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Surname: Eather
Christian Names: Owen Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Mosman
Service: Army
Branch: Transport
Case Notes:
Owen Michael Eather (Born Evans)

Officers are supposed to be 'gentlemen'. Through their training, actions and responsibilities, officers hold a higher trust and standing in both the military and wider general community.

When an officer lies, acts in a deceitful manner and wears awards to which he is not entitled and then when challenged, uses questionable tactics to intimidate and threaten those who question the veracity of his claims; he dishonours his commission, his service and the officer tradition.


When the awards in question are for gallantry, the action becomes even more despicable, debasing the awards and distilling the actions of those who lived and died to earn theirs.

Owen Michael Eather of Mosman, a suburb of Sydney New South Wales, graduated OCS (Officer Cadet School, now closed) in June 1966. He was postedto South VietNam (SVN) as a Platoon Commander with 85 Tipper Platoon. He has never been awarded any decorations but was observed by several people in Sydney on an Anzac Day wearing;

  • The United States Silver Star (an equivalent to Australia's Military Cross and/or Military Medal).
  • The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.

Another Eather, unrelated, a WO2 (Warrant Officer Second Class) with the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam) was awarded these two awards and has recently died from cancer. That Owen Michael Eather was wearing the same medals was a coincidence?

When challenged about wearing these un-earned awards, a letter purporting to be from a Sydney firm of solicitors suggests that the decorations (supposedly awarded ín the 'field') could not be worn previously as "There have been regulations preventing the wearing of foreign awards until recent times".

The same letter goes on to claim that Eather served at Fire Base Coral and Fire Base Balmoral  and came under fire on "numerous occasions" as an observer with 161 Reconaissance Flight.

The chief-challenger in this case, an ex-senior Warrant Officer in the Australian Army, who had received the letters of demand from the solicitor, has been given by Eather a declaration that he will not wear the Silver Star or the Cross of Gallantry again. Also the Warrant Officer has been given a personal written apology and a letter to an ESO (Ex-Service Organisation) to whom he had complained about an action and a statement made about him by the Warrant Officer, stating his apologies.

Also an assurance that the questionable letters of demand were withdrawn was given by Eather and that no legal action would take place. 

The ex-WO went to Eather's office in Sydney NSW, got the assurance and the apologies and explained to Eather in no uncertain terms that should Eather ever try this form of masquerade again, the consequences would be drastic and debilitating for Eather personally, his reputation in business and in the Australian community, that is, total exposure in the mass media and reports to all relevant authorities and organisations. 

Eather's claims to both awards, are false.

14th Oct 2012

Captain Owen Michael Eather

Our original exposure of Eather was in the mid 1990s.  At that time Eather apologized and promised to never wear fake United States bravery medals again. Unfortunately he has “fallen off the wagon” and again wears the USA Silver Star medal and The Vietnam Gallantry medal.  Also, he has been lobbying and whining to all who will listen, to prove his fictitious claim. He obviously believes that the more often he repeats his claim the more likely it will be believed. His modus operandi includes quoting and referring to witnesses who are now deceased:  See the photo below that was taken on ANZAC Day 2005


Eather's two middle medals are not Australian Government issued or approved. The medal second from the left is the same shape as a USA Silver Star, and the medal third from the left we believe is The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. These are the same medals that Eather promised never to wear again.

Eather has “friends in high places”, and is highly skilled in the threats and litigation department.  Eather needs these skills, because he so much wants to be seen as a hero of the Vietnam War, that he invents deeds of heroism and then defends his inventions with sickening threats of calamitous retribution against those who question his honesty.

It is unusual for an ex Commissioned Army Officer to behave in such a dishonorable way, however after documenting Eather’s claims, we have no other course of action than to pronounce him a shameful recidivist liar, fraud and glory hunting wannabe.

Perhaps motivated by a personality disorder, Eather has an insatiable desire, to be proclaimed a war hero.  He is still pursuing a USA Silver Star that he falsely claims to have been awarded out of a brief case, by a mysterious and now deceased USA Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Colonel who was accompanied by a Deputy Province Commander on a road in Vietnam.

Eather claims he single handedly, using an M60 mounted on a Landrover, foiled a Viet Cong ambush, involving a Deputy Province Chief and a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer (later killed in the TET offensive). He described this action to an aviation Brigadier Paul Lipscombe, (now deceased) circa 1990 and has been expanding on it ever since.

Here is his version of events:

“Over this period, Owen and another Lieutenant came to the rescue of two Americans, a small contingent of south Vietnamese Regional Force soldiers (two squads) and a Deputy Province Chief, Captain (Dai Wei) DVC.  The lead American was a CIA Colonel.  At the end of this brief but successful engagement which saved these men’s lives, the Colonel opened a Samsonite briefcase and removed two star shaped medals and awarded them to Owen and his “mate”.  On the back were the words “for gallantry in action””

We have a first hand witness of a meeting at Cat Lo, near Vung Tau from which we believe Eather contrived his heroic action.

‘Some time in December 1967, while returning from a leave day (probably a Sunday) at Vung Tau, I was driving a Landrover in company with a vehicle with a leave party aboard. Evans/Eather was also in the Landrover. At Cat Lo, we slowed and pulled up outside a well known brothel.  From inside came two Americans, one an army Major, the other a Captain. Both had "had a few drinks" but weren't falling over drunk, merely in a cheerful mood.

They waved, then came over to the Rover, and in a friendly manner said it was "Great to see Aussies and thanks for everything you have done - you all deserve a special medal" 

There was some minor "war talk" and the two vehicles then drove on to Nui Dat without incident.

There was no "action" as Eather describes no medal award”.

Eather’s unit was included as part of the Task Force Maintenance Area (TFMA).

The Officer Commanding the TFMA has said: 

“I was not aware of any award of such medals to any member of the TFMA at Nui Dat during my time as OC TFMA in 1967-1968.  2Lt Evans (Eather) was 2IC of the Transport Unit in the TFMA and Capt Jack Humphries (now deceased) was his OC. Eather did not approach me about any medals and Humphries did not mention any such incident to me”.

Veterans know, that had such an incident occurred involving Eather’s unit, it would have been the “talk of the town’ and the TFMA commander along with every member of Eather’s unit would certainly have known about it.

Eather attended Officer Cadet School Portsea, and graduated with another controversial ex Army Captain who served in Vietnam at the same time as Eather. His name is Barry Corse. Over the years Eather is known to have maintained contact with Corse up to at least 2007.   The relevance of this relationship is that Barry Corse also claims to have been awarded a USA Bravery medal without it being recorded or recognized by the Australian Defence Force.

Barry Corse claims he was detached to an American combat unit, and that he was the only Australian Officer to ever command American Troops in combat during the Vietnam War.  He claims he was decorated for bravery by the Americans. However, there is NO record of this detachment, or of his alleged command of American Troops or of an award for bravery, either Australian or American.  Corse claims these records have disappeared from his Service Record.

Perhaps Eather and Corse conspired to contrive their heroic service and now giggle over their silly behaviour, although we are reliably advised that they may have fallen out and no longer giggle together.

Eather is now off on a different tangent to emulate “Biggles”. He is claiming heroic service with161 Reconnaissance Flight (161 Recce Flt) that operated in Vietnam from September 1965 to March 1972.  Eather was attached to 161 Recce Flt for rations and quarters, no more no less. At no stage was he ever posted to, or a member of 161 Recce Flt.

Eather has written a paper and submitted to the 161 Recce Flt Association for publication as an historic report. In the document, Eather describes himself as flying for hundreds of hours including many hours of harrowing and dangerous work including the romantic “Boys own” adventure shown below:

“The pilot would tune to the Armed Forces Radio pop music station.  A popular hit was “Love is Blue, a French orchestral tune, lush, lilting and romantic.  Glen got into the swing and swooped in time to the melody.  I was potting at a few targets with an M 16 listening to this in the headset, this about June ‘68.  We thought it was pretty cool and didn’t see the irony until a lot older”.

We are reliably advised that his claims have been comprehensively rejected as fiction by 161 Recce Flt. Eather claims that Flight Logs and other documentation were not correctly recorded and do not show his true contribution to that unit.  161 Recce Flt historians say Eather’s claims are fabrications, and his total involvement with 161 Recce Flt were some “Jolly” flights.  

Perhaps Eather has the need to be a hero because he was a figure of derision within his unit in Vietnam, he had the name “Flower Power” and many anecdotes are told about his ‘”F Troop” type antics.

Let’s summarize.

Summary One

Eather claims to have served heroically in Vietnam, this included saving high ranking USA Officers from an ambush.

Neither his Officer Commanding, (now deceased) nor the senior Officer commanding the TFMA or any members of his unit ever heard of the incident. A soldier from Eather’s unit has described an event involving two USA officers outside of a brothel; the mildly inebriated USA officers praised Australia’s involvement in the war and said you all deserve medals – no more, no less.

Summary Two

Eather was rationed and quartered at 161 Recce Flt, whilst in Vietnam, during that time he went on “Jolly” flights as a passenger. Eather claims Hundreds of hours of flying in very dangerous circumstances. He asserts that 161 Recce Flt were lackadaisical in keeping log books and their records are inaccurate.  The 161 Recce Flt Association is furious at Eather’s allegations and declares his recollections as reckless fiction.

Eather has been hacking away at his claim of heroic service in Vietnam for Twenty years, as time goes by, he carefully selects his ”witnesses”  from the ranks of those who have departed this world.

It is possible EATHER is building up a false Vietnam war background to convince the Department of Veterans' Affairs to accept his fantasy moments of  life threatening wartime stressors, to gain a disability pension.  ANZMI have seen this behaviour with other offenders who appear on our website.  His fellow officers, and the soldiers under his command to a man deny any knowledge of his claimed heroics, and they of all people would know

Eather was a less than average Royal Australian Army Service Corps Officer who served in Vietnam he was not admired by those he worked with. In the veteran community he continues to be a pariah because of his false claims of heroic actions.  We are sure the Eather story does not end here, and we will continue to report his lies and fraud until he stops

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Edwards
Christian Names: David Hugh
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Leongatha
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

David Hugh Edwards of Leongatha, Victoria, is a Doctor of Philosophy and served in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Equipment Supply and Logistics Officer.  He has never had active service.

Here we see another transgressor Returned and Services League (RSL) President, who has taken the disgraceful course of pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran.


Had some members of the Leongatha RSL not voiced their suspicions to the Herald/Sun,  it is assured that Doctor David Edwards would still be parading about wearing medals he has no entitlement to, as well as attracting the attention of genuine veterans.

In the photograph, you can see him marching on ANZAC Day as the President of the Leongatha RSL wearing seven medals which are as follows from left to right:


Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 clasp Vietnam.

Vietnam Medal.

Australian Service Medal 1945-75.

Defence Force Service Medal.

National Medal.

Defence Force Medal.

South Vietnam Campaign Medal (awarded by the government of South Vietnam).

Peter Mickelburough, the Freedom of Information Editor had the article below printed in the Melbourne Sunday Herald on Sunday 13 October 2013.


The only genuine thing this wannabe has admitted to is that he is indeed a “Dill”.

In the article, Major General McLachlan stated that Doctor David Edwards was only entitled to wear the Defence Force Medal and the National Medal as he had served for 15 years.  He also advised Doctor David Edwards to be in touch with the local police.

ANZMI will follow up on this matter to ensure that this in fact occurs.

Leongatha RSL has also ascended to questionable fame due to the fact that in 2002, ANZMI exposed the then President Raymond Mathews JP,  as a bogus Vietnam Veteran.  This charlatan was at the time,  the Manager of the Vicroads Office and was subsequently incarcerated for six months for selling false licences to outlaw motor cycle gangs.


The erudite reader will have by now twigged that in the last 11 years,  Leongatha RSL has elected two bogus veterans to the highest position of their Executive Committee.  How could this occur you may ask? The general reply is that no proper research was done in vetting these scurrilous aspirants.

To hear the old chestnut "Someone was asleep at the wheel" is an understatement - surely any administrative staff at Leongatha are aware of the Google search for the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans - or Korea veterans, and lastly World War 2 veterans?

This is a commonly used tool for confirming active service and would have to be 95% correct - ANZMI access this information on a daily basis checking information provided by informants, why can't paid staff do the expected checks and balances?

David Edwards in his own right has the qualifying service to be a Service Member of the RSL - a Commissioned Officer who attained the rank of Wing Commander in the RAAF,  and who joined the Leongatha RSL in 2002 (the same year MATTHEWS was outed as a bogus veteran).

Why he sought to fraudulently expose himself to all about him by posing as a Vietnam Veteran beggars belief.  Insecurity perhaps?

Dr David Hugh Edwards - welcome to rogues gallery, with your Doctorate in Philosophy, you can now spend some time philosophising on your misdeeds and how you duped your fellow RSL colleagues with your disgraceful actions.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Ellis
Christian Names: Graham Howard
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Moor Park
Service: Army
Branch: National Service
Case Notes:

1/724306 Graham Howard ELLIS, DOB 31/08/1938 of Moor Park, Queensland served as a National Serviceman with the 9th Infantry Battalion from the 8th January 1957 to the 28th July 1959.There would not have been a problem till he turned up on Vietnam Veterans day on the 18th August 2010 at Bundaberg, Queensland wearing the Green Beret of the US Special Forces with the flash of the 5th Group and foreign medals as seen in the photo.




Graham Ellis was finally identified after his photo was transmitted around Australia and when contacted to explain how he came to have been awarded the foreign medals and the Green Beret he was very vague with his answers. He alluded to have been serving in the Intelligence Section of Battalion Headquarters of the 9th Infantry Battalion Citizen Military Forces at the age of 31 years. See below a summary of the vague answers he gave.

“I was with the Intelligence Section in Headquarters of 9th Infantry battalion in Queensland (not 9 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment) when I was approached by a man I cannot name as he was CIA. He got me to do a written test and the next thing I know I was on a flight out of Darwin on an Air America CIA flight and arrived in South Vietnam. I was posted to an “A” Team US Special Forces with detachment 502 or 503 and we worked with South Vietnamese Rangers. The “A” Team has 12 men in it and they are trained so that there are two medics, two engineers, two of everything.

I cannot remember what the unit badge was I have on my beret as it has been so long ago. I was wounded and got shrapnel in one leg, the face and temple. I did five month and 20 days there late 1969, early 1970 before I had enough and was flown back to Darwin on a Continental Airways flight which is also CIA.”

He was questioned further to clarify things such as the name of the South Vietnamese Unit he served with also the badge he was wearing.

“I can’t remember the South Vietnamese unit I served with or where I was posted in South Vietnam because it was so long ago. I don’t know what unit the badge belonged to, I actually picked it up at an Auction when I used to collect such things. I even have an Iron Cross. I only put the medals on the left side as friends of mine told me a new law had come out in the mid 90’s saying I could wear them on the left.”

We have searched many web sites to identify this badge, but have not been successful. The badge that should have been worn is the US Special Forces badge with the 5th Group US Special Forces flash which is on the beret. Each group had its own flash.

Ellis is wearing two Unit Citations one being the US Presidential Meritorious Unit Citation issued to a unit.

The other is the South Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Unit Award with Palm

Out of the medals Ellis is wearing, he is entitled to only the first two Australian medals.

From left to right the medals are;

  1. The Australian Defence Medal
  2. The National Service Commemorative Medal
  3. US Bronze Star
  4. US purple Heart
  5. US Vietnam Service Medal
  6. Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Medal which also appears to have a Palm or device
  7. South Vietnam Campaign Medal

Ellis is not entitled to wear the last five medals. During our research of the US Special Forces web sites we came across the web sites for Detachments A-502 and A-503 and his name does not appear on the nominal rolls of either detachments.

Ellis’s only military service was as a National Serviceman when he signed up for 5 years service on the 8th January 1957. He was transferred from A Company 9th Infantry Battalion to the Intelligence section at Battalion Headquarters then transferred to the National Service Inactive list on the 28th July 1959 before being official discharged on the 30th June 1960.

How Ellis can imagine that people would believe that he was posted to the US Special Forces in South Vietnam on operations after just doing a written exam and with very little military experience when soldiers of the US Special Forces had to undergo a tough selection course before being further cross trained in other specialist courses over a long period of time before they would be allowed on operational duties has me lost for words.

Graham Howard Ellis has not only made a fool of himself, but he has shown disrespect especially to the US Special Forces who lost a lot of good men in South Vietnam, but he has also brought disrespect upon himself, his family, other Vietnam Veterans and Australia. For this he will grace our web site for the entire world to see.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Ely
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Sefton Park, Adelaide
Service: RAAF (not confirmed)
Branch: Claims to be a Loadmaster
Commencement of service: 1979
Case Notes:




David Ely of Adelaide South Australia, was given the opportunity for a bit of media self promotion. Unfortunately, when speaking of his Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) service he decided to spice it up a bit with some false heroic involvement in the Vietnam war.

Ely did not serve in the Vietnam war.  The RAAF Helicopter unit he refers to was 9 Squadron which departed Vietnam in December 1971.

Here is what was said by Veterans who served with 9 Squadron:

"For example, if Mr Ely is 63 years of age, he was born in about 1951?

If he joined the RAAF in 1979, he was 28 when he joined. Not impossible of course, but unusual?

What is impossible if he joined the RAAF in 1979 is that he ever served in Vietnam.

All Australians were withdrawn from South Vietnam many years before 1979.

He states he served in a helicopter squadron?

The RAAF Squadron was 9 Squadron; which left Vietnam in December 1971.

9 Squadron certainly never operated out of Butterworth; what a ridiculous claim?

There is no record of Mr Ely in the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans.

No 9 Squadron member has any knowledge of a Dave Ely. (Another Mr Ely did serve as a RAAF Flight Sergeant – Armourer, but he was born in 1935.)"

An ANZMI Investigator spoke to Ely and here is the report of that conversation;

"Note:  Spoke to Ely he claimed he was not in Vietnam until after the war and had done clandestine rescues of  Australian servicemen who had been missing in action because they had run into the jungle during the war.

It was put to him that he is a liar, and he said the reporter had got it wrong, he was not operating out of a Huey Helicopter but from a C130 Hercules aircraft which some years after the war were clandestinely landing on airstrips in Vietnam and rescuing Australian soldiers who had deserted."

That is an idiotic story from someone with no knowledge of the history of the Vietnam war

We concede that Ely shows leadership and courage following his non service related amputations, however we do not take into account  extenuating circumstances when reporting fraudsters and liars.  Often it is said to us:

"You should let this person off because he has done a lot of good work for the ex service community"

Fraudsters and wannabes be warned there are no extenuating circumstances that would deflect the exposure of a wannabe on this web site.

David Ely of Sefton Park, Adelaide can not be described as a clever fraud or wannabe, he is just a dill who has made up a "Rambo" story to enhance his standing in the community.

The repercussion for this behaviour is to be listed on our web site for the whole world to see.

Surname: Emmery
Christian Names: John Carl
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Albury
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Engineers
Commencement of service: 27 Apr 1991
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




John EMMERY is an enigma.   He is somewhat of a mover and shaker in the world of Local Government in Albury, NSW as a leader in the Albury Ratepayers Association and one time candidate for election to Albury City Council.   He is a Train Guard, working for Transport NSW on the northern line when not back home in Albury dabbling his hand at one community project after another.

In his spare time, John EMMERY has found the time to serve as a member of the Army Reserve and he portrays himself as the real deal, a genuine been there, done that sort of bloke you would like to work with.

The trouble is, like so many wannabes, John Carl EMMERY has neither been there, or done anything that would entitle him to wear the medals he so loves to wear when not parading with his Reserve Unit.

Now, John EMMERY is a Reservist and has been one since 1991, about 24 years or so.   Nothing to be sneezed at, and he should be proud that he has served the Nation for such a long period.   For his service, he has been awarded:

Reserve Force Medal (RFM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

You see, throughout the 24 odd years of his service, John EMMERY has never deployed overseas, but why should that stop John EMMERY adding to his rack a few extra medals to go with the tall stories he has obviously told his current employers at Transport NSW.


The above photograph was taken of John EMMERY just after he received a significant customer service award from Transport NSW.   Here, John EMMERY can be seen wearing his entitled awards, but with a couple of interesting additions.   A source, who has significant knowledge in service medals, and who was present at the ceremony where the photograph was taken has been able to confirm the ‘extra’ medals being worn by EMMERY:

The first medal is:

International Force – East Timor Medal.   This medal was awarded to personnel deployed to East Timor as part of the The International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) which was a multinational non-United Nationspeacekeepingtaskforce, organised and led by Australiain accordance with United Nations resolutions to address the humanitarian and security crisis which took place in East Timorfrom 1999–2000 until the arrival of UN peacekeepers.


The fourth medal being worn is:

The United Nations Advanced Mission in Cambodia (UNAMIC) now, to be honest it took us sometime to identify this medal, simply because it only existed from October 1991 to March 1992 and was awarded for 90 days UN service with UNAMIC supervising the ceasefire and demining operations.   It was replaced with the more commonly known UNTAC medal which was a United Nations peacekeepingoperation in Cambodiain 1992–93.

Suffice to say, John EMMERY has absolutely no entitlement or right to wear either of these medals which are awarded for operation overseas service.

Now, if John Emmery was just a simple wannabe wearing medals he no right to, that would be bad enough, but as we have shown, he is a serving Australian soldier with 24 odd years of service in the Reserves and holds the rank of Corporal.

Perhaps by now, the reader will have identified that not only is John EMMERY wearing the medals incorrectly, he is missing one important (and essential) medal to make his lie somewhat believable.   He is not wearing the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) and the fact is that the medals for East Timor and Cambodia were only ever awarded with the AASM.   Wouldn’t you think a Corporal with 20 odd years’ experience would know that small fact?

Now, in accepting his award from Transport NSW, John EMMERY couldn’t help himself and had to make a speech, and we know he likes doing this.  With his chest emblazoned with fake medals away he went.   His story was recorded in the employee’s newsletter and definitely makes for a great read:


For us here at ANZMI, the comment which causes much concern is: 

…John’s passion stems from 38 years in the Army Reserve where he earned several medals from helping his team mates, bringing them home to safety.   The medals reflect his service to our country….’

What makes people say things like this and do people like John Emmery really expect us to swallow up this sort of garbage?

He has earned two medals and neither of these were awarded for bringing anyone, anywhere, in this fools case, they were awarded for turning up to his Reserve Unit to meet his obligation.  

Perhaps John EMMERY was the designated driver when out on the turps with his mates, perhaps that’s how he brings them home to safety?   One thing he is not is a decorated hero, he is simply a wannabe and a medal cheat.  

By wearing the INTERFET and Cambodia Medals, John EMMERY is committing offences against the Defence Act, namely:

Defence Act 1903

Defence Act 1903, where he is in breach of Part VII Sections 80A and 80B, which state there is a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both for:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

John Carl EMMERY is a classic example of the person these offences were designed to accommodate and we at ANZMI sincerely hope that Police will take an interest in a public figure who should know better but is flaunting the law simply to feather his own sense of importance. 

We hope that the Commanding Officer of 22 ER sees this report and also takes appropriate action against John EMMERY for being a wannabe and a medals cheat.   While at it, perhaps Transport NSW might want to reconsider the award that he was presented when they realise he is a fraud.

Welcome to our website John Carl EMMERY.

Surname: English
Christian Names: Kenneth Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Cronulla, Sydney
Service #: R95543
Service: RAN
Branch: Stores Assistant
Commencement of service: 09 Jul 66
Completion of service: 08 Jul 78
Case Notes:


Kenneth Edward ENGLISH Update 19 Dec 16

English has now departed from the Sub Branch committee and the RSL Memorial Club Board of Directors.

In 2016, English was directed by NSW RSL State Branch to resign all positions he held at the Sub Branch, and to never stand again within the RSL movement in any capacity. He subsequently resigned as Junior Vice President.

As a consequence of this decision, members of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club, where English held the position of Senior Vice President, then put the Executive Directors on notice that they wished to hold an Extraordinary General meeting for English to explain his lies about his claimed Vietnam service to members.

When English was notified of this discontent, he resigned the position forthwith.

He is still an ordinary member of the RSL Memorial Club and Sub Branch.

Warren Thomas, close friend of English, and the President of the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch, tried to cover this matter up for a number of years. Thomas was reprimanded by NSW RSL State Branch, for the attempted cover up and inaction. Thomas continues in that role for the present time.

Both Thomas and English should hang their heads in shame for allowing this matter to continue for so long without notifying NSW RSL State Branch, the membership of the Sub Branch or the Memorial Club.



We exposed Kenneth Edward English, Senior Vice President, Cronulla RSL Memorial Club and Junior Vice President, Cronulla RSL Sub Branch, as a Vietnam Veteran imposter to the world in 2014. Over many years he persisted with his deceitful, immoral and illegal behaviour. On six known occasions, he claimed that he was a Vietnam veteran who had returned from active service in January, 1968.

In fact, he had not one day of active service, in Vietnam or anywhere else.


His abhorrent and disgraceful behaviour was overlooked and covered up by his close friend Warren Thomas, the current President of the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch. Thomas is also a Director of Cronulla RSL Memorial Club Ltd.

English was duly reported to the senior executive of the New South Wales Returned and Services League of Australia, State Branch, Sydney as an imposter by the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia. (VVFA) and others.

English finally resigned his membership of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, Granville in 2015, due to their concerns regarding his fraudulent claims, and our last exposure where we provided conclusive evidence that he was, and is, a Vietnam veteran fraud who had joined that organisation by telling lies about his Royal Australian Navy Vietnam service. He also removed the three VVFA medal riband decal stickers that he had purchased and placed on his motor vehicle.

Following the report to the RSL NSW State Branch, an investigation concluded that English had falsely claimed Vietnam operational service in the Royal Australian Navy.

This was in contravention of the Defence Act 1903 Section 80A. (Falsely representing himself to be a returned sailor, soldier or airman)

As a consequence, English was summoned to RSL NSW State Branch, Sydney, on the 22 February, 2016. He was then directed by the State Branch Executive to, resign his Junior Vice President position of Cronulla RSL Sub Branch, and any other Sub Branch positions immediately, in lieu of such determination being enforced by State RSL. 

This was on the basis that his false claims will bring further discredit upon the League and Cronulla RSL Sub Branch. He has been further instructed that "this is to be a permanent termination and he is to never again stand for any position within the RSL organisation".

His President and friend Warren Thomas, who attempted to cover this matter up for years has also received official notification of this direction.


Thomas, photo above, was officially reprimanded by RSL NSW State Branch for his part in the cover up, as was one other Committeeman. However, Thomas continues as President of the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch and Director of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club Ltd.

Thomas has no credibility and should also resign his positions for knowing that whilst English was holding an executive position on the Sub Branch committee, and Senior Vice President of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club Ltd., he was a Vietnam veteran imposter. Thomas did nothing about it. He then supported English and protected him for years after English was originally exposed as a fraud and a liar.

Like most imposters and their supporters, Thomas has threatened to sue ANZMI for our factual disclosures.

Sometimes the truth is difficult to accept.

Following his resignation from the VVFA Granville, English finally resigned from all positions on the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch committee on the 15 March, 2016 in accordance with the RSL NSW State Branch direction.

He still remains an ordinary RSL Sub Branch member, and incredibly Vice President of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club, a different entity,for the moment.

As the current Memorial Club Vice President, he still receives a generous yearly cash honorarium , free trips away, free meals, free drinks and other benefits. Benefits that ordinary members do not receive.

English was elected to the Memorial Club Board on the false premise that he was a "former Royal Australian Navy (RAN) rating, with active and emergency service". This false information was included in his resume for election to the Memorial Club Board. We have a copy. Just more lies.

The Cronulla RSL Memorial Club President and committee members should demand the resignation of English from their Board immediately, to save further embarrassment by bringing the Memorial Club into disrepute as well.

He is still the Secretary of the The Sutherland Shire Naval Association, Sydney. That body should also demand his resignation for his lies.

The new executive of RSL NSW State Branch have made an emphatic statement to those who desire to join that organisation and seek executive Sub Branch office by claiming false military service. If you falsify your service, you will be caught out, disciplined and/or expelled.

Mr Rod White, President of the RSL NSW State Branch and Mr Glenn Kolomeitz, CEO, RSL NSW State Branch have made it abundantly clear in their mission statement that core values of integrity and honour will be strictly adhered to.

These values will hopefully encourage younger veterans from Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, the fourth wave of veterans, to join their local RSL Sub Branches and participate in continuing the proud traditions of the RSL organisation.

It is their future and their families future as well.

We will gladly support Mr Rod White and Mr Glenn Kolomeitz in continuing with these ideals by weeding out imposters and their supporters at executive level or otherwise, who are detected within the League or other ex service organisations.


Since our recent disclosure of imposter Kenneth Edward English, the Cronulla (Sydney) RSL Club Sub Branch Junior Vice President and RSL Memorial Club Senior Vice President, he surprisingly continues to hold both of these senior executive positions, even though he has been proven to be a Vietnam Veteran fraud.

We have received notification that members of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia are amazed that English still retains both executive positions after records disclosed that he is an imposter. He has not contacted the VVFA and apologised for his lies or resigned his Vietnam veteran membership.

English not only lied about his Vietnam active service to the then Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, but also on his Cronulla RSL Sub Branch resume, to a local St George Leader newspaper Reporter, several other places including RSL Sub Branch members, but we have since been sent his original resume for the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club by concerned RSL Memorial Club members, where he holds the executive position of Senior Vice President and obtains substantial monetary benefits.

In this document, where RSL Memorial Club members are informed of the committee person's credentials, and vote accordingly, English again claims that he had "12 years RAN (Royal Australian Navy) with, "Active (service) and emergency reserve (service) capacities."

We remind the reader that English had no active service whatsoever.

Not one day.

He has deceitfully claimed active (operational) service again to enhance his standing within the membership and community to gain positions on both committees and attract votes to acquire generous benefits. His deceit has happened on at least six occasions that we know of, and have been mentioned above.

English is cunning.

Now that he is entrenched in his positions for another three years, he has altered his false Cronulla RSL Memorial Club resume and deleted the words "active and emergency reserve (service)capacities",following suspicions from RSL Memorial Club members and committee members. He has also altered his Cronulla RSL Sub Branch resume where he told blatant lies about his "active service in the Far East and New Guinea" whilst he was in the Australian Navy.

Frauds like English use every means to get themselves voted on RSL Club committees, but quickly remove any tell tale signs of deception once they are elected and established in their positions, where they then seek further advancement to an executive role and increased benefits.

Like English, they even stand for President.

When caught out, they just shrug their shoulders and hope life goes on just as before because of the support they gain along the way.

We have also been notified that English has continued to lie about his RAN Vietnam service since he was originally discovered as a fraud in 2011.

Following our original disclosure in 2014, he was subsequently reported to the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch President in writing by a highly respected local resident, that he falsely claimed to him that he went to Vietnam on the HMAS Sydney. This was three years after he had been originally reported for telling Sub Branch members lies about his false Vietnam service and bringing his RSL Sub Branch into disrepute.

We have received further reports from Memorial Club members of how he told them that he was a crew member of HMAS Sydney when it went to Vietnam, however he was "put off at Brisbane due to illness".

English is an incorrigible liar and has been for years. Medical experts may classify his condition as "mythomania or pseudoligia fantastica", a psychiatric condition where the person loses personal judgement and distorts reality. He considers himself a tall poppy.

Others might say he is just an imposter and a glory hunter chasing further recognition.

Members of all Ex Service Organisations (ESO's) expect their committee representatives to be scrupulously honest.

English is a proven imposter, yet he maintains his prestigious rewarded positions with support from his President and a few of his Sub Branch committee mates.

English has not been ordered to resign by his friend, the President of the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch committee Mr. Warren Thomas.

Our advice to Thomas is that if you protect an imposter, you can consider yourself an imposter. You are just one step away.

Thomas in an e mail he sent to Anzmi stated -;

"We at Cronulla share your concerns about anyone obtaining benefit or kudos by purporting service in our armed forces that is untrue."

This edict must only apply to others, but somehow not for his mate English.

Thomas should also resign for his double standards and lies. He lacks leadership. He has threatened ANZMI with legal action, but he knows that what ANZMI have published is the truth and is supported by documentation. That is difficult to get over. We welcome any legal action that he or English are willing to pay for. They know how to contact us.

We do not usually get involved in Club politics but when RSL Presidents defend blatant imposters and then threaten us with legal action, it behoves us to get the truth out there.

Particularly when they are disrespectful of other genuine Vietnam veterans as indicated below.

Another Executive Cronulla RSL Sub Branch Committee member, again defending English, recently sent an offensive e mail to Mr. Bill Hobson, of ANZMI regarding Bill Hobson stating, "all he did was cook baked beans on the Vampire." and denigrating his Naval Vietnam service.

"*Your Name:*
Kerry Cattell
*Email Address:*
Bill Hobson

*Your Message:*
Is it true that Bill Hobson claims to be a Vietnam Vet but all he did was cook Baked Beans on the Vampire"

Also, in 2014, Cattell posted the following message on a website called "Cav's Blog".

Cattell, oblivious to the fact that Bill Hobson is a pseudonym, lambasted him in another e mail posted on the internet, in that,

"This little pr-ck Bill Hobson was a Cook on the (HMAS) Vampire and spent 16 days in the South China Sea. Think he got a medal. Wounded by baked beans".

"Kerry Cattell May 3, 2014 at 1:51 PM

I agree wannabees need to be outed but ANZMI outs brothers. I wrote to Hobson about outing Keith Joyce. Now Joyce wears some medals incorrectly but this guy was THERE. MM and Army commendation Medal (US) for valour. This little prick, Bill Hobson, was a cook on the VAMPIRE and spent 16 days in the South China Sea. Think he got a medal , Wounded by Baked Beans.He would understand that some brothers have PTSD and if they want to wear a Sheriff's tin star with their medals it doesn't worry me."

Denigrating Royal Australian Navy Cooks on widely read social media is not a very smart comment to make from an RSL Executive Committee member. You could make a lot of enemies with that attitude.

There is a William Hobson who was a "Royal Australian Navy Cook" on the Vietnam Nominal Roll, and who served honorably on the HMAS Vampire, but we can assure you that it is not Bill Hobson Anzmi.

Importantly, William Hobson the Navy Cook went to Vietnam. English, who Thomas and Cattell are defending did not. English claims to have gone, but decided to go on holidays instead, knowing the ship was leaving for Vietnam in a few days. English is the imposter here. William Hobson, Royal Australian Navy Cook, HMAS Vampire IS NOT.

He is a genuine Vietnam veteran, who does not need the disrespect of Cattell denigrating his Naval active service on at least two occasions that we know of.

We are certain that every RAN cook who ever served in Vietnam waters or elsewhere, and was accredited with active service or not, would not be very impressed with Cattell's comments. When censured by ANZMI for these highly offensive remarks, Cattell later recanted and stated that "someone must have used his e mail address (to send these messages) without his knowledge". That excuse is like "The dog ate my homework."

We here at ANZMI respect all genuine servicemen and women who have contributed to this Nation. We do not discriminate as to what Branch of the Services or positions they hold or held in their honorable service. They all support each other.

We do however, have a problem with wannabees, frauds and all those who defend them. Cattell denigrates the Vietnam service of others to protect his mate.

Cattell also mentions, " If some brothers have PTSD and want to wear a Sheriff's tin star with their medals, it doesn't worry me". Cattell adopts the position that you can wear what you like and say what you like about your alleged military service. If Cattell ever becomes in charge of an RSL Branch, it will be open slather. All the imposters and wannabees will love him.

We get dozens of e mails from young Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor veterans who inform us that they decline to join the RSL movement due to wannabees holding controlling positions within the organisation. This situation is not helped by the likes of RSL Presidents and others we have exposed as imposters recently, who have gained their positions by deception.


Lance Mailer Smith, President, Glenroy RSL Victoria,
David Hugh Edwards, President, Leongatha RSL, Victoria,
John Malcolm Griffiths, President, Essendon RSL., Victoria,
Geoffrey Phillip Lyles, President, Kyneton RSL, Victoria,
Douglas Craig OLoughlan, President, Bright RSL Victoria,
Alexander Robert Fullarton, Former President/Secretary, Carnarvon RSL, Western Australia,
Graeme Rex Caesar, Interim National President, Submarines Association of Australia, Queensland,
and of course -;
Mr Kenneth Edward English, Vice President, Cronulla RSL, NSW.

However, in spite of what ANZMI does in exposing RSL and other ESO frauds, we encourage those younger veterans to join the respected RSL organisation, participate, stand for committees, and continue the fight against wannabees and medal cheats and report them to ANZMI, to safeguard the legacy of what has been handed down by genuine returned RSL veterans over decades.

Whilst they are out there, and whilst we have your support, we will continue our exposures and provide regular updates of all imposters who continue to hold ESO committee positions and those who defend them.

The truth is our ally

Being exposed by Anzmi as a military fraud and a wannabee has no time limitations. Some of the imposters we have placed on site here have lived the lie for years.

We try and correct that by exposing the truth. The truth is our aim and the truth is our motive.

We continually remind Ex Service Organisations and in particular RSL Clubs to monitor and regularly audit their members for claimed military service and medals entitlements. Without these protocols, an anything goes situation prevails.

One organisation that regularly audit their records and require stringent documentary proof of military service of applicants who apply to join their organisation is the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia. (VVFA)

Kenneth English is another example of how imposters get themselves elected into executive positions on Returned Services League (RSL) Club committees and enjoy the fruits of their deceit for years until they are caught out.

R95543 Kenneth Edward English, Born on the 9 October, 1950, joined the Royal Australian Navy on the 9 July 1966. He enlisted for 12 years as a junior recruit.

Following his training, he became an Ordinary Seaman, (Stores Assistant). He eventually served on HMAS Sydney from 29 June, 1967 to 10 December, 1967, when he took leave and was then posted to HMAS Moresby, following completion of his leave on the 1st January, 1968.

These dates are significant as you read on.

He is currently the Senior Vice President of the Cronulla Returned Services League Memorial Club (RSL), and the Junior Vice President of the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch located in Sydney. He is currently the Secretary of the Sutherland Shire Naval Association. He considers himself a "tall poppy".

English has claimed Vietnam Naval active service on the HMAS Sydney in December, 1967, but in fact he had none.

The integrity of Kenneth Edward English has come to the attention of ANZMI investigators that confirm that he is a long time imposter and fraud.

Members of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, (VVFA), formerly Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, (VVAA), and others, are concerned that English is not who he claims to be.

On the 22 May, 2008, English completed details on an application form for membership of that organisation falsely claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran with Royal Australian Navy (RAN) service on the HMAS Sydney, on dates between the 29/6/67 to 2/1/1968.

This application was accepted on the basis that the information he provided was the truth. The Vietnam Nominal Roll was checked and his name appeared on it.

His application was approved on that basis.

He was then granted membership as a Vietnam Veteran of that organisation and as such, he applied for and purchased Vietnam War Ribands bumper bar stickers for his vehicle, and the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia Lapel badge.

A copy of his VVFA record disclosing the information he provided is shown below.

The document below is the erroneous Vietnam Nominal Roll entry from the Australian War Memorial records, that his application was checked against and approved.

The executive and members are not too impressed when imposters fraudulently misrepresent themselves to join their great long standing organisation and claim the honour of Vietnam veterans to gain benefits when in fact, they had no Vietnam service at all.

A spokesperson told us that -;

"When we came home from Vietnam a lot of military personnel would not even admit to being a Vietnam veteran because of the way we were treated. Now people falsely misrepresent themselves and cash in on it to get benefits and courtesies that they don't deserve and steal our honour. He slipped through the system somehow by telling lies."

His records at the VVFA still have him registered as a Vietnam veteran with HMAS Sydney, Royal Australian Naval Service as indicated above.

At the time English joined the VVFA in 2008, his name had been included on the Australian War Memorial, (AWM) Vietnam Nominal Roll, Canberra, in error since 1997.

He was aware at the time he joined the VVFA that his name had been placed on the Roll in error. He did nothing to correct the mistake. For years he then delicately tip toed and in fact crossed the line of ethics and integrity in respect to his alleged Royal Australian Navy “active service”, knowing his chances of being caught out were minimal.

Over the years, he managed to build up a false image that he is a Vietnam Veteran, including joining the VVFA. He has then used that misinformation to gain key positions on committees to gain undeserved financial benefits and increased standing in the community.

During his naval service, Ordinary Seaman Kenneth English served in the Far East Strategic Reserve in a non combatant peacetime capacity and also in New Guinea as a Stores Assistant. At the time English served, these areas were non war like and not classified as active duty.

In June, 1967, English was a crew member of HMAS Sydney.

HMAS Sydney was a retired Naval Aircraft Carrier, but due to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the ship had been re-commissioned in 1962 as a troop and transport ship. From May, 1965, the ship was engaged in the highly important role of transporting troops, supplies, ammunitions, vehicles and other war time necessities from Sydney to Vung Tau Harbour, Vietnam. It was affectionately known as the Vung Tau ferry.

On the 11 December, 1967, whilst a crew member of HMAS Sydney, Ordinary Seaman Kenneth English availed himself of 21 days annual leave. His leave record is shown below.

A few days later, HMAS Sydney commenced its voyage from Sydney via Fremantle, Western Australia, to Vung Tau, Vietnam with its necessary provisions for the war effort.

This was the HMAS Sydney’s 8th voyage to Vietnam.

English at this time was enjoying his annual leave, whilst his shipmates were training and readying themselves for whatever lay in front of them on active service in Vietnam waters.

The Ship's records indicate that on this particular voyage, HMAS Sydney was accredited with 15 days active service from the 20 December, 1967 to the 3 January, 1968. The ship transported 3 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment to Vietnam.

Every Naval crew member posted on the ship at the time was accredited with the equivalent active service days, and this was accrued from when the ship left the last Australian port of Fremantle to when it returned to Fremantle 15 days later.

In 1997, the records of all Australian servicemen and women, Army, Navy and Air Force, who had served in the Republic of Vietnam or Vietnam waters, were posted on the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans web site for public viewing.

In a massive task undertaken, some errors were made.

One particular error was the inclusion of naval rating R95543 Kenneth Edward English, Ordinary seaman, stores assistant, who was credited with 15 days active service on the HMAS Sydney from 20 December, 1967 to the 3 January, 1968 when the ship departed Fremantle for Vung Tau, Vietnam and returned to Fremantle.

He was in fact on annual leave during this time.

English became aware of this glaring error, but as stated, did nothing to correct it. In fact, some years later, he used the incorrect information to his own advantage when applying for positions on RSL Club executive positions.

Positions that reward him with cash honorariums, meals, drinks and trips away. Benefits that other normal members do not have access to.

In the document above , his Curriculum Vitae (C.V) for election at his local Cronulla RSL club indicated that he saw “active service” with the “Far East Strategic Reserve and P.N.G.”

The Far East Strategic Reserve was only classified by the Australian Government as “active service” if, in the case of the Royal Australian Navy, the ship had qualifying service in prescribed war like areas. His description would indicate to the reader/member that he had served in a war zone. The only prescribed war zone at the time English served in the Navy was Vietnam. He certainly did not go there.

He was on holidays!

As for performing "Active Service" in Papua New Guinea in the 1960's, no further comment is required. He would have known that, due to the fact that he would have been entitled to be awarded with the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM).


The above document is an extract of an article that appeared in the local Newspaper. In his role of Sub Branch Vice president, English was a Master of Ceremonies at Munro Park Memorial, Cronulla, in regards to the commemoration of the death of an Australian Soldier, who had been killed in action in Afghanistan. When interviewed, English told the reporter that he (English) was in fact a Vietnam War veteran. This was included in the local newspaper write up.

A Newspaper spokesperson has been contacted by ANZMI, who confirmed that the reporter would not have accredited English with being a Vietnam War veteran unless the reporter was told by English himself.

We were told, "How else would our Journalist know, you just don't fabricate things like that."


The above photograph is English wearing the Vietnam Veterans lapel badge he purchased from the VVFA.

English also placed the VVFA bumper bar "Vietnam war riband" sticker on his personal vehicle disclosing to all that he was a Vietnam veteran with active service.

He would have known that when the VVFA made inquiries to confirm the legitimacy of his claimed Vietnam service with the Australian War Memorial, they would have located his name on the Vietnam Nominal Roll. He knew that his particulars had been placed there in error, therefore, he had nothing to fear and he did nothing to correct it.

We have also ascertained that English directly told some Cronulla RSL Sub Branch members that he went to Vietnam on the HMAS Sydney in December, 1967.

ANZMI recently contacted the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch President to ascertain the outcome of a reported investigation initiated by concerned members that English was not who he purported to be and was not a Vietnam veteran at all.

However, the President, Warren Thomas reported in writing that the matter was finalised.

Thomas stated that "Some time ago it was reported that Mr English appeared incorrectly on the nominal roll of Vietnam Veterans along with some other "hear say" about his Vietnam service" Thomas stated that they are aware of the matter, but the investigation has been finalised. In other words, no further action. Thomas further responded in writing that,

"We at Cronulla share your concerns about anyone obtaining benefit or kudos by purporting service in our armed forces that is untrue."

If that is the case Mr. Warren Thomas, why did you allow English to carry on in executive positions within the RSL Memorial Club and Sub Branch after it had been brought to your attention and proven that English was an imposter claiming Vietnam service when he had none. Why would you do that?

By concealing the facts, Thomas is treating his fellow Memorial Club and as far as we know Sub Branch committee members with complete disrespect, arrogance and contempt.

Our inquiries have revealed that the New South Wales R.S.L. State Headquarters has not been notified by Thomas of any investigation into the fraudulent activities of English.

As a consequence, English continues to hold positions and gain benefits at Senior Executive level at both the Memorial Club and the Sub Branch as though nothing has happened. Recently, he was re-appointed as the Senior Vice President of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club for another three years. He had previously stood for President but was defeated.

He has never been reprimanded. We have been assured that he and Thomas have never revealed his deceptions or apologized to the RSL Memorial Club Committee and members or, as far as we know, the Sub Branch Committee and members. They are all unaware of his unethical behaviour and his “wannabee” status.

We recently contacted English. He stated that he apologised to the Sub Branch members who he told he was a Vietnam veteran, however after several requests, he refused to provide us with the names of these members and we are unable to confirm the truth of his statement. Why won't he tell us? You can make your own mind up about that.

Our investigation has revealed that as a result of him being reported to the Sub Branch President Thomas as an imposter , he finally organised the removal of his name from the Vietnam Nominal Roll, after he knew it was incorrectly listed there for 17 years.!!!

However, no one at either Club is the wiser and he still obtains the benefits.

When asked for any further conditions imposed upon him, both English and Thomas declined to respond.

English stated however, that "This is clearly a tall poppy syndrome attack and a witch hunt based on hearsay."

Well we do not consider English to be a "tall poppy" and we certainly do not think it is"hearsay". Far from it. He has acquired his so called "tall poppy" positions at the RSL Club by producing misleading documentation on his c.v. regarding his "active service" , untruths to members and deceit. He has also misled voting members who placed their trust in him by his behaviour. "That is not hearsay"

He lied to the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia in May 2008 by claiming false Vietnam Royal Australian Navy service when he had none. "That is not hearsay either."

English had every opportunity to travel to Vietnam on the HMAS Sydney. However, he took annual leave instead for his own reasons, knowing that the ship was leaving in a few days time. He subsequently became aware of the administrative error at the AWM and used this error to his own advantage to claim Vietnam active service for many years.

He has used the honour of his genuine shipmates who left for Vietnam on the HMAS Sydney in December 1967 and Vietnam Veterans in general, to enhance his own status in the community to gain undeserved substantial financial benefits and rewards for years.

He should write to the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia immediately and apologise for his deceitful conduct and resign his membership.

There was no misunderstanding. English claimed to that organisation that he was a Vietnam War Veteran with RAN service on the HMAS Sydney on the dates indicated when he applied for membership, and then purchased the war ribands sticker for his car and VVFA badge.

The Memorial and Sub Branch committees should also take action against wannabees lurking in their midst and not conceal the facts from their members.

English should resign from all his self described "tall poppy" positions at the Club immediately. If he does not, then he should be shown the door. He should also publicly apologise to all Vietnam veterans for stealing their honour.

It is an offence under the Defence Act 1903 to claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman.

DEFENCE ACT 1903 - SECT 80A - Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and

(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:

(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain.

The President who made the poor decision to cover up for English in this fiasco, knowing full well that he is a Vietnam veteran imposter, should also resign from his positions for the integrity of the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club, the Sub Branch and the NSW State RSL Headquarters.

Genuine Vietnam veterans have struggled with mental issues and other major disorders for years because of what they endured.

Those who steal their honour are not fit for executive office in the RSL organisation.



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