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Surname: Brain
Christian Names: Joseph Arthur Hugh
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Case Notes:


22 October 2005  Just how did Joe Brain manage this charade and get away with it?  This case is very complex and time consuming and to ensure all the facts are correct, we will draw upon statements and information obtained from the court case to show you just how much effort these frauds are prepared to put in to claim Vietnam Veteran status and sometimes claim repatriation benefits to which they have no entitlement.

The case of Joe Brain is one that all ESO, Veteran's Advocates and the DVA can learn from.   We will attempt to highlight some areas where the above  fail and hopefully through this explanation they will be able to close yet further, the gap that this type of person slips through. 

This factual story is going to be long.  It is not going to be completed overnight, but bear with us, we will enlighten you on how Brain and possibly others have managed to infiltrate the Veteran's Entitlements System.

The basis of Brains claim for repatriation benefits stems back initially to his being falsely issued with the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) and the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal (VLSM).  We will attempt here to show you just how easily this man slipped through the crack and has effectively brought disrepute to some of the genuine Officers who thought they were doing Brain a favour via the "old boy" system.  The names of these Officers has been deleted from documentation received.  They are now fully aware of what the problems the old boy network has cause them and there is no need to discredit them further.  All of them embraced outstanding Military careers.   This episode has tarnished their reputation and we don't wish to add further to this.

Lets start right at the very beginning, but first of all, all information shown on these pages is available for public access.  No underhanded methods have been used to obtain any and all of the images shown on these pages.  They are all in the public arena as are all Service persons documents after 30 years.

Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF), now Army Reserves (ARES) when he was 18.5 years old, on 17 October 1957.  He was initially enlisted as a Private soldier in Signals Corps.


Between 14 Oct 1959 and 4 May 1971 Brain was fairly active in the CMF and attended many courses.  He obviously didn't like being a Signaller and transferred to 1 Infantry Battalion (Commando)  on 1 Jul 58 as a PTE.  He was promoted to LCPL in a clerical position, 12 Nov 59 and then over the years he attended and completed many course, some after a second attempt.    He continued to do advancement courses up until 27 Nov 73 when he completed his last course and then it would appear, the wheels started to fall off, but Brain wont tell you this as he was the best there was, according to himself.   

He was commissioned on 4 Jun 63 as a 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) and was posted as the Transport Officer, 1 RNSWR (CDO).  Next  promotion to Lieutenant (LT) occurred on 26 January 1966.  He continued attending, failing and re-attending courses until eventually he was promoted to Captain (CAPT) effective from 27 Oct 70.  On 4 May 1971, 1 Commando Company (1 CDO) was born.  Brain was transferred, on paper, to the  strength to this unit as a Captain and in  1973 was awarded the  Efficiency Decoration (ED), 22 January.  This to an "average to below average" Officer.   Now he has just about everything.   The rank of Captain, a medal and he is on the downhill run career wise at 16 years service.    Now the years turn into decline.  From here on in his records reflect non efficient service and finally on 3 August 1978, RO Number 51950/485/78 he is discharged.  Joe does not give up though.  He applies for and is granted the Reserve Force Decoration (RFD) on 18 Mar 84 and then the clasp to the RFD on 30 Jan 86.   He is now retired and can sign his name J.A. Brain, RDF, ED, JP (Justice  of the Peace) Major (RL).  Now that sounds distinguished doesnt it.   But wait there is more to the post nominals and we will come to these when he applies for the AASM. 

The list of courses this distinguished man attended, or completed throughout his career are shown below:

Brain obviously had a mediocre career in the CMF/ARES as his course reports reflect comments such as:
3/63 Storeman's course......"A disappointing result.  This student did not apply himself to the course to any degree."

This did not change when he was commissioned as an Officer on 4 Jun 1963.  The course reports continue as:
6/64 Air Photo Reading (All ARMS)....."2LT Brain failed to reach the required standard."
13/64 Basic Diving Course....."This student proved to be psychologically unsuited for diving.  He tried hard but was not able to overcome the psychological barrier.  Did not complete the course".....but wait there's more on his diving abilities to come.
28/64 Basic (CMF) Short Parachute Course......."This student failed to complete the course due to ground training injury being aggravated by parachuting.  LT Brain tried hard and made every effort to remain on the course."  He repeated the Basic Para course again on the 42/71 course and passed....as a Captain.  This is 7 years since his first attempt......and he is in a Commando unit where you are to be qualified and remain proficient to remain in the unit?

and so it goes on.......8/73 Small Craft Handlers Course......"An average student on this course, however, considering his experience in work of this nature over a long period of time, his results should have been much higher."
34/72 Assault swimmers course......."This officer has a keen sense of humour which was an asset to the course, however, once given a task it was carried out with the greatest of haste.  Because of haste attention to detail was overlooked."

Comments like the above are relative to all his course reports.  We have indicated here only the course reports that will be relevant to the information presented during his trial. which we will explain further in this site story.

So basically we have a CMF Commando Officer, who went up through the ranks, who in reality is a basic civilian motor mechanic, and who is what would be described as average to below average by his Military course reports, but this man tells it in a much different way when he courts the woman in his life [he has had 5 wives] with his tales of derring do.  All will come out in the wash as we proceed.

How did Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain manage to obtain medals for Service in Vietnam?   As servicemen would be aware there were CMF Officers who did go to Vietnam for short periods of time.  How did Brain manage to get accepted as one of these people?   This is the crux of Joe Brain's fraud and how he cunningly manipulated Service Personnel and then rorted the DVA repatriation system. 

Could this also happen to you as a RSL, ex service advocate or person with the responsibility to check the service of a member wanting to join your organisation?....Read on.   The following information  has been provided to us by one of the Officers who was conned by Brain.  All reference to other than Brain has been removed from this statement as there is no requirement to know the names of those who now regret not checking the bonefides of this man.



I refer to our recent telephone conversations regarding Joe Brain.

You asked me to recall whether I remember Joe being in South Vietnam between 18 May 1971 and 2 June 1971.

By way of background: I was the Assistant Adjutant of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion during its second tour. I recall travelling from Australia to Vietnam aboard HMAS Sydney. I left Townsville on 13 May 1971 and flew from the ship into Nui Dat on 23 May 1971.

The Battalion book (“The Fighting Fourth”) says that, until 2 June 1971, the Battalion (save for the Kiwi Company) was in Nui Dat. During this time, I was working at Battalion Headquarters, also in Nui Dat. The Battalion book says that the Australian rifle companies remained at Nui Dat until deployed on Operation BHOWANI JUNCTION on 3 June 1971.

You say that Joe was in country, and attached to 4RAR/NZ as a CMF observer, from 18 May 1971 to 2 June 1971. As I did not arrive at Nui Dat until 23 May 1971, I do not know if Joe was in country before that date. I do not recall meeting any CMF officers between 23 May and 2 June 1971. I may have but I do not recall it.

As we had just arrived, and were undergoing acclimatisation and familiarisation training, it seems strange (in my view) that the Commanding Officer, the Operations Officer or the Adjutant would agree to accept CMF observers into the Battalion area. It seems more likely they would go to 3RAR. Nevertheless, I cannot say that Joe was not with 4RAR/NZ. I just do not recall his being there.

As I said in our telephone conversations, I kept an administrative diary between 25 July 1971 and 1 October 1971. I still have that diary. In accordance with your request, I have searched my memory. I have also searched the diary. I can only recall one group of CMF officers visiting 4RAR/NZ. However, there may have been more.

My diary has the following entry for 4 August 1971:

“3 CMF offrs arrive tomorrow. They are:

a.               MAJ A XXXXXXXXX

b.               CAPT AS XXXXXXXXXXX

c.                CAPT GC XXXXXXXXXXX

Accn is fixed. On Fri 6 Aug at 1415 they commence a familiarisation flt of province. This will incl a visit to Courtenay (sic).”

On 5 August 1971, the RSM made the following entry:

“From RSM

As the RD WO and CC are going on R&C from the 6/8 Aug 71, the 2IC has recommended that at this stage 1 [one] only visit D Coy and don’t remain for the 5 days.”

This entry has been initialled by Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) XXXXXXXXXXX, Adjutant.

I remember meeting CMF officers who were part of the RVR. I do not remember if they were part of the group detailed above or part of another group. I remember meeting a CMF Major and a CMF Captain, one or other of whom was an RVR officer. I recall the RVR connection because our Transport Officer, Lieutenant (later Major) XXXXXXXXX, was ex-RVR.

In about 1985, I was posted as a Staff Officer Grade Two to Headquarters, Second Military District. I took over from Major XXXXXXXX. Major Joe Brain was also part of HQ 2MD. XXXXXX and Joe had previously served together in 17 RNSWR. Joe and I struck up a friendship. I recall his telling me of his visit to SVN as a CMF observer. I think it was at that time the 4RAR/NZ connection was made with the probable initiator being the year of service, viz: 1971.

XXXXXXXX, Joe Brain and I retired from the Army to the Gold Coast. We live in close proximity to each other, but rarely see one another. Joe and I are estranged. I understand that Joe and XXXXXX are also estranged. Joe was a groomsman at XXXXX wedding. XXXXX best man was XXXXXXXXX. XXXXXX had served in 17 RNSWR with Joe and XXXXX. Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) XXXXXXX was also the 4RAR/NZ Signals Officer. I telephoned him recently. He does not recall Joe being in country.

You asked me about 4RAR/NZ administrative efficiency during our tour. I worked for two Adjutants: XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Both were hard taskmasters and meticulous men. Both spent a large proportion of their time at the Fire Support Base at Courtney Hill. The CO, Lieutenant Colonel (later Major General) XXXXXXXXXXXXX, was even more firm and meticulous.

XXXXXXXXXXX kept a very tight grip on Battalion administrative procedures and record keeping. For example, the following are entries in my administrative diary:

28 July 1971: a note to me from XXXXXXXXX to ensure that I attended to the A26A’s for some WO’s, S/NCO’s and junior NCO’s. These detailed instructions took up some three foolscap pages.

30 July 1971: a note to me from XXXXXXXX regarding more A26A’s. It took up some two and one half pages with a further half page dealing with a Notice to RO’s concerning the retirement of Sir XXXXXXXXXX as Colonel Commandant and his replacement by Sir XXXXXXXXXX.

XXXXXXXXXXXwas equally meticulous. My administrative diary records:

21 September 1971: a note to me from XXXXXXXXXXX (who had taken over as Adjutant) regarding IO’s reports, AHQ Admin Instructions. The note starts:

“Busy day here, mate, beacoup contacts, thus little time for Pers “A” matters. However fol points to be made:-”

XXXXXXXXXXX then proceeded to give me instructions regarding Administrative Instructions, raising of paperwork for promotion of Corporal XXXXXXXXXXX to Temporary Sergeant, and posting of people as signallers.

It was on this day that the Battalion had its biggest contact during Operation IVANHOE. We lost 5 KIA and 30 WIA. This demonstrates to me that XXXXXXXXXXX was able to attend to his various duties as a CP officer as well as turn his attention to Battalion administrative procedures.

On that same day, I provided XXXXXXXXXXX with a list of KIA, WIA, their status, location and NOTICAS update. I wrote that, of those killed, three were MIA. XXXXXXXXX corrected me by writing:

“XXXXXXXXXX, they should be KIA, bodies unrecovered, since C/S 4 saw them die. MIA tends to imply some hope for NOK, e.g. they could MIA (POW) – we know they are dead.”

The point of the above recitation is to demonstrate that both XXXXXXXXXXXX and xxxxxxxxx were very conscious of the need for accurate, efficient and timely administrative procedures within the Battalion.

The Commanding Officer was even more demanding. On 13 August 1971, he quizzed me, via the administrative diary, regarding:

·       a “Hygiene Inspection Book”;

·       education course requirements;

·       after action reports;

·       legal requirements involved for the Battalion Second in Command (a New Zealand officer) to administer command;

·       why he had not seen Unit Routine Orders Part One for some time;

·       a progress report regarding AHQ approval for payment of funds to purchase kilts, and

·       detail regarding a presentation to General XXXXXXXXX.

As you can see, we had very conscientious officers who were well aware of the need for good administrative procedures within the Battalion.

In summary, I say the following:

·       I have no clear recollection of whether or not Joe Brain was with 4RAR/NZ between 18 May 1971 and 2 June 1971. All I can say is I do not remember his being there.

·       I remember the administration within the battalion as being good. Nevertheless, it may be possible that records of Joe’s visit have gone astray. The main body had only been in country for a few days. Perhaps we had not bedded down all of our administrative procedures.

In conclusion, I want to address the matter of a Statutory Declaration provided by XXXXXXXXXX to your Department a number of years ago. XXXXXX provided that Declaration at my request. Its contents reflect my memory at the time and the information I gave him.

To the best of my recollection, the circumstances surrounding the Declaration are as follows:

·       Joe had discovered that he was probably entitled to the award of a Vietnam logistics medal.

·       I recall Joe telling me that there was some gap in the administrative paper trail and that he was seeking a Statutory Declaration to fill that gap.

·       I had a memory of his being in country.

·       The legal firm for which I was working was holding instructions from Joe in another matter.

·       I felt that if I provided the Declaration, then there might be a perception of a conflict of interest between my employment and my providing a Statutory Declaration in support of Joe’s contention.

·       I suggested to Joe that I contact XXXXXXXXXX to see if he were able to provide a Declaration.

·       I rang XXXXXX who, after discussing the matter, recalled CMF officers visiting the Battalion.

·       I confirmed XXXXXXX recollection and, as I held the belief that Joe had been one of those officers, affirmed to XXXXXX that the visiting officer was Joe.

·       XXXXXXX provided the Declaration based, in my view, on my affirmation of Joe’s presence in country.

Until you raised these issues with me, I had firmly believed that Joe had been in country. It is only since searching my memory, looking at my administrative diary, examining the dates of our tour, looking at the dates you provided me about Joe’s being in country, and discussing the matter with XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXX that I am now uncertain.

I cannot say with certainty that Joe was with 4RAR/NZ as a CMF observer between 18 May 1971 and 2 June 1971.

This uncertainty causes me great concerns. One is that XXXXXXXXX Statutory Declaration was grounded on information that I gave him and urged him to accept. That information was provided by me to him in good faith. In my view, he simply accepted my affirmation that the CMF officer in country was Joe Brain. Indeed, my intention was that he do so as I believed it to be fact.

The other is the effect this letter may have upon Joe. Your questions to me, and my responses, could have far-reaching ramifications. I am very conscious of that and I have written this letter only after much reflection, research and soul searching. It is a very difficult letter for me to write.

In closing I want you to note that Joe has never pressured me, or brought any influence to bear in any form whatsoever, to misrepresent his military career.

I ask that you note this letter is based on my recollection of events that occurred 31 years ago. As you would appreciate, memories fade and events run into each other. This letter needs to be read in that light.

Yours faithfully,

The above is an exact copy of the letter forwarded to the DVA Fraud Squad.  Read the whitelighted areas carefully and you will see how not checking the bonefides of anyone, can land you in hot water.  The Officer 'old boy' network worked fine on the hearsay that was provided by Brain.  His ability through years of CMF/ARES service allowed him to talk the talk and walk the walk....to a point, and Military jargon used in every day conversation with another Officer who regarded him as a friend and had no reason not to believe him, was taken in hook line and sinker.

Now it snowballs.  The genuine Officer relates the tale of no medals up the chain of command to another mate who is now a Lieutenant Colonel, who completes a statutory declaration to this effect on the word of a colleague he has served with in Vietnam and the stat dec is sent to Central Army Records Office (CARO) Medals section.  This stat dec is signed on 1 Mar 93.

   Brain now believes he has a chance to get medals by deceit and fills out the application below and sends it off to CARO Medals section.

Clearly here above, in his own handwriting he has applied for the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal.  But wait, there is more to come.   A notation is made on the right of the form questioning the validity of his service claim and a letter from CARO is sent back to Brain.

Now our man is a Commando and therefore is not to be outdone.  He knows he has conned a stat dec out of a LTCOL via a Major and replies with the letter below.

Note how our very cunning Commando uses the stat dec, thereby showing his utter contempt for the ARA Officers who considered him a friend.  He offers up a chance for other proof also.  What cunning plan has the Commando up his sleeve......read on.  What happens next in CARO is not known.  We take a bit of a punt here and suggest that the stat dec signed by a LTCOL was used as the document to support the application by our Commando to falsely obtain medals.  Double fault by CARO for not checking archives for the service records of our man Brain.

Our man is now in with a chance.  He must be getting excited.  All he has to do is sit back and wait for the registered article to arrive.  It does and is listed as schedule 9/93 and approved from 22 Nov 93.  Our man is now off and running.  HE IS OFFICIALLY A VIETNAM VETERAN according to Army records.......but one cant wear medals every day of the week can one, so we must apply for our Returned from Active Service Badge. (RASB).  We have defrauded the Army of a medal so what the heck, why not utilise the letterhead of another company to pursue the RASB.

Naturally now our man Brain is a Veteran.  No further questions asked by Army Records Office. A RASB is sent through in the mail.  So now we have J.A. Brain RFD, ED Major (RL), Vietnam Veteran......dont we?  Oh no we dont.  What we have is an ever increasing greedy man.  Not satisfied with ripping off his Officer mates and the Army system and creating tales of derring do to all who would listen to him, Brain decides that he wants more medals.  In 1997 he sent the following letter to Medals Section, CARO. His lust for medals is almost as big as the list of post nominals he displays on the letter below.

Look at his supposed date of enlistment when asking for the Queens Jubilee medal.  He has cribbed a year.  He didn't enlist until 17 October 1957.  Your initial date of enlistment sticks in your memory just like your service number. 

Now read this letter carefully again.  Our Conniving Commando is hatching another plan while he is applying for the AASM and the Queens Jubilee medal.  Look at the second last paragraph where he states "During my service I served full time duty and served mainly in Special Action Forces.".......I bet our man had a tremendous hard on when he came up with this idea. 

Later in this continuing saga we will show you just how much full time service this fake hero did have.  Again CARO issued our Commando with the AASM due to his "confirmed Active Service"   He was, unfortunately for his pride,  knocked back on the Queens Jubilee medal.......but he could have gone and bought a tin one if he really wanted it.  The AASM was issued on 17 Jul 98 on schedule 1561/98.

25 Oct 05  Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain completed Full Time Duty with the ARA between the periods 8 Oct 84 and 16 Jan 85 and 18 Jan 85 to 30 Apr 85.  These are the only times he completed FTD in the ARA between his enlistment 17 Oct 57 and 12 Apr 86.  The total of his FTD is 205 days in 29 years of CMF/ARES service. 

To qualify for the Service Pension Brain required Active Service.  To qualify for Defence Service related disabilities he required a minimum of 3 years FTD. That is a total of 1095 days.  His 205 days falls well short of the mark.   Brain fell well short of the mark on FTD, however, he is now a Vietnam Veteran.  He must be, he has the medals to prove it.  Remember earlier in this amazing story we mentioned  where he states "During my service I served full time duty and served mainly in Special Action Forces."  in his letter of 17 Nov 97 to the CO of Soldier Career Management Agency (SCMA), formerly CARO? 

Is this the stage where Brain decides to "hatch a plan" to infiltrate the DVA Repatriation scheme?  We think it is.  Joe is "planning ahead" for his retirement.  Remember he retired from his part time job as a "super" Commando 12 Apr 86, aged 47.  Joe incidentally could not wear Vietnam ribbons on his ARES Commando uniform as he would have been checked out by the ARA cadre staff of the unit.  Joe is too cunning for this, but now he is discharged and able to create/improve his war stories to impress all who will listen to him....... his many, many wives included.  He is 47 years old and looking to the future as a Vietnam Veteran.  He missed out on the Queens Jubilee Medal, so there must be something else he can steal to enhance his bogus life.  Lets look at doing Veteran Advocacy and helping the "brother Veterans".  What an opportunity this will provide for Brain.  Here is the chance to listen to  and gather information from the real deal on their complaints from service.  "Maybe, somehow, I can manipulate these stories and use them for my own benefit" he must have been saying to himself.

Now not only will this benefit him with his own concocted complaints,  HE IS WORKING WITH HIS TRIAL LAWYER GATHERING INFORMATION FROM AAT HEARINGS for his lawyer mate, who is representing genuine veterans at appeals.  Now here is a hypothetical for you..........What a perfect opportunity to gather the information for the lawyer, a genuine Veteran and as well, ask him pertinent questions relating to the information he is gathering, in preparation to lodging claims for his own "War torn trauma".  Think this couldn't happen?......read on.

It is now 1993.  Brain is firmly entrenched as a Veterans Advocate.  He has done many claims at this stage and is considered by some as a very good advocate.  He has had years now to gather the information required to prepare a claim and process it and watch the feedback from DVA.  Brain is now 54 years old and fast approaching normal retirement age.  He has to do something quick.  Lets apply for a disability claim for oneself.  What a splendid idea.  He has amassed a wealth of information from his lawyer friend and by doing Advocacy work himself, so this will be very easy.  After all I am a Vietnam Veteran,  I have the medals and the stories I have related to everyone of my brave feats in country have not been refuted.......yet.

On 24 Jan 93 Brain submits his first claim for a disability pension.  Trust us when we say we have all of Brains claim applications, 7 in total and two letters from his psych.   As stated before all of this information is now in the public forum and can be used and will be, however, to save site space further information relating to his disabilities claimed will be written and not shown as images unless absolutely required. 

There are anomalies with the above form that immediately stand out.  He doesnt show his exact enlistment date.  One would expect that if submitting a claim for disabilities that all CORRECT information would be supplied, especially on an initial claim to ensure that it is processed in the minimal time frame.  Brain is a super Commando remember and would no doubt have his discharge certificate proudly displayed on a wall somewhere in his home where everyone would see it, so why hasn't he completed the form correctly?  One reason could be his "average to below average" comments on his course reports have spilled over to his civilian life.......but we would only be guessing here.

The initial claims for benefits highlights the disabilities above.  All of these could be attributed to his CMF service?  The only indication throughout the claim that this might be attributed to his "Vietnam Service" is from the area of the claim shown above "VIETNAM 18/5/71 - 2/6/71, LIAISON VISIT.   He states on the next page of the claims that the knee problem is aggravated by his current employment.  Is he thinking ahead with a plan to go for a full pensionable retirement courtesy of the DVA?

Lets digress just a little and look at some of his injuries.  Brain claimed during the DVA Fraud Squad interview at Q 61 that:

"I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident whilst I was with Customs, where I injured my back and that injury  was subsequent to a very severe parachuting injury I had."

Note various parachuting injuries appears on this first claim for benefits along with the knee problem.    Below is a segment of the DVA fraud interview with Brain.

Brain, according to his service documents was transferred to the Reserve CMF on 3 Aug 78 RO No 51950/485/78.   According to his service documents there is no training on Submarines shown.  Remember he went to the Reserve CMF in 78 and this is supposed to have happened  between 80 - 85.  Note below how the interview moves on  to PTSD.  Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves here, suffice to say that on 27 Aug 95 on his second claims application PTSD becomes evident in a claim.

Now back to the two images above, direct transcripts from the DVA fraud interview, Brain states:  Parachuting accidents......submarines and a huge shark/dolphin crashing into him.  No doubt if they were real these could create PTSD.  A psychologist would attest to this if you told him.....wouldn't he?   CPMH has received numerous inquiries and information about Brain and his service.  None of these people, including the ARA Cadre staff of 1 CDO can recall Brain doing any exercise involving submarines.  No one recalls the shark incident and no one can recall him injuring himself parachuting.  (Note the document below states injured during ground training phase.)  His documents certainly don't reflect this.   In fact those that know Brain well said he avoided parachuting as much as possible.

Now lets go back a little further.  Have we mentioned the 28/64 Basic Parachuting course which he failed with the comment "This student failed to complete the course due to a ground training injury being aggravated by parachuting"  This course was when he was a Lieutenant and was conducted 10 Feb 64 - 28 Feb 64.

42/71 Basic Parachute course.  There is no course report on his conduct here.  It just says the Captain got a "C' qualification.  Average and below average seems to stand out again too.  This course was conducted in 1971 from 4 Jun 71 - 2 Jul 71.  THIS IS TWO DAYS AFTER HE CLAIMS HE SERVED IN VIETNAM.  Dear oh dear the Army was tough.  No time at home with the wife [number 2] after an arduous 14 days in country winning the war before we go off to FINALLY qualify as a parachutist.   Not bad really, to remain in a Commando unit where you are required to remain current in the basics and it took this Captain 7 years to finally complete his basic parachutist course?

Now you would have noted the SEVERE parachuting accident above in the DVA fraud interview at Q106.  His individual report directly above indicates that when on the course he PULLED STOMACH MUSCLES.  A big gut wrenching ball that many get when in the doorway for the first time, but the majority of soldiers get through this and complete the course. 

We think what really happened after looking at the course comments above is that he forgot the name of the Indian when he was standing in the door.  We wouldn't like to insinuate that he was scared of jumping because he is a war veteran and Commando extraordinaire.

Now lets move on after establishing his parachuting prowess.  Brain submits his initial claim to DVA where a claims assessor proceeds to check through the claim.  Claims assessors are meticulous.  They have to be.  They cant afford to allow mistakes or someone not deserving of the entitlements could slip through.   The initial claims assessor checked through the claim form and established off the paperwork that Brain is claiming Vietnam Service.   This service is checked and confirmed through Army records.  The clerk has no reason to doubt the word from Central Army Records Office.  They have all the official paperwork to confirm a members service and they have confirmed that he is a Veteran as they have a stat dec and have submitted Brain  to the DVA for addition to the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll (VVNR).   The claims assessor proceeds with the claim processing and now Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran with medals has a veterans disability pension paid to him at the rate of 50%.  This initial claim submitted 24 Jan 93 was for:

Viral infection, broken ribs, concussion, loss of hearing, hypertension, injury to left and right knees.  Various parachuting injuries.

Okay, so now we have Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran, JP, Advocate and DVA disability pensioner on 50%.   NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS IT JOE!!!!  There is no Gold Card here so we better have another go. 

On 26 Jul 95 at age 57 he lines up another claim......We are getting close to retirement age now.  This claim is for:

Nasal and Sinus condition.....comment added "During parachute and other Special Forces Operational Training". and Permanent Lumbar and Cervical disability.

This claim is immediately followed up 27 Aug 95 with:

"My ankles give way.  Blame parachute jumping (about 250 - 300 jumps)"  this caused the lumbar problems with the following comment by Brain "Bad landings when parachuting" The outcome of these problems "Osteo Arthritis in the ankles and Lumbar Spondylosis .......but wait there's more space on the claim form so lets fill it up:

Bronchial Problems. Smoking and stress.  Breathing problems as an Army Diver. 13/64 Basic diving course 7 Nov 64 - 20 Nov 64 comments in General remarks state "This student proved to be psychologically unsuited for diving.  He tried hard but was unable to overcome the psychological barrier.  Did not complete the course"  Recommendations by Chief Instructor "Unsuited for training in this field"  To be fair to Brain he did the 34/72 Assault Swimmers course 28 Oct 72 - 12 Nov 72 and achieved a "C" qualification 8 years after his failed diving course Heart attack, high blood pressure and here it is, the big one we have been waiting for...Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His comments on this "Stress of Service, about 20 years and getting worse."

Go Joe.  Up the guts with plenty of smoke and fire.  You have been accepted on 50% and they shouldn't question it.  You've done enough claims in your advocacy days to know what to do so you go and get a doctors report to back it all up dont you.   Correct,  here is the report below.  Well the one you supplied first and then the one querying your claim following it.  Note the lies flowing from Brain to his doctor.  "He was in Vietnam for 6 months" and "He was in the forces for in excess of 30 years".   Dear me Joe.  You were supposed to be an Officer and a Gentleman, not a dirty little liar ripping off genuine Veterans.

As stated earlier the DVA claims assessors are not fools.  They are required to carry out certain procedures when processing a claim for benefits.  The claims assessor in this instance started to smell a rat and rang Brain with many questions and then called for a psych report on Brain.  That psych report is shown below.

Now we have said that Brain worked for his lawyer and as part of those duties he was required to gather information for advocacy cases.  We have also stated that Brain himself became an advocate and from what we have been told, a damn good one.  Up until around about this point in time he was able to hold his head up high and was well respected in the Veteran community for his work for veterans.  No suspicion was held about him amongst the veteran community as he was walking the walk and talking the talk and controlling what he was saying so that it wasn't outlandish.  The trouble is with a "blonk" like this, they have to expand their stories and tell someone.  Who better than a shrink.  They love listening and the better the war story the better they like it and will, of course, book you in for another session.  Lets refer to the above psych report and the suggestion that Brain was gathering the stories off the AAT's and veterans he was an advocate for, to add to his own "traumatised" self. 

His symptom profile shows "suicidal thoughts and feeling of hopelessness and pointlessness",  Insomnia etc.  All symptoms a genuine battle warrior could have sustained and would no doubt have been related to him during advocacy work.  

His recollection of a Commando dying in a parachuting accident?  We can find no deaths within the Commando's parachuting history, and the piece de resistance of course are the incidents where he describes the US Serviceman standing on a landmine and being blown to pieces and an enemy soldier being shot in the head.

This whole psych report is full of rubbish and possibly it is about time that  Psychiatrists did a little research into the conditions in Vietnam instead of listening to hearsay rubbish like this report contains.  Navy scare charge claims and bodies floating past the HMAS Sydney are two more classic stories played out in full to psychiatrists that dont know any better.

The really good piece in this psych report is where he states "he was married between the age of 21 and 32 when his wife died in a motor vehicle accident."

From reliable Veterans who were in the gallery at his trial we were told that he had a very sick look on his face when the DVA Fraud Squad brought in as a witness his dear departed wife and she testified that "At the time Joe claims he was in Vietnam he was living at home with me".  I know as it was my mother's birthday at that time and my family came to Sydney to stay with us."  Joe you really are a dumb bastard.  One small statement by your dearly departed but resurrected  wife and your whole (concocted) life is about to disappear up your fundamental orifice.   That happens to those who steal the Service and Honour of Veterans.

So now we have Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran, JP, Advocate and DVA disability pensioner still on 50%, but being questioned by the DVA claims assessor.  The assessor is a very efficient person and rings Brain with many questions.    Brain counters with another claim and  the psych report [shown above]

He lodges claim number 3 on 7 May 96. This claim is for "Struck in the face/Jaw on 4 occasions whilst exiting an aircraft during parachute ops."  He requests a dental appointment to have the tooth removed as it is now completely fractured and requires surgery to get it out.  If the truth is known here the parachuting accident was probably the load master punching him in the head to get him to exit the aircraft so the rest of the chalk could jump over the LZ........but we mustn't presume things. 

It is noted that on this claim for benefits he has indicated that he is now retired "due to Lumbar Injury".......all appears to be getting set into place for the big run at total disability pension benefits.........but what is the DVA claims assessor up to?

Bad news is looming Joe.......or is it?   The DVA clerk is still checking your service.  He is methodical in his job.  Something just doesnt add up right and he is not sure.  He makes many notes down the side of Brain's forms and makes numerous phone calls.  Brain's claim for an increase is held up for a long time while he checks and double checks.   Finally because of the amount of errors that have occurred right from the time the original stat dec was signed and sent to CARO, he has been convinced that you are a genuine Vietnam Veteran and your file is so noted and your disabilities are increased to 90%.

So now we have Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran, JP, Advocate and DVA disability pensioner (on 90%), but now he is retired and getting ready for the big one.  First lets go for a bit of an increase in the disability pension.  A determination claim for this is lodged with the DVA on 18 Nov 98.  A page of that application is below showing the dates he claims he served in Vietnam and the date of a fictitious contact he claims he was in.

The claim goes to the same DVA clerk who held up the previous claim for a disability increase while he searched for information about Brains Service.  He remembers the claim well and how he caused a big delay in the increase in payments for the "veteran", so now knowing and realising that Brain is a Veteran, he automatically authorises the payment of the increase in pension without checking Brains service records further.   He does this so  that he doesn't disadvantage the veteran again. 

He is a thinking, caring DVA claims assessor looking after the Veteran, but  this episode, after the trial, has caused him some grief and in future it is sure that he will not worry about the welfare of the Veteran, but will insist in taking as much time as is required to ensure that another thief doesn't  infiltrate the repatriation system. 

This lesson will now flow on to all DVA claims assessors causing all claim payments to slow down.  This can all now be pretty much attributed to Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran, JP, Advocate and DVA disability pensioner (on 90%) who resides at 73 Braford Drive, Bonville, NSW, 2441, telephone 02 66534841.  So if you are in this category where you are waiting for a disability claim that is rightfully yours, but hasn't been received yet, ring Brain and thank him for his assistance.

Now back to this amazing case.

Bingo, Brain is entrenched further in the Veterans repatriation system through another bungle, this time at DVA, that has escalated from the initial "Old Boy Officers dont lie" story originally told to the unsuspecting former Assistant Adjutant of 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.   This as you are now aware escalated to a bungle at CARO authorising him medals without first checking his service records and inclusion on the DVA VVNR by DVA not checking further on his service. 

Basically Brain so far has skipped through the system through his very cunning and mischievous deeds (claims) and by the system not carrying out the correct service checks.

Now we have Joseph Arthur Hugh Brain, RFD, ED, Vietnam Veteran, JP, Advocate and DVA disability pensioner (on 100%) and receiving  the gold card.  Advancement for Joe through the system is much faster than his advancement in rank during his "outstanding" service and naturally while your on a roll you keep going.

On 1 Sep 03 Brain submits a claim for an "application for an increase in the disability pension."  He now wants all medical disabilities accepted and paid for by the department.....and rightly so for he is a Vietnam Veteran Commando, retired of course.  This claim also includes "exposed to lengthy periods of cigarette smoke in confined office areas 1983 - 1995.  CHQ 2 MD and 1 CDO Coy. (ischemic heart disease already accepted) and further to this "exposed to firing of anti tank weapons at Holsworthy Range in 1984. 106 recoilless rifle firing" this resulting in tinnitus according to the good Major, retired.

The claim goes in and Joe Brain sits back and waits.  He is hoping for the qualifying service pension to be approved.   Why shouldn't it be.  Everything else has gone quite smoothly for him up to this point in time.   He is no  doubt down at the local RSL spreading his stories about the Recoilless rifles, the huge battle he was in during his tour  in Vietnam and the gold watch and electric train set he brought in the Baria markets.    Yes that's right, a gold watch and an electric train set from the Baria markets.  Every veteran knows you could buy these items there in the Baria  markets.......dont you?   More coming on this below.

On 5 Sep 03 the answer he gets from the DVA is not quite what he expected.  Brain has been ambushed!!  He has gone for the big qualifying pension  and now a real investigation is about to be conducted.  The letter below is sent to him.  A new claims assessor has been appointed to his case history.

 14 Nov 2005 The new claims assessor has to be 100% sure that Brain is a veteran and entitled to the qualifying service pension.  He starts to conduct a methodical check of his service documentation to prove all of the issues that Brain has sent to DVA for assessment and approval.   This involves a thorough check of his records and it is at this time that the mistake at CARO is discovered.  The DVA fraud squad is notified and a full and complete investigation is carried out into Brains service.

The nature of the fraud squad investigation will not be revealed here suffice to say that during this time the witnesses who corroborated the statutory declaration and Brain were interviewed and all the records  of interview were recorded on tape.   It is evident from these tapes that the genuine Officers were conned by Brain into believing that he had served in Vietnam and due to the time frame since this supposed service in their battalion in 1971, to 1995 when Brain asked for a statutory declaration to get the Vietnam Logistic Support medal, their memory of events were hazy and incomplete.   Basically they believed that Brain was an Officer and a Gentleman and would not lie about serving in Vietnam.   A lesson here to be learned by all who are unsure of someone's alleged service if they are applying for benefits and/or membership of an ex service organisation.

On 23 July 2003 Brain was interviewed by the DVA Fraud Squad.  The interview started at 15:54hr and concluded at 18:32hr and consisted of 521 questions.  During this interview Brain was pulled apart on his knowledge of things Vietnam, the unit he claims he was in and his knowledge of the element of New Zealand soldiers that were posted to the unit.  It is one thing to have a reasonable knowledge of Vietnam as an outsider but when questioned on specifics it is hard to concoct answers unless you have actually been there and this interview was Brains downfall. 

We are aware that these pages are also read by bogus veterans seeking information for their own false stories so information here will be restricted to some of the small areas that genuine veterans will find quite amusing and will indicate what a fool this bloke really is.  Perhaps you may know someone who has used similar stories.  We would be interested in their details if they have given you the same rubbish.

At Q 113 Brain states that he went to Vietnam.  He continues on to say he flew there by Qantas from Richmond......but he doesn't appear on the manifest for this flight.  This must be because of his "covert" activities within the Commando's.  He remembers being issued with pyjamas, shorts and towels.  Very essential items required for his "swan" to downtown Vietnam.  He has no recollection of the Officers who may have issued the orders and instructions for his trip.....except for one Warrant Officer, who is now deceased and cant be questioned.  It is apparent from reading through all the questions and answers in the interview that his recollection of names who might be able to verify his story are forgotten, but he has a vivid memory of the fictitious action he was in and of course purchasing his gold watch and looking for an electric train set from the Baria vegetable and seafood markets.

At Q 58 He continues his lies of a brilliant career and this time states that after discharge from the CMF he was employed by the Australian Customs Office and later for three years as the Chief Intelligence Analyst for the NSW Fraud Task Force.  He was with Customs but never held the position with the NSW Fraud Task Force.

At Q176 the questions relate to how he got to Vietnam.  He states that he was sent there on a Qantas chartered flight from Richmond and that there were some civilians on the flight as well.  He was wearing polyester uniform and they stopped in Darwin and picked up more soldiers and then flew to Singapore where the flight stopped for a couple of hours while they changed flight crew.  He was allowed into the terminal area for this time in his polyester uniform until the flight took off for Saigon at 1700hr and arrived there


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Broesder
Christian Names: Pieter Eppo
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bayswater
Service: Army
Branch: Medic
Case Notes:

CPMH has possession of two signed statements of ex co-workers from the kitchen renovation plant in Bayswater Victoria, where BROESDER is employed as a production manager.

One of the statements contains evidence to the fact that when asked what he did in Viet Nam, Pieter replied  "I can not tell you, it was a secret.  No one knew about it, not even the Army recognises our service..  We were all stripped of our embellishments". 

CPMH conducted an archival  service check on BROESDER and it was confirmed he served in the Army with the Medical Corps.  On joining the Returned and Services League at Noble Park, Victoria, he registered as serving with 2 Field Ambulance Unit - with his regimental number of 38379 being issued to him.  A check of the DVA Nominal Roll of Viet Nam Veterans failed to find his details.  Something was beginning to smell!!

CPMH corresponded with BROESDER giving him  14 days to respond defending his alleged Viet Nam service.  This introductory letter explains the fate that awaits those who choose to ignore our advice to suspected bogus Veterans.

Within the set time BROESDER replied, and stated that his secret Viet Nam service was never as such.  He makes mention of serving in Malaysia in 1965 with 16 Com Fld Amb (sic) for two weeks reference problem with the border.  He goes on to write he spent 2 years and 197 days overseas in four countries - Not Viet Nam.  His letter then continues re serving in Viet Nam - He states "I used this line to get information for a book I was going to write which now has been destroyed as of the date I received your letter.  So this line will never be used again."

BROESDER then writes that he was to go to Viet Nam but failed the medical for skin problem (sic) received in Thailand.

Had this pretender not been exposed it is fair to assume that by his own admission (writing a book on Viet Nam) he would have stood to profit financially - nobody writes books for charity these days  - so by his own admissions and actions, Pieter Eppo BROESDER now has earned his rightful place in society - lined up with the other deceitful and disgraced people of the bogus Veteran brigade.

Our thanks go to the ex employees who worked with this character, without who's signed  evidence we cannot proceed to this level of exposure.

Pieter was asked to provide a personal photograph to us.  He kindly did so and it is shown on this page. Thank you Pieter.  We always like to show the world exactly who is pretending to be a Veteran.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Brooke
Christian Names: Terrence John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

This sailor is a genuine veteran.    

Then why is he here on CPMH you ask??      

The sad reason Terry Brooke features on the pages of Australia's Military Imposters is that he is not satisfied with the service he gave during his career in the Royal Australian Navy and has resorted to concocting fairy tales amongst the veteran community that he had supported so well.    

Terry has been the president of the Vietnam Veterans Association, North Brisbane for 10 years and during that time provided outstanding service to the veteran community within that organisation.

   In recent years this service began to deteriorate.

Stories of being a 17 year old sailor on HMAS Hobart when it was strafed by a US aircraft off the coast of Vietnam have surfaced.   Checks of the ships  nominal roll do not show Terry as having served on that ship. Why doesn't he appear on the roll?  Well his story is that because he was 17 (underage for service in an operational area) his name had to be kept off the roll to save embarrassment to the Australian government.

One 17 year old sailor that was on the ship at the time of the strafing (name withheld to avoid pain to the family) was unfortunately killed by the US aircraft and this, according to Terry caused too much embarrassment for the Australian government, so his name was "removed" from the ships company.  

Terry wears the Vietnam Medal as can be seen in the accompanying photographs.  This medal is issued to "Gun Line sailors" who indeed served on operational duties.  All other naval personnel who were not on the Gun Line received the Logistic Medal, but wait there's more, Terry also wears this medal as well; contrary to Military regulations. You are entitled to one or the other, in this case Terry Brook is entitled only to the Logistic Medal as he never served as a Gun Line sailor.

His service "up top" was on HMAS Sydney, the navy's troop carrier (fondly nick-named the Vung Tau Ferry) that did many trips  from 13 October 1969 until 22 November 1971.

During this time the HMAS Sydney sat off Vung Tau, in South Vietnam while unloading/loading troops and stores. Her main mission was to deliver troops and supplies to the Australian ground forces and return troops back to Australia at the completion of their tour of duty. At no time did the HMAS Sydney come under enemy fire.   

This then makes a mockery of the story printed in the Northern Times, a Brisbane Northern Suburbs local newspaper.   The article on the next page was printed on Vietnam Veterans [Long Tan Day] 18 August 2000, when a very stressed and "battle weary" Terry Brooke stated that he could no longer march on Veterans Day as the memories are "too painful"  and "he wants to forget about it all".   

Quite a strange statement from a man who has been photographed by the newspaper in front of his wall that is adorned with Naval plaques and memorabilia.   

The other surprising statement is "of seeing his best mate decapitated by gunfire". This story is not supported by other members of the HMAS Sydney crew , in fact, those interviewed during the course of this investigation said they would be surprised if there was any sailor during the 10 years of the Vietnam conflict that died in this manner.   

This matter will be further investigated by the CPMH team. There will be more on this story.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Brooks
Christian Names: Benjamin Mathew
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Darwin
Service #: *224017
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: 03 Jul 01
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Benjamin Mathew  Brooks "tried it on" and has been comprehensively caught.

The photograph shows Brooks on a graduation parade when he became an Corrections Officer in the Northern Territory Correctional services.  We believe he is no longer a Corrections Officer because his general behaviour was less than satisfactory.

In the photograph he is wearing the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal - Not Entitled

IraqMedal -  Not Entitled

Australian Service Medal - Entitled

Australian Defence Medal - Entitled

In addition he wears an Army Combat Badge to which he has no entitlement.

He never served anywhere to meet the criterion for this badge, which  is:

Been force assigned to a combat team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service; or

Been physically deployed in the same geographical location as a Combat Team and have a primary role to directly support that Combat Team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service.

He is wearing four medals and has earned only two.  The first two are prestigious medals for war service in Iraq, he did not earn them, they are self purchased fakes.

The third medal is for non warlike service in Timor and the last medal is for completing four years service in the Army.

People from all walks of life  understand the shame of stealing the honour of Defence Veterans and we are happy to investigate all reports received from the public.

Falsely wearing medals is a risky business, those who do it will be noticed and subsequently allocated space on this website.

Brooks was reported to us by a member of the Public and our investigation ascertained that he is a fraud and a wannabe who is very welcome on this website.


Surname: Bruce
Christian Names: Willy
Country: Canada
State or Province: Ontario
City or Town: Ottawa
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:



Willy Bruce of Ottawa Canada should be congratulated for being the first Canadian to feature on our web site. Be assured that "Silly Willy" well earns a place in the annals of Australian and New Zealand military history for being a sham of a Shaman and a sham of an ex RAAF Pilot in Vietnam.

Notice that Silly Willy is wearing three Australian medal ribbons, they are:

Australian Defence Medal Ribbon (ADM)

Vietnam Medal Ribbon

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Ribbon

"Silly Willy' is wearing the ADM in the wrong sequence, it should be the second last ribbon and not the first.

Silly Willy gets lots of publicity for his false Veteran Status, see below:

Here is a photograph of Willy and "his" downed helicopter that he purports to have been flying in Vietnam aged 19 years.

No person by the name of Bruce served with the RAAF 9 Squadron in Vietnam and in any case there has never been a person in the RAAF who has qualified to fly a helicopter at the age of 19 years let alone fly in a combat zone. Bruce is not listed on the Australian Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll. Notice that he claims to have sustained an injury in Vietnam that ended his Service career.

9 Squadron was the only unit that employed Australian and New Zealand helicopter pilots in Vietnam. The 9 Squadron Association have never heard of Bruce and have provided a complete list of personnel who served in Vietnam with that unit and Bruce is not included.

We requested Bruce's RAAF file through the Freedom of Information system and we are not surprised to learn that Bruce does not have an RAAF file.


If Bruce were to ever return to Australia he could be charged under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B for Falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran and Wearing Medals that were not conferred.

We declare Willy Bruce to be a liar, fraud, wannabe and con man. A man who would lie to those he calls his friends is a sham without conscience. He has grossly insulted Australian and New Zealand Veterans and we are sure that Canadian Veterans will feel the same way.

We would very much appreciate an update on this mans activities from any person who has had the misfortune to meet him.

Falsely claim to be an Australian Veteran in any part of the world and there is a chance you will join Willy Bruce as a liar fraud and wannabe on this web site for ever more.



In our original exposure of the Canadian Willy Bruce the lying cheat and wannabe, we wrongly identified one of his medals as being the Australian Defence Medal, when in fact it is the Canadian Queens Jubilee medal. From a distance and considering that he was wearing Australian Vietnam Campaign medals the Jubilee medal is almost identical with the ADM.

Here is what we named the medal as. Australian Defence Medal

And here is what it actually is. Canadian Jubilee Medal.

We hope that Canadian Veterans Associations are taking action against Bruce for his deceit, when information is to hand we will provide another update.


Willy Bruce no longer beats the drum. The Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association (CAV) have taken decisive action against this long term lying fraud. Not only is he a fake Veteran of the Vietnam war but is also a fake Native American.

Below are letters from the CAV, firstly requesting Bruce to produce evidence of his service, and secondly, due to his failure to do so, a letter expelling him from the CAV.

This action is proof to all liars, frauds and wannabes that Veterans across the world have the ability to unite and expose those who steal their honour


May 12th 2014
Willy Bruce
540 Cambridge Street South
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5M7
Without Prejudices
Willy Bruce

Please be informed that the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association have been contacted by private citizens in Australia and The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) also based in Australia. www.anzmi.net/index.php/enquiry

The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) on their web site under the

Title – Most Recent Cases
In the list of name appears the name “BRUCE”.

Bruce contains pictures, personal information, and allegations of fraudulent claims.

Surname: Bruce
Christian Names: Willy
City or Town: Ottawa
State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil

Upon the receipt of this information from the Australia & New Zealand Military Impostors group (ANZMI) and recognizing your pictures but not the personal information. The CAV embarked on the first due-diligence requirement that being the vetting The Australia & New Zealand Military Impostors group (ANZMI).

This was accomplished with the help of our ADF Veterans contacts in Adelaide Australia and our Military contact in Australia the Canadian Defence Advisor - Australia and New Zealand at the High Commission of Canada, Canberra Australian Capital Territory .

Our ADF Veterans Contact reported that The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) is well known, that they are mainly Vietnam War Veterans volunteers, some highly decorated, and they rarely get things wrong.

Our Military Contact checked with Australian Defence and the ADF, as well as DND Canada, and stated that the organization which has contacted the CAV is a private group which seeks to challenge and identifies persons who are seen as or are reported as Australia or New Zealand military imposters.

The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) does not hold any special status and is simply a citizen advocacy group run on a non-profit basis. Their aims and objectives, although honourable, are not endorsed by the government, as there are appropriate mechanisms to address these issues through official channels.

Considering the foregoing and because of the unofficial status of The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) the CAV will provide you with an opportunity in time to:

3) To provide Proofs of Military Service meaning all document held such as ADF Discharge Papers, ADF Medical Records, Administrative Documents, or obtainable Documents held elsewhere including military photos of the Viet Nam War era featuring yourself and others jointly in a photo.

4) Proofs of Military Service also include the contact information of fellow Veterans served with in Australia or Viet Nam.

Further to the possession of ADF Documents, Discharge Papers, and Veteran Served with references, if you have these Proofs of Military Service we advise you to have a Lawyer contact The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) and demand the proof that they have in their possession and are basing their allegations on.

The CAV, also requires copies of all documents of Proof of Military Service in the Australian Defense Force (ADF), the expectations are that the documents of Proof of Military Service will be received on or before 2359 Hrs. Friday, June 13th 2014. Where the documents of your Proof of Military Service are received by the CAV in the time frame indicate and are accepted by the CAV as Proof of Your Military Service we will support any action you wish to take against The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI).

Where the documents of your Proof of Military Service are not received by the CAV in the time frame indicate on or before Friday, June 13th 2014. The CAV will consider the allegations being made on the web site of The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) as factual and proceed in Canada as the law allows to take whatever actions are appropriate and to disseminate The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group’s (ANZMI) web site’s URL to those it may be of interest to.

Willy, at this point the CAV is without verdict of any kind and applies in your favour the full benefit of the drought to these allegations made by The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI).

The CAV bears no animosity or prejudgments and to the proof of this have Cc two Honourable Presidents of Veterans Originations’ as observers as measure of our sincerity.

Richard Blackwolf
National President & CEO

Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association
Documents to be received on or before 2359 Hrs. Friday, June 13th 2014 may be sent via:

[email protected]
250 900-5276
Canada Post
Canadian Aboriginal Veterans
34 Kingham Place
Victoria, British Columbia
V9B 1L8


National Communiqué
June 18th 2014
Willy Bruce
540 Cambridge Street South
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5M7

Willy Bruce

Mr. Bruce, not having received any communications requested from you regarding the matter brought to your attention on May 12th 2014 notably the allegations being made by The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) based in Australia.

The CAV has provided you with multiple avenues of contact and an opportunity in time of over thirty days with a grace period of several days to reply:

1) To provide Proofs of Military Service meaning all document held such as Australia Defence Force (ADF) Discharge Papers, ADF Medical Records, Administrative Documents, or obtainable Documents held elsewhere including military photos of the Viet Nam War era featuring yourself and others jointly in a photo.

2) Proofs of Military Service also include the contact information of fellow ADF Veterans served with in Australia or Viet Nam.

A search today under your name (Bruce) on The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) Web Site indicates to us that the Allegations made there still stand as being Valid because it is apparent that you have not provided the ANZMI or the CAV any evidence of Military Service in Australia or anywhere else for that matter.

Mr. Bruce, it is apparent that you are not a Veteran of Military Service or a ADF Veteran of the Viet Nam War, the expectations are that you will henceforth conduct yourself as a Civilian and totally refrain from presenting yourself as a Military Veteran, wearing any military style clothing, and making a pretends of being a ADF Veteran.

As a Non Veteran there is a requirement for you to return the “Canadian Aboriginal War Veterans Millennium Medal” presented to you in year 2000 and any other Aboriginal Veterans medallions and Uniform Kit items that are in your possession to the CAV at the Address provided herein.

Mr. Bruce, your Biography available on the internet mentions that “He was unsure of the benefits or disadvantages of "coming out" as an Aboriginal person in the working world” and goes on further to say “However, Willy was inspired to share his native culture with fellow employees when he heard the beating of a drum at a traditional native ceremony at NRCan”.
There is no following statement of which Culture was being referred to and there is no evidence of you being a member of a First Nation or a Métis Nation.

In consideration of the void of documents and other proof of being Aboriginal there are reasonable grounds to suspect that your claim of being Aboriginal is also a pretence.

Mr. Bruce, you are often seen in military style dress and wearing a “Warriors Brest Plate and Shield” from the Plains Culture, there is no evidence noted anywhere that you are a member of a Warriors Societies of the Great Plains Tribes, discontinue this practise, it is an affront to those Societies and their Military Service and War Veterans.

Mr. Bruce, you are not welcome to conduct or attend any event held at the National Aboriginal War Veteran Monument in Ottawa now or at any time in the future.

This matter will receive wide distribution, the Canadian legal system has not been searched for Laws governing the impersonation of a Veteran of Military Service or a War Veteran of an Allied Military Force.

Reports of the continuation of the your impersonation of a Military Veteran of any kind will cause the CAV to seek legal Council on this matter.

CAV - National Executive

Surname: Bryant
Christian Names: Stan
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Kandos
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:

Stan Bryant was born in New Zealand on the 12 June, 1949. He emigrated to Australia and worked in various jobs before settling at Kandos, near Mudgee, where he became the proprietor of Bryant's Saddlery, 1 George Street, Kandos. From all accounts he was a well respected member of the community.



In particular, all his friends and acquaintances in the town of Kandos and surrounding towns believed that Stan Bryant was an Australian Army Vietnam War Veteran, who had been awarded the Military Medal for his bravery in that war.

Below is a photograph of Bryant wearing the following medals,

From left to right -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (AASM) with clasp Vietnam.Not entitled.
2, The Vietnam Medal, Not entitled.
3. The Australian Defence Medal,Not entitled.
4. The Vietnam Campaign Medal,Not entitled.
5. The Military Medal. Not entitled.

The photograph is from his current Facebook page and had been posted there since at least 2012.


Bryant1 2016 12 14



The above photograph is the Military Medal.

Until 1993, the Military Medal (MM) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other services, and formerly also to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.
The medal was established on 25 March 1916.[2] It was the other ranks' equivalent to the Military Cross (MC), which was awarded to commissioned officers and, rarely, to warrant officers, although WOs could also be awarded the MM. The MM ranked below the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), which was also awarded to non-commissioned members of the Army.[3]


The Face Book photograph of Bryant was tagged,“Here is a photo of me with my Nam medals.”Then followed a stream of congratulatory emails from his friends and acquaintances complimenting him on his service to the Nation and some saying how poorly, he and his Vietnam Veteran friends were treated on their return home from the War Zone.

Bryant revelled in these comments, most likely feeling like the Kandos town war hero.

Bryant however is just an out and out fraud. An imposter of the highest order. An immoral person, who has stolen the honour of all those who have served in the Australian Army in Vietnam, and other fields of conflict.

Bryant has never served in any capacity in the Australian Army, Navy or Air Force, let alone serving in the active war zone of South Vietnam. To make matters worse, he poses in the photograph with the prestigious Military Medal for bravery.

Coincidentally, it was the Military Medal that aroused the suspicions of genuine veterans that reside in the Kandos-Mudgee areas of New South Wales. Bryant wears the Military Medal last in the set of medals he purchased. The Military Medal should have priority and be worn first. Not having any idea about military medals wearing protocols, Bryant just pinned it to his chest as he saw fit.

Posting fraudulent photographs of themselves wearing un-awarded medals, imposters like Bryant, thrive on the attention they receive. They use words like “Nam” to project an image of their false military service.

Bryant did nothing to correct the wrong. He accepted the adulations of his friends and colleagues on Face Book on Anzac Days, Remembrance Days and Vietnam Veterans Days, for many years.

We sent Stan Bryant an email and invited him to respond to allegations that the medals he wears were not awarded to him.

This is his reply -;

Guilty as charged.
I have never served in the army.
I can offer no explanation for posting that photo other than stupidity.
I had no idea of the signifcance (sic) of the medals and had allways (sic) thought they were not real.
The photo was taken about 1998 and was part of a comercial (sic) photo shoot.
I was given the jacket with medals attached, the walking stick the dark glaseses (sic) and told how to pose etc.
I appoligise (sic) if I offended anyone and will never post this again.

Like all imposters we expose on this site, Bryant is a liar. The only thing Bryant is sorry for is the fact he was caught out. He now faces a mammoth task, trying to convince all of his family and friends that he is not a Vietnam Veteran at all, but only wore the medals as some sort of "photo shoot".

Also, the problem for his story, is that in the photograph that we have edited, two young ladies also appear either side of Bryant. However, they correctly wear ancestor’s medals on the right hand side. Would they have been given their coats and medals to wear as well for a “photo shoot?” Not likely.

Another problem for Bryant is that on his Face Book page he has posted the following entry on the 1 April, 2016.

Stan Bryant
April 1 •
I wore this with pride!!! so will post as often as I bloodywell like



From Andrea (surname deleted) - You have a lot to be proud of Stan.
From Sue (surname deleted) - Yes, you should and Andrea is right , you do.
From Val (surname deleted) - Go for it.

So by his own admission, Bryant was claiming false Vietnam service in the Australian Army in 1998 when the original photograph was taken, up until the above Face Book entry with the supportive comments from his friends, Andrea, Sue and Val, who obviously believe his lies in 2016. Bryant has therefore been a Vietnam Veteran Imposter since 1998, or 18 years. So much for his "photo shoot excuse."

Following our communication with Bryant, he has now removed his Face Book page photo, where he wears purchased Vietnam medals, and all the praiseworthy comments from his friends, along with it.

Stan Bryant, you are a low life military imposter, who steals the honour of all those who have been to war, and those who have been awarded the Military Medal, both living and deceased.

You have never laced up an Australian Army boot, and you would have no idea what servicemen and women endure to qualify for the medals that you illegally wear.

Bryant has committed offences under the Defence Act 1903, Sections 80A and 80B in falsely representing himself to be a returned serviceman and wearing military medals that have not been awarded to him. These offences each carry a $3,000 fine and or six months imprisonment.

Bryant, you are more than worthy of having your name placed on this website forever.

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