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Surname: GARLAND
Christian Names: Ian Michael
Country: Australia & USA
State or Province: Texas
City or Town: Midland
Service: Australian Army (Citizens Military Force)
Commencement of service: 1979
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Ian Michael Garland, born 1960 in Melbourne Australia, is a classic wannabee who represents everything that genuine veterans detest about military imposters.

This bloke is a clown first class, and an obnoxious idiot. He is also a conman.

His claims of military service in Australia, the U.S.A and Asia are farcical and ludicrous.

He is a total embarrassment to the Australian Army uniform he wears as he parades around his now home State of Texas, obviously receiving accolades from the public, discounted meals and preferential treatrment at US Airports, due to his pretend military service.

Garland 1

The above recent photograph is our super fit Australian and now U.S. Military hero. He wears the Australian Army cams (Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform. DPCU) which have been phased out for regular Army personnel. On his uniform right side he wears -;

The fifth pattern Australian Army Rising Sun cloth badge – Not entitled.
a coloured Australian flag – (Should not be worn on camouflaged uniform)
a metal parachute wings badge above his name Garland. Not entitled.

On his left side he wears -;

a metal Australian Army Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) Not entitled.
a cloth Australian Army Parachute wings patch. Not entitled.
On the slouch hat he wears a Royal Victoria Regiment metal hat badge.

Garland 2


In the above selfie photograph, our Aussie Warrior has now been captured wearing the following -;
United States Army cams with -;

An Australian Army Rising Sun patch -;
What appears to be a U.S. Flag.
He wears the Australian parachute wings above his name Garland.

On his other breast, he wears the Australian Army Infantry Combat Badge above a Royal Lao Insignia.

His sleeve depicts an unknown A NKA cloth badge above an Airborne cloth parachute patch. (Country unknown)

The below photograph from Garland’s Face Book page confirms what he has told others that he holds the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, United States Army.

Garland 3


The true story of former Private Ian Michael Garland, part time soldier with the part time Citizens Military Forces (CMF) is far different from his current claims.

ANZMI has no hesitation in exposing this imposter for what he is. A great deal of research has been conducted that refutes nearly every claim he has made.

Recruit Garland enlisted in the part time CMF in 1979 in the Royal Victoria Regiment. His tenure was unremarkable and he only served for a short time before he discharged. He did not serve overseas on war like service and he is not entitled to wear the Australian Infantry Combat Badge. (ICB)

Garland 4

Also, he did not spend enough time in the CMF to be even awarded the Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) In fact, he has never been awarded any Australian Defence Force Medals for his part time limited service.

Inquiries have been made in regards to his claims of completing the Basic Parachute Course (BPC) in the Australian Army. He has never completed this course and when asked by a genuine veteran what BPC he completed, Garland had no idea what he was talking about. He may have visited the 2nd Commando Unit in Victoria, but he never qualified as a member of this Unit, nor did he ever qualify for the parachute wings. The below photograph is an extract from his Facebook Page.

Garland 5


Garland currently resides in Midland, Texas, USA. From inquiries made he has told all who will listen, that he is an Australian Veteran who saw military service in Vietnam and Cambodia, however, being top secret, the service had to be sanctioned by the Australian Government, as he went undercover as a Russian. He has made these claims to others on his Facebook page. His claims are rubbish. He states that his Commanding Officer gave him the ICB for his service in Asia.

Garland 6

Garland 6a

Garland is a convicted criminal and was sentenced to five years imprisonment for selling guns illegally in the USA in 2012. He was released after three years. Below is his mugshot and a link to his nefarious behaviour.

Garland 7



Garland currently hands out Australian Army Parachute wings to others for civilian parachute jumps. We are not sure how much money he earns by pretending to be a Parachute Instructor, a Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army, or whatever else he wants to call himself.

Garland 7a


What we do know is that Garland spent an insignificant time in the CMF as a Private soldier. He is not a qualified Australian Army Parachute Instructor and has no right or qualifications to be handing out Australian Army Basic Parachute Course wings to anybody.

Garland 8

We know that he has no entitlement to wear the Australian Infantry Combat Badge. He had no War Like Service. He hardly had any service.

We know that he is not a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army but a convicted criminal who served at least three years jail for the illegal sale of 200 guns in 2012.

Parachutist insignia are not worn on DPCU, AMCU, sweater khaki lightweight, Garrison jacket, Coat khaki fleece/Combat jacket interim cold weather, raincoat or any order of Protective Dress (Ref: Army Dress Manual). Also, Parachute badges on DPCU background are not official Australian Army issue.

Garland was contacted by a Researcher and offered an opportunity to produce evidence to support his false military service claims.

Below is his response -;
(It has not been edited and all the spelling and grammar errors remain as received. Warning. - Offensive language is used.)

Sorry for the late response, I finally was able to pick myself up from the floor after laughing so much at your e mails
Who the fuck do you think you are, God I hope I meet you and these other fools.

Your first e mail states that I have been going around saying I am a vietnam vet and 2 command, but you don't mention any names, times, Gotta say you people are so full of shit, I have never said that, you make these claims and expect me to respond?

Then now, you say I was a priavte at 2 commando company in Williams town? so you either know or not, which is it?

Obviousley you clowns don't know what the word attached means, look it up in a book called (Dictionary)

One clown states that I am a chief warrant officer????.

When I was enliseted there was no such rank as far as I remember in the Australian Army, , I am a chief Warrant Officer in the Army here,Get your facts staraight.

When I was enlised, the stand over imtimidation garbage never worked and sure don't work now and you threat for me to respond or you are going to put my photo or something on some bullshit site for the world to see LOL, makes me laugh so much, You clowns must have so much time on your hands, its amazing, wish I had this much time on my hands.

One clown writes all the things wrong with my uniform, How hard do you think it is to get my size? I know I have the older uniform you idiots, When I was enlisted, the first camo trials were four pocket blouse, like the old green US Vietnam blouse, in the last 40 years you think the uniform has changed, maybe???

I do wear my awards the way I wear them on my US Uniform and no one will tell me other wise, I will wear them the way I want and that fat slob (Name removed by ANZMI) and Pretty boy Fagot (Name removed by ANZMI) with is pretty little Beret and pretty Homo pins and Boy pictures on his face book can go fuck themselves, Don't hide like cowards behind the PC drinking your Fosters and smoking your preciouse ciggarette, go beat up the wife, or in your cases the Homo boy friend.

Be a man, jump on a plane and come over and lets have a face to face cowards, Walmart Parking lot, Midland Drive,Midland,Texas,79705 any time! We carry here, something you clowns are not allowed to do and we can use deadly force when threatened and attack, some come on you yellow belly cowards hiding behind your computor, I'm waiting.
Why do I have to explain, when,How, Were, I received my awards, you fools have already made up your minds, though, if you want my documentation, service number, sure, $15,000.

My First award was near 40 years ago, LOL 40 years and now its an issue, what I did in Vietnam and Cambodia was sanctioned, and none of your business.

So go ahead post what you want, I just returned from FT Bragg,NC, had a blast and awarded 11 Australian Army Wings and now Going to FT Benning GA, in January, Major (name removed by ANZMI) CO Airborne ops near wet his pants when he read your e mail, I neaver heard someone laugh so much.

Oh, I have done 35 military T-10 jumps in Australia, and several Hundred square jumps, and awared 3rd place in the Australian Army, even a photo in the Australian Army News paper, good luck finding the name LOL. Why do you think I am here in the USA? getting close, warmmer?? Hot? Nope just cold.

My Firends here all called me laughing at the Stupid Australians, who e mailed them about me, we all had a good laugh, Guess that backfired huh!

You have no Authroity over me, even if your some bullshit government agaency, I could not care less, I will continue to wear my uniform when presenting the Royal Australian Army Jump wings and wearing my uniform through the Airports here. And you pityifull threat of putting my my picture on the WEB, knock yorself out and I will then start posting my certificates and we will see who looks stupid in the end, so please, post it today.

I have blocked all e mails from Australia, don't bother trying to contact me, but post this letter by all means and post when you cowards are coming over for a face to face.

Garland lived in Weeribee, Victoria, Australia in the 1980s. He had a business named U.S Garb n Gear. He was selling U.S Military uniforms and collectables, before he emigrated to the United States, where he became a U.S Citizen. Looking at his uniform, he is apparently still a collector of U.S. Military collectables.

Garland 9

Garland is a False Pretender, a Military Fraud, a Convicted Criminal and an overall obnoxious wannabee.

Our Stolen Valour friends in the USA have been notified as well as the local authorities.

This clown will remain on the ANZMI site for some time to come, and no, we will not be going to Walmart Parking Lot, Midland, Texas.

Surname: Garlick
Christian Names: Peter Andrew
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Peter Paul Andrew GARLICK 48 years old of Perth Western Australia had been visiting his sick elderly mother in New South Wales and on a flight from Sydney back to Perth to join his partner. He threatened to blow up the plane and claimed he was an ex Special Air Service Officer.


It was alleged in court by the defence lawyer that GARLICK was intoxicated prior to boarding the Virgin Blue flight in October 2010. Once airborne he became abusive an assaulted two cabin crew who tried to restrain him and threatened to kill the cabin staff.

He then produced a mobile phone held it up and threatened to blow the plane up. This in itself would have been terrifying for the passengers and crew and some may have thought he was just a drunk, till he made his claim of being an ex SAS Officer who would have experience in explosive devices.

As you can see from the article the plane was diverted to Adelaide and GARLICK was arrested and charged with several offences and spent 148 days in custody and released on a 12 month bond.

You can Google Paul GARLICK and see that this story appeared in a number of newspapers. Unfortunately none published a photograph of GARLICK and should anyone have a photograph of him, we would be grateful for a photograph to be supplied to us.

Peter Paul Andrew GARLICK besides the fact that you terrified the passengers and crew of that flight you also insulted the Officers and men of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment who have been on operational service for a number of years and won numerous gallantry awards. We know from our investigations that you were never a member of the Regiment and for that you will grace our web site.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Garnett
Christian Names: Brian
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Laidley
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Brian Garnett - Another Navy Clearance Diver.

Brian Garnett was born at Blackpool South, in the United Kingdom on the 14th October 1941.  He enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy on the 14 January 1965 and was discharged on the 23 June 1965. His service number was R63961. The reason given for his discharge was “Discharged fraudulent entry”.

According to Garnett he packed a lot of action into those five months Navy service, including being promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, and serving twice in Vietnam as a specialist Navy Clearance Diver.



Two of the above photos show Garnett as a twenty four year old sailor wearing the rank of an Acting Petty Officer. The centre photo is a contemporary photo of Garnett and he is wearing the hat badge of a Navy Officer. He claims to be a Lieutenant Commander Retired, RAN and added a few little academic qualifications including a PhD. It is amazing what can be done with computer programs like “Photo Shop”. Garnett has fraudulently added rank to two of the photos shown above to “prove” that he was a Petty Officer Clearance Diver.  The email below, written by Garnett shows his claim to RAN Officer rank and a PhD.

“Wellesley Nautical School can boast many successful trainees, such as police officers, yes 'POLICE OFFICERS', prison officers, Public Prosecution Officers, A couple of titled Lords of the Realm, teachers, army officers, navy officers, mercantile marine ships officers, coastal & harbour pilots, Coast Guard officers and the list goes on. Wilf Pine was associated with many Rock groups, some of which I was happy to attend their concerts, did you? Can you claim such a proud heritage? I doubt it, so I would suggest you, Oli and Charleyroy pull your heads in and rebury them in the sand.
I am reminded of a biblical statement I once heard in St Cuthberts church in Blyth, whilst a Wellesley trainee, "Let ye who is without fault cast the first stone." Obviously you both think you are without fault because you actually did cast the first, and second, stone(s). You are both contemptible excuses for human beings. Go get a life, or more likely a job!
B. Garnett. (Proud Founder of the 'Original' T.S. Wellesley Forum.)
Lt. Cmdr Ret. R.A.N
Cmdr Ret Aust. Coast Guard T.O.
B.A (Sociology) VUT
M.Phils (Psychology) G.U
M.A (Behavioural Sciences) G.U
PhD C”

We don’t know about Garnet’s academic achievements, but knowing his background, it is most likely that they are as dodgy as his five months Navy Career.
The next two documents are Garnett’s Royal Australian Navy Service Record:

Document one clearly identifies R63961 Brian Garnett as being the same person shown in our photographs.  Document two, shows that Garnett was discharged after five months service on the grounds of “Fraudulent Enlistment”.

Garnett claims to have been an elite Navy Clearance Diver who served two tours in Vietnam, unfortunately for Garnett many of the real Clearance Divers are still around and they all know each other and they all know that Garnett was not one of them.

Garnett has put much of the fiction about himself in writing. Here is another example
“Posts: 2408
Registered: 19-8-2003
Location: Queensland, Australia
Member Is Offline
Mood: Super happy with our new host!!!
 posted on 20-8-2003 at 12:00 
Brian Garnett
Attended Wellesley from 10 October 1956 to 18 October 1957.
I found my way to Australia where I joined the Royal Australian Navy. I retired after completion of my service as a C.P.O Clearance Diver. During my service I served in various ships of the RAN and saw service on two occasions (sic) in VietNam with CDT3 and CDT2.
After my discharge from the RAN I joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, (A lot of Ex Pussers did, seemed to be the career after completing naval service) in Melbourne. I am now retired.
After my retirement I was "Instructions Officer" with the Australian Coast Guard and became the QF6 Training Officer with the rank of Lt Cmdr.
I eventually decided to see if I could gain entry into university and get the education I missed out on as a youngster and whilst at Wellesley.
I received a B.A Hons (Community Development) and also completed my M.Phils (Sociology) and was 12 months into completing my PhD but realised that I was 'studied out' and decided to give it away and enjoy my retirement.
Now fully retired, (finally) and living west of Brisbane in Laidley, Queensland, Australia.
I travel most years to the U.K, so who knows, maybe I can attend a reunion with other ex trainees, I hope to eventually get there with 'bells' on.
Cheers All.
Brian Garnett
RAN (CPO CD) Rtd. A.C.G (QF6) Rtd”

Here is another example of Garnett’s fraud and deception.

Garnett claims in the above document to have served in Vietnam with Clearance Diving Teams  CDT2 and CDT3.  Simply put he did not serve in CDT3 and CDT2 was never deployed to South Vietnam. Here is an email from a member of CDT3. Parts of the email have been expunged for brevity:

“From: xxxxxxxx
To: information@anzmi.net
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 3:27 PM
Subject: Imposter 
My name is xxxxxx. I was a member of RANCDT3 in Vietnam  --- (Deleted) 

It has been brought to my attention that an imposter is making numerous claims about his service with CDT3 & CDT2 in Vietnam - CDT2 never deployed to Vietnam.
To make matters worse he has apparently sent around a photo of a graduating class of Clearance Diving Officers and claimed that he is one of the graduates. The person he is claiming to be has been deceased for approx 2 years. As you can imagine we (the ex CD community) are extremely angry.
In the meantime we would appreciate your exposing this liar and fraud on your website and also suggesting other avenues of silencing this creep.
As you can see, he actually served in the RAN from Jan '65 to June '65 (4 months) when he was discharged for 'fraudulent entry.
The photos of him in uniform are clearly Photoshop jobs as he claims to be a Petty Officer CD by the badges he is 'wearing'
He states he retired as a CPOCD but his current photo (avatar) shows him wearing a Beret with Officer's badge.
Many thanks,

Once again we invite the Australian Federal Police and State Police to have a look at Garnett’s activities. It is obvious that Garnett has committed offences against the Defence Act, however as we have extended this invitation time after time with no results we will not sit around waiting for action.
Garnett was never a RAN Clearance Diver, he never served in Vietnam or any other war with the Australian Defence Force, he is a liar a fraud and a wannabe who has well earned his position on this web site


28th Aug 2010

Brian Garnett – Update

Brian Garnett is a liar a fraud and a wannabe.  He came to Australia from the UK and set himself up has an heroic Australian Navy Clearance Diver and an Officer in the Australian Navy. We have comprehensively exposed him on this web site.

A mate of Garnett’s from the UK has sent us numerous threatening emails, his name is Vic Clarke who, like Garnett is an ex Trainee from Wellesley Nautical College, Blyth, Northumberland UK. 

Clarke has abused and threatened us, and accused us of being “bludgers.” He said in one of his emails “You are more than likely some one who has not done a days work in your life”. Clarke should realise that ANZMI is not one person, but an organisation that represents, and has the full support of the vast majority of Australian and New Zealand Veterans and ex Servicemen and Women.

Now we have received another email from a Garnett supporter, whether it is Clarke again we don’t know.  It purports to be from a person named Bryan Allen-Cunliffe, the actual email address is diverbryan@in.com  

Perhaps Veterans offended by Garnett’s behaviour and by the Clark and Cunliffe accusations should communicate, with “Diverbryan” and tell him to nick off (Using some good old Australian vernacular of course)


Original Message -----

From: Bryan Allen-Cunliffe

To: enquiries@anzmi.net

Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 10:34 PM

Subject: This will blow your mind

Wow this is going to really show the world you act criminally and have resorted to stalking and cyber bullying.  http://anti-anzmi.shorturl.com/   


You in particular, I notice never saw action and yet you hypocritically wear Vietnam medals. (Something I've noticed one person you have highlighted, does not.) YOU ARE A





We have a message to all liars frauds and wannabes and particularly those who come from the UK  and steal the honour of Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

Firstly, you have committed an offence against the Australian Defence Act 1903, punishable by a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both. Garnett is without doubt guilty of this offence.

Secondly, we do our work without fear or favour and if a person chooses to be a thief and a liar we will expose them, and no amount of appeals, harassment, accusations, threats or screaming will divert us.

Garnett is a wannabe who has offended Australian Veterans and it appears that the Wellesley Nautical College is an organisation that would encourage, aid and abet such behaviour.

We have a message for Vic Clarke and Diver Bryan.  Garnett enjoyed his fame as a fake Australian Navy Clearance diver, now he can enjoy the ignominy of being exposed as a liar, fraud and wannabe.


5th Sep 2010

One of our United Kingdom agents, a proud ex Navy Chief Petty Officer has been delving into the background of Brian Garnett and has come up with some interesting information about Garnett.

You will notice in the previous update, we received a threatening email for a person named “Bryan Allen-Cunliffe”.  That letter was most likely written by Garnett himself, the connection being that Garnett’s ex wife’s maiden name was “Allen” and Garnett’s mother’s maiden name was “Cunliffe”, hence we have “Bryan Allen-Cunliffe”

As a youth Garnett spent much of his secondary schooling in “Approved schools”.  This is a 1970s term formerly used in the United Kingdom (UK) to mean a particular kind of residential institution to which young people could be sent by a court, usually for committing offences but sometimes because they were deemed to be beyond parental control

We are also reliably advised that before coming to Australia, Garnett had spent time in an adult UK prison. We can equate that information with the reason he was discharged from the Australian Navy - "Fraudulent Entry"

Our UK agent also advises that Garnett has appeared on the World Wide Web “dressed up” in black Karate robes with sword in hand, professing to be a Black belt – which he is not. 

Have no doubt, Garnett is a liar a cheat and a wannabe who has spent his entire life pretending to be something he is not.  Australian Veterans will not tolerate those who steal their honour. 

We have “got his number” and having corrected his Navy history he  will stay on our web site for as long as there is a World Wide Web.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Gatt
Christian Names: Vincent
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service: Army Reserves
Branch: infantry
Case Notes:

Vincent GATT from Victoria is listed as President of the Royal Victoria Regiment Association Committee for 2011-2012 and has been passing himself off as an Army Reserve Commando.


He has paraded at different events wearing the Green Beret and badge of the Citizen Military Forces (CMF), now Army Reserves Commando Unit.

At one Reserve Forces Day in 2006 he is seen wearing the service dress and Commando Beret with the rank of Corporal. The one thing that stands out the most is he has the parachute wings sewn on the wrong arm.

In actual fact Vincent GATT never served with the reserve Commandos, had he done so he would know what arm the parachute wings are worn on.

His Military History is very brief.

3176074 Vincent GATT date of birth 13 August 1950 enlisted in the CMF 22 October 1968 and was posted to 1 Royal Victoria Regiment as a Private. He was promoted to Corporal 11 November 1970. He discharged from the CMF at his own request on 5 May 1971.

You will note that he is wearing three medals, the Australian Service Medal clasp Unknown for non war like service, Australian Defence Medal and the Commemorative Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal.

We know he is entitled to the Australian Defence Medal, as for the other two medals we are not positive on as his service record file was very thin and no mention was made regarding the entitlements. If he was called up for National Service he had a choice of serving in the Citizen military Force for a set period of time or two years in the Regular Army and risk having to serve in Vietnam.

To be awarded the Australian Service Medal he would have had to been deployed overseas for a period of not less than 30 days during his short time in the CMF.

Vincent GATT you are a straight out liar and wannabe who has shown no respect or loyalty to the uniform you wore, the Reserve Commandos and you have brought disrespect on the Royal Victoria Regiment and the position President of their Association as well as the many veterans that have been on active service. For your shameful conduct you will grace our pages for a long time to come.

16th Sep 2012

On 9 Jul 2012 Vincent GATT appeared on our website, since than we have received a photograph of him wearing the Australian Army Combat Badge. This should have set off alarm bells ringing as GATT is not wearing the Australian Active Service Medal, nor a Campaign medal.



The Army Combat Badge (ACB) is issued to any member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for service with an Army combat element in warlike operations. This badge does not replace the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).


To be eligible to be issued the ACB, a member must be:

  1. Force assigned to a combat team/battle group, or similar unit/sub-unit;

  2. Have served either a continuous or aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service on warlike operations for a single deployment or operation and

  3. Have not been previously issued the ICB (Infantry Combat Badge) or ACB.

We have also received a letter from the Royal Victoria Regiment Association INC advising us that using the information supplied on our website, on 19 July 2012 they were able to secure from Mr GATT his resignation as President of the Association and as a member of that Association with an apology, all effective immediately on that date.

By reason of the above they requested that we remove any mention of the Royal Victoria Regiment Association from our site.

It is the responsibility of each Ex-Service Organization to ensure that all its members’ sight proof of service which should include units served with and awards and not take the information supplied by a person applying for membership at face value as can be seen on other cases on our website.

Our policy is not to alter any cases appearing on our website just because a person has resigned from the position or Association. It took his exposure on our site for your Association to take any action and therefore your Association can share the blame and no changes will be made.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Gibbons
Christian Names: Colin Maurice
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Dandenong
Case Notes:

Colin Maurice GIBBONS

Normally those portrayed on this website who covet war service in the Army fraudulently portray themselves as ex Special Air Service (SAS), forward scouts in Infantry battalions or Combat Engineer "Tunnel Rats".  Not for Colin Maurice GIBBONS - he likes to dress up as a Vietnam Veteran Military Policeman.


On ANZAC Day 2009 he appeared at the Dandenong Returned and Services League wearing a red Military Police beret and cap badge, and seven medals which portray Vietnam war service and in excess of 15 years regular Army service.

ANZMI do not intend to describe the incorrect placement of bars on his displayed rack in order to not educate future pretenders, however we can state with confidence that most ex diggers would immediately notice the incorrect presentation and sloppy mounting.  One of the medals he wears was specifically for Vietnam service between the years 1962 to 1964 - this means that GIBBONS (year of birth 1952) would have been aged 10 to 12 years of age when the medal was awarded!

ANZMI also hold statutory declarations from witnesses who attest to GIBBONS advising that he completed two tours of active service duty in South Vietnam with the then Royal Australian Army Provost Corps.  When asked where he was posted he replied "Vung Tau, Long Tan and Nui Dat" or words to that effect.  He also stated that due to his Vietnam service he had lost a lung.

Take a look at this photo of GIBBONS marching in the ANZAC Day parade - does this look like a man with one lung who still smokes cigarettes?

When telephoned by an ANZMI operative and queried about his dress and bearing on ANZAC day he rapidly retorted that "I was wearing the medals and beret on behalf of a friend"  When then asked who his friend was he refused to reply.

When then asked why he advised some in attendance at Dandenong RSL he was a "two tour of duty Vietnam Military Policemen" he angrily reacted with the statement

 "I know where this came from - print anything about me and I'll sue you" he then hung the phone up.  This type of threat is common for a cornered wannabe - they assume that by menacing any threat to their fantasies the accuser will run and hide.

Contact was made with the Military Police Association of Australia to ascertain any service by GIBBONS and we were not surprised to learn they had never heard of him - in fact, we understand that GIBBONS could find himself under investigation for his offences against the Defence Act for fraudulently portraying himself as a veteran Military Policeman.....the maximum penalties being six months imprisonment or a fine of $3300.00 or both.

Checks with the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Veterans' Affairs "Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans" fails to find anyone by his name, one would naturally expect a Vietnam veteran who lost a lung due to war service to be classified "Totally and Permanently Incapacitated" (TPI) - and retired as medically unfit - rumour has it that GIBBONS is employed as a municipal bylaws officer........something is amiss here!!!

GIBBONS joined the RSL as a Social member - this is a common ploy among bogus veterans owing to the fact they cannot produce Army discharge certificates or certificates of service. Genuine veterans are proud to produce such documents to join the RSL as "Service Members". This is another alarm bell that must ring with the administrators of our ex-service organizations.

Further information just to hand shows GIBBONS relating to "30 years Army service" - plus other information ANZMI will hold in reserve for future reference - real veterans never go "outside the wire" without ample ammunition and supplies.

Colin Maurice GIBBONS is a fraud and a disgrace, his actions are grossly offensive to genuine veterans - by taking the stance he has, he is walking through the blood of our brothers and will remain on this website for the rest of his life.

29th Aug 2009

This is the editorial from the Herald Sun on the same day as the main story was printed.

30 Sep 2009

This Update was sent to us via email from a person who knew Gibbons well during his time in Sydney

GIBBONS joined the SES in 1984/1985 under the pretext of being a “Fireman Paramedic”, when confronted by a real Paramedic (Bruce Purdy, now deceased) he then said he was a Fireman with a advanced first aid working at the Fire Service Museum (wearing the uniform etc) then I found out from the Manager of the Museum that he was on a Community Service Order .  He did not last long in that organisation and was asked to leave.  At the same time, he stated he was a JP, no record exists of this.

At the Museum he continually worn a Fire Brigade Uniform with the various ribbons (never saw the medals) under the pretence of being a former MP who had served in Vietnam.  Obviously the dates of service etc did not match and guess what, further inquiries revealed that he was not in the Army at all,  He was removed from the Museum and changed with theft of a convance ie a fire truck, which he used to take for drives around the Rocks area to pick up chicks (and sometimes it worked).  He then worked for Avis, were he told everyone he was the Manager of the major outlet at Kings Cross, but guess what was sacked after borrowing a nice car to pick up chicks.  Also, he was not the Manager, he washed vehicles. 

In 1987 I had a friend that was the Doorman at the Rex Hotel in the Cross, appears GIBBONS used to tell people that he was a detective and when he told the wrong person, he was badly assaulted and had to leave the Cross forever. 

He was seen at a Anzac Day ceremony in 1988, in Sydney wearing a kilt and crap and wearing medals.  At the time I reported him to some NSW Police Special Branch guys that were watching the ceremony and they pulled him aside and I saw him removing his medals. 

I had little to do with him for a number of years except for helping a friend move out of his flat in the Cross, but generally kept away from him until a old friend and I started to talk about “wankers” and the name GIBBONS came up.  That is when I found out he stole some money from a function associated with the Welcome Home Parade.  But Mick bought out a tape of his misconduct in regards to training guard dogs on A Current Affair/Today Tonight.  He was living up the north coast of NSW at the time.

I am aware that he has been married in excess of four to five times.  He did serve in the NZ Army, only for a short time but was kicked out for drunkness. 

GIBBONS that I know is a compulsive liar that uses peoples emotions, I have seen him befriend many a young person, especially young girls, to groom them and then uses emotions and self-harm to keep them in the relationship.  He tried this on me, it did not work.  The fact that he has been seen doing this in Victoria under a similar name is not surprising.  I suggest that all people keep away from him, he will use you and take from you,



4th Feb 2010

This report from the Herald Sun details the latest in the continuing Gibbons saga. More updates as they come to hand.


31st May 2010

Wannabe war hero Colin Gibbons avoids jail for impersonating Digger

Colin Gibbons

Colin Gibbons photographed in February. Picture: Paul Trezise Source: Herald Sun

A WANNABE war hero escaped jail today after a judge placed him on a 12-month good behaviour bond for impersonating a military veteran.

Colin Gibbons, who pleaded guilty, was also placed on a recognizance of $500 by the County Court.

Gibbons was appealing a sentence imposed late last year by Dandenong Magistrate Pauline Spencer.

Ms Spencer had sentenced the 57-year-old to four months' jail, of which he was directed to serve 14 days. Gibbons immediately appealed.

The County Court was told today that Gibbons had claimed to have served two tours of duty as a military policeman in Vietnam, where he had supposedly lost a lung after coming into contact with the deadly herbicide Agent Orange.

It was all lies.

Gibbons also admitted to having marched in Anzac Day parades as a Vietnam veteran wearing medals the court heard today were not genuine.

Gibbons legal council David Langton told the court his client had a long problem with alcohol, had very low self esteem and had sought recoginition and praise from others.

Prosecutor David Bliss said Gibbons’ fraudulent behaviour wasn’t spontaneous and had taken place over 12 months.

Judge Roy Punshon was given a list of Gibbons' prior convictions which totalled 30 pages and comprised offences including dishonesty, deception and violence.

He described it as “quite remarkable”.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Gibbons
Christian Names: Ken
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Croydon
Service: UK Army
Branch: Medical Corps
Case Notes:

In Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun on 20 March 2011 the following photo appeared of Ken GIBBONS - Past Pres of the Croydon RSL - current Senior Vice President. The photo accompanied an article whereby Gibbons was seeking photos of past Presidents of his RSL ranging from the 1920's up to the 1960's to complete a memorial wall.



The article was spotted by a Vietnam veteran 30 year Regular Army ex Regimental Sergeant Major who noticed some of the medals worn by Gibbons were not issued medals.

The alert ex RSM rang Gibbons and queried his entitlements and gleaned the following information:

Three of the medals shown Gibbons purchased - three are un-official commemorative medals (normally called Tin Medals and are worthless and have no real meaning) which inscrutable manufacturers produce and sell to those not satisfied with their issued service medals.

Our investigation shows that Gibbons is recorded with the RSL as serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps - Royal Fusiliers - Army Number: 22445302: TRIPOLITAN (whatever that means). 

Look closely at the medal rack and you will see that from the left is the

1. UN Korea Medal clasp Korea, (official medal)

2. British General Service Medal clasp Malaya, (official medal)

3. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal, (official medal) this medal was offered to all Commonwealth Forces by the Malaysian government for those that served in the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation between 31 August 1957 and 31 December 1966. This medal was accepted by the Australian government, but not by the British government.

(Members of the UK Forces do not have authorization to wear that medal due to their official medal policy of not being able to wear two medals for the same conflict)

The following three are just show medals to impress the general public who would not be aware they are just trinkets.

Gibbons may have served his National Service in the RAF as out of the two un-official British National Service Medals, he is wearing the RAF one.

4. British RAF National Service Medal, (Un-official should not be worn)

5.  British Foreign Service Medal, with clasps occupation of Japan, Korea, United Nations Forces (Un-official medal, should not be worn, plus the ribbon is the wrong way around.)

6. British Forces Germany Medal. (Un-official medal, should not be worn)

When questioned by the Ex Vietnam vet RSM Gibbons faltered and admitted to purchasing these medals for his own purposes.

Again we have exposed a high profile RSL Executive walking the path of a wannabe we have constantly exposed such pretenders from this supposed senior Ex Service Organisation and from current experiences will continue to do so for breaching the protocols of the wearing of medals which gives a complete list of medals that can be worn on the left breast. The last three are not on that list here or in the United Kingdom. 

The outgoing CEO of ANZAC House in Victoria made it abundantly clear that "If you had to purchase a medal - you didn't earn it" therefore such trinkets are to be worn on the right hand side of the jacket, NOT alongside issued medals.

He wears a Life Membership badge of the League.  We strongly suggest that the Victorian Branch of the RSL investigate Gibbons bonafides and ensure that he is at least a veteran of the Korean War and the Malaysian Conflict as it would be an absolute disgrace to discover he was totally bogus.

Our final advice to GIBBONS - crack your rack and get rid of the tin – the wearing of these fools jewels only serves to bring discredit and shame upon the Returned Service League.

For a person holding a high position in the RSL he is showing a lack of respect to the protocols of wearing medals, as well as serving and ex-serving military personal. For this he will grace our web site for eternity.

This is a timely warning for those offenders who intend to strut like peacocks this ANZAC Day - ANZMI has supporters all over the country waiting to pounce on masquerading miscreants.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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