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Surname: Hutchinson
Christian Names: Raymond William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Dimboola
Service #: 37669
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Ray Hutchinson is a doyen of the Dimboola RSL.  The locals heap him with praise for his charitable work over many years, but Hutchinson cannot be happy as he is hiding the secret that he is a fraud, liar and wannabe. He must have been forever waiting for a tap on the shoulder. We are now happy to tap his shoulder and relieve him of any further anxiety  of being caught.

Notice in the photograph that Hutchinson, by his uniform,  purports to be a decorated ex Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Sergeant.  He is wearing:


Military Medal (MM)This is awarded to for 'acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire'.  Hutchinson has never been awarded this medal and wearing it is an act of unforgivable disrespect.

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) - Genuine medal

General Service Medal (GSM).  He falsely claims this for service in Borneo

Vietnam Medal (VM) - Genuine medal

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Genuine medal

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Genuine medal

Front Line Medal.- Self purchased tin junk.

Other accoutrements

SASR Beret and hat badge- No entitlement to wear

Infantry Combat Badge- No entitlement to wear

Regiment  shoulder lanyard. Wearing Royal Australian Engineer Corps or previous 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment  shoulder lanyard. - If he purports to be ex SASR he should wear a Garter Blue lanyard on his left shoulder.

Parachute wings These are not SASR parachute wings and are incorrectly positioned. 

Here are SASR Parachute wings:

On Polyester shirts they are positioned centrally on the sleeve seven centimeters from the shoulder.

Hutchinsonstarted his military career at Army Apprentice School as part of the 11th Intake where he was an Apprentice Bricklayer.  He failed to graduate and transferred to the Regular Army.

See the media report  where he extolled his  "war service"

Hutchinsonhas lied to the newspaper.

He did not complete two tours of Vietnam.

He did not serve as part of Australian forces in Borneo and Malaya.

He did not "see action"  with 2 Squadron SAS in 1966-67.

He was not an intelligence sergeant in 1967-68

In Vietnam he completed one routine tour  as a Bombardier (Corporal) in an Artillery Unit.

We contacted Hutchinson on the Dimboola RSL Secretary's phone.  When asked where he earned his Military Medal, he said "I didn't"  when asked why he wears an SASR Beret he said "Someone gave it to him".  When advised he had no entitlement to wear the medal and the beret his retort was "I know".

Hutchinsonhas big noted himself in the township of Dimboola for many years.  He has now been comprehensively caught as a fraud and a liar who grossly exaggerated his service in Vietnam. 

Veterans will not tolerate those who "gild" their service to increase  prestige, be assured the kudos derived in a small town from falsely claiming to have served with the elite SASR is comprehensively outweighed by the disrespect generated for being a liar and a fraud.

In every community in every settlement or town throughout Australia there are people who have served, or have loved ones who have served in the Defence Force.  These people are aware of ANZMI and any person making false claims about Defence Service will eventually be recognised and reported to us. 

Be a wannabe at your own peril.

We welcome the "big noter" Raymond Hutchinson to our website to mingle with the hundreds who have gone before him.


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