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Surname: Chapman
Christian Names: Ian Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: infantry
Case Notes:

Ian Edward Chapman – Formerly of Cairns, Far North Queensland, now believed to reside in South Australia.
Ian Chapman is a classic wannabe, who on occasion wears a swag of medals and an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). He claims quite correctly, to have been a National Serviceman, conscripted in 1971.  He then endeavours to deceive, by describing his posting to 1 Army Reinforcement Unit (1ARU) in Vietnam and his subsequent war service with 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) until his return to Australia in December 1971.


The above photograph was taken at the Yorkys Knob Boat Club in Cairns, Far North Queensland, where Chapman spun his lies whilst slaking his insatiable thirst for Victoria Bitter Beer and Bundaberg Rum. Initially he told his fellow imbibers that he was a Vietnam Veteran and that his medals had been stolen during a burglary whilst residing in South Australia. Following that disclosure, he started attending commemorative occasions wearing Vietnam era medals and then added an Infantry Combat Badge.
Chapman did serve as a National Serviceman but was not conscripted until late September 1972 and was discharged in February 1973 after being on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) from December 1972. His effective service was around four months consisting of Recruit Training and one month of Infantry Corps training. The documents below are clear evidence of his actual service.



The photograph shown on his “Personal Particulars” page from his AAB 83 was taken on the day of his enlistment 27 September 1972.


The extract from his “Service Record” signifies Chapman was sent on LWOP on the 29 December 1972 and was discharged on 26 February 1973 on the grounds of “Exceptional hardship”.
We believe Chapman now resides in Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia. His wannabe antics reported here, were conducted in Cairns, Far North Queensland, however we have no doubt that he continues to continue his deception in South Australians.
Recent information indicates that Chapman is involved in marketing Security Alarm systems and other Security Paraphernalia in South Australia and Victoria. If you are unfortunate enough to meet Ian Edward Chapman ask him about his “Vietnam adventure”
Ian Edward Chapman is a fraud a liar and a medals cheat he is also an intelligent man who can be very convincing, he has an excellent memory and listens for interesting tales of service in Vietnam and will then iterate them as if they were his own.
Beware of this slick talking liar, fraud and wannabe. Should you have the misfortune to meet him please give us an update of his current activities
The above photograph clearly proves that Ian Edward Chapman is deserving of a prime position on our web site, where he will stay forever, as proof of his disgusting offence against the Veteran community.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Chapman
Christian Names: Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Unknown
Service: UK Army
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:

Trevor Chapman – RSL President

There are lots of RSL Presidents and senior executives who wear bogus “Tin” medals as if they were campaign medals. The South Australian Returned and Services League (RSL) have issued a policy regarding Tin Medals and we are reliably advised that the RSL is aware that the President of the Marion RSL Sub Branch, in South Australia, Trevor Chapman, wears self purchased Tin medals.

Here is another example of the RSL allowing wannabes to infest their ranks. RSL Presidents are considered to be among community leaders and theirbehaviourmust be beyond reproach. 

Here is a photo of Trevor Chapman officially representing the RSL on a commemorative occasion.

Notice that Chapman is wearing three medals on his left breast and together with all his buttons and badges he looks like a proper little veteran.  The three medals he is wearing are all self purchased United Kingdom Tin commemorative medals, they are

 1. General Service Cross Commemorative Medal.

 2. National Service Commemorative Medal.

 3. British Forces Germany Medal.

Trevor Chapman served in Germany in a British Army, Royal Artillery, and Anti Aircraft unit during the 1950s.  He was awarded no medals for his service. Obviously to make himself a more presentable in the prestigious position of RSL Sub Branch President he has been to a medal shop and purchased Tin trinkets.  

Chapman’sbehaviouris unacceptable and should he not take the hint and remove his “pretty self purchased trinkets” he should be treated with contempt by those Marion RSL members who have earned and wear genuine medals.  

Chapman is not the worst wannabe we have encountered but there is a steady increase in his kind infesting our RSLs. 

The government is very clear about the wearing of medals by serving and ex-service personal. The protocol for wearing of medals can be found at the following web site. This site also has information dealing with wearing of Unofficial medals as seen below.


Unofficial medals

Ex-serviceorganisationssometimes commission their own unofficial medals to mark participation in particular military campaigns, periods of service or types of service that have not beenrecognisedthrough the Australianhonourssystem. Awards made by foreign governments which have not been approved by the Governor-General for acceptance and wear are also "unofficial". There is no impediment to wearing such medals in appropriate private settings, such as a meeting of the relevant ex-service association, or a reception hosted by the relevant foreign government. Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn at public ceremonial and commemorative events, but if they are worn as the occasion demands, the convention is that they are worn on the right breast.

The RSL South Australian Branch also has a web site regarding the wearing of medals


As the President of an RSL it is Chapman’s responsibility to comply with official protocol as published by the government and his own State RSL Branch. By failing to do so, he shows a lack of leadership and respect to serving and ex-service men and women by wearing his tin medals on his left breast. 

We will continue to name and shame RSL executives who wear inappropriate medals to boost their egos.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Clark
Christian Names: Robert John Davis
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: Auckland
City or Town: Kaukapakapa
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: Unknown
Service: NZ Army
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:






Clark R 1 2017 05 07

There are liars, medal cheats, valour thieves, and then we have Robert John Clark, who has managed the trifecta!

Clark has been on our radar for some time, thanks to those in military circles suspicious of this clown, who has appeared over recent years at both his local RSA (Kaukapakapa) and at a school in Takapuna in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have established that Clark served in the NZ Army in the early 1990’s, having never left NZ shores during that short period of service.

This hasn’t stopped Clark taken to wearing 13+ medals, to ANZAC parades and services, over recent years. And if that wasn’t sufficient, he carries, or wears, the highly honoured SAS (Special Air Service) beret at these occasions. But even this was not enough glory for Clark, who also tacked on his right chest, the US citation presented to the NZSAS by President George Bush, although, being the fool he is, Clark wore his upside down, which is the ultimate insult to those who served and actually earned this acclaimed citation!

Finally, Clark wears an NZSAS tie.

Clark never earned any of these medals or accoutrements!

Clark R 3

Medals left to right:
8. NZ – GSM (IRAQ) – still a current mission
10. NZ – LS & GCM (ARMY) – NO BARS = service of between 15 and 29 years (Bar issued at 30yrs)
14. On THE right chest - US NAVY Presidential Unit Citation

By his own admission, Clark bought these medals online (NZ$700 according to him), and admits he made the citation in a drunken session with a friend. He claims to have been gifted his military SAS tie and beret.

Clark R 2 2017 05 07

Clark says “he had spent years allowing people to think he had service with the NZSAS.” This, despite admitting that, although serving in the NZ Army in the early 90’s, he never once left NZ shores, or saw active service.

When questioned on this disgusting deception, Clark claimed that this year’s ANZAC service was the first occasion he had worn the medals, beret, tie and citation. ANZMI has received complaints from ex-servicemen who have witnessed Clark wear “his” tin and bluster at many previous ANZAC services over recent years.

But instead of owning his deception, when caught, Clark still chose to lie about the reason he has deceived his friends, family, fellow RSA members, and those who would be deceived by this shabby man.

Clark"s excuse for this deception? He stated that he presented himself as an NZSAS soldier as part of a cunning scheme to expose what he called profiteering from the sale of medals and military equipment online.

To add insult to injury, Clark then claims he had eventually intended to write a book about his experience as a medal cheat and valour thief.

Rob Clark, we will save you the bother.

Clark even admits his “stupidity” in an article in the NZ Herald on 1 May 2017 - There is a video and full admission in that article.

NB. The act of wearing un-earned medals is a crime under the Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918. The maximum $500 fine and/or up to one month in prison.

Clark will remain on this site in perpetuity as a reward as a medal cheat, valour thief, and liar.

Surname: Cokanauto
Christian Names: Fane Stephanie
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8500737
Service: RAN
Branch: Communications
Commencement of service: 07 Mar 05
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Leading Seaman Fane Stephanie Cokanauto is currently serving in the Royal Australian Navy. Cokanauto enlisted in 2005 and has been posted to various Shore Establishments and Ships of the RAN.

In 2009, Cokanauto was awarded the Australian Defence Medal for her service.

In the above photograph, Cokanauto is wearing the Australian Active Service Medal, the Iraq Medal and the Australian Defence Medal.

The Australian Active Service Medal was authorised in 1988 to recognise prescribed service in warlike operations. Cokanauto is also wearing the Iraq Medal which denotes qualifying military service in that theatre. Leading Seaman Cokanauto claims that she was awarded these medals for her service on HMAS Ballarat.

However, we are reliably informed that Cokanauto was posted to that ship when it returned to Sydney from it's active service deployment in the Middle East on the 1 September, 2006. The ship had 6 months active service accredited from March, 2006 until 1 September, 2006. This completed the Navy's 36th individual Ship deployment to Middle East service since 1990. Cokanauto was not a crew member on that deployment.

Unfortunately for Cokanauto, she has not been officially awarded with either medal.

Her only entitlement is the Australian Defence Medal. The other two have been purchased at a Medals Shop or on the internet.

We do not get pleasure out of exposing current serving Australian Defence Force men and women on this site for blatantly wearing medals/ribands that they have not earned. It always amazes us at Anzmi as to how a current member of any of our services can expect to get away with wearing purchased medals/ribands that have not been earned and awarded to them.

You only have to view our site regarding Lieutenant Commander Brian Stanley Ferrie, who was a current Naval Commissioned Officer teaching Recruits at HMAS Cerberus, the Naval Recruiting Establishment in Melbourne, Victoria. Ferrie for some considerable time was fraudulently wearing the Australian Vietnam Medal Riband and the Vietnam Campaign Medal Riband that had not been awarded to him on his Commissioned Officer's uniform.

He survived our exposure, was reprimanded, fined a trivial amount and is still serving. The Royal Australian Navy has set a precedent with Lieutenant Commander Ferrie, so Leading Seaman Cokanauto should have no problems with this exposure due to that precedent.


We also have on site Flying Officer Graham Slingsby, currently of the Royal Australian Air Force who was exposed for fraudulently wearing a National Commendation for Brave Conduct on his Commissioned Officers uniform. We understand that this matter is still under investigation.


It is an offence to wear military decorations that have not been officially awarded to you and the fines can be severe.

If you have to buy it, you haven't earned it. Simple as that.

Surname: Coldicot aka Anderss
Christian Names: Paul Thomas
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: Not Known
Service: Royal Marines UK
Branch: Not Known
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Thomas Andersson VC GCM GC MC DSO Bar DSC CGM Bar and 32 MiDs slipped away from life on the 30 November 2015 under an old Oak tree whilst contemplating his life as "James Bond" of the Royal Marines. We never place wannabes on this web site if they are deceased before the entry is published, however in this case we make an exception because although we have his Death Certificate we know that he did not die.

Here is a photograph of the very much alive Paul Thomas Andersson however his name is really Paul Thomas Coldicot born 20 February 1970. He is an Australian citizen who resides in Brisbane Queensland. According to Coldicot, Andersson had to be killed off by UK Secret Service for security reasons

Coldicot 1 2

Here is Andersson's Death Certificate.


Coldicot 2 2

What happened to Andersson aka Coldicot? Well here it is:

Late September 2015 - escaped from Russia, after a secret mission, basically dead and in a coma.

From then to early November he was in a medically induced coma.

Andersson aka Coldicott 'woke up' early November. Some time after this, his very good friend named Lawry was called to active duty in Syria and was killed by American friendly fire.

Andersson aka Coldicot went to the funeral (in a wheelchair), drank a lot or alcohol and found a tree to sit under where he said he was dying and happy for it to happen. This was in Gloucester, in a cemetery owned by General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
www.gchq.gov.uk/pages/homepage.aspx which is a UK secret government organization. (GCHQ don't own a cemetery in that area and no military funeral was conducted in the main cemetery at that time).

Andersson aka Coldicot was giving an online running commentary of his activities up to the point where he was sitting waiting to die.

An hour or two after expiring beneath the spreading Oak tree, a person named "Sergeant Kingsley" found his body and advised of Andersson's death to those on Andersson's aka Coldicot's Social media.

Notice Sergeant Kingsly's name appears on the Death Certificate.

As per our first paragraph it can be seen that "Andersson" was a much decorated soldier. Here are some of his self reported adventures:

Claims to be on first name terms with Queen Elizabeth after having done personal protection duty for her. He says she offered him a Knighthood which he turned down because he "was just a "dumb soldier" and it "wasn't him".

As part of his work with MI6 he says that he was tasked with gathering information and videos on British politicians who took part in sex/bondage parties in order to use the information as leverage to get things done behind the scenes

He had a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device the size of a grain of rice in his shoulder.

In Afghanistan was hit by US shelling and copped shrapnel that tore his abdomen from rib cage to his belly button, intestines came out. He shoved them back in by stapling them himself and told his men he was fine. He then led them through hand to hand fighting through a cave system and then marched Forty kilometres back to an extraction point where he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he stayed for five months

He, with a team of three others were sent to clear bunkers in Iraq, they approached but then encountered six Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). He told his men to take care of the APCs while he went and cleared the bunkers himself. He killed lots of people and was awarded the George Cross

Spent Eighteen months tracking down a South East Asian sex trafficking gang. Gradually killed off the key players and then waited for the well known Malaysian Property Developer, the head of the outfit in the lobby of a fancy hotel. The man had Two guards, one was ex Spetznatz (see here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spetsnaz) the other Israeli, he killed the two guards and then killed the leader in a marble bathroom in the foyer of the hotel. He escaped without detection and was out of the country within an hour

He went alone to see a man who knew where Two Hundred and Fifty kidnapped girls were being held. He had a retrieval team on standby. He tortured the man by removing a finger or toe every five minutes in order to extract information. He then hamstrung the man and took him outside and waited for Ravens to pick out an eye. The man gave up the location and Coldicot left him there to be "picked" to death. He forwarded the information to the retrieval team and the girls were rescued. The kidnappers were latter found hanging upside down in the trees with their genitals severed and shoved in their mouths. They had a multitude of cuts all over them and were left to die slow deaths

This is the "Mission" that lead to Andersson aka Coldicot being wheelchair bound and sitting beneath a spreading oak tree to expire

The target was in Eastern Russia in the middle of a very large Russian Training Ground. He was loaded into the bob tubes of a B2 Stealth Bomber and dropped into the target zone from One Hundred and Twenty Thousand feet in a heated suit. He walked Thirty Two kilometres to the shoot site only to find tanks as the chosen site, He found another site slightly worse but still around Two Thousand Five Hundred metres from the target. He took the shot and got a headshot and fired another for good measure which got the Marshal in the chest. Headshot was hollow point, second shot was fired before the first on hit and split the torso in half. Ran back towards the exit vehicle which was a Harrier Jet. Got within two kilometres when caught in an artillery barrage where a shell exploded above his head and to the right. His right eye was popped out of its socket which he pushed back in. He had a broken right shin and foot. He splinted the breaks with the barrel of his rifle and ran the remainder of the way to the Harrier. He was to be dropped out over the ocean to be picked up by a submarine. The Harrier pilot decided he was in no state so he flew at tree tops to get out of the "badlands" was refuelled twice in flight en route to the waiting hospital plane which took him direct to GCHQ hospital.

None of the above action should have in any way affected the mental health of Coldicot because he claims that he is not capable of experiencing PTSD, and disparages those who do. He said,

"His brain compartmentalises things and the psychs had told him he didn't have the type of brain that would be affected"

On the 28 December 2015 Coldicot wrote an email claiming to be recovering from his mission to Russia as Lt Col Andersson.

"As you likely guess from the email address, I have been moved to rehab and will hopefully soon be able to look after myself."

The address on the email was:

Coldicot 3 2

He is claiming to be in "Rehab" in the UK when in fact he was on his computer in Brisbane. A check of the email address "veteranrehab.co.uk " clearly shows that Coldicot is the registered owner of the Domain.


Coldicot 3 2

Coldicot was not in "rehab" in the UK in late December 2015 as he was photographed on the balcony of his Brisbane inner city appartment at 11:34 am on the 30 Dec 2015.


Coldicot 3 2


Coldicot 3 2

Coldicot is a self appointed legend who has told his stories to more than one person.

In fact he is not a legend, he is a foolish buffoon who is now an enemy to all Australian, and New Zealand Veterans and ex Servicepersons. He is an enemy of the Royal Marine Association in both Australia and the UK. He is an enemy of the UK Secret Service (whoever they may be). He should also be an enemy to our readers world wide. He has gone from hero to zero and should disappear and shut up about his fanciful ideas of service with the Royal Marines.

We know that Coldicot injects himself with steroids that he claims are supplied by the UK "Secret Service". Perhaps the steroids that he in fact purchases have addled his brain and pushed him into his fanciful Walter Mitty existence. Whatever the reason he needs urgent psychiatric help.

We welcome Paul Thomas Coldicot to our web site and hope that our exposure will stop him from his ridiculous claims of "Secret Service" operations that are an insult to all who have served in the Armed Forces of the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Surname: Colledge
Christian Names: Anthony John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Townsville
Service: Army
Branch: Engineers
Case Notes:
Anthony John Colledge –  Convicted thief and wannabe

We do have a newspaper clipping, reporting Colledge of giving a false statement of his Army service to a Townsville Judge.





Colledge was a member of the Royal Australian Engineers who served in Townsville.

We often get reports of ex Service persons giving false evidence of their service as either an excuse for their bad behaviour or as information to be taken into consideration in sentencing.

We had no involvement in Colledge’s case, but we have been involved in having people resentenced because of telling lies in court about their Defence Service.

Colledge’s lies put him in the category of a liar and a wannabe and for that reason he is included on this web site.

Colledge was exposed in the Townsville Queensland newspaper for that entire region to see; now he is reported on our web site for the world to see.

Be a wannabe at your own risk.

Note: If you have a photograph of Colledge we will be happy to include in this exposure.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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