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Surname: Colquhoun
Christian Names: Patricia Iona
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

see update section below

Patricia Iona Colquhoun is not Royalty, nor is she a Veteran.  She is but a common thief.  One of the variety that steals the honour of Veteran's and the title of a living, breathing, Duchess.  Patricia Colquhoun claims to be the Duchess of Argyll on her web page here colquhoun\index.htm  Trying to access all of this site via her links will fail as she has now pulled the site because of her exposure.   However we managed, as usual, to capture the relevant parts of her site before she was able to close it down so we can show you, the people of the world, just another of the type that we are dealing with.

Go here and you will see the personal data that she displayed on her site colquhoun\personaldata.htm  The absolute drivel is there for you all to see.  The facts are that there are two Duchesses of Argyll at present.  Eleanor, the current Duchess and Iona, the Dowager Duchess.  There is no Patricia Iona, Duchess of Argyll, except in the mind of this impostor.  CPMH have informed London Peerage of this impostor who in turn have contacted the real Duke of Argyll, so no doubt there will be a knock on the door of our lovely Patricia in the near future.  Her home town of Canberra, our National Capital incidentally, is also the home town of the Australian Federal Police.  A short trip around the block won't take them long when the formal complaint is lodged.

Our Patricia was very bold with her internet site and also had a chat session set up where she could tell all who cared to contact her just how good and "Royal" she was.  It was unfortunate that several of those who began to chat with her were  genuine Viet Nam Veterans and the plans for a well laid ambush were set.

An archival check of service records show that there was a person of her surname who served in Viet Nam, however that's where the similarity stops.  She is no doubt an avid reader, this  apparently being where she obtained all the information about the Duchess of Argyll and her stories about being a nurse in Viet Nam.  Naturally CPMH checked with the Australian Army Nursing Corps and also with the Australian Civilian Nurses who were in Viet Nam to verify this persons service, but alas, she was never there.

She states that on her arrival in Viet Nam she drove to Vung Tau in the  "pink Citroen we all used".  Members of the Nursing Corps will be familiar with this vehicle, however to drive from Sai Gon, now Ho Chi Minh City, to Vung Tau in this vehicle in December 1969, unescorted, is absolute rubbish.   Patricia also claims that she was a Private nurse, another mistake as all our nurses were of commissioned rank.   Her knowledge of "things Viet Nam" asked of her by the Veterans could not be answered satisfactorily as she had obviously not read the right books and I can assure her that our seriously wounded brothers were not sent to civilian hospitals in-country to be cared for by the Red Cross.  In response to another question posed to her about her service she responded with, "I only did my job and all the credit should go to those who were on the front line and that's why I never want my name in print in publications about Viet Nam."  The fact here is she can't have her name in print as she wasn't there.  This page is about as far as she is ever going to go with her claims of Veteran status and having her name in print.

Anzac Day in Canberra had former service persons searching the ranks for her so that they could go and have a chat.  Surely someone that was as proud of her service, see here, would have been out and in the ranks with all the other proud nurses who marched on this day. 

Not our Patricia, as she had been emailed by CPMH and was much more interested in changing the information on her web site to read as per here.

then hiding, instead of marching in the ranks. Panic was now setting in.  She had been caught out.  We know she read our email to her address here, duchessofargyll@bigpond.com as we received both a delivery and read receipt......but no reply was forthcoming.

As stated  there is no evidence or service record available under the 30 year act to show any service for Patricia.  Through the "old boy" network that exists within the Australian Veterans and Military community it has been established by CPMH that Patricia did do some Army Reserve Service in the 1980's.  This amount of service would equate to her learning enough to be able to tie up her boots and attend a evening's parade every now and then.  This service was with a medical unit and perhaps this is where she gathered her Viet Nam experiences, standing at the bar at the completion of the nights training, listening intently to the stories of the senior cadre staff members.
  30 JUNE 2003.  It would seem that Patricia just cant help herself with her lies.  She has now changed her site and you will find the new one here.  http://users.bigpond.net.au/Duchess_of_Argyll/index.htm
Just in case Patricia realises we have caught her out again and tries to change her Military history, this is how her military history is, as she claims, on her new site shown above, as at 30 June 2003.

PATRICIA IONA COLQUHOUN, DUCHESS OF ARGYLL, is a fraud on both counts.  If there is one corps that deserves protection by all ex servicepersons it is our Nursing Corps.  The dedication of the men and women of this corps is greatly appreciated by all troops, especially those who were wounded in action.  Some of the front line troops that were CASEVAC'd back to the hospitals with wounds, died in the arms of these outstanding men and women.   These are haunting memories for them to live with for the rest of their lives.  No wonder they were up in arms about the stories put out by this bogus Veteran.  When their representatives were contacted about Patricia, they in their own caring way, simply stated that she must be a very lonely person to concoct stories like this.  Lonely she shall be no more.  She is now a famous Veteran, albeit, bogus, on this her eternal page.  This page is not easily removed from the internet like her own fictitious one. 

To serve this country proudly in war is something only the genuine serviceperson can do.  Those that claim it falsely WILL be exposed in the long term.  We are but a small Defence or ex Defence community and word of mouth can always confirm if you served. 

This entry is one of the growing number that will be forwarded to Federal Authorities for prosecution once the proposed new fines and sentences shown on our opening pages are in place.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Conyers
Christian Names: Peter James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: East Malvern
Case Notes:

Live: 22 Nov 2013

Peter James Conyers - Aged 64 years of East Malvern, Victoria

Conyers likes a round of golf at the East Malvern Golf Course and as he swings his clubs he swings countless stories of his "war tour" in Vietnam.



As the years have rolled by, Conyers stories differ to the point where his audiences' became suspicious and requested our assistance.

Conyers gets misty eyed when he tells the story of his amazing rescue:

"He lay injured in a field and was rescued by an American Helicopter crew. A big black arm reached out and pulled him on board. He was then transported to a "MASH" hospital where he recovered from his wounds. He cannot talk about his wounds"

Conyers has his wars mixed up. Military Hospitals in Vietnam were not referred to as "MASH". That term belongs to the Korea era.

Conyers is known to march on Commemorative occasions but has only been seen wearing medals of a relative on his right breast. One would think that he would wear his own medals on such occasions.

Conyers is not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll.

National Archives of Australia have advised the following:

National Archives of Australia
National Reference Service
Reference: NAA


Thank you for your enquiry regarding PETER JAMES CONYERS.

Post-World War II Army records are held by the Central Army Records Office (CARO), Department of Defence. They have advised us that they were unable to locate a record for this individual based on the following information:

Date of birth: 25/9/1949
Service number:
Period of service: 1968-1980

Yours sincerely,
Reference Officer
National Reference Service

We contacted Conyers by post to seek his advice. Conyers did not respond to our letter shown below:


We hold Statutory Declarations advising that Conyers often brags about "his Vietnam service". We are also reliably advised that he is another wannabe who has deceived his family into believing that he is a Vietnam Veteran.

Conyers has never served in the Australian Army at any time. He has expanded his life achievements with lies and deception by claiming to be a returned Vietnam Veteran.

Veterans’ world-wide will not accept this behaviour and condemn Conyers as a lying fraud, liar and wannabe.

The only place Veterans will ever welcome him, is here on this web site.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Cook
Christian Names: Daryll John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Burrill Lake
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Darryl John Cook - Burrill Lake, New South Wales

Daryll John Cook a Journalist of Burrill Lake, New South Wales (NSW) has been making a fool of himself around his patch for a lot of years

He likes a drink at the Shoalhaven NSW, Returned Services League and he likes to march on ANZAC Day and any other day of Commemoration, as well as making innuendo about his "service in Vietnam". The problem is that Cook has never served in the Australian Armed Forces.



We hold Statutory Declarations declaring that in the black and white photo one of the medals worn by Cook  is the National Servicemen's Commemorative medal. One of the Statutory Declarations goes on to say that when Cook was asked about his entitlement to wear the medal he said "I will throw the f*****g thing in the river".

In the colour photo Cook is wearing a Centenary Medal, the Australian Sports Medal and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM) together with a Citizens Military Forces (CMF) Badge. We are reliably advised that Cook knows how to “blind side” politicians and have them scribble a signature on applications that enabled him to be awarded the Centenary and Sports Medals. Careless politicians are as much a nuisance as wannabes and there are a couple of red faced politicians in Cook's area.

To wear the ADM you must have actually served in the Defence Force and physically earned the medal. It is awarded tocurrent and former Australian Defence Force personnel who completed an initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever was the lesser.  Despite Cook’s wearing of the ADM and the CMF badge, he has never served in the Australian Defence Force. We requested a Defence File search and below is the answer:

Dear Ms xxxxxxxx


I submitted a request to CARO for a service record using the information below. Their response was that they could not identify a relevant service record.

Name: Daryll John Cook

Born 20/5/1944, served CMF NSW in early 1960s

For a definitive answer as to whether or not this person has a service record, please contact the Department of Defence directly.


Reference & Information Services
National Archives of Australia, Melbourne


Shown below is an application signed by Cook to join the National Servicemen’s Association in his area. Notice that he has stated that he served with the CMF from 1960 to 1962 with “4 RNSW Bat (sic) Infantry, Woodville Road NSW”.  In addition he lists his Regimental number as “U/N” (unknown) and his birth date as 22 Nov 1944. No ex Serviceman ever forgets his Regimental number and if he joined the CMF in 1960, he was only 16 years old.

When Cook was advised that his claim to being a National Serviceman was being questioned by an executive and asked about the anomalies on his application to join the National Servicemen's Association he said “What’s he a f*****g detective, I resign”

The wearing of earned medals on appropriate occasions is a pleasurable experience, the psychology behind why people like Cook wear medals they have not earned is most likely found in the behaviour known as:

Pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying is one of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.  It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. Although it is a controversial topic, one definition of pathological lying is the following: "Pathological lying is falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime."

Daryll John Cook is a disgusting wannabe who indulges in Pseudologia fantastica. His attendance at commemorative Dawn Services and official marches claiming to be an ex Serviceman and wearing Military Medals is an insult to genuine veterans and ex Servicemen.

We ask that genuine Veterans from the Burrill Lakes area keep a good watch on Cook and if he further offends remind him of this web site entry and tell him to watch for an update.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Cook
Christian Names: Kenneth Hugh
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Koroit
Service #: R49003
Service: RAN
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: 01 Sep 52
Completion of service: 31 Aug 64
Case Notes:



Cook 1


The above photo of Cook was taken at the Koroit RSL 2016 ANZAC Service, where he is laying a wreath at the Cenotaph.

Cook joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1952, serving for 12 years. During this time he spent considerable postings to sea aboard HMA Ships Shoalhaven, Cootamundra, Tobruk (I) and Vendetta.

For his service, Cook would have been entitled to the following medals:

1. Australian General Service Medal - Korea
2. United Nations Service Medal - Korea
3. Australian Service Medal (ASM) 1945-75 (clasp FESR)
4. Naval General Service Medal 1918-62 (clasp MALAYA)
5. Australian Defence Medal
6. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

In the above photograph, Cook can be seen wearing a total of 8 (not very well mounted) medals. From the picture, the seventh medal is unable to be identified, however, medal number eight, as circled, is a commemorative medal for service with the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR).

Cook 21


To all discerning Veterans, the FESR Commemorative is nothing more than a ‘tin’ medal, it has no place with authorised Service medals.

So how did this medal come about? Well, people will collect anything and medals have an attractiveness all of their own, particularly when worn in order to impress others rather than just an official recognition of service to Australia.

This was well set out in the advertising spiel of the organisations who produced the commemorative medal.

“To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the RAN's involvement as an integral part of the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR), the HMAS Sydney and the VLSV Assoc (Vic) has dedicated this medal to all of those that served on HMAS ships on the FESR.

Ministerial approval was sought and Navy Office have granted an 'Instrument of Consent' to use certain words/letters on the Obverse side of the medal, thereby making it uniquely 'Navy'.

The design of the medal is a very fitting one, with two uniquely naval motifs included in the design. The first, the quarter compass rose, depicts the North West quadrant, signifying the direction of the 'Far East' in relation to Australia. The second is the symbol of a canted and fouled stockless anchor, superimposed with a scroll signifying the RAN's involvement in the FESR from 1955 until its disbandment in 1971. The wreath beneath the anchor crown is representative of the eucalypt leaves of the Australian bush, and is in tribute to the memory of those that did not return from this service to their country.

The recipient of this medal, whose name appears on the Reverse side, served on the Far East Station in an RAN ship which was a unit of the Commonwealth Strategic Reserve. And in the fine traditions of the Royal Australian Navy, they served Australia well.”

Defence Honours and Awards policy dictates specifically that such medals are never to be worn with official medals, a policy that is even reflected on the HMAS Sydney Association website and also on many other Navy and Military association pages.

Kenneth Hugh Cook, your lengthy Naval service has earned you the medals that you can be proud to wear, however, by the dis-service displayed by wearing a worthless commemorative medal, you have earned yourself a place alongside the increasing number of Navy veterans on the ANZMI site.

Surname: Coombe
Christian Names: Peter Franklin
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Waipukurau
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: NZ14123
Service: NZ Navy
Branch: Stoker
Commencement of service: 1952
Completion of service: 04 Dec 56
Case Notes:




Coombe  wears ten medals relating to three war zones,

These are the medals he is wearing;

1.  NZ Operational Service Medal - Entitled

2.  Korea Medal - Entitled

3.  UN Korea Medal - Entitled

4.  General Service Medal 1918-62 - Not entitled

5.  Vietnam Medal - Not entitled

6.  Vietnam Campaign Star -. Not entitled

7.  Queens Coronation Medal 1952  - Not entitled

8.  South Korea Campaign Medal - entitled.  New Zealand ex Service persons have permission to wear.

9.  Korean Veterans Medal -officially presented by South Korea to returning veterans or those veterans specially           identified by the Ambassador. Not to be worn with official medals but is a recognised award.

10. Australian Regular Force Medal - Not entitled self purchased "Tin" Medal.

He is entitled to wear only four medals not ten medals

Coombe was born in New Zealand on 17th  February 1935 and served in Korea as a very young man in 1952 with the Royal New Zealand Navy.  He served in Korea waters on board HMNZS Hawea and HMNZS Rotoiti  from August 1952 until March 1953.  He then served on HMNZ ships Black Prince, Bollona and Lachlan until his discharge on 4 December 1956 for being "Below Navy Physical Standards".  (This information was derived from a the New Zealand Korea Nominal Roll completed in 2013 by NZ historian Mr Howard Chamberlain.)

Coombe claims to have served in the New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australian Armed Forces. Whilst he did serve in the NZ Navy, it is very much doubted that he served with UK Forces and there is no record of Coombe ever having served in the Australian Defence Force. If he served in the UK Armed Forces it would be either as a youth of less than seventeen years of age or as a man who had been declared  "Below NZ Navy Physical Standards"

Chronologically, his medals indicate that after Korea he claims to have served in Malaysia, as he is wearing the UK General Service Medal (GSM) 1918 - 1962 which is an Army award. If his Malaysia service was with Australian or UK Navy his entitlement would be Naval GSM 1915 - 1962.

After Malaysia he claims service in Vietnam.  He did not serve in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force.  He has no Navy file in  National Australia Archives (NAA) and he is not on the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs Vietnam Nominal Roll, nor is he listed on  the New Zealand Vietnam Nominal Roll.  The United Kingdom was not involved in the Vietnam war. 

We contacted Coombe and requested details of his medals entitlement.  He said

 "He no longer had any interest in the matter has sold his medals and had nothing more to say".

Coombe has got away with being a fraud and a  medals cheat for many years and has been seen "sporting" his pot potpourri  of medals on many commemorative occasions

After his service in Korea he has added six false medals to his rack.  He is not a young man but we do not discern when it comes to medals cheats.  He has enjoyed many years of false kudos and in accordance with Newton's law third law he will now have an equal and opposite reaction of shame whilst he reposes on our web site.

Surname: Cooper
Christian Names: Scott Ronald
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Warrnambool
Service #: 39391
Service: Army
Branch: Signals
Commencement of service: 17 Apr 1967
Completion of service: 1 Aug 1973
Case Notes:

Scott Ronald Cooper the case of the Daggy Spy


Authors, poets and artists  are allowed a modicum of poetic licence, however when it comes to falsely claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran, ANZMI gives no leeway Scott Cooper, author liar and wannabe, claims to have served in Vietnam and to have been a Spy. Cooper is certainly an author and certainly a liar but he did not serve in Vietnam and was not a spy.




Scott Cooper’s career as a “spy” coincides with the time he was a Signaller (equivalent to Private soldier) in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals. During his six years service he was never promoted and because of his bad behaviour was not allowed to re-enlist – in fact he was sacked. His commanding Officer sent a letter to Headquarters in Brisbane dated 9 July 1973.  We hold a copy of the letter but as it contains considerable personal information we will only publish relevant excerpts:


Para 1 of the letter


The above mentioned soldier was reengaged for a further three years on the 16 April 1973.Based on subordinate commanders reports I recommended the re-engagement on the 19 February 1973, three days after assuming command of x Signal Regiment, since that time a number of incidents have occurred to cause me reconsider the situation and I now believe the re-engagement should be vetoed.


Para 10.


After considerable consideration I am of the opinion that Sig Cooper is undisciplined, immature, irresponsible, disloyal and dishonest, and that the word picture of him painted in April 1969 (Annex B) is still fairly accurate.


Para 11.


I therefore recommend that Sig Cooper's re-engagement be vetoed under the terms of MBI 171-1.  Pending decision I have taken steps to stop payment of the members re-engagement bonus cheque.


The letter was signed XXXXXXX XXXXX  Lieutenant Colonel CO X Sig Regt.


Cooper must have been told of the request to sack him because on the 10 Jul 1973 one day after his Commanding Officers letter to Headquarters he wrote a request to be discharged.  As shown in the following document, Cooper’s complaint was that the Army was simply not performing to his standards and therefore he wanted to grab his ball and go home.



Cooper was a junior soldier who carried out the duties of a private soldier – no more no less. We are reliably advised that his postings included working in an intelligence environment, however a Private soldier does what he is told and does it when he is told. Scott Cooper greatly and dishonestly exaggerates his role in the Army with tales of intelligence mystique and skulduggery.


We will deal firstly with Cooper’s claims that he served in Vietnam, he is known to have made these claims from the mid Eighties through to the present time.  He started whilst living in Warrnambool, Victoria when he applied to join the local Vietnam Veterans Association. A Veteran from Warrnambool said:


“Scott tried to join the local Viet Veterans group around the time of the welcome home parade, we found out he had never served in Vietnam, he stated the old story about Security reasons for not being listed and papers being lost”


We are also reliably advised that Cooper attended an ANZAC Day parade wearing Vietnam medals, but left the parade at the request of genuine veterans.


We hold numerous Statutory Declarations regarding Cooper’s claims to have served in Vietnam


He enlisted into the Army on the 17th April 1967 in Melbourne and was discharged (sacked) on 1st August 1973. He was sacked because he was undisciplined, immature, irresponsible, dishonest and disloyal and couldn’t be trusted as a Private soldier in the Army let alone be trusted to be a 007 on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.



Ordinary servicemen and ordinary citizens know little of the intelligence fraternity or what individual roles are however we have been advised that a private soldier of Cooper’s ilk would have been employed as follows: 

Whilst in the job of Operator Signals (Op Sig) he was not employed on communications duties. As an Op Sig, he was employed on intelligence-related duties - although not in the field and not as an intelligence officer, analyst or other type of operative (or spy) which he claims. His duties in Australia and Singapore would have consisted of helping man a facility within a secure Australian base where they listened in to and recorded foreign signals traffic".


He served only in Australia and Singapore. His Singapore service was as a Private soldier in a communications facility; he was accompanied by his family and was in Singapore for one year and Two Hundred and Twelve Days. The inserts below show his arrival and departure from Singapore.






Cooper has written a novel, which is a work of speculative fiction. He intimates in his publicity blurb that he worked in the murky world of Spies. This is one of his statements 


“Former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt was kidnapped and murdered- by our own people, according to a Sunshine Coast novelist and former spy. Cooper claims he had to write the novel as fiction, not only because of the Official Secrets Act but also because of threats made against his son, a former army officer.”


OK so Cooper is a writer and therefore allowed a bit of poetic licence. But let’s be clear he was a Private soldier in the Army Signal Corps who sat at console jotting down and sending messages of various kinds.  Below is information from a person with a similar background who knew Cooper well when they served together.


“I knew Scott Cooper quite well way back in the past and I know about his book. He was an Operator Signals in x Signal Regiment and his rank was Signalman.

I am also aware of his book “Ripple Effect” and although I haven’t read it I have read excepts and it appears to be entirely fiction. Scott was an operator who sat at a console and took down Morse code messages and that would be about the full extent of his job.

He was never a spy in the true sense of the word.  The Regiment’s work was classified Top Secret but we were not spies in the James Bond sense.

He did not serve in SVN.” 


Another ex Serviceman who served with Cooper and knew him well said


“In his bio in relation to the novel "Ripple Effect", he implies that while the novel is a work of fiction, it is based about his own experience as an "intelligence operative" and he had to present the novel as fiction to avoid prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.  To those who are familiar with his background, this is simply posturing and he is considered to be nothing more than a typical "wannabee".  He never rose above the rank of Signalman and his experience in the signals intelligence field was minimal to say the least”


Cooper like most authors conducted a book launch tour to various locations, another of his “old friends” told us:


“ Interesting though is a comment my contact passed to me concerning the comments from a friend's daughter ( who has no cause to make an incorrect statement) to the effect that she had attended a book launch by Scott during which she spoke to him and he claimed to have completed two tours of Vietnam although not with xxx Sig Tp. 


Cooper is a long term wannabe offender dating from the 1980s to the present time.


He spruiks of the intelligence world and Vietnam service as if he were part of it and once it is understood that he is telling stupid lies his whole book hypothesis falls into a heap. During his Army service and leading up to his sacking his Commanding Officer said of him in a memo to Canberra that he was a known  liar, that trait has obviously stuck with him over the years. See copy of the letter:



 Below are more lies from Cooper:


“Scott says he actually wrote it nine years ago, alleging a threat to his son’s military career stopped him in his tracks. “My son was going through Duntroon at the time. I had made the mistake of giving it to an ex-intelligence friend who had written books himself. When my son was going through his graduation ceremony two (high-ranking) military army people joined us and we were having a bit of a chat and one of them looked me right in the eye and said ‘Right, now do you have a book or does your son have an army career.’ Immediately I said ‘It’s buried’,” he claims”


It all boils down to the fact that Cooper never served in Vietnam and was never an intelligence operator he was a Private soldier Signals Operator in the Army who from time to time handled secret documents – He was not trusted in that roll and was sacked. All he has said about his book and his Vietnam service are fairy tales and not worth a pinch of goat's dung


Cooper has brought discredit to himself, to the Royal Australian Corps of Signals and has earned the ire of Vietnam Veterans. He is a posturing fool and a known liar. Poetic license is fine in works of fiction.  Cooper is living his lies to falsely enhance his reputation at the expense of the honour of genuine Vietnam Veterans.


Veterans will not tolerate wannabes, Cooper is a wannabe, and his acts of make believe and self aggrandisement have evoked Newton’s third law and he now has an equal and opposite (and truthful) account of his Military Service published for the entire world to judge him as a liar and a wannabe.


Finally we say to Scott Ronald Cooper, congratulations on writing a work of fiction but don’t ever again claim to have been a “Spy” and don’t ever again claim to have served in Vietnam.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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