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Surname: Flood
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Northern Territory
City or Town: Katherine
Service #: N/A
Service: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Case notes:

How do you know when a wannabe is lying?   Usually when they can’t even tell you basic information on their service in the Australian Defence Force.

Meet David FLOOD from Katherine in the Northern Territory.   Here we see a gonged-up David FLOOD relaxing with a hard-earned beer after participating in an ANZAC Day Ceremony.   Nothing wrong with that, unless you are a complete fraud and didn’t earn any of the Medals and Awards shown in the photograph.


David Flood


We first became alerted to FLOOD when this photograph was sent to us and it was noted that while he wears the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM), he does not wear any campaign medal which might be expected.

We did some checking and found no records of FLOOD ever having served in the ADF.   WE contacted him and asked if he could explain this apparent anomaly but after numerous emails we were still left in the dark until we received an email apologising for his actions.

It is an offence to wear medals and awards you are not entitled too.   This is a simple case of a wannabe, fraudster who was happy to have everyone believe he was a returned serviceman.   But not just an ex-serviceman, but rather, he portrayed himself as being just that little bit special.


David Flood


Directorate of Special Forces?   Oh, why can’t these wannabes just be a plain old cook, a rifleman or a tanky?   No, it is always ‘Special Forces’ because they believe their stories of daring-do cannot be checked.   

David FLOOD is a fraud, he is committing offences against the Defence Act Defence Act 1903, where he is in breach of Part VII Sections 80A and 80B, which state there is a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both for:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations



Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and

(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:

(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain;

(b) returned sailor means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Naval Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Naval Forces of any Ally of Great Britain; and

(c) returned airman means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Air Force, air service or flying corps raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire or as a member of the air forces of any Ally of Great Britain



Improper use of service decorations

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person wears a service decoration; and

(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) Where the person upon whom a service decoration was conferred has died, it is not an offence against subsection (1) for a member of the family of that person to wear the service decoration if the member of the family does not represent himself as being the person upon whom the decoration was conferred.

Note: The defendant bears an evidential burden in relation to the matter in subsection (2). See subsection 13.3(3) of the Criminal Code.

(3) It is not an offence against subsection (1) for a person to wear a service decoration in the course of a dramatic or other visual representation (including such a representation to be televised) or in the making of a cinematograph film.

Note: The defendant bears an evidential burden in relation to the matter in subsection (3). See subsection 13.3(3) of the Criminal Code.

(4) A person shall not falsely represent himself as being the person upon whom a service decoration has been conferred.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(5) A person shall not deface or destroy, by melting or otherwise, a service decoration.

Penalty: 60 penalty units or imprisonment for 12 months, or both.


Welcome to the real-world David Flood. 


Surname: Foan
Christian Names: Graham Clyde
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Tenterfield
Service: RAAF
Branch: Military Police
Case Notes:

Graham Clyde Foan is an ex RAAF Military Policeman who joined the RAAF on the 4 February 1972.  He resides in Tenterfield, a country town in New South Wales. Foan has been suspected of being a wannabe for some time.  We are now in a position to advise the world that we have got Foan’s number and he is indeed a wannabe, who wears medals he is not entitled to wear.


The first photo shown was cropped from a group photograph taken at the Tenterfield Returned Services League (RSL) on 25 April 2009. The second was taken while Foan was a serving member of the RAAF
Foan was seen on ANZAC day 2009, Long Tan Day 2009 and Remembrance Day 2009 wearing a hefty rack of six or seven medals, including the Vietnam Medal and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. In addition we are reliably advised he was wearing a Police Medal. 
At an RSL dinner on ANZAC day 2009 a group photo was commissioned. Foan was wearing “his” medals on his shirt, before the photo session he removed the medals and sat in for the photo. The photo above showing Foan in a shirt with no medals was cropped from a group photo at the dinner all of the others in the photo were wearing their medals.
In addition last Remembrance Day as soon as the cameras came out off came Foan's medals. It is assumed that as an ex Service Policeman he believes that photographic evidence would be needed to prove him to be a wannabe. We do of course prefer photographic evidence however we have in our possession Statutory Declarations concisely describing Foan and his medal antics at three commemorative functions this year.

Here is an extract from two of the numerous Statutory Declarations in our possession:


We are also reliably advised that Foan claimed to have earned his Vietnam medals with 9 Squadron in Vietnam in 1973/74.  The official Australian War Memorial history of 9 Squadron RAAF is found here:  http://www.awm.gov.au/units/unit_11035vietnam.asp 
The final paragraph of the official history is shown below:
“9 Squadron flew its last mission in Vietnam on 19 November 1971. In December the squadron’s 16 Iroquois took off from Vung Tau for the last time and landed on the deck of the Sydney for the return trip back to Australia.”
Graham Foan has failed to study his RAAF history before manufacturing his lies to cover his fraudulent activity, he was not even serving in the RAAF when 9 Squadron flew onto the deck of HMAS Sydney on their departure from Vietnam in December 1971. He did not enlist until 4 Feb 1972. A copy of his Attestation Form is shown below, note in paragraph 10 of the document there is a question as to whether Foan has ever served before in the Navy, Army or Air Force.  Foan has answered “NO” to the question.

In addition we have a Nominal Roll of all person who served with 9 Sqn in Vietnam. Foans name does not appear in the alphabetical listing.

When Foan applied to join the RAAF he listed his civilian occupations prior to enlistment. The extract from his application to enlist shows that Foan was employed in civilian occupations for the whole period of the Vietnam War. From 1964 to 1971. 

Graham Foan is from a country town where everyone knows everyone else. As far as Foan’s future interaction with the veteran community is concerned we should think he has well and truly “shot himself in the foot”.
As we have no photo of the medals Foan has been wearing we are not able to comment beyond the two Vietnam medals, however he has been wearing a Police medal of some kind.  An Overseas Police medal was given to Australian Federal Police Officers for service in Timor and the Solomons and perhaps some other theatres.  Those who have received these medals are all listed on the web site “Its an Honour” See here http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/  Foan’s name is not listed.
Under the Defence Act 1903 people falsely wearing military medals are liable for prosecution with a fine of up to $3,300 and jail for six months or both. Much to the chagrin of the Veteran community the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are not interested in bringing wannabes to justice. We know the AFP don’t give a damn about the illegal activities of Military wannabes, perhaps they may feel a bit differently when their service and honour is being slighted.
Graham Clyde Foan of Tenterfield is not so good on RAAF history and not so good at pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran, on commemorative occasions he stood out like a red flag for his strange behaviour including the removal of medals whenever a camera appeared.
Foan was lousy at RAAF history, lousy at enacting the part of a fraud and now he has the honour of appearing as a lousy wannabe on our web site.

13th May 2010

Update - The inimitable Graham Clyde Foan of Tenterfield

Our exposure of Foan dated the 27 January 2010 exhibited photos of Foan wearing a gaggle of medals to which he has no entitlement. We have acquired copies of Foan’s Certificates of Service from both the RAAF and the Army.  The certificates show Foan as a “Virgin” airman and a “Virgin” soldier.

We have some big surprises in store for Foan in the near future, in the meantime here are his certificates:



9th Jul 2010

Graeme Clyde Foan – Update

We are advised that Foan is a past President of the Tenterfield RSL. So here is another crooked wannabe who pushed himself into a high position in an RSL to falsely prove he is the real deal.

Worst still, Foan is also a forger of Defence documents. Although the forgeries will withstand a cursory glance a detailed inspection reveals the work of an amateur forger.

The documents shown below contain the following flaws:

  1. Medals are listed that he did not earn – VM VCM and UNM

  2. Lists places where he did not serve - Vietnam, Thailand, Ismailia, Hong Kong and the United States. Ismailia is a small town on the Nile River in Egypt, no one of Foan’s age has ever served there. We believe Foan meant to say Somalia.

  3. Misspelled “Overseases Service” sic

  4. Misspelled “Comendations” sic


We are reliably advised that Department of Defence is investigating the forgeries. Foan is a sly and dogged shyster who refuses to admit his criminal activity of wearing medals he is not entitled to, and the forgery of documents.  Day by day Foan is being forced into a corner and we believe he has now offended sufficient organisations to be held to account for his actions.



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Ford
Christian Names: Christopher Leslie
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: McCleay Island
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Christopher Leslie Ford is the epitome of the reason we exist. He claims to be a returned Veteran and he is not. He wears six Defence Medals he did not earn.  He wears numerous badges he did not earn. He has marched on ANZAC Day as if he were a genuine Veteran.  He has dressed  in Army uniform portraying himself as a much decorated Special Air Service  (SASR) Warrant Officer Class Two.

The  photograph was taken at the Huskisson Returned Services League (RSL) Club in the Jervis Bay area of  New South Wales on ANZAC Day 2011.  A major Royal Australian Navy unit and the Defence Parachute Training School are all located in this area. At the

RSL Ford was quickly approached  by RSL members and he was seen scurrying off.  Here is a report of that encounter from  erudite members of the Huskisson RSL.

"Another was primarily dressed in Army uniform 2A for a SASR WO2, but

with the fol anomalies; brown T-shirt visible under shirt, no infantry

red sash, Regt lanyard on right/incorrect shoulder, WW2 medals over

right breast pocket, and over the left breast pocket a combination of

current ADF medals & ribbon bars for same incl unit citations; & SASR

para wings & beret.

It is understood that the person described wearing uniform is / maybe,

Chris Ford.

It is also understood that he has claimed to have served in 3RAR & SASR

in the MEAO.

This person was particularly apparent to all ADF pers present at the RSL

luncheon for his unusual and inappropriate form of dress. He was

questioned by two members of PTS after which he left the RSL function.

SGT XXX has since questioned current SASR pers

WRT this person who have no knowledge of a Chris Ford in SASR.

It is apparent that this person is illegally presenting himself as an

SASR mbr with operational experience, wearing uniforms and awards to

which he is / may not be entitled".

Ford is a pitiful man with a history of "fleecing" money from vulnerable people. He fakes Defence caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as part of his method of operation.

He also claims to have been shot through the left shoulder during his "war service" .  We guarantee he has no Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) file where such matters as PTSD and war caused injuries are dealt with.

At various times he has claimed to have served in the following locations:


East Timor





Swanbourne (Barracks of Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) )



The medals and badges he wears on his left breast in the  photographs are:

Infantry Combat Badge

Australian Active Service Medal  



Australian Service Medal

Australian Defence Medal

United Nations Special Service Medal

On his right breast he wears:

Medals purporting to be those of a direct relative

Unit Citation for Gallantry

Meritorious Unit Citation

Army Individual Readiness Notification Badge (Steyr Rifle)

On his right sleeve:

SASR Parachute wings

He also wears a Lanyard on the wrong shoulder.

On his left sleeve

Skill at Arms Badge 'S'  (Indicating he is a qualified Sniper).

All of the medals and badges are fake and for wearing them he can be charged by State Police under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B

80A.    Falsely representing to be returned soldier 

80B.    Improper use of service decorations  

His fake PTSD allows him to bludge on those who take him in and provide him with the necessities of life. 

This man is the enemy of all those in the Veteran and ex Service community.  He is the worst kind of malingering, lying, fraudulent wannabe and excuse  for a human being.

If you see him report him to us and we will ensure that establishments in his area are appraised of his presence

We are probably the only organisation in  Australian and New Zealand to proudly welcome him  to be featured  a star performer on a web site.








Surname: Freedman
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Cooloongup
Case Notes:

David Freedman first came to light when he sent an e-mail to Mr XXXXXXX in 2005 raising issues in relation to the VVMC and signed his e-mail "SARGE" (this is a patch name of a real member of the Veterans Motor Cycle Club in Western Australia). This e-mail was forwarded on to a senior member of the VVMC, who happened to be an ex member of the Australian Special Air Service and honorary member of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, NT Branch.


A number of e-mails were exchanged between the two over a period of time. It soon became apparent that "SARGE" was not who he claimed to be. The information he was supplying came from literature about the Australian SAS. He later signed off his e-mails with the initials "DWS" and in brackets "SARGE". 

The stat dec below show this information


The service profile and initials he provided only matched one person who served in both the SAS and AATTV, David W Scheele DCM.

During the exchange of these e-mails, Freedman claimed;

1.    he served with the Australian SAS and the AATTV in South Vietnam;

2.    he served with the SAS in Cambodia;

3.    he was "Wounded in Action" while serving on operations with the SAS;

4.    he received the Distinguished Conduct Medal while serving with the AATTV; and

5.    he founded the Vietnam Veterans' Motor Cycle Club.

In 2006 further information was received from a person in Western Australia who actually met David Freedman at a Motor Cycle Shop in Rockingham around July or August 2005.



Freedman introduced himself using his correct name and at the time was wearing a number of ribbons which included the Vietnam Medal and the South Vietnam Campaign Medal as well as a SAS badge. He claimed that he was a member of SAS in the UK and that he served with the Australian SAS in Vietnam under the name of David Scheele and not under his real name of David Freedman.



Did David Freedman serve in Vietnam? A search of official records found that only one David Freedman served in Vietnam and he was with 9 Sqn RAAF. This ex-serviceman has since passed away and is therefore not the David Freedman who claims he served under the name David Scheele.

David Freedman was born in the UK on the 11th December, 1940 and flew out to Australia with his wife, son and daughter departing the UK on the 9th December 1968 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme. Is this information important? Please read on!!



David Freedman claims he served in Vietnam and Cambodia with the Australian SAS and AATTV.

The real David W Scheele DCM served his first tour in Vietnam with the Australian SAS starting on the 26th February, 1968, during that tour he was wounded in action and completed his tour of duty on the 24th February, 1969.

He returned to Vietnam for his second tour with the AATTV starting the 26th March, 1969 and completed that tour on the 24th September, 1969. During the tour he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. He did a third tour in Vietnam with the SAS in 1971.

So how can David Freedman explain that he served in Vietnam as David Scheele with the Australian SAS in February, 1968 when he hadn't even arrived in Australia till December 1968.

Does David Freedman have a twin? I think not as David Freedman is an Englishman and the real David Scheele is of Dutch decent.




As you can see from a photograph of the real David Scheele DCM he looks nothing like the impostor claiming to be him. The use of this photograph authorised by the real Dave Scheele

Freedman claims he served with the British SAS.

Enquiries were carried out and information obtained from Statutory Declarations, NAA files and official sources.  

The result of the enquiries revealed that Freedman had never served with the British SAS and is not known by them.  No records of service could be found showing that this David Freedman has ever served with either the British or Australian Armed Forces.

Our informant contacted another ex member of the Australian SAS who spoke to Freedman via telephone. Freedman repeated the same claims as he had previously.

Freedman was reported to the Australian Federal Police by the ex SAS member in Western Australia. As we have come to expect no action was taken by the Federal police.



David Freedman, for a person whom we cannot find any record of you ever having served with any military force anywhere at any time, let alone elite units like the SAS and the AATTV. You are a despicable person to make these claims to impersonate, and steal the honour of a very professional and well respected decorated soldier, who gave honourable service as an elite soldier in extremely dangerous circumstances.

David Scheele is a man well liked and respected by the ex-servicemen that he served with in Vietnam and here in Australia.

Freedman has also conned the Ulysses motorcycle club.  He has a web page as shown here


David Freedman be warned, you have nowhere to hide, for your lies are now exposed for all the world to see.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Freeman
Christian Names: David Harold Gower
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Currumbin
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army
Branch: Army Legal Corps
Commencement of service: 1987
Completion of service: 2014
Case Notes:



David Freeman is a  Lieutenant Colonel retired from  the Australian Army Legal Corps.  He wears nine medals, seven are legitimate and two are illegal worthless junk.


The last two medals worn by Freeman are the offenders, they are medals from a bogus Order of St John and he does not have permission to wear them.

There are dozens of schisms of the Order of St John.  Department of Honours and Awards recognises only the Order of St John that is headed by our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth 11. It is named:

The most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem  

There are dozens of "copy cat" organisation, who for a range of reasons  create a Chivalrous hierarchy and bestow titles, medals and honours on themselves.  It really is just big kids playing dress up.

Freeman is a member of, and wears the medals of  a bogus group named:  Order of St John of Jerusalem  Knights Hospitaller .  Here is their logo:


Note their Grand Master HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia CCSJ is a defunct Prince from a defunct  Yugoslavia monarchy

Freeman's second last medal is a White Maltese Cross which is the Knight Order of St Johns  with a red ribbon.  The legitimate Knight Orders of St John always have black ribbons and with permission from the Governor General, Knight Orders from the British based organisation can be worn as a Necklet or bow, not added to Federal medals.

Freeman will be one or the other of the bogus "Knights" listed below. Note the instructions for wearing the White Maltese Cross with red ribbon.

The last medal that Freeman is wearing is a 50th Anniversary of the defunct Yugoslavia Royal households involvement of  their bogus version of the Order of St John.

To exacerbate the situation Freeman is a member of the Board of the Currumbin RSL on the Gold Coast of Queensland.  It is also noted that the President of that RSL is Ron Workman who also appears on our web site for wearing unauthorised medals. See here:


The Gold Coast region is a "hotbed" for frauds, liars and wannabes and part of the reason is that many of them have been RSL Sub Branch executives.  

One would think that a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Army Legal Corp would have the "nous" to work out medals entitlement and protocols.

We have many completed cases where we have received threats from legal firms about people we have correctly exposed.  We live with the expectation of receiving such a threat from Lieutenant Colonel Freeman, however because we know that what we have said is true and correct Freeman will stay firmly lodged on our web site for a very long time,



Ex Army Legal Officer Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) David Freeman has chosen to defend the indefensible.

Here is the full report from the Gold Coast Bulletin:


Here are excerpts, of what he said to the Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper, on 21 April 2016, together with our responses:

Freemanupdate1 2

Freemanupdate2 2

We iterate, that the last two medals, worn by Freeman, are "Dress up Junk".

Freemanupdate3 2

What a load of codswallop the Governor Generals Directive was not introduced in "March this year". It has been around for many years, and the current issue, was updated in Oct 2012. However, in the update there were no variations in policy from previous issues. See here:


Freemanupdate4 2

The two medals are far from legitimate. They are "trash tin", presented by a defunct Yugoslavia monarch, Grand Master HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic, of Yugoslavia CCSJ. The medals are not, and never will be, approved to be attached to an Australian medals rack. Freeman claims there were no clear protocols at the time. That is pure bovine excreta. As previously stated, the protocols have been in place for many years. The Gold Coast Bulletin trimmed the fake medals from their report.

Here, again, are the two medals attached to Freeman's rack:

Freemanupdate5 2

Freemanupdate6 2

We encourage Freeman's legal team to report the matter, to the Queensland Police, detailing that Freeman is wearing medals, that were not conferred upon him, by the Governor General. Perhaps he has committed an offence under the Defence Act, Part VII, section 80B. However, the charges won't stick, because the "tin", he is wearing, were conferred by a defunct Yugoslav Prince and could not, under any circumstances, be defined as "Service Medals". The only service they would have seen, is the pseudo services and ceremonies, conducted by "grown ups" playing Knights and Dames, to a deceased foreign Prince.

He claims that he was directed, to wear the medals, by his superiors. No superiors, from the Australian Defence Force, would give such a direction. In the context, of wearing the medals on the Military Uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel, one can assume the mentioned "Superior" is an appropriate member of the Australian Defence Force.

As shown above, he appears to believe that he was given permission, to wear the medal, by a superior, named Colonel George Kearney (Rtd)

Colonel George Kearney (Rtd), is the Queensland Prior of the Yugoslav Order of St John. Kearney, was also an eminent Defence Medical Officer. However, he is not (yet) the Governor General, and cannot confer "tin" medals on his acolytes and minions. Below is a photograph of Prior Chevalier George Kearney AM GCSJ RFD ED, Prior of Queensland.



Photo TBA

Freeman introduces another medals fanangler, R&SL Currumbin, Sub-Branch President, Mr Ron Workman, to support his plea. Workman is a good ally for Freeman, also being a blatant medals cheat.
See here: www.anzmi.net/index.php/cheats-thieves/370-workman. We noticed, on ANZAC Day, this year, that Workman has removed the offending medals.

Despite Freeman's service, as a Legal officer he, apparently, knows three fifths of five eighths of very little, about traditions and protocols, or he chooses to 'enhance' his image, by ignoring those traditions and protocols. His arguments are shallow, inaccurate and without substance.

By reporting this matter to the public, in the Gold Coast Bulletin, Freeman has brought further discredit upon himself. Genuine Australian and New Zealand Veterans, will see him as a Retired Army Legal Officer, who was given his rank, because of his legal qualifications. He does not possess the honour and integrity, that is ingrained into the fibre of a career Officer, who has earned his rank through soldiering.

We would suggest that Freeman shut up and stop making a further fool of himself.




Surname: French
Christian Names: Maurice Bede
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Narellan
Service #: 2794442
Service: Australian Army National Service 1970-1972
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 28 January, 1970
Completion of service: January 1972
Case Notes:



2794442 Maurice Bede French was born on the 22 October, 1946. On the 28 January, 1970, he was conscripted into the Australian Army as a National Serviceman. He served in RAEME (Royal Australian Electrical Mechanical Engineers) for two years from April, 1970 until his discharge in January, 1972, when he joined the CMF for a further two years.

On the 24 December, 1970 he was posted to the Republic of South Vietnam with RAEME, 102 Field Workshop as a welder. He served in country for 10 months until he returned to Australia on the 9 October,1971.r

According to the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans, Craftsman (Private) Maurice Bede French had one normal tour of Vietnam from 24 December, 1970 to 9 October, 1971. He was stationed at Vung Tau and also spent time with 3 Cavalry Regiment, Nui Dat as a RAEME Boilermaker/welder.

However, Craftsman French has embellished his service by relating untruths regarding his operational Vietnam Service. According to French, he was no ordinary craftsman welder in RAEME. He was an Armourer and a highly specialised trained individual whose deeds and skills were unheard of by anyone in the Australian Army in Vietnam or for that matter Australia. Particularly some members of his former unit and colleagues at a Narellan Social Group that he is an active member of.

We have statutory declarations from deponents that French has told them that during his service in Vietnam that -:

 (i) He arrived in Vietnam two days before Christmas 1967.

(ii) He was at the American Base at Khe Sanh just before they closed the base/airport down due to the heavy North Vietnamese artillery bombardments.

(iii) In his first deployment from December 1967 until November 1968, he was attached to a special operational section in RAEME during his time in Vietnam and he was assigned to working with the Americans.

(iv) During this time he and his specially selected colleagues manufactured bullets with porcelain tips with "drops of mercury behind the porcelain", whilst working out of a mobile unit.

(v) The porcelain bullets were manufactured and used because, “they made a bigger hole in you.” and the shrapnel spread to other parts of the body.

(vi) He personally delivered the porcelain bullets to American bases including Khe Sanh, Hue, and other major trouble spots for use by the Americans against the enemy.

(vii) He flew to the Island of Guam from South Vietnam and obtained the ingredients for the porcelain bullets and returned them to Vietnam as personal luggage.

(viii) He witnessed a person shot in the shoulder by one of his porcelain bullets and some of the shrapnel travelled in his body and was located in his liver.

(ix) At the completion of his first tour, he signed on for a further five years.

(x) His second tour was from December, 1970 until October, 1971.

(xi) He was discharged as a Sergeant in 1972.

French has told colleagues that he was first conscripted in the January, 1967 intake, and was at Khe Sanh in late December, 1967, virtually hours after his arrival and just before they closed the Base Airstrip down due to North Vietnamese artillery bombardments.

Well this really is a riveting success story of a covert RAEME Craftsman operative on secret operations that will make good reading in the eventual publication of his personal memoirs.

However, an ANZMI investigation into the above claims has concluded that Craftsman Maurice Bede French has surprisingly stretched the truth somewhat.
A check with his Army records and the Australian War Memorial Vietnam Roll, indicated that French had one tour of Vietnam from 24 December 1970 until 9 October, 1971, almost three years after the Khe Sanh onslaught had finished.

He did arrive a few days before Christmas, but he is out by three years.

He actually arrived on the 24 December 1970 and not 1967 as he claims. He served at Vung Tau and Nui Dat carrying out vital duties for the entire period as a boilermaker and general RAEME necessary requirements. He was discharged as a Craftsman/Private from the Australian Army following completion of his two years National Service and his one tour of Vietnam. He subsequently joined the part time CMF (Citizens Military Forces) as a Sapper/Private in 108 Plant Squadron, RAE.(Royal Australian Engineers) for two years. He discharged as a Sapper.


Porcelain bullets with mercury tips were never manufactured by Australian or any other allied Defence Force personnel in Vietnam. In fact, this would be in contravention of the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Convention. It is also a figment of the imagination of French to gain attention as a “frontline wannabee”.

Try finding “porcelain bullets”, being used by the Military in 1970 or 1971 on the internet. Not there? “Must have been really top secret.” Could you possibly imagine an Australian Private Craftsman soldier engaged in highly secret and illegal activities with American Army personnel manufacturing these so called porcelain/mercury bullets.

Maurice Bede French, National Serviceman, RAEME, is a genuine Veteran of the Vietnam War. He has embellished his service to impress others that he was more than what his records disclose.

He should be satisfied with the fact that he served as a RAEME craftsman in Vietnam and leave the heroics to Sylvester Stallone and his ilk.

If his stories get any bigger, he could end up giving evidence at a War Crimes Commission in Hanoi.

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