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Surname: Erwin
Christian Names: Gavin Clive
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Hervey Bay
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Gavin Clive Erwin resides in the Five Star town of  Hervey Bay and is a Five Star Wannabe.

Here are the items Erwin has been wearing to make himself into an instant "Veteran".

Australian Service Medal 75 with clasp Iran Iraq

Iraq Medal

Australian Defence Medal

United Nations Iran Iraq Military Observer Group Medal UNIIMOG

Peacekeepers Peacemakers Beret

Returned from Active Service Badge

Royal Australian Infantry Corps Badge


Here is what Erwin claimed to be his service:

Citizens Military Forces (CMF)

Rank Corporal  / Acting Sergeant

Units CMF  104 Field Workshops

4th and 6th Battalions  Royal Australian Regiment  (RAR)

United Nations in IRAN and IRAQ late 1980.

His actual service is zero.  He has never pulled on a boot.

Queensland Police have been alerted to Erwin's criminal activities and we anticipate him visiting a Magistrate and receiving a conviction and penalty for his behaviour.

We are reliably advised that the Hervey Bay RSL President advised that no action should be taken against Erwin and the matter dropped.  The instructions of the RSL President are irrelevant, our policy of proceeding without fear or favour will always prevail.

No RSL President should ever allow the actions of a Wannabe thief of honour to be "covered up".  The RSL President cannot assume the role of Magistrate and declare Erwin "Not Guilty" of a crime, in fact the President has also committed an offence by attempting to "Cover up" this matter.

Erwin as a Five Star wannabe and well deserves his place on this web site.

Surname: Evans
Christian Names: Elwin
Country: Canada
State or Province: Manitoba
City or Town: Teulon/Komarno
Service: Unlikley
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Elwin Evans is British and now resides in Manitoba, Canada.  He claims to have been attached to the Australian Army and fought in Vietnam.  See what he said in the caption under this photograph.

Evans 1 2017 01 25

Although Evans is a long way from home his lies and dishonour have not escaped the world wide web of Veterans.

Evans did not serve in Vietnam with Australian 2 Squadron, Special Air Service (2 SAS Sqn)

2 SAS Sqn were never involved in a pitched battle with 1600 enemy soldiers.

Here are the real facts about SAS operations in Vietnam:

SAS Operations - South Vietnam

580 SAS soldiers served in South Vietnam. There were 298 contacts with the enemy, inflicting 492 kills, 106 possible kills, 47 wounded, 10 possibly wounded and 11 taken as prisoners. 5366 enemy were sighted in 801 separate sightings. The Australia and New Zealand casualties were one(1) killed in action, one(1) died of wounds, one(1) killed in a grenade accident, two(2) accidentally shot on patrol, one(1) missing on a hot rope extraction and one(1) died of illness.

Australian SAS are an elite unit, consisting of expertly trained soldiers, who since 1957 have achieved outstanding results in all that they have done.

Evans 2 2017 01 25


Notice in this photograph, that the first medal  Evans is wearing is a Military Cross (MC).  It is, like everything else about Evans, a fake.  At the time he would have been awarded that medal, it was only awarded to Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers.  In addition, had it ever been awarded it would be promulgated in the London Gazette.  He is not listed in that definitive publication.

Evans will not be strutting his war hero persona for quite a while.  Since the newspaper article appeared he has been sentence to six years imprisonment, for manufacturing automatic weapons for Canadian Organised Crime.  See the reports here:





Here is another photograph where Evans mixes with other genuine uniformed people:

Evans 3 2017 01 25


Many who read the newspaper report about Evans being a Vietnam war hero would have believed it.  He is no more than a disgusting fraud, liar and wannabe and now a convicted criminal who should be shunned by society and particularly ex service organisations.

A Canadian friend of ANZMI has described him as follows:

"This dude is filthy lying sack of $#** who has worn a pseudo-uniform adorned with bull$#** insignia and spews tales of his adventures in SE Asia for a most appreciative but gullible audience!"

Our world wide readership will now be aware that, no matter where they are, any person making false claims about Australian service will be exposed and spend the rest of time on our web site, in the same manner as Elwin Evans.

Surname: Everitt
Christian Names: Gary Ronald
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Gary Ronald Everitt – Army sailor
Everitt is a medals cheat. He wears a Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM) that was not issued to him, and therefore he would have purchased the medal to deliberately infer that he had served the required time in Vietnam.


The instructions regarding the entitlement to wear this medal are concise:

"The Australian government maintained the basic qualifying criteria specified by the Republic of Vietnam for allied troops. To be eligible for the medal a person must have completed a minimum period of 181 days, either continuous or aggregated, unless: killed on active service (KIA);wounded in action i.e. classified as a Battle Casualty and evacuated as a result of those wounds; or  captured and later released or escaped."
Everitt served on the Army Vessel AV 1356 Clive Steele on a Voyage where the last port of call in Australia was Townsville, Queensland. Army Ships and  Royal Australian Navy Ships counted their Vietnam service from the date of departure from the last port in Australia. AV Clive Steel departed Townsville on the 29th January 1968 and arrived, Vung Tau, Vietnam on the 12 February 1968. On arrival in Vietnam the AV Clive Steele and crew remained in Vietnam as part of 32 Small Ship Squadron. Everitt departed Vietnam on a QANTAS Charter Flight on 2nd July 1968 posted to 30 Terminal Squadron in Sydney until his discharge on 18th April 1969 having completed his National Service obligation.


The above documentary evidence proves that Everitt did not meet the 181 day criterion, even including the journey time from Townsville to Vietnam waters. His service was for less than 160 days and Everitt has awarded himself the VCM to add a little weight to his legitimate rack.
From now on Everitt need never worry again about being “outed” as a medals cheat, because we have comprehensively completed the task on behalf of honest Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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