveted SAS Sandy Beret. He last marched on ANZAC Day 2009.  We have cropped this photo of him confidently swaggering along among genuine ex SAS personnel.


Hutchinson was hoist on his own petard when he had the temerity to agree to give a lecture within SAS, on jungle warfare as an SAS Patrol Commander in Vietnam. Because he had never been a Patrol Commander his audience could see through his charade.

In September 2009 as a result of his failed lecture, Hutchinson’s record of service was checked for the first time since he began associating with SAS members and as a result his reputation went from hero to zero when it was discovered he was a fraud and a wannabe

Hutchinson deliberately ingratiated himself with serving SAS soldiers, he hooked them on a fishing trip using the bait of an SAS Winged Dagger badge hanging around his neck, then for years mercilessly and without conscience deceived those who thought he was their friend.

Hutchinson is a shameful person who will remain on this web site for the remainder of his life. In the light of current political threats to Australia we urge the SAS Association to carry out an audit of its current members and take more care with future Association applications

4 Jul 2010

Update Ian Trevor Hutchinson
Our entry of the 4 Feb 2010 pointed out "In light of current political threats to Australia we urge the SAS Association to carry out an audit of its current members and take more care with future Association Applications".
On the 25 June 2010 the following appeared in the Australian Newspaper in Western Australia.


The others mentioned in the article are Liddelow and Meally both were posted as support staff to the SASR and both were caught wearing the Sandy Beret which they are not entitled to wear. We believe Liddelow is a committee member and at one time held the position of Vice President of the Association and is being strongly supported by a faction of the SAS Association. 

New information has been received, to show that Hutchinson was sacked from the Army on the  6th September 1973 just Twenty Three days after he was found guilty of Forge and Utter charges  by a civilian court on the 14 August 1973.



In addition we have located documentary evidence proving that Hutchinson failed the Special Air Service Regiment selection course in February 1973 and was returned to his unit.


The document gives proof of Hutchinsons dishonesty long before he was exposed as a liar a cheat and a Wannabe by ANZMI.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Hutchinson
Christian Names: Raymond William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Dimboola
Service #: 37669
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Ray Hutchinson is a doyen of the Dimboola RSL.  The locals heap him with praise for his charitable work over many years, but Hutchinson cannot be happy as he is hiding the secret that he is a fraud, liar and wannabe. He must have been forever waiting for a tap on the shoulder. We are now happy to tap his shoulder and relieve him of any further anxiety  of being caught.

Notice in the photograph that Hutchinson, by his uniform,  purports to be a decorated ex Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Sergeant.  He is wearing:


Military Medal (MM)This is awarded to for 'acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire'.  Hutchinson has never been awarded this medal and wearing it is an act of unforgivable disrespect.

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) - Genuine medal

General Service Medal (GSM).  He falsely claims this for service in Borneo

Vietnam Medal (VM) - Genuine medal

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Genuine medal

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Genuine medal

Front Line Medal.- Self purchased tin junk.

Other accoutrements

SASR Beret and hat badge- No entitlement to wear

Infantry Combat Badge- No entitlement to wear

Regiment  shoulder lanyard. Wearing Royal Australian Engineer Corps or previous 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment  shoulder lanyard. - If he purports to be ex SASR he should wear a Garter Blue lanyard on his left shoulder.

Parachute wings These are not SASR parachute wings and are incorrectly positioned. 

Here are SASR Parachute wings:

On Polyester shirts they are positioned centrally on the sleeve seven centimeters from the shoulder.

Hutchinsonstarted his military career at Army Apprentice School as part of the 11th Intake where he was an Apprentice Bricklayer.  He failed to graduate and transferred to the Regular Army.

See the media report  where he extolled his  "war service"

Hutchinsonhas lied to the newspaper.

He did not complete two tours of Vietnam.

He did not serve as part of Australian forces in Borneo and Malaya.

He did not "see action"  with 2 Squadron SAS in 1966-67.

He was not an intelligence sergeant in 1967-68

In Vietnam he completed one routine tour  as a Bombardier (Corporal) in an Artillery Unit.

We contacted Hutchinson on the Dimboola RSL Secretary's phone.  When asked where he earned his Military Medal, he said "I didn't"  when asked why he wears an SASR Beret he said "Someone gave it to him".  When advised he had no entitlement to wear the medal and the beret his retort was "I know".

Hutchinsonhas big noted himself in the township of Dimboola for many years.  He has now been comprehensively caught as a fraud and a liar who grossly exaggerated his service in Vietnam. 

Veterans will not tolerate those who "gild" their service to increase  prestige, be assured the kudos derived in a small town from falsely claiming to have served with the elite SASR is comprehensively outweighed by the disrespect generated for being a liar and a fraud.

In every community in every settlement or town throughout Australia there are people who have served, or have loved ones who have served in the Defence Force.  These people are aware of ANZMI and any person making false claims about Defence Service will eventually be recognised and reported to us. 

Be a wannabe at your own peril.

We welcome the "big noter" Raymond Hutchinson to our website to mingle with the hundreds who have gone before him.


Surname: Hutchinson
Christian Names: Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Albany
Service: Army
Case Notes:


Arthur Hutchinson has served in Australian Defence Force (ADF), and for that, wears two medals for domestic service on his left breast, together with the Federal National medal, and a WA State medal, which is not authorised to be worn on the left breast, with Defence or Federal medals.


The medals he wears are:

Reserve Force Medal
National Medal
Australian Defence Medal
WA State Emergency Service ten year medal with clasp. Must be worn on right breast

Here is the offending medal

Hutchinson2 Hutchinson2a Hutchinson2b 

The WA Returned and Services League (RSL) official policy is show below:


19.The wearing of unofficial medals mixed with Decorations, Campaign Stars/Medals, War and Service Medals is not approved. Over a number of years some ex-service organisations have created and distributed ‘commemorative’ medals to mark particular periods of military service. These medals have no official status. 20.Only those medals, decorations and honours which have been created under the prerogative of the Crown, have official status. Such medals and decorations must be worn in accordance with The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards on the left breast either on an official uniform or civilian dress."

The term "created under the prerogative of the Crown" means, medals must be approved by the Governor General of Australia. These rules were created under the Australian Constitution, at the time of Federation in 1901, and have never been altered. Western Australian bureaucrats, and politicians may award WA State medals, but must not instruct recipients to attach them to Federal racks worn on the left breast.

There is an ever increasing trend to mix non Federal medals with Defence and Federal medals. We have published an instance of a veteran wearing a Boy Scout medal with New Zealand Defence medals. anzmi.net/index.php/cheats-thieves/medal-pin-cheats/779-wardlaw . Veterans, and others interested in this matter, could actively advise those who do not follow the rules, and if necessary we will list those who offend

We welcome Western Australian SES senior member, Arthur Hutchinson aboard ANZMI, where, if he earns any ANZMI decorations they must be worn on the right breast.

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